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Love on line service
Love on line service. Shipping is fast and easy. I always get Nailtiques products. No complaints. Only praise. Happy here. Thanks!

Terrible customer service
I have placed multiple orders and each time I receive an email that there is a problem with my order. This requires a call to their WORTHLESS customer service. As soon as I spend 20 minutes on hold and finally speak with someone, my credit card is "released". This most recent time, I just emailed them back and received an email back that there was a problem on my credit card and my order was being cancelled.

I only continued to order from when Dermstore offered a 20% discount on my Cellex products. I order from multiple vendors online and have NEVER had a problem like this with anyone else. I will stick with Skinstore next time.

Return Policy Issues and Poor Customer Service
This was my first time ordering from this website and I wish I had read the reviews here first. I ordered a sunscreen that I had an immediate reaction to and followed their "Easy Return" policy steps to the letter. The returned package was received almost a month ago, after I paid for the shipping back to them, and I have still not received my refund. I have sent emails to their Customer Service address and have received zero responses back. Based on reviews here, it seems that calling the Customer Service number will be a negative experience, as well. I don't anticipate ever using this website again and will share my poor experience with others as a cautionary tale.

WORST customer service experience of my life!
WORST customer service experience of my life! An item that had been on back order, which I was patiently waiting for, was removed without me asking it to be. It was purchased on a gift card given to me by my mother. Did not get notified that I wouldn't be getting the item. When I called to inquire is when I found out. When I asked about the balance being put back on gift card I was told there was nothing that could be done because I no longer had the gift card with the pin #! This was over a month after initial purchase. Who keeps a gift card that Dermstore use the entire balance from?! Tried several times to get somewhere but nothing could be done. Oh, and the item that was removed was available when I spoke to them but they couldn't just send it because they had removed it (without my consent) and in order for them to actually send it, they'd need the gift card! Unacceptable and ridiculous!

The products are fine but their customer service is...
The products are fine but their customer service is the worst. I am a frequent online shopper and have never experienced any attitude worse than this. My first order shipment was mysteriously lost and Dermstore wouldn't re-ship anything to me until another 2 weeks -- by that time I've already ran out of my shampoo. I put my shampoo on automatic refill, and guess what, they didn't even check with me before they shipped my product. I moved and they said it's my responsibility to keep my address up to date. I have JUST moved! I have a million other things to worry about!

Bottom line is, unless you are prepared to deal with rude customer service representatives, don't order from this site.

NEVER order from this deceiving company
NEVER order from this deceiving company. Please bring business to other companies whom deserve your money. The entire website is littered with advertisements of free returns; I am a pretty careful buyer and wouldn't have ordered something is there wasn't free returns. As I am trying to return my purchase, Dermstore informed me that if I wanted my money returned to me, I would have to pay for the return shipping. It says this is very small print in parenthesis on their return policy page. This is EXTREMELY SNEAKY AND DECEIVING THE CUSTOMER! When I kindly explained the situation as asked if there was anything they could do for me since I spent over $300, all representatives were extremely rude and even threatening. STAY AWAY!

Bait & switch for the magazines/rebates
Bait & switch for the magazines/rebates. Never send magazines or honor rebate. Say it is the magazines issue and magazine company blames Dermstore. Total cheats and Dermstore do not care about losing customers over deceitful practices.

Confused about the bad reviews
I am really confused by the large amount of terrible reviews. I made an order with Dermstore before reading any of these - then I went on to read these reviews a day after I made the order and was really nervous. I called Dermstore to try cancel my order but Dermstore had already confirmed it. So I decided to wait and see what would happen.

I got my products, all in good condition, I received my free product and a lot of free samples that I wasn't expecting. There was only one issue - the protective seal on one of the exfoliating scrubs that I bought had fallen off. I didn't really feel comfortable using a product on my skin that was open.

I just called Dermstore explaining this, the customer representative (I think her name was Gina) straight away apologised and understood why I did not want to use it. Instantly she made another order for me and expedited the shipping, all for FREE. I was so surprised and thankful. No questions asked!

I will definitely be using Dermstore again!

Orderered with paypal, Dermstore said they had problem...
Orderered with paypal, Dermstore said Dermstore had problem getting paid so wouldnt send product so i called paypal and credit card co. They said everything was fine just waiting for Dermstore to collect payment, dermstore said cannot try to collect from paypal a second time i needed to give them full credit card over phone to them, i said no thats why i went through paypal?! Then they kept calling me everyday to get credit card # then found out it was because it had already been shipped? Soo i dont know will see if it comes before i give them my credit card payment dont trust them after hours and hours of going in circles somebody messed up somewhere

Happy experience.
I have bought 2 bottle of lution, the prooduct is good, and shipping is faster than expected. Happy experience.

I wrote a previous good review (4 stars) about Dermstore earlier this year. I now give them only 3 stars, because I always enjoyed their Surprise Boxes of either hair care, makeup, skin care. Now those boxes are gone. I haven't purchased since I saw that. Otherwise, I've not had a problem that Dermstore hadn't fixed to my satisfaction.

Great service
I have had nothing but great service from derm store products have been great not sure why people have bad reviews on here

Expired Items
I bought the BeautyFix box. I actually liked the box but I won't be purchasing anymore. The reason is because I received a product from a brand that used to be at Sephora. The item I received had the label that the product was distributed by Sephora. This brand left Sephora 4 years ago. This product was expired and unusable. I contacted Dermstore and Dermstore sent a replacement. However, the replacement was expired and from when this Brand was at Sephora as well. Utterly disgusting and completely unprofessional. I don't understand how a brand can send out expired products.

Horrible Customer Service - Never received Product and customer service won't refund money!
I ordered products 19 days ago. I received an email stating the items were out of stock after ordering. You should not charge the customer if you don't actually have the product in stock! It finally shows shipped USPS but I have never received the items. Dermstore refuse to resend items until 30 days have passed and won't refund my money. The customer service people are not willing to do anything at all. Clearly the items have been lost in shipping. I had to dispute with my bank since Dermstore will not do the right thing and refund my money. When I ask the "Chat" customer service to send me a service so I can leave a review they say they will after the Chat ends, then never do. I have contacted them 5 times and they do nothing. Just really bad customer service. I will not order from them again!

Is this a scam?
Product was never received, customer service is non responsive and non existent. Worst experience ever!

They Ripped me Off
Wow! I started using Dermstore over a decade ago! Dermstore used to be great.

Recently I returned product A. The lady was helpful and no issues.

Then I returned an Expired product B they recently sent me.

I have not received my credit yet for product B so I called again, just like I always.

My account shows it was received.

The customer service rep told me that they never receive product A, and since Product A was more then B they will not credit me for the expired product!

Good Lord!

I can only talk to a manager I'm 24 hours. They will call me...?

I'm so over this company!

Very bad customer service, let me purchase out of stock...
Very bad customer service, let me purchase out of stock and gave me a 6 weeks delay. At the end 0% discount, no extra gift, and i had to put more products to replace the one that was out of stock. Just hate this

This was my first time ordering from Dermstore and...
This was my first time ordering from Dermstore and I was already a w bit worried with some of the negative reviews I had seen but I had also seen quite a few positive ones as well but I thought I'd take the chance cause I'm an international customer and these products weren't available from any of my trusted websites (Amazon, Ebay). Wrong choice. I ordered from here and my package was delivered but I was demanded to pay cash upon delivery which of course I refused, as I had paid online with my card. The transaction had been processed with the money being taken out of account. So currently I don't have the product or the cash with which I paid. I have emailed customer services but I'm not holding out hope for an answer or a solution. International customers definitely do not shop from here.

Yeah, pass on this place
Yeah, pass on this place. You can tell from the "positive" reviews here that most of them were likely written by employees. I just ordered an item. Received a box. In it? Two samples and two other expensive items that I did not want nor did I order. When I called immediately, the customer service person 1) refused to expedite the re-order of the item I needed (so now I won't have it for the event I needed it for, thanks) BUT 2) wanted me to immediately help THEM out by taking the unwanted items to a shipping place. I live in the boonies, and don't have a working printer to print out a shipping label. I am happy to send the crap back if Dermstore mail me a label and arrange a pickup, but they couldn't be bothered to expedite MY order so I could have it when I needed it? Come on. The customer is clearly never right here, and I am now worried about rumors of them charging credit cards for "FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS" or what have you. UGH.

Dishonest business
I bought few items for skin care and the sale lady asked if I want 2 free people magazines. I said yes. Dermstore kept sending me and charged me for the last two months of more magazines which I am not interested to read regularly, also sending new eye cream every month. They said I authorized for that which I did not.
I called and was put on waiting for long time, I have to try again later.
Watch out for this kind of dishonest business practice on line these days

Added on product without permission
Ordered one item, completed the routine check out process but somehow Dermstore added an additional product so my order was double the price I expected. It's as if they select the additional product and it's up to you to de-select the product they included in your order. I order online products very often, never once did it notice the additional item added on throught the online transaction, until I viewed my statement.

Supervisor Ryan is the best
I received the second part of my order and everything came in good shape. Dermstore even put in another sample. Please contact someone in customer service who will help you before you give up on Dermstore. I was pleased with the help Ryan gave me. Thanks Ryan!

Bad Press?
I've ordered from them multiple times and I've been very happy with their service and speed of delivery. Dermstore often offer coupons to return customers that aren't for the general public. I truly appreciate that and it keeps me buying all of my Drunk Elephant products exclusively with them!

The only think I will agree with is that I do wish the returned were free BUT I only buy products I know that I already love.

I like the way it is structured, I think I need to...
I like the way it is structured, I think I need to purchase something from this web site for sure

A front for selling mailing lists?
I did receive the sunscreen I bought, but now I am also receiving endless emails from them. After unsubscribing, I received emails saying I'd unsubscribed but please fill out a survey. I did in the hopes that they'd stop asking, and now I'm being spammed by their survey company. I buy a lot online, and this is ridiculous!

It's not what happens it's what you do about it... Appalling Customer service!
Through expedited shipping I was sent the wrong product. These things happen as (the customer service supervisor reiterated) humans do package the shipments... So, I am now waiting 6 days for item i purchased, apparently their warehouse is closed for the day (@ 2pm), Dermstore do not overnight on Thursday and Monday is a holiday? I have also been asked to print shipping label, repackage wrong item and ensure it makes its way to the post office! No discount of item arriving next week, no APOLOGY and frankly in the past I have had companies (high end companies) tell me to keep the product that ended up at my house due to their negligence. THIS IS A LOW-END COMPANY, ignore their nifty 20% off popups unless your time is worth less... 40 mins on the phone with robotic snarky customer service rep, manager, and supervisor...

Horrible Customer Service
Beware that the customer service is awful. I ordered a hair dryer from them on Black Friday. Last week a package was delivered. There was just one problem - Dermstore forgot to put the hair dryer in.! What I received was a comb and three hair clips (which I did not order, and I guess was meant to accompany the dryer as a freebie). I called them and after a half hour on hold finally spoke to someone and was told it would be sent out again. I asked for expedited shipping since they screwed up the order. I am still waiting for the delivery after five days. Yesterday I called again and was told the package had been sent out, however, the tracking information shows that the shipper has still not received the item. USPS currently awaiting package. So much for expedited shipping. I will never again purchase anything from the Dermstore. I think their Christmas elves have been drinking too much liquor laced egg nog.

Never had problems with dermstore
Never had any problems with dermstore.
The people at costumer service are friendly and would/ will buy from them again

Very bad company
You sent me items I did not ask for and charged my credit card without my permission. I sent back your products back at my expense and have not seen a refund on my credit card. VERY POOR COMPANY.

Home microdermabrasion
I couldn't believe it but Dermstore sell at home microdermabrsion devices that are less than going to my dermatologist. I tried it out and it feels like pretty much the exact same treatment I pay for. It isn't painful at all either. Great deal and it shipped in less than a week.

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