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Absolute trash
Boost mobile is trash and you're better off putting your money towards a different carrier. Verizon has plans that are essentially the same monthly price and Boost Mobile actually have literate customer service representatives. I just spoke with an agent through the BM chat online asking 1. WHY I'm getting constant phone calls/text messages about a sim card and 2. My iPhone doesn't take sim cards, so should I expect my service to be interrupted and I swear to God this "agent" "Christian" could not comprehend what I was saying. He didn't answer either of my questions and COULD NOT, for the life of him, understand that iPhones can't take sim cards, yet he still was telling me that he could mail me a sim card and that I would need to insert it at the top of the phone. I have LITERALLY not dealt with such an idiotic human being like that in any customer service department. This past year I have absolutely HATED boost mobile. The service has been trash, the ENDLESS amount of automated text messages/emails/and NOW PHONE CALLS have been way too excessive and I've contacted CS multiple times about deleting my contact info from these automated lists and I still get them. It's almost harassing at this point. Whoever owns this company, shame on you, seriously.

Verizon has a plan for the same monthly price of $50 that I'm paying now for the same coverage. I'm going to pay off the last of my phone installments and get FAR away from boost mobile.

Limited 4G now? Boost mobile will lose many customers!
So I have been using Boost mobile since like 2017 and it was the best cell phone provider until now. I have two phones through Boost Mobile, one is a phone and the other acts as a modem for my internet. Since 2017, I have had great internet with one of my phones through Boost Mobile that I use for my modem, and then today, my browsers on my computer start going slow out of nowhere. I called Boost Mobile to find out why my phone i use for my internet was going slow and found out Boost Mobile ended unlimited 4G and we only get 35 GB of data per month. Why? Why the heck has Boost mobile put a limit on data for 4G? What good is a 4G phone without unlimited data? So then Boost Mobile told me I have to buy more data at 1 GB per purchase. What good is 1 GB of data? 1 GB of data would only last a couple of hours if that when using a 4G phone as a modem. We need unlimited data for 4G and that is why we decided to use Boost Mobile! Boost Mobile is so going to lose a lot of customers due to limiting data for 4G. Nobody wants a honky phone that has limited data for 4G and to only be able to purchase 1GB of data for 4G at a time!

Completely erased prior conversation w/representative!
I have been a customer with boost mobile for at least 6 years, trying to keep giving their services another try each time an issue arises. I've finally hit my limit today, when trying to restart my plan month (I do this early every month because unlimited data really means enough high speed data for about 20ish days then you have data that never loads it's so slow so you may as well be out) I have to do so by speaking with an agent EVERY SINGLE TIME. This takes about an hour and 15 minutes each time, over 5 or 6 years how much time do you think that adds up to, too much, too much time. This last time I spoke to them I expressed my concern about this issue, and asked the representative to please restart my plan month. He did not do so, he added funds to my account, which I specifically asked him not to do. Consequently after the hour speaking to him I had to restart this process all over with a new agent, who stated he showed no record of me even speaking to any other agent that day. So add another hour to my list of wasted time just trying to restart my plan month. I will be finding other coverage after this plan month, when, I asked for a link to leave a review for their services I was told Boost Mobile don't have one. Sketchy services, wasted time, and spotty coverage.

Worse customer service ever
In August my S8 started getting bad connection. BM support hold me it had to be the phone, I needed a new one. Ordered a S10, even paid to have it delivered next day. I never got a order confirmation or order number via email, but the phone arrived, so I didn't fret. Activated it the night it arrived and low and behold the service was just as bad as on the S8. In fact it was so bad I had to go to the local park to get a signal strong enough to call them because the chat representative told me I had to call in order to ask for a refund. Sent the S10 back the next day, asked for my S8 to be unlocked so that I could switch services, and was told that refund procedures had started. It might take up to 4 weeks. I thought my nightmares were over. But now 8 weeks later I still haven't received my refund. I called once before but was told to be patient. Called again today. Was asked for my order number, which I told them was never emailed to me. After an hour on hold, with the UPS tracking number, Boost Mobile found the package i guess and I was told they were starting the refund procedures. I told her that i had been told 8 weeks ago that those procedures were started, but she just said that hadn't been. So after waiting for 8 weeks I now have to wait again for them to return the money. This company is a joke.

They lie and will not give you service
I was with Boost Mobile for 18 months. I paid cash for my phone when I signed up for my service. The service was fine. It was bothersome that the text messages would be split into small packet sizes and be received in a random order. This seemed like very outdated tech.

In November of 2019 I moved to Sprint and got a new phone. After 1 one month of of overlapping service I tried to get my old phone unlocked so I could give it to a relative. I was told it was no problem. LIE number 1 on December 30th.

By January 3rd it was not unlocked. I called and was told it would take another 48 hours due to the Holidays and the high volume Boost Mobile were experiencing. OK that made sense, I could wait. I told the person that would be on the weekend and asked if they worked weekends. Oh yes they work weekends. LIE number 2.

To give them the benefit of the doubt I waited until January 9th before I called again. I was told they would expedite my request and it would be only 24 more hours. That was LIE number 3. I also needed to cancel my service to stop the next month's charge so I was sent to different department to handle that. I told the person I was trying to get my phone unlocked and did not want to do anything that would stop or delay that from happening. I was told no problem. It would not effect the process. That was LIE number 4.

Each time I had to tell the IMEI number of the phone, the phone number and the PIN, the age of the phone and the make and model. I would ask don't you have notes. I was told they could only see the current call. That was LIE number 6.

On January 12th I got someone who read me all of the notes. Was very apologetic and explained since I was no longer a current customer my request would take 10 to 14 business days. I did not have to give him all the identifying information after I gave him the phone number and PIN. He gave me the rest of the information. I felt bad about Lie number 6 but it made sense. But not to worry that the request on Dec. 30th was still in effect and the 14 days would be up on January 17th. I would wait. He also asked me just to be sure enough time had passed to wait until January 20th before I call back in case it did not get unlocked. As it turns out he was the only truthful person.

Unfortunately the phone was still not unlocked. I waited until January 24th before calling again. I was told I did not know what I was talking about the phone was unlocked on December 31st. I asked to talk to a supervisor. The supervisor could only repeat the phone was unlocked on the December 31st and continued by cutting my conversation off by reading scripted company policies. I asked to talk to his supervisor and was told the phone call would be terminated. The call went quiet. I thought he hung up on me and then he asked if I wanted to terminate the call. I asked to speak to his supervisor and again was told the call would be terminated.

Do NOT expect the truth or help from this company. I would give a 0 star rating if I could.

I've been a boost customer for many years never had no problem went to go change my phone to 5G Boost Mobile said it wasn't take 5G so I had to buy a new phone what I paid for the phone there I could have got it somewhere else a lot cheaper but all my seventh day of having the phone that night my screen started being all lines and everything I go up the next morning to the boost Mobile spend the whole day start with I didn't want to help me I had to go to a different store which you know they are all franchise and they sent me back to that one don't know what's going on I had insurance on the phone for some reason the man redone the insurance for that day instead of on the 4th when I had originally got the phone some insurance don't want to pay for it the insurance for the maker of the phone the warranty people over the phone which is a celero five g they don't want to pay for the phone they all tell me is boost Mobile's fault that I need to go to boost Mobile and I've been going to boost Mobile for about 4 or 5 days now and I still have not gotten anything or any real satisfaction on my phone not even just a bunch of promises anyway the man's supposed to be here tomorrow which is Tuesday to bring a phone for a loaner and take mine and see if they can figure out what to do with it I guess but you know the funniest thing is he was supposed to be here today which is Monday is what he told me but he never called me or anything the store told me so over and I'll the lady that works there she really does try to help but they tie her hands where she can't do anything really and the owner and the manager they have not really done nothing to try to fix or satisfy my phone we'll see tomorrow which is Tuesday if he keeps his word or not if not I guess then I'm going to see a lawyer because this is not right so people be careful when you go to boost Mobile and don't let them take your number off before they put it on a different one hope this helps people

I was made a fool of in front of lots of people.
Well I've used boost mobile for the past 8 years… I moved to a new place to live in September 2022. This is shortly after Boost Mobile switched to T mobile towers. There was no service at my new place… I was currently paying on an I phone with my boost mobile plan as well. I was halfway done with the payments. I wanted to bundle my phone service with my cable company spectrum, at least for better service at the new home. So I called boost and ask them could I take my phone with me. They said yes ok that I would have to pay out my iPhone balance witch was $315 dollars. So I go into our savings for the money( at very least for better phone service) and I pay the phone out for a total of about $650 for the iPhone. So I go into Spectrum store expecting my phone that I completely paid for to be unlocked and ready to move with me to whatever phone company of my choice which is spectrum. (At least for better service) which is my phone and my choice either way). Spectrum tells me that my phone is still locked. I called boost mobile and tell them that my phone is paid for but you have not unlocked it. I can tell right away that the lady was waiting on my call as if there were notes on my account already of my intentions. Because she was immediately saying hold on let me check to see if you eligible to be unlocked. I told her that when I called the other day they said to just pay the phone out to be unlocked. She kept talking over me saying "let me see if your eligible" I say " why wouldn't I be"? I bought the phone. She was rude and it sounded like she was playing a joke on me by saying hold on let me get a manager to help you. Sounds like she was laughing at me. I'd wait while the music played for 5 min and she'd get back on the phone saying please wait in a sarcastic tone as if it was funny. This went on for about 25 minutes. I'm humiliated in the spectrum store of about 20 people waiting in line. I had just paid that money to boost mobile thinking that my phone would be unlocked and I could switch to spectrum to bundle and have service at my home and boost just took my money and laughed and I seriously couldn't use them anymore. So this is awful. Be careful if you're buying a phone from them because they switched up on me real fast by coming up or telling me after I made the full payment that I had to wait a year before I could take my phone away from their service.

Associate that should be recognized
I been a customer 20 years plus. The customer service and loyalty appreciation can't be beat. Upgrades every 4 months are unbeatable. Boost mobile is great and its because of the agents of the company well representing and make boost overall easily on a level on its own. The representative helping me at 7 pm even though she was already supposed to be off helped me get what I needed and was patient even though I had to call the bank even using her personal number for a way to let me be capable of verifying my card to make the purchase. If it wasn't for her professionalism and ability to cater to someone who needed help but was too late and she made sure she went above and beyond to remind me that boost never fails and customers are always leaving and deep down know Boost Mobile will return because such great service is just routine compared to any other phone company
I left my old phone because I was in a rush so I will return to get it tomorrow and I hope the representative helping me is there so I can thank her for proving I'm never wrong thinking that I'll be with boost for life. I was at 1627 mermaid at 7pm on august 27. I hope my that employee gets recognized for her excellent representation of a prototypical sales representative I'd want to market my product
I spent double and because of the informative comparison of the choices and the representative explained what deals are available and how to earn future perks. 10/5 stars is a understatement, unquestionably going above and beyond should be never overlooked but I took my time to review because not saying anything is a crime for someone you know is off work but never ever said anything until I noticed she was leaving after I had no more concerns or needs.

They lie all the time
I have been with boost mobile for 15 years and I am very disappointed in the service the last few years. I live in a rural area and I have had no problem with my cell service for 2 years. Now all of a sudden in the last year I have had no service where i live. I have reached out to boost many times about this and its always the same story which is Boost Mobile are working on the cell towers. Well this has been there story for the last year and i find it hard to believe they have been working on the towers for a year. I asked them to unlock my phone so I can seek service elsewhere and they wont do it. They said they were going to send me a new sim card for my phone (which I explained its not my phone as it works just fine in other cities) but they never did send me a sim card. They never let me speak to a supervisor as they tell me I will get a phone call from one but i never do, so just more lies. I have not had a phone for weeks and they refuse to give me a discount so here we are, I cant switch my provider cause they wont unlock my phone and I cant get ahold of a supervisor and I am always lied to and I cant get a discount. Thanks boost mobile for treating your long time customer this way. Oh and this is the first review I have ever written in my life but I felt people needed to know how boost operates.

Customer service is horrible
Here was my customer service experience reply to Boost Mobile:

I bought a renewed iPhone 8 online that arrived defective and Boost Mobile did everything they could not to replace the defective phone with another one. I Went through there likewize phone insurance program and they denied my claim when the phone was bought on 9/26/21. I Was told on 10/4/21 that was a mistake, but never got a replacement after spending my money on the phone that Imy wife need for work. Because of this incompetence I had to go to another company to get a working phone thus losing money on a trade in when the simple fix could have been to overnight another phone to a local store near me. I take the defective phone to that store to switch it out. Problem fixed and you guys can resolve the issue thus retaining business of a long time customer. No one from customer service associates to supervisors can think outside the box. I took 10 hours or more of my time waiting on hold and hang ups to speak to associates and supervisors to get a properly working phone only to be told that corporate will need to review the claim for a replacement phone. As of 10/11/22 nothing had been approved and the phone was bought online on 9/26/21. Also if I was told that if I wanted to return the phone for a refund, I would have to pay the cost for shipping and handling back to Boost Mobile even though you guys shipped me a defective renewed I phone 8. The customer service departments, on both sides, need a complete overhaul as this is worst experience after a purchase I have ever had. I will file complaints with consumer advocate agencies and every chance I get I will tell my friends, family and associates to avoid Boost Mobile, and will continue to share the experience I had with your company. Because of this I transferred my 4 lines of business to another company that completely know how customer service is done.
Boost Mobile sucks!

The more they expand the less they do
Boost is terrible. I have been with them for 14 yrs now and see as the time goes the swift decline of customer care. Boost Mobile sent out postcards, emails, and texts regarding new expanded network declaring my phones needed to be upgraded or their would be loss of service. I spent over $350 on new phones, as I have myself and family of 3 on the plan, only to find out it was bull$@*! And wasn't necessary. When contacting Boost about the misinformation and inconvenience they pretty much said oh well. They kept repeating this is a prepaid service, you are the owner of the phones, to get new phones got to local Boost store and ask about trade-in... All this after explaining to them the phones were already purchased and activated. I told them their ploy to force people into purchasing new phones was poor business etiquette, especially in this time where people are struggling to get by. They repeated the same thing over and over, which is what I put above. I asked if their would be anything that they could do to help soften the blow of the unnecessary expense like a credit or a little bit of a break on the mthly? They responded with we have an overhead and it doesn't include unwarranted expenses like this so we won't be able to help you. Sorry you aren't satisfied with this outcome, but nothing we can do for you. After 14 yrs they would not help out long standing customer. They said that they used to offer pandemic assistance, but they are no longer doing so.

Stay away
On Tuesday September 8th I sent a friend of mine to Boost Mobile to sign me up. Because I could not make it. While he was there, he had the person on Phone with me and all he asked was my IMEI number. Not once did he asked if I wanted a new phone.
Only found this out afterwards that if I was with Verizon that if I switched into boots mobile I would get a new phone. What back in and spoke to the person on Friday and he told me it was too late I had to get a new phone when I signed up. I explain to him that he never asked me If I wanted new phone and that I could get a free one because I was coming from Verizon. He offered to show me another phone and I told him why should I pay for something I was supposed to get for free so do. On September 12 I called Boost Mobile at 12:00 p.m., and spoke to Rashmi. She assured me she understood my situation and sent me to a store in Farmville and Boost Mobile would give me the phone. When I got there the woman said that there was nothing she could do for me. I came back home and called Boost Mobile again At 4:30 p.m. After explain to this new person what was going on, I was put on hold then disconnected after a 1/2 hour. I called back again at 5:35 p.m. Again, explaining my situation got put on hold and disconnected 24 min later. Called back again at 6:00 p.m. I was told this time by the gentleman after I told him the situation that someone would call me back here it is almost A-day later and no call back. Went on boost Mobil web site chat and tried to resolve my problem after over an hour on line still the same problem. They do not care about their customers once you sign up. Going back to Verizon I can not do busines. With a company that does not want to do the right thing and admit there representative made a mistake. My opinion id Boost Mobil is a terrible company and would recommend every one to stay far away.

They made me hate them, do NOT buy a phone directly from them, it's a trap.
Do NOT buy a cell phone directly from Boost Mobile! Despite being a NON-contract service company, Boost Mobile have a HIDDEN contract on their cell phones. They don't tell you that any phone you buy from them is LOCKED until you pay them for 12 months of service on the SAME phone and SAME phone number. (So yeah, DON'T change your number either or the clock starts over). NOwhere during the phone buying process did I see anything about the phone being locked for 12 months. I paid over $500 outright for a Samsung phone in March, but since I telework and hardly use the phone I wanted to move to Mint Mobile for $15 month. Boost refused to unlock my phone even though I had been a customer for several YEARS already. The supervisor also tried to LIE and say that FCC made the 12 month rule, which is pure nonsense! They basically took one customer who thought highly of them and MIGHT have come back some day, and made that person an enemy and now I will let everyone know about what happened. This in and of itself is proof of poor customer service, when they could have unlocked my phone but instead decided to upset a customer. It's not like I got a huge deal on a cell phone. I bought from Boost because I thought it would be safer than Amazon, not because I saved a bunch of money and owed them for the savings.

Call BACK if you're unhappy the first time!
Rule #1: DO BE NICE TO THE CSR! I've been with Boost for a loooooong time. Other providers started offering twice as much data for less money. I called Boost the first time and followed all the prompts to FINALLY get to a CSR and the gal put me on mute then sent me to CLAIMS when I was calling to adjust my plan. That was unskilled professionalism. I hung up and dialed back, pressing the heck outta "0" and I got an AAWESOME CSR named Lorenzo, who actually cared about my call! He reviewed my account (which was past due by one day, and service was already restricted), told me that he saw how long I had been with Boost Mobile and asked me to wait for him to check some options. I got that far with the first CSR, so I was hopeful but not expectant. Lorenzo came back with a deal better than I contacted them for and I WILL remain a Boost Mobile customer.

Remember- always be nice to your CSR- they're just a person trying to pay their rent, too. And always be hopeful. Each person's account is unique and there are different options for each caller. I used to be an inbound CSR for nearly every American (and many Canadian) businesses. It did give me the "warm fuzzies" to say goodbye to someone I'd helped and related to- we are all people. :)

They hooked us
Boost Mobile touts that Boost Mobile are a no contract pre-pay phone service but not the case. If you join with them they will lock your phone till you pay for 12 months of their service, or your phone will never work again anywhere.

We were a long time customer with two phone at Virgin mobile a division of Sprint. Boost mobile took over Virgin and we got transferred into their service. They emailed us and offered us new phones with $100 off on the iPhone 11. Went to a Boost store and was charged $1600 for two iPhone 11, and when I asked why they did not give me the discount offer, they said because I was not a "New Customer" since I was previously with Virgin. I received no receipt, contact nor any kind of paper work at the store and was informed it would be emailed to me. It was not, did not receive anything via email.
After two months of bad service and poor reception, call getting dropped and text not going through we decided to move to another service provider, but found out we could not since our phones were locked for twelve months, since now Boost considers us "new customer".
We are in the process of file Better Business complaints and FCC complaints and would like to join a class action suite if one is out there.
Take my advise and stay clear of this company. Boost mobile and Sprint, one of the same.

Ken Shaw
SR Computer Support

Lies, conflicting stories, money thieves, still without service
I had Virgin Mobile with no issues since 2005 and was unfortunately merged to boost mobile in 2020. In January 2021, I disconnected one line, then tried to activate the phone on February 25th. I paid the $10 activation fee and was assigned a new number. It is March 2nd and the phone still cannot make or receive calls. I have spent a lot of time on multiple phone calls to boost mobile, even speaking to a so called supervisor and Boost Mobile not only cannot fix the issue, they refuse to give me a refund after I asked to be refunded and disconnect the line since it's not working. I've been told it's an outage but why would they assign a new number, 'activate' my phone, steal my money during an outage? Why wasn't I informed ahead of time of this outage and why is the outage taking days? At one point, the 'supervisor' claimed the outage or 'enhancement' as she called it should not affect making and receiving calls. So why is it not working? When I insisted on disconnecting the service and being refunded, she told me to hold while she 'looks into other options to help' me. After holding for about 2 minutes, this so called supervisor gets on the phone to tell me a refund cannot be issued because there is usage on the phone. I was flabbergasted by this pathetic lie. How can there be usage on the phone when it never worked since 'activation' and I've called boost Mobile multiple times because the number and phone doesn't work. Finally this same 'supervisor' told me there are no refunds regardless of usage. So why LIE in the first place by trying to use a false usage as an excuse to not refund my money. I was also told by a representative prior to speaking with the 'supervisor' that she would start a case for me to get a refund, and the case would go to the financial department who would decide on the refund. I questioned why can't the refund be processed right then like most legitimate companies do. It was what prompted me to request a supervisor because something about the refund process this person was telling me felt wrong. Well the 'supervisor' told me there is no financial department and that representative gave me false information!

I am going to have that number and another active number with boost mobile ported to a non Sprint wireless company. I have already researched and have one in mind. I hope the $45 is worth losing multiple monthly payments. The lies these people told still has me in amazement. Thank goodness there are many other wireless companies with competitive prepaid plans and phones.

Escaping Boost Mobile Hell
Aldus Huxley would be a little smug and very disturbed over the newspeak dystopian world Boost Mobile has created. The account number you need does not exist. The generated number you need to port your phone number is a short lived computer generated code for one time use to flee their system. As of 10-1-21 you have to keep asking the chat person to give you your account number, takes 20 to 30 times till a sign in box appears. Click sign in box to go to a page that you supply your phone number, actual account number, and pin number. This generates a 6 digit number, NOT faux account number. This 6 digit number is used to generate the fake account number that is suppose to get your phone number ported. Boost gives you info backward so it is not useful. I abused the no service personnel, yelling and saying Boost Mobile where lying and telling them I would keep it up till I received the fake account number I needed. This took over 2 years. They offered a lower rate over 2 years ago to install an upgraded sim, Boost lied, no lower rate. I tried porting to Track phone, tried to for days, did not figure out there convoluted system. Then I tried to port to Tello, could not penetrate the system built not to be penetrated. Boost stole over $1000 in this way. The current convoluted system will be changed to make it harder to penetrate the system. I also created great anxiety in the Boost staff so they would want me out of Boost, so Boost will probably try to insulate the staff. If you are not using boost do not use them unless you are willing to walk away from the phone number you use with them. If you are trying to port away from Boost, My next step would have been to contact my US Rep and Senator. I am in a progressive state and they have good constituent services. That will not work in states where the citizen has no real recourse. If you want to use my advise on creating anxiety in the Boost personnel so they want you gone, have the company gaining your business call Boost on a 3 way call. The other phone companies get right into the Boost system and you will compress the time line and reduce your wait time. This also works to put constant irritation in the Boost people so they will want you out of Boost. Welcome to Brave New World, as Huxley predicted. The site asks me to tell you who I am. I was an electronic repairman in the service. I have an undergraduate accounting degree and MBA, Practiced for 18 years. Have done thousands of tax returns and compliance information. I taught myself 7 trades to operate my print shop for over 2 decades. I currently operate a very slow, pandemic economy, antique store. My proof of purchase are credit card entries that I do not know how to get a picture of into this computer. I do not use a computer for antique store, thus those skills have deteriorated since the print shop has been closed


Boost Mobile Refund Issue
I had a Boost Mobile plan for about 5 years. I set up auto-pay for about 2 years. My billing cycle is the 16th of every month and so auto-pay takes out $45 from my bank account. I switched over to a new carrier May 17th 2021 and ended my services with Boost that same day. Boost still charged me $45 on my new billing cycle May 16th 2021 and it reflected on my bank statement May 18th 2021. When I called to ask about a refund I was told the same response 4 TIMES, "we are not able to give a refund because we don't have any of your information on file. Since you canceled your services with us we can't give you a refund because your not in service with Boost. The best thing you can do is dispute the issue with your bank." I'm aware that this is not my bank's fault. Boost took money from my bank account that Boost Mobile had ON FILE because of AUTO PAY that was set up. It doesn't make any sense as to why Boost can't simply refund my money back to me even if I switched to a new carrier. They also said "we don't have your bank card on file for the refund". I respond "can I give you my card information right now?" They declined. So Boost will take money from your existing bank account on file and because you canceled your services with them within 1 DAY of your new billing cycle they have NOTHING of your pre-existance as a customer. They DON'T REFUND their past customers even when they know that IT'S HONORABLE with REASONABLE EVIDENCE. So Boost still has my money, I know $45 isn't a big deal but, it's the PRINCIPLE of it! Why would Boost not refund me back without hesitation? I had been a reliable customer for 5 years and they deny me of my money? Because I canceled my services with them and moved to another carrier within my auto payment of A DAY?!? I've never wrote a negative review, but this is RIDICULOUS. Boost is wrong for this and I wouldn't be surprised if they were served with a lawsuit. Lesson learned for myself and I'm MUCH happier with Spectrum Mobile. Same price with better services. I hope this helps or resonates with anyone that went through the same thing. Thank you.

Same old story... force-transferred from VirginMobile to Boost
Just yesterday ended my first 90 day transferred term for pay-as-you-go two phone plans. Disaster! Checked a day before and boost page said I have enough balance money ($350+), no need to pay. Then a day later the only email arrives for just one phone account saying your balance is $0. Surprise! VMobile never did this dirty stuff. You could miss a payment for a million reasons and Boost Mobile would not touch your balance. Not boost. They grabbed money from my both account totaling over $700 of balance. I called them 3 times. Everytime, CSR would say "Hold on, I will check something" and my phone call would be dropped. Basically, it's all my fault as they say. Their communication on all levels - NON-EXISTENT! Horrible! When you call them, they steer you away from actual live person, and those people are useless, same as answering machine. So, boost pocketed my money (oh, yes, hopefully you know something about accounting and accounts payable/receivable) that I had with Virgin Mobile for over 10 years or more. They pocketed over $700 just from me, but how many more got scammed by this VM to Boost transfer? Canceled one phone account now with $0, looking for another service with some "honest" provider if they still exist.

Boost Mobile # Horrible Customer Service and even worst phone reception!
I was drawn to Boost Mobile by the highly promoted free new cell phone deal when you port your own phone number over to Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile offered me a unlimited everything plan. The very first month I had Boost Mobile my phone reception was crappy, it disconnected often, dropped calls like bad habits. I called Customer Care for Boost and was told that I would receive a one month's service credit totaling $50.00 in May for June. June came I checked my balance which claimed I owed them $50.00 no credit at all. I called Customer Care again, and spoke to a very rude representative that said, " Well your still with us so you should have left if the reception was that bad. Just pay your bill because you will not be getting a credit from Boost Mobile at all!". I really wasn't in a position to just up and switch phone companies again so I unhappily paid my bill. Somehow Boost Mobile managed to double charge the debit card I used costing me $100.00 total on a $50.00 bill. I called Customer Care once again and demanded they refund my money immediately. The representative claimed that, Boost does not issue refunds only credit for the next month's bill." This was in June of 2021. I did not receive my credit in July of 2021 at all. So I gladly left Boost Mobile and took my business to another Mobile Phone company. I call Boost Mobile and requested my account# which by the way they had previously never given me so that I could port my phone# that I had before I even moved my service to Boost Mobile to my new cell phone carrier. The Customer Care representative refused to give me my account number even though I was fully verified at the beginning of the call. I had a joint Boost Mobile account with my boyfriend and he had phone reception that sucked just as bad as mine and his calls kept dropping as well. He called the very same day and requested his account number and pin number so he could port his cell phone number over to a different Carrier, the Boost representative claimed, " I am sorry but all of our systems are down. I can not give you your account number, but I can reactivate your account since you haven't paid your bill this month." Needless to say if all the systems are down how can you activate a phone? My boyfriend asked to speak to a supervisor 5 times and all of a sudden the representative couldn't speak clear English anymore except to refuse to put a Supervisor on the phone. Then in plain English asked him to call back later and hung up. We are no longer customers of Boost Mobile and I would recommend Boost Mobile to my worst enemy even if the rate plan was free. Horrible customer service and even worse reception. Run while you still can!

Where do I start do I start?
1Problems started in October My older phone stopped working so I went to get a replacement From the store near me I had no problems with the people in the store in fact Boost Mobile were very helpful they did all they could to restore Service to my phone but could not so They helped me through the process of using the insurance I had On my phone They replace my phone with a stylo 6 Within 2 and a 1/2 weeks The phone stopped working They said the replacement was brand new? The SIM card Was replaced But the phone didn't work The people in the store did all they could But Eventually they told me that phone needed to be replaced so another Stylo 6 Was sent to me Which They said was brand new, Within 2 and a 1/2 weeks it stopped working, I couldn't receive calls Or text That stop working as well, So I tried to talk to the regional manager For (oxonhill MD)Which told me That He couldn't do anythig He also stated please tell me what I can do for you? But did nothing In the meantime I had purchased a screen protector and case for The 1st phone Then transferred it to the 2nd phone. A)I had Service for 4 phones I counseled 2 phones B)but was still being charged or should I say overcharged For 2 months They didn't change the plan but continued to overcharge me for 4 phones When I counsel 2 So I talked to the regional manager Again Which did nothing He told me that I could probably get things done faster than him I went in on a Tuesday He told me to call him back on Friday in the meantime I had no service I finally received my 3rd phone But the case Does not match the new phone nor the screen protector I asked the regional manager could he give me a case and a screen protector But of course he stuck to his word and again told me there was nothing he could do Today is November 16th I still don't have a screen protector Nor did I ever receive a case My experience with the regional manager was very disappointing He didn't care and I got it loud and clear! Is I'm a business owner and have been since 1991 so I do know something about customer service! I could go on with what I went through but I think this will help the next person!

I have been a customer for over 10 years, but not any longer!
Boost Mobile is horrible. I've overlooked the spotty coverage for years since I was paying only $30 for 5Gb of data a month. Lately my phone has been angry, so I decided to get a new one. I bought it from the Boost Mobile website to assure it would work with my plan. I got it 8 days ago. I left it on my porch for a few days due to covid concerns. When I went to swap the phones on the website, it told me I would have to change my plan. It would have to start paying $50 a month to use this phone. When I called boost mobile and pressed buttons for over 20 minutes trying to get to a live person, I ask to return the phone. I was told the phone needs to be returned within 10 days. I called on day 8, but apparently Boost Mobile include the days it takes for them to ship it, so I was at day 13. They said there is no way they could take the phone back. I have never heard of any company including the time they take to ship out an item counting towards the customer's time to return it. I bought it through Boost Mobile to make sure it would work with my phone. I could have bought it from amazon for less and had 30 days to return it. I have been with boost mobile for over 10 years. I am so upset by their FU attitude that I will be changing phone companies. Obviously Boost Mobile has become absolute crap since it switched from Sprint to Dish owning them.

False advertising and terrible customer service
I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years. We have a Unlimited family plan service. Over the past couple of years the service and customer service have really gone downhill. My service is constantly telling me I'm roaming when I'm running around town as usual like I have the last 6 years with no problems. I purchased a phone for my Mother and she died from Covid-19 a month later. I want to give the phone to my Grandson who has service on another carrier. Boost has the phone locked and will not unlock it even though I paid for the phone outright, No contracts right! So, Depending on the non-American English speaking person you get on the other end of the phone, Boost Mobile will most likely determine how the call will not satisfy the problem you called about. It may end with you either being lied to and then dismissed like they helped you(even gave me a bogus ticket #). Or Lied to and transferred to the phone manufacturer that then transfers you back to Boost because it is a Boost problem. Or, Lied to and then transferred to a Supervisor / an extension that will eventually hang up on you after you have been on hold for 45 minutes. These are the same tactics that Virgin Mobile used and seems to have come with Sprint and T-Mobile to Boost! I'm going to pay less for better service and go back to Verizon or AT&T!

Horrible Experience With Boost
If I could give a negative star, I would. I have been with boost for at least 10 years. About 2 years ago, I bought an IPhone 8 outright from the apple store. I had it replaced last December. I am currently trying to switch to a new phone provider and Boost has my phone locked. When I called them the first 4 times, Boost Mobile repeatedly told me that my phone was not locked. I have called them at least 8 times now and found out that due to a new policy, they have it locked. Even though they advertise as a month to month plan, they now require you to have 12 consecutive months before unlocking a phone, even if it was not purchased from them. Because I had the phone replaced, my time restarted in December 2019 and will not be eligible for unlocking until December 2020. I have been waiting on a call back from a manager for the last 3 days, I was told I would be contacted in 24 hours. If I would have known of this new policy, we would have canceled our plans a long time ago. I just got off an hour and 10 minute phone call with them and they ended up transferring me to apple to assist with unlocking the phone. Apple cannot assist with this issue.

Six Calls to Boost Mobile SO FAR, Just to Activate My Phone
I haven't even successfully activated my new Boost phone yet and I'm already six calls in. The issues I listed below are not representative of the six calls I've made but a list of issues I've encountered so far.

1 - I paid for expedited next day shipping, but it didn't arrive until four days later

2 - The purchase confirmation email Boost Mobile sent me had a link to Fedex to track the shipment of my new phone. Fedex kept telling me that the tracking # was invalid. I didn't type it manually, it auto-populated from the link in the email. It took me three calls to Boost customer service and approx 40 minutes combined wait time to find out that Boost no longer uses Fedex and that I should plug the tracking number into

3 - Phone finally arrived and I went to the website to activate it, in the course of which I was prompted to select a phone plan. The phone plan I wanted ($150 prepaid for 12 months service 5g per month) was not offered at this point. I scrolled through all of the plans but it wasn't there. However, when I went directly to the main site, it was, just not in the activation process.

4. I'm currently on my third call to customer service to activate my phone so I could try to get someone to let me get the $150yr/$12.50mo 5g plan. I got to someone on the third attempt but she kept interrupting me and then hung up on me 20 minutes in.

5. Just got done with my third call attempting to activate my phone and have now been advised that contrary to the very different instructions given on the boost mobile website, to get the special deal, you have to pay for it up front, wait to get the sim card for that plan and then activate your phone. So now I have ordered the new sim card for the plan I want and have to wait for at least four more days for it to arrive so I can finally activate my phone.

6. I requested a refund for the $12.99(?) I paid for the aforementioned expedited shipping of my phone and they denied my request saying that it was Fedex's fault (remember they said earlier that they don't use Fedex anymore). I told them that I paid for Boost to ship from their warehouse next day as advertised and that they did not do that. Oh well.

I explained to the customer service rep that I know this is not her fault personally and it's Boost Mobile that I'm frustrated with, not her. I'm just going to post this review on every social media outlet I can find.

Poor Technical Support
I tried to Boost Up through the site and my Dashboard was not showing the installment options nor the Boost Up price and thus, I had to call and make my purchase via the phone representative. Once the order was placed, there was supposed to be a e-signature link on my Dashboard so I could sign the agreement but it wasn't there. When I called and chatted with Customer Support, I was told I would need to go to the local store and sign it there... but that's incorrect as Boost Mobile have the same access to my Dashboard as I do and did not see any link.

A case was open for them to look into why I did not initially receive the email nor the link on my Dashboard and after several hours, I did get the email with the link. However, the link did not work since my Boost Up agreement isn't being reflected on my Dashboard.

I have spent several hours and 2-days trying to get this resolved so I can sign the agreement and have my phone sent out... since the order has been placed and, I've already paid for the new phone.

I find it totally unacceptable that they are unable to provide me with a paper agreement to print and sign and, the fact that they are unable to figure out why my Dashboard isn't working!

Do not purchase service from this company
Boost mobile had a promotion, buy one month's service get a sim card free. I purchased 2 one month's service on 12/30, which means I received 2 sim cards. I paid $50 per sim plus tax, totaling $109. Keep in mind, I purchased this on 12/30, did not receive my first sim until 1/6. I have my own phone(s) that I wanted to bring over to Boost and port my old numbers through. I placed the sim card in the phone and followed directions from the packaging to get the service up and activated. Then I ran into a snag saying I needed to make a $50 payment. I opened a chat with customer service and Boost Mobile assured me no worries, the phone number may take some time to get ported over so give them 2 hours tops. I did. Two hours went by and nothing. My husband's phone could not make or receive calls. I then contact customer care via telephone and spoke with a foreigner. I am not one to judge or intimidate people with accents, however, at this point, I was frustrated and wanted to speak to someone who could understand me better. The customer service rep kept informing me that I did not purchase service and I did not make a payment. Well, I have two order numbers to prove that and kept giving him my order numbers. He informed me he did not have access to look up the order numbers. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and he did not appoint me to a supervisor. Then I hung up, I called back hoping I could find someone else to speak to. Again, another foreigner actually understood my concern but transferred me to a line that kept me on hold for over 30 minutes. Now at this point, nothing has been solved and my husband still doesn't have a working phone to use. I then open a customer service chat and asked for a refund. The customer service rep asked me why I explained my entire story for the 100th time. He then told me since I ordered the service/sim card online that it will take up to 7-10 working days AFTER I receive the sim to receive a "reboost pin" that I could use when paying my bill so that the $50 I paid on 12/30 could apply. SEVEN TO TEN WORKING DAYS? AFTER I RECEIVE THE SIM? That is absolutely ridiculous and how do they expect anyone to not use their phone for that long? This was never explained or detailed to me upon purchasing the service or sim. I asked to speak to a supervisor, spoke to a supervisor named Jerome who was very rude and condescending to me. It was 10 o'clock at night, I was frustrated and STILL without a working phone. My husband's number that he had used for over 15 years is now gone and he is forced to use a different phone number IF AND WHEN he gets service through ANOTHER company. I asked for a refund of the services I paid $109 for, and God knows how long that will actually take or if that is even going to be issued to me. I have a case number following this situation but I just don't understand how a company can sell services to consumers and expect them to not use the service until THEY are ready for them to? I hope this phone company goes out of business and ends up bankrupt and to never be allowed to sell services again.

Lies lies lies
The government made available a plan for people with financial difficulties to obtain internet access or & plan service through phone carriers. Boost Mobile seems to have used this to bring more customers to their website. Not only do Boost Mobile have links to their own website advertising this option, but if you try to look for other places to communicate about their non-compliance with that program those websites ultimately take you right back to Boost Mobile to sign up for their regular plans.
I initially followed their instructions to apply for this program which took me next to the government website. I then applied there & was accepted. I was told now to let Boost Mobile or some other carrier know that I had been accepted. Boost Mobile asked me for my e-code. I talked with the government rep who said no such code was necessary or existed. He said all that was necessary to tell Boost was that my application had been accepted & give my application number. When I returned to Boost Mobile to tell them this, they now said they had no record of my application. They said that I needed to apply for one & upload my information which I had done before.
In other words, even though the government said I was accepted into the program, Boost was not going to accept that government acceptance and enroll me in the program.
What seems to be going on here is the infamous & illegal 'bait & switch' game where a business will use one item to draw you to their business & then that initial option will not be available. Next they plan to sign you up (in this case) to their regular plan. You will never be able to get the government program coverage.

I have been with Boost Mobile for 20 years and I got me a new LG k51 phone from boost I love the phone but I hate the services from Boost Mobile I pay $50 a month for unlimited data talk and text when I paid my bill October 2nd 2020 12 Days Later I have no data Boost Mobile take all of my data away and I pay for unlimited data talk and text when you reach 35000 megabytes reduce your speed to 0 so I have no data for three weeks until I get my disability check on November 3rd so every month when you pay your bill you're thinking that you're getting unlimited data you're not they will reduce your speed of data to zero that means you can't get into your Gmail account your bank account or any other apps that you have on your phone until you pay your next bill to get your data back for another 12 days and then they reduce your speed to 0 I recommend that nobody gets Boost Mobile if you are like me you watch movies on your phone listen to music on your phone you can't get into your Gmail account your bank account and other apps i am going with t mobile next month november 3rd 2020 i have been fighting with boost mobile customer service they are hopeless

Moto G Power 2021 & Boost Mobile: Great Phone, Evil Carrier Who's in the Rears
I'm a really big fan of my Motorola Moto G Power 2021 and think of it the same way as Yo Gotti & Gucci Mane when Boost Mobile say, "... now that's a 5-star B**CH!"

Unfortunately, Boost Mobile won't unlock my Moto Power 2021 which I paid for flat out 6 months ago with cash. Boost claims that if you purchased your Motorola Moto 2021 from Boost less than 1 year ago, they won't unlock the phone until that 12 month period is over. At which point this phone will basically be very old news and useless as it's not 5G. Also meaning that since I don't have a job, I don't have money to buy a new phone, nor do I want to purchase a new phone having just purchased this phone 6 months ago. I simply want them to release me after my near 2 years of service as a loyal customer in good standing having never been late on a bill and never having been IN-THE-REARS in any way shape or form... although I think we could all name 1 large money-grubbing, soul-stealing succubus here who enjoys every minute "IN-THE-REARS'.

Now, let's get into Boost, the masters of trickery & TOMFOOLERY! I bought this phone while not having a job thinking it would be a good purchase that would last me as long as I needed it to while still maintaining pretty good service which I would rate at a solid B+ rating AT THE TIME. I have no idea what happened to Boost & I've read this many other places during the past couple months, but the service went from being so cheap for the amount of data and features to being more expensive than any comparable service that uses other mobile company's towers & screws you over with extra fees or misinformation at every opportunity.

Over the past 3-4 months, I've had more bad experiences than with every other carrier I've had over the past 16 years COMBINED! And trust me, that's saying A LOT after the bull I've gone thru with both Verizon & AT&T. My last 7 out of 8 calls to support have either ended in disappointment due to some clause on my contract written in. 5 point font OR where I was just given straight misinformation about a feature I pay for.

For example, I called last week while trying to figure out if I needed to add a data pack because my home internet was out and I was quickly running out of hotspot data. I contacted support thru chat and asked a fairly simply question, "If I run out of hotspot data, will my hotspot just stop working or will it will work, but at really slow speeds of 2G or less?" To my surprise, the agent said no, that it wouldn't just shut off, but instead no longer be 5G speed, reverting to a very slow 2G speed or less. I was so surprised that I asked the agent 2 more times just to be certain, to which he/she responded with the same answer. BTW, I do have screen shots of the support chat in case anybody is curious.

Now, fast-forward about 2-3 hours after all Boost support has left the office/phones for the day (which is another absolutely ridiculous thing for a mobile carrier to only offer 12-hours of support per day) and all of a sudden I lose my internet connection on my laptop, tablet & my Motorola Power G 2021 and a message displays in my browser on the Moto Power saying something to the effect of, "You have used all your allotted data. Please purchase more in your account on". Ok, so homeboy the support dude lied to me. I'm sorry, 'misinformed' me, which in itself pissed me off for sure, but not the end of the world.

Until, I was hit with Boost's 'Surprise #2' when I simply tried going to to log into my account and purchase a 2GB data pack. Apparently, when you run out of hotspot data, that also means you run out of regular mobile data. Now this is what really pisses me off since I am still unable to find anything explaining this written ANYWHERE in any of Boosts agreements or plan details. In fact, when I signed up for my plan I'm 100% positive it said that when I run out of mobile data, it just slows down to the 2G or slower data just like 95% of all other carriers do. Well, since my internet was out and nobody was home at Boost Mobile, I had to drive down the street to a closed Target to hop on their WiFi just to purchase a data pack.

Oh yea and here comes the good part. Since nobody was 'home' at Boost, my data pack wasn't processed until the next day at 5:15am when I made a point to call and process it ASAP so that I could finally use my internet again. UUUUUGGGHHHH I could keep going on and on with stories to fill a long, historically accurate memoir about only these past 3-4 months of my life and comprised of 80% horrible Boost Mobile stories, but I digress.

I'm currently in the process of trying to leave Boost, but they say that since I purchased my Motorola Moto 2021 less than 1 year ago, they won't unlock the phone meaning I can't take it with me to a different carrier and since I don't have a job, I don't have money to buy a new phone, nor do I want to having just purchased this phone 6 months ago.


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