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Great Services, Super Communication
Have been a long time user of Zap-Hosting over many years, where I rented gameservers for multiple games for a couple weeks each. Never had mayor issues with them, and any minor inconvinienves were solved by the support team almost immediately.

Would 100% recommend :)

Good Service
Great service, great uptime, perfect support. Couldnt expect anything better for this price. I needed support and waited 10 minutes for reply, even if it was already 10pm

Its the best!
I always made servers of RP and freeroams with zaphosting! Its super easy! If you are new in proggramming this si the thing for you! Also its rteally cheap! And u can pay qith alot of things!

Bad support, lots of downime
If the server is running, it is a good price/performance ratio. If there are any problems, it's best to find a new hoster right away.

My rented root server was planned to be migrated to a new cluster on the 30th October, there was a planned downtime between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Meanwhile 58 hours have passed and the server is still not running.
From the support you only get standard answers like "We are working on a solution and will get back to you as soon as there is something new". Every day you get another "Your request is important to us, so we forward it to a colleague who can help you competently in this matter".

Meanwhile my support ticket seems to have been escalated to the management, but without any reaction.
Professional hosting looks different.

I've cancelled the service, but I'm probably forced to pay another full month. I don't expect that there will be any good offers from Zap-Hosting for me in this matter.

For a Minecraft server zap hosting should suffice. If you expect a stable root/vServer with high availability, you should look somewhere else.

Translated with

Just the best hosting provider! And very cheap.
It's a very good hosting.
Their support is very nice, and Zap Hosting respond in 1 hour 24/7, they will do their best they can.
Also, their services are working very good, and fast and the anti DDoS protection is very good.

Great service
Vps service is great runs smoothly love it BIT... Big BUT there customer service is complete dog $#*! if you not willing to pay them extra to get a response you could be left waitin g god only knows how long it make say average time 20 min u make a ticket and in 20 min it now says 2 hours and continues to go up the more other people pay for support and you left sitting
You could class them as pay to get support

Viod, purchased(paypal) a game server on the wrong platform and asked to cancel straight away. Was told to cancel and sent a link by them to do this. Then no refund so I asked for a refund. To be told I don't get a refund because I cancelled. And Zap Hosting had give me bad information. Then sent me an invoice and expect me to pay more money because I cancelled. And threatened debt collection. Total morons, currently claiming my money back through PayPal and seeking legal advise, all over €18. Avoid This scum

The best hosting for FiveM
I bought a server like two weeks ago and I'm so impressed with the performance, 0 lag. I recomend it to everyone that wants a cheap server with good performance. The dashboard is so clean and new user-friendly. It's really easy to start the server and there aren't any queues when ordering the servers. Also, the ticket response time is so low, less than an hour.

Very good hosting
Well what a draining 24 hours on multiple levels. However, we will be doing a $30,000 Bonus Hunt Opening on tomorrow's stream. Drop what game you want to see me get, and if your game gets the highest multiplier, I'll send you $200!

Horrible Service
This company is sorry as hell trying to make me pay for another month for a VPS server that has been nothing but problems and instead of working with us and removing the charge on an unsatisfactory service. Zap Hosting still wanted to try and charge us so therefore our community is taking our business elsewhere. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this company to anyone. Customer service is not something they are concerned about.

Zap hosting best site for hosting ever!
I made this review to tell you not to wonder whether to choose zap hosting or someone else. Me and my friends who have used zap hosting admit that this is the cheapest host you can get. If you think of using them, stop wondering and do it because it is worth every cent.

Refund policy is a scam.
Refund policy is a scam.
I provisioned a modded minecraft server, realised the version of modded minecraft was not what I wanted and requested a refund within a day.
Due to their policy, because the server had been "set up" I could not get a refund on my credit card. I could only get a refund in ZAP COINS.
Spoke with customer support, nothing could be done. Goodbye $20.


Great support
I like the support that all of the workers give and the amount of abundant games that their servers have.
As for the memory, storage and processor power are on a good price for what amazing performance Zap Hosting make.

The best root-server
I have tried some VPS, but this is undoubtedly the best, the resources Zap Hosting provide are dedicated. Also the technical support is very good, they always help you and answer your questions.

You play for few weeks, spend a lot of time, make a lot of effort, and one day, baaam, you log in to your server, and everything is deleted. "And there's nothing Zap Hosting can do about it". Wow, money "well" spent. Do not buy from this company.

Zap Hosting are going to limit you and you won't be able to use certain resources on this website their support is straight up bs taking hours to answer you with a really dumb answer which at the end is blamed towards you. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THEM. They told me I have to change from windows server to linux to get certain resources working and I did exactly what they told me but when I imported my data base and my resource files into the linux there was a whole lot of problems such as GTA dealership not working, and non of the stores menus would pop up I tried to ask them for help but they kept blaming it on my esx file when I tested it out on a vis and it was working fine. If I could give 0 starts I would.

They are scammers! AVOIDE AT ALL COSTS!
Zap Hosting are SCAMMERS. They dont wanna refund your service if it was setup already. How you can test it then? By refunding only Zap Coins? You support is horrible. I've made a ticket that got a first reply AFTER 24H. Unbelievable in 2021... And please, dont write an automated reply, you are just scamming people that want to be honest. I've tryed your "The Forest" servers and your guy Marcel caused me that 24H downtime because it had moved the machine to another server, but the cause was another one. Prepare better your "sysadmins"

They deleted my entire server..
After their backup failed to restore my server and replaced it entirely with a default server. Zap Hosting refused to give me a refund. I've complained about how terrible their servers and website UI was since day one, I should've listened to my gut. Absolute garbage.

Wasted 3 weeks of non-stop work for them to just rob me of my time and money.

"Sorry for the inconvenience!"

Avoid at all costs. $60 a month, what a joke.

Zap hosting fivem
I've been started my gameserver for 10 days, and I really enjoy this hosting platform. I used my localhost before, and It's so easy and simple. I can esasally recommend you zap-hosting.

Fraud & Threats
I tried to buy a server from them. It lagged to the point it was barely usable. I contacted them, Zap Hosting didn't fix it or offer much advice at all.
Two days in I asked for a refund.
They refused to grant it, and actually tried to bill me for several more months all at once. When I refused, and tried to cancel my services, they threatened debt collection.
I was cordial and kind. I sought legal advice, and was made aware they had zero leg to stand on and I was eventually issued a refund.
They went against their own terms of services.
Avoid at all costs.

Bad website
Hi, I am Writing this review that zap website is completely fake and Zap Hosting are scammer.
If you buy 1 month contract and cancel it before expiring then you had to pay fees for another month which is totally unexpected and if you had a contract for 1 month they automatically renews it without any email notification to cancel it to avoid further charges there vps goes down for hours and they expect to pay the invoice fake website don't use zap try other hosting companies.

Zap-hosting is really good hosting service Zap Hosting have instant delivery fast and helpful support, when i purchased from them i had a little problem that i didn't know how to solve myself so i contacted the support and they solved it quickly really recommend zap-hosting

Good Hosting for Good Money
ZAP - Hosting offers a large selection, server can be adapted to your own needs and, above all, there are many configuration options. When you have a problem, you can contact support, Zap Hosting respond quickly, so you don't have to worry

Great Comp!
Ive been using them for months now and im more than pleased with the service Zap Hosting provide, I rent a VPS which i host a GTA 5 RP server on. Runs flawlessly auto restarts and all.

This was one of the worst and cheap and cheating hosting company, where they provide not working vps
This was one of the worst and cheap and cheating hosting company, where Zap Hosting provide not working vps servers and making money on creating ticket, once they find that they time was elapsed they take the money and cancel the ticket and you are left out with nothing on your money, and they dont re-fund and your money will be always lost, dont go with this fckn hosting company where they provide false promise and they cheat customers and take your money by providing not working servers and their support was too $#*! the $#*!

Worst service
Worst service. No advance email for next recharge. Auto extend and if you don't pay because you don't their services Zap Hosting do threaten you with recovery agencies. Stop using that $#*!

Don't waste your money
This company has nothing but issues. Whether you cant start your server for an entire day or it randomly turns itself off every several hours, or you can't even view your zap-hosting control panel for several hours at a time. It is ALWAYS something with this awful company. I even tried to ask for a refund after having many of these issues, and even after Zap Hosting ADMITTED to having tons of server issues and offered me a $10 voucher (What a joke) they tried to blame me saying I must have installed something onto the server I just purchased that literally only had the files the server came with on it, and they REFUSED a refund. That's right, Zap-Hosting will hold any unhappy customer hostage, so just know that going in.

The best part? Their support team was the one that literally told me I could get a refund;

"As a courtesy, however, we offer a one-time refund to the ZAP account, less the elapsed time."... and when I said "Great, yes please!", they replied back with Well actually we can't do a refund that we LITERALLY just said we could do. It would only be zapcoins to purchase more products from them, NOT a refund, which is NOT what they told me the first time. They LIED. This company blames customers, lies to them, and refuses to issue refunds for unhappy customers. STEER CLEAR of this disaster of a company.

Ive used Zap Hosting multiple times under different account names, Im not gonna disclose why but during all those times it has worked flawlessly, Sure some up and downs along the way like network outages but you do get compensation for all those things! I would recommend to any looking for VPS to use

Overall rather bad
When I was looking for a place to host a Minecraft server for me and my friends, I have found Zap-Hosting and made a server with them, because Zap Hosting offered a flexible server setup with me being able to choose how much GB Ram and how many Player slots I need. As such i was able to get a rather high amount of RAM with a low number of Player slots for a lower price than on other pages. Seeing that they had a 24/7 support chat, and seeing their professional and nice looking web interface made me feel safe.
Additional information: I played on the server with a small friend group, roughly 7 people in total, most from Europe and North America. The server was located in Europe.

For one week, everything worked as intended, but then the problems started. The server became rather laggy, up to the point where it took multiple seconds to get a response from the server, and there were many forced disconnects due to a connection timeout. So I've made use of the 24/7 support chat and told them about the problem I had. The agent who was connected to me that day claimed to see nothing wrong and sent me a link to download a program and run it using the server IP. AS it turned out, that program was a tool that sends a ping to every port on a server and then monitors those pings that get a reply, in turn creating a list of services on the server, including their highest, lowest, and average ping. My server was among that list, with a highest ping of 10.000 (10 seconds) and some other services on the server showed similar results, two of them with an average ping of 5.000 (5 seconds). As instructed, I have made a screenshot of the tool with all the ping values displayed and sent that, but upon seeing those ping numbers the Agent told me that everything seemed fine. However, he did tell me that he can offer me to migrate to a new serverbox to see if that fixes the issue and told me to make a backup first. I've made the backup, the server was migrated to a new box, and I've installed the backup again. After that the server was running smoothly again. I thanked the agent and we went on.

One hour was all it took. After one hour, the same problems started again, so I once more contacted the support team and asked them to look into it. They worked on it for about an hour, before they said that things are working again, so I've connected to the server to find a brand new world, with our savegame gone. When I inquired about it, I was told that I obviously have started a server reinstall and that's why the save was gone, and I was told to see for myself in the activities log. Lo and behold, there I saw the entry stating that a server reinstall was initiated. But interestingly the name displayed for this operation was that of the support agent, while the multiple server start operations as well as the creation of the backup showed my name. Thinking to myself that I don't need to be an $#*! and don't need to shove it into their face that I've been working with servers for big companies, I play dumb and just accept what the agent said, me myself saying that apparently I have misclicked or such. After roughly two hours, the server was back up, the progress since the last backup lost.

One day later, the server just suddenly crashes. As I reboot it, our world is wiped once more. Support does not see anything wrong. They assist me in rolling back the last backup I had, but otherwise say that they see nothing wrong.

Two days later it happens again. The exact same thing. Except that this time rolling back the backup didn't work. I contacted support and a ticket was created. 11 hours later I was told that the server was restored and that an issue with the server has been fixed.

One day later, I once again have issues. But this time I find that my backups are gone. So I report this, and the answer I get is that I obviously did not make the backups correctly and they are gone because of that. As such I've mentioned that I had made those backups and that I have even rolled back those backups, meaning that I did not create them incorrectly, but that they were gone. The question I got in return, was if I had maybe deleted them myself.

All in all, being on Zap-Hosting has caused me quite a lot of troubles. Would not recommend.

Good host.
Everything works like it should! Prices are okay for the VPS and "rootservers". Zap Hosting are also VPS unfurtunately... Gameservers are expensive compared to the resources they need.

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