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Beware - Don't Buy
Bought a pair of shoes - even chose a size larger than my normal. They were still too small. Shipment to me took over 4 weeks. To return, Zolucky makes you pay for return shipping to return to China! Poor customer service. Had to make 3 requests for return label.

Terrible Products & Company
Products look like cheap, cartoon versions of the website pics. Nothing looks the same, and sizes are all over the place -- not true to their size charts. Shoes in "US size 9" were smaller than my 8.5's. Returns are expensive - even if sizes are wrong or pictures don't match, Zolucky make you pay for return shipping, including customs fees to return to China! And shipment to me took 6 weeks. Terrible products and NO customer service whatsoever. Pics below show just ONE example of their version vs. what actually arrived. All products were like this.

Missing garment in first order! Ordered4
I am very upset since not only did I ended up paying twice -but you also added to the shipping cost. I have to check my first order carefully because you did the same thing, you did not include everything I ordered but you charged me. On this order, you knew that I selected 4 garments but you only transfered 3 garments from my order but charged me for all 4. The 4th one, I ended up doing a new purchase since I wanted it with the order initially. I could not call you to tell you that the only way to include the 4th garment (that was paid originally) was for me to reorder or else it would not go through!
I have only a left hand and you cannot imagine how painful it is for me to write all this.
If you want all your stars corrected/included do not charge me twice for the "Women Vintage Printed V-neck long sleeve top, orange XXL, the print is vertical lines.
Thank you.
Patricia R. Tully

Not true size or color - Resolved
Purchased 8 blouses and was only able to keep 2 which where not true to the color as shown online. If you want to return, you can only return with cash refund not exchange. Then Zolucky try to get you to not return the items and give you a refund of say 25% of your total return. But you get the keep the products. In my case I can't ware because they are to small and colors are way off. Good luck, I would suggest you only order 1 at a time or if you are a little larger make sure you order a size bigger or more because they run small. On the return policy they said: Fast Refund-We will issue a refund to your original payment method within a week. RESOLVED :) Thanks

Poor customer service; nice merchandise
The merchandise from this company is lovely — when it finally arrives. Their shipping policy states that processing time is 3-5 days with an additional 10-18 business days for shipping.
I ordered on Sept. 11. Processing continued — with no direct communication from zolucky except when I submitted several requests for updates — until Oct. 17. So, short processing time is greatly exaggerated.
The shipping time was indeed done promptly.
And as I said, the items I purchased appear to be lovely.
All things considered, I won't do business with this company again. Too much aggravation.

Easy to navigate website - first time customer - Returns not completely understood
So far so good for this first time purchaser. I have read reviews and return policy, but not clear as to whether flash sale items are returnable - can't find any information about that. That will determine the ultimate decision as to whether I purchase again as I purchased several flash sale items. Reviews seem to say the quality is decent for the price. That too will determine whether I buy again. Disappointed that customer pays for returns. That's a bummer. Especially during the Holidays, and the fact that we cannot go to a brick and mortar to try these items on.

Not enough customer service
Items look great online. But, there is no information about returns and no opportunity to select an express shipping method. This is highly disappointing, especially because these items are intended for Christmas gifts. Can you please provide me with a phone number to contact your company? Tried to use Chat, but it replied that it would be a 40 minute wait for a response. Not too professional. Really disappointing since you seem to have a lot of nice things. If my order doesn't come in time for Christmas, I will likely not shop Zolucky again.

Very bad quality clothes
I found mobile site somewhat confusing, especially checkout
I hope these are as nice as Zolucky are pictured
And I hope returns are easy
The items are of very poor quality and returning them has proved to be difficult.
The email address "*******" bounces my emails back to me and so I can't communicate with them. They have many rules for returns, and I can't make them work, including the return process, which is not easy and doesn't work.

My emails are not accepted, and the so called “chat” just sends me directions. These change from day to day and none of them work anyway. I want my money back and I have been unable to get a return address for the items


Lack of additional shipping methods and delivery times.
Living in this high speed world, it seems unrealistic to me that a company would not have or provide information on quicker shipping options. I am suspicious of any web site that floods customers with codes for free shipping, and significant discounts on items Zolucky have not even ordered. Those kinds of business practices will chase me away from a site. Let customers place their first order, find out what products they are interested in and THEN make them special offers. The tactic you use is called "A BUMS RUSH" and makes me not trust your site and business ethics.

Need More product details
I would love for you to post more information about your products.
For example, I'd like to know what the bottom hem/length looks like and the pictures do not show it very well. I'd also like to see the plus sized clothing on plus sized models.
The sheerness of the product is also important to me. Is it see-through? Will I need to wear a tank top with it?
On the pants, I'd appreciate knowing how wide the thigh area is, tool How wide is the leg opening?
There are two different sizing guides, which one is correct?
Also, you keeping showing me ads for the same items--can you switch them up so I can see more of your recommended products?
Thank you!

Beautiful in the pics but awful in real life
I wasted almost $200 in different items for Christmas presents. It took forever to get the complete order. All items came in different packages with at least one week apart. So disappointed to see how bad quality Zolucky all were. They all looked very nice and attractive in the pictures but they were just horrible. If despite my testimony, you still would like to give it a try, I would recommend you to buy the cheapest item you find and judge by yourself. Good luck! It's up to you now. Don't say nobody told you so!

Leo from Indiana, USA.

I got the almond sandals from Zolucky and Zolucky are so pretty. Photos show they are a little brighter in color, but okay, it still looks good. They fit EXACTLY how the model wears them, the toes do their best there. Consequently, I got a size 38 and I usually wear size 8 (US) shoes, I think universally if all sizes were increased by half they would fit me even more comfortable because my feet feel like they are spilling. BUT nonetheless, it is really very beautiful and I do not regret buying it, it can dress me classy or be casual. They are the perfect pair of sandals and I think I will buy a different color pair in the next order!

Good company, cute clothes, good prices
The clothes are very cute and the styles are nice. Living in a hot humid climate however, the fabrics with more poly than cotton makes them a little too hot for our area. The dress I bought did not look like the picture, I'm 5'9 and will have to hem it up. The tops were nice, but I can't wear them till it cools off here in Florida.

You can spend an afternoon looking. When shipping is $19, it pays to go back and look for items to get you to free shipping. Can take a while. Great choices. I would have liked more detail on the type of fabrics. But the sizing tables worked pretty well except for the dress.

Shopping experience
I was extremely impressed with the beautiful variety of clothing you had to offer, but more so with the plus sizes available. I hope Zolucky will all fit as I expect them too. The only suggestion I would make is that you offer more items per page to look at, and offer more pages to choose from then going page by page. I don't always have time, as I expect some people don't in one sitting, to go through them all at one time. That way we could leave off on say page 45, and then next time pick back up on page 45. Thank you again for your beautiful clothing! Amanda

Entrancing new discovery
I was in love with the amount of different stlyes, available in multiple colors, patterns and sizes for such impressive prices; after filling up my cart with many beloved deals and discounts, I checked the WEBSITE'S "background"/validity and learned all good things... Zolucky are #8 in online women's clothing sales and make uniquely gorgeous pieces with quality of materials for reasonable almost shocking prices. The site is so user friendly letting you search easily by color, size, style, new arrivals etc. with EASE; they even offer multiple discounts a d free shipping! I'm so shocked this is my 1st time but glad I found it because I will be back while spreading the word to my many single mom friends (including myself)- this is our type of budget and all of the above! Anyone can seemingly find value here!. I can't wait for my package to try everything on!

Clothes are ill fitting and poor quality
I will NEVER order from Zolucky again! I ordered 14 pieces... nothing was like the pictures. The cut, flow and color were way off... on every piece! None of the pieces had the same fit or quality shown online... very deceiving! The fabric was cheap, the seams poorly sewn... NOT worth a fraction of what I was charged. And the fit was terrible on everything! I can usually can wear a Misses size 8 or 10 right off the rack and have learned to size up for some online companies, but even accounting for the sizing, the design is not meant to flatter anyone. Total waste of money and time... such a disappointment. It's all going to Goodwill where I'd be surprised if Zolucky could give it away.

Definitely a thumbs up!
This was the first time that I used this clothing website, and I must say that I was extremely pleased. I used it to order a red backless dress, which was well worth it. The entire process, from ordering to obtaining the item, was straightforward. The sweater was actually as described in the specification and pictures and was of excellent quality in terms of fabric. The delivery was surprisingly fast, which is always a bonus. Being budget conscious, it was perfect for me as their prices are extremely low for the type of product Zolucky offer. The website is well built and responsive. Definitely a thumbs up!

Don't order anything you might need to return
I ordered dresses that all ended up being a see-through curtain-type fabric that were made in a really awkward way. Zolucky looked like cheap costumes. I tried to return them and they pushed out the time on PayPal so long that it closed the case. Then, I had to start the process all over. They only offered 50% of my cost or I could return to China and pay all custom and shipping fees. This has honestly taken so much time and effort to return, it was a total waste. I would just give the dresses away, but I don't know anyone who would wear them. Horrible product and horrible customer service.

Scam Customer Service...
I ordered nine (9) items...
It's been over a month and received two (2) packages, bringing five (5) of the items.
Two (2) shirts are the wring size.
A pair of socks do not match the color ordered.
And the purse resembles something from a Halloween costume: Very small and cheaply made.
I contacted customer support and was told Zolucky will try to do better on my next order.
Zolucky stated they could do any exchanges or returns on this order.
So, basically, you are stuck with what you receive, even if it is not what you ordered.
I would not order anything from this scam outfit!

The products are advertised as cotton blend and Zolucky all came 100% polyester. When I tried to return them, i was told that i would need to ship to China, although the clothes came from the warehouse in US. Long story short, the parcel is stuck in customs for more than a month which seems like another game on the part of ZOLUCKY. Finally they decided to give me refund and they figured that they will give me refund for 1 item instead of 3... as in their system it shows only the las shipment that came for this order. I have no words, I was in communication with Zolucky for the last 2 weeks and I am very frustrated that they take the customers for the fool and do dirty tricks to keep the customers money. NO SHAME! I hope my review will save some people headaches to deal with unreliable company where the mission is to cheat the customers!

Worse experience ever, false advertising
I ordered tops. Took forever to get. None of them looked ANYTHING like the photo (colors were not even close and shapes were WAY off). Customer service is horrible. I returned the first part of order, Zolucky would not refund me. Wanted to return 2nd part but they made it insanely difficult. I disputed charge with my bank and can not get it reversed. I paid for clothes that I do not have and ones that I will NEVER wear. False advertisement, I recommend saving your money and sanity. After this initial review, I was told by Zolucky that removing it would "encourage" them to better serve me. They offered a lousy 30% refund and said I could keep the shirts. 30% for 3 items that were ALREADY returned and the rest that I will never wear.

I bought my new dress here
I bought my new dress here. I wore this dress to work and turned a lot more heads than I expected. It's so flattering! I'm 5'6 "and I weigh 132 pounds. I ordered a small one and it fits me like a glove. The material has a bit of stretch, so size wise it would be a bit forgiving. The cut of this dress hides the bag from Good mommy tummy. Felt a bit strange wearing something so retro as it is not my typical fashion style. But I am very happy with it and I know I will use it a lot. Delivery was fast and flawless. Customer service was great. Magnificent!

Beware of Zolucky
Beware before you buy from Zolucky. Notice Zolucky does not have any customer reviews on their website? Notice it is SO difficult to find any Zolucky customer reviews anywhere? I tried to post negative review to warn customers of their expensive and difficult return policy but had difficulty doing so. ReviewFeeder is the only site I succeeded in posting on. Be warned - Zolucky clothes may look nice but if you have any issues or need to return for any reason, you will have problems and incur a big expense. Customers must send returns or exchanges to China which is quite expensive. When I complained, Zolucky ignored me. Until I succeeded in getting the negative review posted on ReviewFeeder. Then Zolucky offered me 50% refund if I removed the negative review. I refused wanting to warn others of the deceptive and expensive return policy. Just check the return policy before you buy clothes from them. It's really not worth the risk when there are so many other companies which readily take returns.

Not so hot - even though products look appealing and inexpensive
No separate section for billing vs shipping... hard to go back to add or subtract from order as you start to check out... not much explanation re item. For example, is hat wool, polyester, or both? Is it smooth inside or itchy? How stretchy is it in terms of size? (As I write all these questions, I'm already thinking I shouldn't have made my order.) No way to see shipping charge first - it is really too expensive for the inexpensive items I am ordering. I couldn't change my discount back from "new" to the one offered on the item. (Zolucky were the same, but still, you should be able to change.)

Don't do business with this company
I placed an order with Zolucky, one item was not in stock, I canceled that item and only received a partial refund. The one item Zolucky sent me was supposed to be a knitted cardigan but I received a garment made out of sweatshirt material. If I wanted a refund I would have had to ship the garment back to China at my expense. Customer service should be called Customer disservice for this company. Don't do business with them, they practice in bait and switch and false advertising.

I responded to Zolucky, they offered 20% refund, up to 50% refund, I refused this offer as the goods were not what I ordered. Fortunately, I paid through PayPal, and PayPal after a review of the order refunded me the full amount. I did not keep the garment, Zolucky did not send a return label, it was not what I ordered, poorly made, so it went elsewhere. I repeat, don't do business with this company.

Great prices!
So far I've only gotten three items out of the six I originally ordered, but two out of the three items fit well, and one not so much. That's nobody's fault, other than it's hard to shop for clothes without trying them on first.:-) The only complaint so far if I had one would be that one of the shirts I got looked like it was a green color when I ordered it, and the one that I got was more yellowish than green. But again, that's just because I'm shopping online as opposed to in person. I love the clothes in here, they're very pretty! I will definitely order more in the future!

Misleading photos
I ordered a sweatshirt from Zolucky based on the picture on their website. I was so disappointed when I received it. It wasn't a sweatshirt at all like the model was wearing. Instead, the material was thin polyester. Compare the material in the ad with the material in the attached picture and you can clearly see the difference. I contacted the company with my problem and Zolucky offered me 15% cashback or I could send the item back at my own expense. Since the company is located in China, I didn't want to incur even more shipping charges and possible customs fees. I accepted the 15% cashback. Then I published a negative review and they offered me a full refund. If I do get the refund I will be very impressed with their customer service. They seem to be trying to do a good job and I appreciate their response. I will update this if I do get the refund.

Very comfortable clothes.
Pants As in the photos on this website: Good quality -with double and wide band at the waist that in turn contains an elastic that does not seem to bother-. Printed as pictured, very cheerful and current, and fabric thick enough not to puncture. Current and comfortable. For young or modern women of any age. Rousers As in the photos on this website: Good quality -with double and wide band at the waist that in turn contains an elastic that does not seem to bother-. Printed as shown in the picture, very cheerful and current, and fabric thick enough not to pierce. Current and comfortable. For young or modern women of any age.

Non-user friendly site
You need more filters - Material, Sleeve Length, Neckline... I had to spend HOURS going through 2,778 dresses which was ridiculous when if I could have specified Cotton, sleeveless, scoop neck, I could have spent a fraction of the time and energy. Once i'd invested so much time, I felt stuck to keep going. But I won't come back again if i see no more filters.

Also REMOVE items that are Out of Stock. You offer no option for being advised if out of stock items return so it's a waste of our time to finally see something of interest and then it's a mirage.

The overall effect was to convey to me that you didn't care about how much time and energy i had to spend to find what i wanted. By the way, of all the simple things, i scanned 2,778 dresses and never found a single item like what i was actually seeking - a sleeveless cotton knit scoop neck dress with a subtle pattern and without gimmicky things like phoney buttons on the shoulders (but that dress turned out to be Out of Stock after all anyway). What i sought was so basic and simple but out of 2,778 dresses i found nothing to fit the category i sought.
Finally, make your offers clearer as to what can and cannot qualify for free shipping and that your free shipping offer (which is high compared to most places where free shipping comes at no higher than $99) is only based on price after code reductions like 10%.

First Timer
Love your selection of clothes. I am a senior, but still look for sexy, chic clothes. What is sometimes confusing is your sizing... sometimes mediums have a different bust size or shoulder size for different items. It would be helpful if how to wash your items were mentioned. Sometimes a reviewer tells you, but that's all. Also if you would make known your return policy in case something needs to be returned, that would also be helpful. I found it a little difficult to get back into being able to keep shopping when I was on the "To Pay" page, as your tips on how to get free shipping make you want to go back and order something more.

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