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• Jan 12, 2024

1outlet is SCAM
Today 12 Jan 2024 they just responded to my inquiry email that they have to cancel the order suddenly while in previous emails they said that your order is processed. Now they wont refund my money at all due to their pathetic policy, instead issue some in-store credit (God knows if they will) that will be expired in 12 months. So do not buy from them. 1outlet is a SCAM.
1outlet is SCAM

• Oct 27, 2023

100% Scammer Company
I can confirm this 1outlet is 100% a scam company,
they won't send the item to you,
and they won't refund the money to you,
they only will told you to wait.

Wait 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year,
they will keep delay it until you lost your patience.

But i don't understand why this company still can running his business in singapore more than 5 years.
Is singapore government allow scammer doing business in his country?

• Sep 13, 2023

1outlets is a scam
It's a scam and you will not get your money back. Avoid it all together. Go to amazon its the best online retailer

I don't understand how are permitted to operate. I placed an order 23 Sept. I was told almost immediately that they can't provide the items advertised on their site, and which I paid for.

I was then told I needed to pay hundreds of US$ extra to obtain the item, but they would not explain what the additional charges represented. I got fed up with their utter incompetence and refusal to reply to emails, thus I requested a refund.

Nearly 20 emails and over one month later, I still have no refund for the original amount paid. This is fraudulent.

Not responsible & fell scam!
Overall if I could give a negative star, I will give full negative star.

Slow and no respond. I'm wondering if this is a scam company.

Order made in early April, mention items is processed on 13th April and will arrive in 7days or latest 14th May due to Covid. OK, understandable if need wait until 14th May (1month).

On early May I email and check with them why I can't get the courier company name and tracking number and no one reply me.

Until 13th I send another email again and said the item is processed. Will arrive in 7-14days (same email as they sent on mid April). And mentioned they don't have the courier company name and tracking number. Can only provide me when they know the answer. Send out without courier? Send by time-lapse rocket?

On 15th I call their service center. A lady (Ms. TRACY FROM VIETNAM) answered my call. Said will check and come back to me again. I forced her to give me a deadline when they can give me the tracking details. Under pressure she said by Monday, 18th May.

On 19th I send an email to follow-up since there is no respond from their end. And today 20th May I send another email again.

1st - this company can't deliver on time as their own promises.

2nd - they lie says Malaysia kastam hold all items from overseas but my other parcel from China Taiwan and Korea has enter Malaysia as usual even with 1-2days delay but I still can receive it in kastam blocking issue.

3rd - not responsible company with fake promises. Even has cc their HQ in Singapore. Is this Singapore standard?

4th - as a service industry but ignore clients most basic request (courier company and tracking number).

Overall if I could give a negative star, I will give full negative star.
This entire website is a scam. Please do not buy anything from this website. How is it possible that the products are available for you to add to your cart and just within the next 5 minutes, say that they will "refund" you the full amount which they apparently did not. I called my bank to double check if they even had received any refund request but nothing. Their customer service is really bad as well. They do not reply you on the refund status and acts like a robot saying the same thing over and over again- it will take 30 days for you to receive that amount and you need to check with your bank. Bs. Do not buy anything on this website or you will regret. I repeat. Do not buy.
And and to Barbara. P if you see this, please refund my payment immediately for my order #000059370.

Total scam, I purchased a bag of CORN FLOUR just 4 pounds, I can't find this product in the Philippines so that's why I decided to pay three times (around $15usd) the price that normally costs in my country, purchase was easy not problem, upon shipping updates it seemed everything will be fine until I got an email from the "shipping company" asking me for proof of purchase because package was "held" in Customs, a couple of days later contacted me again with the "Tax calculation from Customs" guest what? They are asking me to pay 10k php (almost $200USD) to release my package, I asked them to send me proof of that charge, they said they can't that I need to make the deposit to an account which is not from customs just a random bank account and after that they would be able to send me the recipe. First, do you really think I will run to the bank and deposit $200 to a "company" that seems an scam? Do you really think I would pay more than $200 for something that normally costs less than $5? Who can believe that. I better loose what I paid for the "order". I really wanted to give a chance to this website but it just disappointed me.

August, I ordered an appliance. 1Outlet then stalled & frustrated me in every way for months, including no longer answering the contact ph no give or replying to voice messages as they say they will, They told me my refund had been initiated maybe six times when it hadn't. Here's a few of many emails:

-email from me to- 1Outlets/Simba customer Support:
Tue, Nov 27,2018, 9:40 AM
For four months I have waited for a product that never arrived and a refund that I was told would take seven to thirty days a month and a half ago.
If I do not hear from you within the next two days I will be taking this matter to the police as fraud.
Thank you.

-reply from 1Outlets/Simba Customer Support to me-
Rita R., Nov 28,11:38 AM +08:
Dear Ms./Mr. Janine,

Thank you for contacting us.

I am passing your request to the relevant team to check on your refund and update you that it is correct at the soonest.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Rita R.

1Outlets/Simba to me -Miranda W., Dec 8,9:09 PM +08:
Dear Ms./Mr. JANINE,

Please give me 24-48 (Business) hours to investigate.

I promise to come back to you as soon as possible, without delay.

Thank you.

Miranda W.

-email from 1Outlets/Simba to me: (at this point I still haven't received a refund!):
Dec 12,12:06 PM

Thank you, JANINE! You have been a gracious customer. Thank you;)

I am Sorry. We could have done better.

I hope we (our team, or my friends) managed to solve our issue.

May I ask you for help to do a very quick 1-question rating/review, please. It means a lot to me (to all of us).

Some reviewers (without real profile pictures or new accounts) would leave extraordinarily negative or hurtful reviews. (Your kind words or appreciation would really mean a lot. * smile *)

Charlize Ha., Dec 12,12:06 PM +08:

JANINE, this Festive Season, we like to thank you and also apologise sincerely for your inconvenience, I had attached herein a humble Promo code.

USD 5 Off your next Purchase (valid till 30/12/2018)
Promo Code: Snowy2018
(It's for you, you must log-in to your account to use)

We pray that you have a fantastic year ahead.

Thank you, JANINE


Wed, Dec 12,2018, 6:49 PM

Hi Charlize Ha,

I appreciate your wishes for a fantastic year ahead.

However I am still unsure whether the refund has been forwarded to the appropriate bank account or whether I still need to access the police.

Thank you

I need an immediate reply.

Dec 12,2018, 11:03 PM

The email you sent at 9.26 pm tonight does not contain any information.

Please do a new compose. I have absolutely had enough of your company messing me around.

Dec 12,2018, 11:21 PM
I have read reviews, I am ringing police tomorrow morning.

Dec 12,2018, 11:28 PM
In the real world, your business conduct involves jail time.

(That night I was so annoyed, I also left comments all over their website, which may have made a difference.)


I believe 1Outlets/Simba has become a big money taking ring.

LOL The comments I left on their website that night are the last three I've just seen at the bottom in customer questions and answers.

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: Does jail time bother you?
No answers yet. Answer this question Respond as company

Question: I am wondering how you think being so dishonest will bring you happiness
No answers yet. Answer this question Respond as company.

Question: I would like to know how you feel about the fact I am ringing the police in the morning and any one else I need to.
No answers yet. Answer this question Respond as company

They must still be pondering it lol

I ordered two items, I paid for two but I received only one
I ordered to 1Outlets the 15th of March 2 items one of USD 23.97 and the other of USD 54.34. I received the parcel that has traveled from Singapore to Frankfurt (Germany) and finally landed in Papua New Guinea the 1st of June. The parcel was containing only one part of my order The order for a value of USD 23.97 arrived while the second part of the order for a value of USD 54.34 was not in the parcel. I paid the 15 of March 2019 the total amount for the full order USD 78.30.
The parcel that I received has been open by the custom and was containing ONLY a part of the order and nothing else.
Two persons in which one customs officer have witnessed that the parcel was containing only one box.
I was expecting that 1Outlets reimburse me immediately the amount due of USD 54.34 or send me the missing item and you send me the tracking number of the new parcel.
I received no answers from 1Outlets from there.
I know now that 1Outlets is not very serious with clients and I will no more buy to this company. I strongly advise all potential customers to be very cautious while ordering anything to them.
Christian Portal

Not receive my money back
So many reviewer here complain about their order immediately canceled after order on this web and still didnt receive they money back, even there is until 4 months.
I didnt receive my money back until now i write this review, i need that money for my medical emergency. Its 1 week after my order cancel by they team, i know its just SGD 33 and maybe that money its liltle for them, but here in indonesia that a big enough, i borrow my parents money for my medical, and now its been 3 weeks after the cancel order they CS its always repling but with unhelp answer, they just reply like "oh hi just wait ok" "oh hi im here with you dont worry" i mean like what the...
Well if i know this web its really bad i will not order in this web, my bad, maybe im just not lucky, bye money i hope they use u to give food the poor people there.

Item purchased
I have purchased an item in March2020, I emailed them as after I finished placing my order, there's no email related to shipment or tracking number. I understand that maybe it's just because of the situation right now, but still a tracking number would be a relief for me. only replied saying, item is expected to arrived by May7. I have been sending emails asking them the tracking number but still they couldn't provide, and even the reply seems suspicious, it's a default reply I think. Im gonna have to wait I do not have a choice right now. If only they would reply with proper information. It's a 93 dollar purchase so I was hoping it would be shipped then. is fake is fake, there is nothing on the site that is real, we wanted to buy an article on the website, and we contacted them by mail and facebook via their official page and told us that the article in question was available and they sent us the product link. Then, when we precede the payment of the order, the next day, we receive an email indicating that the seller can not send the product knowing that the address is in Florida USA and that we have two choices: either they find us a new merchant for 35USD more than make the full refund. I do not recommend that you deal with this site.

Worldwide Scam by 1 outlets... Buy at your own risk
I realised too late... 1 outlets is a world wide scam company... Just lost over $300 dollars...
Please people. We need to expose this company. Facebook
Instagram. Etc.
We need to bring them to its knee.
All the ppl wrote before is what i encounter too.
So i need not tell u my story. are real professional cheater.

When you sent a mail and ask for help. They use an auto BOTS to reply with standard reply wording by using difernt name. Helena. Peta. Karolina. Jahra. Michelle. Etc. Giving you the ullusion they are concern for you. But all is BS...
I have to stop writing here folks... I am too angry to carry on... Buy at your own risk

1) 22nd October 2019: Ordered my item
2) 1st Nov: No update at all and I asked update
3) 4th Nov: Response came & asking me to cancel item or replace with another merchant, I asked to replace
4) 5th Nov: I was informed new merchant is updated and I should get my order in 3-9 days.
5) 15th Nov: I emailed to ask order delivery status.
6) 18th Nov: Got response "Your Order has been processed".
7) 28th Nov: I asked again order delivery status.
8) 29th Nov: Got same response as 2 weeks before - "Your Order has been processed".
9) 9th Dec: I got email "Your order has been cancelled. As per your request, you no longer need the order." but I never requested to cancel. Shockingly I replied "when I requested to cancel?"
10) 10th Dec: I didn't get response why order was cancelled but informed I will get refund in 10-30 days
11) 30 Dec: I asked where is my refund but no response
12) 3rd Jan 2020: I asked again status of refund but no response
13) 7th Jan: I asked my refund status with strong words
14) 8th Jan: I got refund email & advised that I will get refund in 10-30 days ( 1 month before I was told I will get in 30 days, see step 10 above).
15) 8th Jan: I replied and called them "thieves".
16) 9th Jan: I got email "We tried to call you. You will receive your refund within the next 7 to 10 working days."
17) I received my money with loss due to conversion to US dollar, I ordered at £78.43 but received only £72.01 after almost 3 months
18) wasted my important time in emailing them for 3 months, I didn't order from other merchant as I was expecting from them.
19) 11th Feb: I got email asking to give 5* rating and I gave honest rating 1* ( wish there are negative -100 Rating).


Waited for 8months and still no refund, cheating money
Placed order in Jan, canceled my order in early Feb, since then I have been waiting for their refund. Contacted them many times, even called their customer service, useless. After entire EIGHT months of waiting, still havent received any refund from them.
Everytime i checked with them, they replied me the refund has been submitted and told me to wait for another week, the WORST online shopping ive encounter ever in my life.
Contacted Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), dont know if works but hope can stop them from cheating more money

Scammers. Do not buy.
I had ordered dog food from 1outlet. Price was reasonable (was not too low to be an obvious scam), and not too high to make me want to switch food. After waiting for about 5 weeks (estimated delivery time), I enquired if the food would indeed arrive on time (as per the indicated latest delivery time by 1outlet). The replied quite quickly to say that the seller than ran out of stock and I could either wait or get a refund. I chose a refund. That was in Feb. Its now May and I have not gotten my refund despite 1outlet saying it should take about one month to process. After sending them 4 emails to ask for an update, have ignored me completely. These people are clearly scammers. They kept quiet about the "out of stock" issue and tried to reassure me about the refund in the hopes that I would forget about it, and that I would assume the refund was made. Do not be fooled. I am making a case report too.

BAD Services
Ticket id: 214507

Made an order on Aug 21 got order & get email confirmation from Snow M replied & subsequently got another email from Lindsay P canceled on the same day with a refund promised between 7-30 days. Contacted credit card on Sep 18 and there no transaction refund has made to date?

Same situation with Sascha L posted on Sept 10 multiple emails and calls to the company and there is no response. A machine automated message is relayed over the telephone.

Yes & it would not be wise to place an order with this company, looking at the number of bad and similar reviews online.

We should made a police report if there no response in 30 days.

Criminal Enterprise
I ORDERED Some fertilizer, $64 USD worth. 3 hours after I paid said they could not deliver, so they issued me a refund. I waited 2 weeks and inquired about the refund. They claim to have issued the refund that day, not the day they canceled the order. The thing is they waited 2 weeks to send the so called refund. Now another 10 days later and my bank knows nothing about a refund. They offer excuses but they already knew they could NOT send the goods before the took the Money. They are holding refunds to get Interest. I want to know why no law enforcement is taking care of this,. It is a internet scam just as any other. Where is the Law?

The worst online company I ever met
I have order more than 10 items within a year, but disappointed than cancel 95% of my order with the nonsense reasons that the item is out of stock whereby I have the items is actually in stock? I have feedback to them about my disappointment but they don't care. They also promised to replace my orders with same brand and same quality but from different company. I was happy with their arrangement but in fact they just kidding. At the end, they still cancel my order and refund to me. I felt very very very dissatisfied and unhappy with the way they handle my case. They even told me that I items been lost in their warehouse. What a nonsense reasons!

Not A Fan
My first order (which was placed on 25 Oct 2019) was lost (IDK how lost it) so I was offered an identical product from another vendor in replacement, but it took them so long to even process my order so I cancelled it in the end. I cancelled my order on 24 Dec 2019 (two freaking months from my first order) and was informed that the refund process would take 10-30 days. Come 24 Jan 2020 and I still have not heard anything from them/see anything in my bank account. Contacted the support again and after SO MUCH BACK AND FORTH they finally refunded me on 2 Feb 2020. A pain to deal with.

Scam, period.
Let me begin with, most reviewers here must be a very good person, because after waiting for a number of days for those delayed refund, we still emailed them again asking for updates. Classic story, and it just happened to me. The last time, the so-called customer service (one of previous reviewers named Jose K claimed as BOT, which I somewhat agree) "promised" to get back to me in 3-7 more (working) days.

I was informed the same thing on Feb, that the refund was submitted and processed. 25 working days later, I was replied that the refund had been SUBMITTED. Only submitted all this time? To where? I'm starting to believe delay the process on purpose. There are no guarantee that my money has made its way back to the bank, yet.

To make WFH activity more interesting, I occupied Google search a little bit.
GOEX MANUFACTURING LIMITED, which 1Outlets mentioned as what they are subsidized of, has been struck off as of 2017. Of course, this might still means nothing.
Well now let's find some companies named Simba (and bring him back to the Pride Rock, no?). Status is still active, but why a wholesaler/trader company be related to a yoga class project? A bit sparse of an interest, roaring and zen. Still, maybe the creator was indeed interested in 2 different fields.
I wanted to know more about the management. Maybe I could find some names from some linkedin pages, their emails, and I could contact them directly, see if they would help accelerate my ticket. I was aiming for anybody, be it the director or clerk.
Whatever my search term was, it returned one name at the top, with the position of Data Scientist, and that was just about it. Where are the other employees? A web page suggested the number of employees, but only 2 are viewable (you have to sign up to view the entire structure, which I think is useless). I didn't know why my brain told me to wonder if these two were actually a couple in real life. Was this indeed an organised deception system since the beginning of its time?

There are no clear explanations about worldwide shipping. What courier do they use? How long is the shipping duration? How can a customer track the shipment?
Why do they only accept payment via bank transfer or credit card? It's hard to believe that a global commerce nowadays don't accept Paypal.
All I mentioned above only redirects to the About page. The refund and return policy page is perfunctory. Social media links are useless, because it redirects to search links. So lazy. I believe they only have a Facebook page? Where is the FAQ section?
A good established global commerce company should know this.
I should have read the red flags.

What they do, and this is only my best guess:
Taking people's money, circulate it within more than one month to God knows where, to support whatever other business(es) they have on hand. 20 working days give the money enough time to rotate and give us consumer headache because we eventually get the bill statement and still have to pay it while the refund is being "processed".

Folks, what you can do:
- If you were promised refund, keep asking for it. Don't give up. I still use a presumably good language in my emails, I haven't yelled or used caps yet.
- Ask for ARN code. "Acquirer reference number,(ARN), is a unique number that tags a credit card transaction when it goes from the merchants bank (the acquiring bank) through the card scheme to the cardholder's bank (the issuer). This number can be used by issuing banks to trace a transaction with an acquirer." That's the only certain thing that assures you, that your money is coming back to you. Or, you can still file for dispute to your bank/credit card company.
- go to www dot cccs dot gov dot sg. Go to Approach Us section, click on Feedback/Complaints. Scroll down and find a link to download CCCS complaint form. Fill in, gather your screenshots as supporting document and mail the bundle to the address on that page. You will receive an auto-reply, that they have received your files. There is a 50-50 chance that the agency will ignore the complaints especially if it from foreigners. But at least you record your concern, and who knows, maybe if there are plenty of alike sound, it will be able to catch the government's attention.
- Don't engage in any transactions or anything with 1Outlets again. And do share this review if you feel like this helped you in any way. I'm thinking about posting this to my blog.

Order Got Cancelled Next Day. Refund Took Over Four Months!
Sep 29,2019: I paid for my order
Sep 30,2019: Got cancellation email due to "Declined. Shipping Address Verification Failed", saying refund may take 10-30 days
Nov 4,2019: I emailed them for refund follow up (over 30 days already)
Nov 4,2019: replied repeating that refund may take 10-30 days, plus it may take 30 days to appear on my credit card statement
Nov 22,2019: I emailed again (54 days!)
Dec 6,2019: Still no reply. I emailed again. (68 days!)
Jan 28,2020: They finally replied that "Your refund had been submitted." (121 days!)

Eventually, my refund was received somewhere between Jan 29 and Feb 12.

Review on purchase
Would like to feedback on the prompt reply n refund that you staff have did for us. I bought surgical mask during January 2020. Due to high demand both order was cancelled as it was out of stock. I raise the 1st order refund case to Tracy. She was awesome even thought she mentioned waiting time need 10-14 working days. I got my 1st refund within 5 working days. After which the 2nd refund was filed on 18th of Feb by the other colleague. After calling no advice or even any update for the next 10 days till I send the 2nd email to check on the status. Reply mentioning that might need to wait up to 30 days which I find it not acceptable. So I call in and check again. God bless Tracy pick up n I told her the problem I'm facing. She apologized for the inconvenience caused n straight away proceed after we finish talking on the phone. Refund was done by Milana and received in next 2 days. Appreciated all your staff help. But just that this time round not able to get the item we needed. Once again appreciated and thank u.

I ordered from 1Outlets on the 13th of May and received an email of confirmation on the following day. According to the email, the item was to be shipped out latest by 8th of June and so I waited. After almost a month, the delivery status remained unchanged at pending order, I thus wrote in to inquire about the item. The reply was that the merchant was unable to deliver and I was given 2 options: 1) To have the item shipped from another merchant 2) To get a refund.
Had this happened with another company, I might still give them a chance. However, the experience of other customers before me doesn't inspire confidence (with their refund or shipment never materializing or only does so after an agonizingly long time). In the end, I asked for a refund and were promised to be refunded after 10-30 working days but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

I strongly advise all potential customers to steer clear of this company.

Edmund Hang
Ticket #268458: Order #000061252

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Ripoff! are true to their MO. Advertise a diverse amount of products that rival Amazon.
This with 19 employees, amazing.

Order. Charge. Item not in stock. Refund never arrives... Zero ability to contact and puts blame on customer. They try to weave narrative into email. Ok. You the customer want to cancel... Vs reality which is they are scam site. For refund must file with credit card company... Take screenshots of order and 30 days after non delivery request credit. Division of another fake registered in Singspore. Simba pte. Suggest sending notice to Singaporean entity to file many complaints. These guys are pigs.

Be careful!
Be careful!

I have placed an order with them this year, 29th June 2019. Till now (November 25th), not all ordered and paid goods (80%) have arrived. After issuing a complain, a refund for the 8 missing items was communicated after a long back and forth.

Same issue, so far no refund has been received and no evidence has been provided that a actual refund effort has been made. The refund amount is about USD 200!

The entire experience was a nightmare. I strongly suggest not to place any order with this company. Appears like that don't keep stock or have a poor choice of merchants. Worst customer experience ever.

Best regards,
CL - Hong Hong

SCAM! They will take your money and you will not receive your goods or a refund!
Please do yourselves a massive favor and find another online website to do your shopping. THIS COMPANY IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY

I Ordered goods worth USD90+ in December 2019 and was immediately sent an email stating the merchant could not fulfill and my order was cancelled with a promise of a full refund in 30 working days. This is March 2020 and after numerous emails asking for my refund, I have been fobbed off and ignored and I still have not received a single cent of MY money back. And it seems I am not their only victim.


I believe this company either fake or thief.
Order #000019318
Visa/Mastercard/Google/IE etc should investigate this company.
Almost 2 months after order, item or refund still not receive. 1st said merchant cannot supply, then they email asked for top up usd25 to buy from other seller or refund. Agreed for top up but still no progress. Then they said this seller also no update and they asked whether to buy from alternative seller or refund.
Agreed for refund but after that they no longer response the email.
Until now still no refund. Almost 2 months past.
Pls avoid this company. Later will regret.
No rating from me actually.

I would like to warn others to avoid this company. are disorganized and unreliable. After 45 days my first order did not arrive. Customer service said the company failed to ship the order. I told them I wanted it and would wait. They said it had been shipped to me for sure this time, but close to a month later I received an email advising they were cancelling my order. The reason being some alleged restriction on shipping this to Thailand. Very irresponsible service. Looks like plenty of other customers have had their orders cancelled too. How unreliable. They promised a refund, I'm waiting...!

1outlets sg SCAM SITE Beware
Don't deserve any stars not even one! Sent them multiples and zillions of mails regarding of my order since 26th october 2018 but replied and said i have to wait eta 7 to 10 days. However it's already like more than that but had yet no great news or emails from them. Keep sending me the same thing everytime over and over again! Now it's like more than a month and going to be end of the year and where's my damn item! Is this a scam company that take innocent peoples money and run away? Beware of 1outlet sg shop online guys! This is bull$#*! shopping online site that take your money and go silence! Don't be the next victim! I asked them for refund but they never reply me after that!@

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