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Watch out, these folks are game players! I have now escalated dispute to a claim.
(Correction: I cannot access the bottom of this update post to insert this addendum, but note that FCC should be FTC. The address for filing consumer complains is FTC.GOV. Note, too, that Skinstore was, in their correspondence, trying to get me to close my dispute on PayPal, which would leave me with no leverage against the company. It's a chess game move: we will do nothing to help you until you close the dispute, and when you do that you will have no way to force us to h3lp you. Checkmate.)

This is so ridiculous it's almost funny. After Fed Ex determined that my shipment was lost, Skinstore continued to say SkinStore needed to do an "investigation" and "look into this further." Red flags everywhere! This is clearly a game for them.

I had filed a dispute earlier with PayPal, just to protect my rights, but all that means is that the merchant is put on notice and the charge is flagged. It's not a formal claim until the matter is escalated by the customer, and the customer can not escalate the dispute unless the merchant is unwilling to settle it without PayPal's intervention. I repeat: a dispute is not a claim until it is escalated. PayPal does not even review correspondence between a merchant and a customer unless the dispute is escalated. So, after being repeatedly put off by Skinstore in my off-PayPal exchanges (through email and Chat), I contacted them on PayPal, voicing my concerns. This is an excerpt from their reply:

"We are so sorry about this! Unfortunately since we have received a PayPal claim we are unable to do anything regarding this order. Once the PayPal claim is cleared we will be able to provide a solution."

That is a bald faced lie! Nothing but another delaying tactic. I had not escalated the case at that point, so there was no "claim." Merchants cannot correspond with customers, on PayPal, after a dispute has been escalated. PayPal encourages merchants to work out disputes before that point. There is never any restriction on resolutions.

Needless to say, I have now escalated my PayPal dispute. I will be filing a consumer complaint with the FCC as well.

Not the REAL and bad business practices
I have been a REAL customer for years and years. I thought something was odd when I started getting emails every day or every other day with discount codes for whatever reason. I did try to use one and it kept telling me that the code was invalid. Then I was sent a code to get me to come back to them and when I used it I had $369 worth of product in my cart and the 25% coupon was only taking off $13. Needless to say I did not go through with the order. Also, I bought a TNS product which turned out to be the wrong one and SkinStore do not sent shipping labels anymore in their boxes. There is NOTHING in the box except your wrapped product and now things come from The Hut Group, which I researched to be in the United Kingdom. I have tried emailing them and they never answer back. I also bought a Vitamin C serum which I need to return because it makes any kind of primer or make-up pill up and rub off during the day. Do you think I will be able to? NO! There is nowhere to return items, they don't return emails, they are not on the Better Businees Bureau or Google or Yelp! I want to write a bad review for them on any site possible because they are FRAUDULENT and should not be allowed to do business. No one should be able to sell a product and not put in a return label or have any way of returning an item. NO ONE should be allowed to have a business where you can't get in touch with a customer service representative. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read the other comments on here and take heed and do not get caught in their trap. Who knows? Maybe their just trying to unload product before they go out of business themselves. They own tons of companies and have their hand in quite a few cookie jars. I am going to try to start posting reviews on their other companies so they can at least know that they're not dealing with an honest company. The SkinStore now is NOT the real Skinstore. Don't get duped! P.S. I purposely didn't even give them one star but I'm not allowed to make the post unless I do so they get one start because of the loophole of this site. They should get negative stars they are so bad!

Worst experience ever!
Worst experience ever! Basically SkinStore are taking 0 responsibility after they sent out your package. My package showed as delivered at 2/1/19 but I never received it. So I contacted customer service and fill a form stating I lost a package for them to investigate. After waited another 10 days they told me I need to contact USPS directly. They are not able to refund or replace because the tracking information saying it has already been delivered. Kidding me? I know tracking said delivered, but I never received it that the whole reason I'm contacting you for help! I told customer service it's not my responsibility for doing this and they told me it's not their responsibility either.
So the end of story is I spend over $50 and waited 2 weeks for nothing? What else can I say... SKINSTORE IS THE WORST. Help yourself and stay away!

Extremely Poor Service
I ordered cosmetics on June 6, received someone else's order 2 weeks later. I emailed the company using the e-mail address provided on my order confirmation receipt. This e-mail address is inactive. With some difficulty, I tracked down the company which is located in England, called The Hut Group. We exchanged e-mails back and forth, SkinStore wanted an order number which I quoted from my order confirmation. Received several e-mails from different agents over several days indicating it is the wrong order number. Then they wanted pictures of the items I received. I erroneously thought this would expedite the process. Wrong! I sent pictures of the wrong products and a copy of the packing slip that had the name of someone in Toronto and a copy of the e-mail they sent me with the order number. Another e-mail came, they did not receive the attachments. I resent using a different method and they received it. Then they wanted a quote on how much it would cost to return the items. I was not going to make 2 trips to the Post office, one for a quote and one to ship. I shipped the items back to somewhere in the USA and indicated by e-mail that I have shipped them based on their instructions and the cost of shipping. Four days ago I received an e-mail from the Hut Group indicating that they need a number to contact me so they can refund me. I e-mailed my phone number and still waiting for my refund! In the meantime, I ordered the products from Amazon and received them in 2 days. It's been almost 1 1/2 months I have ordered products from this company, no products received and I am out of pocket.

Update: On July 13th, I received a refund for the products I ordered. It is August 21 and I am still trying to get a refund from the company for the cost of shipping back the incorrect product. Lesson learned - do not purchase anything from this Company.
J. Koven

Update on Sep 11,2016. After countless numbers of phone calls, and requests on the Skin Store Web Contact Form, I have given up trying to get my refund of $17.51 for shipping back the incorrect items I received. Just keep the $17.51 Skin Store, it's no longer worth the hassle for me!

Horrible Since Purchase by The Hunt Group
I have been ordering from for well over 10 years. Customer service and attention to detail is horrible the past year or two. In my most recent order, over $700, there was one product line not eligible for the site-wide discount but I ordered anyway. Two days later I get an email telling me it was my "final chance to get 20% off" that specific product line. First of all, I never got any other email letting me know I had a first chance. I called customer service and told them about this and thought it would be fair to give me a credit on my order. My request was met with "we are not able to issue credits or price adjustments" after an order is placed. We are in the computer age people, many (most) stores do it. Figure it out! While I could not get upset with the woman at customer service (her employer's policy), I was frustrated. She checked with her manager and told me SkinStore could put a credit in my account in the amount of $145, representing the 20% off that product line. This was a week ago and not surprising, I am still waiting for the credit to appear in my online account. Will never, ever order from this site again!

I am not the only victim
I had a terrible experience with, wanted to write a review of their bad customer service on their website but couldn't find a relevant space there. I searched and found Trustpilot, and found many people like me, who have had bad experience with recently.
I made a purchase in early March. There were 8 items, including a generous gift with purchase. Very soon, I got a parcel from them, but there were only 3 very low-priced items sent to me. I was surprised, but on the website, SkinStore said those 5 items were being processed. So I waited.
A few weeks later, I got an email saying they cancelled the free-gift. To be honest, if there was not the gift, I would have chosen to buy the items on another website. How could they say they would give me one day, and cancel it another day? I contacted the CS and asked them to give me a gift of similar value, and also when they were shipping the rest of my order. They said they would try to find something in the warehouse and would give me a reply.
A few weeks passed, no-one answered. I contacted them again. The same person told me she would give me $5 (in replacement of the gift that they claimed to worth $309), and since I live in China (actually Hong Kong), they cannot send the rest of the order to me.
It was totally ridiculous. Why could they have sent me part of my order? And they don't even get the destination right! I have been placing orders from other US based website in February and March and have received them without problem. I think they are hopeless, and I asked for cancelling my order, and have the shipping fee refunded as well. They said since part of the order had been sent, they couldn't refund the shipping charge.
I didn't ask them to send me whatever were available first, they sent me a few low priced items, together with the shipping, I was actually paying much more than if I bought on other websites. Why should I choose There are many websites which provide free shipping. It's like they attract you with discount, generous free gift..., once set you in the trap, you suffer!
Even now, you are still order things with international shipping. Why don't they stop shipping internationally when they say COVID-19 stops them from sending everyone their order?

43 Days and Counting...
I placed an order 43 days ago with Skinstore. The estimated delivery shown on their website was 1/27 - 2/3. The issue was processed in two shipments, and I still have not received $78 of product. I raised this issue with customer service 11 days ago, and followed up again 6 days ago. Rebecca@ Skinstore said the issue was raised with their courier service team on 2/17. Since then, the only response I have received is "the issue has been raised and once we have a response we'll be in touch". In what world does it take 11 days to contact a courier to determine the shipping status and provide a customer update? Completely unacceptable. I have raised this dispute in PayPal. Despite overwhelmingly terrible reviews, I have hope that this company still wants their customers to be satisfied and will take this opportunity to work out this dispute amicably. Without a prompt refund this dispute will be escalated to a formal claim.

Return Policy Nightmare!
I will NEVER shop at SkinStore again. I would also NEVER recommend using SkinStore unless you are buying a product that you have used before. I spent a couple of hundred dollars on some new products from a brand that I was very familiar with and ended up with an allergic reaction. SkinStore will not issue a store credit or a refund for those two products (not asking for a total refund, keeping 3 of the 5 I ordered). Not only that, they took me through a very tedious communication process. A live chat and then a message thread (10+ messages) in which they requested photos of my skin reaction, batch info, etc. They asked more than once also, so they did not keep up with the info that I shared in the chat. They sent it on to "compliance" although I now do not believe they ever had any intention on providing customer support. They told me that I should have known my skin better than that. SkinStore is obviously not interested in return customers. I will stick with the greats like Ulta and Sephora and Dermstore that do!

I have never experienced anything like this
I cannot believe what I have experienced.
On May 26 I ordered a $435 product using a discount code and went through this company as two people whose opinions I respect said it was a good company. I pay extra to get it in 1-2 days.
Knowing everything going on with the virus, I checked repeatedly to see if my order did ship within 1-2 days. I wouldn't fault them if it took a bit longer. I'm sure their warehouse is understaffed.
To my surprise it almost immediately said shipped, and Fedex said that it had received the order information but no the order. Fedex has messed up before, so when that didn't change for a day or two I wasn't worked.
As more and more days passed and no order showed up at my door and there was no change, I began to get worried my box may have fallen aside by accident and wanted to bring it to their attention.
I messaged them on their website on Tuesday June 2. I provided documentation of what Fedex said, and because I've had issues with fedex before I was hoping SkinStore would be more cooperative and help me out. The immediate email I got back said a response should be available in 24 hours, but not until possibly 48 hours.
After 24 hours I messaged them on Facebook. After 48 hours I messaged them on instagram. At this point I did more digging and discovered that a lot of people have not received orders, or anything more than brief automated responses but no answers.
At this point I looked on their Facebook page and saw that a series of people had complained of the same problem on a single post. I shared what happened to me as well. By this point we had already contested the charge with the credit card company.
I go to log in hoping that this negative review on a post (as their Facebook page does not allow reviews), would get their attention. I log in and discover that my messages and orders have been deleted. I eventually discover an email that welcomes me to skinstore.
They had deleted my account and when I went to log back in (through Facebook so I wasn't aware), it appeared as though this correspondence was deleted and the order deleted, when in fact my whole account had been deleted.
Fortunately I took a screenshot of everything.

DON'T purchase from SKINSTORE!
This is the worst company I've ever bought something from! I bought Perricone MD Deep crease serum & it made my skin feel fiery hot. I gave it 4 days but nothing changed. So I contact the SkinStore Customer Service. I gave them all the info. SkinStore asked for Then they wanted an exp. Date on bottle. I couldn't find it. Then they wanted pics of bottle. So did that. Heard Nothing! Wrote them again, they started me all over again from the beginning. Then said someone will be in touch. I called Perricone MD, there is no date on bottle, only on their sunscreen & supplements. So now SkinStore wants pics n more info again. So, I told them again 4 days of use n my face felt hot & fiery after applying. It didn't visibly burn my skin, so no photos. So, waited to hear again back n get email stating someone will be in touch with you & again, wanting more info of the incident. Just a run around. I told them I told you everything. This morning I get email stating, since box has been opened no exchange or refund! They do this to everybody! I even asked for a telephone number to contact them I asked for a ph # & they gave me U K. #. I said "don't you have 800#?" They gave me 800#, but it wasn't legit. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I don't understand how HIGH-END Skincare companies let them sell their products. Just BEWARE!

Bad customer service
SkinStore DO NOT APPRECIATE THEIR CUSTOMERS! They place packing paper on top of items (no bubble wrap) leaving the bottom of the box unprotected. Three of the six bottles I purchased were damaged, one being completely smashed and two that were cracked causing most of the product to leak out. I sent pictures of the smashed bottle and one of the empty cracked bottles (the crack was not visible in picture) the third bottle still had product and would have leaked more had I try to show where the damaged was. I assumed they would take my word for it as being damaged since I have ordered from them many times in the past with no issues. However, they did not, which is no different than them calling me a liar. I have spent 100's of dollars with them, but obviously they did not appreciate my business enough to replace a $6 bottle of product, when they know for a fact they do not package their products securely. I will never purchase from them again. Wish I could give them 0 stars!

Worst shipping issues
After reading many negative reviews my experience is almost the same. $300 order that has NEVER and will NEVER arrive. SkinStore provide tracking and a ship date; yet they never actually shipped the item, only generated the label (confirmed by USPS)... so now I have them telling me my order is "in transit". My order is not in transit and was scheduled to arrive a week ago; it is not in transit and it is not going to arrive until the USPS has it. I have screenshots of everything and all my communication; I'm so disappointed bc I actually liked this store and wasted my time and money on their site but there is obviously a major issue with customer service and their shipping service company that they use. My orders from them that I actually did receive said "PROTEIN" on the box lol so who knows what's going on over there. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth when a company could care less if you actually get the item and if their customers are happy. That's not how it works. I have never taken so much time to complain about a company but the fact that they will not rectify this is why I will never delete this post.

Where to even start...
I have never written a review, but I was treated so poorly by customer service that I had to put this out there. After purchasing the Neogen Illuminating Eye Cream, I was only able yo use it twice before I got red and itchy. I called customer service and it is as if SkinStore could not take my word for it and did not believe me and said that someone from their quality team would contact me within 24 hours. Chelsea the Beauty Quality Assurance Adviser basically said that all of the products are tested so well before being released into the market that it could not possibly be one of their products that irritated my skin. She proceeded to say that it must be my skin, lifestyle or diet that was causing my irritation and that if I wanted to be able to continue this investigation of the irritation from the eye cream I would need a doctors note to prove that it was exactly this eye cream that was causing my irritation. Is this a joke? This eye cream was the ONLY new thing I introduced into my skincare regimen and they have the audacity to attack my lifestyle? On top of that they will not let me return this eye cream even though it was pretty pricey and on top of that causing me harm. I basically have to throw $100 in the trash. I will never buy from this company again and have informed all of my friends about this.

I ordered several products in two orders. The first order cancelled the Aesop Exfoliating Duet since it was out of stock. I saw that SkinStore were still offering it online so I placed another order with other items and 2 of the Aesop Exfoliating Duet. They shipped out ONE of them but not the other and they charged me for both. They do not package the items well and just throw it into the box. When my package arrived, two items were had leaked and were damaged. I messaged them through their app and the messages were extremely convoluted. One agent stated they they did not ship the second Aesop Exfoliating Duet yet and that's why I only received one. The next representative stated that I only ordered one. The next representative stated that it was cancelled it and then another stated that I had ordered one. My frustrations with this company was that if they just LOOKED at the order receipt, they would see that I had ordered two and if they looked at the credit card charges which they had me send them, I was charged for TWO. After several messages and no refund even though the representatives stated that they would refund the damaged products, I had to ask my credit card company for a charge back. Luckily I took pictures of all the correspondance to send to my credit card company. They day after I asked for a charge back, they INTENTIONALLY DELETED my account. This was likely done in the hopes that I did not have the evidence of the correspondance between the customer representatives admitting that they did not send the order. In the final message they sent to me before they deleted my account, they incorrectly stated that I had ordered ONE of the item. Luckily I have photos of my receipt where I ordered two of the items, the photographs of our correspondence and a photograph indicating that they deleted my account. This egregious behavior deserves a lawsuit. I have never had such a terrible and dishonest experience with a company in my entire life.

AVOID--will not refund for their mistake! Horrendous customer service.
Imagine a company with such bad quality control that SkinStore send out a package with a name, city, and zip code, but NO ADDRESS. Then, imagine a company with such bad oversight that FedEx returns the package back to them, because the package has, well, NO ADDRESS, but they say they never received the package. Now, imagine a company with such bad customer service that they refuse to refund you for the contents of the package, because "we rely very heavily on the customer to ensure they have the correct delivery information." That's another way of saying they take NO accountability for anything at all. Imagine a company so corrupt that they say they can't refund you until they receive the package, but they take no measures to see whether the warehouse actually received the package, or to check up with FedEx on its whereabouts. (They are supposedly "investigating" the matter with the carrier-- four days later, I chatted with another SkinStore rep who said that she would open up an inquiry into the matter, meaning that **there was no inquiry opened up already**).


That's SkinStore for you.

Worst Shopping Experience Ever -- Stay Away
I have never in my life had such a terrible shopping experience, or dealt with a customer service team this disinterested in helping you. I placed an order for items "in stock" and would ship within 24 hrs, yet it did not. My credit card was immediately charged (this in itself is a poor practice, your credit card should only be charged when the item ships, most retailers I purchase from adhere to this principle). I emailed customer service who kept on insisting that SkinStore had taken care of it- yet nothing happened for days. At this point, we were getting nowhere, so I asked them to cancel the items (I ordered them from another store and got them in a day!) - two women wrote back to me saying they cancelled the order yet the online status in my account did not change. Then they shipped the item! They refused to send me a return label, saying I need to ship it myself and they will only refund part of the shipping costs despite acknowledging it was their error over and over again. (Note this is inconsistent with what their website says). And now they are saying they will only refund the shipping costs as store credit! This is after weeks of emails going back and forth, being lied to over and over again -- why would I ever risk another order from them? I have never come across such a terrible online experience before. At the very least the customer service does not care to help you at all, and feeds you lies to just be able to send a reply. I suspect they shipped the item to force it on me so I would pay for it and are doing everything possible so to disincentivize me to send it back. I have raised a dispute with Amex as I am not getting anywhere with them. I would absolutely advise staying away from these people.

They stole more than $600 from me.
I have dealt with some remarkably dishonest businesses in my long life, but SkinStore is by far the worst ecommerce store I have ever encountered. That is saying a lot! Proceed at your own risk, with this business. SkinStore are purposely designed to be hard to pin down. Why would you want to hand over your money to a company that was set up to avoid accountability?

PayPal screwed me over and ignored my Claim against SkinStore. So I am left high and dry. SkinStore never intended to reship my order. They just played the game until my dispute and claim expired. Do NOT buy from this company! If you make the mistake of ignoring that advice and your shipment goes missing, do NOT fill out the bogus legal document they will demand of you. Decline that form, document your attempt at resolving the issue, and then directly with your credit card bank. You did pay with a credit card, right? Because PayPal offers zero protection for lost or stolen shipments. Zero.

I have reported SkinStore to the FTC.

Customer Service... what customer service... money grabbing company, stay clear!
My first email to their "customer service" was on the 5th November...
We are now on the 12th of December (!) and I've still had no further movement on my refund...
I've also not heard back again since the 6th December - I'm clearly very unimportant to them - I've never ever had such a problem with a company before trying to receive a refund!
After contacting them to explain the products had actually left my skin almost red raw and badly peeled around my mouth (horrid I know) all I got was "send us a photo"...
After telling them I would never send a photo of my face, especially on a website, and that I stopped using the products straight away (therefore all products are literally full - which I explained to them on 5 occasions) I've repeatedly asked for my refund... now I'm being told "On this occasion we are unable to refund you"...
It's a disgrace after I purchased over £ 100.00 of Dr Dennis Gross products which left my skin sore and terribly dry!
This has gone on for over a month now (which is even more disgusting from a supposed customer service team")... and actually, if SkinStore had taken better care of me at the beginning, I most likely would have used the money to buy another brand... but since the way they have dragged me through weeks of emailing, I will NEVER buy ANYTHING from this company. They have no legal stand to withhold my request. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Should have listened to the other negative reviews
I ignored the countless terrible reviews only due to needing some items urgently and assuming them being one state away and assuring timely delivery was worth the risk. Sadly, mistaken.

SkinStore claim they dispatch packages within a day - false. My order was stuck in some ridiculous 'fetching stock' status for over 2 days. Apparently, their warehouse is on a different planet.
It then has taken 2 additional days for the package to be handed over to some unheard of courier. Note its day 4 and the item hasn't actually shipped at this point. Meanwhile, the order was promised to be delivered to me by this date.
In 3 days, I have left them 3 messages and haven't gotten a single reply from their "customer service". When I finally got a hold of someone via online chat and explained that I needed the order for a trip and that the estimated arrival date is way passed what was promised and the date of the trip, there was no apology. When asked, what happens with the package when no one's around to receive it and that the courier will just leave it at the door, the response was "no refund since package isn't returned".

So you're telling me you will be a week later than promised and will charge me for something that's going to sit outside my door (and eventually stolen) because no one is around to return it? BS!

I placed an order over a month ago from this company, and the order never arrived. I signed the claim forms three times and tried messaging them to get either replacement or refund. Any package in my building is delivered to Luxer One locker system with a photo of the box and pin to pick up. There were no deliveries from them that day per DHL record assigned to my Luxer One. Keep in my mind that emailing them takes almost a week to respond with some B. S. excuses. After four months, the horrible customer service told me to file a missing package which would take another week or 2 because SkinStore refused to send me a refund or replacement. After a month dealing with this disgusting company, I finally got my money back because I filed the damn missing package before they told me. Imagine if I don't do that earlier. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THIS HORRIBLE DISGUSTING COMPANY WHO WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY HOSTAGE AND BLAMED CUSTOMER. STAY AWAY!

Deceptive Advertising / Terrible Customer Service
This site LOVES to send bait-and-switch emails. You buy a product from them, then you get emails saying the product you purchased has "gone on sale" - so you click through to the site, where it says, "Your favourite products have gone on offer" (SkinStore just LOVE to pretend they're British). They give you a promo code for a certain percentage off - 15%, sometimes even 25%. When you actually try to add the to your product and apply the promo code, it says the promo code is valid but doesn't apply to what's in your cart - instead, they say they'll send you additional products worth the equivalent of the applicable percentage of the full price would be. (Sorry, that's B. S. -- you're paying full price and getting a couple of small free samples which everyone knows just rot in a drawer somewhere). To say something is "on sale" has a general commercial meaning - i. E., that the price has been reduced. G-d only knows what they think "on offer" means.

Abysmal Customer Service!
What a terrible Customer Experience! I placed an order for product totaling $56.20 with The SkinStore. A day later I received notice the order had been shipped to an address that I had not lived for over 3 years. Their system pulled a shipping address from an order I had placed with the company 5 years prior, in 2015. I immediately contacted their online only customer service. SkinStore tried to tell me that I had entered that address into their system – why would I enter a shipping address of 5 years old? They insisted it was my error and not an error of theirs. An effective way to make their customers feel valued? They offered only 2 choices; contact the owner of the address to intercept shipment (really?) or wait until the order is returned to their company (which won't happen because they don't offer return to sender as an option for customers). Only when the item is returned to the company would I receive a full refund (despite me saying I wanted the products delivered, not a refund). That was the extent of their ‘service.' I did contact the owner of the old address who agreed to intercept the package for me; but the effort was all for naught. Despite countless efforts to contact the local post office to collect my package, I received notice "Your item could not be delivered to the intended recipient or returned to sender. It has been disposed of by USPS." And as a further act of "customer service" I received a refund for $1 Insulting and disappointing. Be advised when doing business with this company – they don't value their customers!

Cancelled my order but never refunded the money
My first experience purchasing from them went flawlessly. The second purchase was the issue. SkinStore claimed to have one item out of stock out of my order yet they charged me for the entire order. They then after 3 months sent me an email to purchase the out of stock item again. I called in and was informed by so-called customer support person that no they still do not have the item in store. I informed her that most reputable companies do not charge before they ship out an item. She tells me I should have called in to request a refund once i did not receive the item. Her stupidity continued when I informed her that if I do not get a resolution today I will call the credit card company and do a charge back, which she then informs me I would be unable to order form them again! As if that is a prize! Someone needs to inform these morons in the age of the internet you pretty can get any product you wish from a plethora of vendors. What dubious company!

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Their return policy states that if you are unhappy with your item for any reason, you can engage them for return within 14 days of receipt.
SkinStore DO NOT ABIDE BY THIS POLICY AT ALL. I ordered their $150 advent calendar for my daughter for Christmas. It arrived with a damaged advent box. The box is PART OF THE ENTIRE GIFT, yet they are saying that they will not replace the damaged box with an empty one because it is "outer packaging".
They will not exchange the entire item, for an undamaged one. They will not return it for a refund. This is the second horrid experience I have had with this deplorable company. And you cannot call them or email them.
You are only able to message them through their horrendous portal on their website.
I submitted proof of damage on my initial inquiry. They proceeded to act like they didn't see/receive my photos for three more contact attempts (which take days to respond).

Would give 0 stars if it was an option
I would give them 0 if it were an option. Have shopped with them over the past several years, will not again. Had a product that seemed to be defective and called to see if I could return for a credit. Was told no, once opened no returns. I asked how would I know something is defective without opening?, I'd like to speak with a manager. Was told of course, none were available and one would call me back. Next day, no call. Did an online chat and asked where my call was and was told it can take up to 3 business days. Over a week later, still no call. Called them again and now told by a manager the same, once opened nothing can be returned but we can give you a $10 store credit for your trouble. Furious, what terrible customer service. Beware that if you have trouble with something from this store there is no option for returning. As well, the product expiration date was only 8 months from the time I received it, should be at least a year to be fresh.

ORDER 82013471
I ordered a product on November 27th and I still do not receive the item. After a dozen of calls to complain I was told SkinStore did not have the product in their warehouse and were awaiting to get it, which is a real lack of decency because when I made the purchase it was posted as AVAILABLE. On Dec. 9 after another dozen of calls they informed it was shipped to me BUT today Dec. 22 I still do not receive it. Every time I call I get only apoligies from the customer service that do not help and no one is able to say me any date.
I have gone through a nightmare with this company, they already charged in my credit card and the reason I am writing this review it to make customers aware that if they chose this company, they will have a terrible experience. This is NOT the kind of business that I am used to receive from any company in today's market, this is totally unnaceptable.

Unbelievable shopping experience
I ordered a Nuface on with every nice discount on 12/30/2016, I thought nice price. Then my nightmare starts. I have received an email from customer service claimed my order has been canceled and could expect the refund in 3-7 business days due to the item is not available on 01/04/2017.
I waited until 01/10/2017 since I haven't refund so I contacted them, and SkinStore told me the package is on the way, and allow a few days to receive it. WTH, really! So I waited to package arrive, and contacted them again, asked for the return information on 01/14/2017.
I am so glad that I requested a signature and insured the package because there are more problems. At first, they request receipt while you send back return package so they could refund your postage. I did it on USPS website so I didn't have the physical receipt but I have a shipping label with details on the side, I assume that is e-receipt. They have an issue with that, so have to go to local post office hand my package to staff so that I can get a physical receipt, however, I don't understand what's the reason to do that. I uploaded my receipt again, no, the answer that I got is no, we couldn't accept this because there are no price details on it. SERIOUSLY! I wrote back USPS has online service called Click-N-Ship allows me to pay the postage online, and if they have more problems, please have a customer service member to check with a local post office, because I have done everything they have asked for and provided everything that I have. They refunded me on 01/27/2016. And return package has been delivered on 01/26/2017 with someone signed.
I thought finally this will be over soon, unfortunately, I wrote to customer service about my refund, they told me they haven't received the package. Great, I am so glad that I requested a signature, I uploaded my a proof the package has been signed. And this time finally they said they issued my refund and allow 3-5 business days to show on my account on 02/06/2017. And yet, I haven't received the refund until today and contacted with them about it, and they told me that they will check and will let me know. Today is 02/20/2017. I don't know when I can receive my refund, but I can sure that I will not go back to this website ever again. And I suggest you don't as well if you don't care about your money, then go ahead.
I think that I will report this to BBB if they couldn't give me my money back before this month end. It's been almost 2 months. I am running out of patience.

Stay away from the NEW Skinstore.
I have purchased from Skinstore for years and have always been happy with my experience. Recently, Skinstore changed hands and I warn ALL to stay away. The website is extremely poor; the list of my favorite products was eliminated and reordering is now tedious. It takes much longer to receive products ordered from the new Skinstore. Ordered products are canceled days later- you think a product is on its way... but its not. Last week I received 1 shipping box with only 1 of 4 purchased products and I can't seem to get any help from Skinstore in obtaining the 3 missing products for which I paid. The missing 3 products weren't canceled, Skinstore just didn't pack them in the box- like I wouldn't notice? What kind of retailer only ships 1 out of 4 products? A bad one- stay away from the NEW Skinstore. Oh, yeah, no packing slip enclosed so I had to log into my account to check what was "allegedly" shipped. Customer service is rock bottom and guaranteed to frustrate- when I am able to reach someone. Phones are closed on the weekend! One must use their buggy "messaging" system and wait 24-48 hours for a response. Responses must be written by a robot because I am asked for the information I already provided- further delaying resolution. So, I log into the buggy messaging system and provide the same information, yet again, and must wait 2 days again for a response. Chat is useless, I was promised a response within 48 hours after the warehouse checked its records and, surprise, no response after 48 hours. If I don't receive proper resolution within the next few days I will contact my credit card issuer and proceed with a chargeback for the items I never received. I can see from the other reviews that other customers are just as disappointed as I am. Skinstore will be out of business soon or perhaps purchased by a company that can restore the Skinstore to its former glory. If there is a product I wish to purchase and I can only find it on Skinstore- forget it, I won't buy it. I'm done.

Really, really bad customer service -
I purchased the Mama Mio tummy rub oil and tummy rub butter - after using the product for one day, I developed a skin rash on my stomach. When I wrote to the customer service of SKIN STORE - on July 15th relating to the my experience, and requesting a return of the product for a refund. Their response has been a lot of words of helping with zero action. SkinStore want to send the products to the lab to test to see why I had a negative reaction, and then upon their findings they will let me know. When one thinks of customer service, and how it should be - a company should make the customer happy first (because that is when you build a relationship and have repeat purchases), Skin Store is no where in the league of what it should be for customer service. Today Aug 25th I am still waiting on a response from them. One is better off purchasing products from a store that supports their customers i. E like Sephora or Amazon!

Full of Cheaters and Thieves--NEVER GO TO SKINSTORE!
I purchase something from the holy skinstore two weeks ago. Initially the holy skinstore cancelled my order twice without any notice nor explanation. Later on when one of my order finally got dispatched, the package was intercepted right before scheduled delivery, which is today around lunch time. To chop off the possibility that I may contact the customer complaining the last minute order cancel by the holy skinstore, the holy "we-are-too-noble-to-service-our-customer" skinstore cancelled and deleted my account once for all. And of course my credit card was charged and now I end up without losing money and the order. What a brilliant and smart way to abuse and to cheat customers.
I don't know if skinstore does not like people to shop on its website or doing this just for fun. I tried to contact the live chat customer service immediately and got replied with "oh this is much higher than my paygrade and unfortunately I simply just cannot help with it".
I would say the holy skinstore is the industry pioneer and benchmark.

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