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Absolutely Bad
No concept of customer service, employees don't know what VFS Global are doing. Just cheating about refunds etc. Very very bad experience

Poor and slow customer service
Used their service this time, quite expensive for UK visa processing. Their website instructions for payment and rescheduling is confusing, so I ended up paying twice as initially VFS Global said, to reschedule, the payment needs to be cancelled first. I requested a refund. They said 10-15 days,
Multiple emails back and forth, and remained unresolved. I called my bank and asked them
To cancel that payment.
Easy to get our money but when refund is needed. Just awful process.

Also, I am not sure why they charged so much for bronze package when all it provides if someone to check documents which anyone can do, take biometrics and and next day air UPS. They can't provide advise on what documents are included anyway, so what's with the horrendous pricing? All that for 400 plus dollars. Wow.

It's unfortunate that a lot of consulate are using their services.

Worst service, worst service, and WORST SERVICE
This travel visa payment company is a disaster of bad IT, bad customer service (non-existent?), and a patchwork of systems that it's unbelievable so many countries use it.

Clueless and poorly trained staff for their customer help lines do not have a helping, problem solving attitude. Their support services are only available in local times, because someone traveling wouldn't need a different time (even though VFS Global have call centers in Australia, Japan, USA...)

I wish I could tell you too avoid them, but you can't, so complain to your consulate!

If i could give 0 stars
Applied for oct card 12/6/2020. It is 2/14/2021 and still not sure what's happening to my application. It is funny that when VFS Global require documents you have to get them mailed within 7 days but when its time for them do something you can't even get a proper reply. Their HELP line on phone CHARGES money?! What do tax payers in India pay taxes for?

CKGS was bad and one would think this would be better but not really.

The website is slightly better however, doesn't list documents they require etc in full details. You need to send the application via FEDEX (bought from them) but then also attach a UPS return mailer for the OCI card?! Stupid little details that favor no one but themselves. Why can't the Indian document services get their act together.

OCI Misc Service for minor
This is poor customer service from VFS OCI Misc service for minor. I downloaded the forms from their checklist see this link - When I checked the status it says I send the wrong parental authorization form, but I send the form based on the checklist. It was their mistake and VFS Global are blaming me, which is unacceptable. Also, they said the photo is not acceptable which I don't understand because it as the same specification mentioned in the application package. Now I have to resend the parental authorization and new photo in order to process the application again. What a waste of time and effort.?

Worst processing time for Indian Passport
VFS Global are doing a terrible job and you can't check the status, of your passport as it gives error message the Indian consulate, PRAMIT is pretty useless too.

Confusing site, incompetent employees
If I had had any choice in which site I could use to complete my visa application, I would have gone somewhere else. The site is impossible to navigate, and there are no clear instructions. VFS Global treat every step of the visa process as if you should already know how to do it.

I had an issue with my shipping labels (a service which is obscenely overpriced) and after a week and a half of emailing various people back and forth about my labels, I still don't have one that will arrive correctly. At one point, an employee sent a "please find labels attached" email. There was no attachment. When I pointed this out, they sent another email with an attachment, but the attachment was the original, incorrect labels. I am blown away. Incredible. I'm just going to hand write a second label to stick over the first and pray to God my passport gets back to me. Which is ridiculous, because I'm certain that God has better things to do than these peoples' jobs for them.

Just awful
Very unprofessional website. I can't access my account, and I can't make a new one, so many wrong things in the registration and sign up. On top of that each time I found an appointment after tens of attempts and tried to book it, something goes wrong and I just can't continue, in the few times my data was accepted I couldn't book any appointment from the available times because it kept showing me that the selected time is not available, although it's still available when I go back to choose another one.
So all in all almost nothing works in this $#*!ty site. And now after weeks of trying I'm forced to pay a lot of money to some agent which can get me an appointment somehow soon... Corruption

OCI application form complexity
Winning the MP/MLA election is easier than getting the OCI Visa. This is too complex process.
I would go for a visitor VISA instead of OCI and would suggest changing the easier way process. A lot of my friends complained about it and while I'm applying I really felt more pain than what VFS Global complained about.

One of the worst service you can expect from any agency.
Dear Folks

Please have a lot of patience to work with this agency. With my experience, I have never dealt with such a bad agency in my life. The entire agency is completely clueless and have no training at all.
All pretend that VFS Global are knowledgeable but the entire system is broken. The forms and instructions to get any service is such complex that forces you to get frustrated and financially dent in your pocket.

The entire process is full of bureaucracy and it can make your life terrible.

Your form will get rejected for several reasons but one thing is most funny that the digital picture upload will also be challenged; the idiots will reject your form saying that the background is not white.
I went though that challenge and called the jokers five times and finally forced them to accept it.

I just uploaded same pictures again and this time they were happy that now the background is white.
I believe the entire process is there to make you feel?

But in the process of calling them I lost almost 45 dollars on calling them.

I was thinking the process will improve after changing agency but it has gone bad to worst.
I have never gone through such painful process of getting OCI miscellaneous services.

My case was to change the new passport information for my son and it cost me over 200 dollars for getting forms notarized; back and forth fedex mail after they rejected the forms.

Unfortunately, their is no choice for us in US if you have to get any services done from VFS?

Worst website ever
This website SUCKS. It is the opposite of user-friendly. Constantly logs you out, sends you to a screen you didn't ask, or says there's another page open when there isn't. It is confusing, laggy, and downright broken. Amazing that the UK home office chose this as their avenue to getting people visas. I guess VFS Global don't want people to immigrate to the UK.

The worst
Place is a nightmare. VFS Global received my passport and my visa application for Russia on June 12. When I would email or call, and believe me I did that often, I never got any response. Finally on July 15, since I had heard nothing from these bozos and I was leaving on July 25, I reported passport lost, and thru an expedited service got a new passport, and my Russian visa delivered the morning I was leaving. VFS global send my old passport and my Russian visa to me on July 19, but of course by then, no good. Customer Service sucks, and someone, ******* called and asked what this dufus company could do to make up for this stinking mess. I said give me my money back, he said okay, just send us copy of money order, so we can see who signed for it. And I tracked that down, and no surprise VFS global cashed the $320 mo. Sent off to parvizb, and haven't heard a word. I KNOW I AM SCREWED, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE. PLENTY OF OTHER COMPANIES YOU CAN USE.

Worst Company I have ever come in contact with
Genuinely the worst company I have ever had the experience of coming in contact with.
I paid for priority service which claims to get your passport and visa back to you in five days. The VFS has not only failed to return my passport to me in two weeks but the country I applied for a visa from has informed me that I was approved for my visa. So, VFS only needs to put my passport in a prepaid UPS envelope and drop it in a mail box. The VFS has failed to complete this action for a week. Further, I have reached out to VFS customer service multiple times and investigated other avenues to contact them and have heard nothing back. The VFS has shown to be incompetent and have terrible customer service.

Worst Company that I ever used!.
I submitted my passport and other documents, for Russian visa, in US, 45 days in advance of my travel. I paid for premium processing.
I did receive my passport/visa back in 2 weeks, but did get wife passport. I tried to contact customer service(?). VFS Global were WORST!. They dont know any current status. All they kept saying for next 3 weeks was, they' have sent to visa processing center'
My guess is this customer call center is different location and they have very thinly staffed visa center in DC. THERE IS NO LIVE COMMUNICATION IN BETWEEN THEM. So customer service always have SLEEPY/IR RESPONSIBLE reply to any of our questions. They simply dont care in what we go through.
After repeated emails/call, we got hold of one nice lady in thier DC office, just one week, before our travel. She said there is one corrections in date of birth is needed in Russian invitation letter. I faxed the corrected one, same day to her. Then we got the passport with visa back, less than 24 hour before our travel.

This is a terrible company. There should be another option
First, the website is terrible and unintuitive and takes forever to do anything. Then, I submitted the application for my Global Talent Visa for the UK to the New York City office on August 23rd, my biometrics appointment (this was actually at ACS, which was a great, efficient experience, so I strongly recommend doing that) was on Thursday Sept 3rd and we paid an extra $200 to have 5 workday priority service. I'll first point out that the UK website says priority counts from when you submit the application, which would have been by Aug 28th, but VFS website says it's from when you have the biometrics appointment, which would have been by Sept 9th or 10th. There are many inconsistencies like this and VFS Global should be fixed. Even going by the later date, however, I did not receive my response and passport until Sept 23rd. VFS lost my UPS shipping return label with my GWF reference number on it and never told me and made me wait while trying to contact them, which is nearly impossible. VFS doesn't have a direct email or phone number for visas to the UK and the recommendations for tracking applications are a UK phone number, which can't be called from the US without an international plan, and an email. I contacted the email, but they do not have access to the status of the application. I even got an international plan and called the UK number and they refused the call saying they now are directing all calls to an email address, which responded saying they don't have information about individual applications. Through the original email I was able to find out is that the UK committee had made a decision on my application at least a week before VFS sent it to me and most likely much earlier, so it was fully VFS's fault for holding up my application. When I finally got through to VFS (I think they saw a tweet I sent to them through their customer service handle? Though they never actually responded there. Very strange), VFS said I had never sent them the label, I responded with clear proof and pictures that I had, and they then sort of admitted they had the label by using it to send my passport back to me... This delay made me miss my flight and now I'm starting work a week and a half late... I'm asking for the money I paid for priority service back, which I really hope they honor.

Horrible company
I've been trying to get an appointment for my husband for 3months and the one that was booked conveniently was cancelled nearer to the time the appointment was due. Crap service crap company should over all, judging by these reviews should be shut down and replaced!

One stop station for every country`s Visa
Reliable service for your visa needs. Their website is full of information according to the country you want to visit. Whether it is for Business person or tourism purpose every visa category is explained in detail. Also the customer care executives will help you out in any given doubts. I had applied for Japan visa which came within the stipulated timeframe. The fee is also minimal since VFS Global are Not the Travel Agents they are Embassy tie-up organization. Security at their workplace won`t allow to accompany anyone with you if that person is has not applied for visa. Only the person who has applied will be allowed to enter in the office. Also I observed every country Visa department has been segregated and allocated with several staff of VFS. It was a hassle free process for me. If your documents are ready as per the list and up to date your Application submission will be done in hardly 10 minutes. Highly Recommended.

Misleading Customers & making money
Don't be fooled if VFS Global said they are trusted by Emirates & Dubai immigration. What they really care about is making money at expense of their customers.
UAE temporarily suspended visas for 13 Nationalities & I inquired 2 times if my visa can be approved. They assured me they can process & guess what I applied for a visit visa after booking via Emirates & on the second day my application got rejected without any reason. They could have not accepted it or told me to wait until visas open but they didn't & I lost about 850 AED.
The lack transparency!

Poor Instructions, does not give good customer service, +$2 /per minute for advice
What a bad service you guys are doing
Waste of time and money
Rejecting the application just like that
What a pity service

Worst Server I have ever seen
VFS Global even not deserve for 1 star. I have submitted application 1 months and still they have not reviewed my application ans as per guidline it should be done in 48-72 hours. If you have option to renew passport in India then renew it in India with Tatkal instead here.

Cannot give 0 stars
I am trying to reupload the picture of my son and daughter. I have come to a point that it is just waste of time to deal with VFS. There was no information after the first round, I have to check the case status to see what the heck is problem with the applications.

I have uploaded the picture and my daughter had a yellow rubber band on her hair and it was rejected because of that. I am getting pissed offfff.

Pathetic service, useless. They don't even deserve 1 rating, but no option here.
Site is broken, I am not able to proceed to book an appointment, written down several Emails, no response, talked to customer service VFS Global charged me 2.48$/min and at the end they say send out an Email to ******* they'll get back to you in 48 hours, it almost one week, no response.
Worst experience ever.
1. How can they put a broken website in production environment? Its ridiculous.
2. I never encountered any customer service who charge for the service (looks like they purposely put the broken website so that customer call them and they charge customers heavily for the call and make money)

NZ Visa terrible service
Spoke to some Pilipino chick she is so so so terrible just reads a script and doesnt know any of the answers to very simple questions. I asked her about applying for a visa by post and she started reading me an answer for password resets... then she put me on hold and hung up on me. Same thing happened to my wife hung up on when she asked a question she didnt know. Both NZ visa and VFS webpages are clunky and the call centre is the worst, think Ill give NZ a miss its just too hard.

If there was a 0 star, they would proudly get that
Pathetic service. Online labels don't work. VFS Global charge about $2 to call their customer service. Unbelievable how their management sleeps at night. Unfortunately, there is not much one can do either. Cry, yell or Beg - Do it on your own dime

Sick company, nightmare
I still don't understand how a country can rely its entry processes on such a company. People trying to visit a country managed by vfs gets a very bad and poor image of that country because of vfs, Vfs manages the process like if you buy a pizza, but the pizza do not arrive, the will try to sell you even the staples on your sheets, not to say what a confusion the miriad of services VFS Global offer causes. But the worst was the sense of being prosecuted and judged by an impersonal or maybe automaticed response email, also disinformation. In my case they exceed time to give my passport back and I had to ask for a new one. They deny my Visa arguing I wanted to stay in a country even I did not have the profile for such a thing, I had work and tickets back. I give two thumbs down for vfs and hope soon the countries who contract them stop doing that, it seems they are only motivated by their low cost promise. Very bad company. Very bad for the countries who contract them

VFS Global is the WORST visa processing service cmpany. Please CHANGE THEM!
I wish the world would just stop being so greedy. We had perfectly fine service before at the French Consulate in LA and VFS Global had to choose this sh**ty subcontractor known as VFS Global to take over their visa procedures.

Let me explain: I'm a Moroccan citizen who lived in France for four years and who has been in the US for the past 7 years with a Green Card.

I have two Masters from some of the best universities in the world and even still own a bank account in France. I shouldn't have to struggle to go back there as a tourist. However, I still have to apply for a visa, almost yearly, because of my Moroccan passport to go visit my family that still lives in Paris. It costs money and takes time but I have no problem doing it when the people in front of you are respectful and understanding.

VFS Global is neither of that. They are the WORST company to be dealing with such an important responsibility and for the LOVE OF GOD, I do not understand why any government chose them to be in this position of service. Or actually, I do understand: maybe these governments don't want visitors anymore. Here is the thing. I couldn't care less about visiting France. Honestly, after living in Paris for 4 years, I've experienced it more than enough and am happy as I can be here in California. But my sister has chosen Paris as her residence for the past 12 years and I love my sister, so I need to see her. Thank God, she's soon moving to Spain so I'm hoping to not deal with this bunch of deadbeat underpaid workers at VFS anymore.

From the expensive appointment fee that never existed before to condescending and scornful comments at their office, the list goes on and on. I will point out that ALEX, a call center representative, should, simply put, be FIRED. He KNOWINGLY gave me incorrect information in order to make a change to my appointment on the phone. Even after I called several times to ask for details and confront his lack of competence, he would not change his stance, at one point even hanging up on me. Thank God for people like FERNANDA, who once picked up the phone and, in a matter of 10 minutes, CORRECTED everything that ALEX did. She literally disagreed with him on every single point. How can you have a company where the level of service you get is equivalent to playing the lottery: if you're lucky, the right representative will pick up the phone and guide you the right way. If not, you'll lose money and time, and get frustrated by not being able to plan your trip accordingly (I ended up paying 3 different appointment fees because of ALEX).

Once at the office, you're just simply looked down upon depending on the color of your passport. Being Moroccan, I guess I am not welcome in France anymore, despite having contributed greatly to their taxes for years. This VISA system is already absurd (why do we rank citizens based on where they were born?) but I was astounded to hear someone, and I am not making this up, say to my face: "I don't care if you can't make it to France on time, it's not my problem. I have a French passport. I can go anytime".

Let me make it clear to that person, wherever he is in the world right now. I coudln't give a flying **** about going to France. I get to travel the world and make a decent living with my career and at least don't spend my life squeezed in an office doing miserable work that I hate myself for. This just goes to show the poor work ethics and ridiculous standards by which they hire their representative. I just wish we could escalate this directly to the consulate who would do something about it.

Once again, corporate greed has made it so that we the people have no choice but to use this one company to get an important service done. Without competition, VFS Global has no incitive to provide good service for the price you pay. Some employees will still do as a symbol of professional ethics. Others will elect not to - because being a**holes can sometimes be, I guess, just so much more rewarding.

This VFS Global is very poor service. Customer now way to communicate them.
This VFS Global is very poor service. Customer now way to communicate them. VFS Global will send email 'no-reply'. There is no way to communicate them.

I do not know why India Immigration is encouraging them

Worse Website to apply application/Tracking system
Worse Website to apply application/Tracking system. I wish I could give 0 ratting. I would request to Govt. Of India to replace this vendor.

Giving NEGATIVE 2 feedback
Its not worth of anything. I can give negative 2 rating. When i started my Passport renewal, its not even progressing from page to page. Also there is no proper error message why it struck in the same page... After struggling 15days, sent Form. After completion of process in Embassy, vfs received documents. After 3 weeks documents from Embassy, vfs global portal says VFS Global are reviewing. I received an email asking for my dispatch address. Also its mentioned Passport is ready to dispatch. Afyer 4 days i called live agent asking when will i receive my renewed passport. He was said, we are still reviewing your document. After 4 weeks of document received, i still dont have info on will i receive my renewed passport..

Not refunding fees.
Due to a bug in their software system, VFS Global charged me the service fees which $234 but the application did not go through. It has been more a month and am still following up for the refund. Very pathetic company. They are literally running a scam!

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