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Addicted to Lyft... then, NOT.
To begin, Lyft are LEAGUES better than Yellow Cab, and slightly less expensive than Uber. Unfortunately, they are still greedy, disorganized and unprofessional.

We "found" Lyft when Yellow Cab left us stranded, and our first several rides with them went SO well, that for MONTHS we literally became addicted to not driving, and just took Lyfts everywhere. A few months in however, the shine began to wear off. We began noticing that a few of the drivers weren't the greatest. Some were unkempt, a little rude, got lost - yes, even with GPS, they got lost... It was so hit or miss, we began driving again. It is difficult though to go back to driving once you are driven around so much.:)

The straw that broke that camel's back however, was a round-trip to pick up an order of wings. Again, this driver could not set his GPS, and got lost on the way there. That was not a problem that time, as we weren't on a tight schedule or anything. AFTER the trip however, I saw a $25 charge on my card above and beyond the fare and tip.

When I contacted Lyft to inquire about it, they said it was for cleaning the driver's car, since we had supposedly left grease in it from the wings. Knowing our order had not leaked (I carried the bag on my lap and had a tan dress on), I immediately canceled my credit card and asked for proof from them. They sent me pictures of a clear puddle of LIQUID on the SEAT. Ummmmm, where we had been sitting(!), floor, and base (or footrest) of door. I told them that it was not grease from our order, as our wings were "hot" wings and the oil and sauce on them would have been at least a little orange, and not "clear" (the seats were white leather). I also asked them to explain how SO MUCH oil was on the SEAT where our butts had been. Did the order leak THROUGH me? Did they think one of US leaked oil? Wouldn't the oil have been at least a little hot? Wouldn't we (or the driver for that matter), have noticed this oil at the time and made an effort to CLEAN it? More so, for there to be the amount of oil in the pictures, wouldn't common sense dictate that the wings themselves had to have been SWIMMING in oil/grease that we then would have had to purposefully invert onto the seat? Did they think we ordered the "Wings In Grease Soup Special"?

It was obviously a scam on the part of the driver, but no one at Lyft was smart enough to put it together, or cared to even TRY, which says a lot about them. The two agents with whom I communicated had ZERO common sense, and after a few emails back and forth, I simply contacted my banking institution and opened a dispute for the $25 charge which was immediately credited back while they conducted an investigation, and which became final around a month later. In the interim, however, I received yet another message from Lyft which stated that a $SEVENTY-FIVE$ dollar charge would "not go through" and to please "update" my card.

Ha! As if.

We have never used them again, nor will we.

I was recently in a car accident and am without transportation. I just started a new job and the company has a very strict late policy. I was told about Lyft and Uber and decided to give it a whirl. After looking at reviews online, I saw a lot of people favored Lyft over Uber, so I went with it. The first downside, you cannot schedule in advance, so you are expected to call for your ride a little before you need the ride. I tried two days in a row to contact a driver and had no success ( Lyft were all busy). Well that sucks, considering I still need to get to work. A few days later I request a driver, about 45 min before I needed to be to work, ( which is only 7 min from where I live.). I requested the driver, because the system said it was only 12 min away. Once I clicked the confirm button, I find out it's 17 min away. Then a few min later, the driver Jerome called and introduced himself, to my relief he said he was only 5 miles away and would be there. I waited, and waited and waited... over 50 min later, he still wasn't there and his phone would go right to voicemail when I would try to call. Needless to say, I wasn't going to make it to work on time! I ended up cancelling the ride, I sure hope they don't charge me for it. Of course, I tried to call customer service while all of this was going on, and what do you know, they're aren't any live representative options. They refer you to go back to the website! This company sucks, I would never ever even think about ever using it again! I only gave it a 1, because I had to!
Wallingford, Pa.

Lyft Support is terrible, they dismiss your concern, after mischaracterizing it, then close the chat
I have been driving for Lyft for several months. Last week, Lyft had a promotion where you get a $50 bonus for giving a certain number of rides, and I was one ride short according to their app. However, I recalled that I had completed a ride last week that I did not get credit for, due to my new phone's touchscreen becoming completely unresponsive all of a sudden, in the middle of a ride (I tried rebooting it several times, but nothing changed). THus I was not able to tap "drop off" after dropping off the rider, and their system did not count it as a completed ride. I reported this immediately after it happened, and I was given a "bonus" to compensate for the amount I would have been paid for the ride, but it did not change the fact that the ride was not counted as being a completed ride - even though it was completed in every way - and did not count towards my ride total for the week, which left me one ride short of the $50 bonus. So I contacted their driver support on the Lyft driver app to chat with "Lyft Support", and time after time they ended and shut down the chat prematurely, before I had a chance to respond, or before the issue was resolved - causing me to have to try to bring up the "support" chat again, which takes an inordinate amount of taps and is not easy to reach, in the app. One time the "support" person ended the chat after a few minutes, during which I was attempting to type a response. Then later on, they just ended the chat without even responding, after seeing that I was unhappy both with their refusal to honor the ride as having been completed and also unhappy with how I was being treated by them. They also tried to frame the issue to make it more favorable to their point of view, and to make it seem like I was being unreasonable and had no case. They tried to say that I ended or canceled the ride, which I did not do. They tried to say that the rider canceled the ride, which he did not do. They tried to say that the ride was not given or completed, which it obviously was (why else would I have been compensated for it, after the issue happened and I reported it?). They could also easily contact the rider and ask him what happened and he could confirm that the ride was given and completed - I asked them to do this, but as usual, they gave no response. When you chat with any other "support" person in any normal company, they always ask you if your issue is resolved, they don't just close the chat. But with "Lyft Support", they first try to catch you unable to respond immediately and then take the opportunity to close the chat, then if that doesn't work, they'll give some response framing the matter in a favorable light from their point of view and then close the chat before you have a chance to respond... or eventually, at some point, if you keep trying to [go through the long process required to] contact them, they'll just stop responding entirely, and close the chat (with a message of "this issue has been resolved") without any discussion whatsoever.

I have now deleted my driver account.

Wait hours for ride at Walmart, driver hides from me then scolds me for keeping HIM waiting?!
I'm always ALWAYS waiting hours on end for my drivers. Multiple times Lyft never showed and I had to walk 2 miles home. One reviewer said they walked 3 miles home in freezing temperatures? You better believe it! Although I live in Florida but rain or shine or even 9,000 degrees they just don't care. My last driver today, had the NERVE to scold me for "keeping him waiting" and yet didn't even bother to drive around the entrance one time like most lyft drivers do. I waited at Walmart by the grocery entrance watching EVERY car go by. I already had 2 drivers disappear and I didn't even know If I'd get another one. I had my mom schedule my ride because she's able to schedule in advance. My phone won't do that. We had the ride scheduled 2 hours in advance for 6pm and I was waiting outside walmart by the road at 5:45. My mom text me that my driver would be there in 23 minutes. That driver never showed. 20 or 30 minutes after the no show she gets another text, 26 more minutes. No driver. I'm standing looking and scanning all through the parking lot. Z trip cabs all over the place which is pretty rare. And Several lyft cars but none of them were for me. My drivers changed so much that my mom didn't know who my next driver was, or what kind of car. Finally a driver calls her and she tells me where he is and I start running with my shopping cart. The driver does not say a word on the ride home. I tell him where the house is but he's all moody and pretends he doesn't understand but he does. Because he repeats what I said and I point at the drive and he points. And then he gets annoyed when he passes it and speeds in reverse, then reverse speed in my drive. And then he starts harping on me for making Him wait! Would you believe that? He told me how "Lucky" I was because most drivers wouldn't put up with me, one of those riders who like to play around and make drivers go all over the place. And wait on them. Like WTF? That made me soo mad I wanted to strangle him! That was just WRONG! I'm just not even gonna... It's a good thing that driver got in the car and left because I was about to give him more than a piece of my mind. Lyft puts me through hell every freaking time! They have left me stranded and last time I did a scheduled in advance I waited 3 hours at walmart! So I guess scheduled rides in advance aren't a good idea after all. I guess, they think it's all fun and games.

Former Driver
To all of the complaints from people who applied to Drive for Lyft & Uber, You are LUCKY you didn't get hired! Lyft is so not worth it! Yes, you can get a car through their leasing program but you will not make any money! Take it from a year and a half driver of these companies! I am actually going through a nightmare right now with Lyft's leased car! My personal car a week prior to New Years Eve lost its brakes. This forced me to lease a Lyft vehicle until my car was repaired. Three days before New Years Eve, my personal was fixed. I contacted Lyft to give them back their car. Lyft wouldn't respond to my email. I wanted to give them back their car and have them take the Express Driver Rental platform off and put the regular driver platform back on where I am making my bonuses and express pay again. When a driver is leasing a Lyft car, Lyft puts a hold on your pay. You will not get any bonuses, you can not Express pay yourself where you would get your money with in a few minutes. Lyft will charge you 200 dollars. Plus the tax fees. Plus the Lyft fees, and require you to drive a minimum of 75 pickups which they control. It's a scam and it is not worth it! Lyft refused to take the car back before New Years Eve leaving me without being able to earn money. I ended up jumping on the Uber app and didn't make hardly anything! Lyft New that if I was stuck with the car that I would have to pay for it. I haven't signed on with them for a week. I haven't touched their car in over a week. And they tell me it doesn't matter because I still have the car even though it was them that refused to take the car back. It's a money making scam leaving you in debt with a company that is suppose to provide a pay check! I gave a year in a half of my life to them. Ran two brand new cars into the hole. One car is only 9 months old and looks like it's 3 years old! I started out with 1 mile on the car and as of today it has 30,000 miles on the odometer! I am a 5.0 star rated driver with over 5234 passengers serviced for Lyft. All I have to show for my hard work and dedication to this company is two cars run into the ground, more debt and unable to pay those debts then when I first started with them. Customers who have no respect or regard for the drivers property and feel they are deserving of only paying $5 fees but want a $80,000 car and a silver spoon to eat a pint of gold! Lyft is in trouble! They have been trying to sell their company to Apple, Uber, Google, and others who have turned them down and away! Save your money, spare your car, and work for a company that won't put you in debt but rather give you the ability to live and pay your bills!

An Abusive Driver with a Filthy Mouth
Today, I dropped my car off at my mechanic's and ordered a Lyft to bring me home. Initially, the driver was a little brusque. Usually, an Uber or Lyft driver introduces themselves and asks if I am comfortable would I like to listen to music. Michael did none of that. I did ask him to roll up the windows which he did halfway and I was uncomfortable.
When he was driving on the highway (465 where the speed limit is 55), Michael hit 73. Now I am being blown around and feel unsafe that he is driving well over the speed limit and changing lanes to pass.
As we were closer to my destination (my home), Google Maps took him in the wrong direction. I told him so. He asked me to repeat myself since the wind made it hard to hear. I did. He said he was following Google Maps and I reiterated that it was the wrong way. By now I was a little impatient.
Michael began to yell at me. "Don't disrespect me, this is my truck and you don't disrespect me in my truck!" He pulled into the Staybridge Hotel parking lot and sat. I pointed out the address on their sign was in the 106th block and my address is in the 103rd block. He continued to yell at me and finally, told me to direct him.
I should have left the ride when he stopped in the parking lot. I didn't. He kept asking me left or right and I pointed out that we were going around round-a-bouts. I was telling him 2nd exit heading south (he said he didn't do north and south).
Michael became verbally abusive. He asked if I was married and said that my husband must hate me. He called me a f***** b***** several times and finally swerved the truck to the side of the road and ordered out of the truck while he shouted, "F***** C****".
While this story should be over, it isn't. Michael passed me and turned north on the next street. He waited there (it's a dead end). He then drove to the corner and watched me walk up my driveway and into my house.
I called Lyft and the police. Threatening a woman isn't a big crime, unfortunately.

Lyft treats their drivers like garbage, let alobe their passengers
My wife was a dedicated 5 star Lyft Driver with raving reviews from 100's and 100's of riders for more than a year straight, but all of a sudden she gets a text from Lyft saying her account was suspended, due to a fake and bogus report calming she was driving while under influence. Lyft did not even bother to ask everyone of recent passengers to confrim or simply call and talk to her... they simply shut her down and her her account on the spot over a fake report

Of course I immediately knew that this was a lie, because she would never ever do such a thing and the fact that she could not stop crying while telling me what happened, made me so very angry that I decided to write this review and my first hand experience with this ungrateful, disloyal and mismanaged company that treats their biggest assets like garbage. USING THESE POOR PEOPLE THAT RISK THEIR LIVES ON A DAILY BASIS TO MAKE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR THIS COMPANY, WHILE THEY GET PEANUTS TO BARELY PAY THEIR BILLS AND DISCARD THEM LIKE TRASH AND MAKE NO EFFORT TO PROTECT THEM AGAINST THIS KIND OF ABUSE

They did not even bothered to read any of the raving reviews that describe her as one of the best and the safest driver in Los Angeles. They would have quickly realized that not only what was reported was FAKE, but completely against her characteristics and her driving history... OTHERWISE SHE WOULD NOT HAVE SUCH AN IMMACULATE DRIVING RECORD AFTER ALMOST 10 YEARS OF DRIVING IN THIS TOWN

She does not even have one parking ticket, LET ALONE A DUI... AS IT WAS CLAIMED

So whomever that made that false report must have been either one of those rejected $#*!s that hit on a pretty young female driver every chance they get and could not take NO FOR AN ANSWER! Or maybe an insecure girlfriend finding her BF drooling like a Dog the minute they get in that car, because She is a million times prettier and charming that them... but whatever the reason, IT WAS ABSOLUTELY OBVIOUS THAT THIS WAS A TOTAL BOGUS REPORT! AND A SET UP!

And what is more shocking is to find out that Lyft did not take any measures to find the truth before ACCUSING HER OR A CRIME SHE DI NOT COMMIT

Someone needs to TELL CEO of lyft TO WAKE THE $#*! UP $#*!!

In the United States, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. The 14th amendment to the US Constitution guarantees to every person, aliens included, equal protection under the law. And for this very reason, I promised to make an example out of her case for all the innocent drivers that have been falsely accused and abused by this company.

This law has been put in place by our founding fathers of this country simply to protect people like her from being the target of such abuse and treatment by companies like this... so please If you you have similar stories to share, let me know or care to comment
Lyft has clearly stepped over their foundries by breaking the law! And they must be punished! By
A massive class action lawsuit by wrongly accused victims that have suffered similar emotional, psychological and financial pain and hardship as my wife did today

Please share your story or feel free to contact me

Thank you

Big spender in Arizona now
I drive for Lyft and now Lyft keep telling people that you can make up to 1500 that a joke with the 3.50 fares that they chrage and so many people who think that I can drive to but don't know how to get around town without GPS and the people you pick up out here anymore in phoenix area are cheap and don't tip and don't want to go any further than 1-3 miles away and waste your time and gas to pick them up about 40% tip and 60% don't tip and expect alot from the driver and have no respect for the driver think because they are a big spender and pay 4-5 dallors they can run the mouth to you or after the transaction is done by talking $#*! about the driver to try to get free rides from the company and its been slow down since the think that college kids are doing it it's a totally joke to they are cheap and broke and lazy to call for a ride for a short walk away and lots of the ride are getting longer to pick up then drop off the person Lyft has mess up the app sending the driver call 20 30 minutes away and you can't see were the person want to go until you get there now and wonder why the person don't get picked up last year shows that were the person want to go and chrage more money for the fare and wonder why the driver are not going out any more or will not pick up the person it used to be fast and easy to pick up the person but it not getting to the point where it's become a real problem in the Phoenix area cheap rides bad passenger in some cases and no tips and people tell you I'll put it in the fare and don't people want to go to the store and get picked up from the store waste your time and gas for 2.80 you get and are rude and cheap people who don't tip the driver only time you can make any money is in prime time now since most of the big spender don't tip and wait time is a joke 5 minutes and if they are not going any were you don't get paid for the wait time to used to but not any more and they are trying to scam the driver on the taxes send people taxes form who don't get them and if you do get one they are added the 20% on the tax forms so they don't have to pay the tax to the irs to so it's only a seasonal job to not going to make money in the summer mouth here it's become less and less money to make in Arizona to since the people with money are not coming out here anymore to Arizona about 10% from years past college kids are not going to work they are cheap and don't tip out here so I just want you to know that it's a good thing to do if you know the areas and don't need GPS to do the job the picture of the person smile on the ad if you're making great money you will be but remember that it's still a job your use your own vehicle and insurance and repair and maintenance and gas to do thris they only pay you 80% of the fare and if you're not getting good fares and make good money it's not worth it so I think really hard about doing this if you not serious about making money and because you have a car does not mean you can do this must be very good at the street and town to get around fast enough to find the person and drop them off don't have to speed around just know what your doing to the rideshare in Arizona are getting to be a joke now just remember that you will be paying for everything before to and they don't care about you ever you don't work for Lyft they work for you since they tell you that your not an employee of the company in anyway but remember that the star system is a scam to get money from people to only good thing from the star system is to get rid of bad passenger so good luck if you don't have experience doing cab work courier work and know that only pick up people who are with in 5-10 minutes max lost of cancel the ride and waste your time and gas to try to pick them up it better than most places to work but if you think the Phoenix area is paying 1500 a week that a joke to the price should go up to but they only cares about the money they make so if you don't know how to play the game with the cab business don't waste your time your not going to make any money

Fail, fail, fail on every level
My first experience with Lyft was deeply upsetting and disappointing. I realized I only had one glove as soon as my daughter and I closed the car door on a Friday evening in Brooklyn. She chased the driver down the street but was unable to flag him down. I immediately went to the app but was unable to do anything except rate and tip the driver, which I did (5 stars, $5) immediately so that I could get to the screen where I could contact him about my glove. I learned I was unable to call him; when I tried to submit the lost item form, it wouldnt go through. So I had to go back to customer support and do it there. While I got email confirmation, I did not get a call from the driver until Saturday afternoon. He was rude on the phone, stated he did not have my glove, and only after my pleading with him several times did he agree to look once more and then call me back. He did not call me back.

I sent Lyft customer support screen shots showing when the driver called me and showing that he only called once. I attached a copy of the receipt for the gloves ($65 + tax), which were bought the night before the trip when I learned how cold it was going to be.

After several rounds of back and forth, customer support remained adamant that Lyft would not do one thing to rectify the problem. Im in utter disbelief at how this situation with a first-time customer was handled and that there was no effort to correct the cascade of problems that occurred that night, from the drivers unacceptable delay in response (which, had this delay not occurred, the whole problem would not have happened) to the app (which had a broken link) to the drivers rudeness and lack of a promised follow-up phone call, to the customer service response (which was to offer me absolutely nothingnot the replacement cost of the item, which isnt even that much compared to a lost phone, for example; not a refund for the ride; not even a credit toward a future ride).

Im someone who really loves writing positive reviews for great experiences with businesses; it makes me feel good. This whole experience made me feel bad. It really cast a dark cloud over what should have been a really fun trip to see my daughter perform in New York. Ill be sticking with Uber.

Beware of Lyft's fraudulent charges
I travel a lot for work and in the past, I used Uber frequently but stopped using them because Lyft failed to pick me up twice (going to the airport). So I started using Lyft, I really liked their app and their promptness in picking me up but out of the 30 times I have used them, in the last few months I have been severely overcharged. My history shows around $52 - $58 (including tip) for the exact same ride from the airport to my house because I always pick out my "Usual Ride" (which is always the cheapest on the list) but once in August, when I automatically tipped the driver 20%, the total came up $110.54 (a 230% hike from my "Usual Ride" quote)! Then last week, same ride, same airport, I pick out my "Usual Ride", comes up with economy car $48, I get home, go to tip the driver and bam, I got charged 107.93 (225% more than quoted). If you are headstrong enough to track down the complaint line for Lyft be prepared to come equipped with an Astronomer, Geologist, and several current events analysts because 'due to the position of the sun and moon on that night, with the known gps coordinates and day of the week... unfortunately, we decided that what we did to you is justified!' Good luck!
It is now cheaper to drive my vehicle to the park n ride and pay that price. So if you continue to use these services, take a screen shot of the car of your choice and hire an attorney because when they want to screw you, they come up with some bad BS to do it! (driver's are awesome though).
Bye Lyft!

Lyft driver robber me!
Please do NOT use Lyft! I usually use Uber but my brother arranged for my ride this time and used Lyft. It was late, maybe around 2am on Saturday 6/24. I had left my vehicle at the restaurant we had eaten dinner at and needed a ride home from his house in Parker, Colorado, to my home in Littleton. It was about a 20 minute ride, I was alone in the backseat of the driver's car. The car ride was fine and everything seemed normal... A few days after that $150 in "damages" was deducted from my brother's account. We were so confused as to why, so he tried getting ahold of Lyft immediately... of course there was absolutely NO way to get ahold of someone on the phone so he had to email them and wait a few days for the response... the Lyft driver claimed that I threw up in the backseat of her car, so Lyft charged $150 clean up fee! I was and still am just blown away by what a fraud this lady is! I absolutely did NOT vomit in her vehicle! This con artist even submitted some bogus pictures! Lyft did not contact us or even notify us about her claim. They just took it upon themselves to deduct $150 from my brother account! They didn't even investigate it! Lyft along with their driver are a bunch of crooks! Please, please be careful when using this company! Take pictures of the area you sit before and after your ride! I'm filing a claim against them and that specific driver. I have photos that were taken of me prior to the ride and photos of when I arrived home... In the same clothes... not a hair out of place. What scam artists! I just didn't understand why she would do this... then it dawned on me... I had left my purse in my vehicle. I assumed my brother tipped her when he paid for the ride. I called my brother to see if he tipped her and unfortunately he didn't and assumed I would. Which is absolutely terrible and I would never let any service provider go without a tip! But now it makes complete sense and shows her motive behind her claim. Still no excuse to rip off your customer!

Dangerous and beyond greedy
I am so over this company. I use lyft daily and spend between $2,500 - $3,000 on lyft each year. I recently was picked up from the airport and my driver decided to make a last minute turn into the 405 literally doubling the length of my trip because I live in Venice. So, my 8 mile trip turned into 16... now here is the kicker - Lyft charged me $43! That's literally double the highest fare I have ever paid from the airport- a trip I take twice a month. I reported it to lyft employees and a lyft supervisor, which must be a computer, because they assure me that I was charged correctly and refuse to give a refund. I even showed them my last 10 trips to the airport to prove why this is so wrong. Nothing.

Now I will tell my sisters story. She ordered a lyft to pick her up at 5 am the night before because she was flying out to Sweden. The dude showed up 30 minutes late and was yelling. She put her things in the back seat and went to put her things in the trunk and the guy took off with the passenger door open and her purse with passport and backpack. She called the police, but Lyft refused to give them the license plate without a court order. My sister called our friend who has a fast car, grabbed my moms phone, and tracked her phone which was in her purse. They followed the man all the way to the border of Mexico and when he finally pulled into a rest stop, they blocked him in and called the police. Local police arrested him and found out that he was intoxicated and driving WITHOUT A LICENSE. Best part. Lyft did absolutely nothing! Not one credit. Not one thing. I wish she brought it to a news outlet because this is way too dangerous to not be taken seriously. Please always take a picture of the license plate before getting in and be very aware.

Lyft - you should be ashamed. I don't like Uber, but I'm taking my $2,500 - $3,000 a year to them.

Problems with LYFT SCHEDULED PICKUP service...
Here are explanations for all your problems with LYFT SCHEDULED PICKUP service:
Questions: Have you had problems with getting a Lyft driver to accept your Lyft Schedule Pickup service? Have you had problems with no drivers picking you up, or cancelling our pick up service?

Answers: I was told by customer service at Lyft that your pickup location is automatically assigned by the Lyft computer system to the nearest Active Online Lyft Driver at the time of your pickup time and location. If the nearest Lyft driver is nearby (e.g. 3 mins away), you most likely will not have a problem. BUT, if the "nearest" Active Online Lyft Driver is 20 or 30 minutes away, the Lyft computer system defaults to assigning your Scheduled pickup ride to that far away Active Online Lyft Driver. What will likely happen is that Lyft Driver will cancel your pickup. Why? The economics of the Lyft ride is unprofitable to the Lyft Driver. Example: It is not profitable for a Lyft driver to drive 30 minutes and 15 miles in heavy city traffic to accept a Lyft Scheduled Pickup fare that is a 5 mile service ride that will take 10 minutes. Why would a Lyft Driver (who is trying to make a profit) accept a 5 mile service ride, but drive 15 miles to the Lyft Schedule pickup location? Most Lyft drivers want to make money, thus this example is NOT profitable. This is why LYFT customers experience these problems with Lyft Schedule Pickup service.

Why am I writing this review on ReviewFeeder? Because the Lyft Customer Service Representative I spoke to (Roger), refuses to listen or comprehend that the Lyft Company has an opportunity to FIX these problems. When I spoke to the Lyft 3rd party customer service rep, I suggested that these fundamental flaws in this Lyft Scheduled Pickup service need to be investigated so that Lyft can improve the service. BUT, the response I received from the 3rd party Lyft customer service rep (named Roger) was "you don't need to use this service if you don't like it." And he said "this problem happens to everyone" which is why you don't have to use this Scheduled Pickup service. The 3rd Party Lyft customer service representative FAILS to see that this is an enterprise and strategic issue that is causing major dissatisfaction to both LYFT RIDERS (Customers) and LYFT DRIVERS (service providers). If Lyft does not solve this fundamental problem that frequently or occasionally occurs (example - assigning pick up rides to drivers 15 miles away, but the fare is only a 5 mile service ride) the ECONOMICS to Lyft Drivers will continually cause dissatisfaction to Lyft Scheduled Pick up customers.

A Lyft Customer Service representative told me all of this. This Lyft Scheduled Pickup service is relatively new. They have not fixed the kinks out of the service.

Also - For all of you having problems when you text, chat, or talk to Lyft Customer Service reps about all of your Lyft ride service problems... The people you talk on the phone are NOT actual Lyft employees. They are "partners" to Lyft. What this means is Lyft outsourced the telephone customer service to a 3rd party. This 3rd party company does not seem to care about you the Lyft Customer. They don't appear to be welled trained about Lyft either.

Not trustful
It is disappointing to start using a service to discover how Lyft treat the customers. This is what happened when using Lyft for the first (AND LAST) time. I called a driver from Lyft. Came Mr. Brook to take us to the airport. The guy was driving holding a cell phone to find the airport that is nearly a straight line form my home. 10 minutes away. Them, decided to drive and text to find music. I asked him to stop to text, and he said this would be fast. Not enough, he stilled $20 from my husband as, he said the ride was $11.50 and, when my husband gave $20 he could not find the change. As we were late, he decided to give the change as tip. Just, minutes later, I got an email from Lyft stating they charged $17.50 to my credit card for the same ride. I called, explained the situation, they said they would investigate the situation. They did nothing and, today, when I still found the charge there, I send another email to get the reply below. I think to fill in a police report could be a good option. I suggest, my friends, to avoid this company.
Hi Eliani,
Thank you for your response. All charges on the Lyft platform are non-refundable, as outlined in our Terms of Service and Help Center. You can view this policy in Lyfts Terms of Service here: Lyft web page addrfess, under the section Payments.""
We can assure you that your concerns regarding this driver have been taken seriously, and that we have investigated this case and taken the necessary and appropriate actions.
Have you filed a police report regarding this incident? If you choose to speak with the police regarding the matter, we would be more than happy to cooperate. Should the police need any information from us, they will need to send a subpoena due to our strict user privacy policy.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns. To ensure I receive your response please reply directly to this email.

Lyft will even employ thiefs
I have ridden over 60 rides with Lyft services. All have been average to great experiences with the exception of my last ride. The last occasion I rode with Lyft I left an item in one of their drivers vehicles, and realized within a 5 minutes time span that I had left it. I contacted the driver back while walking into my office and he didn't answer. Throughout the day he proceeded to ignore my calls and messages. I finally reached him later that night and he explained that he didn't see or didn't find it in his vehicle. This was very hard to believe considering I was sitting in the front, it was left in the front seat, and it was bright silver and pink. He advised me to contact the Lyft Help support which advised there was pretty much nothing Lyft could do because basically it was my fault I left it in the drivers car. Although it wasn't my fault the driver decided to keep it and ignore me the rest of the day. Its whatever I guess I will take it as a loss because to Lyft, it was MY FAULT that I had a dishonest driver. If my driver would have just answered my calls instead of deciding he wanted to keep my wallet than there wouldn't have been an issue. Then again Lyfts current policy does absolutely nothing to infringe punishment or justice for individuals who decide to keep lost items. So basically if I was my driver, I would have kept it as well because I knew nothing would have happened to me. There is absolutely no form of deterrence present in their policy. Altogether with what was lost in the wallet and the cost of my last ride, I payed $213 out of pocket for that 10 minute ride, one in which I have regretted every day since then. Lyft needs to review their policy on lost or stolen items, or maybe just need to employ more honest individuals. Either way I will never be requesting or referring their services to anyone else.

I started lyft in march 2017 all was good but on gay pride inner Manhattan was closed and was kinda busy i had to cancell few jobs because all requests eas coming from inner Manhattan and i was stuck on west side higwway however i logged out to save my account
At evening i hardly get lyft passenger for newJersey
I dropped him and put my destination to east i didnt get match i took lincoln tunnel i got request and i accepted
Pickup from ny and dropoff in nj
Does it make sence fir any driver tgat u pay toll and u r actually in the tunnel and u got request from jersey?
I cancelled it and my account got deactivated
You are not a part of lyft anymore
Good luck with other platforms
I contacted again and they said decision is final in future we'll be look for it
They hide all of my paystubs any trips and avery thing butthey deposited money to my account what i deserved
They are absolutely not flexible with drivers even they doent think driver a human. Only passnegers are human bexause they spent
However i had good rattion 4.9
Good reviews
And no issues
Well good luck to lyft
Because lyft is not lyft just bcz they have passnegers
They are lyft bcz they have relible drivers to but if u are no sincere with yourdrivers they will move on

My issue with Lyft relates to the experience that I had a couple of nights ago.

I needed a ride to the store on the corner. It is less than a mile and normally I would walk. But it was raining and I needed some medicine.

When the driver picked me up, his stereo was up very loud. I take a seat and immediately saw that his windshield was shattered. This wasn't a crack... it was a spiderweb shatter in the center spanning out over the entire windshield. This worried me that not only was his view obstructed but also that it was dangerous.

On top of that, he was texting while driving checking for his next fare I assume (glancing up and down through the cracked windshield while driving in the rain).

This short 2 block dangerous ride was still $7.

I contacted Lyft who responded Lyft "take reports like this very seriously but do not offer refunds".

They might be very slightly cheaper than Uber but at least Uber would have communicated better and offered a refund or credit for the next ride.

I used Lyft 3 times this week and this was my only complaint due to safety and they emailed a generic copy/paste response and told me that I should have requested another ride. However I was standing in the rain, was unaware of the windshield/loud music until I sat down, and did not know he would be staring at his phone while driving.

Some would say that I should have brought my concerns to the driver's attention. I tried... but the driver did not speak English. He just nodded, smiled, and laughed.

If you are a New upcoming Driver, lyft will hook you up with awesome rides. Lyft entice new drivers with making money fast and giving them a pleasant experience. **NOTE** Once you are hooked and engaging in working more hours. Lyft will gradually Lower your rides per hour and will also make it impossible for you to hit the bonus. "YES" LYFT controls how much you make per hour. When you look at your Dashboard to opt in to weekly power bonus. It gives you zones and times you could make 20% or even 30% more driving these hours. **NOTE** If you are getting close to getting your bonus LYFT will stop you from achieving your goal by taking the power bonus feature off your app so you won't be able to access it. When you see your map of where high demand is and you are actually there. Best believe that lyft will get you a request far away from the high demand zone and hook you up with a ride that will take you further out so you won't achieve making more money for that hour. A Driver will typically make 19 to 17 an hour after LYFT takes their fees... No matter how good your strategies are to make more money they would slow your request down. EXAMPLE if you are making $180 dollars in 5 hours that's $36 an hour. Guess what? Lyft doesn't want you to make that much an hour so they will lower your hour income by giving you smaller rides that would be 10-15 minutes long,. Paying you an average of $3-4 dollars for that ride to having no request for the next 20-30 minutes. Have you ever wonder why there is no request coming in, in your area,. Where the map shows it's super pink in high demand? That's only because lyft knows your making more money then what they allow per hour and they are giving the request to those that either just started their shift or has seniority over you and gives them the rides. LYFT also has friends and relatives that works for the company giving them always the first dibs on awesome rides. Have you ever wonder why you get a request in and within seconds to a minute it shows on your screen passenger cancelled request!? Rarely passengers do cancel but in other times the passenger is taking a longer trip paying extra $$$ money and lyft takes the passenger away from you showing you on your end that they cancelled on your app when in reality they haven't cancelled and clientele is given to those special drivers they have working out on the field in that same area. MANY customers have also said that they like how LYFT has the feature for tipping their drivers when a ride is completed. Guess what? LYFT doesn't always report the exact tip amount to drivers of what passengers give to their drivers. They show their drivers a smaller amount to none for that ride. They say that tips are 100% for drivers. When in reality the drivers don't get exactly what the customer pays out. Another thing LYFT says to their drivers that the amount shown on their screen after each ride has completed is the amount they charged each passenger. That's totally misleading. LYFT reports on your app a different smaller amount of what they have already taken out for that passenger ride embezzling extra money without the Driver noticing that the amount shown on their screen has already been modified. **NOTE** LYFT claims that they only take out their 20-25% off their drivers when they want to cash out. WRONG!.! LYFT has already taken out a percentage for each ride and slaps their driver with their 20-25% on top what they have already taken out per ride. EVER WONDER how LYFT can offer a higher bonus to NEW and CURRENT DRIVERS? Simple... they simply take extra money from their drivers how I mention above and puts it back in their pocket "IF" they hit the bonus. Its not really a bonus. It's the DRIVERS own money that LYFT took out without the driver noticing, of what they took off each trip, and makes it seem that they are a generous company to their hard working employees. For those that have notice and are COMPLAINING! LYFT will lower your Rate & income request up to 60%. And what you use to make in 8-12 hours. Best believe LYFT will give you $#*!ty rides to 1 or 2 rides per hour and the drivers would work same hours to have barely $100 made for that day. LYFT controls who you get wheather it's a 5.0 customer to a 4.0 passenger. How this could be addressed is, drivers should unite and do a class action Law suit against LYFT so they know not to be greedy and be liars to those hard working Americans who are only working to pay bills and feed their love ones.

Lying, stealing, cheating drivers.
The vomit scam is considered old now and Lyft has come up with a new way to scam riders, no pun intended.

The coffee spill scam is the new vomit scam and costing riders hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. I have recently been the victim of this scam and Lyft refuses to deal with me at all. The driver got mad because I did not tip her and left her trunk open. The dummy sat in her car honking on the horn rather than getting her fat, lazy butt out and closing her own trunk. Furthermore, the driver arrived at my home, refused to get out and place two very light carryon pieces of luggage into the trunk of her car, and was nasty and rude when we said good morning. At our drop off location, which was the airport, we said thank you, have a great day and the driver just looked straight ahead. We had to ask her to open the trunk so we could get our luggage out. Based on the driver's bad attitude, lack of customer service and taking a longer route to the airport, she received no tip. Lyft sends out review requests following each ride and when I received that email, I rated the driver as a 1. Due to this rating as well as the lack of tip, the driver waited a full day to make up a story about spilled coffee and filed a false claim with her employer--to which a charge against my credit card was made.
Subsequently, I received the same email as everyone else about "anecdotal evidence" and that I did not have any say in the matter. I was charged a $50 clean up fee for something that never happened. The lying, broke, opportunistic bottom feeder lied, stole and cheated her way to $50. Easier than working a real, respectable job. Take it from people like me. I feel as though I have been robbed and to make matters worse, Lyft has a no due diligence, guilty until proven innocent policy. Why did the driver wait until after receiving the poor review to file her claim against me? Why were there no photos taken of the actual coffee cup showing a spill? The photos that Lyft customer service showed me only revealed dark spots with one spot appearing very old.

Lyft is running itself into the ground with lawsuit after lawsuit and will ultimately end up like Uber or worse. The company is guilty of false, deceptive and unfair trade practices and I refuse to let them get away with it. If this has happened to you, I encourage you not to give up because Lyft will not play fair. In fact, Lyft will not even listen to you. You did it and that is all there is to it. The root of the problem is the organization itself and the manner in which workers are paid. However, drivers are fully aware of the compensation structure of the work when applying for the job and have no right to complain about not making enough money. The other issue is this: drivers are forced to pick up people with money; people who look like they even have money and are jealous. Who else could afford to pay $15 for a 3 mile drive to the airport but wealthy people such as myself? I am not going to leave my car at the airport, though. Plain and simple, green-eyed jealously! My most recent driver pulled up to my very nice home and saw a BMW and a Volvo in the driveway, plus both my mother and myself were sporting Louis Vuitton handbags. Yet, we gave the poor driver no tip. Newsflash: poor service + longer route = no tip. Here's a tip for all of your starving Lyft drivers: go to college, get an education and change your bad attitude--perhaps then you may not have to resort to lying, stealing and cheating your way to a making a few extra dollars. I have no problem helping or feeding the poor, but not this way.

I am filing a police report for extortion and Lyft and Logan Green, you will not get away with this fraud.

Hate their new Shared Ride feature
I used to like Lyft because it wasn't Uber. However, their new Shared Ride feature has forced me to remove my profile. I had to go to work and my father, who uses a walker, needed to go to his doctor. I dropped him off at his doctor's office and went my way to work. An hour later, I was contacted that his appointment was over. So, I got a shared Lyft ride for my father to get him home. Several minutes later, I got a notification from the Lyft app that the I was charged a $5 no show fee. I contacted my father and he told me that he was trying to get to the Lyft car driven by Moises with a Toyota Corolla with a partial license plate of 7SUA who drove by really fast and waited at the end of the block. A reminder that my father uses a walker. Apparently, you have to be at the car within a minute or else lose your ride. My father cannot walk that fast and you expect him to walk to the car within a minute where it would take him five to get to the car? I did not get a call from Moises asking me where my father was. I was so upset that this guy does not have any customer service skills that I left work angrily and drove to my father's location as fast as possible before something bad happens to him. That was it for me. If Lyft and that driver wanted to make quick money without the responsibility of actually providing the service I had ask for, I say for everyone of you to delete your accounts and no longer use their service and don't get a ride from Moises either. Don't let something like this happen to you or your loved one so you can be taken advantage of or even worse, something bad happens to you or your loved one using their service.

TERRIBLE customer service NO REGARD for riders SAFETY NO accountability
I have been a long time rider with LYFT but that is OVER.

I had a driver pick me up a couple days ago in Buffalo, NY. As usual, I took the back seat. I was preoccupied with something on my phone and did not realize the driver had an "unauthorized third party" - a female companion - who was riding along in the car until we were a couple blocks into the ride and after the driver had deviated from the route, driving through several unfamiliar side neighborhoods as a "short cut".

I reported this incident to Lyft and requested a refund (or credit) for *this* ride. The refund was requested because the driver VIOLATED LYFTs contract with me - their customer.

Per LYFT's grossly substandard (seriously - it's hot garbage) customer service department - I "should have" canceled the ride in the middle of a trip and exited the vehicle *in a strange neighborhood* and then called a new LYFT to take me where I wanted to go --

Seems legit - it totally makes sense that I should not only put myself at additional risk by escalating a situation with a driver who CLEARLY HAS NO REGARD FOR THE RULES AND PROTOCOLS OF HIS JOB - but also I should pay 2 base fees for their ill-trained driver breaking their contract.

LYFT's outsourced "Quezon City" customer service team has not only lost this company MY business as a longtime rider but also ensured that the app was uninstalled by the 3 OTHER RIDERS in my household who also previously used their service.

Lyft & Uber Drivers are being badly exploited
Because most drivers are not well informed and educated on what it costs to drive every mile, Lyft think that they are making money and continue to devaluate their cars while driving all those miles that don't compensate for all the related expenses. This is a dangerous job that deserves to be paid accordingly. When you are always looking for an address, you are not so attentive to all the dangers of the road. Yet, Lyft and Uber pay little money: about $3.25 for about 20 or 30 minutes of driving. I did some rides that paid $6.00 and took about 50 minutes. Their incentives are very deceiving because they require driving during very heavy traffic hours and not very ideal situations. You need to maintain 90% acceptance which is hard given that often you would have to accept rides that take you very far away, from where you would need to drive back empty, absorbing all the cost. On top of this, Lyft has not customer service. It takes days to get any answers and they are often not helpful. They have no physical locations to go to get problems resolved. I was robbed by a passenger and got absolutely on help from them. They did not cooperate with the police to identify the suspect which they knew. If Uber is bad, Lyft is much worse.

They also use more deceiving practices than Uber. They make you think that you are getting paid a certain amount when in reality that is what they are collecting from the passenger. You don't have access to each ride record on line that you can use to document events during the ride or submit a complain/request.

Stop driving for Lyft or Uber if you are doing it. Any other job is much better because you make some money.

Extorionists con artist
I recently signed up to drive for lyft, I rented a car from their express offer which allows me to rent a car from Hertz on a weekly basis. What we had originally agreed to was I would drive from Friday the 18th, to Friday the 25th, and if I made X amount of rides I wouldn't be charged a rental fee. Lyft changed their policy so all drivers have to make the rides from Monday to Monday. Because I did not drive that week, it was impossible for me to make the 75 rides from Friday to Sunday and they are now attempting to charge my bank card 89.17 for the prorated week. I have tried multiple times to contact them about this and they will not reply back as all communications are done through email.

Further more, I went to pick someone up at the airport and was fined 200$ for not having a LYFT sticker on my vehicle. I also contacted them about this as they expected me to drive without the sticker which they said they were mailing that I never received. I have told them to pick their vehicle up in many emails which I am more than happy to provide.

I have about 50$ in earnings that I was supposed to receive today which it appears I am not getting.
They will not contact nor help resolve these issues with me at all, not to mention the stress of the entire communication being handled via email. Which I feel is a disservice to the drivers as it allows them to blow off whom they choose.

It is impossible for anyone to make 74 rides over a weekend as I did not feel comfortable driving without the LYFT sticker. On Monday I decided to start driving without the sticker against my better judgment as I now have a 200$ fine from the airport I cannot afford to pay. Especially with all the charges they are trying to get me to pay.

I was not aware of the airport policy for ride share drivers as none of the videos they have give any real information about airport policy in terms of where to park and how to get there.

These are unfair practices that take advantage of people who are self motivated and desire to be their own boss in charge of their own schedule. I feel taken for granted, used, and railroaded as this is very deceitful what they are doing.
The reps that followed up with me said if I didnt pay the 89.17, they would repo my vehicle and charge me for it. That is extortion, forcing me to pay a charge I never agreed to.

Fraudulent damage charge!
After taking a Lyft ride, I was sent an email the following day that said our driver specifically identified me as the requesting passenger for a ride during which damage was incurred. Lyft sent two pictures of the interior back seat as proof of damage. However, in reviewing the pictures, I can't identify what "damage" they say occurred and they state a fee for damage is $150?

The email further says from the time our ride ended to the time Lyft was notified of damage was 4 seconds? So the driver dropped us off and filed a damage complaint with Lyft in 4 seconds flat...

Also, after extracting the data from the provided photos, I discovered that they were taken the night following our ride (nearly 22 hours after our ride ended). Nobody in the vehicle damaged his car, so obviously I disputed the claim.

I informed Lyft of the photos being taken a day after our ride ended and supplied them with the extracted data info. I also asked for specific information on what damage was being alleged. Lyft sent a series of generic emails without answering any questions or acknowledging the photos were taken well after our ride ended. They said they had "anecdotal" evidence and "reserves the right (but is not obligated) to verify or otherwise require documentation of damages prior to processing a damage fee."

So basically what I gather from this, is that Lyft does not need proof nor cares if there is proof to substantiate a claim of damage. If your driver doesn't care for you or just needs some extra cash, they (driver) simply says you damaged their vehicle and you get railroaded with a fraudulent charge. If I, or my group, damages a drivers vehicle, I'll gladly pay up and apologize. There was no damage done by our group nor is there ANY proof to show our group damaged his vehicle.

When you sign up for Lyft carefully review the "damage fee" section of their terms. As indicated above, it basically says you agree to pay a fee of up to $250 - Lyft "in its sole discretion" determines the amount to be charged and does not need to verify or require documentation of damage. Needless to say, they definitely lost me as a customer and I will warn any friends or family to avoid Lyft!

Also, a quick search online will find that there are many others with complaints such as mine.

Parents Beware!
A letter to Lyft

Good morning,

As a concerned Mother of a minor child, I believe strongly your system needs to be addressed.

My 17 year old son was able to create an account reflecting he was over the age of 18. Are your passengers not required to show proof of their identification upon pick up?

My second concern involves the actual pick up from my home. Two people stood in the yard flailing their arms and shouting for the driver to stop. The passenger side door of the vehicle was opened at the time. I find it hard to believe he could not hear or see us. It is a no outlet street with a speed limit of 25mph. He pulled away in rapid fashion and was down the street like a shot. I find it hard to believe he was going 25mph on our street or the connecting residential road. Perhaps he was afraid of what the situation may become. However, he made an already difficult situation harder to resolve.

My final concern with your service proves most disconcerting. When I contacted your business for help needing the dropoff location, I was told this could not be disclosed. Given I am the parent of a minor who was leaving without permission and unbeknownst to his family, you need a system in place to aid the parent or legal guardian rather than abetting a minor child who happens to have a debit card and a job.

While our personal situation was reconciled, it was through no help of your organization. The legal ramifications of the 'what-ifs' for your company given your current system could prove costly for you and harmful for the minor. Regardless of whether the child was being placed or placing themselves in a dangerous situation, Lyft needs to revisit the systems in place in order to posture yourself as an advocate rather than adversary to this type of scenario.


Thieving, manipulative, imbecile monkeys
From a driver who couldn't speak English and couldn't find where I was waiting for two hours, to another driver who couldn't speak English and had me walk two miles to find him. To another driver who couldn't read his GPS and dropped me off at the wrong location-I have been reaching a boiling point of impatience and pissed off accuracy for Lyft. Today however was my boiling point when a Lyft driver not only submitted a false claim against me stating I had damaged her car, but also had the nerve to charge 50$ to my card for it. Luckily I called fraud and had my card turned off before Lyft could take the money out. Lyft first took out a 27$ damage fee charge when this driver falsely claimed that I had not strapped my 18 month old into a car seat. This false claim came two hours after she had dropped me off and I immediately called Lyft and sent pictures, in which my 27$ was refunded albeit with a ridiculous warning on how Lyft is a family friendly service and car safety. Four hours later, I received a damage vehicle bill from this exact driver who I had complained out for 50$ along with pictures of what appeared to be a staged damage back seat full of littered trash bags, crumpled up paper towels, a box of arm and hammer and a pack of plastic cups. At first, I had believed that the complaint was about how my infant son had thrown up on me and himself and how I had cleaned up what little spot there was on the back seat using a car wipe given to me by the driver. But no, apparently this picture that was so obviously staged by the driver I'm guessing for my earlier complain was what was being issued. Even when I told the representative that I had a witness who was with me in the back seat when this happened who could back up my story, Lyft representatives still stated that they had to go by what the driver said had happened in her records (which was taken four hours after dropping me off at my destination) and by her pictures (which was taken also by that same time due to the time stamp). I disabled my account and blocked Lyft from making anymore charges. And just to piss off Lyft more, the thieving and scamming driver's name was Maggie of Orlando, Fl and the spineless representative was named Erwin. Word of advice, use Rideshare or Uber-$#*! Lyft.

Lyft Left Me Out In The Cold
I used Lyft 3 times. The first 2 times were fine. The third time, last night January 8,2016, I requested a lift at 1pm after a dinner party on my way home from the airport. From a popular restaurant in a city of over 100,000 population, the fastest response time was 15 minutes. However, the first driver who accepted my request, Jennifer, never showed after 15 minutes and would not respond to calls or texts. The second driver, Darin, did the same thing. So, the restaurant closed and I was left out in the wind and rain. I found an overhang but the wind was so bad I still got drenched. After nearly an hour of no-shows, I called a conventional taxi. Had Lyft just replied "no drivers available" I would not have nearly frozen.
Here is where i gets really bad: the next day I tried to delete my account and credit card and there is no way to do that. It's been over 6 hours since I contacted support via email with no response. To add insult to injury 11 hours later a driver responded and said "I'm on my way" when I hit the cancel ride button I soon got a $5 cancellation receipt... 11 hours after I requested the ride? Consumers should know that while this service may be okay during working/peak hours, however Lyft is totally unreliable in situations such as emergencies or to avoid driving after drinking... situations when you really need a ride. Who accepts a fair then just leaves the customer standing in the rain without the courtesy of a text? Evidently this is a common thing with Lyft. I would not recommend this service to anyone. You can't count on them showing up.

Beware of lyft accounts hacked
Lyft is not a cab sharing service but a big fraud in the name of service! Once you register with lyft providing your personal info, including your cc details, you will be doomed! Lyft will use it in a way that it deems fit and if you raise a concern Lyft will quote some stupid terms n conditions! I had very bad experience using Lyft n decided to get rid of this app and deleted my account in Sep 2017! I even sent multiple requests to customer care to have my personal info, including cc details to be deleted permenantly and to avoid any misuse! But to my horror, even till date my cc info is saved with Lyft! This is shameful, also my account was hacked 2 times in 3 months! Lyft says it was someone who is my friend accessed my account! This is utter non-sense! Why should someone else access my account, w/o my permission, and how did they access my cc info? I had to dispute the charges posted on my account! Lyft still doesn't want to delete my info! When i am no longer using lyft what right lyft has to keep my confidential info and not even sure if its safe!
Beware of lyft, if u have used cc with lyft, either change the cc or block the same as anyone else can easily login to your account and lyft will not take any action but look for excuses! Lyft is biggest fraud company and cares less about customers. I am not sure how many lyft users are aware that their personal info is at risk!

Horrible Experience and Fraudulent Damage Fee Charged!
Scheduled our Lyft ride the night before for 4:00AM to the airport for our international flight to Europe. The next morning 4:00AM came and went before I get a notice that the driver will be here at 4:20. My wife is panicking and I call the driver. The first three times he doesn't answer the 4th he finally does. I politely inform him it's important he gets here soon as we don't want to risk missing our flight. "When will you be on your way?" he says "I don't know, I'm dropping someone off and haven't looked." and he hangs up. Once he finally shows up roughly 20 minutes after the scheduled time he sits in his driver seat rolls his window down and says "trunks full" as we stand there with 4+ suitcases. I'm like, are you serious? "yep" you'll have to find a way to get it in the car. No help from him, I'm scrambling to get everything in his car. No room to spare as bags are on our laps and between us. Couldn't even buckle our seatbelts. He had no empathy whatsoever. Was actually very rude about the entire thing. He drove very slow as to further aggravate us. Then he passes are turn to the terminal. My wife tells him this so he puts it in reverse on a one way.
That morning I left him a one star review and immediately get an email from corporate that he states we damaged his car with a spill on his floor. This car was already dirty as can be and I don't think the floors were very clean to begin with. I replied he obviously is retaliating due to the unfavorable review and lying. We didn't have any thing in his car that could stain his floor. I had a can of sparkling water which I left the can in his door because I was in a hurry and my hands were full. Lyft charged me a $25 damage fee and would not listen or refund this. Lyft stated via email he provided significant proof with a picture of an existing floor stain. They said this will be the last correspondence you get from us. I was totally blown away. I have since reached out to legal and emailed them our experience and concerns with no reply. They never even replied to the review I left which is amazing. Why ask for the customers experience if you don't care. This is what happens when companies get to big and forget who got them there. They lost multiple customers for life due to this situation over $25 dollars. I have told everyone I know and my wife has as well. Hope it was worth it Lyft!

I wish there was a no star option!
I wish there was a no star option! Lyft's customer service is without a doubt THE WORST. After spending nearly $200 in rides on one day while on vacation, I woke up the following day to an additional $100 "damage" charge. I inquired about the issue and was told that a driver claimed I ruined one of their weather mats. I claimed that it was untrue and Lyft responded that they protect their drivers and if the driver said it, then it's true. I asked for proof of this damage and they sent me a picture of what appeared to be small area with water, soda or a sticky substance on it. After going back and forth and realizing they didn't give a crap about the customer and what I was saying, I stated that $100 seemed pretty steep for one weather mat. You can buy a pack of 4 new weather mats on amazon for $25! They claimed they did not care and that they would not remove the charge and my account would be suspended until it was paid. Two days later my card had been charged for $100. I emailed them back and said I did not authorize the charge and they said it's up to them to determine the value of the damage and that amount will not be refunded. I responded that I would be deleting my account and they replied with an automated message saying my case had been closed and they would not look into my claims any further. I promptly deleted my account and will never use Lyft again! I have never experienced such a careless disregard for customer service. There was no investigation, there was no hearing me out, there was no sympathy or negotiation. Trust me when I say DO NOT USE LYFT. It is not worth it. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. All they care about is making a buck even if means charging a customer who did nothing wrong, has a clean rider record and has always tipped well. SAVE YOURSELF FROM THIS TERRIBLE COMPANY. Download Uber. Take a taxi. Rent a car. Don't let yourself be the next customer they take advantage of.

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