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Broome Staircase Designs

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Awesome Pearls
Broome Staircase Designs is the best shop to buy pearls from!
The quality and workmanship of each piece of jewellery is exceptional and there are so many styles to choose from and all are at exceptional prices too!, I have earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings and all of my pieces are very special to me and I never see anyone else wearing the same jewellery because Broome Staircase Designs is so unique. Besides the awesome jewellery this shop has excellent customer service and if you buy online the jewellery is always posted out quickly and at a reasonable cost.
I highly recommend Broome Staircase Designs:-)


I have had No response to a request for refund! Not Happy!
I had purchased several items. All good with the process. Then received them; extremely happy with two of the items but the last one was an absolute disappointment! The visual shown on the website is only from one angle, you need to view at least two different angles - front & back in order to make a fair decision, know that your choice is good & that you will be happy on receiving it! So feeling totally unhappy with the item, I had sent an email to company requesting a refund! No Response! Why?

The purchase of pearl earrings was easy and I appreciated the no fuss payment site. There was no confirmation of the purchase for over 24 hrs and no confirmation of delivery date.
At this time of writing I still have not received a delivery date.
I thought the follow up thank you email from the company excellent customer service.
But I would feel better if I knew the due date of my purchase being desbatched. Which is my experience with other internet shopping sites. Also this" rate your experience "has arrived before my product.
So my experience/ purchase is not completed.

When will it be delivered?
Sorry I can't yet rate your product as it is, after 32 days on the road, yet to be delivered. It has been at Australia Posts Melbourne Centre since October 18 and delivery has been delayed twice as Broome Staircase Designs say, because they are overwhelmed with parcels. Yet, we received a parcel from NZ and one from Sydney in just a few days. We still wait with hope that our delivery hasn't been stolen by an Australia Post employee.

Very disappointed
I ordered nearly $400 worth of jewellery as bridesmaid gifts in March, for our wedding in April. Sadly the package did not arrive on time and it's been nothing short of frustrating to say the least, trying to get my monies refunded for a package that was posted in securely and has never been delivered as has been established. I have been more than patient and accomodating and am very disappointed in the treatment and customer service I've received as I've bought goods here on a few occasions prior. Everyone deserves credit where it's due but when you're fobbed off and not refunded a large amount of money like I've paid, then I have been left with little choice but to give a bad experience

Excellent. I have made 3 purchases and love the items so much. One was a gift and the necklace and ring were for me. I would love to be able to buy some earrings to complete my set. The staircase to the moon is superb. Would love to be able to get the bob necklace as well. We have seen the real staircase to the moon in Broome so it was very memorable for us. My friends have all admired my purchases. Thankyou.

Wrong order
I lost one pearl earring and was not sure how to replace it I was well aware that I would have to purchase two. That would have been OK as I would have a spare in the event that I lost one. I made contact via a telephone conversation I advised the lady to check my previous order history to identify the earring, she advised that I can place the order so I did with much excitement. I received the wrong earrings so I forwarded the following email and attached the picture of the one that I needed and the one I received:
"I have shopped with your company over some time and purchased a number of items, until my health declined and I had to retire early, this makes any comfort purchasing difficult. One of my purchases was a pair of solitary pearl studs, which I had the misfortune of losing one that left me devastated.

I rang your Office in the hope that my order history would still be on file for the size and if Broome Staircase Designs were still available, left a message with my contact details. I received a call not long after so I proceeded to explain my misfortune.

I enquired if my Order History was still available, she replied with yes, all the order history including my contact details were there. I asked the young lady if she could place an order for the pearl studs using the size and style of the Order History, she informed me that all I had to do was to supply my Mastercard details.

I was so excited to receive the pearls today, the 30th Sep 21, only to open the box with the wrong style of pearl earrings. I have attached the photo of my original pearl earring and the pair that arrived today.

I trusted that the style would have been taken from my Order History, the ones that actually arrived today should not be on my history as I have never purchased this style of pearl earrings.

Now if the style that I ordered off the Order History were not available, perhaps contacting me would have been one option to see if I agreed to the purchase of the ones that arrived."

I received another set that was not what I requested, all I wanted was check of the previous order which was a plain pearl with gold shaft pic 1 my request, pic 2 what I received. So I had left this alone as I am busy with radiation therapy due to having breast cancer.

If you can help me out that would be wonderful surprise.
Hanna Sedaitis

Beautiful Pieces
Ordered online, items arrived very quickly and nicely presented in little satin bags. I would have liked 2 of the care cards as the 2 items i ordered are for gifts to 2 different people. Otherwise a very prompt and efficient purchase experience. I am delighted with the products and am sure the recipients of these will be also. Probably will order more in the near future for myself and more gifts. Thanks so much.

Beautiful pearl bracelet
Absolutely delighted with the quality of my new double strand pearl bracelet with rose gold and diamanté clasp! Lots of comments... a stunning, now favourite, piece of jewellery. Although the corona virus impacted the delivery process, Broome Staircase Designs kept me updated along the way. Have purchased before from this company and will do so again. Thanks BSD.

Not very satisfied
My article was not delivered by Aust post as either the address was incorrect or aust post too stupid. Was returned to sender Broome Staircase designs tried phoning Broome Staircase designs but phones unattended. Then emailed and am waiting for a reply as to where my purchased item is... I will be happy when I receive a reply or my article is delivered to my corrdct address. Otherwise I would like a refund.

Pearl bracelet
The bracelet arrived, although it is as I ordered. The actual bracelet looks cheap, I bought it as a gift. It's quite ordinary looking, not as thick or as big as the photo and picture depicts. Either that or the bracelet is photographed on a child's wrist. Payment is a little difficult also, site not easy to navigate, I ended up paying in instalments not that I wanted to it seems your site is geeked to that. Have been trying to pay in full ever since can't do it. It's not somewhere I'll shop again

Pearl bracelet
Just prior to Christmas I bought a beautiful pearl bracelet from you with the intention of giving it to my daughter in law as a gift for Christmas, but I liked it so much I actually kept it for myself. Not only was it beautiful, it was excellent value for money. I would highly recommend you to others. Your ordering process was simple and the product was delivered very promptly.

Great Aussie Gift
Needed a unique Australian gift for my Dutch friend's 50th birthday who was visiting Oz recently. Remembered the shop from a holiday a couple of years ago (I'm in Sydney). Found gorgeous bracelet at great price. Couldn't stop at one. Bought a 2nd one for another friend's birthday and a third myself as well! We all love the bracelets. Perfect for daytime or a night out. Delivery was very quick.
Thanks for helping me give the best Australian present!

Nice jewellery, not so great service
I wasn't satisfied with the service. I was purchasing some items for a colleague's retirement gift and every time I added the items in interest to my cart to organise payment with my manager, the price would increase overnight, and then as soon as I would remove it from the cart, the price came back down overnight. This was increasing by a considerate amount too, over $100 increase as Broome Staircase Designs can see when the item is in your cart, they bump the price up to catch you, hoping you don't realise. Other than trying to trick you into paying more, I also wasn't satisfied with the packaging and presentation of the purchase, we spent over $450+ and the jewellery came in ziplock bags inside a cheap organza bag (the necklace pendant did not come with a display chain either.) I was disappointed with the presentation for the amount of money we spent. I noticed at checkout that jewellery boxes were an additonal purchase, but this shouldn't be the case for the price of the items, a $4 box would have made gifting your products a much more enjoyable experience, for the purchaser and the recipent. I would not shop from this store again.

Truly delighted! This is a beautiful Australian product that one can be proud to wear or to give.
I'm really delighted with my earrings that arrived promptly & were very nicely presented in a soft gold coloured fabric sachet. The earrings are very well crafted & the lustre of the pearls is also very pretty indeed. Having visited the House of Mikimoto in Japan, I feel that we can be very proud of the quality of our local pearls, especially for the very competitive price. I'm extremely happy with the earrings & have no hesitation in purchasing from Broome Staircase Designs again, and I'm more than happy to recommend them to local Australians or to overseas customers. Broome Staircase Designs will certainly be my I purchased another pair of pearl earrings about 12months ago from a well known large jeweller and I wouldn't consider purchasing pearls from anywhere else in future. Although it's my first purchase from them, it certainly won't be my last. It will also be my 'go to' for gifts in future, especially for friends & family living overseas.

Best in Broome. Great product and service.
On the first day of my week long trip to Broome i walked up and down the street looking in all the Pearl retailers. The aim being to find a genuine Broome Pearl pendant at a resonable price to surprise my wife with back in Sydney. Out of all the shops, Staircase Designs had such attractive designs and together with the very friendly and patient assistants i knew i was on a winner. On my last day when ready to buy the actual one I wanted was not currently in stock and i was leaving Broome the next day. The assistant was able to show me almost exactly what it would look like and I ordered it that evening online (while watching the sunset on Cable beach). The service online was equally excellent and I had the delivery waiting for me at my local post office the day i arrived back. Fantastic.

Very satisfied customer
I have bought items from Broome Staircase Designs on a few occasions. Every sale has been easy, with their site easy to navigate and a simple checkout process. My items have come well packaged and complete with instructions about how to care for pearls. Throughout each sale process, the communication from Broome Staircase Designs has been very good, keeping me up to date with the delivery. The items I have bought have been in very good condition. Thank you.

Beautiful Jewelry
I first fell in love with the staircase swirl pendant a month ago and I had to buy it & a neoprene necklace to wear it on but I got the wrong size and had to buy another one the right size. Then I needed earrings to go with it but couldn't decide what size to get so I bought 3 studs sets then fell in love with the gold drop earrings and bought them too. Then I just had to buy the plated leather & pearl magnetic bracelet to complete the entire fresh water pearl look. Absolutely gorgeous and reasonably priced too.

My order was sent very quickly arrived safely and I was very happy with the result ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''...

Fab pearl earrings...
My sister bought up big from these people when stairway to the moon happened last year and I got a beautiful pair of earrings and so did she, somehow her pair went missing and she was missing having the, I researched other shops in Sydney and couldn't find an equivalent pair, then researched shops in Broome and found the same shop. Service was fantastic, product is fantastic presented earrings to sister on a couple of days ago she is ecstatic, recommend you buy from Broome Staircase Designs

A tick off my bucket list!
I received my beautiful pearl earings yesterday and am really delighted.
I have been wanting a really nice pair of pearl earrings for a long time, and these really matched the brief. The correspondence from your company has been A1 right from the start. Thank you so much.
My only tiny disappointment was that the box arrived damaged. It was protected only by the padded envelope it was packed in, and obviously that was not enough. The earrings themselves are really lovely, both in design and quality.

Great company to deal with
My first order was lost by Australia Post who tried to blame Broome Staircase Designs for not sending it. I was quite upset as it was meant to be my special gift to my daughter for her 13th birthday. That day came and went and I was so upset. I called the company and even though Broome Staircase Designs were under no obligation to resend my order…they did! Present got to my daughter one month after her birthday, I was slightly disappointed but so grateful to this amazing company for replacing what Australia Post lost. I highly recommend them

Mixed experience
Attempted to make a partial return the day I received the package. Had my call returned the following day. Lady was armed & ready to not give me a refund at all costs. Wouldn't let me speak, talked over me, tried to blame me, told me item was not faulty even though she had not even inspected it. If her agenda was to keep my money at all costs - she succeeded. If her goal was to sell me a fantastic product that I loved - she failed. I was practically yelled at and chastised like a child.

Julia the owner rang today after seeing my initial review and was genuinely concerned about my experience. Listened and seemed to understand my frustration. Was quite lovely and I'd recommend if anyone has any issues to make contact with her. She seems to really care about her business and customer's experience.
I'd have to say that this experience has not put me off future purchases, but I'd probably buy in store not online to avoid any complication. The products I exchanged for were really beautiful and excellent value.

Excellent product, excellent service.
An easy to negotiate site, with a good range of good quality merchandise. A good range of prices, too - from extremely reasonable right up to quite expensive for exquisite designs.
The items I purchased arrived quickly. The seller was quick to let me know that they'd been shipped & even let me know that they'd be delivered "today", which Broome Staircase Designs were.
I'm very, very pleased with the quality of the items. The pearls are well coloured and the items are well made. I think I'll be wearing these lovely things quite a bit, and I'm happy to recommend this site and seller. Thank you.

Pearl ear rings
I only had the ear rings on an hour and my ear lobes were killing me. I thought you said it was gold, if it was gold It would never of hurt my ears. I have had to remove them already so not impressed at all. I have very small lobes also which might not of helped as the pearl was alittle too big for my liking.
Iwould never of bought them if I knew Broome Staircase Designs were not gold as I cannot wear anything else.

Unbelievably Ridiculous
I tried to purchase the stretchy ring in the multiple colours a couple of weeks ago. I entered my details TWICE because the online application to purchase would NOT accept my completely correct details the first time. I actually thought that the purchase was completed by my card through PayPal. The company sent me emails telling me that I had purchased two large bracelets, one red and one black. I absolutely LOATHE black and red... My email name is in my maiden name for completely personal reasons so the email name doesn't match my married name on my CC card... So first Broome Staircase Designs say that I have an abandoned cart then they say that I didn't place an order with them. In the end I just wanted them to stop... If I could have given them a BIG FAT ZERO then I would have...

Great service and prompt delivery
I ordered a pendant online on Thursday 15th December. As it was only for me and not a Christmas present, I opted for regular delivery. I received an email to say Broome Staircase Designs had upgraded the post to express delivery, and the parcel was delivered to me in Melbourne on Monday 19th December. Extra special service. Thank you Broome Staircase Designs! I would certainly recommend them to all my family and friends.

My beautiful Broome pearls!
I love my beautiful new pearl drop earrings that arrived in the mail as promised and on time. Broome Staircase Designs look beautiful but my only concern was that the first time I wore them they came out of my ears and fell on the ground. Fortunately I found them around the house so didn't lose them. I have since put little plastic stoppers on them and look forward to enjoying them for many years to come.

Great products
Very happy with products I ordered (freshwater pearl silicone bracelet; silicon necklace band) - and response and delivery time was commendable. I hadn't seen silicon paired with pearl in wristbands or necklaces before - I highly recommend it if you live in the tropics or sweat a lot. The product is easy care and very comfortable and I predict will be long-lasting.

Cultured Pearl Silver Satin Bracelet
I ordered the bracelet as a present for our granddaughter's 13th birthday and was very pleased with the communication received from Broome Staircase Designs.

Broome Staircase Designs advised me that the product had been sent and gave me tracking advice for the parcel.

I was even more impressed at how quickly the bracelet arrived! It gave us lots of time to get a card and mail the present to our granddaughter to arrive in time for her big day.

Great customer service and a very lovely bracelet for a young lady:)

Thank you!

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