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Stay away their customer support is non-existent.
I placed an order with ANTOnline over two weeks ago. The scheduled delivery date for the shipment to arrive came and went. I reached out to their support and received a generic template response about increased shipping times and to please be patient. UPS responded to file a claim to begin an investigation. The investigation was concluded within a few days and a loss claim was approved by UPS with instructions to reach out to ANTOnline for further details about 4 business days after my initial support tickets were raised. I raised another support ticket with ANTOnline with all of the information from UPS and received the exact same template response about increased shipping times. I have reached out multiple times to their customer support line only to be told that customer support can only be handled via the email ticketing system and ANTOnline are only around to assist in opening tickets and cannot provide any help. So now it is two weeks since my package was supposed to have been delivered and a week and a half since my first ticket with nothing to show for it except $1000 less dollars in my bank account.

Terrible site, borderline fraudulent
I purchased a brand new Xbox one controller for the Christmas holidays from Antonline. It arrived quickly enough, but upon opening it, I saw that the factory sealed tape had been cut open, meaning the item was not new. I opened it up and the controller was covered in dust, which indicated that not only was it not new, but had been opened before. Thinking a mistake had been made, I reached out to their customer service team, telling them what had happened, and that I would like a replacement item.

ANTOnline never replied to any of my emails, which means the only course of action I had was to RMA it. However, that would mean that I would have to pay for the return shipping costs, and because it was opened, they would charge me a 30% fee, even though they were the ones that sent it to me open!

Terrible, terrible company, they send you things that are NOT as advertised, they don't reply to messages and you're left with no recourse to getting a full refund for something that is THEIR mistake. How can you sell something as new, send it to person opened, then charge them for sending it back opened?

Avoid this company at all costs.

$180 controller missing
I ordered an Xbox series x which was supposed to come with an elite controller. I've yet to receive it. Customer service said it was being re shipped on 11-17, still nothing. Never got a ups tracking number as i requested several times. Called to see what's going on and customer service hung up on me after saying i had to email someone who's email i didn't have. Now approaching Dec 1st and i have no clue where my controller is and still no tracking information. I just want what i paid for and a little transparency with the shipping and arrival. Company seems to have no urgency in getting this situation fixed.

First time customer
As a first time customer I thought the experience would be well met. However, upon buying a PS5 I noticed there was an issue with the shipping address. I called their line and was hung up on once I got through. Called a second time and after 15 minutes of being on hold I got through. ANTOnline informed me that I couldn't change the shipping address for security purposes. They then directed me to submit a claim ticket to see if there were any other options I could take to get it resolved. I asked that she stay on the line while I wrote everything down and in case I had other questions; they hung up immediately. I submitted a support ticket as suggested and within 2 minutes my order was canceled. I did not request it to be canceled on me and refunded a few seconds later, all I was looking for was additional information. There was no discussion between myself and the support service. I've heard nothing back from them and I'm not expecting to hear anything back given my experience as previously described.
My order total was just over $900. They will be lucky to get business from me again and I will not recommend using them to anyone if asked.

Great purchase, but poor delivery
I was more then pleased to find ANTonline. ANTOnline had exactly what I wanted when everyone else was sold out. I was a bit saddened to have to wait till the day of release to get my package mailed out. That's when the troubles started. I feel they need to choose another carrier for their packages. To no fault of their own. My package was lost taking a extra day to get to me. When it did the package itself looked like it had been used as a step ladder and thrown around. That was almost a thousand dollars of electronics poorly treated. Also my package was to have required a signature. I signed for nothing and they gave it over to me. ANTONLINE love your guys updates and products, but you need a better delivery company

Package never arrived
I never received the item. UPS tracking came and went for June 16th. I emailed multiple times and Susan Brown (shipping manager) ensured me it would be delivered and to be patient. She also blamed covid for lack of UPS personnel and delays on their part (untrue in my circumstance according to UPS). UPS did an investigation and could not find it. UPS was awesome and helped me figure it out in about 4 business days. ANTOnline still insists it may still be found and delivered, and won't offer any resolution or help for 30 days. Absolute garbage company with garbage policies. ANTOnline are holding my ~$1000 ransom despite UPS informing them about it being lost and probably being claimed out already at this point. Don't call customer service either, for some reason they pay people money to answer phones and just fill out the same support ticket you can do yourself on their site. They literally can't (or won't?) do anything else. Worst experience of my life with an online order. Amazon/Walmart/Target/Newegg etc all have helped me in the past with issues and I have ALWAYS been refunded immediately when I was not satisfied or ran into a problem. We'll see if I get my money back, I'll be sure to follow up with any shenanigans they will pull in attempt to be held accountable.

Poor Packaging and Rude Customer Service
I was lucky enough to get a PS5 from them on launch day. When it arrived everything was sliding around in the box which was not a good sign. Upon opening it I found no insulation and the bundle items were just sliding around. The ps5 box was damaged, controller box ripped, and a game case was cracked and the seal was broken. I emailed customer support and ANTOnline just told me that if everything worked then enjoy it, otherwise I have to return everything. This could have been much worse and when spending over $900 on a console bundle I expected a little more care going into the packaging. They certainly lost my business.

My ANTOnline Xbox Series X Order Review
Could not be happier with my ANTOnline order experience. I was fortunate enough to secure the greatest next gen console on the market, the Xbox Series X during ANTOnline's Cyber Monday drop and received an email stating my order had shipped only a few hours after purchasing. I then received my order via UPS on Wednesday of that same week, which was only two days later! Thank you so much ANTOnline, I'm proud to be part of the AntFam and am glad I went with you guys because I am already enjoying my Series X instead of waiting for it to arrive at the very end of this year or the beginning of next year like I would be if I had purchased from *other retailers*!; p

Went from Sketchy to Solid
Antonline was sketch when ANTOnline announced next-gen preorders; review online were terrible, and I was fully expecting to have an awful experience, especially after the first wave crashed before the site even went live and all the consoles went to bots.

Then, within that first week, I saw people on social media contacting support and being granted the boy preorders which were being cancelled. These people went through every single transaction and cancelled every single bot order, one by one, and then fulfilled as many genuine orders as they could. They did the perfect thing to counteract bots - if you can't prevent them at first, cancel their orders and then try again in a way that is inaccessible to mass scalping. By opening these orders again and *not advertising it*, but instead operating by word-of-mouth and offering a sale to customers who reach out, they did the best out of any retailer.

I'm gonna be honest, I don't know what purpose Antonline will really serve other than console drops. They dropped the PS4, and they obviously survived until 2020, so maybe it's a niche for other people. Regardless, this review is about my PS5 order process, and it was ultimately fantastic. Shipped and arrived for launch day, too.

Your site experience is good, shipping not so much
I was able to snag a pre-order of the elusive PS5 bundle, and it was relatively easy to order through the site. AntOnline provided adequate updates, even when there was a SKU change to the bundle, there weren't any issues leading up to shipment. The shipment was understandably delayed a day (I assume due to the fervor of the PS5 launch and navigating through COVID). The issue I had was the way is was shipped. I received it in a torn open box, with no padding, and everything loose. I was disappointed to find a single sheet of packing paper about a yard long on one of the box, completely compacted. Luckily, nothing was lost from the shipment, and everything was intact with minimal damage. Although, not much can be done with the way UPS handles their packages, AntOnline can still improve their methods.

DO NOT try to return OR
If you try to return anything back to them, good luck cos you'll regret it. Their return policy has so many loopholes only to benefit themselves and screw the consumer out of at least 15-30% of what you paid. Item can be factory sealed as you received it, ANTOnline would still deduct up to 30%. If you had digital media, that's non returnable regardless of you used it or not. Customer service is useless over the phone and email replies are from live agents but copy and paste from their site. Shipping was fantastic, purchase experience was great but everything else was a huge turnoff. I would not suggest doing business with such shady and dishonest business.

The magic of PS 5.
Been trying to get ps 5 from Target. The site kept crashing. The same thing happened with Walmart. Then there was hope with Kolhs. Received confirmation email and order went from submitted to in fulfillment. Two days later got email saying order was cancelled. I was ready to give up but one day I went through my ps 5 with all the retailers and nothing. Then it hit me. Let me try antonline. Lo and behold there it was. A thing of beauty. I wanted to get excited but was scared something was going to go wrong. I pressed add to cart and then went to check out. Superb. Quick and easy. You guys made my husband one happy KID and just in time for Christmas. Happy holidays to each and everyone. Thank you.

ANTonline is amazing but please allow customers to choose ship options
Fedex royally $#*!ed up but antonline was great. Fedex never attempted delivery (ANTOnline did not ring the bell or knock they just left a note) and their customer service reps kept sending me to the store to go pick it up for it to not be there. It was finally found at the hub - not where the system showed it at. Unfortunately I had already gone to the store three times under FedEx's instructions.

I would have chosen a higher priority shipping or ideally a totally different shipping carrier but the order did not give me any shipping options :(. That would definitely be a great benefit to your customers to allow them to choose between shipping options. The box wasnt packed well either - no cushion or anything just the ps5 box, controller box, and game cases bouncing around loose in a big box. Everything survived though!

From PlayStation 5 pre order to delivery
When I first saw that ANTOnline, a company I'd never heard of here in Los Angeles, had PlayStation 5s for pre order, I didn't even care, I wanted one so bad! So I plunked down my hard earned money, and then nothing...

For a couple of hours, money taken from my account, I didn't have much from them. Then finally a confirmation came that admittedly sounded a little sketch, asking us not to contact them about out order, and that that email was all we'd receive. And it was, until Sony delayed a game in the bundle shortly before launch, which prompted them to update everyone, but it also finally provided some comfort in the form of them saying all their pre orders had actual consoles that would ship.

I just got back from living in Japan for 13 years, so my expectations for customer service here have been unfortunately permanently raised, but, ANTOnline delivered, no pun intended, a week after launch.

Only removing one star because of the lack of contact early on, but, I got the PS5 in the end, issue free.

Pleasantly Surprised
I placed an order for an xbox at midnight one night then decided to read the reviews about ANTOnline. I got extremely concerned about the company, so I phoned the next morning to make sure the company was legitimate.
I called, was on hold for about 10 seconds, spoke with someone right away to confirm receipt of my order. The order was not only confirmed received, but it had already been packaged and put out to ship. My order originally said it would be shipped within 4-5 days and I received it only two days after I ordered it.

I was very happy, had an extremely positive experience and will be ordering from them again. And... I never leave reviews, but felt compelled to because of all of the one-star ratings on here.

Great tech, sound quality, comfort
I am very pleased with the pixel buds 2. I am coming from a pair of tozo t10s, which have fantastic sound quality for the price. While the pixel buds cost nearly 3x as much, I got them because I wanted easy access to music controls and google assistant without having to take my phone out on runs/bike rides.

The touch sensitive controls on the buds work so well, even with thin gloves on. It's even fun to swipe forward and back to adjust the volume on the go.

Sound quality is important to me. I immediately reject any headphone that sounds tinny/flat. The pixel buds, while certainly not audiophile level sound, do a great job in this sense. Even without noise cancelling, I am more than happy to listen to these hours on end.

Form factor: very well designed, essentially sits flat with the ear cartilage. So thin that ANTOnline do not stick out at all. I love the design. Some have complained about discomfort during long sessions - I have not noticed this at all.

Terrible company, shady about return policy, poor communication.
When I purchased an item from Walmart, I was never given any information on Antonline return policy. For this reason, one would assume that the product would be honored by Walmart return policy, especially since I had purchased it from Walmart.

When I attempted to return the item at Walmart, I was told I have to contact AntOnline for the return. Your phone support told me to complete it online, where I found out the time passed according to your timeline. I called support ANTOnline said they put in a ticket and someone would get back to me in 24-48 hours. 72 hours later and no response. Terrible company that does not care about their customers. Scummy practices.

2 Ez
U might be hesitant with making a purchase with Antonline because of the reviews. Trust me, I was questioning my purchase as well. I managed to secure a PS5 preorder from antonline 2 months before release. The order confirmation was kinda vague but keeping track of my order status was easy. I was able to see right when my order shipped. The delivery part took longer than I expected, BUT everything went smooth and easy. Maybe this company has received flack in the past for returns and customer service but if you're making a purchase that you know you're going to keep than trust Antonline. Consumers should always be aware of a companies return policies/ standards and expect for the worse when it comes to that. It's hard to deal with those things in general. I have to say, I'm happy with my purchase. Thank you ANTONLINE.

First time I have ever even heard of ANTONLINE
The day is 11/11/2020 time is 11:58 pm. My eyes hurt I am usually in bed hours before, BUT I must stay up for the PS5 launch. Fast forward to 530 am 11/12/2020, I'm still up. Target let me down Sony direct let me down, gamestop forget about it I won't even mention the $h! T show that is Walmart. I get a few hours of sleep and wake up around 9 am and spend the rest of my day futility trying these same sites over n over again. Then I hear of this scam website called ANTONLINE that says ANTOnline have them. They accept PayPal. (My thought is no scam website would accept paypal) so I give it a shot. Fast forward again 4 days and I'm on my couch playing the new Spiderman miles morales on my brand new PS5. All I have to say is thanks ANTONLINE your guys are clutch

Great company fast shipping!
I ordered my PlayStation 5 from this company. I had never heard of them before and was a little skeptical when my paypal account was charged but didn't receive a confirmation email. I reached out to their support team and was informed that ANTOnline had high traffic on their website and I'd receive a confirmation email in a few hours. Sure enough I did! Still after another company went back on their word about getting a ps5 I was still nervous. However i received a shipping confirmation the next day and then received my ps5 the following day! I was so happy that I took a chance with Antonline and will definitely use them in the future.

Awful experience
Do not use this company. The customer service is very shady. After ordering a gaming console I sent an email to check the status of my order after hearing nothing from them for a week. After another week I started calling. The customer service department will not give any information regarding my order, ANTOnline say they will submit a ticket to the department who handles the inventory. This mystery inventory team does not have a phone and will only respond via email. After 2 weeks and daily calls I still cannot get any information, I've even been hung up on. I just want my order cancelled and my credit card refunded after this terrible experience.

Two days late imo, but I got it
Saw Antonline on Microsofts site when preorders went live and I failed to get a Series X at "regular" retailers and was able to secure a preorder. After the initial email confirmation Antonline sent no other updates and I began to think I had been scammed. Calling them assured me (mostly) that I wasn't but other companies would at least advertise to me after getting an email address. I also don't know why ANTOnline couldn't promise delivery for launch day like ordinary retailers but I received it two days later in perfect condition. Overall the experience was ok, but Antonline needs some more focus on customer service communication to truly compete in 2020. They don't need to go full retailer or anything but some sort of order communication would have been appreciated. I will however at least check out the site come my next big Microsoft or computer purchase in the future.

Actually Amazed
Was very skeptical of this site, I had never heard of it prior and ordering a very difficult item to get like a PS5 seemed sketchy. ANTOnline 100% exceeded every expectation I would have imagined. Not only did I get my purchase but one of the items was a upgrade to what was advertised. Was expecting the order to be cancelled mid way through and the only email I got was for them to explain there had been a change in my order due to Sony and nothing they could control and they made it right by offering compensation. 100/10 will definitely recommend and already have told people to check them out first in looking for the sought after items this holiday.

I bought a Xbox one s all digital and had it for a year only played it for about 3 months outta that rest of the time it ast there untouched well 2 weeks after my warranty was I hear a bunch rattling inside my Xbox so I turn it off go check it out and I have a bunch of these little plastic rings around my Xbox that look the same size as the vent holes from being punched out and instead cleaning them out of the Xbox he said oh well I won't be giving any refunds or exchanges so it's not my problem... so I wrote ANTONLINE and he said it was his problem anymore he wasn't viable for the damage yeah DONT LOSE YOUR MONEY TO THIS GUY HES A JOKE

Amazing and not a scam
Okay so I have no idea what's wrong with the people that put a bad review. I'm writing on my first and only experience with them so far- ANTOnline were the farthest from a scam possible. They were truly amazing. So basically I was able to get a ps5 from them. I asked a whole bunch of questions on their Twitter and they responded almost instantly every time. So their support is great. (That was one of the major complaints about them.) they even shipped my ps5 a day early! And they chose UPS which was great. It came in two days. Everything was brand new, sealed, and in mint condition. Overall from this one experience with them it was more than excellent.

It's taken far too long to receive shipping information
It's taken far too long to receive shipping information. I ordered four days ago and don't have a tracking number yet? There's no where on your budget website to check on order statuses and that sucks. I gave such a low rating because when buying anything that costs more than $10 there's a level of communication that is appreciated. I've been checked by the fraud department for wherever reason, and now I THINK I'm waiting for tracking info. I could be waiting on a package, who knows. This has been tense and that's to say the very least. Not how you want to handle an expensive and easily stolen shipping transaction.

Quick shipping, good price but very poor inadequate packaging
Purchased a printer from ANTOnline because ANTOnline offered the best price with current availability. However, was very disappointed upon receiving it to discover that the printer was shipped in the original manufactures box. A proper/considerate method of shipment, would have been to place the manufactures box inside of a heavy duty cardboard box with several inches of packing material on all sides, top and bottom for suitable protection. Not surprisingly, because of the inadequate packaging, I discovered the printer was damaged when setting it up. This required me to initiate a warranty exchange from the manufacturer, who also advised that this printer should have never been shipped in this manner. Thanks to the manufacturer, I now have a new replacement printer which was shipped/handled properly. Yes, I do realize that the extra boxes and packing material would cost a little more, but what's the better scenario - receiving a defective item because of thoughtless packing (and leaving the manufacturer on the hook for a several hundred dollar item); or doing the job properly from the outset and providing the buyer with a positive shopping experience? Needless to say, I'll definitely avoid ANTOnine for any future purchase consideration. I'd prefer to pay a little extra to do business with a more consumer conscience supplier and eliminating the potential hassle of warranty replacements and delays in getting a usable product. As it is, it took just under five weeks to get this resolved and a few phone calls and emails which would have all been completely unnecessary had ANTOnline just done the proper thing from the beginning.

One of the worst experiences in my life
It was my first time shopping online here, and I was immediately met with disappointment. As I waited for a package that would never arrive, and was met with robotic answers or was downright ignored. The package was a series x bundle which already isn't cheap, which makes sense a signature would be required, but to my surprise when I got back from work, I would see no sign of attempted delivery that ups normally does, and instead later find out while contacting ant online support that it was so called "delivered" with a signature that wasn't mine, the signature read Coivd which isn't my name nor did I sign for anything. It's been more than 2 weeks which is what ant online support told me to wait for the ups investigation and still I have not heard anything back from them, I've contacted support multiple times only to be met with a message saying it was delivered which it was clearly not, or downright with no response whatsoever. This was truly the most horrible experience I've ever had while shopping online and would not recommend shopping here to anyone. I just feel robbed.

PS5 Delivery Packing
My experience with ANTOnline wasnt a terrible experience but it wasn't perfect either. I did get my PlayStation 5 order within a couple of days of release but the packing from their warehouse was terrible. ANTOnline put my PS5 and other related bundle items in a large cardboard box with ZERO packing. ZERO air packs, foam, peanuts. Nothing. So the cardboard box was bent and dented in. Tape was coming off and the interior items were all bouncing around in the box. Luckily everything works and the PlayStation functions just fine so I'm not too upset. I just know that's not how things are done. Needs improvement on the shipping end.

ANTOnline is A Okay!
I was looking for a laptop and was looking up several part number variants of a model I wanted. I got a hit on, the seller was ANTOnline. I'd also found the same seller on Ebay with the same model. Typically I'll look up a seller outside of the platform, and sure enough, I found antonline., com and the laptop was a few bucks cheaper so I pulled the trigger.
Now, both Walmart & Ebay were giving me delivery dates a week+ out, but shortly after placing the order I got a shipping notice and received the laptop within a week.
So I can't say this is the case every time, but I was very pleased with ANTOnline and their pricing & shipping.
Thanks ANTOnline!

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