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Never been so disappointed
I would rate this 0 or -10 if I could.
I ordered an item, that came way too big according to their size chart. Went to return it and their prepaid return labels didn't work. Called their team 3 times to get it sorted. Finally returned it, and over a week later I messaged them twice asking if Showpo had received it. They said they had not. I reminded them that the tracking number was not correct because their label did not work. They did receive the item back, and I had not received a notification! Now the issues got worse. They refused a refund, insisting on store credit. I looked through their store, and there was nothing I wanted in my size, and I did not trust their sizing anyway. After about 5 conversations with their team and Afterpay, I finally got a refund. Never in my life been so disappointed with a store's customer service.

Be Careful!
The site has very cute clothes, however, I was not impressed with the quality. Paying almost $60/dress I expect a higher quality. I ordered 4 dresses and 2 didn't workout. The returns are for store credit only, so beware! When I sent the two items back, Showpo only refunded me $30 at first. It was until I had to char with customer service did they refund the other one. Then I tried to buy a different dress with the store credit and remaining balance on my card, and the order failed, yet my store credit was taken away and the card was still charged. It took DAYS of emailing back and fourth before it finally got resolved.

Like Their Products, Hate Their Customer Service
I havent had really any issue receiving my packages from ShowPo. Its a bit annoying (Im in the US, Showpo are in Australia) that you dont get tracking info on packages. Its really just... get the shipment confirmation email and wait. Granted, the wait is not long at all. Shipping hasnt ever taken more than 5 business days, so Im actually very satisfied with the shipping. Products are of good quality in my opinion, although perhaps a bit pricey.

My issue with ShowPo: buying things = great, fast, easy, etc. Returning = pain in the A. Store credit only, unless youve received a faulty item, ok fine - i like their products, so Im cool with that. But the issues lies in the fact that, aside from my first (out of at least like 7) return, I have had to chase down my store credit every single time. So US returns go to their CA warehouse, so i have tracking info on my return packages. I see the day that it gets delivered. I wait at least 7 calendar days... during which time I never receive even an email confirmation that ShowPo has received my return and is processing my store credit - nope, nothing. So after 7 calendar days, I email customer service asking where my store credit is. For all of my store credit returns, it seems theyve responded to my inquiry within 2 business days and immediately processed my store credit. Cool. However, I had one order placed on 9/25. In this order should have been a COAT (which cost about $70). I receive the package, and instead of a $70 COAT, I was sent a $30 CROP TOP. How that happens, i dont know... but hey, we all make mistakes, no biggie. I reach out to customer service on 10/3. Representative reaches out to their warehouse to check inventory; said hed get back to me within 24 hours; 2 days later (10/5), after no follow-up, I reach back out; 4 days after that (10/9), he finally responds and lets me know that the coat is out of stock (which i already knew from looking online a week prior), and he tells me I can return for a full refund to my credit card (hmm, ok, but this was your screw up... so whos paying for return shipping?); same day (10/9), i ask him that question; 2 days later (10/11) he responds
And tells me that i have to pay for the shipping but to include my return shipping receipt in my package and they will reimburse me, also says that after theyve received my return, it will take 5 days for the refund to process; i followed instructions and my tracking info indicated that my package was delivered to their CA warehouse on 10/16. I waited. Reached out to customer service regarding my refund on or around 10/24. Received a response from the same guy on 10/26 basically resending the return instructions(?). I replied the following day (10/27) that I had already sent everything per his prior instruction and it had been delivered 11 days ago at this point. Again, 2 days later (10/29) he replies and informs me that he has (finally) processed my refund and that it will take 5 business days for this to process (not including the processing time for my credit card company). Its now 11/2, its only been 4 business days, so Im still *patiently* waiting. Ill likely wait til about mid next week to reach out again.
Needless to say, this is a GD nightmare.

The WORST Customer Service I have ever received
Not even sure where to start...

I ordered a dress, Showpo sent me a top I asked for a refund was promised twice this ok.

Jill from customer service then said this wasn't ok anymore and I would receive store credit (this took 1 month after sending the dress back)

Annoyingly decided to just use the credit ordered another dress size 8 received a size 14!

I message to complain and Jill replies again she hasn't even read my email and replies with an automated message about store credit and I wont be getting a refund.

I have no idea why a company would want to ruin a relationship over $60 I have got to the point now where I don't care keep my money I'm sick of the bad customer service I have received.

I will NEVER buy anything again from ShowPo and I have also told my friends & family to do the same.

Hassle - don't do it
I ordered my dress well before my event. Without informing me Showpo cancelled my order. The week before the event I was confused thinking I should have gotten it so I checked when it would arrive, then had to ask them to resend it using priority shipping (which they didn't want to do because my first one wasn't priority shipping- it was already a week late at this point) they told me no later than the Tuesday. I contacted them Tuesday night no dress they said 1-2 business days so Thursday again no dress I leave Thursday night for my event without a dress I ordered well over 3 weeks prior. When trying to get a refund they kept trying to only give me a credit. I've never had so many issues with online shopping. Will never shop here again

I wouldn't recommend shopping from these people. I have found clothes that Showpo have listed on their site for $50 listed on eBay for $10. I believe some of their products are imported and they've just had their model pose in them and jacked up the price. I have an example of a product I was going to buy. Then a link to it on eBay below:

Http :// www.ebay. Ca/itm/*******454?_trksid=p2055119. M1438. L2649&var=*******474&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Personally I would not shop from these people. This is only one example of atleast 10 items I've found. I would have felt sick if I had of paid $50 for this.

Return items
Ordered two dresses from this boutique. One was POORLY made, Literally felt and looked like one long fabric stitched together and made in 10 minutes. That dress was a tie dress around the waist line and the "string" that was keeping the dress together was literally one thin line of string. The second dress was a little better but not by much, fabric also felt really cheap. I talked to customer service asking if there was something that could be done (refund). Showpo said they could not and if I didn't want to use my store credit for the "refund" of these items, then I could purchase a gift card to give to a friend or family? Was really disappointed with their return policy. I have ordered with other companies that have had the same policies as this company but WOULD allow full refund for items with the exceptions of being within 14 days of returning item. DO NOT purchase Items unless you are ready to NOT get your money back, just in case your items are not what you want/fit, etc.

Turned nightmare into heaven
I shopped with ShowPo for the first time last month after I saw an amazing dress on their Instagram (which I now get all the compliments for and love that no-one in England probably has one).

To cut a very long story short, I had a bit of a nightmare ordering items to the UK because Showpo were busy and then customs charged me a fortune.

HOWEVER their clothes were lovely and when I explained the costs involved to the customer services team, they came back to me and offered to refund me all the fees as they're in the process of putting clearer information on the website.

I would shop there again :)

I've ordered a few things from here the quality of the material is amazing. I live in Canada, my orders have arrived before scheduled date, if not in a reasonable time frame! I have some store credit due to a return, the size was a little to big for me but the 2 piece Deliah set in dusty blue is so gorgeous I wish Showpo had size 6 in stock... i have the break the bar playsuit also and i LOVE this (just need an event to wear it to) Customer service is amazing i've had a few responses with in an hour of submitting a return, following up on order status, or when another item will be restocked. Elvie, May and Eric amazing customer service each time!

I'll start with the good - Their shipping is very fast and I was quite impressed with that!
The bad - The dress I received last week is damaged. Not a problem as I understand things happen and assume I could at least return it since I can't even wear it. WRONG. My initial email had received one response telling me to send in my photos, which I did, and haven't heard a thing since. Why? I have emailed and sent in my photos of the faulty dress 3 times now and nobody seems to want to help me with this matter. I want a refund as I am left with a broken dress that I can't wear. I really wanted to love this online store and would really appreciate if I could get a decent customer service representative.

$60 Cocktail Dress
I was extremely impressed by the speedy delivery from AU->USA, and the wonderful customer service I received while the order was en route. Unfortunately, I wasn't as impressed by the sewing and execution of the dress I bought. Understand it's an e-commerce site, so you can't expect much, but details count! The zipper hook was sewn into the zipper so I couldn't zip the garment completely and there were loose threads along the hem. I also bought a plunging neckline, which normally I'm all for, but this was missing an inch or so of fabric on the bust, because anyone with a chest would be busting out of this dress, and I'm only a 34C. Images attached.

I purchased online. I ordered 3 items. A jacket, a maxi dress and a romper. I am always a small or xs, still I referred to the size guide because this was my first experience ordering from showpo. The jacket was huge with tiny arms, I could barely move my arms. The romper was a sequin low cut one, super gorgeous online, in person it opened wide exposing my entire chest/stomach. There is no way I can wear it ever unless I got it completely remade. The maxi dress says it's a small and I could fit about 2.5 of myself inthe dress. Originally I had everything in xs and actually changed to a small because of the size guide and the measurements listed.

It said it would be free shipping but I had to pay over $50 on a $275 order to even pick it up, then to find not a single item fit. I contacted them and of course Showpo will not offer refunds or return shipping labels. So i would have to pay over $50 to even send the items back and then another $50 to pick up my new items from the store credit.

To start I wouldn't even rate them 1 star. I purchased a pair of jeans which didn't come cheap at $69.95. Upon arriving I found that Showpo were made of cheap material (elastic-kind) and didn't look anything like the ones I had ordered (the photo they sold me on). Overall I'm really disappointed! Showpo isn't cheap for online shopping and definitely wouldn't recommend! Such a waste of money for the quality of product! Don't waste your time shopping with Showpo, you're best off going in store and paying less for higher quality!
Note: Showpo have done little to resolve this! No response


Perfect place for GARBAGE CLOTHES :)
If you want SEE THROUGH OVERPRICED CLOTHES this is the place for you! I purchased two dresses and a back chain from Showpo. Due to the materials listed and the price, I evaluated and figured it would be of similar quality of other items I have made of the same materials purchased elsewhere; wrong! When the dresses came, one of them was completely see through, and the other, though not as see through, did not even look like the picture! BOTH items were not as described, and let's not even talk about the chain! I didn't even take it out of the package because I could clearly see it was tangled up. I immediately put everything back in its original packaging and contacted the company. I went back and forth back and forth with nonsense. Showpo claimed they could only give me a refund if the items were faulty otherwise they only do store credit. Apparently being UNWEARABLE because its TRANSPARENT does not count as "faulty"and neither does an unwearable chain. Weird right? I am still awaiting they do the RIGHT thing and give me back my money. I cannot believe they think it's OK to charge people 3x more for something they could easily get for 1/3 of the price.

Way to be scammers! They get an A+ for that :)

Not a bad place to shop online
1. Cutest styles ever!
2. Pricing not bad
3. Great Customer Service
4. Fits fairly true to sizing guide in terms of waist and hips.
4a. If you have ever shopped at Ever New, the fit is around the same. The tailoring just isn't as good as Ever New
1. CAD to USD = extra $$$ and DUTIES :( (Unfortunately)
2. Store Credit only
2a. This makes it harder to figure out the sizing for your body type. Especially if your not from the states or Australia and have to pay the extra $$$
3. Not the greatest fit for petite women
3a. The bust is a little large on V neck pieces, and some may find that Showpo are in between a 0 and a 2 because of this. Because I am petite, I find the torso to be too long on closed back pieces. Also the inseam on the pant legs will be a little long for short ladies
4. The first time will always be the most difficult because you will incur a large cost trying to figure out you're size unless you are lucky. If you are outside the states, you will have to pay for shipping back out of pocket instead of using the store credit which is advertised because you need store credit to begin with in order to use it.
5. The material ranges depending on the piece, and it can be hard to tell what the texture will be like from the photo's

All in all, its worth a try, since their product is cute. Once you know your size and their fit, you'll have a better time navigating the site.

Always my top preference
I first heard of showpo on Facebook a few years ago but worried it was "another scam" so I had a friend order first so I wouldn't be caught out. She received her goods the next day! It was amazing, the quality was perfect! So I jumped online to order a formal dress for a friends wedding. It was gorgeous! I couldn't wait to try it on, but it was a little to small so I reached out a bit worried about what would happen and Showpo swiftly emailed me a return parcel slip and said that my store credit would be back into the account ASAP to get a new dress, they also explained all the sizing to me so I didn't have anymore issues. New dress ordered and arrived only THREE DAYS LATER! And it was the dream, the lace was perfect no loose threads I was in love! And that was a year ago, still to this day that's my "oooo I need something, SHOWPO!" Ive been ace on size since my first mishap, but since Covid and to many donuts I've gotten a little more on the thicc side, so MY OWN wedding dress choices from Showpo weren't quite right. I returned straight away, as I left the post office I emailed explaining my urgency for a dress and they instantly assisted me to make sure my day would be perfect

The quality is amazing, the products are gorgeous for any occasion, and the staff are just so friendly and always happy to help!

They just take your money and don't help you at all
Would not recommend buying here. Showpo have pocketed over $100 of my money and refuse to help me when they gave me the wrong advice on sizing. Not to mention after returning dresses a few times and paying for shipping each time and adding this cost to the already spent money on dresses, I am now being told no one can help me and they have basically taken my money and now I have naked bridesmaids for my wedding in a couple weeks. If you want to buy from here buy about 3 sizes up and never ask the ‘experts' on their website because they give you the wrong advice and they take your money. I also am left with $2500 less because I had to self quarantine so that we could try on the dress in the first place and we can't even wear it.
Unimpressed is an understatement. Working in this industry I know that they can help me but they are too lazy to do anything. Speaking with Eric and Andrea made no help at all, they basically told me they won't assist me even though they made the stuff up. Wouldn't recommend, especially if buying dresses for a special occasion because you have no chance of any exchanges or anything.

Absolutely Dissapointing and Misleading
Although the customer service was quick and responsive, the results were less than satisfying. Originally I had left a raving review due to being under the impression that my issue had been resolved. However, this is unfortunately not the case. I purchased a dress for a wedding I am in that was chosen by the bride. Unfortunately, the bride changed her mind and chose a dress from a new vendor for the bridesmaids to purchase instead. This was two days after the 12 day return window. I reached out hoping that Showpo could make an exception, explaining countless times that I could not afford the new dress the bride was asking us to purchase without returning this one and receiving a full refund. I even mentioned the store credit would not work due to the new dress being from a different vendor. Originally Showpo told me I could not make the return, and that even if it was within the 12 days, the dress was on sale now so they would not give me anything more than 20% off my next purchase. This was not acceptable and not listed anywhere in the return policy regarding sale items. However, after explaining my circumstances and once again, emphasizing my financial dilemma, the representative offered to assist further and claimed she could make the return. Due to me sharing already that I needed the refund and NOT the store credit (on several different occasions), when the representative mentioned she fixed the problem, I was under the impression it was to refund my money. I was so clear in my communication that this was what I needed and specified it countless times that it seemed there would be no chance for error. I thanked them endlessly for their help, made a raving review, and returned the dress immediately. However, to my dismay, once it was returned, I received an email stating the dress had been delivered and I was now issued a store credit. I attempted to reach out again to figure out where the miscommunication had occurred and requested my refund once again. However, the management staff have refused to refund my money and claim they never made the exception I so desperately need and originally requested. The management team even quoted, "You can speak to the bride and tell her to choose some of the bridesmaid dresses we have in store so you can use your store credit. I'm sure she can find something she likes." This was more proof that I was not being listened to, heard, or respected, as I had mentioned twice throughout my communication that the bride had already requested a dress from a new vendor. I am deeply saddened by the results of this request and will not be shopping with Showpo in the future. I will also be contacting my financial establishment to dispute the charge. While I appreciate the efforts made in some aspects of this return, I do feel as though I was mislead. When seeking assistance from management, I was not heard, nor was I impressed. This is a disappointing vendor with less than satisfying problem solving skills.

At first, when I put in the order, the express shipping said it would come Thursday, and I needed it for homecoming which was the following SATURDAY. Then Thursday came and it didn't show up. I was getting nervous because I needed it asap, and so I checked the website again and it said since I was in the US it would now take much longer which it didn't tell me before ordering. I bought a bunch of makeup, jewelery, and a pair of shoes just to find out that I wouldn't get the dress in time. Now I wasted 300 dollars on accessories for the dress, I paid extra for express shipping, I can't even return the dress for money back just store credit, and I have nothing to wear for homecoming so thanks Showpo I hope you are happy. But apart from this, the dresses are cute, afordable, and the website is very efficient.

Rediculous return policy!
I ordered 5 different dresses for 2 occasions i had coming up and brought dresses that would fit my body type, something would look decent right?...
All sizes were trash! Some styles i couldn't even get on and others would pretty much fall off me.
2 dresses the material and fit looked nothing like the picture quality.
I contacted for a refund and was denied, the girl dealing with me came across quite rude and copy pasted their returns policy of store credit only! Would not of spent $280 here to recieve store credit when the garmets were so poorly sized and bad quality.
I have brought on so many other similar online stores and i am shocked Showpo are legally aloud to do this!
Go shop on pretty little things ladies! Amazing customer service when unsatisfied
BTW. 2 months later and still my store credit is not on my account!

BEST Customer Service!
My daughters and I order from Showpo frequently but we recently had a shipping issue on two separate orders due to our profile having an insufficient address. Showpo's rep replied to my email right away with valid tracking numbers and instructions. Unfortunately, due to the address issue, USPS told me there was no way we would receive either order and both were being returned to sender. My daughter went back to college in need of clothing items for various events and, despite the address mistake probably being our own fault, Showpo's rep Eric (after confirming the order info and return tracking of course) put a store credit on my daughter's profile so we were able to reorder all of the items to be received just in time to make a difference! I was so pleased that Showpo cared enough to answer so quickly and resolve the problem for us. Not to mention the items we have received from Showpo in the past have all met or exceeded our expectations. So I'd love to say "Well Done" to Showpo for having quality products and for training their reps well and a special shout out to Eric for going above and beyond to help us! We will continue to order from this company at every opportunity.

Don't purchase items from here
I ordered around $500 worth of merchandise in the same size and all of the items were different sizes - some were so small I couldnt fit my head through and some were so large -the sizing is inconsistent.

The quality of the merchandise is bad as well. Cheap quality, except Showpo charge like $50 per item.

Also, I tried to contact the customer service agents to see if I could get a refund instead of store credit because I will NOT be buying $500 worth of merchandise in the future since its bad quality and inconsistent sizing (how can I know i won't get another super tiny or super large piece of clothing?), and the customer service rep took 5 days to respond only with a copied and pasted reply stating that I could return for store credit.

Overall, don't trust this brand on Instagram. They hire models to showcase the items, but in real life the material is cheap, the sizing is inconsistent, and if they truly believed in their brand and clothes, they would give you a refund, not store credit. Offering store credit means that they know chances are you will probably return it. DON'T shop from them. Save your money.

Also, you can't even file for return protection with your credit cards because the company is not located in the U.S. and have no store presence here.

One of the best customer service!
Background of my experience:

Ordered a dress for the first time at Showpo which was a size too little for me. Policy says I can return it and exchange for another size. However, I removed the tag of the dress. I contacted customer service if I could still return it since the dress was still in brand new condition.

I got a reply within 24 hours. Since I was a new customer, Showpo will consider my claim. I sent photos and got approved to return the dress.

However, I really needed the dress in a week's time after I posted the dress for return. I contacted customer service if I can get the credit early so I can order the dress.

Within minutes! (minutes, not hours, not days) I got an email saying I received the store credit so I can get my dress.

Thanks Showpo! I will definitely order from them again. Dress was fantastic by the way.

Disclaimer: This is in no way sponsored nor am I paid to say this review.

Customer Service 100
I ordered from Showpo for a wedding I have coming up. I had ordered a size 16 dress which was just a little too big for me and knew the size down would fit perfect. The problem however was that the wedding was in 2 weeks. Showpo's standard procedure for exchanges is send it back wait for the store credit and re-order. I reached out to their customer service team detailing my problem that the dress would never arrive in time if I had to wait for the store credit. Bea from customer service was so helpful, i was able to begin the return process and receive the store credit before it got shipped back and order the right size dress the same day to ensure it would be there in time for the wedding. Thank you so much, will definitely be shopping here again!

$#*! the customer, right?
Their clothes are super cute and sizes are pretty much very universal, but the items are fairly expensive. Showpo take forever to ship, even if you pay for express shipping as I have, you don't get your products on time. They also DO NOT respond to customer emails, I've emailed them 2 or 3 times and have yet to get a response. The live chat does not work, or you can not find it on the website to actually try and use it. When you call the number, which I did even though it would be international and cost me even more money! The hours listed on the automated telephone message are different from the hours listed on their website, GREAT. They offer no customer service AT ALL, if you're going to spend this kind of money you can find the same pieces and WAY better service at other sites like lucy in the sky, hello molly. You suck showpo, educate yourselves on what customer service is and try to spend some of the millions you make in this area.

So many other better online stores to shop at
Purchased a dress for an event, checked all of the details of the dress and ordered my normal size. Dress arrived and didn't fit (not unusual for online shopping). I purchased the return label but the label wasn't emailed to me. I follow up with them and took two tries to get someone to respond to my request. Then I saw Showpo have the policy of no refunds, which I know is against Australian consumer laws if the item is not fit for purpose (severe breach) which not fitting a standard size is. And also just kind of bad manners for an online only store. Multiple emails later and they do "grant me a one time only refund". I return my items and 10 days after they acknowledge receiving the items, I have to email them as no refund received. They say wait a while. Another 10 days later they process a store credit. I emailed them again, they are going to fix it, but one month after they have received the items I am still waiting for this to be processed. Borderline illegal that they have probably resold the items already and are now just withholding my money. So disappointed as previously had positive experiences. The only positive is fast shipping, but I'd say Showpo is quickly losing their competitiveness. Shop elsewhere to have peace of mind that you'll be able to return an item for a quick refund, which makes the most sense when your purchasing something you haven't been able to try on.

I ordered from showpo once and was satisfied with the clothing. I tried again and all the clothes were terrible quality and way too large on me. I am 5'3, have a B cup and weigh about 95lb, a size 00 (double zero) should fit me.

For returns Showpo make you purchase a label for $9. No, they don't subtract this from your refund but you have to pay out of pocked on top of what you paid previously.

On top of that they only give you store credit.

I held on to my store credit for a while and ordered again a few months later, and I swear it seems like the quality gets worse with each purchase. The quality was extremely bad, fabric itchy, cheap and simply terrible.

Now, I had to pay ANOTHER $9 to return these clothes and am again left with store credit. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. I am so upset. I don't want store credit. For all I know the clothes are going to be too large and super cheap looking again when I order, and then I have to pay $9 again to return the stuff.

Truly never ordering from this company again, I would if their return policies weren't so inconvenient and unfair. But truly never. Again.

Worst buying experience I've had in a while. I've purchased stuff on Wish for like $5 that had better quality than these clothes.

Just DON'T do it.

First time buyer, I'm excited, the dress fit perfectly, the material is first grade quality, I'm proud to say as a size 20 I'm really impressed. Also shipping was 4 days I'm at awwwww.I also love the fact if you need to return an item, Showpo make it so much easier by allowing you to return the item in the same bag it was delivered in, this saves me time looking around for a bag or box to wrap the return. So don't be shy, I'm telling you, this shop is the real deal.
I'd love to show a pic, but they're just not my thing, maybe next time, I do like my privacy. Thanks Showpo.

Good quality, small sizing, issues with refunding, good customer service (in the end)
I ordered two dresses my usual size and when I received them Showpo were two sizes too small. I returned them and was only able to get a store credit ($127). I did email and ask them to reconsider refunding as I wasn't able to fit their biggest size but was told they would not refund but I'd have 12 months to use the store credit. This comment made me feel as though they were saying I had 12 months to lose some weight, so I was a little upset at that. Four months later, I see that they are now offering refunds for NZ customers. I used the Live Chat option to ask if they would refund the store credit and luckily their Accounts team obliged as a one-time courtesy.
The quality of the dresses I ordered were great! However, the sizing was off. Definitely have a look at their sizing charts and do not go off your usual size, might be a different experience for straight size ladies, but not us plus size women.

Great customer service
Recently experienced great customer service from Customer Happiness Officer Andrea.

I had purchased the wrong size dress and was worried I might miss out on purchasing the correct size dress (dress is for my baby shower) while waiting for the dress to be received back in the warehouse and processed as a store credit.

Andrea offered the option for me to send through proof of sending the item off through the post office and fast tracked the store credit so I was able to by the correct size straight away.

Very happy with the solution/ outcome :) thank you

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Description: Showpo is a fun & forward Australian online fashion clothing store. We feature the best of women's fashion in dresses, playsuits, skirts, two piece sets and much more!

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