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YouTube is not what it used to be!
Back in the beginning, in 2005, when YouTube was just being created, it was all very different from the way it looks right now, in 2021. Over the decades, a lot of things has changed, but not for better. Once, YouTube was a place of fun and having a good time. Today, YouTube is all about money, profit, advertisement, etc. There's a total lack of creativity like it was back in the good old times. Instead of promoting freedom of expression, YouTube became obsessed with copyright and deleting comments with some URL linking to another site. On some browsers, it's even impossible to reply properly to some other user by name, simply because of total lack of instant reply option altogether. You know what I mean. Anyway, this vital option is missing even from YouTube mobile app, which makes absolutely no sense to anybody. Posting some hashtags in comments is also a big issue on YouTube these days. One can even get banned for spamming, if YouTube post too many hashtags, or links, in their comments! YouTube doesn't let users to add links to another site, even if so many movies and TV shows are missing from YouTube, all due to copyright, as well as community guidelines. Some users tend to falsely tag their videos as suitable for children, although in fact they're not, simply to avoid their videos being flooded with all those ads! If you ask me, YouTube should ban all those users who only troll the site, uploading hours of nothing at all, hidden behind the fake title of some full movie. Two hours of absolutely nothing! What a total waste of time, not to mention the memory hosted on YouTube servers. There are so many trolls on YouTube these days, with so called full movies which are nowhere to be found, all thanks to this ridiculous YouTube copyright policy. Also, the community guidelines make absolutely no sense these days. I'm under the impression that everything is unacceptable to post on YouTube these days! People get a lot of false copyright claims on their videos all the time from various music companies, or movie companies, or TV broadcasters, even those that nobody has ever heard of, such as the mysterious yet omnipresent Lasso Group, yet no one ever received a single strike on their account for trolling the site! Even if being reported for trolling, or spamming, by so many users, some spam or troll accounts on YouTube are never deleted! Go figure! Looks like YouTube doesn't care much about trolls and spammers anymore! One can get banned for copyright infrigement, or for uploading too explicit sexual content, yet never have I heard of a single troll account being deleted by YouTube! The comment section is the worst! People use it to post negative comments all the time, and to spam the site with some of the most absurd comments you can imagine! Some of them even re-post the same comment multiple times, without any repercutions from YouTube whatsoever! Although it's against the general rules of YouTube, many users post comments only to hurt other people, or to make someone look bad. Comments keep disappearing all the time, for no appareant reason, much like the likes that one gets for their positive comments. YouTube obviously doesn't want people to interact with each other on the platform, afraid that it might become a social media, instead of just a video sharing platform! That's why replying to somebody's comment is being heavily discouraged by YouTube itself. Personally, I think YouTube is already a global social media, and a perfect replacement for a defunct Google Plus, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. The site allows users to upload public executions, torture, and other gore content, yet for some reason any sexually explicit content gets deleted immediately! YouTube is a very cold and hostile place now. There's no fun on YouTube anymore. Everyone only cares about the money these days! YouTube is discriminating all those small channels with less than 1000 subscribers, because one can't even start a new poll on YouTube these days, unless they already have 1000 subscribers to the channel. Additionally, subscriber count on some YouTube channel may vary significantly from day to day. One could lose plenty of subscribers literally over night, all due to a single video, or some difference of opinion posted in form of a comment! Also, YouTube keep decreasing the total subscriber count by removing a lot of users without any channel content whatsoever from the list of subscribers. Meaning one can no longer know for sure just how many subscribers they may have this time tomorrow. Many users only subscribe to some channels only to downvote the videos, and to post negative comments. What can one say about all sorts of phobia existing on YouTube these days, or this constant clash of opinion between the opposite political views?! Even the most absurd things can occur, such as massive dislike of certain videos, like some Christmas carol for example, from users who don't share the same belief system. Why else would someone ever be listening to a Christmas carol, unless they're actually Christians themselves?!? People nowdays use this YouTube comment section for personal insults, and for posting a lot of very offensive comments full of hate speach against other religions, nations, countries, or even someone's political views, race, gender, or sexual orientation. That's not acceptable on any site, especially not on YouTube! On top of all that, YouTube is full of unwanted and completely unrelated ads. Way too many ads, if you ask me! Sometimes, the ads altogether are even longer than the video itself! One has to pay extra to get the YouTube Premium, so they could get rid off all those annoying ads! It's almost impossible these days for any small creator to ever reach the number of 100 subscribers, much less the 1000 required for monetization. Basically, YouTube became a synonym for vevo, with some of the biggest channels out there designed only for some online streaming, as well as running personal vlogs, yet the average creator on YouTube is completely helpless and left outside altogether. How can anyone make a fanvid these days, when all the music, as well as pictures, or videos, is already copyright?!? Fanvids without music have absolutely no sense. Music is the key element of every single fanvid. I remember the time when users could make a remake of some popular song, and then the video would go viral in the matter of hours. Today, making such remake would only result in getting a copyright strike, or even a channel deletion! Not all users can afford to pay the enormous royalty fees to some copyright owners just so they can upload some full movie, music video, or some full episode of a sitcom, or some other TV show. That's why you won't find any of those on YouTube, so may I suggest that you go and find it yourself someplace else. None of the most popular TV shows, or any blockbuster movie is available on YouTube! To watch it, one has to look for it elsewhere. YouTube supposed to be a place of fun, not profit, but most users only care about the money! Search results and suggestions often show only the videos from some big channels. The other huge problem on YouTube is YouTube app, especially the mobile one, which is no match to Google's high standards, although Google actually owns YouTube now. They should make more efford to create a much better YouTube app for everyone. YouTube should finally do something about all those problems mentioned in this review. Getting an email on which one can actually reach YouTube personnel, instead of some bot, would be a good start. Let me remind you that so far there's no way to send a simple message, or a complaint, to YouTube directly. For a global platform such as YouTube, it's a big disadvantage these days. Speaking of a global site, most users are unaware that majority of uploaded content is literally unavailable worldwide, due to YouTube copyright policy, as well as this whole YouTube region restriction. Some content is unavailable in certain countries, while some videos may even be blocked all over the world! That's not how a global site should look like! When one upload something to YouTube, they expect to be visible to everyone, all around the globe, which is not always the case. Sometimes, two copyright holders are in dispute, so one could get a copyright claim from both parties involved, making it impossible to upload certain music videos, movies, or TV shows! What YouTube needs right now are some vevo-like channels made by all those major movie companies to upload their own products: full movies, and full episodes of all sitcoms and other TV shows for people to watch for free. There's not so many full movies you can find on YouTube, and finding some full episode of some TV show, or some sitcom, is literally mission impossible, because of YouTube copyright policy which makes no sense to anybody, much like those very confusing community guidelines. My conclusion is quite simple: YouTube needs some improvement soon, or more users would quit the site and go someplace else, to some other similar site with less confusing ground rules and simply absurd guidelines, and without any more obstacles in expending the boundaries of one's creativity.

*** Update! Not an Order Nightmare anymore
Sooo... update on Alloy...

Order was processed After a. Phone call, a few emaiks, etc...

AND... order and clothing are fantastic!
Dis not get the 90% or the jeans I wanted, but 50% of new arrivals was/is decent and the jeans fit like a glove and I look about 20 pounds thinner!

Thank You Alliy for stepping it up!

Updated 7/25/16

**** First... I Love the clothes.

That being said- I put in an order... PayPal still has hold- from March 4th... and I did not receive anything! So... I check, sent e-mail, called (YouTube were closed?), received a response to contact... called. On hold for 11 minutes... No Way! Had to hang up...(only get 30 minutes for lunch)... received email, sent back email asking to just put the order through! Nope. Still. Call. Called again. Closed. Ugh...

Still have not received my order. Or the order I placed after that! Same things. Just not with the 90% off clearance price. And some items sold out.

Sorry Alloy... customer service is a HUGE deal to me and I am disappointed.

By the way... My order was for $96.00 and second order was $89.00! That, to me is a significant purchase and since I was a repeat customer I really expected better.

My subsequent e-mails have not found a way to an acceptable resolution and I put in a quick email to PayPal just recently...

I really, really just wanted my order though! I'm 5'11 and they sell Tall sizes!

I've worked retail and I understand things happen- I also believe the customer is NOT always right... but... they are always the customer!

Long time customer GONE! NEVER AGAIN!
Long time customer GONE! NEVER AGAIN! YouTube have been slipping for awhile... But total disbelief on this one!

1) I order a pair of jeans - they never showed, 2 1/2 weeks later I call asking where are they. They said oh. Warehouse forgot to send them out. So about a week later I get a pair of jeans. NOT the jeans I ordered. I called to tell them their mistake, took pictures of the jeans, the tags and my invoice and they were just kept saying I needed more pictures and then claimed they were the jeans I ordered, they just have a different name. SERIOUSLY?

2) The last time I dealt with them I called as online communication was getting me nowhere. They left me on hold for 23 minutes. I didn't hang up because I decided I would take a pic of it and use if when I called my credit card to dispute the charge. I was so sick of dealing with them I said fine, even though it's your mistake, I'll pay the return shipping. They had the nerve to say it was past the return window... to which I responded:
1) The jeans you sent were 3 weeks late!
2) You sent the wrong jeans - I never got the right ones &
3) You took several days/sometimes over a week to even respond to any of my e-mails disputing you sent me the wrong pair.
4) They then tried to offer me store Credit!#@ NO WAY!
5) I still ended up paying for return shipping (and that's when they thought I would still be a customer)
6) you just lost a long time customer! Check your database!

Can't wait for you to go out of business!

Not Great for Content Creators
YouTube started as a great opportunity for anyone interested in creating interesting videos for others. Those which found great success started to make a living through their YouTube channel, offering interesting videos covering a wide range of topics. Over the past few years, there has become a war between a dying traditional media and online content providers which seem to do a better job of covering current events or entertaining the masses. As a result, YouTube has started to fall apart in the wave of advertisers pulling their interest from the website due to political pressure for mainstream media. Not only this, but YouTube's lack of involvement on their own website have made the website a feeding ground for those which want to use their DMCA system as a means to silent criticism or coverage of events which may have them in a negative light.

While there is still a lot of great content on the website, those that produce thought-provoking content are finding themselves gated out of advertising due to a process which determines whether content is eligible for monetization or not which doesn't take into consideration the actual content of the video. It is painfully easy for any company to prevent a content creator from being able to make money, making YouTube a barren wasteland for quality content in comparison to its glory days. YouTube claims to be making changes to fix these issues, but YouTube have not taken any steps to prove otherwise.

Fight this scam by contacting PA & NY state Attorney Generals - it works!
My experience with Alloy leads me to believe YouTube are a scam. Their clothes are not sized properly, which means they must be returned, after which Alloy claims the return was not received on time--regardless of how promptly the package was mailed--which allows them to refuse a refund & issue a store credit instead. In addition, this allows them to charge restocking fees, which they charged even on an item they never shipped, & which they also refused to refund. I tried to use the remaining balance/store credit many times, but the # they gave me never worked. Each time it failed, I asked for a refund which was refused. I was actually told the store credit had no monetary value, so a refund was not possible. It wasn't until I got the Attorney General's office of both Pennsylvania & New York involved that the money they so willing took from me actually had monetary value again, & it was suddenly possible for Alloy to issue me a refund check. Coincidence? I think not. Do yourself a favor & stop wasting your time calling Alloy until after you know the attorney generals of PA & NY have contacted them (they will send you written notification). You will be surprised with how cooperative Allow suddenly becomes!

YouTube Review
YouTube is a (mostly) free video sharing platform, which can be used in the app form or as a website. You can post your own videos, or you can watch any of the millions of other videos available. There are many different types of videos to watch ranging from news to educational content to videogame playthroughs to logic puzzles to videos of the fencing world championships. While YouTube is a great source of entertainment and information, we should be careful lest the near infinite number of videos keep us watching far longer than we should be. We should balance our time so that we don't become addicted. While there are quite a few people who are not concerned with making high-quality videos, many of the video creators on YouTube produce content that is quite skillfully developed; the sound, video, and editing quality are quite good. Additionally, these videos can be inspiring and give us the motivation to become better. One reason that we are drawn to certain videos here is that YouTube can be crafted in a way that really connects with us and seems relatable.
But just like most social media sites, every video is crafted with some kind of message, whether directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally. These messages can be a simple Minecraft video showing us that Minecraft is fun or a video made specifically to tell us why we should try fencing. Some of these messages will contain truth, and others will contain lies. While many people post good videos (example: fencing analysis videos), there are some creators whose videos make fun of people do not respect the dignity of others (example: "funny fails" types of videos); the message they send is that it is alright to make fun of others, and this is not correct. Another kind of message that appears on YouTube is advertising. While ads are a way for people to make money, they are also very annoying to watch. As many of the people here have been saying, ads have become longer and more frequent on YouTube lately which greatly disrupts the videos. Advertisements' messages are much more direct and more prone to deception and lies. We should be aware of all these messages and sort the truth from the lies, not letting the views and popularity of a video tell us what messages are good or bad. Like many sites, YouTube is a tool that can be used in great ways or terrible ways, and we should make sure that we use this tool in a way that is truthful and respectful to others.

Good Website
I'm not interested in makeup, vloggers, or other peoples' lives. It's great that people can make a living just making Youtube videos. I followed a few channels with great content and but since YouTube had to post weekly, their videos started to go downhill. That's fine, I could simply unsubscribe and not complain.

Therefore, I can choose the content I could see, at least most of the times. I watch documentaries, sometimes reviews and tutorials, and other times, looking for abstract or obscure music. Overall, YouTube has a lot to offer, and it's mostly free, so I didn't mind the commercials. But sometimes, they just get out of hand and way too many. I could pay to get rid of the ads or I could deal with ads and pay nothing.

With the content that I watch, YouTube could almost replace paying for Netflix. The content you watch reflects the people in the comments. Nowhere in the music I listen to or the videos I watch ever have negative comments, trolls or pointless internet arguments. It's great. I took off one star, because I don't like the fact that my Google Account automatically makes a YouTube account (with a hidden "ghost" channel).

YouTube (owned and operated by Google) is the premier...
YouTube (owned and operated by Google) is the premier site for user-uploaded videos. If you can't find anything to watch on the boob tube, you can definitely find something on YouTube. With a Google account (required for a YouTube account) you can upload an unlimited number of videos, just make sure you own the content and/or you have the right to publish it. I'm sure hundreds of accounts are deleted daily because people like to upload video that is not theirs to upload.

Coming from Google, YouTube has a slick, easy to use interface that is relatively well organized. I really like how I can organize videos I want to be able to easily find into an unlimited number of playlists. I do wish I could reorder my list of playlists, however. I keep a playlist of music videos, another playlist of movie trailers, another with all humorous videos. Your playlists are public by default but can be made private. My username there is 'pyrodney' if you'd like to see how I organize my account.

One major annoyance is with video buffering. With any video being streamed (meaning that you're watching it as it downloads, rather than watching it later, after it has finished downloading), whether from YouTube or some other place on the Internet, ideally the video downloads a little faster than you can watch it. However, when the video takes longer to download than the speed at which it can be watched, the video will freeze momentarily. If you can see this happening, you must pause the video so it can continue buffering so you can watch it uninterrupted. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't let you pause the video when it is in this frozen state, so if you fail to pause it before it freezes you can get stuck in this loop of the video only playing for a fraction of a second, freezing, playing for a fraction of a second again, then freezing again, over and over. This gets real old quickly. It would be nice if Google's programmers would work on a more intelligent buffering algorithm so this doesn't happen.

Each user's content is aggregated into what YouTube calls a 'channel,' and users can subscribe to other users' channels. YouTube has made this particular feature a lot more useful (finally) allowing you to organize your subscriptions into what YouTube call 'collections.' You can click the name of one of your collections and see a list of all the most recent videos from all the channels in that collection. I do wish I could make my collections publicly visible and otherwise shareable

Aside from a great place to watch videos, YouTube is a great way to complement the marketing efforts of your other online or brick-and-mortar endeavors. Those most successful with YouTube are able to communicate their message in an entertaining way such that many of its viewers choose to recommend or 'share' the video with their social media contacts. A video that spreads in this way is called 'viral,' and this is the holy grail of Internet marketing.

Why Does Youtube Suppress Freedom of Speech?
George Washington said, "If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."

Why are CNN, Youtube and Google suppressing freedom of speech? We have US laws that are supposed to protect freedom of speech. What happens when those laws only apply to the party supported by most of mass media? What happens when the very media that says YouTube protect freedom of expression, freedom of opportunity, freedom of information, freedom to belong does the opposite of their claims? When freedom of expression starts to become limited as it was in the former Soviet Union, we move closer toward widespread repression. What happens when it is the very sectors that profess to be the strongest supporters of freedom of expression suffocate it?

CoVid 19 has provided me with the opportunity to do something that I haven't done since I was 16: To watch the so called "news". I'm mot sure that is any more of a blessing than it is to be required to self isolate. After there is a vaccine, I will be happy to cease monitoring TV news again. Recently, I commented on a CNN news program that presented a young girl known for not going to school as a CoVid 19 expert. To my shock within a couple of hours, I was blocked from not only commenting on CNN but also from accessing my account. I am blocked from Youtube for expressing my freedom of speech there which turns out not to be free at all. I have either licenses, degrees or certifications in Engineering, IT, Finance, English and Communications. I pay taxes, I vote and I have never committed a crime. So, why would CNN, Youtube and Google treat me as a threat? While I am a registered Democrat, I do not support criminal activity that I've seen recently in Joe Biden who is on camera in news worldwide threatening or bribing Ukraine officials nor do I condone deliberate lies on CNN. Since my review was not on these legitimate news subjects and since it was rather mild, I am shocked at being silenced

The level of "news" today is not in dispute. Swedish writer Henning Mankell says of US media, "We have never seen such a flow if information and never has people known so little as today because everything has been done into fragments just look at TV news... The worst case is obviously the United States where you don't understand anything of the news. So, that is obviously a risk. And, also, words are misused very much today, very much today. But I think the words that you and I use are always be the most important communication so I think there will always be a way of cleaning up the mess."

CNN not only breaks everything into fragments but also constantly repeats those fragments over and over to convince the simple minded of their views no matter how corrupt those they are supporting.

Writer George Orwell said,

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."

I hope that my party, the Democratic party and its supporters at CNN, Youtube and Google will no longer block freedom of speech because the writer says something they do not want to hear.

I've included Google in this review because it is Google who is not responding.

How Can Four Companies File Copyright Infringements Against one Video?
This one is not going to be real easy to write. Back in September of 2015 I published my book Blood Lines Family Ties. Early in 2017 I took a short excerpt from that book and turned it into a video to promote my book. Soon three separate companies
Claimed that I had infringed on their copyrights. I went through the You Tube procedures that took months to resolve but ultimately I won.
Now here it is over a year and a half later and yet again another company has laid claim to my intellectual property on the same video. In each case I was declared the wrong doer against these large companies and big money accounts.
When you do decide to dispute the other party's claims You Tube does everything possible to discourage you from taking any action including very thinly veiled threats such as having your video removed or even you channel blocked. That didn't stop me however. I ploughed ahead taking my chances with the process. Intimately I won out against the first three. I have to say that You Tube did notify me of those three but on this last one, no. I found out when I went three levels in to edit a couple of videos and that's when I found this one. It stated that the owner of the copyright was OK with me using their work but I wasn't allowed to make any money off it however YouTube could and would. Yes I disputed this one as well with the usual discouragement.
The video is now listed as being disputed but this is what it has posted by it, "Your copyright dispute is currently being reviewed by the copyright owner. You'll receive a response within 30 days from when you filed the dispute." Just for the record I am the
Copyright owner. It's been proven three times by You Tube themselves. Yet here we are again.

For me the real kicker isn't just that I'm being called a liar and a thief, and that is what it is, they show me my work that is in question but I never get to see the other parties work.
Well this time I'm not playing by their rules. First I have a lot of people on several sites
Passing the word and of course I did another video. This was a really good one. If I can I will post it for you to check it out and please if you do don't forget to like and leave a comment.
We should have the right to see the other party's material when ours comes into question and not made to feel like we'll be punished if we stand up for ourselves. You want Google aka You Tube to take you just as serious as they do the large accounts the you had better be willing to stand together to make your point. We've all fought most of our battles against large companies alone so maybe now it's time for the independents to stand up together and have one another's back if we want to be taken seriously. We may have only a few dollars to our names but standing together those few dollars can make an awful big wave. No I'm not asking for funds just making a point.
I have now fired off an email to 60 Minutes and I suggest anyone who is having issues with You Tube do the same. Together we have a voice but separately we are mute.
Here is the link to the video.

Below is the image of my book.

I want to share this with everyone
I want to share this with everyone. I was over my boyfriends house one night and he put a movie on that was playing on the AMC channel. Well I have never seen this one before it was called Tombstone. It featured Kurt Russel as Wyatt Erp and Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday. I am sure everybody has heard of the Tombstone Arizona, and the gunfight at the O. K. corral. I enjoyed this movie so much. Val was so funny in this that I was laughing so hard my ribs hurt. I know that the real shoot out was not a laughing matter, as a matter of fact very terrible and sad that cowboys hurt people that way. The Erps were just trying to employ some kind of law. After watching the movie I was curious to see what the people really looked like. I visited many sites by using there names. I got to see what all of them looked like. The good guys and the bad guys. This was very interesting to me because I got to visit the past. So if you go to this site you can see parts of the movie. Then If you like it, you can buy it. I liked the movie so much from tv that I went out and bought it before I ever visited this site. When you go to this site click on the site that says my favorite scenes from Tombstone. To be able to watch the scenes from the movie you can type in, or I hope this is of interest to some people so YouTube can see how people treat others so badly. This is a reality check for all of us. Sincerely, Lorraine W.

Not Youtube anymore
A few years back this college kid named Chad Hurley was talking to some friends about all the NEGATIVES ABOUT ONLINE VIDEO SITES. (So you know, NO youtube was NOT first).

In the midst of that came the idea and framework for another approach to online video and combining that with SOCIAL NETWORKING.

In 2005 the birth of an entire new generation of online websites and it was grand.

You got to BUILD your own page. Have your own commentary and announcements. You got yo host your own videos.

And the grand slam for many was that you could become a youtube partner and earn money. People did this by the thousands. Then hundreds of thousands. Then the MILLIONS.

At one point in 2011 actually 2 BILLION people daily were logging in to that site.


In fact today that daily sign on number is WELL UNDER HALF THAT and may not even be reaching 100 million anymore.

If any other corporate entity THREW AWAY 1.5 BILLION CUSTOMERS... there would be hell to pay.

NOT AT YOUTUBE WHERE GOOGLE INC IS LORD. Google Inc is chaired by a devout Muslim named Salar Kamanger born in Tehran, Iran in 1977 and who was specifically recruited by Google Inc to help enforce RESTRICTIONS OF MATERIAL ACCESS to all those in Arabic/Muslim countries.

His job at that was so successful that he was promoted to undertake a much bigger and darker project: CLEANSING YOUTUBE OF ALL INFORMATION SHARING AND SPREADING OF "RUMORS" REGARDING THE NEW WORLD ORDER GLOBAL AGENDA.

And this he did via a brand new interface at youtube code named "COSMIC PANDA".

This permanently ended EVERY SOCIAL BENEFIT & FUNCTION AT YOUTUBE officially in February 2012 on what major account holders there refer to as F'D UP FRIDAY the 21st.

You can NOT email anyone inhouse at youtube. You can NOT have your own home page. You can NOT design your own profile. YOU CAN NOT EARN MONEY unless you are a major corporate player and in the past 2 years everything is suddenly for sale at youtube:


And for the everyday person you are screwed.

Personally I have 2 very significant channels at youtube and the only reason I have not closed those is:

A major loophole the site uses to take your former channels, and reinstall them under "archive channel" and then Google Inc retains ALL CLAIMS AND CONTROL OVER Y-O-U-R MATERIAL.

So even alot of middle sized players are gettin screwed. In 2012 MULTIPLE RIGHTS LAWSUITS WERE FILES IN BOTH THE US FEDERAL COURT SYSTEM AND THE WORLD COURT all claiming stolen content, MASS PUBLIC FRAUD, identity theft, and other issues.

The US Federal Trade Commission was set to file many charges against Youtube LLC & Google Inc on these same grounds and then the White House intervened on the grounds it would be a bad public sign.

I dont know why. I work with bands and music artists. Suddenly KNOWN & ESTABLISHED BANDS LIKE SAY... Journey, who had a Youtube channel was having THEIR OWN CONTENT CLAIMED BY GOOGLE & VEVO.

VEVO is a Sony Enterprises function in cooperation with Google Inc. CLEARLY A MAJOR COLLUSION.

In 2011 I would have easily given Youtube a 5 star rating. Now its a 1 because THAT IS THE LOWEST.

I hope this serves as an actual information and history to the many people who used to use Youtube everyday and cant/done anymore.

Its all a matter of POLITICS, BAD CORPORATE BEHAVIOR, and really poor public consumer rights enforcement.

This all underscores the fact that Barack Obama, despite being a man of diverse racial origin and despite him claiming to be a Democrat which have historically been the champion of PUBLIC ISSUE AND RIGHTS...

Aside from that this man has overseen the worst PUBLIC RIGHTS ENFORCEMENT OF ANY US PRESIDENT IN THE MODERN AGE.

By the way, you may actually find some videos still lurking around Youtube that goes into details about this president and his anti consumer/public war.

YouTube are there, they now just are drowned out by all the COMMERCIAL AND AGENDA PROPAGANDA CRAP.


Mandatory Commercials...
I originally started watching You Tube because I could filter the information that I received and could enjoy meditation & How To videos without losing my focus due to irritating commercials. Now, during the middle of a meditation video or How To video, an advertisement pops in changing my focus and attempting to force me to accept ideas in which I have no interest. I believe that commercials/advertisements are nothing but subliminal messages. I stopped watching television for this reason... You can pay a fee to avoid seeing the advertisements, which is ethically incorrect, or continue to watch the foolishness. I would have given You Tube a high rating because it can provide a lot of useful information for folks that are interested in learning. As for the negative content, I personally believe that You tube should sensor the content given that children are exposed to and easily influenced by negative videos that do not support a healthy, happy and healthy lifestyle. As healthy adults, we can elect to ignore the negativity but, children are a a "growing crossroad" and need positive guidance in order to become decent and productive citizens. I will not discuss the psychologically challenged folks that do not need the negative exposure to "certain content"...

YOUTUBE have just De-monitised my main channel due to copyright? OK this is
How messed up their algorithms are, I had a BBQ 13 years ago and my
Late uncle was on it, I live 100's of miles from where I was brought up
And thought if I upload the video to my channel and make it private so
The only people able to see the video are the people I send the link to
(My family) I thought that was a great idea, I did that and also 6
Months ago my mate in America wanted to see the prices of food in the
Petrol stations here (Gas station) so I flimed on my phone a 40 second
Clip walking into a petrol station and showing him the prices but as he
Doesnt have Whatsapp I uploaded it to a private video on my channel.

Youtube in their entirety have said the bbq video had copyrighted music
Playing in the background which that might be true but it was inside the
House and the video was taken outside and it wasnt exactly loud? The
Petrol station had background music on and again YouTube said thats
Copyrighted... So my account that I have spent thousands of hours
Building up gaining thousands of subscribers and a regular income is
About to be terminated I think WHY?

This is utter BS! And another point is they told me they will review my
Account but it takes up to and beyond a month to do so whilst they gain
ALL the revenue for my entire channel HOWEVER Since typing this review I have found out YT are taking longer than SIX MONTHS to review demonitised accounts... Coincidental isnt it they take
So long to review someone's channel!

I have had my ability to contact them removed and I can only get answers
From the community! So YT have basically turned their back on me and
They are also scamming my channel so they gain all the revenue... I am
One of many tens of thousands this has happened too... A government needs
To investigate their business model and procedures!

The gold standard of online video hosting
YouTube is the biggest and most ubiquitous video sharing site on the internet available today. It's gotten to the point where there's no real way to compete with the site simply because it has enough money behind itself to always be improving itself.

The downside of YouTube being so ubiquitous is that it's almost impossible for there to be anyone competing with the site. It's just too expensive for anyone to really be doing that unless a major corporation decides to throw endless amounts of money at them.

Because of this and because there's always been issues with YouTube having to negotiate its way through the corporate hell of finding advertisers, the relationship between YouTube and the people who make a living from making content for the site has always seemed fraught. There's regularly some new scandal about a new YouTube policy or because they're enforcing the terms of service in a way people perceive as inconsistent, or because there's some issue with ad revenue.

I think YouTube's ubiquity kinda hurts it as well. Really the site's only recourse if an advertiser says there's too much offensive content on the site is to essentially say, "Sure, but at least we're not 4chan or a porn site." There's no option for them to say, "Yeah, but look at the company practices of this other site; this kind of thing is industry standard."

In terms of usability, YouTube is the gold standard of video hosting. There's probably never going to be another site that's quite as good as this one when it comes to ease of use. As much as people like to complain about the site being worse than ever before, I think in a lot of ways, it's much easier to use than it was in '08 or '09.

While the standards for what's considered monetisable content on YouTube has seemed to get stricter as the years have gone on, I think this is mostly because the site has grown more concerned over what's going to fly with advertisers as the years have gone on. As it stands right now though, there's still plenty of channels who are doing content about anything you can imagine and many are still able to find an audience.

They SEEM to Have Improved A Bit!
I've noticed that this computerized voice is no longer being used by YouTube. Also their content doesn't SEEM to exclude right wing content. However, I am noticing that some of their titles underneath the videos are very misleading. E.g. One video underneath said something about a Christian leader was going against former President Donald Trump, however, this Christian leader most certainly DOES support the former president. Another misleading title said, "Exclusive: This actress quit the show" when acutally it was nothing of the sort. She didn't quit the show! YouTube also show under some of the movies that it's a "full movie" when actually they are just clips of the movie. Another problem is the time frame located at the right side of the title. It is OFTEN incorrect. For instance one video said it was 10 years ago and I happen to know it was at least 30 years ago. Another one said it was 5 days ago and it was 2 months ago. YouTube does have an excellent offering of free movies, however the captioning is lousy. For instance, I was watching Shadowlands with Anthony Hopkins and in the space of about 15 minutes I saw the following, "sauce = source, fuss = pass, attic = etiquette, noisy = naughty." Also, here in Virginia we're having an off term election for Governor and YouTube only supports the democratic (left) candidate. YouTube does surveys about products and politics and when it asks me whom I'm voting for I click my Republican candidate with glee!

Youtube is about your ability to make other people money before yourself
Youtube fell down in terms of financial management when it sold it's soul to advertisers i. E company ads at the core of its business model. This inevitably affected the type and tone of new content, to "comply". Now i havent got a problem with companies, we all use them every day. So what's my grudge? Well, Gone are the days of uploading as you see fit. Authentic content like a long speech that ignores the drama of offending people and says it straight, this would not survive very long.

Yes, companies have money to share (and the vast majority are left wing bias). But guess what? Companies also try and dominate everything and make your life difficult before giving you a dime. Prying money out of companies is hard enough as an employee. Companies should have been kept out of the loop when it came to the tubes, the oppurtunity was there but was squandered when the paypal employees signed a deal with the Google devil, getting 1 billion for themselves, everyone else? Go fish! That seems to be how it played out

The business model should be social funding from users, like a pay as you go model i. E 5p to watch a video and more for the popular videos, this then gets collected into a central pot controlled by the webmaster exclusively and distributed according to best stats overall. Any leftover money is used to keep the site running and improve it. Youtube should been and independent company in itself instead of a yellow brick road for 3rd party endorsements. There was a lack of backbone from the beginning

If it was the case that a money management system could automate how uploaders get paid, there would never be a chance of demonetisation because it should have been a software program that naturally isn't politically bias. This also encourages a meritocracy on numbers instead of like/dislike of a persons character thus takes power away from narcissistic big company influence

Bartering for company cash is a terrible way of business. Companies just want to take money, not give, so everyone suffers rules according to the companies ethics and policies being a massive influence, because you have to please advertisers BEFORE the audience, now i am wise enough to see it, there is no longer a "fun" purpose about the website. All the good channels are banned.

But Thats the real reason why youtube sucks - corporatism and no longer being about you as an individual, now you're just a puppet having your strings pulled by the elite if you upload. You cannot do a video exactly the way you want without a social filter, heavy editing. To me thats just fake and nonsense.

It was a beautiful thing, ripe for corruption and destruction which is what has happened. It was good between 2005-2016 but now its time to seek an alternative where freedom of speech is respected and not shutdown because people disagree, regardless of how many disagree.

It is a fundamental human right to freely, express, without limitations or filters, one's point of view and youtube will not allow it. Find alternatives. I have i am spending more time on butchute and liveleak. While clunky at least the content is more "real"

Update Regarding the Racist Primate Videos Being Strategically Placed Near YouTube Black Content
Mr. Sundar is the CEO of Google. Flood his office with complaints about the monkey business being conducted at Google as it relates to mixing lists of Black videos with primates. The problem continues to exist as of 5/25/2020. His contact information is as follows:

Email: (The moniker above)
Social Media: Google
Postal Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043

Postscript: Five thousand people viewed my original review (which appears below this one) concerning this subject. For some reason, when I updated the information, the views disappeared. Nevertheless, there must be some merit to my complaint about YouTube because over nine thousand individuals have seen the updated version of it. The reality is that the laws and policies in societies can be changed, but the ways that humans think and feel about each other can be as fixed as cement. Update: Along with YouTube, Peacock ( an online site connected to NBC) has decided to present racist material. The photo could not be rotated, but Lester Holt ( who works for NBC) is photographed next to Curious George, the animated monkey.

Youtube. Youtube. Youtube.

Parents need to know that YouTube now offers parents the ability to filter out objectionable content using its new Safety Mode. Safety Mode is an opt-in feature -- meaning you need to enable it on your browser -- that filters both videos and comments. If you have a YouTube account, you can log in to password protect Safety Mode so it always filters content. Otherwise, you'll need to enable Safety Mode every time you log in if you want to screen content. YouTube is also now displaying the TV ratings for the TV show clips it offers, so parents have a sense of the age-appropriateness of the video. Part of the fun of the YouTube has always been that you can see anything at any time, but that also makes it hard to know what your kids are viewing unless you're supervising. The new Safety Mode feature and ratings give parents more control over the content kids see -- even though as YouTube acknowledges, no filter is 100% accurate. YouTube remains one of the most creative outlets on the Web, offering kids myriad ways to exercise their creativity. You can learn more about Safety Mode, and view the instructional video, on the company's blog.

YOUTUBE.COM is a site where users upload and share original videos. Users can "tag" their videos with subject headings, such as "dogs," "comedy," or "topless." This lets others find videos featuring subjects that interest them. It's a popular place to go to see the latest silly Internet video that everyone's talking about. The great majority of videos are of concert footage, sporting events, bootlegged commercial video, and homemade movies. Want to see video of Michael Jackson picking up his "Legends" award in Tokyo? It's here. Like to see the winner of last week's Masters horse show in Germany? No problem. Of course, you can also see hentai (Japanese pornographic animation, often with big-eyed waifs in bondage). Users create "playlists" of favorite videos and can join communities of users who like to watch the same types of things. If you decide to submit a video yourself, you can choose whether you want to allow people to comment on it or not. If you decide to allow comments, you can moderate them first before making them live on the site.

Content runs the gamut from the totally benign to the totally outrageous to the potentially harmful. The user-rating system is fairly trustworthy, though -- if lots of people pan something, it's probably not worth watching and if users give something a high rating, it's probably pretty good. The user ratings have nothing to do with age-appropriateness, though.
Although you can't automatically get to the adult videos without logging in, anyone can lie about their age and get an "adult" account. Most of the videos aren't pornographic, but some of the comments about the videos can be vulgar. Submitters are cautioned to refrain from showing personally identifiable information in their movies, or images that would help a stranger identify their locations. "Broadcasters" are able to release videos to the world, or just to a circle of friends and family. Additionally, users can easily remove their videos from the site anytime. As with any site that offers user-generated content, it's viewer beware.

Charged Twice, Backordered, Terrible customer service
I just canceled half of an order that I originally placed on 11/29 because of a rude employee in your customer service department.

A representative who said her name was "Carmen" attempted to assist me on the phone today. I called because I placed order # 12439140 for "PIPER DBL BTTN BOOTCUT RINSE DENIM 19 35 IN *VM" and "SUPER STRETCH BLK SKINNY BLACK 19 35 IN *VM." Both were listed on back order until 12/9. When I went to check my order status on 12/9, the status was changed to just "Backordered."

I sent two emails to Customer Service. Both times, I received the instant reply back, saying I'd receive a response in 24 hours. I received no response.

I called today to clarify when my order would be shipped and to change my shipping address since I'm leaving town and did not anticipate waiting this long.

Additionally, my PayPal account has been charged twice. Once for $42.35 for the entire order, and once for $18.89 for the pants that apparently shipped today.

Carmen explained that my account wasn't actually changed that. These were holds. I disagreed, and told her that none of these funds were available to me in my PayPal account — so, in fact I WAS being charged twice, and am now technically awaiting a refund. She huffed and said "Oh my God…" Offended, I asked to speak to a supervisor. She said her supervisor wasn't available and then laughed. I asked if she thought this was funny.

The conversation ended quickly after that. I requested a refund on the item that had not yet been shipped.

I'm very disappointed with the service I received, with the "holds" on my account, and with the attitude with which I was presented.


Profile is complete $#*!. And hiding the Inbox button was $#*!ed. In the last 6 months YouTube changed the profiles twice and both times the profiles got not only dumber then $#*! but it took days and the first time weeks to find my inbox Go back to the old profile 3 profiles ago and Ill give it 4 stars because we shouldnt have to pay for more time on a non profit site



Well as most of us with a brain know that DON'T want the Government holding our hands while we piss should already know, Google is a Government funded web site created to track it's users with extremely limited expectation of privacy that are monopolizing everything they can to add just a little less privacy to all forced to use it's integration to every site it touches and it's killing of all sites they buy out to move you to their preferred sites such as Myspace to Facebook or to intergrade you to have to use G+ in order to use certain functions. Case in point FORCING G+ on it's users in order to comment videos. First off it seems for around 80% of us no matter what we run for a machine or what Windows or Apple equivalent to windows we all experience the same problems. A comment box we can't use, a like dislike button that don't work and a reply button that won't reply. On top of that for those of us that do have G+, (Even in protest) it's not working right anymore either, and do they listen to what we have to say when we report these issues? No they just refuse to respond or say it's our equipment. Yes I will be political. This is just another sign that it's time the Government gets off our back and stops forcing it's smut garbage on us and just let the NSA do what it does less, nothing while they hire Canada to screw it up for them after already learning the company that was hired was already kicked out of several countries for the same multi-billion dollar failures it gives to us. Thanks you once again Google for turning off of your identification site that sells bank information to companies you already have your hand in the pocket of. ;) You teach us well.

YouTube converted to Kids' status November 2021
I'm a heavy-duty content creator on several platforms. I have had 6 channels on YT alone in a year & a half with good success. I would NEVER monetize on that platform as YouTube are always screwing over the monetized channels, especially during the immediate lock downs in March 2020. I had a "Relaxing Music Videos" channel that they took down last year sometime. Really? Relaxing music videos was bad while there is porno all over the platform, child abuse, animal abuse, murders for hire, plans to kill a judge, etc.? I filed many reports via their worthless, no-action so-called reporting system. I work with a lot of government agencies, so I am not a "misinformation" fraud. YT themselves are. They delete any truth there is about this pandemic.

When I was in Studio a week ago to upload a video, which I have cut WAY back on & focused on more worthy platforms, a lot of new "rules" started this month. I was always responsible & marked my entire channel "not for kids" just to be safe. I even made 1 or 2 age-restricted videos per their "guidelines". They make us, the adults, constantly censor our content or they outright "remove" it. I keep asking them, "Did YouTube Kids get deleted? Is that why you're now imposing MORE rules for so-called kid-safety, so much so that the adults can't even use YT anymore?" I don't get it. Sure, I know about COPPA, I abide by the guidelines. But you know how doesn't? YT!

They have now changed it so that they can delete entire big channels that are monetized no matter how good they are. Any content creator who uses YT can go to Studio & read all about the new rules themselves. They are bs & they're running off the good content creators.

I was a Lab Assistant at LabCorp during the last SARS outbreak in 2004. I've worked with what they call "Covid" today. When I would post USDOJ lawsuit links against Pfizer & Johnson & Johnson for fraud, particularly in regards to marketing ploys & pharmacy kickbacks, they would get deleted. I don't know how ReviewFeeders works or if they require evidence, but I will put the links right here for anyone to verify.

Wednesday, September 2,2009
Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in Its History
Pfizer to Pay $2.3 Billion for Fraudulent Marketing />
Monday, November 4,2013
Johnson & Johnson To Pay More Than $2.2 Billion To Resolve Fraud And Misbranding Allegations />
I will just say here based on my clinical & government experience, why in the world would these 2 companies be allowed to create ANYTHING for this pandemic? It doesn't matter what my opinion is, you can see they've ALREADY been charged with fraud at least once.

YouTube needs to create another platform for adults & real news since they have now turned the current YT into a kid's platform, 500% censored & no more money-making for those who are trying to make a living on there. Thanks for reading!

Youtube is there.
First, Youtube is one of the only big video archival sites around so I have no interactions with a competitor, since there really is none that have the backing of Youtube. If there was such a competitor to compare YouTube with it would be easier to rate it as good or bad. YouTube have smashed their competition to death because of just how fat they've gotten.
Second, Google is one of the biggest companies in the world and they actively use YouTube as their guinea-pig. Youtube Heroes? Obviously thats corporate as hell, why use YouTube Heroes to police the site when the site is COMMUNITY based. Why does YouTube need appointed officials of the community to be their "Heroes", and why does YouTube choose them themselves?
Third, Youtube Red is frankly not worth the price it is when Adblock does the exact same thing for nothing. The content on Red isn't even good enough to shell out the dough for. "I have premium so I know what I'm saying here"
Fourth, recently I've been recommended the same videos over and over and over and over and over AND OVER AND OVER again and I'm sick of autoplay throwing me back into the same rabbit hole over and over again! So they need to fix their recommended section.

Magical Witch Scam Steals Money for Fake Spells
This woman has a lot of nerve. I'm writing this report to warn other people online who are smart enough to research this scam artist prior to giving her a dollar. She is not who you think she is. Recently, I noticed she turned the ability to comment on ALL of her YouTube videos off because she is such a fraud and she clearly doesn't want to get called out on stealing people's money.

This woman is a typical gypsy thief. She takes your money and in exchange you get nothing! She will tell you "Wait three months for the spell to manifest." Three months come and go. If you try emailing her for updates you do not get a reply. She completely ignores your email as if you don't exist.

I emailed her recently and told her I was going to chargeback with PayPal the obscene amount of money I paid for the $3,500 Commitment spell she charged me for that was supposed to bring my man back. This woman tried to instill fear into me saying she'd "hex me, f*ck me up for stealing from HER!" I found that hilarious! She can't do anything to me! She has no powers and can't do magic. PERIOD!

If you paid this woman with PayPal, you have 6 months (up to 180 days) to GET YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY BACK. I checked into the rules on this. I'm writing this to help others who have been scammed too. File a chargeback with PayPal.

Open up a case in your account and file a DISPUTE. Don't be afraid that Magical Witch has your money and you'll never get it back because you are afraid of her.

She acts so crazy, loud and belligerent in her videos to instill fear in her viewers. It's an ACT! A show! She is a typical gypsy wannabe Magical Witch. Complete BS!

This woman seriously needs to be exposed. She is not a Magical Witch. I don't care how many Bulls*it free spell videos she posts on YouTube. The woman is a fraud. Do not be afraid to ask for your money back. This woman is so full of it. Good luck to everyone fighting for their money back and to anyone who is even considering to purchase a spell with this woman - DON'T DO IT.

NEVER order from Alloy
As a 6'3" woman, I've ordered online since ordering clothing online was possible (and from catalogs as an extremely tall, slender child before the internet). I've almost never dealt with companies making major mistakes, and always had an easy time reaching help to fix any problems... until Alloy. I ordered coats that had no adequate pictures--and as a tall woman, it's always necessary to try more than one size. Three days after I placed the order, YouTube mailed a pair of petite pants in place of one of the tall coats I paid for. It took a week and a half of attempts to reach them before they started a slow, painful process of proving to them that they had made a mistake. By the time they finally mailed the coat I'd paid for, it was on sale for half the price i paid, and arrived a full two months after I ordered it. The coats were beautiful, but designed by someone who doesn't understand a tall body (only had longer arms, but shoulders, and torso were proportioned for a much shorter woman). I called and followed their painful procedure to return one coat (get an approval code and a promise that it is authorized for a refund, pack it up in my own box, pay shipping to mail it back) only to be told that it had been too long since I ordered it (due to their mistake), and they had decided not to refund the return they had authorized. They've said my money will at least remain in my account as a credit, but I've been mysteriously locked out of my account. I don't know if their password reset is broken for everyone or just for those with credit, but I've been attempting to make it through to get that fixed for a week and a half. (And each phone call requires a minimum 5-15 minute wait to speak to a human). Alloy may have tall clothing, but it is an enormous waste of your time, sanity, and money. NEVER order from them; I will be relieved to be done with them once I've used my remaining credits. It's a pity; if they spent a small portion of their massive advertising budget on customer service, they would have repeat customers and far fewer terrible reviews.

BAD for Video Creators
Youtube is BAD FOR VIDEO CREATORS. Youtube is not a good place to make money. If you make videos, do it for fun, not for money. Before you can be eligible to make money, you have to get a 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. Once one of my channels met those goals, youtube took another 3 months just to tell me that YouTube aren't going to turn monetization on for my channel! I had no way to discuss this with anyone. I have worked my butt off and my channel is exploding with millions of views, but I can't make any money. I had another channel full of good clean videos that I made myself, and the channel got instantly deleted 2 days ago with no explanation! I have read carefully through the community guidelines and I cannot find anything that looks like a violation. There is no way for me to find out for sure why it was deleted or if this could randomly happen again with another channel that I create. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR BEGINNING CREATORS SUCKS. Unless you are really successful, expect to feel like you are being abused. If something unjust happens, expect to have no real way to do anything about it.

I used to shop here for years, and loved everything...
I used to shop here for years, and loved everything I received. Prices and quality were good and I loved that there were often items that you couldn't find else where. Everything changed this summer. My mother ordered a pair of sandals and a few months later when I saw her with them I knew I wanted some too. I ordered them excitedly but when YouTube came I was shocked. They were a cheap, awful imitation of the ones I ordered and even broke simply being pulled out of the bag! I was confused, we had never had an issue before and my Mom's shoes were good, so what happened to mine? When I called to tell them, they didn't even care! The woman said she would transfer me to her manager who waved me off even more! After getting more of an attitude with her she finally offered to send postage to me to return them for free. I was horribly disgusted by the service however and wrote the company an email, to which they basically responded the same. They didn't care about my situation at all! I returned the shoes and was even more pissed when I got the email for my money return. Remember that supposed "free" postage they sent me so I didn't have to pay? Well, they took it out of my refund anyways! I AM FURIOUS! To top the whole thing off, I was on a wait list for a cardigan and received it last week only to see, yet again, it differs from the one on the store. This time I won't even bother with customer service and I will forever REFUSE to shop here. ALLOY, YOU BETTER START CARING ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS OR YOU WILL START LOSING THEM ALL! ALSO SELLING PRODUCTS THAT ARE NOT THE ONES SHOWN IS A SCAM! Stop ripping people off! You used to be a good company, what the hell happened!?

P.S. Don't be fooled by the good reviews. I posted one, as well as a picture comparing the sandal my Mom bought and the fake one they sent me, and three weeks later my review still isn't there. They obviously took it off to block people from the scam they are really running.

Warning:::: Do NOT and I mean DO NOT rent from Moss and Company property management. I lived at one of their rat hole shacks for 2 years unfortunately. Since day one my life has been HELL. I rented a 1 bedroom at their Hazeltine Court apartments in Sherman Oaks. When I first moved in the apartment wasn't move in ready. Live and dead roaches everywhere, sloppy paint job cabinets falling off the hinges, kitchen sink backing up, AC leaking water. In which their maintenance staff has been out 20 times to patch all of the problems up. Only YouTube NEVER actually fixed anything. I continued to have these problems and then some until the day I moved out. This was the worst and I mean the WORST apartment I've EVER lived in as an adult and as a child alike. This apartment isn't fit for a rat. This apartment at best is worth 500.00 dollars a month. Not by far is worth the money in which they are charging monthly for this dump. It has a major mold problem in which I had twice while living there. First mold was in my room closet. Moss & Company painted over it. Back in January of 2016 the main water pipe had busted outside right above my window. Which caused major mold and water damage to both the unit and my property. Moss and Company tried to cover it up by threatening me to move out or they would evict me and charge me for the damages. They even attempted to offer me a settlement to shut me up however I refused to except their offer. This company is trying to cover up the fact that their property has a moisture problem. Even after Moss and Company completed the repairs of the mold in my unit I am still living with the mold. Mold was still found throughout my unit which was found by a mold professional. After this issue was brought to Moss and company's attention they still failed to do anything about the matter. They apartment is roach infested with rats roaming around the complex. If you don't believe what I'm saying take a look on Yelp. There are plenty of other reviews regarding this crappy company. PLEASE for your own good if you're looking for quality you WON'T find it at any of Moss and Company properties. RUN RUN as fast as you can and don't look back. Moss & Company is No good, dirty, liars, sneaky, low down scum. These people would take your money and do absolutely NOTHING for you. Honest to GOD!

My review on YouTube Premium
YouTube. It's the largest streaming service online at the moment in the US. It's the go-to for educational and entertainment video content. It uploads 30,000 hours of video every hour and is growing every day. The vast amount of content on its site gives it the ability to serve many different demographics. So there's no surprise that YouTube offers a premium service to enjoy their content just a little more. Not all demographics on YouTube will benefit from the premium service. Still, some find themselves in a situation where the cost of the service might be low enough to justify the monthly subscription. YouTube Premium is worth the monthly subscription because of its services such as no ads, offline options, audio options, YouTube originals, and competitive pricing.
Surprisingly there's a beginning in the infinite amount of videos. ColdFusion on YouTube made a great video discussing the site's history. YouTube was another Silicon Valley unicorn company. YouTube got its start on February 14,2005. Quickly becoming the world's third most visited site and second most used search engine. YouTube are accumulating five billion views every day. YouTube quickly gained the attention of major internet companies and was bought by Google in October 2006 for $1.65 Billion. Google promptly turned it into a billion-dollar money maker. They redesign the logo and website, adding features and creating the world's best algorithm for finding the videos you want to watch. One of those features was YouTube Premium. Formerly called YouTube Red. The service YouTube Premium was released in October of 2015. Some features users enjoyed were ad-free content, Youtube originals, and background playback. Like any other service, there are pros and cons. YouTube Premium isn't for everyone (ColdFusion).
Youtube premium has no ads. One of the most popular features to be added to YouTube Premium. Ad-free content is excellent for uninterrupted entertainment. Both the viewer and the content creator benefit from this exchange. The viewers don't get annoyed with constant ads, and a portion of the monthly subscription will be divided among the content creators you watched over the past month, which is a higher portion than if it was a regular ad view. Some of our favorite content creators plan on having those premium views to reach their profit goals on their content.
Another great feature YouTube Premium offers are the offline options. Download up to one hundred of your favorite videos to watch later. YouTube also offers it's premium members a few movies to download. Great for flying, camping, or knowing internet service will be slacking or at all. Included in the YouTubes algorithm is a downloaded playlist that is constantly updated with suggested videos in case you happen to forget to download or an unexpected loss of data occurs.
YouTube Premium members also get the luxury of audio options. Such luxuries are locking the phone screen and still receiving audio. Another is to change the setting to stream audio-only. This is huge because it saves on what consumes the most amount of data, video. YouTube is an excellent resource for music lovers. Every genre of music and most artists you can find. So YouTube catered to this market and created the YouTube Music app where these settings can be used best for music uploaded onto YouTube.
Yet another great feature of YouTube Premium is full access to YouTube originals. Android Authority, publishing site mentions, "subscribers can watch all available episodes in a series as soon as it premieres. They also get access to bonus content like deleted scenes and director's cuts" (Stegner). A lot of the content showcases some of YouTube's favorite content creators. Such as Pewdiepie. Although premium content isn't usually people's favorite subscription feature, it still adds more value to the service.
Last but not least, YouTube Premium has competitive pricing for the service it provides. Android Authority mentions, "There are three different plans available, with the standard plan costing $11.99 a month. There's also a more expensive family plan at $17.99. A special student plan at $6.99 is also available. There is no annual plan available" (Haines). YouTube Premium is for people interested in educational and short videos and finds them self on YouTube often.
Although YouTube Premium is an excellent service, it's not necessarily meant for everyone; for example, "YouTube Premium's exclusive content collection is fragile. There are few original series and programs compared to cheaper services, such as Netflix. In addition to a few options, the ones that exist there are not public or critical success. They are not sufficient reasons to justify the signature" ("Is YouTube Premium worth it? See the pros and cons of the subscription service"). For people interested in long movies or watching actors do their job, a subscription to another developed streaming service would be recommended.
In conclusion, YouTube Premium is the perfect product for people that spend a lot of time on YouTube for leisure or educational purposes. The ability to listen when not watching and have uninterrupted content is ideal to have on your most viewed platform. From exclusive content to its competitive pricing, all aspects of the subscription makeup all members' premium services. The service is constantly updated and tends to only get better over time.

Please Stay Away!
I made a purchase December 30th, 2015 of a pair of black work pants. The website stated the item won't be available to ship until January 9th, 2016. Once I received a confirmation email of my purchase I noticed the address was not correct. I immediately called the customer service number that same day to change the address. I was on hold for 45 minutes, no one ever came to the phone. I called back January 1st and went through the same thing, except this time, I was on hold for over an hour and no one still came to the phone. I requested a call back and entered all of the requested information and of course never received a call. I called once again, on January 4th, and YouTube told me my item had already been shipped out and they were unable to change the address. I advised I did not receive an email confirming the item has been received early and had been shipped. They apologized and said I would have to wait until item "returns to sender" so they can send it to the correct address. They gave me a UPS tracking number that of course stated was not valid once I tried to track my package online. I called January 14th to get an update since I had not heard from them in 10 days. I figured that should have been enough time for the package to have been received to their warehouse. The lady stated they had the new tracking number and it showed it was still in route back to the warehouse. I immediately thought it shouldn't take two weeks for the item to return back to the warehouse. Of course I thought this was definitely strange especially since, once again I did not receive an email with the new tracking number for the returned package so I can keep track of it myself. She made sure they had the corrected address and told me once the package was confirmed at the warehouse they would send it back. Then comes January 20th, when I called for the fifth time! They said their system shows it still has not been received and I asked what in the world was taking so long! It should not take almost three weeks to get a package back, if within the US. The next time I called was February 2nd, and I was immediately requested a supervisor, because at this point I was already fed up and irritated with this company. It took over 10 minutes to get a supervisor on the line! He said he shows the package had been received January 12th! So this whole time I've been calling and they have been telling me it hasn't been received when that was incorrect. They didn't care enough to take the time to actually check if the package had been received or not. I asked the "supervisor" why didn't anyone contact me to let me know the package had been received almost three weeks ago. Especially since I had been calling all of January and was told twice the package had not been received yet. He didn't have an answer, of course, what a surprise! Then I asked how was he able to see the item had been returned but the other two people I spoke with couldn't see the item was confirmed back January 12th? He didn't have an answer for that question either. Pretty much everyone at this place did not know their job and was completely useless. I asked to speak with a manager, someone who is higher up than he is. He stated he would have a manager call me February 3rd. Of course that didn't happen! My sister ended up calling them to try and get things straightened out and they told her a manager approved for the item to be overnighted and it will be there Friday, February 5th. She was still unhappy about the situation and requested to speak with a manager as well. They had her on hold for over 20 minutes to tell her their manager is busy. She was promised a call back in 30 minutes and never received one. Here it is 5pm, February 3rd, and I had to call them back! My sister and I ended up calling back at the same time. I spoke with a woman and she said the manager wrote a note in my account and stated the item is no longer available and they can email me once it restocks. I told her my sister just called an hour ago and they did not tell her that! They said they were going to overnight it today and it will be there Friday morning. I asked why am I never contacted when changes are made? I asked her to get her manager on the line, not a supervisor, but a manager who has higher ranking. I waited on hold for almost 30 minutes and she deliberately disregarded my request and put a supervisor on the line anyway. I said I told her I wanted a manager, not a supervisor. He said his manager is not available. Every time I call a manager is NEVER available. That is so sketchy to me. He said he will escalate to management and have them call me tomorrow at 9:30am. I told him I don't trust a manager will call me. They were supposed to call me today and they didn't, therefore, I have no guarantee or hope they will actually call me this time. This is completely ridiculous! I have never had such bad customer service, EVER! This company ought to be ashamed how they treat their paying customers, those that keep them in business and keep a paycheck in their pocket. I spent my hard earned money buying from this company to end up getting treated this way? I will never purchase a damn thing from this sketchy scam artist site ever AGAIN. I requested a refund, but I don't trust that they actually processed one. I asked for a confirmation number and they didn't have one to give for the return.

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