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It is perfect!
I ordered a custom fit dress and received it in very good time! The fit was perfect and the dress is gorgeous. I'd definitely purchase from this site again.

Just horrible
I ordered my wedding dress from Izidressbuy, it had pink lipstick in the front around the chest area and had 5 black stains at the bottom front of the dress. There was even a white sticker with a red arrow pointing at one of the stains on the dress when i received it! We went back and fort with e-mails to the company, IziDressBuy had me sent pictures. Finally they said that it probably happened during shipping and they hope i can find a local cleaner to take care of it! And if I insisted, I could maybe get a discount on my NEXT DRESS with them! OMG! Horrible customer service. They barely speak English. I tried calling them but they say to E- mail them. This has been a horrible experience. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! I am sure all the good comments on the site are FAKE!

Alert to all potential clients. My experience with izidressbuy has been dreadful. I ordered what I thought was my ideal mother of the bride dress. I ordered it in gold and in a certain size. When I received it it was yellow not gold and way to big. I asked if I could exchange it for a smaller size and a different colour. Unsuccessful IziDressBuy would not exchange it. Also the fabric and lace is a very cheap quality. Don't be deceived that it comes from the USA. It comes from China. The try to deceive u when you chat on line by showing s picture of a cocasian on their chat line. This is outright deceit. I would ask future customers to tread carefully don't buy from this co as they r not what they proclaim

I HAVE A $170.00 DRESS THAT IS SUPPOSED TO FIT. FIND OUT THE COMPANY IS IN Republic of China. IziDressBuy speak English but chinese when they dont want you to know what they are saying. They didnt put me on hold and I heard the whole conversation. My fault for buying online. This site S____. I would never recommend to buy anything from them unfortunately they dont take amer exp I guess thats why so how many other perople out there bought from them If they are world wide site then you talking MILLIONS. Wow the Republic of China must be making a lot of money. I guess I am screwed for sure. I will be making a formal complaint to better business bereau. A lot of good it will do. Its a foreign company doing business in USA. I understand that this company has changed its name a few times. Sorry I didnt know before..

I didn't get my item. I can't get my refund!
I am reading reviews. Is it some organization (other than Better Business Bureau) where we can send a claim about this website? Does some organization can take control on this website? IziDressBuy play games. They do not do business. I am so tire writing emails. I am so tire communicating with their.
First - they send dress to late. Next - I didn't get this dress. Third - I cant get my refund. They telling that item was delivered. I asked my signature approved, then they tell call to DHL because they are responsible. I paid money to izidress. Not to DHL. I am so upset.
STAY AWAY! From this company.

Nightmare company to work with!
I purchased a wedding dress from this company around May 20th, 2015 and received my item two weeks later. When I received the dress, it was not as described and had several defects. One issue was that the dress, which I had this company alter for an extra $20.00, was too small. Immediately I reached out to them and explained the scenario. When you call the phone number listed on their website, IziDressBuy tell you to reach them by email. When you email them, you don't hear back until almost two days after initially emailing. The woman I spoke to via email named "Ann" told me I would have to pay to get the dress altered again. I told her that would cost too much and that I would like a refund as the company is at fault for sending me a dress that is too small. Another day went by and I decided I wasn't going to wait around for "Ann" to email me back. I then went onto the "IziDressBuy" website and spoke to a man named "Lincoln" on their chat. He told me a refund was not possible and that they needed proof the dress did not fit. He informed me I had to send them pictures, of me in the dress, showing it did not fit. I told him I couldn't do that as the dress BARELY fit to begin with and I didn't feel comfortable sending these pictures to him. After arguing with him over chat, I informed him I would dispute the charge with my bank. He then said, "Do not do that. Do not contact your bank. If you contact your bank we'll contact ours." He kept saying to me several times that a refund was not possible or that the best they could do was a 50% refund but I would have to pay the return shipping. Since this company is located in China, that would cost me over $50.00! This is a scam company who has several complaints against them online. Not only was I scammed out almost $200.00, but stuck with a dress I cannot use nor return. They were not helpful by any means, leaving me empty handed and insisting a refund was not possible. Honestly, I'm not sure why this company still exists as they scam several customers every day. My wedding is in four months and not only am I stuck with a dress I cannot wear; I may not even able to get my money back. They had zero sympathy for me and did not even care that I told them I would not recommend their services to anyone again. Please look into this company and see they cannot be trusted. If I were to ever get my money back, that would be a miracle. Since dealing with this issue, I have since reported them to the BBB for foreign companies and the Federal Trade Commission.

FYI: I just spoke to someone regarding this issue starting on 06/06/2015-06/10/2015

No return e mails that are helpful if you have a problem.
A nightmare to try to communicate with and what you receive is what you are stuck with.

No matter how much you love the photo of any dress--do not order from Izy. The details of the dress I ordered indicate that the embellishments are beading. The embellishments on the dress I received are bright, gold, shiny sequins--hideous. Instead of the skirt having a simple, chic line made possible by the flat pleats, the dress I received is gathered all the way around. I could be pregnant and no one would know. The skirt was sewn on crooked making the line of the embellishments crooked. The fabric is cheap, similar to that used in a wedding veil. Instead of champagne, the color I received was yellow. Izy customer service said that the dress I received was 90% close to the photos I sent. I would say it is 10% close to the dress I received. And, besides, where in their ads do IziDressBuy say you can expect the dress to be CLOSE to the photo, rather than being exactly like the photo. Customer service responses have not addressed my main concerns and only offered me a 10% discount on my next dress. Who in their right mind would order a 2nd time when the quality of the first was so bad and when Izy doesn't have the integrity to stand behind their merchandise and make it right--in customer service's words, "because of the minimal cost."

I recently bought a dress from Izidressbuy. The dress arrived with sequins hanging on threads, beads dangling on threads. Threads sewn on the illusion upper part of the dress in a different color and the longing was thick, bunched up and hanging way below the hem line of the dress. There policy clearly states if its their error, you get a full refund. When I asked for my money back IziDressBuy offered me $10 to go to a tailor. They absolutely refused to acknowledge their mistakes and continue to rip me off for $150.00. They are totally unethical and accept no responsibility. They actually had the gaul to blame the shipper and not the butcher who made my dress. I am warning you now DO NOT BUY ANYTHNG from themand warn all of your friends as well. They are theives. This to me is discusting and If don't want you to lose your money. They have very very poor business tactics and I not finished with them. Go elsewhere, and be treated right., Diane, Mechanicsville Pa

ABSOLUTE $#*! - EZIDRESSBUY (and their other very similar websites) DONT TRUST THE PICTURES!
I ordered two customized dresses, one for my daughter and one for me, from Ezidressbuy. IziDressBuy had so many absolutely gorgeous dresses, it took us a while to choose and couldnt wait for them to arrive. What horror when we opened the package. We have not only lost $AU500 but trust in ANY online shop. Here is what we have been SCAMMED about:

-The Teal dress in the picture has a satin belt in the waist. The dress we received has a chiffon belt!
-The Teal dress in picture has the embellishments sewn under beneath the belt, the dress we received it stops about 2cm above the belt showing the bright creme bodice backing!
-The Teal dress in the picture has a skin/nude color bodice backing, the dress we received has a bright creme bodice backing.

The Royal Blue dress was supposed to be in JERSEY fabric, the dress i received was made from cheap, thin, shiny trilobal/polyester fabric.

The Royal Blue dress is too short. I cannot wear any shoes with it

On both dresses not enough embellishments was sewn on to cover the bodice/backing on the upper part of the dress. By doing this it changes the complete "look" of the dress. The embellishments where also not applied evenly over the bodice, leaving the dress look unfinished on one side.

The Royal Blue dress - The fabric had thread rips, it looks like a cat got his claws into the fabric, probably caused by poor packaging. The embellishments ripped into the fabric because no protective layer was put in between when it was packed.

As i have said, both dresses are for my Son's wedding! I have chucked both dresses in the rubbish bin as im aware that i cannot return it because it was "custom" made and with the research on the company i have now, i know, there is no chance in hell to recover ANY money. However, this company is steam rolling the internet with all the "gorgeous garments", making a fortune and nobody can stop them? I have noticed a few other websites with the same web design layout, which immediately made me suspicious. They obviously operate more than one website, imagine the deviousness. Makes my skin crawl...

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