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After 7 years of work, and research I submitted my dissertation to Papertrue for editing. $1600 for roughly 300 pages. After a week or so, I received a corrupt document. After trying to work with them (PaperTrue are responsive which the only reason I gave a 2 rating), we discovered that some text had been lost and much of my work had been lost. I paid an additional $150 bucks to have my local computer guy try and salvage my document but in the end, I had to go back to an older version. At this point, with my deadline quickly approaching I tried to continue working with them, but to no avail they were completely out of their element in terms of being able to offer me quality service. In the end, my department and chair refused to accept any further efforts by this service and feared opening any document by them would corrupt their system. By the time, I threw in the towel with their inability, I was passed my deadline and needed to hired a local editor which costs me an additional $7500.
$7000 tuition and $500 in new editor fees. Now, Papertrue did admit to their faults and offered me a 25 percent discount, but they never honored it. They use PayPal as a payment method so between the two companies I got screwed. PayPal assured me that I didn't need to do anything and that they would guarantee me satisfaction. As per both their policies. PayPal paid Papertrue and told me that I would need to pay them. In the end, $1600 on a service they were incapable of giving and I never used costs me $9250. Reading the reviews others have left, leaves me to believe they may do well in helping with simple matters. Perhaps a short documents or even a shorter academic paper. But I would not trust them to do any significant work, especially doctoral dissertation, masters thesis, or even a book someone has spent considerable time and investment on.
I truly made a significant effort to try to work things out with them because they answer quickly and do sound professional in the manner they approach helping you or solving a problem. But in the end, good customer service and salesmanship did not equate to quality or even useable work and it cost me much more than money! BEWARE!

Paper True is truly Superb, truly amazing and truly trustworthy people :)
Well, I do a lot of research before handling a work to someone. And this is my first manuscript. I really wanted someone who can understand my requirement clearly and do the job. There were lot of editors, proof readers as freelancers out there. That's the confusion part for everyone who is looking for these services.

I started to chat with Richard in Paper True team online chat when I started my research. PaperTrue are available 24hrs around the clock. I still wonder how that is possible. Their team was swift responsive, clear clarification on all your needs and customer friendly to all queries.

After couple of months research, while working on the manuscript on the side, I fix my mind with Paper True after careful validation of the service reputation and reviews. I trusted them and my evaluation never went wrong. So I went on to pay the full amounts in one go while handling the work even when they requested for 50% only. Why I did that, because there are people who are so much experienced in Paper True team and I was sure that my work will be taken care properly.

From day 01 after accepting my work, the editor Aaron of Paper True team was amazing and highly skilled. His suggestions, inputs, appreciations, feedback was splendid. Every single dollar I paid was worth and I'm going to be a long term customer with them. We all became friends with this project, thats the kind of service they deliver and maintain the relationship with customers.

High Quality and Extremely Professional. When you are with Paper True, trust me, your work will be done to more than your expectation. That's why I wanted to give review to them, this is not to help them to get more business for them, but to help everyone out there who is looking for spotless proofreading and editing services. Thank you Paper true Team, Richard, Customer Service & Aaron, my editor:)

Kind Regards,

BEWARE Scam Company
Beware, the sample PaperTrue provide you will be perfectly edited. I submitted two projects at the same time. One was a short story and the other was a 150-page manuscript. I got the short story back quickly, but full of new errors.

The errors were obvious, like sentences missing and double words (that that). I emailed them about the concerns and they asked me to highlight all of the mistakes and send it back to them (taking more of my time to point out all of their mistakes). I told them I could not afford to correct their paper for the 150-page manuscript because it was just an unacceptable expectation for a paying customer.

They assured me that the manuscript would be flawless. They returned it a month late and it was full of errors. Again, they asked me to highlight them, which I refused to do for the whole 150 pages. I asked for my money back, but they don't grant returns. Their policy is to "fix it" until you are happy (or too tired to complain). They assured me that the second time would be better and that they would have their chief editor fix it. Again, they sent the 2nd version back to me late and with obvious errors throughout the paper. I paid $1300 for this! So, I highlighted the work again (which took me two days) and I corrected all of the grammar and sentence structure issues.

I replied with a catty email saying they should hire me to edit their work. I never heard back from them. BEWARE of companies that don't have refund policies.

This place gets away with what they do because they have YOU highlight the issues so they can easily fix them


Best proofreading services
This my first time writing a manuscript to publish on international journal. Before sending the manuscript, many colleagues ask me to send the manuscript to thelowest level journal (Q4) as the first experience writing manuscript for internationaljournal. PaperTrue said, It is difficult to publish manuscript on the reputation journal Q1 fornon experience writer. My colleagues avoid such reputation journal for publish theirmanuscript because they are not confidence or are rejected experience. But, with PaperTrue assistance, I become confident writing manuscript perfectly. PaperTrue notconcern on linguistic domain but on the sentence meaning and conceptual systematic, and some of them is including of framework of the research. PaperTrue commentchallenging me to understand the comment and rewriting the manuscript. Thank youvery much PaperTrue for the assistance editing my manuscript. Now, my manuscript havebeen accepted by the top reputation international journal Q1 in education field. Oncemore, thank you PaperTrue, your help is my confidence to write manuscript to publish onreputation journal.

They truly are there when you need them. I will rate them more stars if I could.
After that other site (who starts with an s and ends with an r) e-mailed me last-minute (the day before I needed my research paper back), after taking several hundred of USD from me, that PaperTrue needed 3 extra days due (according to them due to being too busy, so I felt I am not important as a customer). I immediately emailed Papertrue if they could offer me custom 24hrs service (which was not listed in their site). And they did!

They split my paper across very competent and friendly proof-readers. They all offered me excellent feedback on clarity! And pointed out, how I should cross-check my research goals across my paper and gave me other very useful advice!

Papertrue was in the end a better value for my money. And as a PhD student, I am not rich.

The other service even took over two weeks to refund me my payment! I of course will never even think about using sxxxxr. I will go straight to papertrue instead. Thanks Papertrue for saving this PhD student, me!

Excellent Editing Company
This is the best service I've had from an editing company. I haven't had much experience with editing, but so far this was a great experience. PaperTrue made my novel a 665 page book that was full of errors into something I feel I could present to the public. Deborah and the staff have excellent skills at Paper True. They are quick to get answers and deliver on time with what they promise. I am working on my third book and I am going to use them again. I wish I would have done all three books with this company. The best part was getting that option of a clean edit. You can have the tracked one next to you while you go down the clean edit and make what little tweaks you want. Fantastic Job. I'm beyond impressed. So many companies seem lazy or don't want to go that extra mile. Not this one! They make you feel important. That is the honest to goodness truth. Thank you Paper True staff. I honestly mean that. You're hard work is well appreciated.

Great Service
Thank you so much for your correction and comments. I learned a lot from the correction and I see some consistent pattern in my mistakes. I believe that my dissertation developed a lot and it also helped me to be aware of my mistakes in the future. The service helped me a lot with my document. The editor corrected important mistakes that I never noticed as English is not my first language. The editor also pointed the mistakes regarding the composition of my text. With the help of the comments and feedbacck I was able to correct my dissertation for submission. Thank you so much. PaperTrue did an amazing job in editing my work to make it more understandable and approachable. PaperTrue made a lot of suggestions that are helpful for me to revise my research paper. Thank you so much once again for your outstanding work!

Best Proofreading service in market
Penny edited and proofread my PhD dissertation in two weeks at the highest quality. I have to say that this is the best editing experience ever in my academic career. She adopted a collaborative method, the advantage of which is that you could easily follow the process of the editor and more importantly, you can keep an intensive communication with them. The enhanced proofreading service is great. Penny not only corrected my English, but also helped me to improve the ambiguous sentences. I can clearly see how my dissertation was transformed in a good manner. I have recommended this company to my colleagues. For the people, who prepare to proofread the manuscript before submitting it to promoters or publishers, this company is definitely the best choice.

Good job
I am applying for medical school and working full-time. There are so many essays involve in applying to 22 school.

This website is a blessing. With my schedule, I can spend a night or two writing essays and in 24 hours or less. It will be edited. PaperTrue do grammar, syntax, punctuation, but I was really impress on how they capture my thoughts and improved the vocabulary of my paper.

I even used them to edit my experience sections, short answers questions and essays for the application. Most important, I get quality work at decent prices. I wish I knew about them in college. Please take advantage of their services.

It is very effective and of great value.

I am giving it a recommendation for academic students. Thanks a lot for the help.

Good job
Thank you for your thorough and meticulous editing and revision, your comments were invaluable and helped improve my paper dramatically! I am amazed by the quality of the services provided and wish I have found this website sooner! This service will help you fine tune your writing and make it sound academic and professional, it will also help you identify issues with your writing you never realized you had. It is more than simply fixing typos and errors, PaperTrue review your structure, your themes, style and ideas... etc - its vital for longer papers and for anyone who's not a native english speaker. The editor got back to me on time, and both corrections and suggestions are absolutely on point. Strongly recommended.

Thank you
"We are thrilled with the service you provided us. Your team demonstrated the utmost professionalism and provided us with superior skills and service. We are confident that we chose the right service from the first contact to the last we were treated with courtesy and professionalism.
The critique service exceeded our expectations and has provided us a wealth of invaluable insight into our project. Our business documents look perfect.
We will recommend you very highly to those seeking exceptional editing services, and we will certainly turn to you when we are in need of additional services. Thank you PaperTrue for doing a great job. We look forward to working with you."

I love my Editor Debrah Tyler
Excellent editing work. Genius Editor! I have a strong definition about what is editor's work and duty. Well is to secure the elegant English language for my texts, the cohesion between sentences paragraphs and chapters. Nothing else! I am not interest of any editor's idea of how to build the text. I am always the author, and editor is always the editor! No confusion here as many editors trying to replace us authors in a very poor way! Bravo! Papertrue in is in my heart for ever. Staff with top mood and attitude to support me! Bye bye, Love and kisses from Nikoa Grotius

Not exactly what I wanted, but not a complete waste of my time.
It was my first experience with this service or any service of it's type. Due to the nature of the project I had undertaken, I felt PaperTrue were invaluable with their proofreading, but I like semicolons and thought that the inordinate amount of time they took trying to extract them from one chapter was redundant when I removed them since they were a distraction to the readers experience with the story, and not part of any rhetorical construct. If I use this service again it would be after I had completed several drafts of my document first--Live and learn.

A Satisfactory service
PaperTrue is a unique book editing company that works to always maintain standard. It offers a sample edit where its professional editing is not left behind as to convince the authors to transact with them. A trial can convince you, I therefore recommend PaperTrue for every author. This company edited my novel and most of the words and sentences that I thought were correct were corrected and now my novel is polished with error free. Their services are very satisfactory.

Fortune Emerence Nwaiwu
The Author of The Weeping Voice.

My evaluation about the proofreading services provided by PaperTrue was 'Okay' or 'Pretty good'. I was quite satisfied for the first 3 or 4 jobs. However, when I got a clean copy of my longer essay, the job was a bit shock. The final copy was not ready to submit - the table in the essay was broken without editing properly. Probably, the editor did not have a last check(?).
I have now a 2,000 word essay, but I am hesitating to ask PaperTrue, because if I might have another bad luck.

Thank you PaperTrue!
We can't thank PaperTrue enough, PaperTrue have proofread a number of documents for us now and have always done such a fantastic job. They also ensure that they complete their work in a timely manner, which is great for us, especially when we have tight deadlines to meet. The staff at PaperTrue are so helpful and lovely and they really do make the whole process a breeze - we'll definitely be back!
Lauren - Worldwide Printing Solutions

Thorough and competent
I used the services of papertrue for proofreading of a book on a historic topic. The result was excellent and I'm really pleased. The editor not only corrected the spelling and typical "German" errors, but also gave few but important hints on some misleading expressions. The whole procedure was easy, affordable and in time. Can highly recommend papertrue and will use the service again.

Good job
Thank you PaperTrue from the Healthy Magazine team. On time delivery was very important as we were approaching the publishing. I sent multiple articles to them and PaperTrue maintained the language and consistency across the articles while improving the flow and impact. This has been a great experience working with them. Will surely work with them in future.

Professional work ethic and very helpful.
I first got on PaperTrue out of curiosity about their rates for editing documents and about their process. Their customer support reached out to me and offered to answer any questions that I had. He was very helpful and was able to answer all of my questions within a couple of minutes of my asking.
I would definitely recommend PaperTrue!

Dissertation Chapter
I finally after sending the document back 3 times to be re-edited, received an acceptable edited paper.
This is the 2nd chapter of my paper. This was the 2nd Chapter of my document. The first Chapter was acceptable first editing. However, this time not so. So I pause to recommend when dealing with time constraints regarding editing.

Excellent work.
I really liked their services. Very professional and accurate. PaperTrue did an excellent reviewing job in my paper regarding Finance. They improved the flow and the sentence order among others. My paper is now much more elegant and ready to send to a peer-reviewed journal. I would recommend this service to anyone.

A english review
The English review was careful, but the reviewer was not familiar with engineering terms. In some passages where there was a reconstruction of the phrase the text lost its meaning. This must have been due to the lack of familiarity with the topic. Nevertheless, there was a significant improvement in the text.

The WORST company for editing and proofreading
Literally the WORST company for editing and proofreading! All PaperTrue care about is easy money they can get from you.

Worst thing happened: look at the picture I added. After 4 MONTHS the Director of Customer Experience ignored me completely, he got the review in "ReviewFeeder" and wrote me the attached email. PaperTrue is trying to hide the negative reviews in the dirtiest ways. Moreover, he continued to ignore me 100% after I replied 4 times to his mail asking him for the invites needed for the two other review portals they use. I had to fight PaperTrue for over a month to get those invites.

Worst customer service: endless lies, do not keep their promises, contradicting one another, give you NO cash back for huge mistakes they made, I have it ALL recorded and screenshot and it was sent to them.

Lowest level of edit:
1. None of the editors changed a research projects name into capital letters!
2. Moreover, you fill up a form with your request and they IGNORE it. I demanded the most important thing for me- a UK editor and they sent it to a re-edit with an American one! Without letting me know!
3. Those 2 did not read over the comments I asked for in the re-edit and just made a few cheap changes, so it will look like they had done something. The first re-edit literally edited over the first edits (meaning, the USA editor changed over what the UK editor changed) and that's it! How ridicules is that?!

The company will not tell you, but even if you pay lots of money for proofing in short hours because you are in a rush (let's say 6 hours), and they did a lame editing or ask you some questions they want answers to (to shorten their work time) and you send it again- it can take 24 hours!

I will happily send you all emails and chats I had with them and you could see it yourself.
(read the comment I wrote here to PaperTrue response for my review!)

If you need your document for entry into Graduate Studies - don't rely on this service
I used this company two years ago to edit my Graduate application. PaperTrue did an excellent job. What happend this time?

I decided to return to Graduate school this year and submitted my personal statement to the editor. I used concepts typically used in sociology and historical writing to explain my ideas. Why did the editor change the names of the concepts? At one point the editor injected their idea into my paper, it seems.

The editor legit changed the conclusion that I presented in my personal statement. Why are you injecting your opinion into my research/ thoughts?

Also, are you familiar with inductive/ deductive reasoning? Why are you changing the meaning of my statement?

I made a complaint and a CSR said they would fix the issues. It took me 1-2 hours to highlight and go through the errors of the previous editor. I also sent links to artcles to company explaining my concepts. So ridiculous. While sharing my concerns, the CSR asked if I wanted to try their sister company instead to edit my personal statement. I said no thanks. Really, your site states that you expertise is in thesis editing. Could you not handle a 7 page document. Prior to sending my work to an editor - I'd actually sent it to supervisor who not only works in education but taught a major university in Toronto.

Please see attached screenshot of a chat that I had with a CSR PaperTrue Employee. Evidence they can't handle simple Graduate Studies Personal Statement

I was better off having my supervisor at my current place of employment proofread my work. Next time I use an editor, will use a different company or have one of my colleagues proofread my work for me. Unbelievable.

No more contact please
I got several messages after I gave this rating, and the only thing I can say is please stop contacting me in the future, and I won't change my rating. My professor original word is "too many errors on contents and footnotes", in which your editors guranteed that PaperTrue are all corrected. A perfect excuse of the editor is that he or she is not familiar with the chicago rule on non-English resources, but I got a great service on another website which takes care of my paper more seriously. Before I submit my paper to papertrue, I already discuss my paper with my professor many times and he approved the idea, and he said it will be a great paper if I can reduce mistakes on grammar and footnotes. Clearly, it looks still same to my professor after your edit. You can call me subjective, that's fine. Free service next time? Thanks but no: I cannot take risk on another assignment. At last, no more contact please and I won't respond again.

Save your money and find a real editor
My experience was horrible. PaperTrue missed the deadline by over 2 months. The "finished" copy they sent back to me was riddled with errors, many added, for example
They changed
"I lit my cigerette"
"I lighted my cigerette"
There were mistakes on every page. They won't even refund the money i paid. They offered me more services, that I have no faith in.

SAVE your money, this company is NOT for editing novels. After reading so many reviews I now assume the majority are fake/produced from papertrue itself.

I have spent 50 hours fixing the horrible mistakes they added to my novel so far. My friend is # 30h and not even 25% into it, after I did a run through.

I hope if your looking to have papertrue edit your novel, you think Twice.


Now they are trying to remove these honest reviews.
Read through their positive comments. It's clear that 4 people wrote them all. This is a scam company.

Excellent Service!
The quality and promptness of their service is unquestionable!

PaperTrue will carefully attend to all your editing requirements. All my research papers stood out thanks to them! They made sure my academic work was well-structured, clear, coherent, and free of error. They are extremely thorough. You will be amazed by the little mistakes they will find and correct.

I will continue to use their service, and highly recommend them to all graduate students, college professors and authors. I promise you... they will transform your manuscript or paper into a publishable book or article!

Prompt and Professional help
Im Russian, applying for a Masters Program abroad. I wanted my Statement of Purpose was smooth and hooking. I needed a professional native-speakers look at my admission paper. PaperTrue team did exactly what I wanted within 48 hours and I got 10% discount for a not urgent case. I will definitely ask for their service again. And strongly recommend them. What actually made my choice - is their live chat when you open their website. The answer pops up immediately and behind it there are real people. Friendly and professional. Papertrue Recommended!

Papertrue! True! True!
Excellent customer service. Every representative was on top of things, from their website "LIVE" representative, and customer service Representative via email, to the Editor, made sure any questions and concerns I had was addressed. PaperTrue will walk you through the whole process if needed. They did with me. And as a first time customer, I was given a special first time discount. Editor provided me great feedback and suggestions. I recommend them and look forward to doing business with them again.

A+ PaperTrue did a great job!
PaperTrue did an amazing job reviewing and editing my writing. PaperTrue provided corrections to grammar and made thoughtful analysis of key elements of the writing structure. I wrote a first person novella, and they treated it with the same fact based scrutiny of academic writing. I would absolutely use PaperTrue again. The coolest thing about PaperTrue was that they made it fun. They've obviously gotten to where they are in the industry by hiring talented staff and staying committed to quality.

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