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Defensive Driving

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Fast (as legally possible) and easy.
Lisl is pretty! I like this course and have been using it over the years. The information is still relevant even though the footage is older I actually like it as I drove in those areas when I was a teen in the early 2000's. You can take as long as you want it is broken down into about 6 1 hour videos. You have to take a minimum of 1 12-minute break between each video but you can take as long as you want as you have 90 days to finish. Antone that is whining about this being "drawn out" should go take an in-person course and see how Defensive Driving like being stuck with people all day and moving at their pace. With you can watch from home in your pajamas and do one video a day! I love it!

Lengthy but helpful
Walks you through module by module. It is extremely informational and an eye opening refresher. It takes you through each phase one by one and allows you to read and watch videos as tou channel through the learning process. It a useful too for those who have the need to refresh their minds with the safety rules of the road along with the importance of defensive driving.

Great learning event for safer driving
Many things change as driver experience increases - means getting older. The review of everyday things learned in Drivers Education from years ago are built upon and refreshed. Additionally, the Texas Legislature changes the rules pretty frequently and those important changes are covered.

The most important information, that needs to be presented in every high school in Texas is the YIELD Program out of San Antonio. I will be contacting my local school board to insure Defensive Driving get that information out to our five high schools soon.

Do Not take course from them!
Defensive Driving are trying to make money left and right! They use false advertising! They advertise the cost is $25 but they will take your money for more than $35! Plus if you want to Download your Certificate it's another $25. They do not spell out all their fee upfront. Also they cannot verify your License Plate if it's 4 months old, they considered it new and unable to verify and require you to print a Statement of Assurance to be notarized. Seems like a lot of work and money when it should be a simple process. This is my second day and I m canceling, I thought I saw in their website a 7 day cancellation and get refunded but I can't find it now and I made a call to *******000 24/7 customer service WRONG! False advertising! You will get a recorded message that they only operate from 6am-12 midnight. DON'T order your Driving Record from this thief! Look at their Advertising again "$25 is the standard cost fircall defensive driving course and we don't A Cent More! They do charge a lot more! Liar! Company that cheat is the most disgusting!

Not the best.
The videos are so outdated. The information is still relevant, but it is incredibly boring. It also only allows you to miss 12 questions total out of all of the quizzes, and if you miss 13 it will terminate your account. The same concept is applied to security questions, except you can only miss 6. I'm not sure if other people had this issue either, but when I took the quiz after the video, the questions were not relevant to the video I had just finished watching. Rather, the questions applied to the video after. I honestly would not recommend this course to anyone.

Very Thorough
Start when you are fresh and have plenty of time to complete the course (minimum of 8 hours). Pay close attention to all videos. Have criteria about your Vehicle handy. License plate no. Etc. Keep an open mind that this course is very important. The course is intended to possibly save your life and others. Bottom line, drive safely, expect the unexpected. Being courteous while driving goes a long way. I am glad that courses like this are available.

Great course.
Easy course and very well explained. I would recommend this course to everyone! The content is fresh, works well on mobile devices, and Defensive Driving include some additional perks such as automatic electronic certificate delivery and a customer service team that is far better than most other defensive driving courses in Texas. The content is delivered in multiple formats to help keep the boredom to a minimum. What I really like about this course is how simple the quizzes are and there is no final exam at all.

Great course but...
Great course, fairly stream lined but maybe a little bit long on the breaks. 12 mins is longer than I anticipated. I probably would have gotten the same information or what is to be communicated in slightly shorter videos.

I missed also questions with tricky answers like my license plate, DL#, and etc. like the last digit number (then ran out of time). I normally don't have that on me :)

This program has Great courses with great detailed information. I enjoy that the course has real life footage how what to do and what not to do with people who have expierenced wrecks and situations. This course is also a refresher in laws that would should atleast take every 5 years. Some of the information is needed to be repeated that way individuals can remember:. Driving courses such as this one helps people manage their driving skills

In some instances your instructions weren't clear enough for instant understanding.
Your instructions were not clear on what documents were needed and your instructions on payments were not clear at all. You stated "Do not click on Next" twice as payment may be added again, yet on different subjects, there were other opportunity's on different subjects. As a result, I was charged $35, $35.35 and $25 for the course and a copy of my driving record, which was not needed for my purpose. I am not requesting a refund because I consider it was my misunderstanding of the rules. But as a result, I paid $95.35 for this course.

Not the best course
The stuff was pretty easy to learn. Didn't like that I had to spend so much time on parts that didn't need a lot of time. Was annoyed by the fact that I gave them all my information and answered 20+ questions throughout the course and still have to go get a paper notarized to show it was really me. The next day delivery is over priced and NOT EVEN NEXT DAY! Came 3 days late. Wouldn't recommend taking this course.

The customer service is terrible. I talked to 2 different people and Defensive Driving could not reverse a selection I had made on their end regarding my License plate number. The website had a glitch on their end, so I could not submit the correct number. They also have a 7 day return policy (I purchased 8 days ago and they would not let me return it). They must have paid reviews because I read so many thinking this would be a great site to go with. Its not. Go with someone else.

Frustrating waste of time
I paid was charged immediately. (NYSP) I started the course and didn't make it even through section 1 when I had pop-ups showing up constantly to call the number and answer security questions. After doing that and going back to course I had another request immediately. I decided to call and asked customer support to fix issue. She said she can't so I asked to speak to supervisor and refund. She refused to identify herself and refused to let me talk to supervisor. I called back spoke to another lady and asked for the same and the frustration was even bigger. She hang up. Then every time I called Defensive Driving were hanging up on me. I had another lady calling me who informed me that they will cancel and I willl receive refund in 10 DAYS! Do yourself a favor and go with another company. The website is difficult to read not clear enough with small dense font (probably intentionally to make you pay for audio extra $5) and boring with those nonsensical security checks to call them multiple times (banks and state agencies don't do that)! Do they think I have time and energy for that? I pay and deserve right customer support and be fully happy with the service. Refunds should happen as instantly as they draw money from the account. I will be bringing it up with NYS and bbb.

Don't get tricked
We have to pick this site to get our insurance discount. The website is evasive and won't tell you the price. If you go through the registration, it lists the price at $35. If you cancel out, Defensive Driving will email you a new discount version of $25. You watch the ancient videos (or keep them on in the background). Volume control on that thing is insanely loud. You take the quizzes. Not hard. Have lots of verification type questions (what's your state on your license? Whats your license plate number?). And then you take the final exam. It's 20 questions. Also not hard. After you finish, it makes you try to pay again (DON'T DO IT) just to get your certificate. You shouldn't have to. And if you do, you won't get anyone on their supposedly 24 hr customer service hotline to fix it.

VEry bad - I paid 25$ and then had to do the course again with another vendor
If you miss-type your tag number, it is very hard to get your number corrected. Defensive Driving pretend it is because of an legal requirement, but I doubt this.
It was easier to repeat the course with another vendor than go through their loop holes to get my certificate.
The course itself is OK, but quite old. Clearly the same course has been in use for years and years - a lot of it is so old that the the photos and videos are quite comical.
There are so many courses online... please just use another one that is more modern and works a lot better.

I understand defensive driving course material is not exciting stuff. The course is cheesy. However it's better than some super boring person speaking in manatone lecturing you about your driving. The videos make good use of geust speakers and real story's to break up the video into segments to keep the viewer focused. I would say just update some of the content.

Dated and Drawn Out!
This was a waste of 6 hours on one of my days off. It would have been a bit better if these videos weren't from the late 90's/early 2000's! Update your videos to make these relevant to people young and old in MODERN DAY. Also, DON'T OPT FOR THE NEXT DAY SHIPPING. It's just a way to get more money out of you ($35). I took this class on a Saturday (14th) and got a confirmation that I'd be receiving my certificate between the 17-28th, which gives me plenty of time to get it to my municipal court. The only benefit of this class is it's SUPER easy to pass. You really don't have to pay that much attention to the video information.

Fast delivery and quick course
If you are like me, and put everything off to the end, you will appreciate Reasonable prices for overnight morning Fedex delivery. Plus, the courses are informative and comprehensive. The narrator team does a great job keeping your focus, and the experts are very concise with the content.
I have been driving over 30 years and learned a lot about new techniques.

Great for a busy person that is on the go all the time
I am on the Run constantly so I don't have time to sit in a class for six to eight hours so I'm able to use the online course to work on it in my free time which makes it good for me so I can work on it at night when I'm not doing anything or a couple of hours during the day when I'm in between things to do or at a doctor's office when I have to wait for my Mom's doctor's visits

Easy quick and reassuring
This course is great because it goes over the things we as driver forget to think about while on the road. It shows you the after effects of the constant decisions we make as we drive giving us hopefully a new look for the future of our actions. This course is quick and makes it feel as if you havent just sat on your butt doing nothing all day. The best part is that you chose when to start and finish.

Easy to understand
Even tho it was 6 hours, it didn't feel like it, it was so easy and I passed. I am only giving 4 stars because the questions about me verifying myself where wrong, Defensive Driving had me under a different vehicle that I had never own and I still have no idea how they got there as they didn't want to answer it, so it locked me out and I had to call and be on hold for a while. The certificate showed up 2 days later. I do recommend this program

I don't like the fact that Defensive Driving give you a number to miss and end your session and make you repay to take the course again. At least give a second chance for free. Not only that, the videos are so long and draining. When it's time for the quiz, it's only about 7/8 questions over at least a hour to a hour and a half worth of information you have. 6 hours, miss 13 questions and terminated. No acceptable at all.

Good but...
Defensive Driving will try to fleece you in two ways.
1. They try to charge Texas users $25 for their driving record when for $12, you can get it directly from the DPS.
2. They will mail you your certificate for free but will charge you $10 for the privilege of downloading a 41kb pdf file.
I don't care much about the driving record charge because if you are too ignorant to know that you can get it from the DPS for $12 then you deserve to be taken.
However. I paid $35 for an online course that is available for $25 yet they try to take more money by charging you $10 to download your certificate.

Aside from all of that. The course is very outdated but the quizzes are super easy.

Learned a lot from the course.
Very good course and easy to do online. I like that I could log in and log out when needed. Was able to go back and review information on topics that I needed to know to answer questions. The information in topics that I didn't know was very helpful. I would recommend this course to anyone that needed to take it. The course is affordable and able to get the certificate fast. I am so thankful I was able to do this course and get my certificate to turn into the court. Thanks for all the information and knowledge I received in doing this course online.

More Interested in Money Than Quality Experience
Constantly bugging me about ordering a driving record at a much higher cost than the state court cost, charging $10 more than the state's set rate and charging a $10 fee for a simple download on top of that is absolutely ridiculous. On to of that, a two week delivery time for free delivery of a certificate is ludicrous. I won't be using your service again or recommending it.

Seems pricey
This course was dated and it was quick to get out of the way but honestly pricey. This was my first time having to take defensive driving and there was a charge for everything. $35 for the course, $25 for the certificate, and $28 for my record! Why wouldn't the certificate come with the price of the course? I'm not sure if this is normal but seems a little outrageous to me. Hopefully I don't need to do defensive driving again but I will definitely shop around if I have to do it again.

Terrible content and very deceptive trade practices
I took this course not to dismiss a ticket but to get a discount on my insurance. When I began the course, Defensive Driving made it seem like $25 would cover everything, but as I later learned, that was not the case. The content was mostly awful, very outdated, and the questions often didn't match up with the content. They also didn't let you proceed at your own pace, but rather theirs. So, what should have taken me a few hours ended up taking the better part of two days. That's probably more a state mandate, but it doesn't make it suck any less. I've been driving for over 50 years and know most of this stuff like the back of my hand. The worst part tho was at the very end. The course is not $25, you have to pay an additional $25 to be able to download the certificate, yes I said download. Oh, I could have waited two weeks to have it mailed from Houston to Austin, a distance of 160 miles, and there would be no cost to that, but my insurance company needed it sooner than that so I had to shell out the additional $25, making the course $50, not $25. I just hate being taken advantage of by very deceptive trade practices! If you have a choice, please don't buy into the BS that this is a reputable company, because they are surely not! In my opinion, they are NOTHING a bunch of CROOKS!

Great information, terrible customer service and false advertisement.
The course gave great info about the road. But the "download certificate" price is not given until you take the course. You'd think it would be given up front, before the purchase because Defensive Driving make it seem like it's included in the original price. Chris, a self claimed team lead, was very rude over the phone. In the end, he knew we were mad and gave me a credited certificate. But it doesn't excuse poor customer care.

My Overall Impressions
The course was a thorough review of many matters of driver safety. It was good that break times were allowed as the course required careful concentration. The paragraphs were long, and often had numbers and statistics that were not so easy to retain. I wondered how persons not so experienced in English language or from a poor educational back ground would fare. I noticed that no mention was made of using directional signals for lane changes. I thought that there is such a thing as "illegal lane change." More emphasis could be made of driving in the passing lane when not overtaking. It's a major problem on interstates and freeways. Overall, the course was a good review for me as an older driver, and a healthy reminder of certain safety matters that my dad taught me when I was just starting.

Why do I need to pay to download certificate?
I got the course to lower my insurance not to dismiss a ticket. After paying and going through the course, Defensive Driving make you pay $25 to download the certificate but you get it free if they ship you a physical copy? What is is it costing them to just send me an email? The initial cost of buying the course should cover the charge but I guess not.

Other than that it was a good video course just be warned of future charges that you won't find out about until after completing the course.

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