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• Mar 23, 2024

Outrageous Behavior
I agree to certain measurements, they miss by quite a lot, and they refuse to admit their fault and offer me a 15% discount on a new jacket.

I ordered a slim-fit jacket that was supposed to add 4-5 inches to my chest measurements. They agreed to this and I have the emails to prove it. But instead they send me one that adds about 1 inch and it is WAY too tight. After weeks of stalling about how I was measuring the jacket, they respond by saying the following:

"Kindly note that while your measurements are accurate, there may be a slight discrepancy between the measurements taken by you and those taken by our designers, resulting in a variance of 0.5 to 1 inch.

Additionally, while handmade garments may naturally exhibit minor differences, we adhere to stringent standards to ensure that any discrepancies fall within an acceptable range that does not impact the fit of the garment.

As a token of appreciation for your understanding and as a gesture of goodwill, we would like to offer you a 15% product discount on this order in the form of a gift certificate. Please provide us with the email address where you would like to receive the gift certificate."

Does this questionable variance make up for all of the 4 inches? Of course not. And imagine the ARROGANCE to just tell me that they know best what fits me, especially after being so incompetent that they cannot meet the measurements they agreed to. Now I am supposed to take their lousy 15% and order another jacket from such dishonest, incompetent, and unreasonable people? I think not.

If you order from these people, you had better hope they are in the mood to make the jacket as agreed. But if not, you will be stolen from like was.

Bad customer service
Bought a jacket for my wife who is a size 36 it was so small it would not even close would not exchange it for a larger size saying " every company's measuring and tailoring standards are different and they vary from brand to brand, therefore we are not aware of your country's brand sizes.". To be clear I was not asking for a refund just a larger jacket.

I have never heard of Leathercult
I have never heard of Leathercult. Whenever I use a new vendor that is more than 50 miles away from me I like to check out their customer service. The reason is that is the department I will be dealing with if any problems arise. I asked customer service (4) four questions. The customer service responded the next morning by 10:00 AM that I feel is great customer service. I look at the most successful online company and how their customer service treats customer almost identically as the A Company does. Customer service is everything to any business, great customer service trained individuals are priceless to any company. I have 5, before LeatherCult were allowed to answer my business phone, I sent them all to a college English class, and then they watched me for two weeks paid to sit watch and take lots of notes. I just started last year, th business community say if a company can make it for three years and starte showing atleast a 35% gain from yeaqr one that company has a slight chance of making it. I apologize for going on, and on, but I am a happy person. Thanks for your time reading my praise towards your company. I plan to order with in a month, I just ordered samples now..

Exceeds expectations
I saw a jacket that looked great online, but you never know till you see it up close. I loved the fact that you can customize almost every aspect of the piece. Production, shipping and delivery were all very prompt and when delivered, the quality of the jacket was better than I even hoped for. I highly recommend Leather Cult and will very likely be ordering again.

Joe M. USA

I love them, they're beautiful, but the waist was too big
It was very thorough. Excellent presentation, packaging etc. quality of leather is beautiful, very soft, I love them. Would have rated it five stars, but the fit was a little tight around the legs and hips and a little loose around the waist, I'm not sure why because I gave accurate measurements. I sent a message in regards to the waist and I didn't hear back. I will be getting the waist altered on my own as I cannot wear them without a belt. LeatherCult does not provide any options on returns or alterations. Otherwise LeatherCult look gorgeous, worth every penny, I've received a lot of compliments. They're stretch leather, so I'm hoping in time the fit around my hips and legs will feel more comfortable.

Good quality but not as described
I placed the order for my usual size and then some and it's actually way too small. Also the cut and length is very different from the picture. For that kind of money LeatherCult should be more honest on how they advertise. I was trying to get the Megan markle green leather pencil skirt which they advertise but the actual skirt is like 4 inches shorter. You can tell the quality of the leather and the craftsmanship is good, just not what I thought i ordered.

Leather jeans
I purchased a couple of pairs of leather jeans some months ago and was so pleased with them that i have now just received another two pairs. There are lots of great colours to choose from and LeatherCult are extremely well made. They fit perfectly and are of good quality. Communication is very courteous and informative, and the delivery service is quick, from first placing the order, to recieving it.

Wonderful quality!
I had several items made for me, the jackets were well made, but a bit on the bigger side. I prefer a more slim fit in the sleeve, but over all very well made. I ordered pants that were a custom order, but the fit turned out a little funky, the waist was way too big and the back pockets too low. Maybe my measurements were off. I will definitely need to get them tailored.

Absolutely Fabulous
Absolutely love my jacket. I was terrified opening the box because I wasn't sure what I was going to get. I was also worried that it wouldn't fit (which is usually what happens to me when I order anything on-line) but shocker! It fit like a glove. I am so thrilled with this purchase, not only did it fit, it is fabulous. The workmanship and quality is beyond what I was hoping for. This jacket would cost $800 in the store and I just paid $190. Beyond thrilled. My husband was more skeptical than I was ordering this jacket but he is amazed at how it looks. Definitely Definitely would recommend product is 10 out of 10 for me. Hands down the best leather jacket I have ever owned! Very satisfied customer.

Fantastic experience all around! My jacket fits like a glove! Thank you so much! I LOVE it!
Great experience with you! You have an outstanding variety of jackets! I am VERY picky and have been searching for ‘the' jacket for several years, now in various cities. I am very pleased and proud to say it came from your store and I am VERY happy with the customized fit! Just perfect! I may never take it off - simply gorgeous!
Cannot thank you enough and I'll send ass the word to my friends!

All my best,
Sarah Killeen

Ladies Black Blazer
I truly took a chance and selected a company off the internet that I knew nothing about. I took my measurements both from my actual measurements and a blazer that I liked the look. Most leather jackets are short and geared for younger women. I like more of a Ralph Lauren classic look. The jacket was made perfect with all my specifications and flawless leather, it is comfortable and does not pull across the back snd full enough to wear heavier sweaters, under it, if I wanted. Wished I had upgraded to a lighter weigh leather since I live in Florida, also had my initials personalized, it is a jacket I would not want to lose, I am 5'5" and weight 145.

Stuck with it
Order M65 jacket, custom measurements. I typically wear a 50L suit. The jacket arrived and is way to small. There is a tag inside the collar that reads 46, and it feels like a size 46. Cults' resolution is to give me 10% off my next order. You may want to try it in before you buy it.

Customer service is very friendly. But don’t expect to get any problems fixed.

Pay Attention To Detail!
Pay Attention To Detail!
I Ordered the John Wick jacket and it's Awesome. But. I ordered a M-Slim which fit well but too tight, so I gave it away as a gift on time for Christmas And That Person Loved It! Great Fit And All... I was soo jealous. Lol! So I went back to Leathercult and ordered 2 Leather Jackets. And Yes, I measured myself to get the right size. Find out I was a XL-Slim... Damn Holiday Food.
Great Product, Great Customer Service Email Reply From Erica And A Legit Leather Company. Not like those fake companies that Say leather but you get something made from a straw.
Thank You! 5 Stars!

Awesome Leather Coat
I received my new awesome leather coat yesterday, three days before it was expected. It is exactly as I desired, fits well, and has my family members commenting on how good it looks. I am completely satisfied with the quality of the workmanship and the attention Leather Cult's staff paid to my customization desires. I'm already considering purchasing another of their leather jackets in the coming year and will be telling my friends about Leather Cult fine products, friendly service and outstanding delivery times.

Very Pleased
Ordered leather Jean's for my wife.
After sending off the measurements - the company contacted us with concerns to a particular measurement so we adjusted it and ended up with a perfect fitted pair.
LeatherCult were delivered well wrapped and the leather is really good quality as is the finishing.
Will definitely be buying again.
At the price of the products... you are getting a bargain

Be careful...
I LOVE my jacket, except... this is the 3rd that I've ordered from Leather Cult, and while LeatherCult are high-quality and beautiful, the custom sizing is tricky to get right, especially since each jacket fits differently, is cut differently, etc.
The first jacket, I ordered "relaxed fit" and it was WAY too big (I could wear 3 winter coats UNDER it and still zip it). I can't even wear it it's so big.
The second jacket, I used smaller measurements and a slim fit, and it was MUCH better, but still not quite right.
The 3rd jacket I ordered, I finally nailed it. YAY! However, the issue is the lining. The last two jackets I've paid extra for the custom lining, and this one I didn't. The included option (which I chose) SAID "matching, default liner" yet when I received it, the lining is an extremely cheap-looking, thin, and scratchy material that does not even remotely match the jacket. It's hideous. I'm so disappointed and frustrated because it is NOT what the website described.
Outwardly, the jacket is beautiful, but I'm going to have to go to a seamstress to see if they can replace it, which is incredibly frustrating, not to mention expensive.

Don't do it
My girlfriend ordered a jacket from this company for me and when it came it was just a little bit too small and snug but I love the jacket. When I got in touch with them through email some girl named Erica became extremely defensive telling me it wasn't their fault it was my fault. I told her calm down lady I don't even know you it's okay. I just want another jacket LeatherCult wouldn't hook me up I'm stuck with this jacket I paid $200 for it doesn't fit me and they won't exchange it or work with me period you better know you're damn exact sizes when you order from this company or you're going to get screwed. I got screwed and I used to be a formal wear specialist for 10 years. I know my size is to a tee period there you go

As it says on the tin!
All went well - I went for the same colour as is shown for the leaflet skirt on the website, and it is the same; I wonder whether it might be an idea to say what colour it is for the clothes shown, because I really felt I had to have that colour! Erica was helpful, and delivery was very prompt, only a few weeks considering it had to be individually made and sent from India.

I wanted to be sure of the colour. Sometimes the colour you see on the screen isn't quite the colour you get, but no complaints about this one.

Review by TJC
My jacket is perfect. I was very worried because some of the reviews were harsh, and there was also no phone number for me to call to get comfort. But I took a risk. Have to say, Leather Cult came through with flying colors. I would recommend that everyone take a printout of the measurements page to your tailor and get measured by a pro first consistent with the Leather Cult website. It will probably reduce error. My experience was great and I will now order more.

Leather blazer
Ordered a custom made jacket, two weeks later (give or take) it arrived, and it's exactly what was ordered. Cool jacket, fits perfectly... Only time will tell whether it'll survive the wear and tear of life, but it seems very well made, although that's from a point of view of someone who's fairly ignorant about the leather jacket manufacturing process... But as I said time will tell, but I'm hopeful. Overall I'm very impressed.

Not enough photos and product description
Custom designed a jacket that unfortunately does not fit the way I thought it would. There were not enough photos to judge the size accurately. I made the mistake of buying the wrong size since I can't try it on to imagine the fit. My previous custom made jacket is perfect. The second one I bought, not so much. I should have bought it a size smaller since the fit is loose. This information is speculative and sizes are universal. You have to take a chance that the jacket you are designing will fit YOUR body the way you want it. If you make a mistake, you pay for it. LeatherCult do not offer a satisfaction guarantee. Buy at your own risk.

They said it was not their fault for the fit of the jacket. They made it according to the size I chose. It was my fault, I purchased the wrong fit for my body type and so there is no one to blame except me. Overall I'm not happy with the jacket and I will be giving it away.

After finding leather cult I was sceptical about ordering after researching reviews, however I started my journey by emailing with my doubts. LeatherCult were fantastic. Every query I had was answered. I ordered a female 38 but needed the shoulder and arm lengths slightly longer/wider. I got what I asked for. The leather is beautifully soft and excellent workman ship. I even asked if they could add 'tabs' to the zips so the jacket matched the Jennifer Anderson biker jacket exactly. It's been done. From my order to delivery it took just over 3 weeks. Brilliant. I will be using them again. Thank yoi

I was dubious after reading bad product/customer service reviews. I also needed things added to product along with tweaking a standard size. The size I ordered was exactly the measurements I asked for.

GREAT Jacket, Great Price!
I wanted a lighter leather jacket for casual use, but I am very tall so I don't always find high quality jackets in my size. LeatherCult has custom options for jackets that take my exact measurements, and LeatherCult all fit like a glove. I've bought two jackets from them so far and I have no complaints. I will absolutely go through them in the future for leather jackets and products.

Worst, most arrogant company I have ever lost money dealing with.
I ordered a M65 field jacket black with heavy goat skin. When I received it, the 1st thing I noticed was that this is not a heavy leather, its a very thin light weight leather, 2nd -the zipper was on the wrong side to which I was told to refer to a note at the bottom of the shipping and returns page (which I had never seen until it was sent to me) that stated LeatherCult often do put zippers on the left... WTF for? Guaranteed complaint. I would fire someone who did that often enough I had to add a statement warning my customer of my incompetence. Finally, I ordered my jacket with a 46 chest, 43 stomach, which is just about standard if not slightly big for a large jacket. M65 field jacket is an Over Coat, you should be able to wear just about anything, heavy shirt or sweater under it. I have owned several, they are very comfortable. This one fits like a slim cut shirt. Barely a medium. The Leathercult rep I was emailing to state in her reply - "Kindly note, we have checked our cutting report and find that your order was processed as per your measurements only... Hope you understand that we are no way wrong in following your order details while making a jacket for you. Considering you as our first-time customer we would like to provide you with a 10% product discount in the form of a gift certificate, which you can avail on your future order with us." Wow, without seeing it, she states -"we are no way wrong". Of course, Leathercult made it perfect, it is my fault I don't fit in to your version of a large... Winner of Worst Response by an unbelievably dishonest company. This is the worst excuse for customer service I have seen.

Leather jacket
I love my jacket, it fits perfectly. The only thing I wish I knew was that it will take awhile to make the jacket and that it is coming from Mumbai. It could be just a note on the website that is why I gave it 4 stars. I kept waiting, but when I emailed customer service and was told it was still being made, it made the wait less troubling, knowing it was being made for me and my measurements.

She explained that it was still in production. I was just happy to know that it was not lost.

Biceps too big
I order a jacket last month and put in my measurements and noted that I was a woman (it was labeled as a man's jacket). Great looking jacket when it arrived. I checked the measurements when LeatherCult arrived and all but 1 match, the biceps. Leather cult admitted that they added 4.5 inches to my measurement of the bicep area. What I received was a leather jacket with baggy arms, Looks like I'm a kid wearing my dads jacket in that area. They offered me a $15 gift certificate to reorder the jacket.
$15 in leather cult money is unacceptable. Why should I have to shell out another $180 plus tax (minus 15 lol) because they added inches to my measurement without informing me? Doesn't seem right. I wrote back and hope they will make things write in an adequate fashion. It's one thing if my measurements were off, but for them to admit that they added to one of my measurements without telling me?

It will cost me $75 to have a leather alteration made here in the Los Angeles area, and I hope they will cover that or send me a new jacket.

Fingers crossed that leather cult customer service will match the beauty of the jacket. Stay tuned for an update.

Jeanette Aguilar

Pretty amazing service!
Great service from these guys, I made a grammar mistake accidentally on the monogram and LeatherCult emailed me to make sure and we fixed it, then answered a few questions I had very promptly. As for the jacket, great quality and materials! The only thing I can say is the measurements I sent were followed to a friggin tee and it's definitely snug and almost too well fitted for a leather jacket! So keep that in mind, leave a little play!

Undoubtedly the Finest
Thorough, detailed, exquisite service. Honorable and exeedingly attractive pricing offering luxury leather, to my precise specifications. I ordered the Chris Evans, Captain America Civil War jacket because it's style perfectly suited what I've always wanted. I was also pleasantly surprised to be able to add my own unique personality and look to it by incorporating a black paisley lining. It exceptionally suits my often western formality along with, of course, appearing of everyday class. My order arrived four days sooner than I expected. It was in a pristine LeatherCult box with crips undamaged edges. Upon opening I was met with the favorite aroma of beautifully worked leather and this jacket fit me like a glove. The most perfectly fitting article of clothing I own. At the end of the day, I can only be thankful for having made an investment with such a good company so as to provide me with an essential piece that, treating it as I will, shall last me my lifetime.

Exchange nightmare - PART II (extortion and harassment)
Return nightmare - Part III
Help! Help! Someone help!
I am being harrassed by this company! All I wanted was to return their UNDERSIZED jacket, get my replacement and move on with my life, but this company made their goal in life to harrass me... I just received another email from their CS ERICA stating that I have to pay extra U$80.00 if I want my jacket back.
Mind you that LeatherCult received The UNDERSIZED jacket back over a month ago, and now want me to pay EXTRA U$80.00 as they were hit with duties? What?
She received my jacket a while ago, contacted me a few times and NO mention of duties that they want ME to pay, suddenly, when I follow up, I get this message from them that I have to pay the duty fees... mind you that I followed their instructions and sent the UNDERSIZED jacket to this address in New York that they told me to ship to, and I have the email plus the receipt to show that I followed their instructions... yet they want another U$80.00 and are keeping my UNDERSIZED jacket as hostage.
I am SO sick and SO disgusted of this company. I don't think I will ever buy from another Indian company. I literally feel like throwing up every time ERICA emails
I asked her manager's phone and name and Will try talk to someone else as she is like a robot and has no customer service skills. JC 02/01/2021

After months of back and forth I received an address in NY to send my jacket back and this company in NYwould take the jacket to India.
Finally I received confirmation the undersized jacket is in India. Shockingly they told me they would do a patching job using parts of the old jacket and putting new pieces in where it is (as proved by pictures) undersized. I told them that the ENTIRE jacket is too small and that is not what their return/exchange policy states (patching a jacket with pieces? - who would ever think of doing such a thing?. Ahhh a cheap and non reputable company would - now I know...). Then - they asked me for another U$80.00 for them to make a new jacket. - Wait, what? Now they have my jacket that I already paid $150 for (plus the shipping cost to NY) and they want another $80.00? I really had it with them and told their customer service Erica that I want my exchange or I will go to the Consulate general of India in Chicago as this company is harassing an American Citizen and they are now using extortion trying to get more money and holding my jacket back as a hostage at their place in India. This Erica woman said she will talk to her leadership to see what can be done... again, wait, what? She has been emailing me constantly and battling my return/exchange as if she is defending her own life and NOW she will talk to her Manager? I told her that I don't want talk to her any longer and for her to have her manager to contact me moving forward. I have not heard from them again.
Please be mindful that I tried calling them 3 times and can never get anybody on the phone, as it rings and no one picks up the call.
Please also know that I have all the emails back and forth with this NON REPUTABLE company that if you need an exchange they will NOT exchange, although they have money as (they sold more than 100,000 garments around the world, according to their own website) they act as if they have absolutely no money and can't afford a simple exchange.

Custom leather jacket order
Placed order, and sent some photos to indicate adjustments and changes required. Received no response to emails for a few weeks, then received one saying item had been made and sent. No indication if changes or alterations had been done. So crossed fingers and hoped... was expecting the worst. BUT, perhaps more out of luck than by design, the item received was quite satisfactory, correct colour and size, and the stitching was adequate for the price. A little more roomy on the back than anticipated, but overall, not as bad as i had expected.

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