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The web site was easy to navigate, good choice of products...
The web site was easy to navigate, good choice of products at very reasonable prices. So far so good. Part 2: The order arrived on schedule and the packing, WOW!, what an excellent job of packing the box for shipping. The can of olive oil was bubble wrapped then placed in a separate small box, THEN placed in the box for shipping. Everything fit in the box snugly so nothing was loose and floating around. Great job! You have a repeat customer here, thank you!

Wonderful olive oil, and prompt good delivery
I am very happy with the quality of products and service from Yummy Bazaar. The oil is marvelous and at a reasonable price. The delivery packaging is good, though YummyBazaar need to add bubble wrap vertically around the oil tins so that the tin bottoms don't get crunched (the wrap horizontally around them was great). The slight crunching is the reason for the 4 stars instead of 5. Fix this, and Yummy will almost assuredly always receive a 5. Thank you, Yummy Bazaar!

I placed in order for 9 jars of jam to find I was a...
I placed in order for 9 jars of jam to find I was a a dollar or less short for the free shipping. Rather than pay the $6.49 for shipping I went back and added another $6.59 jar of jam. Then saw I was being charged $18.85 for being over weight! It seems a mistake as I've never had this charge before. Irritating not to have a numbers to call., to have unexpected extreme charges that don't show Early in the process.

Italian-American and I LOVE Italian cherries
Italian-American and I LOVE Italian cherries - luxardo, fabric, toschi - all are fabulous for cocktails, dessert toppings, over plain yogurt, or out of the jar on a spoon if you need a quick fix. They're also wickedly expensive, especially if you go through a jar or more every week. This kilogram can is a great value. On opening, I just transfer the cherries and syrup into canning jars then store in the refrigerator or share with friends. YummyBazaar won't last long and you'll get your cherry fix without having to add "cherries" to your monthly budget. Thanks, Yummy, I'll be ordering more!

First Time Customer
I was shopping for an item (Pfanni Potato Dumpling Mix) that appears to be no longer available in stores when I fell upon YummyBazaar. YummyBazaar didn't offer the mix, but had prepared dumplings. They also had a few other items that appealed to me. I ordered quantities of 3 different products. All arrived in just 3 days and in perfect condition. It was a pleasant experience. I'll be using YummyBazaar in the future.

I've yet to receive an answer to a couple of simple questions. This may be an indicator. I hope not.

Yummy Marzipan
I grew up on marzipan but haven't had it in a few years and over the last few months I've been craving it! Sadly I was unable to find the fruit-shaped marzipan in any of my local stores so I took to the web to see who I could order from. I didn't really want to order a food product from Amazon, I was a little concerned about how long it might be sitting around, so ordering from an actual food company was my goal. That's when I found the Yummy Bazaar site, and i thought the price was good! YummyBazaar also sent me a 10% for a first time order, which was nice. I wasn't too excited about the shipping, but most places charge shipping so not a big deal. Once it arrived I dove right it hahaha and OMG it was SO good! They also sent a cute little sample of one of their hazelnut wafers. I appreciate when companies do that because it makes me want to come back.

Convenient, fast, great prices
I am a repeat buyer from Yummy Bazaar, and have been very happy with my purchases. I like the opportunity to purchase items that are a bit more international, things I often cannot get at my local grocery store. Even for items that are in stock locally, I can get them from Yummy Bazaar at a lower cost. The shipping is unbelievably fast. The opportunity to try extra items YB includes as freebies is a huge plus in expanding my exposure to other products. Highly recommend YB, so happy with the merchandise, prices, and service.

Products arrived damaged & inedible.
I've ordered from yummy bizarre many times in the past but this shipment left me annoyed. The chocolate chip cookies from France were completely destroyed in transit. I had to throw the box out because the powdered crumbs got all over my kitchen counter & floor. It was a mess! The same was true for the 4 packages of Ines Rosales tortas. YummyBazaar were broken into 1-inch pieces so I was unable to use them for gifts as intended. I felt disrespected as a consumer for the blatant disregard to the packaging of my goods.

I sent an email but haven’t heard back from anyone yet so I can’t rate my experience. I would like to allow the vendor to make this right. Otherwise, I won’t be returning as a customer.

It seems a bit early in the process for a review seeing...
It seems a bit early in the process for a review seeing as I don't really know for certain if I've just purchased a delicious loaf of bread to be delivered, at some unspecified time, to my doorstep. Or, If I have unwittingly transferred my entire savings to a Nigerian prince in hiding. In either case the whole form filling out bit went flawlessly and so I give 5 stars. If bread is in fact enroute: brilliant! If Nigerian prince: well played you!

Buy food from these people when you want it to arrive in the worst way
Buy food from these people when you want it to arrive in the worst way! I ordered numerous items almost 3 weeks ago and still haven't received them. When I call YummyBazaar can't figure out where they are or what has been done and they say they will put a trace on and I never hear back from them. If this company wanted to provide customer service they would've re-shipped the order in an expedited manner; but, they are too cheap to try to resolve an issue and I have stock payment on my credit card. I wouldn't buy anything from this company!

Website gives erroneous info; Customer Service unhelpful
I placed this order based on their advertised handling time of one day. The order shipped 8 days after purchase. When I contacted them to inquire what was happening, I received an array of excuses ranging from Covid, to weather, to short staffing - all of which YummyBazaar could easily post on their website so that customers know when their order will actually ship. I asked why shipping wasn't upgraded in order to meet the commitment, and they said it's too expensive. Two stars only because nothing in the order arrived damaged.

See above.

Honest company with good pricing and promotions
I have been buying items from Yummy Bazaar for a few years. I have consistently had good experiences. Whenever there was an issue with an item or charges, the customer support team at Yummy Bazaar would resolve the issue and follow up to make sure everything is okay. The selection of items on the website is very good and free shipping is easy to get by purchasing certain items or making a relatively small total purchase. Yummy Bazaar also offers promotions about once a week that includes a free item or items with a purchase. I have found that shipped items are well packaged and protected.

My husband is a 87 year old retired physician
My husband is a 87 year old retired physician. We lived in San Francisco when he was in the service, 1960-62. We loved the Chinese food we ate there, but at the time the only cookbook was "Thousand recipe CHinese cookbook." When we moved to NY n 1964 there were very few cookbooks in English, He started cooking, however. He took a course with Grace Chu, at the China Institute and with Jimmy Lee, in person. Findiing ingredients for his moderate to advanced skill level has been difficult. This site will be our favorote.

Publish ALL Product Reviews!
This company does not publish reviews if YummyBazaar are lower than four stars. That certainly doesn't do their customers any good. It's all or nothing - you don't get to just publish 4 and 5 star reviews. I have complained about my two-star review getting ignored and they say they will look into but don't. It would appear that it is a purposeful omission. I will try to get product elsewhere whenever possible. Your reputation, your choice.


I was told if I gave you my email I would receive 15...
I was told if I gave you my email I would receive 15 or 20% off of my initial order. I spent over an hour shopping and went to check out. The discount was shown and my total was in the mid 60's. By the time I filled out my credit card info, it said my discount code could not be applied and I was charged full retail. I still purchased, but as a retailer it does not reflect well on your site. Also, I was barraged by pop ups and surveys throughout my shopping experience. Not cool.


I was directed to pay pal and Apple Pay
I was directed to pay pal and Apple Pay - it went around and around- the constant redirect is annoying!
Also has my contact as my email address, INSTEAD of my name- again more annoyance! If my package comes to the concierge with my EMAIL address INSTEAD of my name- YummyBazaar won't know who to give it to! Stop trying to control things that don't need to be controlled, and adjust your software for customer convenience, NOT yummybazaar convenience would be my recommendation.
I do 99 percent of my ordering online, this experience was bad compared to most others!

I am a first time user
I am a first time user. Never knew of this site until now. Would have liked a home page that told me a little bit about the site and who manages it etc. Also went I first logged on it promised a discount on my first order and then I did not see that message again. Later I saw another discount offer if I gave an email but I was still familiarizing myself with the site and products so waited and that offer too disappeared. So a little disappointed by that

The information said that an order over $50,00 would...
The information said that an order over $50,00 would qualify for free shipping. My original order was way over 50 dollars but I was charged for possible heavy weight 6.99. I find that misleading and was disappointed. I too items off but the same rule applied. Sorry. You can do better. Just charge 6.99 up front. NO problem, but don't promise free shipping and then find another reason to charge anyway. I have never had any company claim a charge for overweight and I have had heavy things shipped.

Pages load well and quickly enough
Pages load well and quickly enough. Your site works ok on the phone, where I placed my order. I wish that you had a more explanatory product descriptions and/or more pictures, especially for certain products. As an example, the chocolate covered bars of marzipan are hard to compare. It would be helpful for my buying decision to show a cross section of the bars, so I could see the chocolate to marzipan ratio, and see which product had the ratio I like. The wrapped bars are so enigmatic. Other products like lovely Loacker's don't have this problem.

Close but not quite right
Wonderful site! Found a German Christmas cookies not easy to find in stores any longer. However, the order I placed was for the dark chocolate version but I received the milk chocolate instead. Not the end of the world but after so many years of trying to find Lebkuchen then to get a different version of the order I placed and have been salivating over the mere thought of, it was a little disappointing. Other than that, this site is great and I will definitely be back!

My best "Covid-time" discovery.
It has become "unsafe" to go shopping for foodgroceries and cleaning products every week. I get my cleaning products/toiletries/dry groceries shipped from Target (recommended); but then I found Yummy Bazaar, with all sorts of things that Target and Meijer never had. And then, I started ordering.

Warning: if you shop at Yummy Bazaar, you will definitely cook and eat better. If your goal is to lose these extra five or seven pounds, forget it: dry bread and water is all you need (perhaps even all you deserve: how much cake, cookies, and chocolate did you eat last Christmas season?).

I could not find my "yummy points"; the issue was fixed in no time. Thanks.

Recently your shipping charges have changed and it...
Recently your shipping charges have changed and it has become difficult to order a certain amount, to take advantage of free shipping (as the cart tracks) only to be told that we have to pay extra because of heavy items... I had to play around w cart for two days to avoid getting a free shipping with an over charge of $19 because of an extra bag of flour, a bottle of sauce or a pack of pasta... free shipping should be free shipping if based on minimum purchase.

When I first opened your website, a pop-up appeared,...
When I first opened your website, a pop-up appeared, offering a 10% discount. It quickly disappeared. One of your staff suggested that I close browser and restart my order. I did this, but no pop-up appeared. As I need this product for a Christmas gift, I placed my order, hoping your company can apply the discount to the order. Also, I could find no way to cancel, or discontinue my order, which was something else that was suggested to me.

Wait and See
I am a new customer. The prices were good, and I received my order quickly. But though the box seemed undamaged, and glass jars unbroken, my big can of Partanna olive oil was severely dented and bulging. Makes me wonder if it was this way before it was shipped. Waiting to see if I hear from Yummy Bazaar regarding this damage. If I do, then I am willing to give a higher rating to reflect their customer service.

Firstly, it was cheaper to buy these sodas individually...
Firstly, it was cheaper to buy these sodas individually rather than in a bundle of 12. There was no option to mix and match in the bundle of 12. Secondly, I could not use my valid coupon codes upon checkout. Thirdly, you charge extra to ship heavy items. Free shipping is not a thing? I love your store and products. A little attention to detail in terms of pricing that makes sense, and clearer marketing would go a long way.

You guys are great!
You guys are great!... but you need to carry the Beignet mix from Cafe Du Monde. Its cheap and amazing. You have their coffee but you need the doughnut to go with it... thanks Here is a link https :// Com/p/caf-233-du-monde-french-doughnut-beignet-mix-28oz/-/A-16776540? Ref=tgt_adv_XS000000&AFID=google_pla_df_free_online&CPNG=Grocery&adgroup=212-34&... Ds&ds_rl=1246978&ds_rl=1248099&ref=tgt_adv_XS000000&AFID=bing_pla_df&CPNG=PLA_Gr...

Great choice of products
Always have a great experience shopping online with Yummy Bazaar, the only drawback is Fedex, YummyBazaar leave my box on the road, and luckily I've gotten them all so far, but if I'm not home and it gets taken that will be a problem. They used to drive up and leave it down my driveway or on my porch but now it's just left either on the road or in my bushes in front of the house, which broke my bushes a couple of times already.

Great products, but...
Great products, but this order arrived with the box open with one side not taped closed at all and the contents open to the world. Box appears to have not been properly taped and sealed at its origin. Second order in a row with shipping issues. Hmmm.

Last order contacted about damaged product (Spanish tortas that were smashed). Requested photos. I didn't want replacements, just to register a complaint about packing techniques and it wasn't worth it to me to go through the hassle of taking and sending photos. Did not contact anyone regarding current untaped box. All products ordered were present. What's the point?

Overall, my experience with Yummy Bazaar has been excellent,...
Overall, my experience with Yummy Bazaar has been excellent, at least in previous years. However, I ordered some packages of Lebkuchen this month that arrived very crumbled. YummyBazaar were not well packaged for shipping. Same with some other Lebukuchen that were packaged in little cardboard houses that I ordered last month. I believe you need to upgrade your shipping boxes or go back to the better-quality boxes and padding from the past.

Im new to Italian sodas and your website
Im new to Italian sodas and your website. Have an Italian dinner party Dec. 22 and want grandkids to try Italian soda.

Your website is very jittery and slow...(must be busy)
The plus and minus to increase or reduce cart items is not working. I tried several times and then tried the blank section to type in number of items I wanted and that worked.

Can a rep. Email me when I can expect my order (hopefully by Dec. 21st)?

Thanks, Martie

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Description: Awesome Food, Great Value, Free Shipping over $59!

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