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2d purchase is as great as the first!
Zager Update:

I bought my second Zager, and am most pleased, and excited again! I bought an OM. During the pandemic it arrived in just a few days, and the Fed Ex guy handed it gently over the fence in it's protective special Zager cardboard box and hard case. Delivery and condition of the guitar was perfect on opening and perfectly ready to play. My first Zager had a little buzz and the easily accessed truss rod was easily tightened with the provided Allen wrench; my second Zager "asked" for a little easing of tension. I had seen a Zager set up video on line for free, so I was able to know that no other adjustments were required, with the wooden ruler test.

COMPARED TO MY MARTINS WHICH I HAD PURCHASED AND PLAYED FOR A COUPLE OF DECADES: the Martin truss rod tool had to be specially purchased and the Martin location for the truss nut was difficult, like you had to be a specialist to find and access it by touch deep in the sound hole, with a special tool. The Zager was easy and the on line video shows you don't need to take it to a guitar set up specialist. The Martins sound great, but are much harder to play. The Martins sound great, but I'm happier with both Zagers. I've sold one of my Martins that I worked so hard to afford and loved but it was hard to play, and I now seldom play my remaining Martin (a nylon OOC), and may keep it solely because of the nylon strings (it's superior to my classical guitar).

Bottom line: VERY POSITIVE EXPERIENCE WITH BOTH ZAGER. I'm so grateful to receive the fantastic guitars, shipped directly to me. Especially in the pandemic. My guitar playing is better by far than when I had a young man's hands!

Btw, I bought the OM off Zager sale page, and it appears perfect, was played by Denny the man, and was sleek, slick and ready to go! Its sound is fantastic also, although different than the African mahogany dreadnought, but my wife likes OM sound a smidgeon better because she says a prior played chord's sustain doesn't "walk" on the present chord played. Only her opinion, as I love em both, play them for different reasons, and she loves them, also.

Zager Parlor Ascustic Electric Guitar a big sound from a small guitar.
Review of Zager 4/5 Parlor Size Electric Guitar.

If you are like me you depend upon reviews to help make a decision on whether to purchase a product or not. I hope the following helps you in your decision as to whether you purchase a Zager Easy Play Parlor Size Electric Acoustic Guitar.

I have been playing guitar on and off, mostly off, for a number of years. One of the main reasons I havent been playing is hand pain due to arthritis in my hands. Just before Christmas I was just exploring the internet looking at new guitars when I came across the Zager Guitars. Here was a luthier by the name of Denny Zager backing up his product with a money back guarantee including shipping. Who else does that? I went through the reviews and was comfortable with personal statements from both well known and unknown customers. My wife and I enjoy camping with our 20 trailer so the Parlor Size Electric was just right our needs.

Just after Christmas I ordered my new guitar. I was surprised at how fast it arrived from Lincoln Nebraska. The first thing I noticed after opening the box and ABS molded case was how nice the African Mahogany looks. I tuned it up with little adjustment, even though the strings are new. It sounded fine for a small guitar and it was new so it was expected to change due to the wood curing. I have been playing it for about two months or so now and both my wife and I have noticed how much richer the sound is. The only adjustment I have had to make is in how I grip the neck and form the chords. It requires less finger pressure to get the chords to sound right, but that isnt a problem. It is the main reason I chose the Zager brand over a Martin or a Taylor.

Through out the process of purchasing the guitar I have been working with Dennis Zager Jr. The owners son. I have never experienced the level of customer support that he has provided. He has promptly responded to my questions and concerns. I am not aware of another guitar company who responds to their customers questions and concerns as well as Dennis Zager Jr.

Now that spring time is just around the corner I am looking forward to taking the guitar along when we go camping. Maybe you will find me playing my Zager by a campfire somewhere in California. If you do please stop by and say hello.

Zager ZAD20 preliminary review
I've been learning/playing for about 3 years. I started this journey late in life at 59. But, I'm a bit obsessive about playing. That is, I play every day for 3-5hrs. I split this up into two sessions a day (much to the chagrin of my wife).
How well do I play? I would guess that I'm a somewhat seasoned beginner. I have about 20 songs in my play book that I can play in what I call "phase 3". For reference:
Phase 1 = Dude, I have no idea what you're trying to play!
Phase 2 = Yeah, I think I hear a song in there somewhere.
Phase 3 = Oh, I know that song. Sounds good. Don't quit your day job.
Phase 4 = WOW! That is awesome! (nothing I play is here).

What other acoustic guitars do I play?
Taylor 614ce Builders Edition

The ZAD20:
Ordering: Simple online process.
Delivery: Delayed due to pandemic.
Zager communication: Excellent. Kept me updated throughout the process.
Arrival: Arrived in Excellent condition.
Excellent hard case with the bonus of an onboard Hygrometer Thermometer built into case.

First impressions:
Super clean flawless finish.
Great looks.
Needed a quick tuning (expected).
Big bold sound similar to my Taylor.
Action is slightly higher than my Taylor as you move up the fretboard.
But, I expect as the guitar cures, action will improve with time.
And, in all fairness, I had a custom setup done on the Taylor.

Would I recommend a Zager? Yup.
At this early stage, I'm very pleased with Zager and this product.
Looking forward to playing it much more in the coming weeks.
Bang for the buck? I don't think you can beat this. Look, I'm an old dude with "capital" to work with.
Over the last several years I've purchased a number of higher end guitars (electric and acoustic).
The idea of the Zager was to have a lower cost guitar that I could take with me without having to handcuff it to my wrist.
What I feel like I got with the Zager is lower cost for sure but, also a much higher-end product than I expected. So, it looks like I'll be buying handcuffs anyway!
I really don't think you can go wrong with a Zager in your stable or, as a primary.

Zager ZAD-50CE
I'm 67-years old and recently retired. Although I've had a goal to learn how to the play guitar for many ears (I've owned a Fender 40th Year Anniversary Strat since 1994), it seems like there were always higher priorities so I never really pursued it and the Strat spent many years in its case. Now I finally have the time and have aligned my priorities, placing guitar near the top. As a beginner I've just been working on open chords and basic strumming patterns over the past few months using the Strat and a couple of acoustic guitars that my son made in a community college guitar making course. Mostly I've been using one of the acoustics, but I found it really difficult to get clean chords because string spacing was too narrow. I've also developed some arthritis in my fretting hand thumb that limited my practice time. After hearing about Zager Easy-play, reading reviews and watching Zager videos over the last six-months, a Zager just seemed like a good choice for me to pursue my goal. I communicated via email with Dennis Jr on questions about string spacing and nut width on Zager guitars. Dennis got back to me within 24 hours and professionally answered all my questions, which is exactly what I had read about Zager customer service in hundreds of reviews. I ordered a ZAD-50CE on 31 May and it was due to arrive in July. To my surprise, it actually arrived ahead of schedule on 11 June. I could tell right out of the case, it is a beautifully crafted instrument with very full and rich tone. The built-in tuner makes tuning a snap. I noticed right off that my chords were much cleaner and I could use a lot less pressure with my fretting hand, which is allowing me to practice longer. Since I don't have an amp, I plugged the ZAD-50CE into my iMac computer with Garage Band using an iRig HD2 interface to test out the ZAD-50CE's electronics. All I can say is it sounds really great. So after just five days, I can honestly say I am a happy Zager customer and this is a purchase I will not be returning.

Best Guitars and Guitar Company out there!
I can honestly say that Zager Guitars are the best out there. When I was trying to " take the plunge of faith" by buying one without playing it first, I was hesitant like anyone else I'm sure. I went out and played Taylors, Martin's, and a few others before buying a Zager but I just couldn't imagine Zager's wouldn't sound just as good. And with that 30 day trial period, what could I lose? I am sure glad I took the plunge. Right out of the box, I knew I had made the right choice. To go along with the superb sound, I was blown away on how easy it was to play. To me, that was the single biggest reason I took plunge to buy one. I was so frustrated with my previous guitar on getting Barre cords to ring out correctly. Zager's allow you to play these with ease, eliminating hand fatigue and keeping your fingers from getting sore. To validate this, every time a friend or family member gets their hands on my guitar for the first time, Zager Guitars say the exact same thing. If you are thinking about getting a Zager or on the bubble about pulling the trigger, rest easy. It will be the best decision you've made. They also have great customer support. About a year after I bought a Zager I ended up moving from a very humid climate to a very dry climate and started having issues with the notes on the high e string. I tried a myriad of things to get the guitar to sound good again but nothing I did helped fix the issue. After exhausting all options, I sent in an email to Zager guitars for help and Dennis Zager Jr. Helped me understand the issue and gave me a remedy that had my guitar sounding perfect again in 3 days! I couldn't believe it. Dennis responded quickly to my every question and really made me valued that I had purchased one of their guitars. I am without a doubt a Zager guitar player for life and look forward to getting another one down the road! Thank you Dennis Jr and the entire Zager Guitar team!

Blake Sims

Great Acoustic Guitar
I had fooled around with playing guitar when I was in my teens but never really made a lot of progress. Over the years, I picked it up again from time to time, but never really stuck with it. When I retired a few years ago, I started playing again and had the time to really enjoy the practice. After many months of working at it and making a little progress, I decided I wanted to move up to a higher end instrument. I looked around and tried some of the higher end Martin, Taylor, Gibson, and Yamaha models at the local guitar shops. In the process of researching and pricing these guitars, I came across some reviews of Zager Guitars. When I researched the Zager Models, I was intrigued with the quality of the components and the comparative price of the guitars. I went to the Zager website and shopped the guitar models. The ZAD50CE really caught my eye. The African mahogany body and rosewood fretboard just looked beautiful. When I read the 30-day money back guarantee, I figured I had nothing to lose so I ordered one. When the guitar arrived, I was completely impressed with the quality of the instrument. It was set up perfectly and sounded wonderful right out of the box.
It is now 6 months later and I am completely satisfied with my Guitar. I would not trade it for any of the models I tried when I was shopping months ago. I have made a lot of progress in my ability because of the design of the guitar. The set up of the neck, the string spacing, the tapered body, and pillow touch strings all combine for a better playing experience, especially for an older player like me. Looking forward to playing my Zager for many years to come.

Fantastic Guitar & Even Better Company
February 16,2021

Mr. Zager,

Happy Belated Birthday (Valentine's Day)!

Thank you for being personally responsible, along with Bob and Henry, for the creation my new ZAD80CE Aura guitar. I have been eyeing this guitar for well over a year now for many reasons including looks, workmanship, price, and what seems like a sincere love of music on behalf of the entire Zager guitar family. I would consider myself, for the benefit of the reader, to be at the intermediate level of playing ability at this moment.

Recently retired from over thirty-two years of teaching public high school social studies, my wife came to me and said it was time that I order my dream guitar and I did just that. I received my ZAD80CE/Aura last Friday via Fed Ex and felt like a kid on Christmas Day. The look and playability has blown me away. It truly is a work of art in itself that happens to put out fantastic crisp sounds.

The red cedar front was slightly darker than expected (no big deal) and the Indian rosewood was spot on. Collectively these two woods put out a mellow, rich, and deep sound, and from my readings found that a new guitar made from of green woods will gain 25% more sophisticated as time goes on. I chose the 80CE with the Fishman Aura sound imaging system with the built-in tuner because of a small acoustic practice amp that I like to play along with every once in a while. Not being a performer perhaps this was not necessary, but I have just started experimenting with the Fishman's four pre-loaded images taken from my model and have settled on the second image. The built in tuner, that by the way can be accessed with or without plugging in the guitar in, is also a nice addition. I have yet to attempt alternate tunings but from my readings this is also possible. Regarding the addition of the Fishman system, it currently retails for about $475-$500 all by itself, thus when weighing the entire purchase I felt that I could not resist. FYI the ease of replacing the 9 volt battery is also a bonus.

The Zager website also allowed me to compare models via data as well as video ‘walk-arounds,' read reviews, search for accessories (strings, pics, a capo, a humidifier, and of course the cases) and much more from the comfort of my home. Additionally I do love my Zager Pro ABS case that includes the built in humidity gauge-not sure if that has a battery or not. The LED gauge will keep me very conscious of the ideal setting of 45% RH and the importance of caring for the instrument.

I could go on about all of the sound, the features, the quality of wood and workmanship but the guitar sells itself many times over. What one may not see is the care that the Zager family and employees seem to put into their work. I did not talk directly with Mr. Zager, but have contacted his son Denny, Jr. Who was VERY timely, polite and very informative.

Lastly, I have been accessing the Zager Youtube videos for quite some time and highly recommend them to anyone who is in the market to purchase or simply learn information that made my life as a guitarist more enjoyable. Subjects range from the importance of gauging the relative humidity in the care of the instrument, your correct string height; and how to raise and lower the action yourself, and my favorite by Mr Zager on ‘Restringing an Acoustic Guitar'. He has more than one but the longer of the two not only covers the subject matter, but allows his passion for the instrument to easily come through.
I may not be a ‘Zager-holic' just yet, but I will not be surprised if I eventually get there.

Kevin Sacerdote
Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl

Great company-great guitars
I've been playing guitar almost 30 years.
I have played most of the low end acoustics and
Some high-end as well.
I took a chance with zager guitar company and I have no regrets.
It is true what Zager Guitars tell us about easy play.
Right out of the box you can play longer because the spacing really is wider between the strings and the action is set so it you don't get that "string bite" like they say.
The finishes on their guitars are quality.
The one thing though that really sets them apart from most is their customer service.
I owned my ZAD80CE for about 6 years and really enjoyed it. Then a couple weeks ago I noticed the bridge starting to pull away a little from the top. It can happen from time to time as they settle.
I contacted Dennis Jr. And he told me we'll take care of you. That was an understatement.
I really feel like Dennis and his family really have my back when it comes to being one of their customers.
After a few emails back and forth we decided on trading for two zad20's and they came in the mail within three days and I shipped the ZAD80CE back to them that day!
Now, the zad20 isn't a cut away like the ZAD80CE is... I was a little concerned about the low end on the zad20. As soon as I pulled each one out of their cases and played around with them my concern went away. They sound nice and bright but not too bright and the low end is SO good.
Zager guitar company has been an excellent guitar company to be a part of.
I wish Dennis and family all the best.

Zager Guitars
I am not as experienced as are many guitarists out there and it was with great apprehension that I was shopping for what could easily be one of my last guitars. I have never made an income from playing a guitar and never will. This is for my own enjoyment and to be treated as an "old friend." I wanted for once in my life to own a really good guitar and bumped into this company in Nebraska. I always wanted a Martin or Taylor and looked at them in a local large guitar shop. Zager Guitars were very nice but I became more curious in the marketed playability of a Zager. Their site was fantastic, too far away to drive to their physical location but offered a free trial with them paying shipping both ways----nothing to lose! But I have to say their customer service was better than any I have experienced on ANY product I've bought anywhere! If it wasn't that good I may have bought elsewhere and customer service is a disappearing commodity but they still get it." Anyway the guitar was fantastic and still is. They confidently challenged me to take it anywhere to compare and if I didn't like it, I could return it at their cost. That was even AFTER the sale they said this. SO I took it to a large national guitar franchise where they had hundreds to choose from. I took two guitars off the wall, one a high end Taylor and another high end Martin. My skill as a guitarist has more to go and I wanted to hear what this could really do. SO I had 3 guitarists play them all. One was the salesman who was an absolutely incredible guitarist. He knew why I was there and was still considering other guitars, I was a ripe customer for a high end guitar. He played the others and then the Zager. He paused and looked it over. He honestly told me, "We don't sell anything in the store this good. You don't need anything else. MAYBE the highest end Taylor or Martin might compete with it, I'm not sure but you would pay a lot more. This is the best guitar I have played in a long time. Take it home, keep it, and cherish it." It was hard to dismiss this. How talent was top end professional. Obviously he had been around guitars a long time and could have convinced me of something else. SO I am following his advice. The other 2 guitarists in the store were customers and agreed it was a high end excellent guitar. In Zager, I got what I was looking for and a bit more. I feel they will be with me for life. If you are in the market, they are at least worthy of your consideration. Thanks Dennis and Dennis Jr.!

Amazing Guitars
So amidst all the COVID lockdowns and boredom I found myself less and less amused by my video games as a way to pass my slim recreational time. As I sat in my chair one day bored with playing the same old thing I looked over and saw my wifes rarely picked up entry level yamaha acoustic guitar sitting collecting more dust. Having not touched a guitar in probably about 30 years since my mom forced me into lessons I quickly talked my way out of taking I decided, "why not?" and picked it up and plucked. Despite the acute finger pain and horrible level of skill I had I found myself quickly enamored and wondering why I hadn't given guitar an honest shot so many years ago. Over the weeks I quickly developed a passion for the instrument and found myself playing for hours on end day after day. While my fingers quickly calloused over I started to notice that my finger tip bones felt "bruised" and even after two months of playing every day straight through it hurt quite a bit. Being 6'3 with somewhat larger hands than normal I also felt like my wifes parlor sized guitar was perhaps too small for me so I began to do some research. Googling "guitars for large hands" I quickly landed on the Zager product over and over again. I have to admit that for the price (I'm not super wealthy but I also wanted to buy something above an entry level guitar as I'm not a college kid anymore either) I was skeptical to fork over the money for an instrument I had never held or played before. I contemplated masking up and going to a music store but then I started to think "won't I probably end up buying whatever the sales rep at the store recommends anyway?" So I decided to bite the bullet and buy the zad80ce in black, I figured Zager Guitars had a money back guarantee so what the heck. I waited (not so patiently as the reps at Zager can certainly testify to) for a couple of months to receive the guitar and I'm happy to say it was all well worth it. The case is awesome, yes they gave me a free shirt, but the guitar. Oh my the guitar. Its so beautiful and it sounds great! The best part? It really is like a dream on my fingers. I keep the yamaha at my office now for whenever I have a break from work I can turn and pick it up and I can almost hear my fingers saying "nooooooooooooo,." If you are on the fence, guys give this guitar a try. I love it. Haters be dammed. I love it!

Zager perfection
The Zager guitar is, without reservation, the best guitar I have ever owned or performed with. I have been an independent artist for over 40 years and have owned and played some of the best guitars money can buy. After all those years of serious playing, giging and recording I found my fingers were slowly giving up to the point of me seriously considering having to retire from the live scene. I started to do some research on what I could do safely and affectivley do for my painful fingers. I then came across an article about Zager guitars which are guitarist friendly and thoughtI would give it one last go with regards to my playing future. My first Zager guitar came and it was immaculate and sounded superb. I then started getting ready for an up coming gig and played the guitar a bit longer than normal because I loved the sound and to my utter surprise there was no pain in my fingers. I then did the live gig and went overtime an hour because there was no pain. As I write this there are tears in my eyes because I thought I would have to retire from what I love doing. Now. Thanks to Zager guitars I can not only continue but I can step it up a bit more. I wont be playing my other guitars anymore ( and Zager Guitars were well known expensive guitars) as the Zager guitars are well and truly everything I need sound wise and comfort. I will be replacing all my acoustic guitars with Zager guitars. I feel Denny Zager is a genius and a master craftsman and his family are carrying on this craft to perfection. If anybody is considering buying a guitar I would not go past the Zager guitar. It has truly saved and enhanced my career. Thank you. Yahdoh

Zager Mahogany Parlor Exceeds All Expectations for a Guitar of this Price
Hi Dennis,
I received my parlor guitar today.
It has far exceeded my expectations!
Primarily, customer service was great. Either you or someone from the company always responded to my emails with a positive tone and within a few minutes.
It was akin to dealing with an old friend.
The guitar is a thing of beauty. One can see that great care and craftsmanship went into building this instrument. It's as if it were a custom made for me.
My goal in purchasing this guitar was to have a small instrument that I could play while lazing on my recliner.
This guitar merits a whole lot more than what was my originally intended use.
This parlor is the most easy playing instrument I have ever used.
I wanted a solid wood mahogany guitar as a compliment to my full size rosewood guitar.
As for its' sound, it blows away the Martin 0015, (which I previously returned to Guitar Center).
This guitar has a big volume quality sound. It does not sound like a small guitar.
The Martin cost $1,300.00, my Zager cost $650.00 with free shipping and an excellent hard shell plastic lightweight case which includes a digital humidifier.
The Martin had a good wood case however it had the weight of a boat anchor.
The strings on my new Zager are great. I am partial to "Nano" (coated) "Elixers".
Your in house manufactured coated strings are just as good as the "Elixers " if not better.
You including in my purchase at no charge an extra set of strings and applying the pick guard for me was a nice touch.
Knowing that the owner of the company, Denny Zager applied the pickguard, inspected the instrument and set up my guitar shows
A unique dedication and pride in this beautiful guitar which is much lacking in presently produced instruments.
This guitar already excellent will only improve with time.
Thank you. Best Regards, Jamie

The ZAGER Travel Size (36") Acoustic Guitar Small, Beautiful and Sweet Sounding!
I passed the point of having all the guitars I needed' some years back and after 50-60 of them passed through my hands, I settled on a basic stable of five of them:
These included two Taylors (856ce 12-string and the 814ceDeluxe), a Gibson J45 Standard, and an older parlor guitar that lived in my office for about 20 years before I retired 4 years ago, a nice solid Cedar Top Art & Lutherie AMI. All but the AMI are Acoustic-Electrics. The fifth is a Fender Stratocster (MIM) for those times that call for electric blues or good old rock n roll!

Seems like that ought to do any reasonable person but, as unreasonable as it admittedly is, I went scouting around for another small (Travel size) guitar straight acoustic. I shopped high and low and decided to chance a Brand I had never played, the travel size acoustic from Zager. While it is the last instrument listed on their information (and the least expensive), after doing some research the results of which were, admittedly, mixed, I decided to give it a try. Here is a summary of my experience with this Zager travel guitar after 3 weeks or so:

The Build:
The first thing I do with a new guitar is carefully examine the build. It is really hard to get good sound out of an instrument that has not been carefully crafted. In this area, I find no fault or flaws.
Both inside, where the bracing is secure, even and completely set and clean (no glue spots), and outside, where the gloss finish is even and smoothly applied, the fingerboard and frets smooth, the tuning machines are nice, tight Grovers and the attractive headstock nice and even, the finishing items (black plastic binding, a lovely Abalone rosette. The construction of the top, back and sides are all of solid mahogany.
All-in-all, it is beautiful and carefully built little acoustic guitar.

The Feel:
I like having one or two small guitars around for noodling around while I am on the couch to travelling with I am almost never without one. "Travel", unlike most Dreadnaughts or Orchestra guitars, are not standard in size. This is neither the smallest nor the largest guitar of this type that I have played and feels just right.
As advertised, the guitar arrived set-up for easy play especially on the lower frets (those closest to the nut and headstock.) As a matter of personal preference, I had the bridge adjusted just a tad to bring the higher frets and strings above them just a bit closer together.

And, perhaps most importantly,
The Sound:
A small acoustic guitar, by definition, produces a smaller sound. But, smaller' does not mean less rich or melodic. Even on the first day out of the box, the sweetness of the instrument and its rather remarkable sustain were obvious. I was surprised in a good way!
I am, primarily, a finger-picker but revert to my old-style flat-picking from time to time. The Zager came delivered with a custom flat-pick that is thinner that what I am accustomed to, but worked very nicely on this little-brother guitar,
No buzz up or down the neck and the Grover tuners really minimize the few seconds it takes to check the tuning before playing.

This is a sweet sounding, nicely built and very carefully built small guitar. Just perfect for tossing into the included HS case (that has a built-in Hygrometer) and into the back seat of the car. I have played it into a decent mic and although it is not identical to the sound produced by a guitar with built-in electronics, it is entirely satisfactory and not a critical word was to be heard when I played it with a group of hyper-critical guitar-playing friends.

Mostly, though, I enjoy it as a very personal, sweet sounding and easy to play small guitar and, at the price it sells for directly from Zager, it is a worthwhile purchase and, in comparison with other, better-known and considerably more expensive national brands, it is a good value.

For me, this is not another of the many guitars that have passed through my hands for a try and then have been rehomed.'
This Zager is a keeper.

Make no mistake, Zager guitars is the real deal
I started on guitar when I was about 11, learned acoustic folk and played around some as a teenager. After college I lost track of acoustic, worked on jazz for a while, had a couple of very good jazz guitars, played some keyboard, and only recently got interested again in hollow body guitar. It dawned on me that I'd never really had a decent, much less great, acoustic guitar. That matters. About a year ago I started reading online, considered used instruments (mostly disappointing), considered all the usual suspects for a new instrument, and eventually happened onto Zager guitars, which I'd never heard of. I must have gone back to their website 50+ times. As I compared more and more, I kept noticing all the high-end features on the Zagers for a surprisingly moderate price. The demos that I heard online, despite mediocre sound quality, were impressive. Every time I compared the Zager to other similar quality guitars, Zager won by a lot. After confirming their guarantee, I finally bit. I've had my ZAD80 for about a month now. I play every day and love playing this instrument. For new wood, the tone is already surprisingly rich. Every time I play, I hear different things in it. It has a very expressive and dynamic range, and it just sings. Wow. The workmanship is as beautiful as it looks online. The Fishman electronics are fine quality and the onboard tuner is really handy for alternate tunings. I never thought I would own an instrument of this quality. The Zager guitars are the real deal. If you have as many questions as I did, just write to them. Zager Guitars are super considerate the customer service could not be better. They're quick to answer all of your questions and most importantly, they take great pride in their craft, and they want to make sure that you end up with a guitar that you love to play.

ZAD900CE perfect for my style of guitar playing
I was looking for a guitar that would be easy to play for my aging fingers, and that sounded and looked good, and has a built in pick up for the occasions when I perform for an audience. I got more than I expected at a really good price. To check out the action on the first few frets (after paying attention to Dennis Jr's advice on lowering the action), I played Crazy Man Michael by Fairport Convention which features some English folky trills. Zager Guitars work fine on the guitar. The other day, I had my son assess my new baby. He is an ace guitarist on both acoustic and electric. When he played his first few notes on it he said: "wow this has a unique sound." He played some of the new tune he's writing which includes some lovely harmonics. He went on to say that the guitar is perfect for me because I am a finger style guitarist and need all the help I can get in making playing easy - for my left hand, in particular. When checking it out myself I have been playing several Bert Jansch songs (Strolling Down the Highway and Ask me Why for example) and then Chet Atkins version of Sibony (from his The Other Chet Atkins album). That has some tricky parts to it and the wider spacing of the finger board made it easier to play than for any of my other quality guitars. All this and great service from Dennis Jr. My wife likes my playing at the best of times and she noticed the resonance of this new addition to the family and despite having an aversion to my owning yet another guitar she's happy both because I'm happy and because she likes the sound.


Zager 900 CE
I received my Zager 900CE about a month ago and wanted to wait till I had played this fine instrument thru several sets of strings before I wrote out my review. I purchased the Sunburst model and the finish and workmanship are some of the finest craftsmanship I have ever witnessed in my entire life. My Dad was a furniture maker so I have a little background in woodworking and recognize fine wood work when I see it and this instrument is flawless. The binding is in my opinion perfect as my taste lends itself to dressing but not too much noise. The binding and inlay sets the instrument off nicely without being too much bling or noisy.
The sound is rich and full across the entire fret board and the projection is very strong. The low strings ring true and are not muddy when fretted. The intonation is perfect to my ear and the string height is set just right so as to give ease in playing up the neck. Speaking of ease in playing, this guitar is as advertised the hands down easiest playing acoustic guitar I have ever held in my hands. As a matter of fact it plays so easy it took me a while to stop choking the neck so hard and thus playing out of tune. I have played acoustic guitar for over 40 years and have used my acoustics to play nearly every kind of music there is and the Zag 900 CE loves it all. From finger style to more aggressive strumming this instrument is up to the challenge.
As good as the Zag 900 CE sounds unplugged it is fantastic amped up. I honestly have never found acoustic guitar electronics to be particularly satisfying as Zager Guitars most always seems hollow, boomy and many times I would develop a fatigue factor which would make we want to just unplug my guitar and play without juice. The onboard Aura electronics are superb and provide a variety of settings to help one find the sound you desire. The EQ is very responsive and really is a help in contouring the sound before exploring the four settings for the overall sound of the guitar. These four setting can be played as programmed or one can use the setting pot to blend the programmed sound with the natural sound of the acoustic. This feature is just over the top in helping one find the sound which is your sound. I really find the on board tuner to be a great addition as well. This is hands down the best sounding electric acoustic guitar I have ever heard and played in person.
I have played a Taylor 510 since 2004 and paid nearly $1800. 00 for it new and this instrument would likely be much closer to $2000. 00 if bought new at today's prices. The Taylor 510 is a fine instrument and I have enjoyed it greatly over the last roughly 15 years but it is not nearly the guitar this Zager 900 CE is. I am in no way knocking my Taylor as it is a fine instrument and really only mention it to help demonstrate value for the dollar. By today's prices I likely would have only paid about $500.00 more for my Zager then I would have for a new Taylor 510 equal to the one I bought in 2004. But in terms of how well this Zager sounds, playability, craftsmanship, and quality of electronics there is little fair comparison to my Taylor. This Zager is an absolute fantastic value for the dollar spent which is an important consideration for me.
There is a great customer service staff and you can try their instruments before you commit to a final purchase. You will not be disappointed if and when you take the plunge and choose a Zager and you will marvel every time you play that you have such a fine sounding instrument for such an affordable and more than fair price.

Absolutely blown away by this company and their products!
I had never physically seen or touched a Zager, so it was a leap of faith to hit that purchase button and await the arrival. I am SO VERY HAPPY that I did, and were I wealthy, I'd do it again. :) Always good to have a back-up, right?!
Now to the nitty gritty details: I am 5'2", on a good day... with heels. I took advantage of the helpful videos on Zager's website, and with their help was able to select the OM model. It is an absolutely perfect fit! I have played the piano, fiddle, and mandolin for years, but I am a beginning guitar student. I was about to give up, I was so very frustrated. I was taking advantage of my siblings dreadnoughts, trying to come to terms with one of them, and it just was not working. Sadly, I didn't realize that it was because the instruments were too large, and were not set up for beginners. I just thought I was hopeless. I was tearing up my fingertips on their high actions, (even with my existing callouses) and was plagued with hand cramps as I struggled to strengthen and gain more flexibility in my hand and wrist. I nearly had a meltdown when my teacher introduced bar chords. Seriously, nearly threw the towel in. I even purchased those stupid silicone fingertip guards, that's how desperate I was. So, while I was really struggling with the chords and scales, I was also failing miserably to set up decent strumming patterns. I'd no sooner get in the groove, then my right hand would drift down near the saddle. It was very stiff, and awkward sounding, with no consistency. Again, I assumed that it was because I was failing to split my concentration between the two hands. My first lesson - last week - with my Zager was euphoric! I never would have imagined what a difference this new guitar would make. Do you know that I can keep up a strumming rhythm?! It is so easy and natural, and my hand just naturally stays where it is supposed to over the sound hole. I can reach it! Amazing. So much freer and more natural. Here's the kicker, I am actually happy to practice, instead of fighting pain and frustration every time I pick up a guitar. I am flying through bar chords that I had already secretly determined to cheat my way out of! As for the customer service, Zager Guitars are really firing on all cylinders. I am so very impressed. I contacted Zager thru email with a question on my invoice, and they responded almost immediately. And their response was incredibly kind and generous. They certainly went above and beyond, and I am most grateful. I have been dragging this guitar with me everywhere I go, and telling all who will listen that they really do need a Zager in their life!

Graet Guitar lots of fun.
I just received my new guitar. I am an old guy 81 (in perfect health) who played lots of bluegrass music in the 50s and 60s in NYC. At the risk of being immodest I became pretty good and had a ball as a young man playing this great genre of music. Marriage, family, job, children caused me to play less and less over the years. Being home, I took out my most recent old guitar (Sigma Martin Made in Korea) and started playing again. I am amazed how much I remembered. I decided, on Impulse, to buy the above guitar. I wanted something slightly smaller than my very fine SIGMA and maybe easier to play. I am learning some Jazz now and find the guitar perfect for this genre. These are my impressions and short experience with this guitar.
1. The guitar came securely packaged.
2. It came in a beautiful hard padded case.
3. I purchased a Blem at a small discount but the finish is immaculate and beautiful. I can't find even a small blemish.
4. After a quick tune up I began to play new and old stuff and found the guitar to have a wonderful sound.
5. The strings and setup do make the guitar easy to play and the slightly smaller size is more comfortable at my age.
6. An inspection of the guitar shows it to be well made.
7. Very diligent customer service. Zager Guitars answer most questions usually in a half hour.
8. Lifetime warranty with shipping paid for both ways.
9. I am having a good time playing it.
There are many reviews of this company both positive and negative. I don't know the Zagers personally. I don't own stock in the company all I know Is that they sell a very beautiful musical instrument that sounds great and easy to play. The price is more than reasonable for a well made guitar compared to what an inexpensive guitar costs. Those of you who don't like Zager buy something else. Give your opinion and move on. The purpose of a guitar is to make good music so do it.
Marty R

My favorite guitar. Period. Full stop.
A father came home with a five dollar pawn shop guitar. An old Stella Ivory. With an unset truss rod and a rough edged and swayback fretboard, it was not easy to play, and the worn tuning pegs didnt hold for more than a few minutes of playing. His thrilled eleven-year-old picked it up and smiled while strumming open string dissonance.

He learned melodies from tunes on the radio. His fingers got sore on the way to getting calluses. Dad got him a chord book. The boy figured out which ones fit with the songs he liked.

He outgrew old Stella, put her in her cardboard case and put her away to catch dust in the back of the storage closet. The happy boy became a fortunate man who enjoyed family, friends and making music with them. He was also fortunate to have played many excellent guitars and owned a few fine ones.

The man had heard about Zagers for a long time before he played his friend's Zager. He wanted it. His friend told him to get his own. He did. He loves making music more than ever. He found that his Zager 80 Aura gave him the opportunity to have four very different sounding guitars in one, an enjoyably easy guitar to play which he named Zelda.

He laughed as he thought about the difference between fighting old Stella and loving Zelda. He decided to dig out Stella and introduce her to his new friend. Stella was happy to meet Zelda, but she was much happier to be the favorite toy of his one year old grandson to whom he promised his Zager when the baby could hold it.

How do I know all of this?
I have the eleven year old owner of old Stella inside of me.

Thanks again.
Good health,
David Sternfeld

I did not expect this... WOW
Ben L.

I did not expect this... WOW!

Before I made the decision to purchase this Zager 900 CE, I went for weeks on end, probably a month or so, reviewing the Zager 900, the Gibson Song Writer, the Martin D-28 and numerous Taylor Acoustic guitars to include the 614,814 and some Taylor Builders Editions, all of which I'am sure are awesome and I also got a chance to play a few. The one thing I kept coming back to on my selection choices was the fact I did not see very many Zager guitars listed on the sites that I visited. I perused the Ebay site but there wasn't a huge selection in terms of used Zagers and also Reverb where there were hundreds of Taylor, Gibson and Martins for resale but not very many Zager guitars... 900 series to be specific.

I would like to think I was fairly through in my research. I spent quite a bit of time on the internet to attempt to absorb a lot of information on these guitars. I believe that Zager Guitars all have their merits and someday, maybe, I'll have one of each. Being retired and past 65 yrs of age, I made the decision to go with what I had in my gut feeling and my head as at the end of today is a given and tomorrow is not promised, I made the choice of purchasing the ZAD900 CE. To say the least, I was blown away when I opened the case.

I didn't expect to see and hold such a nice piece of work. It had the coloring of sunburst and the binding set it off perfectly. Now here is where it gets good. I familiarized myself with the AURA system on the guitar and started playing it. Everything was in tune and the action was perfect. The first thing I wanted to do was wipe it down and put it up on the living room wall. The wife wouldn't go for that so I put it on one of my stands in the living room so I could just look at it for a while but it wasn't long before I picked it up and played around with it for the next 5 hrs.

I must admit that it is smooth to play and its got a very fast neck. That being said I did have difficulty barring some cords but I must say that I suffered some pretty severe nerve damage to my neck and both hands over the years but by taking the time to look at how I was placing my hand on the frets... I was able to adapt and overcome this short coming.

I play it everyday and I find it hard to put down. I'm very pleased at the selection I made to buy this guitar and I'm glad I took the time to do my due diligence in making my selection. If you take your time to look at the guitars that the Zagers build and to try one, I think you might surprise yourself.

Ben L.

I am going to start by saying I was hesitant to order online without seeing and holding this guitar, what sold me on the Zager was a review by professional players/instructors from Jamplay, a guitar learning program online. I ordered the ZAD50 OM after several online chats with Dennis Zager Jr, and many questions. I learned that the OM was the exact size as my Martin 000-16gt. When I received my guitar, first I saw the well built ABS hard shell case, which came with a humidity sensor inside the case, when I opened the case I saw this beautiful guitar with many features you would find on a three thousand dollar guitar. The sound however is very comparable to my Martin considering that as the wood cures, and ages it will surpass Martin's sound. It plays extremely well, and I have to learn to adjust the pressure I apply to the strings as well as my strums much lighter than I do on my Martin. The action is set a little higher than I am used to but will come down as the wood cures and settles, which then I can adjust with the supplied truss key. Zager has a lot of help videos which explain how to do this and answer questions which I have asked. I am glad I made the decision to purchase a Zager, I am 65 and can't play long hours like I used to, but played this Zager like I was 40 again, and have so every day since I got it. OH, one more thing, I ordered the Zager picks, and in my opinion Zager Guitars are the best picks I have ever used, and I am by no means a novice player.

Almost Needed to Give Up Guitar Forever
I am almost 69 years old. When I was younger, I played guitar fairly well. I even played coffee houses when I was in college. But for whatever reason, I stopped playing completely over 30 years ago. With the recent lock down, I thought that it might be fun to pick up a guitar again and even learn some new chords. I needed a new guitar. Because guitar shops were not open, and because I would not want to play a guitar played by someone else, there was no easy way to comparison shop. My only option was to buy online and try. The first guitar I bought was an Ovation, primarily because I owned one before and I iked it. When it arrived and I picked it up for the first time, I fully expected to be able to play just like I used to. It was a shock. No matter what I did, I could not get my fingers to work right. I knew exactly where to place my fingers, but these fingers kept touching adjacent strings, muting them, and sounding terrible. I tried everything, but I could not get it to work right just trying to play a simple E and D chord. I could see that there was no way that I would be able to get this to work, even with lots of practice. I was disappointed and decided to return the Ovation and give up playing again. But my wife suggested that I try some other guitars before I give up. I did some research and tried 2 more guitars that were described as being easy to play for seniors and for people with fat finger tips. I went through an Epiphone and a Seagull. Same issues, returned them both. I was done. I don't know how this happened, but somehow I stumbled onto learning about you and Zager guitars. I was skeptical, but I needed to try a guitar named "Easy Play." So I ordered a ZAD900CE. The first thing that my wife and I noticed when we opened the case was the digital display. Not expected. Figured out that it is relative humidity, but how interesting it seemed to have this in the case. And the guitar looks absolutely gorgeous. Then the big test that I fully expected to fail. Unbelievable. I could play again, although very very rusty. But I could force my fingers such that I could play chords without touching adjacent strings. It will still take lots of practice, but it seems like I finally have a guitar that I can play. And the guitar sounds beautiful, far superior to the 3 previously tried guitars. I am very glad that I do not need to pack up and return another guitar.

Great People Making Great Guitars!
I've been playing guitar on and off since 1973. I had large hands even as a 13-year-old; when I'd raise my hand above my skinny 13-year-old wrist it looked like a Mickey Mouse glove. I've grown into the hands, but they're still a bit overlarge. I have to seek out XXXL gloves, and even some of those are tight. I'd always spend a lot of time browsing the music stores for guitars that would fit my fat fingers. Through trial and error I did end up with a couple acoustics over the years that came close, but never quite. I was searching "guitars for large hands" a couple weeks ago and came across Zager Guitars. Intrigued, I browsed their website. After watching several videos and reading a slew of reviews I perused their lineup. I decided to give 'em a try!

I received my Zager ZAD50CE via Fedex yesterday. It had been shipped from their Las Vegas studio, so it spent some time moving across the desert. It had a teeny bit of buzz at the 7th and 8th frets. I had watched the video at the Zager website about what to do if this occurred, so a couple quick turns of the adjustment nut brought it into full and perfect playability. I spent the next hour or so familiarizing myself with it. It is definitely the most comfortable neck I've ever laid a left hand on! The sound is bright and clear, just as you'd expect from a brand new high quality guitar with brand new strings. I can tell this beauty is going to age gracefully! It plays like a dream.

Today I plugged it in to my old tube amp and had a go with the Fishman electronics. A little fussing with the controls and that guitar was projecting a full, rich acoustic sound from my 100W combo.

I'll still be taking the old Washburn to the beach and on camping trips, but my new Zager will go everywhere that I play in more guitar-friendly environments. I think I've found a lifetime friend!

Great guitar, customer service, and return/warranty policies.
Review of: ZAD900CE Solid Spruce/Rosewood Acoustic Electric AURA Smaller "OM" Size
I bought this guitar recently after some time trying to decide which to buy, with the great customer service help of Dennis, Jr. Via email. He was super helpful, fast to respond to all my enquiries, and never tired of my endless questions! So great customer service. And great return and warranty policies - Zager Guitars can't be beat, literally! How can you beat life-time and free shipping?

On to the guitar: when I opened the package when it arrived (in three short days!), first of all, I was stunned by the beauty. This is a work of art as well as a great guitar. The abalone and pearl inlays are gorgeous and I love the curly maple binding. As I began to play it, the sound was so fine, but I had some trouble with fingering barre chords. That was mostly because I've been accustomed to playing an acoustic guitar; electric guitars are generally easier in this regard. But it turned out it was also due to the set up: Dennis Jr. Pointed out that I needed to fine tune the truss rod to suit my style, which is a lighter touch, so I followed the video instructions he sent me to lower the action. That was fun to learn about as well as making it easier for me to get that darn barre chord!

Speaking of videos about the Zager guitars, they have done a great job of putting plenty of them online to make it easier to learn about the guitars design and sound.

Bottom line: I highly recommend Zager guitars

I just recieved my ZAD900CE Tobacco Sunburst Special Edition guitar.(That's a lot of words for a guitar name but trust me it's worth writing. Lol)
Everything I read about in those reviews is legit. First off the guitar is BEAUTIFUL!
The customer service could not have been better. Any question i had emailed to them were responded to almost immediately.
I even thought Zager Guitars didn't send the pick guard (I had the guitar delivered to my sisters house and when i asked her if the pick guard was in there she said no - - she actually didn't realize what a pick guard was. Lol) and I emailed them. They responded immediately, they were apologetic and were ready to send me one right away. Then I found out the pick guard
Was in the case and let them know.
I decided about a 18 months ago I was going to teach myself how to play guitar (i took lessons back in high school (40 years ago) so I knew a little bit. I bought myself a $500 acoustic from a fairly well known guitar company and it sounded good. Well
I just started playing this Zager guitar and I kid you not. It makes my other guitar sound like a 10 dollar kids toy! I AM NOT JOKING. I figured it was going to sound better but this is a whole different league!
Im actually even more psyched right now to continuing learning. Also I was wondering about the whole "Easy Play" thing because nothing is easy without practice but after just playing around for about 25 minutes I GET IT. It was just a level of comfortabilty you could just feel. Especially with the bar chords! (i am terrible with bar chords) My bar chords actually sound like they are supposed to sound! WOOO HOOO!
Cross my heart and hope to die - - stick a needle in my eye THESE GUITARS ARE THE REAL DEAL AND I WOULD WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE.
Thank you Zager's!

This guitar almost plays itself!
I am only a beginner guitarist, having played for a year now. I now own four guitars, and my most recent before this current purchase of a Zager 900CEOM is a 1993 Special Edition Martin D28. I love this Martin but it has no electronics (I play a little in public) and it's size is too large for my occasionally painful shoulder (ie reaching around the body). Further, I am struggling mightily with bar chords and losing the battle. So when I saw the ads for this guitar, with its money back guarantee, I ordered the smaller (Orchestra Model) size in the hopes of reducing pain, getting a plug in system and most importantly, getting better at my playing, especially those bar chords. I will most certainly not return it! I doubt I will purchase another guitar in my lifetime. It is stunning to look at and hold and it makes me happy just seeing it's beauty and workmanship. It is truly so much easier on my fingers, and my bar chords are doing much better thanks to this. (Sadly, it didn't work a miracle, though!) The Aura Fishman is so beyond what I need I cannot comprehend it all yet, but I am loving the tuner. The only disappointing thing about this purchase is my fault- I didn't compare the size of the body of the OM with the larger size, and to my sadness Zager Guitars are the same in the lower part of the guitar, which is what causes the problem with my shoulder. That pain is a bit lessened on this guitar but not absent like it is on my Yamaha Parlor guitar. Customer service during the ordering/receiving process was outstanding. In sum, I am thrilled with this guitar and this company.

Great company with quality products and service
I researched the Zager company for a long time before buying a guitar. I dug deep for any review I could find and may have even been skeptical about buying online, however, Zager has delivered on all of its promises. I am a beginner guitar player and needed something comfortable to play. I was attracted by the concept of "easy play" guitar and this guitar delivered on all of it's features! The strings are easy on the fingers and Zager Guitars are positioned low enough above the frets to make playing chords easier too. The size of the body (15% smaller than a full size), neck and spacing of the frets fits my petite build very nicely. My former guitar was comparable to the parlor size and I thought the change would take more time to get used to, but holding the guitar the first time felt comfortable and natural. Now, let's talk about sound. This model comes with a built in tuner and was easy to figure out without reading the directions. The first time I strummed this guitar I was pleasantly impressed! It has a full sound and resonates very nicely. After playing my first few songs, my chord changes felt better and matched with the sound of the guitar, made me very happy. (I have not tried the "electric" feature of the guitar because I don't have an amp yet). I also got several freebies from their giveaway contest including an embossed leather strap, picks, strings, capo, portable tuner, and membership to the guitar university. Customer service with Dennis Jr. Is fantastic. Every time I wrote to him from the chat feature of the website I got a return email in less than 24 hour turnaround. My guitar is also autographed by Denny Zager and came in a solid, and I mean SOLID guitar case that has a built in humidifier system and so plush inside! I have already recommended this guitar to all of my friends. Hats off to everyone at the Zager company!

Fantastic in every way
I waited for the arrival of my 4th Zager guitar before writing a review. Every guitar I have purchased from Zager has been exceptional. I originally purchased a ZAD 20 E for my wife. She found it a little big for her and called Zager, who worked with her to find an ZAD 80CEOM that she loves. She noticed I was playing her ZAD 20 and said I should keep it, even though Zager was going to give us a full refund including shipping the guitar back. I kept it and have been playing it ever since. My wife loved hers and we got our grand daughters into playing guitar. Our oldest exceled on the 3/4 Ibanez we got her and so the next decision was to purchase a guitar that she could continue to excel with, and not be frustrated with sore hands and fingers. We ordered her an 80 OM like grandmas. It arrived and I couldn't believe the sound that OM size guitar produces. I get emails of guitars Zager has finished and noticed a 12 string model. I had inquired about 12 string some years back and was told Zager Guitars weren't producing any at the time. I was delighted to see the 12 string on the email of new guitars. I sent an email inquiring about it and was given the history of this guitar. I ordered it immediately. I am overjoyed with this guitar. The sound is incredible and it is so much easier to play than my older 12 string. And as a company, all companies should be as professional. I can email on a Sunday and get a response the same day, most of the time. I can't say enough about the quality of the guitars or the fantastic service from the office

With me forever
Well, it is time to sit back and write a review on my Zager ZAD900, but from now on I refer to her as "Ms Linda G."

When the package was delivered it was bittersweet as I was having a bad case of tendonitis in my right elbow. As much as I wanted to my wife Linda had to open it up for me, but I was eagerly watching every moment as she started to unpack. Heck, by the time it was out of the box and the wrappings off I said, WOW, even the packaging is perfect. The case laid there and I did reach down to open the latches to open it up and all I could do is sit and stare at a work of art. I have been a woodworker all mu life and I sure appreciate when the quality is there.

For 4 days all I could do is pick her up and look it over and impressed I was. Because that is all I could do, I looked up and down, over and back just to see if I could find a flaw ……. Nope I could not find one. When I picked up Ms Linda G and put her in my lap it just felt so good. Sat there so special like. Yes, I was getting anxious and scared at the same time. My tendonitis was not going away. Ay being almost 76, I was afraid that maybe it wouldn't and I would have to pack up everything and return it. This really made me sad as I did strum it and could hear how sweet it sounds. On day 5 my arm and elbow started to get better but I still waited another day. Then finally I got to hold her and play a tune. Talk about something that is sweet. Not only the sound but the smoothness of playing ability.

Now I will ad that I am not a big time guitarist, more of a decent camp fire one but I do know quality when I see and hear it. I have owned 5 Martins, with 2 of them being new D-28 & D-18. I have an older Martin now d-18,1970. I have also owned a guitar that was a custom made from a renowned luthier in Nashville that I paid $5,000 for. "Ms Linda G" is every bit as good in all ways as that one.

I am extremely pleased that a friend told me about Zager guitars. I really wasn't going to buy another one but I sure as heck as glad that I did. One can be reassured that "Ms Linda G" will be in my hands forever. Thank You Mr. Zager for a fine instrument.

Phil Burt

Great products and service.
I had a great experience with my purchase from Zager Guitars. I just bought a Fender FA-135 acoustic/electric to learn on but the strings that came on it were terrible, Zager Guitars had a lot of buzzing and were so rough that my fingers hurt constantly. I tried using D'Addario String Lubricant and it helped a little. Then I found the Zager website and decided to try their EZ-Play "Pillow Touch" coated strings. The package of 3 sets of strings arrived very quickly and I installed a set on my guitar and could hardly believe the difference they made. They have very little buzzing noise and are so much easier on my fingers that I can now play twice as long and the sound is amazing. A problem arose when I looked at the other two sets and found they had some black rings around the strings in several areas. I fired off an email to Denny Jr. And asked if this was something to worry about and asked if I should return them. He replied immediately that it was a cosmetic issue but it was not right and they would send replacement sets to make it right. The replacements arrived in a few days, and to my surprise it was a replacement of the entire order with 3 sets of beautiful new strings. Both orders also included handy fretboard wipes and Zager picks, which I also love. After seeing how great the EZ-Play strings are, I can't wait until I save enough money to order one of their gorgeous Zager EZ-Play guitars. All-in-all, it was a great experience and I am very impressed with Zager quality and customer service. Thanks, Zager Guitar!

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