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Eating Disorders Essay
I asked them to research and write a 5 page essay about the impact that the American culture has on the prevalence of eating disorders in our female population and My Essay Geeks did a spectacular job. The writer used 3 recent scholarly journal references to support the response as I requested and discussed each concept in intricate detail. Apart from the high quality of work, I'm happy that the writer was keen about the citations because my professor usually checks sources for citation accuracy. I've ever lost points for forging sources in the past and I'm glad that myessaygeeks is aware of the seriousness of such an offense, which is something that a lot of online writers fail to understand.

Dissertation Amendment
I came here several weeks ago with a poorly written dissertation that a writer I found online had written for me. That writer refused to give me a refund and I was so devastated. I sent the paper to myessaygeeks and requested them to make several amendments but after going through it, the site rep advised me that it would be best to redo it since it had too many errors and the information provided by the previous writer was so vague. I explained to them that I had already spent so much on the paper and My Essay Geeks agreed to give me a better price. I processed the payment and they proceeded to work on my order. The complete dissertation was sent within 5 days and it was absolutely phenomenal. I had almost given up on getting my problem fixed but they did it so effortlessly. I'm so glad I've found time to write this review, it's my way of showing gratitude. They really helped me out.

Myessaygeeks has been working on my dissertation for the last three months. The essay writers have been quick to respond every time clarification is needed at school on the written parts. They've also been quick to respond when I've contacted them for their opinion on my personal additions to the dissertation. The customer service team has been equally responsive and available on chat for my questions and concerns regarding their essay writing services. My professor has been reviewing my work on the dissertation and he's impressed so far, I will continue to use myessaygeeks and will post my feedback here each and every time I procure their services. Thank you

Very Helpful
My Essay Geeks sent me the paper I assigned them on Monday this morning and I love it. I expected the writer to explain whether international communities are obligated to intervene in humanitarian crises in other countries and she did so using perfect examples and numerous scholarly sources. She even discussed the importance of state sovereignty, which I felt was a necessary part of the discussion. If I could mention the number of things they've done right, the list would be endless. Everything from the way they treat their clients to their determination to deliver the best results is so refreshing. I'm obsessed with their services, if had more money I would bring all my assignments here.

Centripetal & Centrifugal Forces Essay
My professor gave the class a document detailing several accounts, told us to analyze them and explain how each case presents an example of either centripetal (nation-building) or centrifugal forces. He also asked us to respond to this question: Can either Spain or Belgium be considered a nation-state' Why or why not'. The total word count was 2750 words and we were expected to use at least 5 scholarly journal articles as references. I paid myessaygeeks to do it for me and My Essay Geeks went over and beyond to ensure that all my expectations were met. I got results for the paper a few minutes ago and I scored an A. Keep doing what you do guys, you are the best. Thank you!

Business essay writers
I had a business essay based on a certain company that wanted to expand its operations by setting up branches in differents states. My writer was supposed to do thorough research on how this company is ran and evaluate the multi criteria analysis that the company has used to come up with possible locations that My Essay Geeks may consider, add his own and pick the best. Myessaygeeks took up the task and in a day they delivered a complete paper that captured the cost and environmental impact of each suggestion that they made and a relevant justification for their location choices. They even prepared a promotional strategy for the marketing manager to increase sales in the new branches. Thanks a lot myessaygeeks

Socio-Political Song Critique
I asked them to analyze a popular song first released in the 1970s or 1980s, which makes reference to a socio-political event or situation and write a 2500-3000 word essay and My Essay Geeks did an awesome job. The beautifully written critique they sent me this morning contains lyrics to the song as per the instructions, the writer provided a detailed rationale for selecting it and a precise description of the event that the song refers to, which provides the broader social, economic, or political climate for the period in which the song was written. I'm so impressed that they provided a reflection on the current socio-political circumstances and critically assessed whether or not the song's lyrics remain relevant today. The whole paper is beautifully written, thank you guys!

Thanks for your fast response
I've been out with my friends and family for the past few days and today morning I recieved a call from my classmate asking me whether I had finished my psychology essay on the effect of music on the brain. I felt stuck because I had totally forgotten that I had an assignment. I was also too tired to write it so I hurriedly went online to search for a writing company that could fix my mess since the deadline was a few hours away and my strict professor wouldn't extend it for me. I bumped into myessaygeeks and luckily the registration process was quite easy, the prices were also quite affordable. Helen was very humane, she understood my desperation and assigned a writer to me immediately. My paper has just been delivered and I really appreciate the fast response from the entire team. The paper reads well and it's been done to perfection. Thanks for saving my life myessaygeeks

Thank you Lilian
This is my third year in college and I'm so glad I came across myessaygeeks. I was feeling so overwhelmed. There is too much workload and very little time to do it all to perfection. However, I'm able to meet all my deadlines because these guys are always available to help me with my assignments. Lilian has just delivered my 1500 words art essay. She was expected to study a certain piece of artwork and do a historical and visual analysis on it based on what we have learnt in class. She was then supposed to write a personal reflection on how the piece of art makes her feel and the thoughts that it triggers in her mind. She's done a very good job. She even went ahead to explain the role that the artwork could play in the society for others. All the requirements have been met and the paper has been submitted two hours before the deadline. Thanks a lot.

It's an A-!
My nursing essay on the social determinants of health has just been remarked and I've gotten an A-. I had done this paper myself before, but my professor asked me to revise it stating that I had not captured most of the requirements for the task. I sent it to myessaygeeks immediately and My Essay Geeks did a thorough job. The writer went through all the instructions and he explained to detail how one's social class affects their health amongst other factors. He also suggested ways in which organizations such as the world health organization and the centres of disease control and prevention should address the issue. This paper is lovely and the grade says it all. I'll send you my other assignments.

Planning and Navigation
I really struggled before getting someone who was confident enough to do my aviation assignment but I eventually found one at myessaygeeks. The writer was supposed to use maps along with computations learned in class to plan a flight for weather forecast to given points and back to the starting point. Completing this task required high proficiency in CR3 computers, which was pretty obvious from the explanation the writer gave about how he'll go about completing the task. I've just gone through what My Essay Geeks delivered a few hours ago and it's perfect. The writer's work demonstrates awareness of environmental hazards and shows a high mastery of flight planning and navigation. This is by far the best essay writing website I've ever used

Perfect for Creative Writing
I was so disappointed when my professor asked me to redo my creative writing assignment, I kept procrastinating the task until only a few hours were left before the deadline. I decided to seek assistance online and ended up at myessaygeeks. My Essay Geeks have so many nice reviews on various platforms so I decided to order. I explained that I needed a rewritten story with dialogue and more detail and sent the previous story I had written as well as the professor's comments. They started working on it and kept reassuring me that they would deliver high quality work on time. Before receiving the final copy, they sent me a draft to show the work progress. I've finished reading the paper, it's awesome, and the deadline is 43 minutes away. It entails a captivating storyline that shows the character's emotions through descriptive details with dialogue. It's exactly what I needed and it's perfect. They're an awesome team

High recommended for book review writing
I've always been bad at writing so when I joined college mid last year, I knew that I had to look for a writing company that would write my assignments for me. I picked myessaygeeks out of peer pressure from my classmates but I decided to stay because of their great literature writing services. I ordered two book reviews from them yesterday and My Essay Geeks have just been submitted. One was on the Great Gatsby, while the other was on the secret diary of Adrian Mole. The way in which each book has been critiqued, the ratings and recommendations given is a clear indication that even though two different writers did my work, they both read and understood the books before writing their reviews. I really love myessaygeeks and I will always be a loyal client to them.

Myessaygeeks has trained writers in every field
It takes a trained medic to write a good medicine research paper. I have come to a realization that myessaygeeks hires experts to write papers for their clients. My writer is very knowledgeable and working with him has been so easy. I have referred a friend here as well and she told me that since she started using myessaygeeks her international relations grades have been improving. These people are experts at everything and I thinks it's amazing that My Essay Geeks do not over work their writers because they have a team of qualified writers for every course. Working with myessaygeeks has been one of my best decisions in college. I highly recommend their essay writing services.

Google Marketing Strategies
I had a discussion board assignment that required viewing a video called Google Inc.: The Right Ads at the Right Time, then creating and posting a thread that analyzed Google as a growing company that has emerged as a market leader in online advertising services. I gave myessaygeeks the task and My Essay Geeks did it perfectly well. The writer gave a compelling explanation for how Google affords to build, staff and operate Best of Breed data centers that enable instant access to a world of information, with an intuitive capability that adapts to the search interests of all users and I was amused by the level of detail and diction in the arguments he presented. These guys are absolutely the best

Good Job!
We were asked in class to look for an entrepreneur in our area, investigate his/her activities and achievements, then write a report explaining the factors that make entrepreneurs successful. I gave myessaygeeks the job, My Essay Geeks worked on it and it turned out amazing. The writer used the Big-5 Model to assess the entrepreneur's entrepreneurial personality. He also used Maslow's Pyramid to determine if there was a correlation between entrepreneurial characteristics and entrepreneurial success, which proved to be extremely necessary for this assignment. The comprehensive analysis clearly demonstrates how different factors foster or hinder entrepreneurial success and I love that the analysis covers education, financial status, and demographic factors. Y'all did an amazing job. I'm very impressed.

Business Research Methods Proposal Outline
I was thinking about letting myessaygeeks write my research proposal on building a new recreation center on Campus at Keystone College but I've never used them before so I wasn't sure that My Essay Geeks could do it to perfection. I requested them to write the outline first and I was very impressed by what they sent me. The level of detail and precision was on point and they only took a few hours to finish. I gave them a few follow up questions and it was clear within no time that they were more than qualified for the job. They are currently working on the proposal and I've been receiving regular updates. From the look of things, it's going to be a great proposal. They are a very reliable team.

Exceptional economic writers
I have officially finished my doctorate in economics with a dissertation from myessaygeeks today. I just want to appreciate the beautiful journey we've had all through from my masters classes till now. Thank you for hooking me up with a very competent team of economic writers. My Essay Geeks have been very consistent and industrious. There are times when I sent them work on very short notice but they were ever cooperative, courteous and very quick to finish up the tasks and deliver on time. Thanks for the many times you revised my papers whenever I felt dissatisfied. You are doing a very good job. I recommend myessaygeeks writing services to any economic student out there who needs to achieve the best grades at a very affordable price and with the help of the best writers. Thanks guys.

Really poor service and business etiquette
I saw really good reviews for this business and decided to go with them to help me, as i am very busy at the moment and didn't have the time to dedicate to doing this assignment and wanted to use them more for this course. My Essay Geeks were more expensive than others I found but I wanted to go with the best that I could find and most trusted. I ordered the paper on a 2 day deadline. The day that it was due, I used the online chat feature to speak with them in regards to the order. They told me that I would receive a notice once the paper was complete. The time went and passed and nothing. I called, used online chat, and emailed but received no communication from them. I disputed the transaction and that seemed to have gotten someone's attention because i finally got a communication 6 hours later that the paper would be delivered in a few hours. I expressed my dissatisfaction with the way that I was ignored and that I paid for expedited service and was not even warned. 7 hours after that, I emailed again stating that I still had no paper or resolution to my issues. At about 17 hours after the assignment was due to me, I get notification that it came through. When I responded about how I could file a complaint, as their website states you can do, I got a response that I received the paper. Regardless to if I received the paper, it was 17 hours late and it was unacceptable customer service on their behalf. They didn't have the decency to care about my concerns for the lack of communication and nonchalant attitude regarding my concerns. I am very upset!

***Update: After I told them that they should offer me something off a future service or something, they decided to give me a free 2 pages and they wanted me to update this for people to see. However, I had to suggest it. They get 2 stars instead of 1. I will update again after I get the second essay back and graded.***

***Update #2: I received the paper from them 4 days than anticipated so they are trying to be helpful at this point. They get 3 stars from me.***

You're heaven sent
I will always have a soft spot for this writing company because i met them at a very tough time in my life I had just been hospitalized and was going through chemotherapy therefore, I could hardly keep up with the pressure from my nursing school and I did not want to take an academic leave. These guys wrote all my assignments and My Essay Geeks kept sending updates just to reassure me that everything was under control as far as my school work is concerned. I have been able to post very good grades as a result of their continuous support even after I was discharged. I am set graduate soon and I could not have acquired this great achievement without their help. Thank you so much myessaygeeks

Brilliant Film Review
I have a personal writer on this site and I've had a great time working with her. Before embarking on today's assignment, I asked her to choose a Hollywood film made after 1967 which we could work with. When she sent it, I discussed it with my professor and it was approved. The task involved writing a research essay that analyzes the film in of its commercial and cultural contexts. I didn't want the writer to focus primarily on the close textual analysis of the film itself. Rather, I wanted her to trace connections between the chosen film and some of its historical contexts using primary sources. I'm very happy and impressed with the paper she delivered. There's strong evidence of independent research and analysis, which I highly appreciate. The writer employed a wide range of relevant primary materials appropriate to the main topic and followed every single instruction. Thank you!

You deserve five stars!
I've been observing the way in which myessaygeeks tackles my political science assignments and My Essay Geeks have been consistent all through. Their writers are really good at what they do. They are so concerned about the quality of the paper that they will deliver to you therefore, they are always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that they do a good job. I have just gotten yesterday's paper on controversial political believes and the way in which the writer has explained his point of view while relating it to what we have learnt in class and the knowledge gained from different authors is just breath taking. I like how they do my assignments and for that I will boldly give them five stars.

New York Policing Essay
I asked MyEssayGeeks to do independent research on the New York City Precision Policing Program and write one cohesive essay answering the 10 questions I gave them about the topic. I specifically wanted them to focus on the stop and frisk policies and elaborate further on how they've created an environment of distrust between communities and police. The core aim was to find out if the new 'precision policing' will work to ease the strained relationship and the writer gave an awesome educated opinion on the subject, which he supported using several relevant sources. I love how the answer has been framed and I admire the writer's outstanding eloquence in writing

They are awesome at Reflective Writing
My project was based on gender inequality in the creative industry and the writer was supposed to provide a reflective response about the qualitative research method used in one of the required readings. The writer who worked on this paper demonstrated a thorough understanding of the content. He did not summarize the reading. Instead, he engaged with the research method, described it, and reflected on how it could be taken up in the project. He was creative through and through and got outside of the methodological comfort zone to create a great paper. If I knew earlier that there were online essay writers that could write such decent papers, I would have started using them years ago. I'll give them 5 stars because I'm very impressed.

Rights and Wrongs
My topic was simple 'Why do people's views of what's right and wrong differ?' But then it had a twist to it. We were supposed to explain how we attempt to convince people who disagree with us about what is right and I was finding it hard to Express my ideas in writing. This isn't just something you google, the answer had to be derived from personal experiences and authentic insights. I sent Myessaygeeks the task and My Essay Geeks were happy to help. The writer who ended up doing it was brilliant, he put so much effort into writing the paper, when I read I was deeply moved, impressed and surprised that such a paper could be written within a short time. You guys are the best.

Very Efficient
I had an assignment involving managing teams and myessaygeeks did it so well, I got an A. The writer was supposed to research and write about the use of group charters, agendas and minutes in group meetings then explain their benefits and disadvantages in the second section. This assignment was very important to me, because I had to present it in class and I wanted the content to be astounding. It was an easy topic but I needed a writer who could go that extra mile and provide information that's out of the ordinary. My Essay Geeks engaged their best writer on the task and he did an amazing job. I was very confident when I presented it, and my professor was very impressed too. Thank you guys..

Thank you!
I received a poorly written paper riddled with mistakes from an online writer I was referred to by a classmate and I was so irritated by the poorly constructed sentences and grammatical errors when I went through it. I was so frustrated because I had given clear instructions about how I wanted the paper done, he did a mediocre job and gave me a partial refund. There was only very little I could do about the situation because the deadline was a few hours away so I had to look for assistance elsewhere. I settled for myessaygeeks after a brief online search due the great reviews I saw of them on different platforms and when I placed the order, My Essay Geeks started working on it immediately. They sent the paper about 20 minutes to the deadline, I didn't have much time to go through it so I turned it in. The results came in today and I scored an A. I've just gone through it and it's the best thing I've read in a long time. Whoever did it is so gifted

Always my Favorite
I've had my fair share of disappointments with essay writing services and the only website I can trust with my papers today is MyEssayGeeks. This is my 30th essay with them this year and as usual, they've delivered great work. I asked the writer to analyze the business philosophy of a famous business tycoon and I'm glad that she didn't just leave it at that. She gave personal insights about lessons learned and how My Essay Geeks can be applied in real life. They always add something extra, which makes their essays 100 times better than most sites I've used before. That's why I love them. Their prices are slightly higher, but with them i've always gotten value for my money.

Importance of anti psychotics in preventing delirium
I never thought I would ever find writers who are trustworthy and good enough to write my nursing essays for me but I'm glad I came across myessaygeeks a few weeks ago on Facebook. My Essay Geeks have written eight papers for me so far and they have all been graded so well. Their support team is quite friendly and the writers are very dedicated.My latest order was a 14 page essay on the importance of anti psychotics in preventing delirium. The ways in which different drugs can be used to prevent the major complications caused by delirium were discussed so well that my professor commended me for the great job and intensive research done. I'm confident that I'm working with the best writers and I can't wait to have them write more papers for me.

I visited myessaygeeks after reading their reviews on ReviewFeeder. I placed my research paper order through their website in a process that I'd describe as both easy and straight forward. The customer support rep guided me into getting the best available writer assigned to my order in a matter of minutes. I had a quick chat with my writer and I was assured for an excellent and timely delivery. The paper came in 4 hours to the deadline, the writer was available to make my recommended changes and align the paper to the class template. I appreciate their hardwork and will be using their essay writing services again. Thank you so much myessaygeeks for the great essay writing help!

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