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I got the service due to injures that forced me to quit my career. I thought "What a great program! I can call and get school grants and have a phone for perspective employers to reach me!". I also don't own or have money to buy a computer, so I can use the web, an my kids an do their homework that is only available on the schools web page. WRONG ON ALL COUNTS! The service minutes for calls was eaten up so fast it had to be 3min for 1min actual talk time. With all the holding you have to do, it was used up before I could get any thing set up. Web browser is outdated and can't handle the pages, loading only partial. The data is throttled from the get go, I believe. Every job service or application page for companies can't read or process this phones letter an symbol data, which is VERY odd as it has to fall into one of the 3 catagories of code. Security issues pop up constantly for almost every site. I called and calmly explained why I needed that phone as I am now so poor I fear eviction and having to let my kids go into foster care. The representative said he didn't understand because the phone service has unlimited texting... That set me off! When the f'n he! Has ANYONE ever gotten a job over texting? Or been able to fill out or even talk to anyone about federal services? Or made a doctor's appointment? So after I calmed, I thought to myself, there is an app for everything now! I'll just download the apps for all the stuff I have to do. NOPE! Phone can't handle the memory requirements except for one two small apps at a time. Their suggestion? Download-use-erase-download next app- repeat... HOLY SHOOT! ARE YOU F'N KIDDING ME? So then I just gave up, kept the phone charged and did my best. A few week go buy an the phone can't even handle updating the apps it came with due to memory lacking! I even disabled and cleared caches of every app not necessary to the phone! I caved and paid the $25 fo the upgraded phone... A ZTE Z3001S. Still uses minute at a 3 to 1 ratio. Still has throttled internet, still can't be used to fill out secure forms on line. An lo an behold... IT CANT UPDATE ITS OWN APPS MUCH LESS 3RD PARTY ONES!
It is now only useful as a 911 platform and the 2 games I allowed my kids to get that actually worked on the phone... Talking Tom, and a generic dress the Barbie app. After a few hours QLinkWireless found other things to do an brought me the phone, "Dad, we don't want it, it sucks and just make us angry!"... I know my little angels, I know...

Have been using a FREE phone from Qlink on the lifeline program for a few years. Not the greatest quality - but as another review FREE is free and it serves my needs. But on 03.22/2021 I received an email offer to upgrade to a new smartphone with 5G service. Since my screen was craked anyway and I was thinking of ordering a new phone, I thought it sounded like a GREAT offer. Signed up and was sent via email was given a confirmation number and told the phone would ship in 7-10 business days. Six month later STILL NO PHONE. Over that past 6 months I have inquired via phone and email and got told everything from there was NO PHONE ever ordered despite having a confirmation number to 15 days ago being told that the order was in process and would ship in 10 days. Today, 09/27/2021, Guess what the automated system says it is in process and will ship in 10 days but the LIVE person says the PHONE WILL NOT SHIP BECAUSE THE OFFER HAS EXPIRED! What kind of garbage is that? I ask you would you call that good service? I have emailed them tonight - Don't expect to hear from them to resolve the issue. I have filed a complaint with the BBB - but know that will do no good and now this rant. I just want to warn EVERYONE stay away from Qlink

You Get What You Pay For... and I did! I'm sorry I have to give even 1 star!
I am retired and have a very fixed income(so I "qualified" for a free phone.) QLink is the only one in my area offering this program, so there is no choice of providers for those applying for the free phone program. I received my phone yesterday, charged it then tried to call a family member to let them know I now had a phone, I could not understand them, QLinkWireless kept cutting out and call was dropped 3 times. I tried to call QLink then about the problem, all recordings, with the exception of: "if you are calling to discontinue service press #9 (figured this out after calling 4 times and picking up bits of the recording), anyway I finally reached a person in Fl., he said I needed to charge it longer, I asked about returning it for another that worked better... yes they have a warranty, for $25.00 I can have my 1 day old phone replaced, but only with another ZTE phone, he said "it's the only phone we offer", can't afford that, so I put it back on charger took it off this morning to call family, still the same problem, but I tried to get through it... after an 8 min. Frustrating call the phone(ZTE-brand) was VERY hot! A very real danger! Called QLink again after all the hoops of automated call got to push #9 again and they couldn't hear me so they hung up. I have Emailed 2x once yesterday and once today... no response to either! I know this is not a new phone, it came with no instructions. It came with 100MB of data I have not even touched that, and earlier today I had 989MB left. Just tried to use it again at 3 min. It started to heat up again and still cuts out. It is sad to think this may be American owned( I hope it is not!) couldn't get an answer to that question just "I'm in Florida", or whose pockets got lined to provide such an inferior product and service to the American populace that can't afford even $25. A month for a phone. If I did have an emergency 911 would not be able to hear me, so I will let family and friends know no phone yet, and I will do more research, and probably rearrange the budget somehow to get one somewhere reliable... because the old saying "You Get What You Pay For" still holds true! It WAS Too Good To Be True! Save yourself the frustration and do more research... just don't use this company. I can say one thing for them... I did speak(finally), to someone who speak unbroken English, that was very nice! And I thought the service I left was bad, there is always worse... I never heard of QLink before a week ago, now I know why... Did they just pop into the picture when the Gov. Started offering free phones I wonder, and did they get startup capital to start their Co. From our Government... hummmm

I would swear a lot to describe my experience w Q link
It's all pleasant until you are a customer. Then good luck talking to someone. Don't bother emailing either.
My problem was data missing. After a week of trying I finally got a live operaor. If you choose getting a call back QLinkWireless don't say it can take 48 hours until after you select it. Then it disconnects and you get to start over. After 30 mins on hold I finally was able to tell them the problem. My remaining data disappeared. The answer I got was "I'm showing you are out of data but you will get your free data next week. If you are still having a problem then, you can call us again". I said I need it now, that is the problem.
She said she can only add data if I buy some. We went around in a few circles before she said she could have her supervisor come on and explain to me that my data is used up. Grrr So, I risked it. Same answers, but she also said I could contact customer support online but I'd need data for them to troubleshoot. Seriously!? I'D NEED DATA ON MY PHONE IN ORDER TO FIX THE PROBLEM OF HAVING NO DATA ON MY PHONE!
The voice routing for calls is insane! I called from a different non Q link phone but when I gave my number it said "You are calling from q link phone. Hang up and call from a different phone" Then it disconnected. I was stupid enough to try a few times choosing different options just to end up disconnected.
Its probably no favor to you but to get to live, and alleged support this was the sequence: option 3, (phone#)000, day/mo/yearof birth, last 4 ss#, option 9, option 3. But if you have anything that will make you tranquilized I suggest you do/use it first!
I'm not sure any of the lifeline providers particularly care if you are satisfied. One (SafeLink?) offers 2 gigs free data but it is only with their phone and only 3g connection. Make sure about every detail that matters to you. Some have only 300 - 500 mins of calling which goes fast if you are on hold a lot. I think they all have unlimited texting.
Good luck!

Worst Service Ever!
At first, the service was acceptable- even though the ZTE phone QLinkWireless gave me was the crappiest phone on the market. But about 1 month ago got an email to bring my own phone and get unlimited free data as well as a free tablet. Okay -FREE is good, right?
Not with QLink! I received the sim card and followed the instructions to a T - no service. This was a Thursday. I kept repeating everything and finally got calling service, but no text, no data. Called on Friday on hold for over an hour. Fixed text- no calls and still no data. Called several times on Saturday- on hold for over 4 hours total. Left my home number several times - no one called me to resolve the issue! Called again on Sunday- the call had so much static I couldn't understand the girl. I thought it was my old phone, but I immediately called someone else after hanging up with QLink and my phone was crystal clear. It was their awful service! So I finally just went back to my old carrier. BUT would qlink. Release my number back to them- NOT without several more phone calls taking several hours over the course of 2 days! But finally - my phone is working quite well again! End of story? NOT! I started thinking of getting a different phone to use with QLink ( FREE tablet) and started - but did not even complete- a new application. I even erased all the info and closed it. Guess what? Got a new sim card, new account and phone number!
So I'm on the phone again for about an hour trying to cancel and close my account and everything associated with it! Again the service faded in and out and I couldn't understand half of what the CSR was saying. But I was on my good cell phone this time so this was just more proof that it's their service that's so bad. Was put on hold about 10 times during call, but finally got confirmation that my account would be closed - in 3 business days! Since this is a Friday, that means I won't be released from QLink until -possibly - next Wednesday. What a nightmare! But I guess I should've expected it considering it was screwed up Obama that started this program!
Just a note: I NEVER received a call back, text or email response to the numerous requests for help.

The absolute worst customer service I've ever dealt with.
The phone that I received from Qlink was substandard. I purchased an iPhone 6s from a reputable reseller to use for Qlink's "bring your own phone" program. The iPhone 6s is one of the most compatible phones on the market and mine is unlocked. Everything worked fine for two months and then on the morning of April 1,2021, immediately after receiving my text from them informing me that QLinkWireless replenished my account with unlimited everything, my cellphone service went out.

I called their customer service and was informed that my wait time would be 246 minutes. After spending an hour or so on hold and hearing their timer states that I still had 242 minutes left, I decided to hit the #2 button and request a callback. I was informed that someone would call me back within 48 hours.

The next day I decided to stay on hold until I spoke to someone since no one called me back. I sat on hold from 11 am until 10:30 pm when I finally got through to a "customer service" agent. I quickly discovered that this was not "technical support" that I reached, since the young lady was only qualified to help out with the simplest of handset functions and had no ability to help with any service issues. She left the phone for a few minutes and then returned and admitted that this was beyond her, but stated that she would "accelerate" it and that it was a known problem that would be repaired within 24 hours. That was five days ago. I've left messages every day and left callback requests each day (remember those 48-hour ones?). I signed up for a different carrier this morning. They are Fedex'ing me the sim card, so just a few more days.

Be prepared to be on hold with service reps repeatedly re issues with new service!
I ordered Lifeline service and was approved. I also ordered a phone and wanted to port my existing number. After about a week, I only received a sim card. I installed the sim, got an awesome calling/text/data package but with a new number assigned to me. I was told that it would take four hours by a rep for the port to finish. I found out by calling back the next day that the port could take up to four days. I called back a few days later and was told that the account number and pin that I gave them was incorrect, so the port had not been ordered. I contacted my original provider and QLinkWireless provided the info I needed. I called QLink back... gave them the info and was told to wait. They would send me an email when the port was complete. I called them on a Friday afternoon and they told me that my phone was having an issue that would require me talking with tech support. They were closed until Monday. I then started getting error messages stating that my sim was locked and to restart my device and then call their number. I called back yesterday, Monday and was told that my phone was locked, by their tech support. I have used my phone on three different GSM carriers without any problem. They told me to contact my previous provider and to request it be unlocked. It is not a locked phone! My current provider told me there was no port request dating all the way back to May and that they have no reason to unlock my already unlocked phone. Three/four different sim cards have all worked in this device and all I want is for my phone number to port over so I don't have to change it, I love my phone number! Lol. Anyhow, I called back and got the same rep on the line and she kept ignoring my statements that the phone is unlocked, instead reading from a script explaining the features and prices. She asked if I could give a rating between one and ten for the service provided today. Earlier this morning she got a 5, the last time she got a one. She asked what she could do to improve the rating, I said that it would be nice if it would not take two weeks to simply port my number over and to send me a new sim, AND to accept the fact that I know that my phone is not a locked device. All the time I'm using the phone, ON THE CALL with her, the sim is locked, not the phone. I then told her to just cancel the service, I was going to purchase additional data per month on an ongoing basis initially, but decided it was best to just cut my losses and give up on their services. I kept getting overseas operators that I had difficulty understanding yet very polite, and then when I got domestic call center reps, they were easy to understand but most often quite short with me and un-human in their care of my problem. I'm trying another Lifeline service, trying to save money because of limited income from a disability. I hope they treat me better than QLink did.

A fun story
So I've had my Q-Link phone for months, never received any calls but I also had my main phone where I was called so I don't know if this was happening before or not...
About 12 days ago I tried to swap my Straight Talk number to the free phone i qualify for with Q-Link Wireless (Government phone, enough said right lmao) to save $35 a month and went for like three days where i had no connection to straight talk (like none at all) QLinkWireless said my phone was no longer active (like it wasn't supposed to be) but i could still use it with my number as the number hadn't swapped over to the Q-Link phone and the Q-Link still had it's number. So they both still had their own numbers. After almost a full 3 days it finally switched but I'm told something weird is going on when people try to call me, I couldn't receive calls...
Nobody at Q-Link can explain this, I need to follow steps to update the software on my phone.
A couple days in I still have the same problem and need to follow these steps again... nothing, "You'll need to call from a second phone so we can talk to you while we work on the phone"so the next business day I call from Kristeen's house phone, it happens to be Friday and oops Tech Support has already closed because I forgot to call until the last minute because my brain is broken and I don't remember things need to be done so I called at like 7:30/8 pm... I need to call Monday to speak to tech support...
Monday I call and ask to speak to tech support and the moron on the other end of the phone insists on putting me through the updating process two more times... then finally puts me through to tech support because "unfortunately that didn't work" So I talk to tech support, they do their thing have me call a number and guess what, a whole fat lot of nothing has changed...
I get an app TextNow which gives you a number so you can talk n text as long as you have internet coverage (which I do, I can text and I can make calls and use my data but not receive calls?) and forward my number to the free WiFi calling number and now if you call me i can receive the calls

They still don't know why I can't receive calls 10 days out. So day 11 I try to swap my number back to a free straight talk phone I got with a time card but Q Link keeps saying I have the wrong pin and the wrong Password... I wrote them down when I first made the Q-Link account months ago -_-
Now I am really pissed off and my inner beast is trying to come out (those who have truly seen or heard me in an actual rage know him; for the hell of it let's call that Kevin "Dale" lol) and I'm trying not to let "Dale" overtake the phone as I'm speaking to another moron from Straight Talk who can't understand what I'm telling them to do, try resubmitting the application with my phone number as the account number instead of the enrollment number as the account number and the pin still as the pin"... after the fifth failed time explaining it to them i tell them "that's it there's nothing more to be done tonight" I say good bye and thank you for trying to help and hang up, having succeeded in not letting "Dale" out on the agent over the phone...
I try resubmitting my application to get a new number this time and my pin won't go through because I already tried and failed to use it once before... so I just paid about $70 for time when it was supposed to be 35 because I'm just tired of the F#c#! N6 stupidity... I know, I let them win but now i'm not in the stupid mess any more... the free phone still has my number and TextNow so i can receive the calls and now i have a new number on the phone I'm paying for... the end of a really irritating story...
I didn't get what I want but I DO have a working number with no f#c#tardation attached... even though we all know StraightTalk is just as "special" but at least I can make and RECEIVE calls :D

Worst customer service ever
I recently switched to qlink because my friend have qlink and she has free calling minutes and my company only gave me a thousand minutes. So I switched. Big mistake. I tried to Port my number it took them a day and a half to get it right by the time my number was ported I was out at the store suddenly my phone stopped working I didn't have the new SIM card put in yet I couldn't get a ride home because I couldn't contact Uber. Eventually got a ride home. I tried to purchase a new phone from their site I was approved for credit. Came back to order the phone and the website kept refreshing itself. QLinkWireless said wait until your number is ported and then try again that might be the problem I said okay. So after getting home after being stranded I go to put the new SIM card in and I can't get the phone to operate. I tried to call them and I had to deal with your annoying AF prompt system that had me going round and round in circles no live person. I tried to use the automated system to get my SIM card to work but the automated system kept telling me the phone I was calling them from was the phone I was trying to fix which it wasn't I was using an alternate phone. So I decided to wait on hold for a live person. 2 hours. I had to listen to this annoying music and annoying prompt voice for 2 hours. And then it just connected me! I have the biggest regret of my life. I filled out a help form and they said it will take 3 to 5 days before anybody gets back to me. Seriously? Oh and when I went back to the store to order a new phone, a Samsung 9 plus it was gone. The only phones that I had to order from were some phones that I never heard of a nuu? What is that? And a qlink fone, obviously a TracFone which suck ass. I think I'm going to go back to SafeLink.

Bad results
Q link will not back up their phones. I called them in February or March of 2021 about my phone the representative said QLinkWireless would send me another one so to make a long story short I called about 5-6 times during that period until now & all I got was a promise that they would not keep on sending me the phone. So when I called them on the 11-22-2021 & the representative then said that in order for me to get another phone I have to send money to them or bring over another phone that I can get to them. Now how is you going to send someone a sim card in December that don't work with the phone & Everytime I call the phone call always get disconnected from someone & they do not call back either but at the beginning of the conversation with them they ask you for a good call back number. How is that helping people with low & limited income. Also I can't use the phone because it's an older phone & have a hard time keeping up with the network it gets so hot until it feels like it's about to explode they just need to stop lying & back up their word & just send me another phone what I been waiting almost a year on. Please don't deal with Q Link if you have other options. Thank you from a really disappointed person.

Quality of Service & Free Tablet Scam
I have Qlink phone service, been using them for a while because it is free and I qualify. First I got a free phone. It started acting up, so I decided to buy my own phone and have my account transferred to the new phone. Glad I had the right match. For months now I have been getting notifications on my phone to got to a link for a free tablet. I never did. This December I got a tablet in the mail. Didn't know why or who sent it. I went into my account on line because I stopped being able to get into my voicemails. There I found some type of message saying I have a $10. Balance owed for what was suppose to be a "free" tablet. Tried to contact Qlink [website says you can chat anytime - NOT TRUE - no actual person ever answers your question]. From google I learned that a program called Emergency Broadband Benefits is the program that give qualified persons free and/or money to help pay for internet service. I do not have Internet through qlink. Never received any internet equipment. Do not receive any money to help pay for internet. Yet, I called the Broadband company and QLinkWireless had issued an application number to me. I spoke with a representative and was told that my provider, Qlink, had started the application. That I needed to completed the process. I denied the request and asked that the application be cancelled because I did not authorize it. She agreed she would, but stated I needed to get the matter straight with Qlink. Still trying to contact Qlink. Meanwhile I am googling how to reset my voicemail or troubleshoot the problem, unless this is something being done by Qlink. Also, trying to find out how to make a legal complaint against Qlink.

Don't get Qlink wireless! I wish I would've read the reviews before choosing them!
If I could give them no stars I would. I usually don't write bad reviews, I try to resolve the problem first. I did the bring your own phone as I have an unlocked phone.
QLinkWireless sent me the sim card. I've had nothing but problems ever since. The sim card literally worked for a day and then stopped working.
I've been on the phone with customer service several times for up to 1hr just to talk to someone. I've been hung up on and never called back like they state they will do if the call gets dropped.
I've had a couple rude customer service representatives. Most of them are really hard to understand. I've had to ask them can you repeat that several times. None of them were americans.
Ive had them tell me that I needed to buy a phone from them because there's nothing wrong with my sim card. They say it has to be my phone and refuse to send me a new sim card. My husband has straight talk and I have put his sim in my phone and it works just fine. I have told them that its not my phone. It seems like a scam to me. They want you to buy a phone from them. Before I came here I went to the BBB website and there was tons of people also complaining about them. Please do yourself a favor and don't choose this carrier it is very stressful to wait on hold for long periods of time and still not have the issue resolved. Worst company I've ever had to deal with. I hope they will let me cancel service so I can switch to someone better. Its sad to see a company doing this in a time where millions of Americans need help now more then ever because of covid 19.

False promises, lies, and unjustified excuses.
Qlink sent me a notification on 3/21 for a new free 16GB phone and SIM card in regards to the EBB PROGRAM. I never received a phone after receiving several emails with a confirmation number. I received an email on 9/4/21confirming the order is being processed for shipping. On 11/9/21 I received a notice that I had to upgrade to a new SIM card to continue service. The SIM card is incompatible with my current phone. Qlink notified me to purchase a new phone. I called Qlink to ask about the free phone, which would be compatible with the SIM card. Qlink reps & supervisor first provided me with lies and excuses for not sending my free phone. Then the Supervisor stated the program has expired. I informed him about the email I received 9/4/2021 stating I qualified to receive a free phone. He answered with unjustified and discrepancies for excuses. He tried to end the call. I continued by asking about the $19.99 phone replacement, which would be compatible. I asked about how many GB it had. He wouldn't give me the information. I remarked you sell a phone without revealing the phone's features? He looked it up; then stated that it had 8GB of storage. I asked why don't you sell the phone that is supposedly originally the free phone for $19.99. He didn't answer. I stated because you never had any intentions of giving the phone free. Also the phone doesn't exist. If you were a legitimate company and offered a phone for free, which you now state the program has expired; and it has nothing to do with the EBB program, you would in good faith sell that phone to promised customers for $19.99. You can't because the phone never existed. You never had intentions to give a phone for free. I am reporting Qlink for scam. I will have you investigated for taking government funds and not using them for the intentions. He replied you can believe whatever you want. Do you have anymore questions? I need to move on to the next call. This entire phone call took over 2 hours. All I got was lies and unjustified excuses. I attached 3 emails the original order, and the email received 9/04/21. I did inquire about the last email. I stated the program had not expired at that time. One last addition, the Qlink representative stated in July the reason I didn't receive the phone was that there were components missing, yet on 11/09/21 the supervisor stated that millions of phones were sent out I didn't make the list. I did inquire how did millions of phones get sent out if the rep in July stated that components are missing and that is the reason for the delay. Qlink put out false information, and then lied about it. I am sure Qlink committed government fraud. And definitely email fraud.

I've Been Waiting For My QLINK account and phone 6 months.
I am elderly and disabled with no phone for^ months now. If I'd known it would taken all this time with my plan pending shipping I would had canceled long ago. I tend to fall down at split my head all the time. I do need access to 911. I have contacted QLING over, and over, and over again having to explain fro the beginning all the time. QLinkWireless either say "Sorry for the inconvenience" or "your phone will be shipped in 5 days" Then "your phone will be shipped in two days" last Friday I was told that I'd receive my shipping number in my email. I Called them yesterday, Wednesday and said everything again and asked for the tracking number (the second time I asked this week) And they said "Sorry for the inconvience" and wouldn't answer my question about the tracking number. I have asked them in the past what their records say about when my plan went to shipping and they had no answer the several times I had to say all the history again. So. My plan is "pending shipping" today March 5th and they are "sorry about the inconvience". Maybe my relatives can sue QLINK for ignoring my telling them I need 911 over, and over, and over again when someone eventually looks for me and finds me dead because they stopped calling me because I HAD NO PHONE AND I FALL DOWN AND BREAK MY HEAD TO BLOOD! I'd say don't inconvenience QLINK with your Government Subsidization. Best to heed my words and contract with someone else. Stranded in Colorado, Barbara ******* (I have no phone or phone number) I only have internet if I can get someone, not by phone, to take me to the library.

Horrible and rude
When I first got qlink service, QLinkWireless data stopped working. They tried to fix it by telling me to put a bunch of codes in the settings and that basically broke the mobile data function. They didn't know how to fix it so they left it unresolved. A couple months later, they started pushing a discount tablet on me. I ordered it 5 months ago. When I ordered it, I got no verification the order went through so i thought it was just a hiccup in their crap website and it didn't work. Whatever. 5 months later, I move to tucson. A few days after that I got an email telling me the tablet was delivered but it was delivered to the old address. The tablet was then lost and could not be retrieved. I called the post office, amazon, and qlink to help and nobody would. I called qlink and the lady was argumentative and talking over me. I told them I wanted to cancel my service several times and the lady was just trying to get me to tech support to fix my data. I told them if they can't fix it, i'm canceling my service. Anyway when I got to tech support the guy told me to put a bunch of codes in the settings again and everything he told me to do didn't work, after a while, he told me that data should start working in 48 hours and told me some technical mumbo jumbo about cell phone towers. I am past the 48 hour mark and the is still no data. When he first told me the 48 hour thing I was skeptical. Now I realize he lied to me to get me off the phone. I will be canceling my service next month. I do not recommend this fly-by-night business to anyone.

I wouldn't give it 1 star
I purchased a phone from qlink and QLinkWireless said it would take 5-7 days to receive my phone, 24 hours later they shut my phone off so I called them and the guy told me that they shut my phone off cause the other one is activated. I told him I didn't receive the phone yet and he told me that's policy, be patient and that my phone will be shut off and i will be without a phone for 5 to 7 days. So if I I have 5 to 7 days without a phone and I have an emergency what do I do? This is suppose to be a lifeline service and I purchase a phone and what do they do? They deactivated my phone until I receive my other one. Total inconvenience and this lifeline service needs shut down that's wrong to have a customer without a phone for a week because he bought one off of them. And the phones they give you don't even function right. As I've been through three off them I can make that statement. This is suppose to be a lifeline service and you can't even understand anyone that works on the customer service line. They are all broken English and the phones lag when you try to call taking 2 minutes at times. I have videos of the way these phones work.

If you need 911 with this service-you're going to die!
The phone is bad enough. It's a ZTE & the online instructions don't jibe with the actual phone. You get to figure it out for yourself. Check your VM daily cause not all the calls you missed will show on your phone. QLinkWireless recently updated -you had no choice & now it constantly wants to connect you to the internet! You have to click back sometimes as many as 6 times to get to the phone icon & it will often drop the call while you are dialing & tell you that 'launch' isn't responding-you asked for the PHONE! Customer service is a LONG wait, They have no knowledge of their phones, they don't speak English well & are VERY rude. When they went from 2 to 3 G service I gad to BUY a phone because they weren't going to support 2 G anymore. I've NEVER gad more than 2 bars of service. It's not an actual smartphone. They can't ping your phone & find you-my roadside assistance has tried. When you try to get a return ride from Lyft & press the blue words to connect to the net-it wants you to enter a URL number. If you're on hold for a bit or sometimes randomly & it prompts you to press one to get to so & so... Well sometimes the phone foes blank & you can't even hang up & try again-you have to restart the phone.

I recently signed my granny up for QLink phone services and the enrollment and receipt of the phone went smoothly. However, upon checking up on delivery of a Sim Card Kit the other day we realized she was de-enrolled! How? Why? It was simply not possible, as nothing had changed, so I attempted to contact QLink. There, BEGINS the nightmare. (LONG, but worth the read).

I was sent to an endless loop of only four phone options - NONE of which was the choice of a LIVE AGENT. I must have phoned at least twelve times, chosen every option and every one sent me back to the same loop. I then logged in to send them a message from their website, but it kept taking me to a de-enrolled page. I was able to finally find a contact site and sent a message.

After doing so, I immediately contacted the PUC who gave me the number for Texas Lifeline and was lucky enough to speak to a really great guy. He told me that everything was in order on their end in regard to the program itself, but that he showed that she had TWO accounts with QLink. Apparently, a de-enrolled one because "the provider had neglected to send in a number (?) within a necessary time allotment", and one, which had been "enrolled" just TWO DAYS PRIOR (just two days from/before when he and I were speaking). Whaaat? He suggested we phone QLink and let them know what QLinkWireless showed. I explained that I had tried contacting them to no avail, but that I would try again. (I figured that QLink had just enrolled her again, so perhaps their system had not updated). I attempted to contact QLink by phone a few more times, but it appeared that the phone I was calling from was flagged as associated to her account, so again, I received no more than the four options and none to a live agent.

The next day, we received an email which said, "call us and a live agent will help, or click the button below, and a live agent will contact you within 48-72 hours." Figuring they had fixed the problem where I couldn't reach an agent before, I phoned in, and of course, it was the same garbage loop - no live agent. To add insult to injury, however, the 'Click Here, Someone Will Phone You Back' Button DID NOT WORK EITHER. IT sent me into an endless loop on their site, which still said she was de-enrolled.

Well, having worked for the CEOs of two major companies in the past, you kind of develop that pit-bull mentality they have - where you just can't let go of a bone... and I was irked. I researched the owner of QLink, an "Issa Asad", his company, and located a number for the counsel he used for his Petition For Expansion of ETC Service Area into our state. Digging way deeper still, I was able to locate a number for him. Now, let me digress for a moment and say that I have contacted three or four heads of major companies before; heads of companies WAY bigger than QLink; and what is surprising to me, is that without fail, they have expressed genuine concern and gratitude for bringing up issues that they may not be aware of, to their attention. That was NOT the case with Asad. (I guess names really are telling).

The first time I phoned, the number rang and rang and rang at least a dozen times, to where I wondered what kind of line it was, then it clicked and switched to another kind of ringing, and then went into a voicemail system where he said he was busy and if immediate help was needed, to contact some of his associates (no numbers for them) or to send him a text at that number. I left a message in which I went into a little of what was happening and my inability to reach anyone from Customer Service. I think my voice gave away the stress of the past few days and I wasn't as even-tempered or cordial as I normally would be. Upon hanging up, I called right back again, at which point he answered, and was really rude, short and dismissive. He seemed upset that I had contacted him directly, and had not one ounce of understanding or empathy about or for what I had been dealing with for days because of some error on his company's part.

In a rushed and almost contemptuous tone, he told me to "call customer service", at which point I asked him what he thought I had been trying to do and that I was contacting him, because I did not have the ability to reach them. He then asked for my number which of course he should have had, but I gave it to him.

About 15-20 minutes later, I received a call which was obviously being recorded but for which there was no message saying it was being recorded, and a woman identified herself and asked what the issue was. She said her records showed that the lifeline program had de-enrolled my granny and that she did not have services through them. She too was rude beyond belief. I explained what I was being told by Texas Lifeline, and told her that quite honestly, 'common sense would dictate that they knew what they were talking about'. (Why would they say there were two accounts if there weren't)? She said: "Well, they don't have our records." I felt like asking how in the world the government agency that oversees the program, and who by law, they report to, 'could not have access to their records', but this was one of those silly people who don't even matter enough to argue with because they are just too dense and incapable of common sense, so you'd never get anywhere with them.

After we spoke, I called Texas Lifeline Services yet again, and reached a sweet young lady who told me, pretty much verbatim, what the gentleman I spoke to the other day had: that she showed TWO accounts with QLink - a de-enrolled one and an enrolled/active one which had been enrolled just a few days prior. She said she could de-enroll us, or that she could open an investigation. I chose to open an investigation, if only for the very simple fact that I will be happy to text Asad a copy of what is revealed at the conclusion, although I can tell you now - he won't care one way or another.

In closing out this review, I have to tell you that none of these companies really make any BIG money off of the 'government phone' program (they make it from added services), so customer service will always be lax at any of them. This one however, QLINK, seems to have an inborn, inherently dismissive and couldn't-care-less attitude that comes from the owner himself. Do yourself a favor, save yourself some massive headaches and frustration, and do not reward them with your business.

P.S. Some of the legal stipulations of Asad's deal with the U.S. Government in order to provide this type of service, includes:
Q LINK ETC Service Area Will Serve The Public Interest
Q LINK Will Comply With Applicable Service Requirements
Q LINK Will Satisfy Consumer Protection and Service Quality Standards; AND:
Q LINK is dedicated to quality customer service and care, specifically:
"Lifeline customers can reach Q LINK's Customer Service department via phone, mail, e-mail, fax, or online"... which we have already established, is not the case.

If you have issues with them, open an investigation or request help from the Lifeline program in your state.

Worst Phone Service Ever!
I was a QLink customer since Oct. 2018, after 21/2 months I was cut off in order to recertify at the first of the year, that took two + weeks... okay dealt with, cruising into the new year now and the text feature wasn't working properly, taking 3-5+ days to receive a text and most days my texts wouldn't send, just poof and the message that I typed to send would vanish, not to mention no space to use any social media apps... calling customer service was like calling Mumbai... couldn't understand them most of the time and no one could help me with the text feature failure... sent a message to customer service on their QLink website, all that I ever received was an acknowledgement that QLinkWireless had received my help message and that someone would get back with me... never happened... so I sent several of the same message complaining about the text feature... March 15th I purchased thirty day unlimited talk, text, data, on April 1st I received a text from QLink stating they had loaded my monthly free minutes... so I called customer care and spoke with a woman explaining that I had purchased the 30day just two weeks prior, and that I still had two weeks unlimited left and that my 1000 monthly minutes should be loaded at the end of the 30 days on April14th... she assured me that I was good and that my two more weeks unlimited was applied and that yes my free 1000 monthly minutes would load by April 15th... now just two days ago I try to make a call to someone and was routed immediately to customer care prompting me to buy more minutes... when the rep finally got on the line with me he tells me that I need to purchase more minutes, so I again go to explain the situation and then he tells me after reviewing my account that I am being PERMANENTLY cancelled/disconnected... because I complained about the service... I asked for a supervisor and after 4-5 minutes a woman gets on the phone, without the thick accent, she reviews my account after I explained my story and comes back to tell me that yes I have been cut-off because I filed a complaint about the service not working... WOW!... Now that I have been treated so poorly I filed a proper complaint with the FTC and BBB and I hope that this company gets thoroughly investigated for abuse and ripping off customers that are low income and recipients of social services... This company has a contract with the government and asks for documents that have our personal information and identification... and after speaking with several different reps from their company when calling customer service we must realize that our personal info is available to foreign entities, where is the security and safety from identity theft... our government needs to regulate and control these types of companies, that are under contract, and we are now vulnerable by being made to relinquish our information in order to qualify... No refunds... just told me that I need to look for another provider!... Run... don't walk away from QLink... they are the worst experience ever... not worth the hassle and headache!

QlinkWireless lies more than my ex.
It's a shame that qlink has lied about everything. I've been using their services for about a year now. QLinkWireless were just as expected at first. Then they told me that when I upgraded my sim card to the 5g network that's would get a free tablet and by enrolling in the EBB Program I would get unlimited data until they end the EBB Program. Every month I was supposedly getting "unlimited" Data and that's what my bill says but believe me it's not unlimited at all. First of all the first days of data that I do get will only load regular web pages sorta slow but after you've us d a few gigabytes of data it gets throttled to the point that you can't even make a googl search. This has happened every month and even after calling about the data the representative claimed my data was unlimited but I'm very aware of how my data gets throttled and suddenly on the 1st it starts working again every time. I've also been told multiple times that my tablet was ready to ship and I would get an email with a tracking number as soon as it ships. They been telling me that for 3 months now. I don't know how they benefit from doing this to me but it is stupid. I never asked for any of it to begin with. They offered and I just don't like acting like I'm getting something that I'm not. Qlink sucks, I'm gonna go to a different provider. Hope this helps someone.

Cell service alone was OK but they screwed me with their "free" tablet
I had my own phone and the cellphone service (Through T-mobile) has been perfectly fine.
The issue came when the offered the "free tablet" (that QLinkWireless then ask you to pay $10.01 for)
I was receiving a discount on my internet through the ACP program. Somehow Q-link was able to take that plan away from me (through Xfinity) in order to send me my "free" tablet that was a complete piece of unusable junk. Now I'm trying to get my internet discount back and they are telling me I have to get Qlink to cancel it on their end first. How was Qlink able to take if from Xfinity without my permission? They have cost me $80 so far from Xfinity and I already sent that piece of crap tablet back to them. By the way, our Government (your tax dollars) pay Qlink $99.99 for that tablet and then they ask the consumer me/you for another $10.01 for $110 total for a tablet that is so woefully underpowered that it is not even capable of running Android let alone a single app on it. Complete scam, ripping off the Government and consumers. If that tablet and everything that ensued after it had never happened I probably would have given 5 stars. I didn't have issues with them before all this.

A joke
I ordered a replacement phone paid the $25. It says it'll be shipped out in 7-10 business days. It's been more than 10 business days an I've called customer service 2 times already. First of all your connected to someone in India who has no common sense. Why don't we have all our call centers in America? I'm explaining to "Stephanie" (yeah right that's her name) that this happened in 10/18 I was given the same excuse at that time... QLinkWireless are having a delay in processing the phones because there isn't enough phones or the company hasn't sent them the phones yet. If this was the issue in 2018 why has the issue not been corrected. It's going on more than a year an I'm getting the same lame generic excuse from steph that "Stacy" gave me last year. Come on get your $#*! together. Free or not believe me Qlink is getting paid a pretty penny to send us these gov phones. I don't give af for their lies and fake answers. On top of that the phone that has been updated in my account is called a pepper or something similar to that and has a Chile on the back of it? Joke joke joke. I could go on an on. Nothing is going to happen to them because corporations are corrupt (I mean Epstein didn't commit suicide An Hilary is still running around a free woman) so what's going to happen to a government ran fake phone company. The owners will just get a raise.

Scam artist and thieves!
I am on SSDI and Dying from my Diseases. Was given a very cheap Cellphone as i was leaving our states run human health care building. Was told i was approved for free service so was like wow cool. After couple months i decided to upgrade to better cellphone. After couple yrs of suburb service, i was sent a 5g simcard and told i had to install it.It f'ed my Cellphone up that even there tech support couldnt activate it.So person on other end of phone call convenced me that my Cellphone was to outdated to work on that 5G simcard so bought a Moto G6 Stylus for $300. Now to remind everybody that i am on SSDI so i had to use my grocery money for that month to purchase it. After putting that 5G sim card in new Cellphone it still wouldnt work, every call i made went straight to there operators even after calling 911. I spent over 750 mins in 1 week alone trying to get my new Cellphone activated. That 750 mins used shows up on my usage page. That 750 mins used was mostly used by being put on hold, i spent 5 hrs 1 day just on hold, then when i got ahold of somebody QLinkWireless were either asain or indian and the echo was so bad that you heard every word you said in the background. Todays Date is 5/23/2021 and my new Cellphone still isnt activated and my old phone was destroyed by this Company.So i went to CRICKET and been happy ever since. All this Company wants is your MONEY and will LIE and Cheat to SCAM you.And YES they will not ANSWER your EMAILS even sending you a email stating that they recieved it. I cant count how many times ive been hung up on by whoever answers there phone calls. Cant even get there Upper Management to respond to this $#*!! Wonder how they sleep personally knowing how bad there stealing from disabled and sick Seniors. Oh just found out that they deleted my purchase info on that Moto G6 Stylus that i just purchase from them, So that i now have no proof now of purchase.

Q link is manipulative unethical trash that violates your privacy
Thursday. January. 21 2021: do not get a cellphone with this company unless you have no choice. I've been. With this company for over two years because of my medical problems causing me not able to pay for my previous phone. The customer service is horrible.and the raggedy defective phones that QLinkWireless send you are even worse and the customer service agents dont speak good clear English and they also try to manipulated you when they are in the wrong with the low quality phones they send you for free or you buy. And don't log into social media with your free govt q link phone into social media because they will. Scan your phone almost every time you log in because they did it to me for over a year because both social media and q link are both governmental entities and want to censor you and violate your privacy rights and no telling what else they do to your information and whom they are selling it to and for what purposes probably for something corrupt and evil. I. was on social medias last Thursday January 13 2021 and my. Voicemail. Dialed by itself while on social media but yet the call. Was not on the caller ID history. Also the phone ends the calls when someone is finishing talking to you without you hitting the red end call button on your smart phone. Plus if you have the Google videos and photos app.on your raggedy ass phone the app on your q link. Zte brand phone will erase your previous photos and videos without your permission or your notification. Also your. Sprint voicemails will erase without your permission as well and you can contact q link and file bbb complaints and those a-holes at q link do not care because of who their CEO is and whom is employed there. Also there were social media support groups that if you go to searching for customer support answers.and fb along with q link kicks you out the group

A result of call centers shipping overseas
QLINK support was absolutely useless! I called and right in the beginning, I could barely hear them due to all of the background noise and their indian accent. I then explained to the man that I was without a phone right now(due to my qlink phone not working anymore), and explained to him the only phones compatible with qlink, are high-end apple and Samsung phones which someone who qualifies for qlink is NOT typically going to own! He in a round about way told me too bad for now we are working on it. I then said well I guess theres nothing else you can help me with. He then tried to market me cheap minutes and said I would get a text message in a few minutes if I want to buy extra minutes. I was enraged at this point, because I just told him 2 3 times i have no phone at the moment!
He ended the call and asked how I rate his service on a scale from 1 to 10. I told him 3 because our call was useless, and to add to all of that you tried to market me minutes when I just told you numerous times I do NOT have a phone nor a compatible phone (not one out of the three I own are compatible because QLinkWireless are cheaper phones)
QLINK IS A JOKE! It was a big mistake outsourcing all the call centers to places people do not comprehend English speaking very well. It is so bad to the point where they cant even really grasp what you are telling them. I am tired of this every time I call somewhere.

Not worth the headache. You probably wont get it anyway
I needed a new phone because I'm going through a financial situation and I can't afford my old cell bill (along with many other bills) anymore. So I applied for Qlink. I don't need food stamps YET so I don't have them, only Medicaid, which I qualify for.

The program says that is one of the services QLinkWireless accept. But when it was time to qualify they said my document was expired but I just got this updated card from Medicaid 2 months ago. Qlink said the effective date is the same as the expiration date.? I contacted Medicaid and they confirmed that it was the issue date. How is the issue or effective date the same as the expiration date? Requesting common sense please. Smh

So we don't get paystubs at our job, now I have to request one and wait for them to process one THEN re-submit. Another 3-5 days until I get it and then it has to go through the review process again. Mind you applied well before Christmas. Ugh. Qlink you're the best... NOT.

People say you can't complain when you get something free but can you 'complain' when you don't ever receive it after giving them all of your personal details? Don't take all of my information and not give me what you promised when I qualify for the thing.

Many years ago when I was with a different free service, now THEY had phenomenal service. You didn't have to jump through hoops and they did their job. I might have to go back with them.

Edit: I should also add that it all started when I contacted them in a professional way while my application was in review. The rep seemed strange. I guess they thought I didn't need a free phone. So I feel like they discriminate on educated people. Yes people with educations can be poor too, QLink. We fall on hard times like everyone else. I had to call them back sounding uneducated just to 'prove' that I am poor.

Worst phones, service and cust. Service!
This company SUCKS. Don't trust 'unlimited data' plans. You pay $60 for 'unlimited data' but will cut off at 10 G's. This should be False Advertisement! I don't understand how QLinkWireless get away with it. The phones they provide are slow to touch screen taps, have pre-installed apps that use up and leach all your data, freeze up all time, downloaded apps don't work and this is lucky if your phone even works at all. My phone arrived a week after my first usage statement came in which already had 2.7 G's of data some minutes and texts already had been used. I imagine that they are stealing somehow my data text and minutes to charge money with my purchases later that I needed, to use my phone. Data plans are priced: $3 for 100mb, $10 for 500mb, $15 for 1G, $25 for 2G, $45 for 4G; this is absolutely outrageous! STRONG ARM ROBBERY and should be prosecuted and have a pending and future class action lawsuit for theft! What a scam! Customer service SUCKKKSSSS! Never speaking with someone who speaks my language, ENGLISH! When I do purchase a plan so to use my phone and data is turned on; I may get 1 bar of signal strength at best and I live in a great area to get a strong signal. This whole service is a scam! There are many cheaper options; GoogleFi, Safelink, Assurance and many other options! Please, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Only for desperate phone use at best
After reading some of these reviews I guess I am one of the more fortunate people. My phone I have had for 1 year, a ZTE piece of junk from China but it works. It does have mind of its own, seems to be some issues with the touchscreen and crappy software. It is so far inferior to anything out there currently. It calls people by picking up the phone, cant download any software because its internal memory is so limited that it cant download any updates. I purchased a memory card for it to save pictures on to keep it working. The phone sucks, and you do get what you pay for. For use as a phone only, depending on your exact location it may work. I have wi-fi which I connect to in my home, sitting right next to my cable router, it always says it has a weak signal. The phone is so slow, if it accidently calls someone, you cant even hang up because there is a long delay before the screen comes up to hit the hang up button. Only use for minimum use and only phone. Even in SMS texting, there is only a few characters before it splits it into multiple messages receiving, what a headache. If you have a high tolerance for pain and frustration, get one.

Customer Service: Worse than having a job watching paint dry on a wall
So I saw the ad and like any other person I was like"Wow! That's a great deal, but what's the catch" so of course I signed up. At first it was so simple no prob. Waited for my sim kit never arrived so got back online and man I had to do the national verification again, all I had to do was initial the boxed statements and my signature,"that was it!?!" And I had did all that first time, so anyways I'm just waiting. My partner received their without a problem and before me. He had the byop and as I helped him set it up we got completely stuck on the network reset section. We both took turns to figure it out nada so we contact customer support, first thing put on hold 45 min. Finally spoke to a rude agent who couldn't get this fixed so she says we have to talk to someone at tech support. Been on hold for them over 6 hours. We also tried calling from 2 other phones, online and email. All phones were kept on hold for a long time, did get a request for call back, but did QLinkWireless call back, heck NO, no email nothing! So at this point he's stuck, phone but no service. All darn day waiting on hold when he coulve been out taking care of more important things and he even missed a phone interview that he had waited patiently and was looking forward the call! So as upset as he was hopefully the manager the called him will understand and give him a second shot. For this gov't phone company big as big and known I would think they'd be very much more professional. Many people who truly can't afford phone service becausre of finances, the virus, and no employment could really use a service that they thought was legit and could've helped them, but it was all false hope which isn't right especially if it's from the government, you'd think they'd put the people first and look out for us all as a country, very sad and it angers me because We still didn't get a call back and yup still on hold. What a shame. I don't recommended this company, false advertising!


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Description: All qualified Q Link customers are eligible to receive a free smartphone and free monthly service.
Our free Q Link plan includes free monthly data and minutes, and unlimited worldwide texting.

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