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Greyhound Bus Lines

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Horrible Customer Service and Business Policy

Booked a bus for my mom today from Sunset Transit Center in Beaveton Oregon to Seaside Oregon. Upon paying for the ticket the confirmation ticket drop off location said Elsie Oregon. No address listed.

I called 5 minutes after booking and asked for an address for the drop off location. 3 separate Representatives just told me I could not change where she was being dropped off, and Greyhound Bus Lines did not have a record of the address on file. The pick up location was also switched to downtown portland (website error?). I asked for a solution, and was repetitively told they could only change the date and time but could not change anything else on the ticket, and it was non-refundable. I repeatedly asked for the address on where she was being dropped off and they did not know. It is INSANE that greyhound is going to be dropping someone off and CANNOT provide an address of where! They will not edit, exchange or refund.

I asked for them to help me set up a seperate ticket with the correct information and they REFUSED TO HELP ME!

Stay away from this Greyhound Lines, Inc.! They are frauds!

Nightmare transport
I've rode Greyhound 6 times in my life and every experience was horrendous. The lobbies are a complete mess homeless litter the area the buses smell like piss and the restrooms are egregiously filthy. Now I know what Greyhound Bus Lines meant when the ticket said no special treatment.

They couldnt find a driver for the bus. No joke
Greyhound Bus Lines couldnt find a driver for 2 busses and ours was 1 of them in amarillo. There were busses there but no drivers causing a 2 hr delay so i missed my next connecting bus in tulsa and they acted like it was my fault that i didnt get there in time for my connecting bus. They rerouted me to go through indianapolis insted of chicago on a bus 5 hours later. The nis i had just got off of was also going to indianapolisright then and had empty seats nut they would let us ride that 1 we had to wait5 hours for the next 1 going the exact same route. They added 10 hours to my trip from this 1 screw up. Their customer service skills are horrible trying to boss everyone around like they have some authority over them. They forget that we are paying customers that have paid them for a service and in my opinion the sercive includes having a driver ready for the bus. I will never use greyhound again. Its back to renting cars for me.

Zero refund policy and compassionless customer service
Zero refund policy even with an emergency. Terrible customer service. Greyhound Bus Lines are only interested in revenue and never the customer. Avoid at all costs.

Don't ride greyhound
If there was an option 0 stars I would choose that one. Not only have we been left behind while waiting in the parking lot of a bus that left 20 minutes early but now we are dealing with a bus that just can't leave because there's no gas! Unbelievable! Greyhound Bus Lines recommended, rescheduling to get on the next bus and but also having to pay $20 to reschedule a trip that was canceled due to greyhounds fault (no gasoline in the bus). We have now been waiting 5 hours to get in the next bus but now we are told that one is late and we will have to wait 4 more hours. The service is awful there's no one to talk to except customer service on the phone who have no idea and really can't help. I feel this happen only to the less fortunate those that don't have the means for another source of transportation. It is disrespectful and outright wrong.

If I could give them a zero I would
I would give the Colorado Springs Greyhound station a zero if I could.

Where do I begin. I dropped a car off for a friend in Colorado Springs and was told there was a Greyhound Bus that went to Union Station in Denver. There were two leaving Saturday, Oct 5. One at 9:30 am and one at 9:40 am.
1. The bus station in Colorado Springs should be in the third world. Think Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan. Dirty. Smelled like body odor. None of the vending machines worked. The gate agent was overly involved in her iphone and wore a tshirt that said, "People are annoying, especially you." I am not making this up.
2. The 9:30 am bus showed up at 9:26. I wanted to get on it and get out of there but she said the 9:40 bus was right behind her. Wrong.
3. We waited until 10:00. I went to the surly gate agent and she said she did not know where the 9:40 bus was. I said do you have a tracker or a phone number to the driver? She could not be bothered and said it would be late.
4. I called customer service. After a 12 minute wait on hold, I was told there was a problem with the 9:40 bus and the next bus would be at 5:22 pm. That is right, almost 8 hours later. I told the customer service rep that we could have gotten on the 9:30 bus as it was almost empty and she said the gate agent should have coordinated that. I said I want a refund, and she said I had to call another greyhound number. I did and was on hold another 15 minutes.
5. Meanwhile I went into the gate agent, politely asked her to put her phone down and to do something to help the stranded people. I asked her why she did not put us on the 9:30 bus if she knew the next bus would be 8 hours late. She said the bus left early (it didn't) and the driver left before she had a chance to stop her. Both lies. She never left her seat or stopped texting on her phone.
6. I finally got through to one helpful agent. He took my number but said I would have to wait 24 hours to get a refund.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give these people your business. Greyhound Bus Lines deserve to go out of business. I fly a lot on United and thought they were bad but Greyhound set a new record for poor customer service.

I was coming from Cedar Rapids and stopped in Indianapolis en route to DC and was forced to give give up my seat to six white people and wait another 6 hours. Police were called and Marion County Sheriff Anthony Bell came to their rescue. I spent the night in jail and had to wait in Indianapolis for my arraignment a few days, later. Luggage was lost and took 8 months to recover. Blacks lives don't matter to Greyhound.

The very first time I've ever used Greyhound buses was a nightmare
If there was zero Stars I would have put a zero star but there was only a one-star option and their service is garbage straight garbage Greyhound Bus Lines lost all my clothes gave me nothing better run around for a year and a half to pay me out the paperwork I had to fill out to get my stuff then they they said they had my stuff they lied to me and said that they delivered it or was trying to deliver it to my apartment but never did because I was there nobody showed up all they do is give you a run around and lies about replacing your your belongings until you give up that's some bad business because they don't want to reimburse the customer after their mistake

Never use this garbage dump of a company
This company acts like it's in the stone age. I book a ticket and get an email back saying "something's been changed" but Greyhound Bus Lines won't way what and instead leave a number to call. I call this number several times with no answer or even an answering machine. So I try to cancel my ticket. I send in an official request form and follow up several times and never hear back from them. I call two separate customer service lines both of which say "I can't help you, you must email us" even though I have and am getting no response. Both agents were entirely clueless. I then try to find a different email to send a note to and then their website says I need to send a complaint BY MAIL to Texas. This company should be banished from the earth.

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Description: Low Fares, Direct Routes, E-Tickets | Amenities: Onboard Entertainment, Free Wifi, Power Outlets, Extra Legroom | Go Greyhound!

Address: PO Box 660362, Dallas, Texas, United States, 75266


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