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I was wrongfully accused and never got an apology!
After almost 2 hours on the phone this is my moms story: approximately a month a half ago my mom decided to do an online trade in for her iPhone XR to get an IPhone 11. We chose to do it online instead of going in to the store and expose her self to Covid since she is elderly. She proceeds to do all the steps of turning her "Find My iPhone" off, resetting the iPhone, and cutting the device off as well. She puts it in the envelope and sends it off, the steps are very clear and simple. I personally transferred all her information to the other phone and watched her do all the proper steps to return her phone after receiving the new phone. So after a week or two she started receiving a text about the "Find My IPhone" was not turned off and to follow the steps to turned it off from her new phone. We tried doing it but we couldn't figured it out so we called Verizon wireless and Verizon walked us through it. Next; she continued to received a text saying that her next bill will be $420.85 which we were very confused on the why so we called today to figured it out and first they couldn't figured out why but than it went from not knowing to telling us that the screen was cracked and that the device wouldn't cut on. Than it switched from the screen not cutting on and being cracked to that we returned an iPhone 6S instead of the XR. So we kindly asked for them to return that device because we know for a fact that none of those statements were true specially because if the screen was cracked and it wouldn't cut on why would they know that "Find My IPhone" was on. I asked the associate how could that be possible and he couldn't answer me at all. Than after we pushed the fact that none of these statements were true for almost 2 hours on the phone they magically found out that the packaging was for an IPhone 6 but that the IPhone XR was inside of it... We were wrongly accused of sending a defective, cracked wrong device with no apology! And than not to count how horribly we felt during those 2 hours of thinking we were going to have to paid fully for the new phone on top of been accused of something we truly didn't do. Has this happened to anyone else with Verizon?

My Short, Unpleasant Experience with Verizon
If you're thinking about going with Verizon, DON'T! I've dealt with some bad companies, but Verizon has been a nightmare. Check out Verizon Wireless at the BBB and you'll see Verizon have had almost 24,000 customer complaints filed on them in the last 3 years. Almost 9,000 in the last year, which means they're getting worse. I was with Verizon for 3.5 days before I dumped them and switched to T-Mobile. Texting never worked correctly and our data was extremely slow. Spent 3.5 days trying to speak with customer service at Verizon, to get it fixed, and did nothing but sit on hold until I gave up. The part that is really infuriating (the entire experience was infuriating actually) was I used their call back service, where a rep is supposed to call you back when they are available. I selected this option, they called and I was immediately put back on hold without speaking to anyone. I sat on hold for a while, then gave up. They did this to me twice. Then I get my bill estimate of $460 dollars for the first month. Should have been $60 activation fee +$140 monthly charge + tax. Dumped them the next morning. Fast forward a few weeks and I get a bill for $107.40 for 3.5 days of very poor service. Still can't get through to "customer service", so I filed a complaint with the BBB asking for a bill adjustment as my phones never did work correctly. Verizon could not care less about the poor customer service and the fact my phones didn't work. They pretty much said tough luck, pay our bill. That's the Verizon experience.

I went ahead and filed a complaint with the FTC because of the over billing. Verizon is no stranger to fines from the Federal Trade Commission.

Verizon customer service and retention center Bait and switch criminals and Liars
Had the worst experience of my life. I had one Verizon Wireless phone with my company and two lines with AT&T which I wanted to have all under one company and one plan. I called to cancel my Verizon to switch all lines to AT&T. I was transferred to the retention center where I wad offered a family data plan for all 3 phones that was about $50 less than they're advertised retailed one. Little did I know it was bait and switch. Verizon had me transport my phone's over and then they told me they could not transfer my Note 5 phones from AT&T to Verizon. Then they lost two of my phone numbers. After 7 hours of being on hold and being moved from One customer support person to another, The only thing we could do to save my phone numbers was to transfer back over to AT&T. Then I transferred back to Verizon after having to buy new phones and then was told that they could not give me what they said they would offer and that they were not sure why the representative gave me those crazy quotes. Note that I confirmed and reconfirmed and reconfirmed the offer I was given before moving forward and transferring over. I ended up returning the phones I had to purchase since my Note 5 did not transfer and I once again transferred back to AT&T. Verizon Wireless is a bunch of criminals. It is Simply Organized Crime. I don't say this based on one particular bad experience with one or two or even three Representatives. They are trained to bait and switch and put you on a rocket to prevent you from signing up with competitors like AT&T. They are trained to mislead and misinform and keep you on the phone for a long time so that you get tired of waiting and end up signing with them. By far the most disgusting company I've ever dealt with. I have asked for a real manager to call me back and they never do. They keep switching You from One retention criminal to another and managers will not call you back.

Why doesn't Verizon care about their customers?
Worst customer service. Wish I could leave 0 stars. Why doesn't Verizon care about their customers? I have been a customer for over 10 years. I decide to buy an older phone and have it activated. I go into the store and Verizon activate it. Well the phone does not work properly so I bought a newer one. The first phone I bought was a 3G. They activated it January of 2019. The second phone I bought was a 4G and can access their newest network. It has everything the latest phones have to offer. However when I took into the store to have it activated they would not do so because they told me they retired the phone. The phone is a Verizon phone. I am an existing customer so there should not have been any issues.
The Verizon employee did not want to bother with me. He talked down to me like I dare waste his time. I asked him if we called customer service could they possibly activate it. He rolled his eyes and said maybe and that i should call them. He did not offer to call them, and when I suggested we do call them he told me I should do so myself. Finally I asked him for a sim card so I could get it activated over the phone and he told me no he would not give me one. I am an existing customer I told him and he should give me one. He told me that he would not give me one and there was nothing else he could do for me. I thought that was funny because to say else meant he actually did something in the first place. At this point I had to walk out and cool off
I called customer service and told them what happened and they told he was in the wrong and not to worry they would get to the bottom of it. After calling the store customer service told me to go back up to the store and they would take care of me and there would be no more problems,. Well that was not the case. I walked in and asked to speak to the manager and a different guy asked me why instead of just getting her. Well he asked so I told him why right in front of the guy I complained about. The guy who I complained on came up and started telling me he did nothing wrong. He was coming towards me so I told him not to talk to me or come at me because I want nothing to do with him. He then got security and tried to have me thrown out. Security decided to just ask me to calm down. I told him I would not calm down and I wanted to speak to a manager. I was not going anywhere until I did. Security then said he would have to ask me to leave if I did not. I told him that was not going to happen. I then told them I was calling customer service to let them know I didn't have to go anywhere. The manager finally walks out and tells me that I can not talk to her employee like I did. I asked her what exactly was it that I said she did not like. She replied you said he sucked at is job. I told her well yes I did say that. I told her I told customer service he sucked as well because he does. Now I have the other employee and the manager defending the sucky employee with security right beside me. I told them everything that happened and they defended their fellow employee. I could not believe my ears. They too would not give me a SIM card. By the way SIM cards are free to verizon customers and customer service told me they should have given me one if I asked for one. One employee then picks up the phone I want activated and tells me it is 3G and as of 12/31/18 they no longer activate 3G phones. I shook my head and told him the phone in your hand is 4G. It says so on the back of the phone, and I just had a 3G phone activated in this store three weeks ago. I then asked him if there was anything else he would like to say that is absolutely wrong. Well I asked so he pulled the back off the phone and said this phone does not even have a SIM card slot so why would they give me SIM card when The phone does not require one. I took the phone from him and showed him where the SIM card slot was. By now security has walked away from me and is just shaking his head at the moron that obviously should have not opened his mouth. I made him look very stupid and that just pissed the manager off even more. Well needless to say I did not get my new phone activated, and they did not give me a SIM card. I called customer service and told them what happend. They again told me not to worry and they would take care of me and said they would call me today. Well I never got a call so I ask again why doesn't Verizon care about its customers? They can activate a 3G phone which by the way I was told by customer service will not work on their network in a few months but would not activate the one I bought that would work on the new network. Again the new phone is a verizon phone and there's nothing wrong with it, They just told me it was retired. Could not give me a reason why. I wanted to let current and possible future customers know Verizon is one of those companies that figure they have so many customers they do not need you anyway. Well Sprint may not be any better, but they are cheaper so I am going to Sprint. This customer of over 10 years has had it with Verizon. If you are going to charge more than your competition you should offer something they do not. My guess is Verizon has been charging more and providing me less than what Sprint will. This was not my first horrible customer service experience at a verizon store, but it will be my last. Do yourself a favor and check out what the competition is offering. It does not matter if it is Sprint. They are just cheaper is why I am going with them. I use to be with AT&T and they were ok. They were a lot better than Verizon is today that is for sure.

Data badly underperforming & refuse to fix it
I conduct an independent speed test every week or two of Verizon's supposed 4G data from home. Download results are about 5% of the proper speed, 18 times slower than advertised. By definition, 4G should be 12 Mbs says Wikipedia See attached speed test taken from my home where Verizon download speed was 0.11 Mbs with only 30% stability.
Zero upload speed with zero stability means no internet surfing because my keystrokes never get sent out. Massive ping delays literally off the scale at 999 milliseconds also cause website crashes. Compare the fast test of 20.64 MBS download with the slow 0.94 MBS download right after it. Those were taken 2 miles apart and 5 minutes or so apart, all else exactly the same. On the Interstate freeway where you can't use the phone, the network works fine (20.64 MBS), but downtown their network is worthless (0.94 MBS, the fastest in a long time from home, but WAY under 4G), but Verizon refuse to even troubleshoot it for the past year. My phone itself has been tested by multiple Verizon experts in several of their stores and unanimously they said there is nothing wrong with my phone. All speed tests are conducted at my home located on a major thoroughfare 2 blocks from the heart of down town. I just gave up on a chat with their customer service lasting nearly 2 hours yet featuring only 4 texts from them in that time, asking for information they have repeatedly been given.
A second 2 hours goes by with no response from Verizon, and I give up. Horrible customer service. One evening I had a file to download which should have taken 1 minute. Six network failures in a row, and 4 hours later, the download is a total failure. In 4 hours Verizon has not even answered their own chat help line. The next day I use McDonalds WiFi and download that file in 45 seconds. I have filed multiple complaints with the Better Business Bureau against Verizon. Verizon doesn't care one bit.

Inconsistent Managers, Service, Pricing, & Plans
Customer Service is NULL, so we had moved to AT&T. After a couple years decided to move back. We noticed our billing was increasing exponentially; from activation fees, line charges (making no sense) Verizon could not easily explain. Verizon lost my number. We were advised on 9/20/18 to call in and transfer number from one Verizon Account to a new account in my name (we combining two accounts together). Their call center, who by the way has the worse consistency not only between their agents, but also their managers. They will tell you the line is recorded for customer service, yet when you were told incorrectly and they even say you were told incorrectly, they cannot even find the person at times or records of the calls. Call Center advised to go to the store and create an account with a new line to receive a SIM card (as you can see the # they lost was not really a personal issue, but it gets better). Apparently you cannot move a number from one Verizon account to another until it's been 30 days (which is not what the 1st agent told us)

The store had to call for "approval" even though the call center approved previously. The first agent approved, but we were disconnected during the call. Of course, receiving another agent on the callback, they declined the application, which the manager of that department couldn't even tell me who I spoke with the 1st time. No worries, we'll just put this new account in my husband's name, but had to call again for approval (?). At first, they had to locate him by name and social because the agent in the store wrote the number down wrong and this is where its better. After advising the guy in the store we re-wrote the application number from what the "core team" advised it really was (he was only one digit off). Anyway, this store representative provided the worse service he said "I've been here 15 years, I know what I'm doing". That is clearly not the case since you cannot even write an account number down correctly. The manager was no help either and basically told us our only options were prepaid.

Call Center Managers are inconsistent. They will tell you they are all over the country, but every agent says they are all in South Carolina; why lie? The question is asked because they cannot tell you who the person was you spoke with last "I don't know where that agent is located, they are not at my location". Ok, that's fine, but we should have an escalation process, no?

In addition, their training is NULL. They begin by explaining their policy and that they cannot make the update, but then will confirm they advised wrong the prior week. How is this company able to maintain their business? I'm now a HAPPY T-Mobile customer; the cost less, have faster 4G service. Also, they a buying up old cell towers and replacing old radios from old carriers with their new technology and once completes will be one of if not the 1st to offer 5G. Verizon & AT&T are no longer the monopoly in this industry.

They made a mistake that cost me $500 extra
Black Friday weekend Verizon gave me a written quote with 4 lines- one play more unlimited $45 (after autopay) and 3 starter unlimited (35$ after autopay). We specifically discussed why our one family would not need 4 "play more" plans. Verizon repeatedly indicated that with this mix and match scenario there was what Verizon called a buy one get one BOGO offer on new Apple 12 phones. I decided, because of the BOGO, we could get 3 128 Apple 12 phones (regularly priced $849) and one Apple pro max phone (regular price $1100). (For me, my husband, and my 2 boys) They initially said 2 of the Apple 12 phones would be the BOGO free phones. This was written on the quote. I worked hard calculating everything that night- including $50 protection plan and determined that the monthly fee for the first 24 months would be around $270 per month plus unknown taxes and fees. That would be pushing our budget but we could swing it.

When we came back the next evening to close the deal, they said the BOGO phones would not be free. They actually would be $50 each (or $800 off). So not really a BOGO but ok we still could live with $50 per "BOGO" phone. We purchased the package. Got 3 phones that night (the max pro was on order). The numbers were transferred from AT&T, and we paid the taxes on the phones. We asked for hard copy receipts- never got anything hard copy in writing at the store. We also bought screen protectors and cases which we immediately put on our new phones. We get home that night and found emailed paperwork indicating our monthly service for 2 of the starter unlimited lines would cost $70 per month each- (double the quote) and the third starter unlimited line would cost $55 per month. No real paperwork or receipt on the service for the "play more" line but there was a thank you email indicating that would cost $55. Also there were full price phone device charges for all 4 phones- no indication of the promised $800 off of any phone. One of the emails estimated our first monthly bill would be over $750. Protection plan costs were screwed up too. I couldn't even sleep at all that night.

I went back to Verizon the next day and they said I should not believe the paperwork. They would not give me anything in writing on what the "real" prices were. But this time when they verbally told me the supposed "real" deal, the BOGO phones were only $400 off and I had to pay $450 for each of the BOGO phones! That is $800 more than what had been agreed to the night before. My stomach was so upset and I almost broke down crying. They indicated that, instead of that Deal, I could get the "play more unlimited" service on every line and then the BOGO phones would again be $50 each. That would be an extra $30 per month or $720 dollars for the required 24 months. I showed them the written quote where they had initially handwritten that the BOGO phones would be free under the mixed plan. They never denied that they had told me this. They acknowledged that the final deal the previous night when we paid the taxes was one play more unlimited $45 (after autopay) and 3 starter unlimited (35$ after autopay) with 2 Apple phones regular price and 2 Apple phones $50. They just said they made a mistake. The most they offered for this "mistake" was a $204 credit.

Even with that I am being charged $520 more than I agreed to. $520 is a lot of money to my family. I get sick to my stomach every time I think of it. Had we been told the real prices upfront we would have stayed with AT&T who was offering a minimum $350 for every phone trade in and would have been hundreds of dollars cheaper!

I am a Christian so I will only detail the facts of what happened to me and let you decide what you think of this company. However I still have not received anything in writing or any real bill. Pease beware of Verizon's tactics. They will not give you the information in writing so all you have is a meaningless and sketchy quote.

Most Difficult People to Get in Touch With when you need to! They SUCK, SUCK, SUCK!
Most horrendous process just to try to pay a bill!
My husband's
(PS. His phone is still not on AND he could lose his job for not having his phone because his employer needs to call him constantly to give him updates on jobs/ ask questions etc.)

First: you cannot talk to a customer service agent through chat support without signing in

B/S! So whenever the username & password Verizon have for you does not go through your screwed!
(and they're extremely inconvenient by not letting you know which one is not correct they have to just give you a standard scripted "sorry the passcode and username combo that you have entered isn't what we have on file."). Try to enter the 4-Digit passcode that's no help either why the hell do I have a four digit passcode if you're not even going to let me use it to get a new password why do you have to text it to the phone?

Question: who are all these strangers trying to pay by phone bill? And why don't you let them?

There should be a simple way to pay someone's phone bill without having to be asked a hundred questions!

Second: you turn my husband's phone off without sending him a reminder text that it was due
So. Therefore his phone's off he cannot text me the damn passcode that you are sending to his phone HELLO!? How am I supposed to pay his phone bill without the damn code!.?

Third: *611 won't work from my phone
I don't know what's going on with verizon but this is ridiculous!

Fourth: the customer service number is no help!
Because they do not have an automated system to speak into now, and whenever I push my response it will not pick up which number I am pushing and hangs up on me! 6 Damn Times Now!

Real effing great customer service!

Fifth: fill out an online request for customer support to contact you back and what happens.? You pick up the phone and it's ringing &. It's sending you back through their stupid system that cannot pick up which buttons you are pushing for your response
Ha ha horrible joke!

I have already cancelled my phone service through Verizon &. Now I'm going to persuade my husband to do the same (as soon as he gets home!), NO MORE!

Actually, I'm the 1 that pays the bills.
We're Done!
We are switching phone company TODAY!

PS. Their phone service is not that great anyways
My husband does not even get a signal at our home he has to be at the end of the driveway

One of their representatives told me before that they make their phones to not get such great service anymore after they are so old so that you have to buy a new phone, I believe this is true!

Lied to from the start!
I was told when I signed up with Verizon I would get 3 gift cards totally $600 for porting over my 3 numbers from Comcast. I was also told I would receive $150 as a sign on bonus. I was supposed to receive this within 4 to 6 weeks. After 6 weeks I called Verizon said you need to submit the rebate. Which I did. I still had not received anything within 3 weeks. I called back I got a good customer service person at that time. She credited my account for the $150 sign on bonus. She also had 1 of the rebate cards sent to me. Rebate center did not send the other 2. I contacted the rebate center. They told me I was given false information by sales person I qualified for only $150 for each rebate not the $200 I was told by the sales person. Of course I did not accept and contacted Verizon due to the deception. I sat on the phone for 4 hrs. I was hung up on and got disconnected several times being transferred. I finally spoke with someone that said she would override the the situation and I would receive the rebate I was initially was told. 2 weeks no rebate I called back spoke to a supervisor that wanted to only credit my account for $150 on the 2 rebates. I was totally mad at that point. I told her that was the worst deal I had gotten from the deception I was told in the first place. I ask to be transferred to the rebate center. She remained on the line and totally attempted to sabotage to make the situation to what she wanted to do to start with. She was very unprofessional and interrupted. I guess thats why she has her position. I received nothing and I will never recommend verizon to anyone. No only do they have unprofessional supervisors. They also have deceptive sales people. I believe these sales people are hired at minimum wage with very little training. I forgot to mention the phone conversation was not recorded until the supervisor put the rebate center on the line which she made herself look like she was right and I was totally wrong.

BOGO Scam!
In early 2020, I purchased two iPhone 11's in a BOGO offer for $750. I was told by the sales agent that to get the BOGO, I had to put the devices into the Verizon Device Payment Plan, but that at any point after being in the payment plan, I was welcome to pay off the remaining portion of the $750 balance.

In May of 2021, I paid off what I felt was the remaining balance $343. When my next bill arrived, I felt the monthly charge was higher than expected, so referenced the itemized bill to find one of the two iPhone 11's still had a $313 balance listed, and I was being charged on the Verizon Device Payment Plan still.

I called Verizon Wireless support, and after a quite lengthy hold, was told that I had paid off the wrong phone, that I had paid off the free phone essentially. She said that had I paid off the other iPhone 11, both phones would reflect a $0 balance. Due to an obligation, I had to end this call before the agent was able to find a resolution, she did however notate the call/complaint. Later that day I called back and was told there was "nothing Verizon could do about it", so I requested to speak with a manager. I was told a manager would call me within two hours, Verizon never contacted me. The next day a called to follow up, this new agent agreed with the first, saying that had I paid off the other iPhone 11, that both would reflect a $0 balance, he offered $100 as compensation for the misrepresentation by the original salesman. I told him thank you, but I wanted the full $313, and needed to speak to a manager. After a short hold the manager quite abruptly and rudely explained that the BOGO applies ONLY as long as one remains in the Verizon Device Payment Plan, and that this information was in the contract, and therefore they were willing to do nothing. I explained how the original salesman had misrepresented this policy, specifically telling me that I could pay off the quoted sum of $750, not that paying the phone off would negate the BOGO, and raise the cost of the two phones. I explained how two more of her agents had told me that I had simply paid off the wrong phone (which she confirmed is not accurate information). I explained how on the Verizon Community there are numerous posts and hundreds of replies saying that the Verizon BOGO is a SCAM, that it has been misrepresented, costing customers hundreds of dollars. The manager again, quite rudely, placed all blame upon the customers. She offered no explanation why the Verizon salesman, and two other agents had misrepresented and apparently lacked proper understanding of their own Verizon policy.

I, like many in the Verizon Wireless Community Forum, will be leaving Verizon, but I do think ReviewFeeder should help raise awareness of the very misleading business practice that Verizon has employed, that most consider a scam! It is my hope that this saves others from ever being misled by Verizons employees and a the misleading offer!

Cant stand this company, the fios and the wireless
If you like horrible customer service, misdirected calls, low internet speeds even though you pay for the highest, incompetent associates, rudeness, higher bills than expected, channels not available way to often, being hung up on after long waits, techs that dont show up at all and when Verizon do it's not the day they set up, then this company is for you! They will rape you of your time and money and self respect. As for their cellular services, they work in the same manner. Although coverage is good, you will pay dearly for it. We had them for years and years and years, all the while paying their overly high high bills. It was a business account with five lines. My husband was the primary on the account with his set up password and was the only one authorized to do anything with the account. My husband and his business partner split over some bad terms. The partner was angered, entered a verizon wireless store, talked to someone and convinced that associate to change the password on the account and disconnect all the cell phones. My children had cell phones thru this account. They were left without a phone and they were not home, I could not get a hold of them. Well my husband tries to find out whats going on and he was told he did not have access to the account because he did not have the password. They would not reactivate any of the phones. However, they feel it necessary still to this day to hold him accountable for all the disconnection fee's of all the phones and any other fee's they feel that they are entitled to. This is almost 1,000.00. They refuse to accept any wrong doing on their part. Even after we reopened another account with several phone lines. Still they want to charge us for their mistake. Well we continued business out of the need to have service immediately due to work relates calls that had to be made. Needless to say we stayed with them for a couple more years then went to Sprint. The fee's are still high but not as high and I have yet for them to allow a stranger to change my password and deactivate my numbers and make me pay for the fee's. They disgust me as much as the individual that did this to my children and me. Low life scum of a company!

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
I hope there are enough characters to tell my story. Good: granted, Verizon has a pretty strong network and is certainly reliable; that's if you can even get an account set up. Bad: I wanted to get a simple 55 plus plan so I decided to use the chat feature so I wouldn't have to go out to a store. Started out good, but progressed into an 1hr 15min nightmare; maybe even more, lost track in the muck. Chat sent me to an 800# so I could verify who I was; no problem. Verizon asked me questions that most people wouldn't have a clue, about their house; when was it built? I don't know, I bought it from somebody else; maybe knew then. What is the value? It has been moving up so fast, I don't remember; ranges given were too close. Who the lender or the mortgage? Probably got that right. Anyway, I probably missed one or two; red flag evidently. Credit is excellent. They asked me to fax or email identification; drivers license, bills etc. I emailed the information. The sent me back to chat. After another 20 min, it was still processing, with a final note for me to check back the next day. That was it! I'm boiling mad at this point. A friend, a VzW employee, suggested that I call a supervisor. The next day I did just that. I got the supervisor on the phone and explained my situation, he apologized and asked me if I still wanted to set up an account; I did. He said he would walk me through; not quite, as he handed me off to somebody else. They set up this empty shell account where I could add a phone at my convenience; great I thought. Ugly: I decide I would go to a local VzW store so I could get some personalized service. I took my account number into the nearest VzW store, low and behold, it was a franchise store that couldn't handle my situation anyway; they sent me to a corporate store 2 miles down the road, Now I've invested about two hours of my time with no positive results. I go to the Corp store; nice atmosphere, nice people. Sure this would be the final stop and I would have my new phone account. No, that did not happen. Whatever they did the day before caused mucho problems for me then. They started trying to take me through the same process as before. They wanted more id verification that I had already sent to them. My representative was very nice, but she knew that I was getting ready to explode, and I did. I yelled at the woman on the phone who my rep was talking to, and told them they could take their phone and shove it. I was going to AT&T. I think the other customers got an ear full as well; not nasty but voiced my opinion. This was the worst service break I've ever seen. I would not recommend VzW to anybody else. Their service sucks!

Heaviest spender to support Ajit Pai to kill net neutrality, along with AT&T
Look at this: />
Verizon want your experience to be:
-slow site loading
-Block sites THEY don't like, regardless if the site is legal, safe, etc. The same inconvenience in school and public places that uses web-filtering (or content control software) to censor sites. This is basically internet dictatorship.
-Charge you extra money for unlimited access. This is equivalent to freemium games, where the gameplay is restricted by "timer walls" in which you either have to wait a period of time or spend money to remove the restrictions. When a good thing is deliberately downgraded just to FORCE you to pay money to enjoy it. Same goes to shareware/crippleware screencasting software, which they do things like crappy watermark to harass you to spend money (filmora did this crap).

In case if you don't know net neutrality, its basically a rule/law that ISP must treat all data in the internet the same, without any discrimination. So no blocking, no slowing, and no charging extra money based on the type of data in general. It's basically internet freedom.

Ajit Pai is an American attorney who formally worked with this company, and he had the NERVE to say:

"This is just evidence that supporters of heavy-handed internet regulations are becoming more desperate by the day as their effort to defeat Chairman Pai's plan to restore internet freedom has stalled. The vote will proceed as scheduled on December 14".

So he's saying that net neutrality is "heavy-handed internet regulations"?

Just F*ck you. That is the same as saying "Freedom of expression is a heavy-handed conversation regulations".

We need money too, being single sided on handling money is being outright selfish that you discriminate who talks and who gets censored, we're not in china, and no, we are not in NK. Don't turn the US into a censorship country like those,@$$holes.

On January 13,2020, I decided to switch from a post-paid plan to a pre-paid plan. I had been a Verizon Wireless cutomer for years, and just looking to redunce my monthly expense. Pre-paid was significantly less expensive. I spoke directly over the phone with customer service from both post-paid and pre-paid departments during the switch. At no time was it ever mentioned that I was still under contract and that making the switch would result in a $170 termination fee. I wasn't told I would owe anything, since I made the switch immediately after I paid my post paid account for the month. Trust me, I asked, becasue I didn't want any surprise charges. From my understanding, I was no longer under any kind of contract because contracts no longer existed. The device was not new, so it wasnt being paid for any longer. On February 12,2021, a charge for $170.74 was debited from my bank account from Verizon Wiresless. I spent several hours going back and forth between representatives and fraud prevention, only to find out that according to my post paid account information, I was still under contract and the charge imposed was an early termination fee for ending my post paid service. There is an utter lack of transparency with this company. I have tolerated it for years, but no more. It was as if the information about my supposed contract and the early termination fee was purposely left out of the extensive conversations I had with representatives when I made the switch. There was nothing in my account information that indicated that I was still under any kind of contract. In fact, I am almost positive I was told at one point during another issue with my service a year or two ago that I was, in fact, not under contract, because conrracts had been done away with. This company and its practices are fraudulent and perpetrate a terrible disservice to customers.

Doesn't get any worst than Verizon Wireless
I have been a Verizon customer for quite some years. This company engages in deceptive business practices. I purchased my iPhone 8 and paid it off. For two plus years, I was harassed by Verizon. I filed a complaint with the BBB and Verizon Wireless has relentlessly telephonically harassed me, my personal information breached; my data stolen, my calls eavesdropped on, and and bombarded with unknown calls. When I filed a complaint with Verizon Wireless their harassment escalated. Some guy claiming to be from Executive Relations, DeMarcus W. Started harassing me using different phone numbers. When I tried calling him back I could never reach him. When my friend told me to put him on speaker phone the next time he called, he wanted to hear what he had to say about my complaint. This man did not assist me but told me he had the same phone as mine ( big deal), I should change my data plan to unlimited data so I guess Verizon Wireless could steal my unlimited data, and that the fraud department told him no one had hacked my phone. My friend signaled to me and said the guy didn't sound legit, tell him not to call again and terminate the call. Verizon is a corrupt telecommunications giant, greedy, their employees are rude and unhelpful. All Verizon Wireless wants to do is sell phones and Verizon don't care about their customers. Their Executive Relations Department is the lowest of the low. When this DeMarcus refused to assist me, I tried again. This time a person named Tracy G., Irvine, CA, wrote and told me was a Case Manager/Senior Analyst Legal Adviser. He fabricated malicious lies and sent them to the New Jersey Attorney General saying my claims were not valid. For two plus years, I have kept journals of all unknown calls and maintained a paper trail on Verizon Wireless. In 2017, There was a Verizon Breach that affected 6 million customers, Verizon fail to notify me. When I checked my credit report, A Dark Web report was conducted and found that my personal info had been compromised. Verizon Wireless prefers dollars over their customers. Verizon needs to be disbanded. It's a horrible telecommunications.

Committed FINANCIAL FRAUD with cover-ups including ERASING the master log of account activity
Verizon committed FINANCIAL FRAUD and had obvious cover-ups including ERASING the "Remarks" - the master log of all account activity which proves the fraud and unauthorized access to my account.

On October 27,2009 my phone was disconnected due to non-payment of 2 full months. The following day, someone from within Verizon accessed my account and made significant changes to LIE and inflate the amount I "owed." The reactivated my line, waived activation fee, added a second fake line of service, doubled the plan, and somehow maintained billing for 2 additional months - all without payment. My phone never worked from that day onward, regardless of billing showing my service was reactivated and "working." 100% fraud!

Obvious cover-ups were made to try and hide the Fraud including disconnecting all search criteria connected to my account, and they also DELETED the entire "Remarks" section that all levels of Verizon employees (including Executive Relations) agree is impossible to do in the system. This is the master log of ALL activity showing who accessed the account, exactly what time, and all the changes that occurred. This is a record that all companies keep to keep accurate track of all account activity.

And the search thing, I used to work there in Tech Support department and it was always incredibly easy to do manual searches for customers, no matter how old the account, with their basic info. Typing in my SSN, name, address, zip, etc all turned up no search results for all departments including Care, Tech support, Sales, Fraud, and executive Relations departments. After a BBB complaint, Verizon assigned Jaymi Moore King to me and essentially refused to let anyone else talk to me. Jaymi has been with the company since February, and she was not competent enough to even locate my account. The third Executive Relations Analyst (Heidi Koshman) had the idea to reach out to CORE. CORE is responsible for running the initial credit application. They located my account based on SSN since they are governed by federal regulations to maintain such info (thus the cover-up did not include manipulating this data).

Jaymi gave me a "FDL" - Final Decision Letter saying they "thoroughly researched the issue" and they will NEVER talk to me or respond to me again. They even eluded to me harassing them LOL. The FINANCIAL FRAUD that has occurred on my account involves changes that are impossible for a consumer like me to make, without ever making a payment in just shy of 4 whole months.

Once they found the account they did send me copies of all the bills that identify the impossible billing changes. They even backdated the plan change to maximize the cost, as well as prorate the disconnect date and add overage charges based on it. The bill prove the fake line of service they added was never used. Also, my phone never had a single minute used or kilobyte of data go in or out after the original disconnect date.

Verizon claims the final bill is valid. However, without ever locating the missing "Remarks" section it is entirely impossible for anyone to determine whether or not the FRAUD occurred, because the master log of WHO did the unauthorized access to my account was conveniently deleted. I spoke with 40+ agents on all levels who each confirmed this is not possible. And also confirmed they could not do manual searches to locate my account do to search criteria for all my personal details somehow being disconnected from the account.

For 3 weeks or so (beginning on October 25,2009 - the day they located the account), 100% of everyone who accessed my account could view the bills. Now Verizon has implemented an additional change to the system and all agents i speak with agree they do not have the ability to access or view the bills anymore.

All these years I thought the fraud most likely occurred from the hand-off from one collection company to the next. Because we see the changes in the final bills, and especially when you consider the "impossible" changes and obvious cover-ups, it is clear that the Fraud has 100% occurred from within Verizon Wireless. I want everyone in the world to know what they're doing. I never paid the money because at no point have any of the collection tried to collect the correct amount of money due to Verizon's LIES. Verizon's final stance is to redirect me to the current collection company which is still harassing me to this day. It has been 9 years and they cannot legally collect from me since it is beyond the stature of limitation. However, they screwed my credit for 7 years, and if I get a new phone number tomorrow, collections can legally acquire it and continue to harass me even though they cannot legally collect from me in a court of law.

It is inconceivable to think this has only happened to just me. The obvious cover-ups to attempt to mask their FRAUD must include other innocent customers, where Verizon LIED to inflate their numbers too, so that they can sell the "debt" for a higher amount the collection company.

Verizon HAS NOT thoroughly researched and address the concern until the "Remarks" are recovered, or at the very least, explained why they are missing on what seems to be my account only. In my 15 or so calls to Fraud Department and other department, only one person ever (guy in Fraud) says he has seen Remarks section deleted. He said "hmm, that's weird. That's the second account today with Remarks missing."

Verizon Wireless 100% committed FINANCIAL FRAUD against me. And it curdles my blood to this a company like this is most likely doing this to other people as well.

My partner Verizon Wireless leadership got caught red handed!
Wow. Verizon is for sure reading all this but not claiming this or responding to anyone. No worries

I moved from ATT to Verizon wireless 3 months ago. My experiences with leadership team ( Tier 2 customer service)

1. This department calls themselves as leadership but Verizon are tier 2 customer service. For sure to ask for ‘Office of Management or CEO'. They will avoid it by lying but if you insist they will set up a call. Office of Managemnet may take 24-48 hours to respond, even if customer issue is 911.

2. Since joining Verizon I had six experiences with Verizon leadership ( Tier 2) and one with office of leadership /CEO.

3. I got a call from this office from a male named Carlos. Call details

A) Carlos heard me for 35-40 minutes and tried to show his calm. As I finished sharing my experiences with leadership ( Tier 2) stating with facts they are

1. Not true leadership and lack the skills and Need to be trained
2. They need not make promises if they can't follow through. Which means directly they lie on your face
3. They are disrespectful and talk over you. They don't listen at all. They just want to talk.
4. They have some level of fear from office of leadership, who is just like them.
5. They will never change with time. They still live in 19th century mindset. As you know most Verizon employees retire from the company so they have been around for 25-35 years.
6. There website, app and new credit card looks fine but their website is misleading. The marketing department is doing a poor job in publishing offers which are misleading, not transparent. In other words they are duping you and not letting you exercise their rights. As customer gets attracted to these offers with no specific disclaimers they learn they are trapped. FYI All offers are contingent on your spending limit on account. It's not mentioned anywhere. For example their latest offer of free iphone purple mini 64 GB will be offered it you add or port a line.

When asked from leadership why did your telesales, customer service and porting Dept not share this critical information. The leadership responds this is our internal policy. If you ask to show you a copy they will deny.

What does that mean. Millions of telephone subscribers are shopping around for new carrier and offers.

They are mislead by Verizon leadership ( Tier 2) and office of leadership, who don't want to take responsibility of what is going on. They state ‘customer should know it' Wow. Right?

Carlos as I finished talking said thank you for VENTING. I told him I was not venting but stating facts / incidents / name of leadership ( Tier 2 customer service) with date stamped.

I was sincerely giving a constructive feedback. I asked Carlos to take his words back. He denied.

As the call progresses Carlos was speaking the same language which I have been hearing for 3 month ( similar personalty) of Tier 2 support. He continued to defend actions of his tier 2 leadership and marketing Dept. I told him to look at the offer later on his own. He said which offer? Then days immediately it states based on credit check? Fact is account is already opened and there is no credit check needed. Spending limit is decided already.

When I told Carlos i am adding your name in my list, suddenly he changed his demeanor and become soft spoken and polite.

What a change?

He asked what I wanted. He talked with such conviction as if he will fix Verizon mindset right away.

I simply stated they need to honor there offer. He declined and shared same answer like his tier 2 leadership.

I could read between lines several tines he was very unhappy to hear the truth. No one likes to see their face if shown. I also informed him I could hear he is not happy with my constructive feedback.

He denied. I knew taking to Verizon was waste of time. Carlos forgot the basic lesson learnt of business ‘ Listen to customer, mediate and do your best' The reason being it's because of customers they have a Job.

I stated to him is was not a good idea on Verizon part to annoy customers. I have personally seen big business fail due to poor leadership.

Time changes but certain entities or people never change unless they go through setbacks.

Worst ever customer service
I am posting why we r leaving verizon after being with you over 10 years. You hit strike 3 last night. I have a new phone under warranty, and was verified to be so. It was confirmed by tech support thru testing it was defective, so ok I get a new phone replacement. Here is where it gets dramatic. I saved all of my chats and printed every one of them out for reference. The drama begins,
Per chat on Nov 16, I am promised a new phone and is agreed it will be another brand per problems with that particular model phone, I didn't want to deal with again(per reviews everywhere found) ok, so a new phone is being shipped, and says so in chat. Then I get emails saying Verizon r billing me for that "free" phone and I get those emails daily, they will cancel that phone if I do not pay. Then I chat again and am told to ignore, it is only computer generated, per on chat. Then the phone is canceled. Then I call and am told someone didn't follow thru and they "fixed" the issue, it is being shipped. No phone comes days later, and no email notices, so I call again. I am transfered to a supervisor, who says she approved it the right way and is being shipped. During those calls (2 of them) I am disconnected, and before that happened, I am promised they will call me back if that happens at the number I gave them. Never got any call backs, and had to start all over again. No phone coming again. So I go on chat. I am told they made an adjustment, and phone is now shipped. No phone coming again. Go on chat again and am now told I am not getting any phone replacement period, and that I should screen shot all those chat pages to her proving I am to get a new phone. I say you have copies of that chat, and everyone else there has read them, so can you. She gets nastier and sarcastic, so I tell her she is giving me a hard time, I do not want to argue and goodbye. Back on the phone I get transfered to a supervisor who tells me her name is Gracen and spelled it to me that way. Gives me a big speech on how her name will not be black marked and will make sure finally I get the phone and she approved the shipment. No phone, no email confirmations again. So I chat again and get someone who tells me the phone has been shipped. Then later that day I call verizon to ask about how I do some transfers on the phone, and I tell her I want to be ready for when the phone comes to know what to do. She says I will tell you when you should get it, she tells me it was never shipped. Nor approved again. What is going on there? I bought a cover and screen protector from another place for a phone I am not getting. After checking all of my documentation, I find I have over 5 1/3 hours into chats and phone calls. We are done with verizon and their exceptionally poor customer service. I think you should also know I will be turning all documentations to consumer protection and the better business bureau and any other places they advise me to go to to file complaints.
(This is the letter I wrote to them, and they only got nasty back)

So here, I know most of my reviews are extraordinary,...
So here, I know most of my reviews are extraordinary, about extraordinary companies that I want to be recognized and used by others. We all benefit from fantastic companies but aren't sure how well our money is spent until we spend it.
NOW... I want to leave a review that is not at all pleasant. Even the name Verizon brings up many peoples hackles, and no wonder, when there is so MUCH lying, cheating and plain dangerous to the human acts Verizon commit. I had the displeasure and now painful memories of dealing with Verizon twice. Both times ended up in a true nightmare that is still effecting my economics 4 years later. Verizon is so inept at training their employees. Seems the only training the employees get or at least remember to carry out, is to cheat and lie about EVERYTHING and NEVER record it when someone cancels their account due to moving to a country that does not offer Verizon. This happened to me even after confirming and reconfirming with additional agent that the account was in fact truly canceled and recorded appropriately within the Verizon systems computers. To add coals to the fire, Verizon sent the account to collections without notifying me and refused do anything about it after I discovered this blatant error on Verizons part. They claimed they could not do anything to recall the collections account even though they admitted and verbally apologized for their error in not closing the account when requested. Verizon was able to see the cancellation request was not processed correctly. I am anxious to stop writing this, even though I can warn others better if I go on. Problem is it makes my stomach literally turn to recall all the REAL PAIN Verizon has put me through in spite of my detailed efforts to try to prevent the scenario I feared. Verizon can and will continue to make many people miserable with their evident GREED.

Is in house service at any Verizon location.
The is OK is is OK and the 1 800 number for service and support is pretty good in house service is an absolute rip off. Unfortunately in my area I am blocked walled cornered in by people by people milking the dollars because we can't get service otherwise. I'm in an area where Verizon gets the best signal. Yet at my home address spectrum 4 millis from formally Time Warner Cable runs the entire gauntlet in my area.
So I paid the price of the same price that everybody pays for phone but then I have to pay an exponentially high price to get Wi-Fi to even use the Verizon service his service so Verizon and spectrum have me in their pocket each at $80 minimum per month turning a $160 we're not talking cable we're talking all of this just so I can use my Verizon at home With both companies diplomatic my pocket. Any time I have gone into a Verizon location though I've been with them for umpteen years nobody at the Verizon location gives a crap about you Verizon are their commission based hungry sharks looking to upsail in hes looking to upsell you and if you're looking like your cheap will sell you outdated products that were programmed in sigon and you can't even get a phone that does talk to text properly without distorting every message or typo in over it after you hand wrote it. You're right out there.The vultures are circling. I lost a few business clients because of the constant typo and that's why I hand entered it and then the phone changes it don't ever go with the Verizon A50I got duped into that I was working out of state my phone screen cracked and I was told they would assess the phone in Tech Support to see if it would be OK or if I needed to go to a different system to do my job I was out of state I was vulnerable and the girl capitalized on me. Feeding her commission based approach never took the phone to phone support said your phone's not working... Do you want a phone or not this is the phone I can put you into in your price range. I wanted to pay outright for the phone to get the discount she said that's no longer available I said well this isn't the phone I would choose so the girl that assessed me upon the entry of the stair 20 minutes ago 20 minutes ago told me that it would be sent to text support. To assess if it was simply a malfunction of the cracked screen and if I was OK to continue before I was forced a new phone. She never sent it through Tech Support turns out the phone was just fine it was the S7 yes we're backing up a bit but in that sense that I've been paying for the a 50 Verizon phone which is an absolute rip off to mankind an insult to injury for somebody trusting Verizon support in a walk in location and a vulnerable business situation situation I would fire Verizon tomorrow and yet I still have to couple more payments left on this stupid phone you're the stupid phone that I would never even feel comfortable handing down to a homeless person I would drop kicked in Lake George before I would hand this toxic phone And it's Is toxic service tservice that I've been provided for 3 and a 1/2 years by this stupid piece of crap phone that I overpaid for that this Verizon leverizon location service person totally not orientated to serve as but her own greedy commission based thoughts screwed me with that again I couldn't save money buying on outright that they put on my plan which of course won't your plan is charged even a dollar more are the taxes Jackie rub that you end up paying so much more for a phone than you should even though it looks like convenience and it would be maybe. I had all my belongings stolen many many years ago when I was leaving the state. Is some hungry commission based Verizon girl sold me this old dog outmolded not even could you pay somebody to take it and I told her if I'm gonna spend this kind of money on a tablet I want something high Tech just coming out into the universe and she duped me...
I sent my friend Anne who was due for a new phone with all of these new upgrades hes in a different state he save my life I pay for his phone yeah I'll he had to do his cheese a or B for one of the 2 phones that was high Tech and then the girl girl duped him for every freaking package that she could do he should have simply been able to walk in there and get his new phone and his contacts and everything transferred for a simple time exchange to make it convenient for him. He walked out with a bill for $369 cause I stepped away though I told the girl exactly what I wanted for him and she still screwed him bastronome bottom her little thick eyelashes in her big tits and wanted to suck him in for commission I am so disappointed with every Verizon location for every kind of service for existing customers that if I didn't have to have them because I'm cornered in black walled for the moment until another company wakes up and competes with their cornerstone I would fire them tomorrow

Verizon sucks

Went online Friday, June 26th around 140p. Got really excited to get a new phone since I haven't upgraded with Verizon in over 3 years. Honestly, because my bill is way too high for what it's worth. Plus, Verizon is just not great with customer service. S0 LET ME TELL YOU that is an understatement. Ordered the phone online, worst experience ever since the page kept refreshing and losing all the information that I had entered. Got to the checkout and couldn't even click on the box to accept terms and conditions. So, I had to open another web browser to login only to find that everything I had saved on the order was missing. Even more annoying once I completed the order, I checked the app on my phone and it still showed I added a phone in my cart that wasn't completed. SO, the website and the app DONOT link up and takes about a day or two. SUPER confusing. I decided to do in store pick up for my order. BIG BIG mistake. I chose this option so I could get it the SAME DAY or at least by Saturday. So, Verizon send you an email saying "do not just run to the store right away!" OHHH how I regret that. Checked my email & app almost every hour seeing when the phone "will be ready" which by the wa, makes no sense! How hard is it to bring a box out to the front of the store? NEVER did I EVER get a notification that the email stated "when its ready!". So, on Monday around 11am, I called to see what the $#*! was going on, and the agent on the phone named Jennifer, said when an order has been passed the three-day mark, it automatically switches to delivery. So, I confirmed my address with her and expected the phone on Wednesday. All good. THEN on Tuesday Morning I checked my app again to see the new status of my order, only to see the order has been CANCELLED. Are we having fun yet?
Called AGAIN! And they lady said I will have to transfer you to sales to REORDER the phone. At this point I'm very frustrated. I then speak to someone how seems to know that they are talking about. She said that orders switching to "delivery" is NOT A THING. Literally the girl said "she made that up." So she reorders my phone, ensures that I will get this phone OVERNIGHTED. DID I SAY OVERNIGHTED? By 8pm on Wednesday. But the catch was I have to be home ALL DAY to sign for it. So, I stressed ALL day checking the UPS tracking order to make sure I was home. Even LEFT WORK for about an hour to be home to catch the UPS guy. Got off work, checked my phone only to see that the order will not arrive until THURSDAY! YAY! SO that means I have wait around yet another day to see when this stupid phone will show up JUST to sign a piece of paper. I call UPS to see why they are delivering my shipment a day late. UPS tells me that it's because VERIZON didn't send my order until 5PM! Meaning there is no way it would make overnight! Then I call Verizon very upset, (obviously) and to ice this awesome cake I got HUNGUP on! Called AGAIN! And still no help whatsoever. Worst experience I have had and WILL have. If you are even thinking about using Verizon, just DON'T.

Worst Customer Service in my 65 Years
Verizon Wireless has probably what I would consider the worst customer service I have ever encountered. After using them for our wireless service for many years we decided that with Covid-19 and staying home using our wifi, we decided to cancel our account and switch to another provider who offered a far less expensive plan using less data. We cancelled our Verizon account and were assured by Verizon customer service that our account was cancelled. Then promptly we continued to receive bills from Verizon for a service that we had cancelled and no longer used. After several calls to customer service we were assured that our account had been cancelled and the bills we had received would be reversed. After this we continued to be notified by Verizon for new billing cycles and when we tried to contact them we could not reach them as we had no account there and could not receive service if we had no account. In no instance were we contacted by Verizon to correct this situation. Finally, after 5 months subsequent to cancelling our account we received a notice from Verizon that our account was delinquent and we were turned over to a collection agency, who contacted us. We explained the situation to them and were assured the charges would be reversed and the bills would stop coming. Then we received a credit report that showed delinquent payments and a reduction of our credit score from 829 to 699. Accordingly, we contacted the 3 credit reporting agencies to dispute the delinquent score and also contacted Verizon, who said Verizon "did their due diligence to correct the wrongful billing" but they made no attempt to rescind the incorrect credit score issue. We have never had this situation in over 35 years of making payments on services and had almost a perfect credit score that reflects our constant diligence in making on time payments. Now we are being wrongly accused of not making payments on a service that we had cancelled months before. Verizon has to be the most inept, incompetent, uncommunicative, uncaring company with whom we have dealt, worse even than cable companies. I would avoid using them at all costs. I only wish I could give them zero stars.

Never again will I order a phone from Verizon
It was a great opportunity for me to own a Samsung S9 the Verizon promotions department said. I was really happy with my S7. It was a trade in your old phone and receive 200.00 off. So I bit, I explained to them I was going to trade in my S5 and would that still be elgible and was told yes. I bit paid the sales tax right away and a day or two later I started the trade in process. I found out Verizon would only give me 30.00 for the phone. I called Verizon to make sure we were still on the same page and they mentioned their were no notes concerning my arrangement for the S5 tradein and that's was all I would get. I said cancel my order right now, it was a weekend and they had not processed the order yet. He said hold on I will talk to my supervisor, when he came back he said we will make up the difference of 170.00 and credit your account right now if you will go through with this. I agreed. Four days later I received my phone, when I checked to see if my account had been credited it had not been. I called again and again they said that they had no record of the conversation and said supervisors can not make deals like that. However the service person said she would check with her supervisor and see if he had any ideas. He said the best he could do is give me an extra 30.00 for my S5 when it arrived. That was it I said I am done, I will send the phone back, I came to find out that your 14 days starts from the day you placed the order. It had taken 7 days to get the phone from my order date and it would take 3 days to get back, what a deal, I had to rush out while I was on vacation and find a post office to mail it back. We at this point still have not finished the process, but I will never again order a phone from Verizon, I am at this point not even sure I want to remain there customer. I will buy my phones third party in the future. Three times in a row I received promises from them that they denied they gave or could give. So in conclusion my trust in at least there sales department is gone.

Horrible customer service
I have verizon fios, which works pretty well unless something goes wrong. In this case i moved and had my services transferred to my new address. The technician installed one, ONE phone jack and yet entered he installed 3 on his work order. Now who needs 3 phone jacks? Not a word was said during installtion which was supposed to be free. Imagine my shock when i received my first bill! I was being charged $180 for 3 phone jacks. I immediately went online to ver in billing of course. Izon contact o chat, since i have a hearing disability on the phone. After a frustrating 45 minutes of being told at 5:30 a.m. all "agent are busy try later", i finally got someone on billing of course. He said you had 3 jacks installed and blew me off, disconnect. I then spent 20 more minutes trying to get another agent on chat. This time it was tech support, go figure. This person kept me on hold for over 2 hours while "checking" with the "away team" after 2 and one half fruitless hours i was told, "oh that tech is off today and unreachable". Smh. I asked for a supervisor, and was put on hold again for over 20 minutes to be told "call back tomorrow after we talk to the technician"! Are you kidding me? I am the customer i know what was installed and not installed. Its easy enough for tech support to send a signal to the jack and see there is only one. But i got "sorry, too bad, call tomorrow. Nothing we can do". Needless to say i did not call b or chat back. I filed a complaint with the FCC for fraudulent charges. Verizon customer support is horrible, you either wait forever to get someone or Verizon claim they cannot do anything. Wasted 4 hours with incompetents.

I have several stories about Verizon to add to Site...
I have several stories about Verizon to add to Site Jabber. I used to have Sprint and Verizon had good service BUT... My girlfriend talked me into switching to Verizon. Six years ago. Well sorry to say after I filled the two year contract my phone would no longer hold a charge. Eighteen months into the contract I called customer service and told them my phone would no longer hold a charge. They told me that I was due for an upgrade. They sent me a phone that I never picked out. They sent the wrong phone. I ordered a small flip phone that was like the LG phone I already had. Unfortunately They sent a Motorola Razor. I sent it back after calling customer service. I advised them that I still had no phone and was due a free upgrade after being a customer for eighteen months. They never sent a new phone. After three years of still staying with them fighting to get my phone to hold a charge. The only way I could use the LG phone was to keep it plugged into the charger while using it. I explained this to the representative and she told me the only way they would send another phone is for me to take out another two year contract. I ask the rep why should I have to do this when you have owed me a phone since before my two years ran out on the first contract? Then I ask her if it would make sense for me to stay a Verizon customer for three years and then when you send a new phone for me to leave? What good would that do? They refused to ever replace the phone. I made them do an adjustment on my bill because of all the months I paid for a phone that would not hold a charge. I switched to AT&T after that. I have been with them since. My second complaint with the wireless service. I ordered a wireless modem from them a few months ago. When I signed up for the service the rep told me that there was no problem in billing the service to me not to my cousins address and name. I explained that he has nothing to do with the wireless service, even though he has a land line with you. I want the bill to come in my name with the address I provide today. She said no problem. Well I waited for over a month my Verizon internet bill to come. Guess what it never did. When my cousins bill came it was bundled with his. This made him very upset because he agreed to let me have the service at his address as long as I paid for it. Also that he would have no charges for it on his bill. When I called Verizon three reps hung up on me when I tried to explain what was going on they could not find any order for internet service at this address. As a matter of fact she was looking at someone else's bill completely, telling me I owed $178.00. I asked her if she lost her mind. I told her I just got the service turned 1 month ago. She began arguing with me. I asked for a Supervisor and she dropped the call. I called back again and the next rep told me the only way to fix the mistake in billing. Was to stop my service and start all over. I asked her why she could not just separate the bill without interruption of my service? I then asked her why I should have to be without service for a week because there rep made a mistake in billing? How was that fair to me? Then she said she was sorry but that is all she could do. I Then requested a supervisor again. She transferred me to an escalations specialist which placed an e-mail for a supervisor to call me back. A few days later a supervisor called me and straightened it all out. I did get a new bill in my name only about 10 after the call. It was corrected and they even gave me a credit for the mistake. I think the resolution was good but trying to get one took me several days of calls and a lot of stress. The reps not being on the same page is big problem. Also there lack of concern for customer problems along with the lack of knowledge for account information. I expressed all of this to the supervisor who did follow up to fix this. I am not a big Verizon fan at all. Thanks to not giving up I did find a few at Verizon that did care. But what a battle. As far as the cell service? I say this can you hear me now? NO I can't. You are better off with 2 Styrofoam cups and a piece of yarn. The reception would be better than Verizon

Unbelievable bad representatives at Verizon, Ocala store
I was basically accused of theft! This is incredible. On the 20 th of September I went in to this store to simply exchange a charging cable for my "Verizon" Elliptical tablet which I purchased from Verizon. I was met at the door by BRIAN, (Mr. Personality)! What a $#*! face he wore, so anyways I explained my problem and that the cable wasn't charging my tablet. After 15 minutes of waiting I asked him "what was taking so long to exchange a cable?", So he mumbled back "just be patient".! I said what? And he didn't answer. And then it began. So, Mr. Personality and I exchanged some words and then he calls his "General Manager" JIM (Chizzle Chest). So, JIM walks over all pumped up, chest all out, like he was expecting me to be intimidated or "something". Ha I've seen woman with bigger biceps and chests in my "Special Ops Group,". This JIM was a real piece of work. So after 3 minutes of torture trying to listen to his sorry ass explanation he basically said, "it's taking so long because we can't find when you purchased the charger" and I'm not saying you stole it but"...! I'm thinking is this guy (JIM) trying to insinuate that "I stole this cheap ass charging piece of wire worth about $5.00? I just about had it at that point and left. End of story... Hey, Chizzle Chest I'm on Facebook find me, my address and information is available. If you even think for one second that I am intimidated by you or Mr. Personality you are highly misguided. I'm a military veteran, who served this great country and community for 23 years in a uniform. I'm a black and brown in Aikido, $#*!o Ryu and Enshin karate. I could take you and Brian (Mr. Personality) both together in your store even at my age of 59! Never underestimate one's silver colored hair for being old and out if shape my dear boy. See you soon, hopefully.

Verizon long time customer,

Got cheated
Actually giving one star as there is no less. Feeling really bad even as I have been a Verizon customer for almost 3 years previously and currently a Verizon customer as well since 2 months.

First I have to say currently once I rejoined, Verizon basically cheated me. I am paying almost 50$ for a 4G LTE whereas I am only getting only 3G, and seriously, I didn't even get a 4G LTE even once since I joined two months back, just check your database or anywhere you can check if you don't believe me and just show me once it shows you my phone getting 4G LTE, also couldn't retrieve the 150$ rebate that you get When you join back Verizon again cause it won't let me log in to my Verizon because it had wrong email and address and even after calling the customer care, Verizon just passed it to tech and tech also couldn't correct and I am being cheated for two months and even lost my rebate due to Verizon's incompetence, and do you really expect me to pay for your incompetence every time with that much time me explaining the issue again and again continuously. However since I finally am on my soapbox, so let me vent and narrate what exactly is going on.

So I took Verizon in 2015 first and continued till 2018. The plan I had was a 4G LTE one and had 4-5 persons and I was the account owner. In 2018, I made another person from that group the account owner and left Verizon. Then in September 2019, I joined back to Verizon in the same group, and in the store itself, I said why it is saying 3G whereas I bought a 4G LTE plan, the group also was having 4G LTE only anyways. The lady said it might just be taking time, wait couple of mins else call customer care. I also asked the lady about the rebate she handed me of 150$ and she said to just login to myVerizon and do it quickly.

I came back, had to fly to Louisville and then checked and it was still 3G then thought let's at least login and claim my rebate for 150$, learnt that I couldn't even login to myVerizon as every time I was doing forgot password it was mentioning that your email in file is incorrect and when I saw, it was the account owner's old email which he also wasn't using, not sure how that connected because no, my email was correct till I left, and how your application or software works and any bugs is not my responsibility. Then I called the Verizon customer care, the agent asked me all sort of details, asked for the account pin which the account owner was supposed to have, I got him in the call, everything sorted out, agent said I would correct it, can you confirm the mailing address. I said mine and seemed even that was my account owner's old address, as we figured even this would have gotten swapped some wrong way but seriously, figuring out your software bug, how is it my responsibility? And then the agent said that login cannot reset password until mailing address is correct and address cannot be corrected unless I can log in, I mean what kind of idiotic logic is that? And she said I will try to reset and let's see if you can log in and still the same issue, then she said she would pass this over to the tech guy.

Now the tech guy was much worse. He said let's do one thing, let's reset the entire phone like wipe clean, I was like are you kidding? I can do a network reset may be, but I have lot of data, cannot just wipe my phone entirely, he is like but if you just joined Verizon then the device is new, I said no, I took it through Verizon only, but since I first joined so not new, I just joined back to Verizon. He said okay then let's do a network reset and then restart your phone and I will call you back after a minute of restart once I check. Did it, didn't work, neither did he ever call thought he took the contact number already. The whole process took around 2.5-3 hours, and at the end, no result. Now I had to leave for work, I mean if that much incompetence from the first agent and rudeness from the tech guy, and from Verizon, I never expected.

I came back home to TURLOCK, CA. Figured another issue, it didn't even have any network at or around my place, and I live in the middle of the city in oak parks right beside Walmart, so now I have work only in office even though I have the flexibility to work from home cause I do require my phone and at home, it doesn't even have 1 tower. I mean even networks like h2o has their best network in such places where I live and this is Verizon, any other place like my work and anywhere else I have 3G and paying 50$ for 4G LTE that I hope may be will glance once in my lifetime as since two months haven't for sure, this really is cheating and Verizon, you have screwed up the worst, never expected from you for sure. And when I called customer care again they were asking me to go outside at midnight alone so they can hear me properly, I drove to the highway where I found, and after speaking for 10 mins, they asked for the same thing and called up a tech guy and said no one is available, I mean come on am I providing the customer service or may be supposed to here. They asked me to call again later, so what? I am supposed to stay on the highway for another hour or call and go over your competence when I am at work by wasting my work time. Seriously, please do better else at least don't cheat, I am sure begging is better than cheating and taking money for 4G LTE while providing 3G all over US and almost no network at my home which is at the center most place in city, no reason for this at all. And such worst customer service, you not being able to figure out your tech problem due to which something is messed up is your problem not mine else hire me, lol. Okay, done venting and off my soapbox.

The latest Scam from Verizon
I recently went online to see my bill. To my surprise, it was magically higher than normal. Called them, got left on hold waiting to speak to customer service for about 45 minutes, and fortunately got a gal that was helpful. Turns out, Verizon changed my plan from 55+ Loyalty with unlimited everything to some 5G plan for about another $20/month WITHOUT my knowledge or my consent, and I don't have a 5G phone. Needless to say, I hit the roof! She left me on hold for several minutes, came back, and told me she has to submit a form to see if I could be put back on my original plan. SUBMIT A FORM?!?!? She gave me a credit for the difference and created a Payment Arrangement for next Thursday, 2/24. Several days later, I got a text telling me I was approved to be back on my old plan. Yesterday, Saturday, I tried to send a text and got an error saying the recipient number was not recognized, while I was still able to make and receive calls. I right away called customer service to find out what was going on. I got the usual automated HI DONALD greeting, then railroaded to Financial Services (why can't Verizon just call it COLLECTIONS and tell it like it is) being told my service was suspended for non-payment, and on a weekend no less! What would a Number not recognized error have to do with service being supposedly suspended? Got an agent in the Philippines that could actually speak and understand proper English, what a rarity that is, right? She was able to restore the Payment Arrangement I previously made for the 24th that mysteriously disappeared, but there'd be a $10 fee. I told her that's not acceptable considering all I'd been through and that I've been a loyal Verizon Wireless customer for 20 years. She put me on hold, came back, and said it was OK for the arrangement for the 24th while not charging me the $10 and completely restoring my service.

The only reason I've kept Verizon is that their technology remains the best out there. The overall greed and attempts to screw the public over by this company are out of control. Furthermore, I resent being pushed pushed pushed into automated systems every time I call. Unfortunately, AT&T and T-Mobile aren't any better these days. AT&T's coverage and overall service are rated bottom of the barrel by Consumer Reports, and T-Mobile still has too many holes in their service despite their advertising to the contrary. Damned if we do, damned if we don't

Verizon had me put in jail unjustly!
A Grievance against
Verizon Wireless

Alphonzo Kellin *******591
Affordable Odd Jobs & Removal
Verizon Business account #*******0001
(account pin #64030)
7813 E. 117th Ter
Kansas City, Missouri 64134
Grievance vs.
Verizon Wireless
P. O. Box 408
Newark, NJ 07101

No business man should ever have to go through what I went through in business with Verizon Wireless.
It is a hard thing for me to agree that the behavior of a select few is not reflective of the ideology of Verizon as a whole. How would you feel if you were thrown in jail for 103 days for something you were not guilty of by a company you were in business with?
This is exactly what happened to me at the hand of Verizon Wireless.
This betrayal has my family and I puzzled because when I originally signed my business account contract, I was assured by Verizon staff that business account holders were the company's top priority. Verizon's policy credo is laced with integrity of the highest degree. I actually believed that up until I sat half naked in a cold jail cell over lies and false insinuations that made it obvious my prosecution was a retaliatory attempt by Verizon to prematurely force money out of my business for their services. To show me their business as a whole was superior, and that this is what happens to those who dare speak out about their black business bias service practices.
Against me, there arose a pattern of contempt from Verizon over my being a black business owner lawfully utilizing too quickly the enormous credit line Verizon afforded me for some reason, and in hindsight, at some point it became clear Verizon no longer wanted to be in business with me anymore but that they were unwilling to part ways without being paid in full. So under the guise of fraudulent activity, they flagged my business account in order to establish justification for my mistreatment at the store level--for which I endured boldly.
This racial profiling has to cease.
Somewhere amongst the ranks, equity training needs to be implemented throughout in order for Verizon employees to better understand that not every black man previously convicted of a crime years ago, is up to no good in this life. My race, and Verizon's desire to get paid immediately for services rendered, appear to be the obvious primary driving force as to why I was singled out on two separate occasions to be ultimately denied service for nearly three hours within two of its Kansas Verizon stores. The first occasion ended in a racial discrimination complaint of mine kindly escalated to your higher-ups on April 3,2019 by an over-the-phone Verizon employee who overheard the manager's words of contempt towards me. The second occasion ended with my arrest for a crime I did not do. Both times I was refused servicereminiscent of a time in America where blacks, by virtue of their skin color, were readily refused service at local businesses throughout the 1950's and 1960's era. I would never have believed such a thing was possible here in 2019 had it not happened to me; and by a company portrayed in television commercials as trustworthy and reliable.
The hate I experienced from those within this company was devastating to say the least. My legitimate excavation business contracts grossing me well over $4200--paid on the 26th of every month for the next upcoming month of work, have dissipated because of Verizon's actions. Clients lost trust in me behind this after I gave them assurances I would remain free to complete their work. My business account with Sprint failed because I was in jail for nearly four months fighting for my freedom the result of the Verizon prosecution against me. I defaulted on loan payments, I lost my vehicle that was seized stemming from my arrest, I lost cash, I lost phone devices, I lost property in general, I missed critical doctors appointments April 29,2019, and May 23,2019, for a foot injury I sustained after an UBER accident March 9,2019, meaning, I was forced to endure pain for months because adequate medical care was not available to me in jail like it would be had I remained free. Try being prescribed two 500 milligram tablets of Naproxen daily and see how your kidneys fair after so long? Verizon crippled my life to the point I have been unable to pay any debts to anyone until I can get my life back on track financially.
Verizon ruined my life.
Therefore; now that I possess supporting documents, I hold Verizon Wireless responsible as a whole for the actions of their employees who acted within the scope of their employment when they conspired behind closed doors that day to get me arrested and jailed for felony Theft by Deception without any probable cause to believe so as I innocently awaited the lawful purchase of an iPhone 8 I had previously been approved for that they led me to believe I was waiting for them to bring out to me. Their actions were maliciously done in the furtherance of Verizon's interests, thinking that payment to Verizon will certainly follow a successful criminal prosecution. Yet despite this being a groundless, baseless criminal claim, Verizon pushed because they were bigger than me, mounting numerous witnesses against me--the real victim, even though Verizon was listed as the victim throughout the criminal complaint and police reports. Verizon was indeed a very active participant in a failed felony prosecution against me.
As you will read in the attached police reports, Verizon initiated this entire matter with a call to the police wherein they told dispatchers a bold face lie that stated I was engaged in a "forgery in progress" the day I was arrested even though they knew full well I was in store waiting on them to make a lawful purchase of a device on a personal account. Racially insensitive claims were made during the call to police by Verizon employees doing their very best to encourage the cops to arrest me, labeling me a "suspect" who had "hit" multiple stores and that I was a returning "suspect from the past" there attempting to steal from Verizon once again. Verizon did not hesitate to include my physical description as a black male in the same call to police with the word "suspect" either, knowing full well the increased possibility of hostility such a phrase instills on a predominantly white Johnson County, Kansas Police force.
Funny how a black business man making lawful purchases at several stores, is portrayed to police as having "hit" multiple stores like I had robbed someone in Verizon at gunpoint or burglarized the place? Funny how a black business man making a lawful purchase of an iPhone 8, is portrayed to police by Verizon that I am engaged in an unfounded, baseless "forgery in progress" claim? There is no question my race had everything to do with this matter, and that I was not viewed as a human being deserving of dignity and respect in business with this company. My time spent in jail fighting the Goliath that is Verizon Wireless, was a hard thing to endure for 103 days knowing full well I broke no laws to get there. And by God's great grace, the prosecutor was able to see this matter for what it really was and dismissed the case herself for lack of probable cause.
There were several daggers in the criminal prosecution that made this matter suspect from the start. For one, there was not so much as a hint of deception here since all my purchases were made lawfully. For two, Verizon's unfounded belief that I was likely not going to pay my bill, was insincere amiss the fact that the devices I purchased March 26,2019, for which I was being prosecuted for, were only in my possession less than a month on the day I was arrested April 25,2019. Meaning, no prophet could predict at that point in time I was never going to pay my bill when the account in question hadn't even been open a full month yet. No business in America could be justified in an assumption a business client was never going to pay their bill when the client has not atleast been afforded a month to pay. The irony of my arrest within the Verizon store April 25,2019, is that had Verizon simply put aside their unjustified skepticism and waited one more day on the 26th, I would have gotten paid for my next excavation job, and paid my Verizon bill from those proceeds (see enclosed pay stubs found in my car by police after I was arrested). But because I was ironically arrested a day before, I never saw that next $4200 payday.
Verizon jumped the gun.
Now, I'm holding Verizon fully accountable for their intrusion, and decimation of my life. In that, despite this Malicious Prosecution, I still dare to believe Verizon has the heart to make this right and settle this grievance promptly after acknowledgment of their shortcomings dealing with me. Not every employee of Verizon is racially bias against black business owners, so I, with confidence, put to task someone in the higher-ups reading this grievance, to do everything in their power to straighten this matter out to the highest degree of customer service imaginable! Everyone thinks I'm selling myself short by grieving this matter under the belief Verizon may still have enough integrity to say, "we are sorry we used legal process unjustly to break our business relationship with you and that you suffered great loss as a result." Followed up with the $2.7 million dollar settlement gift I am requesting.
After doing the math on the amount of time spent behind bars for a crime I did not commit--and by the Goliath company responsible for sending me there, economic losses, and the downright racial contempt no man should ever be exposed to from a wireless company in 2019 or beyond, we feel a $2,700,000 settlement is more than appropriate--with the inclusion of a promise to implement equity training concerning business clients of different races some in Verizon may be tempted to consider a "suspect" by virtue of their ethnicity.
Verizon is guilty of:
Malicious Prosecution (predicated by retaliation and racial discrimination)
Civil Conspiracy
Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
In the state of Kansas, there are five elements needed to be proven to prevail on a tort of Malicious Prosecution:
Verizon initiated, continued, or procured the proceeding of which complaint is made. (Verizon called the police, actively complained of a crime, made statements, and mounted witnesses and documents).
Verizon in doing so acted without probable cause. (Verizon knew there was no deception whatsoever, and that all my purchases of their devices was done lawfully. Verizon also knew that with the device account in question being less than a month old, no reasonable assumption that I was not going to pay my bill, was justified. It was too soon to make such a determination).
Verizon acted with malice. (Knowing full well no probable cause existed I had committed a crime at all, Verizon employees, motivated by my black race, conspired behind closed doors inside the store, lied to police and had me arrested anyhow. Verizon had me arrested in retaliation for my complaints of racial bias after being refused service in one of their stores. Verizon also had me arrested because they sought to sever our business contract right away under the guise of fraudulent activity, prompting immediate payment they knew they could easily secure via a crime victim's compensation following a successful criminal prosecution).
The proceedings terminated in favor of Alphonzo. (The prosecutor dismissed the case for lack of probable cause).
Alphonzo sustained damages. (I lost everything due to 103 days of incarceration at the behest of Verizon).

On March 25,2019, I, Alphonzo Kellin, opened Verizon Business account #*******901 (pin # 64030) under business name: Affordable Odd Jobs and Removal, 14003 Dunham, Grandview, Missouri 64030, tax id #90-1031992. That day I was approved for a $7500 credit line plus at least ten lines of service without the need to pay taxes up front for devices. So I purchased one 11inch iPad pro and four iPhone XR. A total of five devices plus accessories.
On March 26,2019, I, on my business account, lawfully purchased two iPad 6gen tablets and four iPhone XR plus accessories. A total of six devices.
At sundry times between March 26,2019 and April 25,2019, I lawfully made purchases on my business account at various local Verizon stores (mostly accessories).
On April 3,2019, while attempting to make another accessories purchase on my existing Verizon business account, I was ultimately denied service for three hours while a female manager badgered me on my race as a black business owner. Her skepticism that such a person existed prevented her from affording me the right to make a purchase even though I had successfully been refunded a credit to my business account after just returning a few accessories with her. When I called over another in-store Verizon rep to help, the female manager in question would not allow her co-worker to assist me. So because of this, I reached out to an over-the-phone Verizon rep while I was being badgered and the rep over the phone hearing the way I was being talked to, escalated the matter on my behalf.
Because of my filed racial discrimination complaint, a Verizon representative (they sikked a black man on me) reached out to me by phone and allowed me to air out my problem more clearly. Days later, I received an email from Verizon at: ******* stating that the matter was resolved.
On April 25,2019, I returned to the Verizon store located at 11868 W. 95th Street, Overland Park, Kansas, to purchase an iPhone 8 at full retail price for my nephew, when I was intentionally stalled by the Verizon employee helping me with the buy named, Dominic Foreman, who is black. Behind closed doors, a "meeting of the minds" took place between Dominic Foreman and assistant manager, Maria Rodriguez, since it is obvious Dominic had to concur with his superior first before the police could be called. Unbeknownst to me, they affirmatively decided that they would do everything in their power to encourage the police to arrest me for lawful purchases made in their store on March 26,2019 and beyond.
I served 103 days behind bars until the prosecutor dismissed the case herself. I was released August 6,2019 with only. 38 cents to my name.

Bottom Feeder
I have been a dedicated Verizon customer for over 17 years, I have 5 business cell phones with them (Verizon Wireless) and two office landlines since 1997, I changed to Fios and did a bundle service for internet, cable, phone (still have wireless account) I have been a bullishly loyal customer, telling all those solicitors that want my business and will charge less " no, I love Verizon and I will not change". I have paid Verizon tens of thousands of dollars - keep in mind when I started with Verizon, long distance calls were itemized and charged. I am moving to Florida and Verizon does not service where I am going, this is not my fault. I called to cancel services and low and behold, if you read page 4 of your bill, which no one does, it informs you you are automatically reenrolled under contract for 2 years, Verizon do not tell you this on the phone and they assume you know this, nor do they inform you Verizon is regional and does not provide services through out the USA. I was very clear when I ordered voice over IP asking if I can use this anywhere in the USA and was told I could. I am now told by Derrek, the supervisor out of the Pittsburg office, tough luck. I have to pay until 12/2022, yes you got that right 12/22 not 12/21, my contract "renewed 12/2020!. So Verizon loves their customers until they have to move on, not by choice, then they give you the bird with the attitude " you mean nothing to us now, former loyal customer" all for another $1800. 00, seriously? This is how you treat a long term client? Not a 2 year customer but a client since 1997? 24 years of faithfulness? SHAME ON YOU VERIZON! How much have I paid you over the years? 50K? 60K?

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