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Great service
I needed to clean up a tall coconut tree located in front of my house between the sidewalk and the street. Coconuts and branches were about to fall on the street and sidewalk creaming a dangerous situation. I needed to hire a person as soon as possible to clean up me tree. It was so tall that was not longer able to do it myself. I started by searching the internet. Out of many sites, Home Advisor was the most friendly and well organized site. It provided several choices in my area and had the capability to request estimates from multiple contractors simultaneously. In a matter of seconds I received text messages, e-mails and phone calls from the selected contractors. It really simplified my life. Thank you very much.

Julio's tree services
I recommend Julio Castillo and his tree cutting services to all who all seeking a professional who gives fair estimates and completes the work he contracts to do in a timely and very professional manner. I had previously hired, Tribal Tree Care, Alfred Owle to do removing trees for me and cleaning up the debris. Alfred was paid in advance to complete the land clearing as I had to return to Florida before he completed the contracted job, Alfred and his assistant, Rachel Jewel, left the job leaving a big mess on the ground and never finishing the job HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) were paid in full to complete. Alfred Owle and Rachel Jewel should never be hired to complete any work as they do not finish the work they agreed to accomplish and they do not clean up their mess.
On the other hand, Julio Castillo is definitely a man to hire if you need work preformed and completed according to the estimate he gave before starting. Julio is the best at what he does and his prices are very agreeable. Julio's quality of work is the best! I will most definitely hire Julio again when I have more work for him to complete

Started with a patio and went from there.
I asked for a company to make a patio. What I received was a beautiful patio with stone pavers. The company was 7th State Builders. HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) did such a great job on the patio that I had them do three sidewalks. Fantastic work. I talked with Chase, the owner of the company, about getting something done to make my above ground pool look more appealing. With his ideas and suggestions. And my input, he designed a beautiful deck with a Pergola in the center
My deck is 32' x 10'. I love it. Thy just completed work on the fascia board trim around my House and also added soffits. Fantastic job. They will install gutters tomorrow. Our next project is a privacy wall to
The pool. A room addition will follow in the schedule. The quality of work is unbelievable. It is the best work we have ever had done to our home. And our home is 120 years old so there has been work done over the years. The crews are polite and cleanup after every job. Chase has hired the best people for his crews. I will recommend him anytime for
Any job. Thanks Chase and Crews

Huge scam against small businesses
HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) trick startup businesses into signing up saying their lead (priced at nearly $50 or more) are homeowners wanting to get work done. They don't tell you that you can't cancel after 72 hours until you tell them that every lead was not able to be contacted and that this is not the service that you was pitched. They are a highly skilled scam industry that delivers on none of their promises and the best response they give you is their sorry for your experience. This company is worse than loan sharks and killing small businesses without remorse. Please read their reviews on BBB before thinking about going with this company. I was lied to, and cheated. The "leads" are not checked by the company and they charge you even if no contact is made. Worse scam ever and a crime against businesses everywhere. I attached a screenshot of a "lead" opportunity from homeadvisor, it was actually my husband trying to find our profile on their site. Absolutely outrageous! My husband got calls from other people who are signed up with them who told me that they have had the same experience

Done right with professionalism and friendly team!
I wanted to thank you and your awesome professional team for the wonderful service provided by Moores Tree Service. Your crew was thorough, professional and resourceful, successfully overcoming some set backs which cropped up along the way. The crew also has my respect for managing to maneuver the boom truck and chipper into some incredibly tight spaces in order to complete the work. I'm happy to recommend Moores Tree Service to anyone needing tree trimming and tree removal service. We know that you have a very busy schedule at this time of the year and the fact that you actually made way in your schedule to do this job within a few short days of our request, has been a huge relief to us.
While your pricing was fair I expected a good job, instead I got a excellent job.
Thank You and your staff so much!
Ron Gagne

Do not use
I have tried Home Advisor(HA) three times all ending up with terrible outcomes.

1. I get bombarded with phone calls that start within minutes and continues for days.

2. On two of the three occasions I have gone with HA, the help received was by a handyman and not skilled labor.

3. On all three occasions, I had to seek out another contractor and have the work redone.

4. Most recently, a roofing contractor was hired to re-waterproof a balcony at a cost of over $4000. 00. I had several other contractors out and a technical rep form the product manufacture, all whom independently told me the problem was the way the contractor did the application. Now the contractor states that the decking needs total demolition and replacement and the job as been re-quoted at over $9800. 00. The attached pictures show the condition the contractor left the job from their experimentation to identify why the work failed.

I will never rely on Home Advisor for referrals as my experience has made me feel HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) do an insufficient job of screening professionals and thus as with me, recommend unskilled, unethical, and unprofessional labor.

Professional and reasonable.
I hired Atlantic Business Solutions for an outside home improvement repair. The repair person named Tommy called me the night before and I explained to him what I needed to be done. He told me that he would pick up the parts I needed and would be over the next day.

The next day he looked over the job and quoted the price, which took me by surprise at how reasonable the price was. He completed the work which did take a little longer than I expected. The reason being is because he is a perfectionist and made sure the job is completely done right. I was surprised that I was not charged any extra money.

I told him that he is an honest man and does excellent workmanship. I also told him that I have dealt with home improvement people in the past that were dishonest with the price and did poor work. I asked Tommy for his business card and I know that in the future I will call his company Atlantic Business Solutions and I will recommend him.

Brick Masonry Work and Conc. Slab Repair
I posted a project on HomeAdvisor for the repair of my carport corner brick support and repair of the carport slab. I had a quick response and I set up work to start 4 days later. HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) showed up on time and started immediately on the project. It did not take me long to realize that these two workers had never laid a brick in their life. They also did not have the proper equipment to break up my concrete slab. They worked 6 to 8 hours using a sledgehammer and were able to chip off enough of the slab to pour a 2-inch topping. They could not pour a smooth concrete topping. They didn't even have a level to set brickwork. After 2 feet of the brickwork, the column was 3 inches out of plumb. A 5 year old kid could have done better. I will never use HomeAdvisor again. I got them to use a string for guidance but it didn't help them. I will say they were extremely hard workers and worked almost till midnight in the pouring rain. They simply had never done any concrete or brickwork in their entire life.
They even did not know how to use a caulk gun! I would give them less than one star but not an option.

I find out 2 days after writing this review and having paid the contractor for the work HomeAdvisor has charged my credit card $1,200. That's the estimate that the web site estimated that this project would cost. Nowhere on their web site did they indicate they would change my credit card for this amount. I sent over an hour talking to HomeAdvisor on phone trying to get the charge removed with no luck. They said I should not have paid the contractor for the work. I have contacted my bank to stop the charge but I see this is going to be a challenge.
If you don't put your credit card there they will not give you an estimate. They SHOULD tell you on web site that this is NOT an estimate but an IMMEDIATE charge to your credit card. If nobody shows up to do any work you WILL STILL BE CHARGED. I told Home advisor the person who did the work was the same one they sent me a photo of before he came and he completed the work so I paid him for the amount of his REAL estimate. Now they won't credit my credit card.

Unequipped and unqualified for a small job
The handyman showed up 2:45 minutes late and consequently caused me to cancel a later appointment. He said that he was sent to supervise another job before heading here. If that is the case, then scheduling a time for service with Home Advisor is useless. When he got here he thought all he was supposed to do was to install two faucets despite the fact that I provided detailed information on what was needed in my appointment request. He did not have the tools needed to install the vanity and I had to go to a hardware store and purchase them. When it came time to install the first of two identical faucets, he told me HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) would not fit in the pre-drilled holes, which, by the way, are standard size. At that point I told him to leave. Once he left, I installed the faucet without a problem - photo attached. This "handyman" was unqualified and unequipped to complete minor projects. This was a complete waste of time and money.

Replace Driveway
I called Home Advisor around nine o'clock and Roman Concrete contacted me before ten o'clock. Mr. Roman came to my house at 11 o'clock and made me the low bid of three which I immediately accepted. He agreed to do the work the next day but called back later to tell me HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) could start that afternoon. He brought four workmen, a tractor/grader/forklift and a large, no, huge, dump truck and removed the old concrete and prepared the ground in about two hours. He and two workmen arrived early the next morning; they finished preparing the ground, setting up the forms and laying the rebar. The cement truck came around 10:30 and they poured the concrete; they were finished around four in the afternoon, including preliminary cleanup. Mr. Roman came back the next morning to remove the forms lumber and do the final cleanup. He also gave me instructions regarding final steps. I don't see how Mr. Roman could have made it any easier for us.

Happy that the job is done!
My first time to use this service so part of the problem may have been my lack of knowledge and with rainy weather figured in I felt a lot of pressure to get something done. One company had their estimator out to our house within an hour of my signing in, but HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) never provided a written bid or photos of the job... texted the rep a couple of times but he never followed up or came by again. Several other companies on the list never called or made contact so we ended up with one contact and one bid. The crew of two arrived at 9:30 and left at 3 minus a lunch break and it cost us $3600 which included about 12 tile replacements. Even with the estimators time and office staff's time it seems like a lot of money for the time involved... did a great job!

Tankless water heater
I highly recommend Tomayko Bros. For your plumbing projects or issues. We had a new tankless water heater installed by these guys and HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) did a fantastic job! I had other companies give me estimates, and they were way out of line. Tomayko Bros. Gave us a fair price and took care of everything. They did a professional job in less time that they estimated. This included modification of the water lines, gas lines, and installing supply and exhaust air piping. I have done this kind of work for over Forty years, but I'm too old to do this anymore (70 years old). These men have the old school work ethics you look for in a contractor, and they love their work. I have two more projects to have done and I will certainly hire them to do them. (Noreen's Husband).

Great Reference and Not So Great
I had two companies from Angi's list come to my house and diagnose the issue, one told me I had to replace both units and wanted cash upfront, as much as I could give and the other actually diagnosing the problem and repairing it on the spot. This makes me somewhat suspicious of how often Angi\Home Advisor is checking these companies to make sure HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) are doing right by the people recommended to them. This other company definitely saw the same issue, but knowing I was not fully aware of the problem, decided to try and make some money off of me by telling me I had to replace my AC units when in fact they could have just fixed them. Luckily I did not give them anything, it just didn't feel right them wanting so much cash upfront to give me a discount.

The bane of HomeAdvisor is "Handy"
I am Alan L and I wrote the review about HomeAdvisor.
With not a lot to do the last few months I did some investigating into HomeAdvisor and what I found is as follows -
HomeAdvisor owned by a mega corp located in NYC, NY. This Corp ownes several other companies of the same vein as HomeAdvisor. HomeAdvisor in-turn bought a company called Handy to whom HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) farm out a majority of the "small job" requests. Now they, Handy, seem to be the source of much of the Hate & Discontent among customers. Complaints are made to HomeAdvisor but the disconnect seems to be that the 2 computer systems can't communicate with each other so, for all intents, the customer's complaint falls on the "deaf ears" of the Handy system. Now, after speaking with the Pro I dealt with, He has removed himself from all contact with Handy and only goes thru HomeAdvisor and is now receiving nothing but 5 stars and as such his customers are very happy. I don't know how to complain to Handy as all phone calls are automatically shuttled to HomeAdvisor So you never get to speak with a "Handy" Rep. And, as you can see, a great number of the complaints are coming from the very Pros that are being sent out by Handy, that alone speaks volumes! I don't think I'll ever use HomeAdvisor but, if I do, I will request that the Pro being sent is from them and not Handy. How to actually accomplish that I don't know. Time to get off my soapbox, Have a good day.

The biggest thieves of this century.DON'T SIGN UP!
Please, if you don't want your money to be taken away from you, don't sign up. HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) send you emails with many contacts who never ever respond, and they charge you for each one of them (I think they provide incorrect contact numbers as nobody answer). Keep in mind that they will always charge you for each email you receive, even if the "potential" client never answers the phone or your texts. For every ten clients they sent you, maybe three responds, and they charge you for all 10, Out of those three that responded perhaps one wants to do the job, and in some cases, that single job is so small that it doesn't even cover your trip and time. You can call and explain to the customer service, but nobody does anything to take away all the charges for each one of those emails. Plus you are not the only ones that could get the job as they send that email to many other companies.
Based on my experience and also a friend that signed up with HomeAdvisor as well, we were never able to do a single job and we were charged more than $2000. Even after I called them and told them to cancel, they kept sending emails and charging my credit card for each "supposed" client they were still sending. I put a dispute on the credit card as they never agreed to cancel and now they sent me to collection, something that I will be more than happy to fight! I strongly advise you not to sign up. They will take all your money and you don't get any business.

Thank you.

Southern Comfort
There is not enough words available to express my appreciation for Bruce Glisson and Southern Comfort. He was able to do what no one else could or would. I was told more than once that my heating/air handler could not be repaired. I was denied my claim from my home warranty by someone HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) sent out and said it was shot; After just a few minutes of making a request on angi, Bruce called me. He had no problem working with my schedule and when he came out. He informed me he could fix my problem. Despite what some many others had stated. He diagnosed my issues, did research and came over the weekend and FIXED IT! He even sent follow up texts to make sure everything was working properly and me and my kid were cool. In all my 20 years of dealings with real estate and rental properties, I have never seen a company more reliable, honest and affordable. As a single parent facing the cost of a full replacement I am so grateful for Brue Glisson/Southern Comfort for his expertise and for going the extra mile.

Angie provided top-notch stone repair company for my kitchen granite countertops
I had a granite countertop in the kitchen recently repaired, polished, and resealed. The granite countertop in the kitchen involved four areas approximately 10' x 2', 9' x 2', 7.5'x 2.5' and 5' x 2'. There were three very very minor gouaches, three very small cracks, those were repaired and patched with epoxy and stone color chips/paint. Then all areas were polished twice with a mechanical polisher and finally, all areas were sealed. The company that Angie recommended was very professional, polite, and did a fabulous job on time and as promised. The cost was, I thought slightly higher, but the workmanship and the final product are outstanding. We have built this home about 20 years ago, and have lived since then. I had granite countertop sealed twice in that time frame, but the repair was done this time and polishing and sealing of all areas. Home Advisor/Angie's recommendations were very good, and the stone repair company did a very good job.

Home Advisor rocks!
I was desperate to find an electrician because I live in a rural area and live in a modular home and I simply could not find ANY that were willing to take on my project. Filled out the form on Home Advisor and within seconds the most wonderful electrician called me and that very afternoon he arrived and diagnosed all the issues and repaired all the issues and got me 100% squared away! Very professional, extremely helpful, and fairly priced. I will never cease to be amazed at how quickly and effectively the Home Advisor experience worked. I am so glad I found this out so I can use their help on other projects/problems that arise. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Home Advisor. HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) are a tremendous asset to have.

Shady Company
Home Adviser seems very shady in my opinion. I booked a few windows to be replaced, within one day I received texts and phone calls from random contacts, one women said I was on her system for a booking and her company was 500 miles away, another guy said I was on Craigslist and when did I want the work done. After receiving all these strange calls and texts I decided to cancel my booking two days before the contractors where due, I was passed on to the fixed price department where I was left on hold for over 30 minutes to then have the phone put down on me. I believe this was a tactic to keep my booking long enough to be charged a cancellation fee and or the full amount. I decided I would just keep the booking and see how the work went. On the day of the contractors arriving, HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) where brilliant, they got everything measured up and informed me the fixed price of $530 didn't include the $#*!e thin glass we needed to replace the $#*!e thin glass we have from the 70's. I thought that was fair so had them order the glass and the contractor got a great deal on the $#*!e new glass for $40 less than the price it should have been. After a coffee together and taIking I told them the price I was paying for the labour and to my shock they told me how much they where seeing from that price, less than half. I was told they need to come back in a few days once the glass is cut to size which I was fine with but within 50 minutes of them leaving I had a message from my bank saying Home Adviser had requested the fixed price payment. So much for only paying once the job is complete. Been on the phone today with Home Adviser, feeling at the end of the conversation that the people on the other end have no customer care what so ever. Will never be using this platform ever again. If I was you I would source locally yourself as it will save you a ballache and money.

House cleaning service
I think that for the people who are signed up as service providers on your site, it's a wonderful app. It's aggressive in making quick contact with customers. From my point of view though, it was a bit too aggressive. I had barely completed my entry/registration when I began receiving texts and phone calls. I would rather choose who I want to speak to (because their offer is worth following up on) than to have to go through the same conversation with multiple people, most of who don't fit all my needs. I would rather have been able to visit each service provider's site and select the ones who met my needs based on reviews, location and price instead of being bombarded. That would cause me to hesitate to use the app in the future.

This is the third time in the past year I've used Angi/Home Advisor
This time I was looking for guttering. My job wasn't real big and I had trouble finding someone on HomeAdvisor. About five days later I got a call from an employee of HA who asked how it was going and offered some help. I hate these calls and have no patience. For some reason I talked to the guy and he started to sound helpful. We talked awhile and I explained my frustration and the issue with the small size job not appealing to contractors. He offered to search in my area for other contractors and soon sent me three contact names and info. I had two guys come out and HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) were both competent and communicated well. I made my decision and am so pleased overall. Without the direct call from the Home Advisor support person I'd still be floundering.

Zero mold is tops.
I read five star reviews and called. Dave came out the next day, looked at the mold issue in our bathroom ceiling and glass shower stall and got Jake to come out the following day to fog our 1,300 foot condo with ozone.

We removed our plants, dog and opened all the cupboard and room doors and our air ventilation system for the fog to penetrate as mold attaches itself to everything especially dust particles.

We ran errands and picnicked in the park for four hours and returned. Upon entering, the smell of ozone was heavy but bearable. I called Dave to ask if we could open windows and he said that would be fine. Upon inspection Justin had scrubbed the mold off the shower stall and painted antimicrobial mold paint on the ceiling. He also cleaned the air conditioning filter in our condo air system and put it back in place.

We cleaned our air ventilating fans in the two bathrooms and will now make sure to run them before and after our showers along with keeping the bathroom doors open after using them to keep moisture down.

The fogging comes with a one year guarantee.
This company was prompt, courteous snd answered all my questions. Highly recommend.,

Poor stippling & painting of drywall
The experience turned out to be a nightmare. We will never use this companies services again and would never recommend them to anyone. We were promised our home would look like HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) had never been here once they finished the repairs. Far from it. So many issues. Textured ceiling is mismatched, poor painting and colors do not match, unacceptable cleanup, property broken to name just a few. A three day job turned into five and is still not satisfactory in the least. Management has not addressed our concerns. Unprofessional and frankly deceitful.

We are now in a dispute with Plumbing Express's unwillingness to rectify the poor quality of their work. They claim they are not capable of the repairs necessary although we have two quotes from contractors who can, which Plumbing Express is not willing to pay. Plumbing Express does not guarantee they can match the original appearance of the home. Totally unacceptable.
When your manager, Danny, came to our home to sell this job he toured and surveyed the premises. The day before the work was scheduled my wife spoke to Ronda and Danny to make sure we would have things moved so the plumbers would have access to all necessary areas. We were told to clean out underneath all sinks, on top of the refrigerator, give them access to the main floor ceiling and clear the walls opposite all toilets. This was all done before the plumbers arrived. When the plumbers arrived, my wife was agitated. We were assured Plumbing Express would follow strict Covid-19 protocol. None of your plumbers were wearing masks or social distancing, They said they forgot. My wife is immune compromised and denied them entry until they went back to their trucks to retrieve the masks. Some plumbers did not wear their mask the entire time and there was a lack of social distancing.
Danny told us the plumbers would work methodically through the house. This was not the case. From the beginning they were all over our three level home. In addition, they needed access to the laundry room and the basement ceiling. My wife spent all morning moving our belongings to accommodate them. If we had been told before hand, this would not have been an issue. The plumbers were asked not to move anything without asking my wife first. This was not done. We found some of our belongs in places they should not have been. Also, aggravating. She admits to a few choice words.
As far as your two managers coming out to inspect the mismatched paint colors resulting in non-existence of blending, places Plumbing Express's laborer just missed leaving white bare spots and the mismatched texture on our ceiling, they indicated to us that Plumbing Express would be willing to pay another contractor to correct the textured ceiling and the poor painting. After spending the time to acquire two quotes from professional licensed drywall contractors, who agreed that there is nothing about our ceiling texture technique that is non-standard and guaranteed the match, Plumbing Express declined to pay and offered to come back themselves with no guarantee. We are opting to pay $1800. 00 for a guaranteed sure thing than to take a chance on Plumbing Express again.
We declined their offer to cleanup that day because we had a commitment and could not wait for them to do what should have already been done. We no longer have the receipt for our lamp so cannot prove the cost. The lamp was not the only damage. There are irreparable deep scratches in our living room hardwood floor caused by Plumbing Express's employee's ladder. The planks would have to be ripped out and replaced.
Ed admitted to us that this was a Plumbing Express perfect storm and that he had past problems with the employee sent out after the plumbers to do the repair.

Heating conversion: oil to natural gas
Jeff Griffin really knows heating & plumbing! He also recommended 2 excellent 3rd-party companies:
1. Unlimited Removal and Demolition - to drain, cut up, & remove old oil tank; abate asbestos from, and remove, old boiler; remove oil filler pipes & patch foundation with cement
2. Boxford Chimney Sweep - to run a new flue liner and install a new stainless steel chimney cap

We hired J. Griffin Heating & Plumbing to disconnect an ancient "snowman-style" oil-fueled steam boiler with attached "instant" water heater, and replace it with a gas boiler & free-standing gas water heater.

Fast. Efficient. Clean. On time. On budget. Pleasant & willing to answer all of our questions.

All 3 companies provided very high quality experiences! I would hire any/all of them again.

Bonuses: Sandy Griffin (with JGH&P), & Daniela (with UR&D) provided excellent & timely email & phone support.

5 Stars all around!

My Home Advisor Experience
The positive experience with Home Advisor is HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) put me in contact with pros from whom I had successful and rewarding project completion. This includes categories of Kitchen Remodeling and Design, Roofing, Popcorn ceiling removal, Bathroom Remodeling and Design. However, the Home Advisor experience comes with frustrations and annoyances. Here are examples: when I trying to use Home Advisor to get a list of potential providers in my area I cannot without placing a request for quotes. Then, I get 3 contacts provided. This is an issue for me because I get contacted by the pros even if I am only looking for information. Also, some of the pros don't respond so my effective list may be smaller than 3. Securing the services of every pro involved a lot more initiative and effort on my part than I expected would be necessary. I think part of the issue is I did not find I could be granular in stating my requirements and interest. And some respondents fit the category but not my project particulars. Then, Home Advisor auto generates emails to me seeking input on my activities. On two of the projects it took more than a month to complete and more than 3 months from initial contact to completion. I feel if a customer does not follow a logical customer / contractor communication and decision process the likely end result for the customer is dissatisfaction. As Home Advisor evolves to be more computer driven, I find my response to what it offers is getting less positive.

Thank you to Brad Freeman and his crew for fixing the trim on my home and replacing the roof, including my 2 car garage.

If you want a roofer who will get in touch with you, stay in touch with you, and answer all your questions throughout the whole process, than Brad is your guy.

He was the first roofer out of 4 that actually went up into my crawl space attic to check for mold damage. No one else wanted to deal with it, and he was right on top of what needed to be done as if it was no big deal.

He also had one of his carpenters come by the house to replace rotten trim before the roof went up. He even helped me figure out why the mold may have happened and how to prevent it from happening again. I had a leaky chimney and the moisture on my windows in my home were like Niagara Falls in the colder months. I had replaced the windows and put heat in the basement, so warm air could rise so the house wasn't so drafty and neither of those things helped. But once Brad and his crew installed the new roof, including knowing how to make air flow better in the attic, it helped my windows.

Yes windows should have some moisture in colder months which dries throughout the day, but like I said, it was much worse than that. And the moisture caused mold to grow in the home so I was constantly cleaning it. My son even became allergic to mold in the process So, don't bother going anywhere else, because I did my research, his estimate was where it needed to be, he was able to fix the many issues with my roof, and he was always in touch. I can't even count how many e-mails went back an forth because of all my questions. I lost count at 20. If your a single mum or just someone that doesn't know a lot about roofs, Brad can help you!

Household move
Excellent service and follow up. Thank you
Top Notch Moving is absolutely fantastic. I have moved many times in my career and David and his entire staff provided the most professional, caring and careful service I have ever had. HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) were patient from the very beginning giving me an extremely detailed and accurate quote for services. Their equipment blankets, trucks and tool were in impeccable condition. They carefully wrapped artwork and furniture. Not one item in the two 18-wheeler massive trucks was scratched or damaged.
They remained calm and meticulous throughout packing, loading and delivering and installing, rebuilding furniture artwork, beds, refrigerators, and more.
They even fixed a bookcase by reattaching the back before they wrapped it. They found a ring and handed it to me saying, this looks like it is very special.
Although unloading the last truck went late into the evening, Dave and his team maintained their careful and fastidious level of work. They even folded their superbly clean moving quilts into perfect squares before returning them to the trucks.

I highly recommend this extremely professional company. The quality, professionalism, and level of care they give their customers and their belongings is beyond all expectations. I am hiring Top Notch Movers again this month as we move full time to our river house.
Thank you, David for making our move so pleasant.

Roof Repair
I used HomeAdvisor to locate a roofing contractor when the flashing around the chimney began to leak. My roof is relatively new and I have had no other problems so I knew it was not a matter of needing a roof. I had previously tried to get a roofer in my area to fix this but had been unable over about 3 weeks to locate anyone who was willing to even look at it. Within a couple hours of entering the project in HomeAdvisor I had two roofers who came, looked at it and described what HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) would do to fix it. They offered largely the same solution which was assuring. I chose the solution that was a little more extensive and expensive but that I feel addressed everything possible. I am very pleased with the end result.

Finding Experts when you need them
I had a blocked sewer main. I had talked with a local plumbing firm. HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) have a good reputation, but are costly. I was looking tfor a second opinion, using Angie's List when I got a call from Aaron Plumbing, who had seen my post. They arrived, immediately understood the scope of the problem, and said they could do the job for half of my first quote. I told them I did not want inferior work, and they assured me that would not happen. They were right. They did excellent work and guaranteed it. Home owners don't know how to find skilled workers when they have problems. I have used Home Advisor several times in the last few years, and in almost every case (except one), I have been totally pleased with the referrals and the outcome. I'm a fan!

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HomeAdvisor (Powered by Angi) is not registered on BBB. Therefore, this business has no BBB rating and accreditation.

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