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Paid for NEW - received a USED damaged phone!
I recently made a purchase with for a NEW phone and received a used phone with a broken screen and missing accessories. I did a lot of research and decided to buy an older Samsung Galaxy model but I didn't want to buy a refurbished phone therefore I was willing to pay extra for a new phone which led me to were advertising a NEW phone for about $50 to $60 dollars over their competitors. When I received the product it was somewhat suspect but without a past knowledge of what accessories came with a Galaxy phone and how it is packaged I trusted that I was receiving a new phone - never used. It also advertised that it was an unlocked phone and would work with AT&T which it would not and I had to switch to Verizon in order to have access to the Data stream, but that is a separate issue. It turned out that the NEW Galaxy phone had a blemish on the top left corner that quickly showed its true identity as a crack in the screen that worked its way across the top corner. At this time I just renewed my monthly dues with AT&T and because the phone would not work with At&T data stream I was going to use my old phone for another month and activate the new phone near the end of the old phones renewal period. I kept the new phone in its packaging that I received with it, after I noticed the crack in the screen I contacted and we arranged an exchange in which they were very cooperative and quick with getting a new one out to me, I was very impressed. What I was not impressed with was the fact that the second phone they sent to me was NEW and the packaging was completely different then the original phone. It also included accessories that the original phone did not include such as the earbuds. Also, the battery was sealed in plastic separate from the phone as was the back piece of the phone. The phone itself was wrapped in a sealed plastic with a screen protector on the front. This was completely different then the first phone that I received that was completely assembled and missing accessories. Therefor, it was obvious that the original phone was used and damaged. I called them immediately and explained the situation so they could add it to my return notes. Originally we assumed the first phone was damaged on delivery, but that was not the full truth, it was a used damaged phone. I wanted this in my notes so when they inspect the phone it will be clearly seen that the phone was a refurbished damaged phone. I packaged the first phone for shipping and I will be dropping it off at UPS. I expect that it will be inspected and noted that it was a used damaged phone from the start and that I am not charged for two phones. It is very upsetting when you have trust in a company and they let you down.

Turn to to get great prices and sales on a multitude of items.
I was working with my Interior Designer to replace a dining room table that needed replacing quickly. We looked around at every possible store, manufacturer, and all on-line websites to no avail.
The table we were looking for was way overpriced, and untouchable for my budget.
I decided to look online to see if I could find something that was closer to my liking, without breaking the bank.
We went from website to website, browsing and comparing styles, finishes, and pricing to see if there was a match that compared to any high end furniture store, that we liked.
I remembered that had a vast inventory of many different products, from clothing to appliances, to just about anything one was looking for. So I clicked onto dining room tables, and my designer's eyes lit up, when I started scrolling down, viewing the large inventory some of the same furniture we looking at in the high end stores, at reduced prices at Overstock.
Luckily, we saw the exact table we wanted from the manufacturer we knew, on sale.
In addition, there was an added discount available in the time frame that I was ready to purchase the furniture.
Since it was a high end item, we asked for and received free shipping. Delivery was from door to door. As a matter of fact, the delivery company brought it directly into my dining room, as I live in a high rise condo, and could never have done it without having additional help.
The table was perfect in every way, and in the furniture store it was listed at ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS higher than what I paid.
Needless to say, my interior designer and I were overjoyed. No one could have gotten a better price anywhere. Even a professional shopper, as my decorator was.

All is well unless you receive a defective product
Ordered an expensive pair of German Haflinger slippers. LOVE the slippers but left long black marks all over our hardwood floors. I called customer service and requested permission to go to a cobbler to see what could be done to eliminated the problem as I really wanted the slippers. Was told that was fine and she said she would make the notation in my file. Cobbler sprayed them with silicone but the problem still existed. I then spoke with the shoe store where I purchased the exact same slippers over 20 years ago and was told that nothing I would do would eliminate the problem, so I called Overstock and conveyed the results of my trials. They sent me a return shipping label and I reluctantly shipped the slippers back with a note explaining the problem. Yesterday, I received the slippers back with a note telling me that they would not take them back because they were worn and they couldn't re-sell them. Why would they want to pass a defective product on to the next victim? This business model will unfortunately prevent me from ever ordering from again or suggesting that anyone else orders from them. How would I have known about the defect if I hadn't worn the slippers around my home. I have ordered from them before and the products I received were perfect so I had no complaints, however, this situation is a whole different ball game and I could not be more disappointed in the fact that the company feels it is okay to sell a product that has a defect and waves all responsibility to take the product back. Buyer beware...

Went from bad to worse..
I had an credit card until I closed it 6+ months ago. 75 % + I ordered something I had some kind of problem. Whether it was "stolen" or arrived in boxes damaged or damaged items or looked very different than what I ordered. Even after calling and had something replaced that item was stolen or never arrived... so, I close my account and continue to make payments until I pay off the balance June 7,2019. I called received the full amount of payoff made payment. Goodbye. Good riddens. It was processed by our bank
Then, on June 11,2019 I receive an email stating I owed 60.00. Mmmm... strange. Acct closed and paid off.
I call the bank associated with The rep was nice HOWEVER in speaking to her she said the payment was due on June 3 2019 and that was a "late fee" that was not included in my payoff amount received when I called and spoke to the bank rep. I paid what told me was my payoff.
It gets worse on their part. She said "by law once an account has been closed we cannot go back Into it to make any changes"..."otherwise I would provide a courtesy and remove it".
Okay. The account was CLOSED AND PAID OFF IN FULL JUNE 7,2019 so how am getting a late fee on JUNE 11,2019 even after my payoff was processed with my bank by then arrive IF THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO GO BACK INTO MY ACCOUNT. SHE TOLD ME IT WAS AGAINST THE LAW SO THEY JUST BROKE THE LAW.
I believe this is bull**** and a scam. They pretty much bagged themselves on the phone. I replied to customer service that I would NOT be paying this as my account was paid off processed & closed when they contacted me on June 11 2019.
I did business with for many years and had some problems albeit minimal.
Buyer beware. UPDATE: I filed complaint with BBB & a week ago I received a letter from them, (not BBB), stating that it was my problem and I have to pay the 60.00! They went into my acct after It was closed and paid off! Yes, the dates were close. That's not the point. I was told in the letter from their bank rep that it was my responsibility.
Hello flashback. Bank said they cannot go into acct once closed and paid off but they did and they are not getting the 60.00. They cannot go back in and add a late fee! They did exactly what they said was against the law! Wrong! I'm not playing this game!
Enough said! Consumers are tired of being ripped off!
I'm not paying!

Desk is great, delivery not so much. Local might be better idea for big items.
I recently ordered a wooden computer desk with hutch from Overstock. It is indeed as pictured and described. It is nice piece of furniture (at over $1000 I was hesitant with to order.) It exceeded our expectation and we're pleased with the desk/hutch combo.

That being said there was some minor 'assembly required' and no instructions. I say that not because it was a problem but because if you didn't have a drill and screw driver some mechanical intuition you might not install the small brackets to secure the hutch to the desk. Drilling a small pilot hole for the screws will help prevent splitting the wood when you attach the bracket.

The only problems were with the delivery service - first, it uses a robo call to schedule delivery (not a live person.) Our call screening blocks robo calls so we missed the first couple attempts to schedule the delivery. It was only when I reviewed the caller id log at the end of the week and looked up the new blocked call numbers on the internet that I saw the delivery service was calling. The second problem was with the delivery itself. Overstock's site was very clear that free delivery was to the door and I paid extra for to the room and unpacking. When the shipment arrived I was informed that it only included door delivery but they'll do extra for tips. Whoa, I didn't appreciate having to explain to the delivery person that I had already paid extra. delivered into the room but I gave them a pass on unpacking - with the desk and the hutch it got rather tight and would have been better unpacked before being brought in.

Historically, our local businesses have been more concerned with good customer service. I for one like good customer service and will have to think real hard about ordering big items over the internet.

Go elsewhere if order counts as "Oversized" - you'll never receive it!
Overstock is great when the items are SMALL and inexpensive but I caution you if you are ordering anything oversized or expensive.

We ordered tile for our master bathroom renovation on March 8, and was told to expect its arrival by March 19.

But then it got lost. At this point, I was made a promise (verbally, mind you, and never written in an email to me), that if the original still hadn't been found by Monday, would issue a replacement.

No one called, I had to call them, and was told that no one made that promise, and that if it wasn't in writing they wouldn't stand by it.

By March 23, it was still lost, and they finally ordered a replacement. Great, you would think... now were getting somewhere. Except that a day later that replacement was canceled and I was told I'd still have to wait for the original.

A week passes - still waiting - and on March 31 I finally get word that it's in the area, and to call to coordinate delivery.

So I call the local logistics company to setup the time. 2 days later I'm informed that it's damaged, and asked if I would like what is not damaged. I say YES, I've been waiting for weeks and our construction is on hold. Today, April 7, I find out that the 3rd party logistics company who delivered it to the local company, has put a hold on it, and I can't even get my hands on the unbroken material.

So I call Overstock back, and ask for a supervisor, and am told that someone would contact me in 2-4 BUSINESS DAYS for next steps - for $1300 worth of tile that I still do not have a month later (mind you, we've spent over $3500 just in the last month). I ask if I can speak to that team directly, and am told they only communicate by email, not phone.

Bureaucracy is rampant, no one actually cares, and if I wasn't pestering them along the way, I don't think anyone would have actually even called back.

According to my orders page, this order has been returned and the replacement order canceled, so all I can really do at this point, is call Amex and cancel payment as hope for the best. If I had known on March 23 that I'd still be waiting I would have just ordered from Amazon (who still had stock of the same tile at the time, but doesn't now) - they haven't failed me once in 10 years.

Attached pictures are of the damaged tile at the local distribution company, that I still cant get my hands on - so close but so far...

User's recommendation: Go elsewhere.

Horrible Experience with
I recently made a large purchase via This was my first "big ticket" experience with them, having only ever used them once before for a small gift. I ordered a full King bed set including mattress, box spring, headboard/foot-board with railing, sheet set and mattress cover. First of all, a few days after I placed my order, a customer service agent contacted me to verify my billing address (we moved to last fall) and I confirmed that address I had on the order was correct. Several days after that, I received two communications that one of my orders had just been delivered TO THE OLD ADDRESS! I did make sure my new address was on the order when I did it on my phone, but somehow, it defaulted to our old address evidently. I immediately picked up the phone to call and let them know that it was the wrong address and there was a second item scheduled to be delivered later that day, so I wanted to avoid that as well. seemed very confused, trying to find fault in my ordering process rather than being interested in catching the shipments and re-routing to the correct address, and I started receiving email and text dings telling me my items were delivered TO THE WRONG ADDRESS! I reached out to them in every feasible manner to make sure they corrected this and was told, after hearing different stories from three different agents, that this person was going to take care of it and follow up with me personally - I never heard back from her. I continued to check my shipment schedules (because, of course all five items had to ship/arrive separately), and no changes were made to my delivery address. I continued to call and try to follow up and eventually, items were re-routed to me and my shipping address. I'll save the painstaking details of the relentless constant attempts by me to make sure there were no more mishaps, but again, every time I called customer service or texted them, I seemed to get someone who tried to give me a 'pat' answer and I had to ask them to please read the account notes before responding. Weeks went by and I wasn't getting updates, so eventually someone named "Stefanie" started responding via email to try to give me some kind of update - but they could not provide information on the bed furniture as it was a large item (obviously being shipped from China or another country). I tried to contact the shipper and for weeks, got an information unavailable page - until finally I read that it was supposed to arrive at the local port (about an hour from us) and then I'd heard from someone to get delivery scheduled - needless to say, I did not hear any thing. I continued to contact the shipper, who eventually ended with Schneider Trucking, and as of a few days ago, I got my furniture. I ordered these items at the end of May and it took a month to get all five items. I have no problem with the actual items, for the most part, but I will never, EVER use again under any circumstances. Their customer service was far lacking in their ability to appropriately handle this situation and then the shipping companies that they used were inept as well.

I know a lot of people swear by and have had good experiences with and to that I can only say, you were/are lucky. I hope no one ever has to experience what I went through when placing an order. I learned several things during this experience and will probably think very hard before making a large purchase such as this online. I thought I would take advantage of some Memorial day sales, little did I know it was not worth the frustration.

Poor customer service, worthless extended warranty program
For whatever reason, overstock doesn't have it where I can leave a customer review on there page so I will be leaving it here and every single other potential avenue possible along with the necessary bureaus. My husband and I purchased a pressure cooker back at the end June 2018 from overstock. We have had pressure cookers for 8 years now that we use at least 5 times a week. Needless to say this one we got hasn't last but about 6-7 months and it's already not pressurizing right and losing pressure while cooker. We reported it to overstock and the manufacturer to which both companies are not helping. Mind you we not only are under a 1 year manufacturer warranty but we also have an extended warranty that we PURCHASED and PAID FOR from overstock. The manufacturer states do not have any replacements in stock. It's been 2-3 months we've been "waiting patiently" as requested and still today were told to please be patient. Um excuse me, I've been patient for months! I use this 5 plus times a week and it's starting to be very very annoying not having it, especially considering I'm supposedly DOUBLE COVERED on this damn thing. Overstock is NO better! They aren't helping, providing alternative exchange options, refund, absolutely nothing. Yet I have two warranty coverages!? WTF! I've always heard people talk about Overstock having great customer service. This is FAR from great customer service. I receive better service from my local McDonalds! What did I buy an extended warranty for and purchase from overstock if they aren't going to provide any help and coverage? Terrible customer service and I will be continuing to fight this until everyone knows and I have a resolution. Do Not buy from overstock, especially not the extended warranty, complete garbage and worthless waste of money!

Horrible Company
This is a horrible company. I purchased a 12x15 rug from Overstock having this membership in hopes that would stand by their claim of worry free returns, but the exact opposite has occurred. They first sent me a rug that was quite obviously printed crooked and has made it an ever loving nightmare ever since. I have called them 11 straight days since the day this rug arrived, crooked, and have been told there is nothing they can do for me until I go out and BUY packaging for a 12 x 15 foot rug and repackage this 150 lb rug to acceptable standards for UPS to pick up. Then, while I'm recovering from a back injury sustained from packaging a 150 lb 12 x 15 foot rug, I can wait for it to arrive back in their warehouse for processing and THEN I can wait for them to process my refund. From start to finish I'm looking at an over month long ordeal (if I'm lucky) with countless hours wasted on the phone just to get my money back from something that should have been delivered correctly the FIRST time, when I gave Overstock my hard earned money. This company has set me in a perpetual nightmare that doesn't seem to have an end. I have been told so many stories yet here I sit over 20 days after turning over my money with a monstrous rug in the middle of my hallway awaiting someone to PLEASE pick this thing up b/c Overstock refuses to give me my money back with out a good... long... torture, all the while they sit with an acquired interest free loan compliments of my stupidity. Horrible doesn't even begin to describe my distain for this company.

I would buy elsewhere...
I was in the market for two bathroom vanities. Given that I was buying online and knew I'd have to deal with delivery inspection and possible return if damaged, I decided to buy both from one place. I chose overstock because had the vanity I wanted for my master bath priced $400 less than other sites. The second vanity they didn't have in the color I wanted, but I figured I would compromise a bit.
Order placed on Friday. On Saturday, I got a notice that one vanity shipped. I logged in to see What happened to the master bathroom vanity and saw that it was cancelled!
I called Overstock and a customer service rep told me that they made a mistake and while it said that they had 4 vanities in stock, they actually had none. So their policy was to cancel just that part of my order, without ANY notification to me. I told the customer service rep to cancel the rest of the order. He assured me he would do so first thing Monday, since no one was available on the warehouse side to do that over the weekend (funny, considering that I had just got a notice from their system advising me that they shipped my order on a Saturday...)
So I was angry, but he promised to cancel the order. So at least I didn't have to worry about that...
I tweeted out my disappointment and some online marketing guy from Overstock reached out to me all concerned about my experience. I explained what happened and asked him to double-check that the order was fully cancelled Monday, at the very first opportunity.
At 8 pm today (Monday) he emailed me to say Ithat the vanity was on the way to me and I would have to reject the vanity delivery when it comes. Oh, and get this, they would be charging me to ship the vanity back with the freight fee "unknown at this time"!
Does anyone believe that 1) they didn't know how much inventory they have, considering all of their orders are electronic? Or 2) that overstock could not contact their own warehouse or their own distributor to stop a shipment?!?!
But hey, they were all very polite and even told me they think of me as their family. Unreal.

I don't think you can honestly review a retailer until...
I don't think you can honestly review a retailer until you have a problem and see how resolve it. I've read many good reviews about and seen their advertisements about "top notch customer service."

As I purchased a new house, I decided to give them a shot to fulfill several orders for smaller pieces of furniture and decor. Signed up for the rewards program, and got 5% back on everything, plus free shipping, regardless of order total.

Started out great. Until I had a problem. Went something like this:

Day 1: Place order

Day 3: Get shipping confirmation email (tracking number, but no tracking available yet)

Day 5: Still no tracking information available. Call overstock and am told I have to allow at least 48 hours before they'll investigate and was told to call back tomorrow (even though at this point its 45 hours since I got the shipment confirmation email).

Day 6: Still no tracking information available. Called back. Told we'll contact the warehouse and we should hear back pretty quickly, usually in a few hours. We'll email you when we hear back. 8 hours later, no follow up so I call back and am told it usually takes 1-2 business days. Well aside from the incorrect information, today's Friday, so now I have wait until Monday? Yep.

Day 9: Still no tracking, no follow up. Call back again, told it was investigated and I have two options: refund or reship. Yeah, thanks for following up with me! I ask where it is shipping from. O: California. ME: Southern California? O: Yes. ME: Will it ship out TODAY? O: Yes ME: Ok, will be here in 2 days then, reship.

Day 10: Not shipped yet. Call and speak to a supervisor, who, while apologetic, was not particularly helpful. Told me, yet again, you were given wrong information, it should ship today. I will call you later once I get a tracking number from the warehouse.

Day 11: No follow up from supervisor (surprise, surprise) and still NOT shipped yet. Call back again, able to get connected with the same supervisor who tells me she tried all day to get in touch with the warehouse and was unsuccessful. I ask to cancel all remaining orders I had open (2). She says ok, puts in request to cancel. I hang up.

Shortly there-after I get an email from her saying the original -- assumed lost -- shipment is now out for delivery. Sure enough, it is.

Package comes in the manufacturer's box bubble wrapped on the outside, with the shipping label on the bubble wrap. The genius at the warehouse decided to put the shipping label wrapped around the side of the box, so the bar code was unable to be scanned by UPS. So, this entire disaster of an order was caused by one employee at the warehouse who lacked basic common sense.

I replied to the email from the supervisor I spoke with, provided a picture of the way the package arrived and the location of the shipping label and did not even get an apology. Simply, "we're happy you package came, come back and see us soon!"

Yeah I don't think so, good bye!

Order never arrived, no update - Part 2
Since I did eventually get this order, I would like to add an update with the rest of the story:

A few days after leaving the first review, I received a call and subsequent email from Overstock Representative Mary M (Escalations Specialist). She was very polite and explained that I shouldn't have received the email about paying for the return. She had already sent the delivery person an email to request status, and would call them if didn't respond in 1 day. She did call them, and the next day, I was issued a delivery date.

A couple days later, the delivery arrived. I went out to meet the driver, but when the truck was opened, the package was extremely damaged, and through a gap in the packaging, I could see large cracks in the table inside. The driver also noticed this, and recommended that I reject the item, send it back, and get a refund. From his lack of surprise, I assume he knew it was damaged, but needed my personal rejection signature for some company policy reason.

I contacted Mary about this the same day, and she said that they would normally be able to refund or replace, but since that was the last item in stock, they could only refund. When I agreed to the refund, it was done very quickly. However, when she called the next day to tell me the refund had been completed, she mentioned a new shipment had come in, and I could choose to order the item again, if I wanted. She would give me a 15% off certificate for this order. I agreed to this.

A month later, a few days after the initial delivery estimate, I did receive my order successfully, and in good conditrion. I am very happy with it.

- I'm increasing from 1 to 2 stars due to Mary's stellar customer service and resolution.
- Even though the customer service reps say they "escalate" your claim, it's very difficult to actually speak to the people they're supposedly "escalating" your claim to
- Overstock does a very bad job communicating with their delivery service
- The delivery service has an awful "auto-call" delivery scheduling system, which caused me to miss at least two delivery attempts

You might not get what you ordered and it might be damaged anyway!
Look, all I'm going to say is be careful with Overstock. First experience was buying an expensive exercise machine; it was significantly lower priced than Amazon but if Amazon had it available through Prime or at least fulfilled via their own warehouse I would likely have paid extra just to stick to Amazon's excellent shipping and return services. So I purchased the machine from Overstock and yeah, shipping with them is super, super slow. But that shipment eventually got to me and it was fine. Second item I purchased from Overstock was the same reason as before: Overstock had a better price on a bundle and Amazon didn't have the bundle anyway and not even through their own warehouse. I'd just rather not deal with sellers directly. I eventually get my shipment in a box so effed up that I almost laughed out loud. I'm sure I cussed though. And the items inside should have been four different items for the bundle. I got the one item, the second item, and then the third item was NOT what I thought I was ordering, it was a substandard item! And then fourth item was totally missing. It's as if the person picking and packing the items was looking at the wrong picture of the bundle. Also the bundle description didn't say reserved the right to switch out the items for something comparable even though there's no comparison in what I bought! The box was flimsy -- I mean, FLIMSY -- the tape was coming off as if a three year old taped it (likely a three year old would do better), and the tape was missing completely in places, scrunched up in others. And the box was coming apart on a bundle that cost me almost $300 -- and yeah, it is a delicate item! So I contacted the seller, Focus Camera. That's the invoice that was inside. They never answered the phone or contacted me. I wrote an email and left it at that and went on to contact Overstock's customer service via chat. That person was excitable but helpful though I realize now they didn't know what I was saying! I kept a copy of the chat though. And so it seems they thought I never received the entire order. So then the service rep tells me they are shipping out a new set. I was like WTF I got the first two items, the second item was NOT what I ordered, and the fourth item was missing. I said I thought Overstock was going to be like Amazon and that the packaging would be excellent and that I would not have ordered from Overstock if I would have known the shipments were NOT fulfilled by Overstock. Rep tells me that ALL shipments are fulfilled by OVERSTOCK! I was like wth is going on. Anyway, so a week later I get the new box, SAME PROBLEM! First item in there, second item in there, packaged with more tape this time but still a crappy job -- my KIDS can do better! Crappy packaging like as if whoever works for them doesn't give a crap! Okay. So then I start getting calls from UPS asking me if I received my item. I said yes, and explained what happened. Then UPS contacts me again! They said they would give the message to the driver. Driver shows up today and asks my kids if we located the other item. I am like WTH! That's not the problem! I told UPS that the problem doesn't seem to be with them though, okay, that was a banged up, messed up box the first time but I think it's more that the shipper packaged it really poorly and it was not going to withstand normal shipping. So now I'm feeling like I want to choke someone. I've got two shipments with the same two bundles that were WRONG. I have no idea what's wrong with these people at Overstock but they have some issues to work out. I don't think I'll be buying from them again.

First experience with overstock and its been a nightmare
Bought 2 tiffany lamps from them, one was fine the other was damaged. Called customer service, were helpful said they were shipping replacement part. I was happy, I had bought new furniture and the lamps were for my end tables. Told Customer service (I will refer to them as CS) I was having friends come over end of the week as I was leaving the company for a year, I would be happy if it was here before company as I have talked about it to all of them and they are eager to see it. CS member says she will see that it is shipped quickly. I receive notification 3 days later that its delivered. Come home look everywhere for it, ask neighbor if they saw a package or it was delivered to wrong address... no one saw anything. Called CS they look into matter, find out it was delivered in MA and I live in PA. I get a bunch of I'm sorry what can I do to make this up to you... I say I want my lamp I am leaving in 5 days wont be back till next yr. Once again all promises made tracking id given 4 days pass and item has been marked for pick up waiting at warehouse for ups to pick up. I call as I am leaving the next morning. Again all the apologies and promises they will ship it asap and I tell CS I am leaving the country, its going to sit outside till summer 2016. They immediately give refund and say contact us when you get back. I tell them what guarantee the item will be in stock? Then I am left with one lamp and 2 end tables. I may as well throw the other one in the garbage or gift it to someone which is an expensive gift off course. CS keeps saying what do you want us to do we gave you a refund for one lamp. Since I am out of the country I told them to send replacement to in-laws house they will keep it for me till I return. 4 days have gone by, package is still in warehouse. Christmas will come sooner than the part for the lamp. CS is well trained with standard phrases to deescalate the situation, but I don't trust overstock. If you have a deadline to buy an item do not go with them. There is firstly no guarantee you will get an item in good condition, or on time.

I have been an online purchaser for a long time and...
I have been an online purchaser for a long time and I stick with my regular and reliable stores, rarely do I buy from but on this occasion there was this bed I wanted. Well the large bed headboard was sent in packaging only fit for a pillow, so inevitably the package was very damaged, a whole corner broken off and two large cracks in the top. Terrible, but it happens and that's why there is returns assistance... or so I thought.

First my returns submission vanished, then customer service insisted that I return the 3 heavy boxes to a UPS store by myself (already helped the UPS driver bring them in as he came on his own and were too heavy), then they told me I wouldn't be refunded for up to 2 weeks, then they told me I would expect a home pickup one day in the next 2-10 days which suggests I stay home every day... this was disgraceful and everyone else who goes through this must stand up to them. Finally they agreed to refund the money in 1-2 days and an inspector might be out within 10 days to view the damaged item, I got this in writing from 2 online chat agents... needless to say they lied and I have no money and just a broken bed... the fight continues, do NOT buy from OVERSTOCK.

So refund promised today, didn't arrive today... so guess what, back on to customer service and again they extended their time frame and guess what... it''ll be in my account tomorrow... again! So I asked them where I get my lawyer to contact and she just ignored the question, I repeated it time and time again but she ignored it... so finally I gave up and said I guess I'll have to find out where my lawyer contacts by myself... still no refund.

I don't want a smashed up bed, I want them to take the bed back and refund my money... guess what, they just ignore everything I say or ask... Overstock has turned into a scam!

Overstock one of the best in tougher times plus join the club! :)
We have all had some bad experiences lately with the shopping frenzy with covid! Right? Overstock has put it out there and does keep providing the best of service and shipping it can. I have purchased several items during this time because we also moved a business and to a new house.

So let me clarify how much this can mean when things also get shipped to the wrong address and Overstock sent us a new item because of that! That means a lot because even the could have said tough nuggies! :D So I don't think that was just a fluke. Also, we had some damaged items that were extremely large boxes aka. Chairs. The first representative was difficult in I tried to ask him how to fit these chairs in their boxes again to return them and then also to just get these in a car to return them? After some discussion, another representative through email did allow us to throw them away and replaced them- which was not fun either but part of life when ordering online. Since then we have had no problems and I have had purchased previously several rugs and items that had no issues.

Overstock seems to have much variety of items at usually the lowest prices as I am the "research queen" for the best deals! ;) With just the same investment for their CLUB you can also receive rewards for reviews (LOL which you all know I like) and also to give an honest one. Now, these rewards are nothing to think twice about because you get at times up to $12 -$8 apiece depending on the item price. So let's go! Right?! Also, Overstock is not shy about giving discounted promo codes so if you hunt or allow them to spam you - Yeah I said it but we all get it! ;) Spam is a part of our life ya'll! Let's face it! We can get money off so think of it as a job! Maybe you can see where the money is?

Overstock has now been in my life for many years but more recently the Club has made it better. I am a believer and it works for them because I go there first to see their stock and move from there. I know it's been hard for all of us during this time but I believe Overstock is trying to when some retailers are not as customer service focus. Thanks for reading! Happy shopping! delivery sucks!
Order date: September 6th, 2015
Order Number: 158589139
I ordered a coffee table (Anjin Enzo Contemporary 2-tone multi-storage coffee table) with Brand of "Furniture of America" from I received the parts a week after placing the order, just to realize that there were missing parts, without which I could not even start the process of building the table. When I registered a complaint with customer care of, the gentleman names Kade promised that I would receive USD 50.00 as compensation and that the parts would be replaced at the earliest. What happened next... Guess what! I get an email mentioning that the order for missing parts for "Altra Carson End Table' has been placed and I shall hear from their customer care in 2 business days! So wrong parts ordered for wrong product and not a mention of the refund! When i called customer care again to confirm what's going on, I hear that there was no refund promised or registered in system. Also, the parts were wrongly ordered as I had guessed. corrected it in their system (apparently... let's see what email i receive next from Jessica). And there was NO promise for any compensation...

This is not the first time has messed with the delivery of parts for "Furniture of America". Just a few days earlier, my headboard that ordered from had parts with holes drilled in wrong places., They finally had to send replacement parts which arrived after 8 days of complaining.


Particularly, Furniture of America SUCKS! As much as ""

This Company is a JOKE!
WARNING: Don't ever contact Overstock expecting any level of "customer service". I receive emails directly from Overstock because I have purchased an item in the past. regularly send me emails for 12% off coupons. So, today I decided to use it. They do not give you a coupon "code", but instead have you to click the email and it "applies" the coupon in your overstock browser. I find the item I want to purchase, and proceed to check out. The coupon shows as applied to my item correctly. Then, I click to pay now. The next screen shows that the coupon is no longer applied. NO matter what you do, the coupon will not go through. So, I contact customer service. Told the agent, "Jacob", the problem and he asks me for the item number. Then he asks me to give him a screen shot of the coupon disclaimer. After providing this as well as the screen shots of the overstock checkout screens showing the coupon being removed. Then he tells me to go and delete the cookies from my browser. Told him that I had already done this and nothing changed. He told me to use another browser. Told him I only used Google Chrome and did not have another browser. Then he proceeds to tell me that when you use an app on your phone the coupons may not work... What part of "I use Google Chrome" sounded like I was using a cell phone?!? Obviously not even paying attention to what I have told him. So, his "solution" is for me to go ahead and place the order WITHOUT the coupon and when the order processes he will go back through and give me a refund to my card for the coupon amount. Yeah, like THAT'S gonna' happen! I don't have all day to get on the phone and try to track down someone and get them to give me a "refund". I am quite sure that would never happen. Not taking that chance! I told "Jacob" that he could forget my order, and any future orders. I also told him that I would make sure to share my terrible experience with their customer service on every outlet I could find to warn future customers. He tells me, " I am very sorry about all of the inconvenience and disappointment that this has caused you and I hope that you give us another chance to provide you with the World Class customer service and products that you expect and deserve from"... WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE?!? What planet are you from?!?! Finally, after arguing back and forth for far too long, "Jacob" finally decided he could talk to a supervisor. The supervisor told him to give me a $3.00 in-store credit for the coupon amount. I told him that the correct amount should have been $3.96, as shown on the first screen shot that I sent him. He proceeded to argue with me that the amount was $3.71... even though the screen shot showed that the website accurately calculated $3.96. He kept arguing insisting that his math was correct! 32.99 X. 12=3.9588, NOT 3.71! Then he tries to tell me that the discount is not given on the total price of the item. WHAT?!?! Finally after lots more arguing with me, he decided to give me a $2 additional in-store credit for "all my frustration". I told him that after I use this discount, the likelihood of me ever returning to Overstock was extremely low. This is the biggest joke of a company and customer service that I have ever dealt with in my life!

Overstock Uses Shady Shipping Partners
In May 2019, I ordered over $3,000 worth of home furnishings. Some arrived as promised. A set of nesting tables was damaged, which replaced. The trouble was with a decorative table that did not arrive on the day they promised (in confirmation email). That same day, I received a call from what I learned was a scammer using a FEDEX number (appeared on my phone a FEDEX) confirming "lack of delivery" and asking me to call FEDEX to file an insurance claim. When I called the real FEDEX (using number on website, because the original caller did not provide any info) the FEDEX employee said that the number I gave them from my caller ID (which said FEDEX) was not affiliated and was a scam. They began fraud procedures on their end and asked that I contact Overstock.

I immediately called Overstock to alert them to the scam delivery company - their records indicated that it had indeed been delivered to my residence. After a lengthy conversation, they said they would file a fraud claim and resend the piece of furniture. No email was sent to confirm this call transaction.

Randomly, an email was sent a week later cancelling my order and it indicated that I would receive a refund. 12 Days after this email, I never received a refund (nor was the table delivered).

On Day 13 after the cancellation email (and 1 MONTH after the order was placed), I called Overstock Customer Service. They seemed deeply confused by the problem and lack of shipping confirmation. I was on hold while the unhelpful lady tried to figure out what to do (which she explained to me in a way which suggests it was too complicated for her to fully grasp). At this point, I articulated that the only solution was a refund, which she claimed will take about 3 - 5 business days. I have no confidence that the woman on the phone will be able to handle the refund and will probably have to resolve the situation by filing a dispute with my credit card for that portion of the charge.

I'm left with the distinct impression that they use disreputable shipping "partners" in the U.S. instead of the more expensive FEDEX/UPS.

I will NEVER use Overstock again because of their terrible practices and lack of skill and accountability of those employees in customer service.

Customer Service The Worst
Approximately 6 weeks ago were having a huge 40-60% off sale. I found 4 great unlocked phones that normally cost $600-as the highest and $200 the lowest- they were 40-50% off. I attempted to finalize my purchase 4 times for 3 of the 4 devices I found- all to no avail.
I then wrote customer service and e-mail explaining what occurred-and asking their assistance as not to lose out these great opportunities. I received an e-mail for me to contact them. So I called 4-5 times- each time I was transferred by their customer service people to other departments- until I was disconnected. This happened not once but 4 times. So I wrote them again- well the time expited and though I did receive an e-mail stating someone would contact me with 24 hrs- that time frame came and went. Now they are stating that I failed to call them and attempting to place their incompetence onto me and blaming me for failing to act as instructed. False- this has happened before-whereas I had to contact their Executive Department in Corporate-and someone with a title did call me and assisted me in resolving an on going problem. I resent- that their incompetence-with their computer glitch- their failure to transfer and disconnect me-and finally their audacity in attempting to blame me for their mistakes disallowed me an incredible opportunity to buy a great phone for an incredible price.
So the 3 times I have used Overstock- twice I had to contact Executive to resolve my issue- and this time their audacity it turning facts around to blame me for their errors-Folks I don't think I would use Overstock again- never had such problems with Amazon-Best Buy-Tiger Direct etc. and if there was an error someone from their corporate office's called me promptly to resolve the issue usually as a good business does to their patrons.
Overstock has proven again and again- that they care very little about their customers-unless Corporate is involved.
So avoid the headaches-the computer glitches- the false accusations- go elsewhere you work for your money- when you want to buy something you shouldn't have to work at spending it too.
A very un happy soon to be ex patron.

I am a comparative shopper and I often check several...
I am a comparative shopper and I often check several sites simultaneously for the best deal before purchasing online. Overstock wins so often on price for the exact items I want that I joined their affinity program to get their rewards.

I find that their search function and item descriptions work better than some of their primary competitors. Overstock seems to the fact that it is important to have precisely consistent item descriptions, so that users can search successfully.

In the event that something isn't as wonderful as what it was supposed to be (it is so hard to know when buying online), customer service makes it right. You may have to voice your displeasure in order to get them to make it work out okay for you; but in my experience will make it right.

I called to cancel an order once, when I had forgotten to link from an email so that a % discount coupon would apply, and the customer service rep offered to go into the order and apply the coupon. That's perfect customer service in my book.

Some parsons chairs that I ordered arrived with upholstery that was so papery and flimsy that it would not have lasted a year. I felt that they should cover the shipping back, as I was only returning them due to the unexpectedly low quality of the fabric. After some discussion of the problem, the rep saw it my way and Overstock covered the return shipping.

A Fossil watch that I bought WITH the Jewelry Protection option, lost its second hand within the first three weeks, and needed a quick repair to put it back in place. The first rep that I spoke to in the Jewelry Protection area said that it was still within the time period that required me to go through the manufacturer to get it fixed. I spoke to her supervisor and quoted from the jewelry protection information where it said they would cover it immediately starting at the time of purchase. He agreed with me, and said that they would take care of getting it replaced or repaired. The watch was no longer available, so they couldn't replace it and had to repair it. They supplied a shipping label, repaired the watch, and shipped it back. It has worked perfectly ever since.

I bought a rug, which was drop-shipped from the manufacturer, and it arrived with some glue spots on the front from the manufacturing plant in China. I called Overstock; they provided the return shipping label, and they had a second rug shipped out to me immediately, before I shipped the first one back. The second one is perfect. When they received the first one, they communicated very well via email, advising that they had received the first one back and had already shipped the second one.

Between their people and their systems, I give Overstock a full five stars.

Terrible Customer Service. Out of patience
I will explain this situation one last time. I am tired of explaining and not getting timely answers and responses.

I purchased a mattress and foundation set. As you can see in the attached picture I already have a bed with slats where a mattress or boxspring can sit on. Therefore when I read the word "foundation" I am expecting a flat surface I can place over my current slats that would support the memory foam mattress.

Instead I receive a mattress and a wood base with slats!

Definitely not what the description says. Totally misleading and confusing infornation.

The day it was received, I immediately called customer service to inquire about returning the "foundation". I am told that since it was a set I could not return only the foundation but I had to return both items at my cost. Immediately I object since I believe the item is not what I wanted and I am not paying shipping for an error on Overstock's part. The agent committed to put an inquiry and return to me in 48 hrs.

I waited 48 hrs but no response was given. Very irresponsible and inefficient. I had no bed so I decided to open the mattress because I was tired of sleeping on the floor. I was tired of waiting.

1 week later now want more info (which I had already provided on chat and over the phone) and now they wont accept the mattress. I decide to call again and the lady did say that I could donate the mattress and get the money back.

So confusing! I feel like you are dragging this out and are avoiding accepting the fact that you had a incorrect description of the product.

Got an email about putting the frame together and sending picture (which I wont do because is a waste of my time). I know they part you sent does NOT work.

Now again they are saying that they wont accept the mattress

I dont care! I dont want anything anymore.

If you would have solve my issue on the day I received the item and accepted to pay the shipping fees, we would be in this situation.

Terrible customer service. Bad response time. Terrible return policies.

I want this to be over now.

Please send me a prepaid return label and full reimbursement of my money to my credit card on file.


Product arrived damaged TWICE and Customer Service is a joke!
Ordered the 9-piece Mahogany Oak Wood Desk Set for my boss on 8/26/16 and received on 9/1/16. After removing all of the items from the box, I noticed both the letter holder and memo holder arrived broken. I contacted Overstock immediately and was told replacements would be sent out. I then received an email from Ceceli P on 9/4/16 stating that would need to see pictures of the broken parts first. Because I was traveling I did not get the email. I received another email from Sara P. On 9/8 requesting pics again. I apologized for my delay and sent the pictures on 9/9/16. I received an email from Sara P. On 9/9/16 stating the pics were received. On 9/14/16 I received an email from Tiff C. Thanking me for my patience and informing me that she has initiated a return for immediate replacement. I was told because their warehouse wasn't set up to only send the parts that arrived damaged, they'd have to send the entire 9 piece set. Once received, I was to remove the items I needed and take the remaining item to the nearest UPS. I then received another email with a return label. I called their 800 number that same day and inquired if instead of me trying to lug this box, if UPS could come and pick up. I was told yes. On 9/20/16 I sent an email asking for tracking info on the replacement parts. I received an email shortly thereafter, this time from Robin M. Stating "Im writing today in response to your recent contact about canceling the replacement 9-piece Mahogany Oak Wood Desk Set. I am happy to help you today. We were able to cancel the replacement." Huh? I didn't request to cancel! Then 14 minutes later, I get an email from Tiff C. Stating that tracking info would be sent once the item ships. Ok, now I'm confused. I called on 9/22/16 and spoke with Valerie. According to the notes she read on the account, they canceled the replacement order because they never heard back from me after they requested the pictures. What? That is a complete lie. Thank goodness I don't delete my emails. So, I pulled up the email thanking me for the pictures and read it to her. After I send an email requesting tracking, how do I get an email stating I requested to canceled the order and another email 14 minutes later stating tracking info will be sent once shipped? Valerie apologized for the inconvenience and initiated another replacement order and a gift of $10. I received email with tracking info on 9/23. The replacement order arrived on 9/28/16 and guess what? The REPLACEMENT letter tray was broken as well. Are you kidding me? I called and wouldn't you know, I was told by 'Kymmie' that they couldn't talk to me, that they needed to speak with my boss... Wait, why and for what? You've been dealing with me this entire time. So, I need to pull him out of a meeting for him to say to you that it's okay to deal with me to initiate ANOTHER REPLACEMENT? This is my first (AND LAST) time ordering with and although Valerie was extremely helpful in initiating another replacement after THEY canceled, I'm extremely disappointed with their poorly made product and their customer service. Do your research, if it's on, I'm sure you can find it elsewhere.

So I ordered a weight bench from on November...
So I ordered a weight bench from on November 28th 2014. The price for the bench was at a good price of $645, while other places had it just slightly higher at the time. Well. Finally December 9th the package arrives at CEVA, who calls and schedules a delivery time. Well, that day comes and nothing arrives and no one calls me. So, I call CEVA and say oops. The package only had 1 out of 3 boxes. So I forgive the fact they didn't bother to call and tell me, but it all went downhill from there. I waited and waited and decided to contact overstock by chat. Well I'll go ahead and say, the reps were all nice, but that's their job. Regardless, I've spoken with 5 reps since about mid December trying to resolve the issue. It started out that there was a possible issue with the warehouse, but never got a resolved answer for that. Keep in mind, all these reps give me the same spill of, we'll get back to you by end of day. I think that's a funny joke they use at overstock, because that is yet to happen. So, everytime, I have to recontact them to see what's going on and again, I get different reps. The fourth one informed me that the item is out of stock, but yet they did ship out all three boxes to the carrier, but the carrier disagrees and says they only have 1 of 3 packages. Now, I was offered my money back, but I hesitated because now the bench I want, cost roughly between $800 to $1000 depending on where I look. But some of the places are out of stock. So overstock has left me in a bad place. I personally feel they should pay the difference for the bench and get the thing to me already. It's now January 1st and nothing has been resolved. They say they are filing a claim against the carrier, but I have no news on that, since the end of day never actually happens in the overstock world. So, my experience with overstock hasn't been pretty at all. Now the second rep I talked to, did give me a $50 in-store credit, but if I use that, it may not ever get to me. Overall, people have told me they have received their orders before from overstock, but if you get into a situation like this, get your money back asap. I'm sure overstock will refund me with no problems at this point, but that doesn't excuse the fact that they failed to contact me early enough to say there was a problem and I could order somewhere else and get my bench at a good price.

Australians incurr considerable delivery charges/rendering purchase not worthwhile
I have tried to order several things on in Australia. I order things from overseas all the time i. E. Aliexpress and Cafepress and get free shipping on everything (it can take a couple of months but I would rather wait then be excessively charged/or at least have the option). Unfortunately, the delivery fee/s have been massive and I have not made purchase yet. I tried to order a kitchen runner mat but item was 125.38 and delivery 117.07 (nearly same price as item). I thought, hey, maybe as it is bigger that's why. However, when ordering small items (like a small ring), the mail fees were also very high and unreasonable. I wish there was a fairer delivery fee system for Australians. Has anyone else worked out a way around this in Australia? Or should I just give up and avoid this site altogether?
Also - overstock don't deliver to Australia (contrary to their declaration that do). You get transferred to BONGO (without your OK first), an international partner. You are then in the BONGO blames OVERSTOCK dilemma if there are any probs i. E. oh you need to contact Bongo, and then Bongo advises... you need to contact overstock. You cannot get a hold of either bongo or overstock from Australia - via any means.

Your Items Price Total Price
1 Safavieh Retro Grey/ Ivory Rug (2'3 x 8')
125.38 AUD 125.38 AUD
Shipping Method
International Economy - 117.07 AUD
Estimated Delivery Date: 2016-05-19

International Express - 149.07 AUD
Estimated Delivery Date: 2016-05-16

Your Items Price Total Price
1 PalmBeach 28 TCW Cushion Princess-Cut Genuine Smoky Quartz 14k Yellow Gold-Plated Multi-Faceted Ring
70.96 AUD 70.96 AUD
Shipping Method
International Economy - 36.53 AUD
Estimated Delivery Date: 2016-05-23

International Express - 45.14 AUD
Estimated Delivery Date: 2016-05-18

Horrible Business Experience and Customer Service
On 12/12/2017, I ordered a Marcato Atlas Red Stainless-Steel Biscuit Maker/Cookie Press from as a Christmas gift for my niece. Information on my account indicated that the order had been filled and purportedly shipped six days following the order, i. E., 12/18/2017. After this date, the only tracking information that I was ever to obtain from the and USPS websites was of the alleged shipping date. I never received any further tracking information from any source nor did I receive the ordered item. At this point, I contacted Customer Service numerous times to inquire about the lack of tracking information and the reason the item had not been received.

Several different Customer Service Representatives told me that the information about my order would be forwarded to the appropriate department for follow-up on the tracking information and missing item. No employee ever contacted regarding any actions taken in attempts to locate the missing item after my complaints. Then, information listed on this order on account showed that a return of the order had been initiated on two occasions followed by a cancellation of the order. I never requested that a return, refund, or cancellation be done for this order. This was done without any Customer Service Representative contacting me by e-mail or telephone to provide an explanation on the actions taken.

An Board of Directors Representative informed me that another item had been "set aside" in case the item that I ordered was not located. I never received the item despite another one being set aside for me. Even though the website indicated the item was in stock, my account being billed, and the item allegedly shipped to me, I was informed that had made a mistake with my order. For some odd reason, the order was fulfilled and shipped but it was out-of-stock at the time of the order. Despite speaking with four different Customer Service Representatives on Live Chat and a Board of Directors representative via e-mail, not one of them discovered nor informed me that the order was out-of-stock when placed. I have never encountered such apathy and incompetence from any of the numerous websites in which I have spent thousands of dollars.

Beware of this company... stay away.
I ordered a Gayle 52" wine bar on July 11 and paid 50 dollars for 'white glove' service (place it in the room of my choice and remove all the packing material). 3 weeks later I received an email from their shipping company asking me to set up a delivery date, with a number to call. I called the number and received the following message "due to an extremely high volume of calls we cannot take your call at this time, please call back later" no way to leave a message. I call back 4 times and each time, throughout the day, no matter the time of day, get the same message. I finally get through after a few days (!) to a person who says my deliver "window" is 8 AM to 8 PM on a Tuesday. Meaning I have to take an entire day off to monitor my front door and wait for delivery. It came in the afternoon and when I unpacked it it was damaged. I refused the delivery. On the same day I put in a ticket to Overstock saying I refused the delivery and would like a refund. I got an automated response that said "customer service will contact you within 24 hours". Days passed and no response, but did refuse to publish my one star review of this product.

I paid 1300 dollars for this item. It came damaged. I refused it, never signed for it and it went back on the truck same day. I have contacted the company multiple times with no response, no refund, nothing. Total silence.

I will contact my credit card company and request a charge back. If this company has done the same kind of thing to you, google "chargeback" and take it up with your credit card company. In cases where the product was defective or not delivered to you, the issuer will investigate your claim against the merchant and, if it finds it meritorious, will remove the funds from the merchant's account and put it in yours. You have to have proof, which I do... I have a video of the delivery on my security camera, showing me refusing the product, and it being put back on the truck, I also have my delivery paperwork showing "refused" and no signature from me on the form, and all the emails, chats etc I have had with Overstock showing absolutely no movement on their part to refund me the money.

If you are looking for a bed that will last you more...
If you are looking for a bed that will last you more than 6 months, this is not it. I bought the bed in November 2013 and the slats have already came apart twice, once during the middle of the night and causing my mattress to miserably collapse, almost giving me a heart attack. I e-mailed Customer Service about it and, in a nutshell, ACKNOWLEDGED that the bed slats had always been an issue [so why sell the bed then?] and gave me a $40 credit, noting that she was being "more generous" than she should have been. Seriously? You are saying that your product is not even covered from the standard 1 year warranty? I bought so much furniture from Overstock, but after this level of Customer Service, offensive and unhelpful, they can definitely forget about me recommending the website or spreading a good work. The stupidity of some people baffles me: you are willing to compromise your clientele for lousy $400?

This is the response that I received from Overstock:

Jeanett S. From 05/05/2014 01:43 PM
Hello Federica,

I'm writing today in response to your recent contact about the problems you have had with the Sophie Grey Queen Platform Bed. It is my pleasure to assist you today.

I have looked over the history of this bed and found that the slats that ship with this bed have been a problem. The manufacturer still ships them, so I don't want to offer a replacement. What I would like to suggest, is going to your local hardware store and taking the measurements of the inside of the bed and perhaps having a nice board cut to cover the entire bottom for your box spring and mattress to rest on.

Or you might have slats cut that are a little longer and much more durable, obviously these must be falling a bit too short. What I have done is issue you a credit in the amount of $40 back to your method of payment. It was a Visa credit card that ends in 9128 and expires on 7/2015. Since you have had this bed since November, it isn't really covered, so this was being more generous that I should have been. But under the circumstances, I understood your misfortune and hope we can rectify it this way.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you with this or any other issue. Visit us again soon for great savings on our name-brand products.


Jeanett S.
Customer Care

Bad billing is the worst website I have ever used. Rude customer service and ignorant employees that can't understand basic concepts. Website error, stops working in the middle of a placement so I start over since I never got to put in a payment. Well apparently it went through for me to pay later. So I get e mails for a duplicate order. One I payed for, the other I didn't. I contact overstock with both order numbers and inform them of the issue. said no problem, send them back free of charge, don't open the duplicate products. Wait about 2 weeks for the shipments (long time) I contact overstock and ask how I'm supposed to ship it back for free, they say here are some shipping labels now you can return the items. I have to go to my parents house to use their printer as I don't have one to print the labels. Then I drive to the shipping center to ship the product. Then a few weeks go by and my money was all refunded. Well that's weird... I didn't realize this was going to happen. Then I get e-mails and letters saying that I owe them money and to top it off I have a late fee... I contact overstock and the man tells me not to worry. I don't owe any money and to call the company klarna and tell them to see overstocks notes and that I don't owe any money to them. After this phone call I just got bullied back and forth from the 2 companies saying it was my fault that I placed 2 different orders and that I do owe the money or I need to return my original items... this went on for a good 40 minutes of them trying to get the story straight. Their company isn't able to return the item that wasn't paid for instead making me pay and then return my money and tell me that I don't owe anything and then tell me I do owe it and a late fee all within 10 minutes. And neither company is trying to solve the solution, instead talking to eachother about where I went wrong! What? Then all of a sudden they say there was never a late fee. Then they say there was a late fee and it was taken off... get your story right! How can a big company like this be so unorganized. Then I'm ready to give them my money AGAIN and the website won't take my card! Now I'm forced to use my husband's debit card to pay for a present that I bought him. Fantastic. Worst Internet shopping experience ever.

It's almost 3 in the morning and I'm writing this because...
It's almost 3 in the morning and I'm writing this because I just got done talking to somebody on overstock's customer service chat. I ordered a ring for my boyfriend in the beginning of December that he thought was too small. I ordered a bigger one after returning the smaller one. The bigger one ended up being too big... note: he has never worn a ring before so he didn't know. The ring is beautiful though and great quality so we definitely want it. All is well, I'll order the smaller one back and not return the big one yet until he can really compare sizes in person. Overstock helped me with a small discount on ordering the small ring again. Ordered December 20th and expected delivery was the 26th. By the first few days of January I realized that the holidays were not the cause of my package never getting here. I contacted them again and said it was lost in the mail and that I would get an email telling me more about it and whether it was found or if id get a replacement. They also said sorry and that they'd expedite the replacement if need be, so that i'd still have time to return whatever ring we decided didn't fit. 3 days pass... I JUST got an email telling me a package was shipped to me? AND that I would receive it in over A WEEK. I am so infuriated, i contacted them again and they said it was too late it was already shipped and etc. etc. I FOUND OUT THE ORDER WAS MADE THE SAME DAY I TALKED TO THEM ABOUT IT BEING LOST. I wasn't ever informed that they were going ahead with a new order! I've been sitting here waiting for an email from the UPS on whether the other was found yet or not. Now I'll have been waiting over 3 weeks for one ring and its quite possible ill have passed the deadline for returning the other one!
They were unclear, repetitive and hardly any help whatsoever. I was promised expedited shipping and emails on the update of my lost ring and I didn't get either. Now I'm sitting here waiting for another ring and my boyfriend is just as mad as I am at this point. Soooooo so disappointed with their online customer service. I buy so much online for prices and ease and this site has done nothing but cost me time, money, and frustration. Never ordering from them again. I'll stick to amazon and ebay.

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