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How to stay in 2007... Forever!
If you wanna take a trip back to 2007, just use Unfortunately, I still use it as my primary email only because I been using the same email with 40,900+ unread emails in it for 12 years. Would be a pain to change everything over now.
Here is my issues - filter certain things that aren't spam. But then some stuff that is actual spam ends up in my inbox. Example: "Hey cutie... wanna have a little fun?" passes the filters. Yeah umm... no. I don't wanna have fun. I look like a drunken Irish troll. But thanks anyway. But "Your receipt for your purchase to" ends up in the spam folder. Why... just why? Lol.
Oh and don't get me started on the "We're experiencing Technical difficulties. Error -14". Yeah I can't load my inbox because of that. I went 5 whole days without being able to check my email because of these "technical difficulties". Yeah I think their brains are having technical difficulties.
There are also a lot of snotty commenters on the news section. A lot of the people are very ignorant. The place is infested with trolls. If you view the news section, I'd advise against commenting on anything. You will get 50 trolls tell you to drink bleach or something. Pretty bad. You can go view the comments... because some are pretty entertaining. You may even learn a few new jokes from it. But don't get involved. Stay out of it. It's a firestorm.
The search engine is obviously not great. Google is and always will be the best.

As a reader there, I can say there is a lot of interesting...
As a reader there, I can say there is a lot of interesting material there, and a lot of talent, though you have to go searching. And that searching, along with feedback given to me by a somewhat successful contributor over there, is why I can't give it the highest review. There is no specific way to find the most quality and credible stuff. Also, don't help their writers as much as they could. Promotion is basically up to you. When they highlight an article, that can help, but even when you submit to an assignment, the odds of getting featured are small and no one seems to know what can help you get featured. Nevertheless, as a reader or contributor, this is a viable outlet with a high profile.

Yahoo protects you right out of your email
Aren't you just sick of companies like yahoo who "For Your Own Protection" force you to change your password on something that you don't care if the world can access? This is what happened and of course now I can't remember the password or find where I wrote it down and of course YAHOO GIVES YOU NO HELP to get back in if you can't remember the answers to questions that you answered literally 10, yes TEN years ago! So an email that has ten years worth of companies sending me mail that I signed up for that is of no consequence to anyone but me, I can no longer access... gotta say WAY TO GO YAHOO! Great job protecting me... LOL! :(

Propaganda & dangerous garbage to pollute the populace
Years ago (before Trump) Yahoo! Was the news go-to of choice. It all started to get weird when Bruce Jenner decided to change his gender. Something much darker and more insidious than just trivial and propagandistic news began as users were banned for sharing any thoughts the Yahoo! Police deemed dangerous to their agenda.

I visited the site today and was appalled to see how disgusting it has become. It's like an open sewer of filth from an intellectual standpoint. The news is 100% biased against President Trump. Not 99 -- 100.

How it can exist without being banned by the same social media engines and platforms that supposedly forbid fake news and hate speech is clear proof of the underlying agreement amongst the Masters of the Universe to wage war on the human species and as an extension -- the US Constitution and everything our country stands for.

At a minimum, Yahoo!'s website should be classified as pornography. But, a much safer decision would be to flag Yahoo! As a malicious website that users should agree to proceed at their own risk to enter. A better decision would be to take down the site entirely, but I believe in the first amendment.

Please Yahoo
Please Yahoo. We do not need internet gateways anymore, please figure out what it is that you do. Please provide me some reason to come back to the behemoth that first guided me in footie pajamas through the scary forest that was the internet of the early 90's.

I love the old comercials, I loved many things in the past, yet I find no added value in using your gateway rather than typing out the full URL of the exact product or service I am looking for.

Please, some innovation, a core-competency, anything. It astounds me that you are still a major player. Learn from AOL, have developed a superb radio offering, (if visually unappealing).

Yahoo, please come back to us. Until then, I have no choice. One star...

I have used for years. I have not paid much attention to news stories, but lately I have been paying careful attention to the election. I noticed over several weeks how the news is being reported on The election coverage is like a rollercoaster ride. From minute to minute it can change, and that goes without saying, however the ads that are placed with news are biased. I realized that internet businesses do not think people are paying attention, but we are. all in bed with each other. We should be able to watch the news without targeting ads that think they know who we are and what we want. When puts an advertisement for a certain product or media for an certain issue. They show me how much time they spend catering to special interest and acting like puppets to keep the cash flow going in their favor. I am sure the ugly post and interaction among some users plays a part in biased ads, but the media has shown its true colors in this election. I am posting this review so we will all remember, we are just demographics and capital to them! Like a herd of cattle for the top bidder, looking to make as much money off of us as they can.

Delta One relocation and Remodeling is a dishonest company
We dealt with a guy named Trey who came across very assuring and reliable until he was shown the damage that was done after the move. Trey sent over two men and a teenager to move us. did not preserve my floor when they entered my home as I was told they would do. The truck, that I was told they have their own fleet of, was not one theirs, it was rented, and didn't even suffice the my entire home, we had to move the rest of the items. The movers packed the items so tight in the truck they couldn't even shut the back of it. They just tied it up with string and said it would be alright, they said they do that all the time. I had significant damage to my refrigerator that is very noticeable to anyone. This was not there before the move. The boy they hired to help had spilled water all over my floor from my planters he moved from my backyard, he went thru the living area to get to the truck and didn't even care to wipe it up, I had to do it. I finally had to tell him to go around the outside gate to get to the truck and not through my living area where I have wood flooring.
When speaking to Trey about these concerns, he became very rude and basically told me that I could claim all I want but I was not going to get anywhere as far as fixing my damaged refrigerator. Basically he told me that he didn't believe me. None the less, I sent him pictures of the damages and the cost it would take to fix it. Nichole, his secretary or wife, had reached out to me and told me that she wanted to make things right and to not respond back to Trey because he has no people skills and can get pretty rude. One of his mover apologized for the damage and wanted to pay for it himself but would have had to make payments to do so. He did take two hundred off the fee, but my damages exceeded 800 dollars. For a company who is supposed to be bonded and insured, they should be liable for these damages. They also claim that they are veterans, but I don't believe the movers who came to move me are. I had asked Trey to speak to the owner, James Booth, but he told me that it wasn't going to happen. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY AT ALL. THEY HAVE PROVEN TO BE UNRELIABLE AND DISHONEST.

Subpar Web/search/entertainment company
Subpar Web/search/entertainment company - Hemoraging cash, employees, and search-market share to Google. This company has launched a series of radio and TV ads lately to combat the perception that it's not as good as google as market the fact that they give you drop down suggestions as you type in your search. Of course, it's not at all clear that "search" is the primary function on the page anymore, as it looks more and more like an AOL smorgasbord of semi-relevant stuff to my life. And sure, there's myYahoo, but the iGoogle site is much more user friendly and customizable for my interests. The search though seems to return less relevant results still and continues to suffer with fewer users than Google. They've lost me.

Are Yahoo fantasy games scams?
L am a very small bettor. L generally bet no more then $2.00 on fantasy games. However, l always notice that no matter what game l enter l ALWAYS wind up in either last or very close to last place even though l take the best players. Ls this just a coincidence or are these games scams? L've noticed that the " up to the minute " player stats are not accurate for MY players but are accurate for players who are winning! L've often wondered if these " winning players " are REAL or just phony computer generated. Of course there will always be people who claim that ALWAYS win. Some of them might even answer my review. THEY LIE!

Sold out Small Businesses
In order to make more billions for their shareholders, Yahoo Small Business has become Aabaco (Alibaba). All the meta data tags business have had on the internet with their webhosting through YSB has now been turned over to Yext! A company that forcing small businesses to pay them a minimum of $449, up front, in order to get their names back in the search engines! The timing to start this racket during the holidays is devastating to businesses and borders on extortion. Yahoo and its affiliates are no longer happy with the fees their customers have been paying for webhosting and email services (Outlook), have to make more. This is a sad commentary on the greed of corporate America and Wall Street at the expense of the small businesses that keep this nation working. Shame on Yahoo/Aabaco/Yext.

I hope my posts are helpfull
I hope my posts are helpfull

My posting is about the advertisings for work from home posted as a links to all the major web sites like,,, Yahoo, com... I assume that now a days you can find them everywhere on the Web. have infested the Internet.

The usual scheme is that against a minimal amount $1.97 they will send you materials for work from home using the Google engine. The titles are endless but the pattern of the sites tells me that the source is one.

To subscribe you give your personal data and a Credit Card number of course.

There is very well written Disclaimer or Terms of Conditions. The developers of the scheme know that a lot of people will not read the fine prints or will not notice them or because of language barrier will not fully understand. And this is the way the scheme has been working for a very long time. My brief researach on the web shows that it has been going for at least two (2) years.

The subscriber ends up automatically subscribed to several "services" with monthly charges ranging from $7.75 to $79.95 until canceled. There is a grace period form two (2) to fourteen (14) days to cancel prior the 'contract' and the Credit card charges start.The cancellation is a painful and agrevating process. I spent half a day to individually unsubscribe all four (4) 'services' I had given permission to be enrolled.

I felt stupid but also I got 'educated' only with losses of $1.97 + $0.05 CC intrenationall transaction fee, the time I spent on the phone and whatever nerve cells I have lost.

Hey is it just me or have more than a few noticed that...
Hey is it just me or have more than a few noticed that YAHOO. SUCKS with all the political LIB crap lately. BAD ENOUGH that O' GOOFBALL has practically RUNIED the country and his "pals" in the lib loop have added to the misery by rubber stamping all of that IDIOTS BAD IDEAS. NOW when ANY conservative comes along to HELP the country OUT of the mess YAHOO "NEWS" does it's level BEST to BASH THEM.
Now lest's get to the EMAIL on YAHOO... SPAM, SPYWARE, cookie tracking, ADD ON CRAP the list is ENDLESS and SLOWS that crummy mail server to a crawl.
Hotmail RULES here, NO CRAP to deal with and EZ to use and FAST too... BYE BYE YAHOO, YOU AND OBAMA should ENJOY YOUR REMAINING TIME, won't be long before you are BOTH HISTORY!

Unfair treatment
Staffmart incident on Tuesday, January 19.
I used to work at CEVA through Staffmart. I tried to get into work close to 6:00 p.m. and my badge didn't work. A security officer was right behind me and made a comment about my badge not working. I tried once more- then he asked for my badge. He looked for my name in a book he had at the desk... my name was not listed with Staffmart. I found that odd because I have been working for them since September of 2015. The security guy says "You'll need to contact Staffmart." I immediately called CEVA's HR dept... No answer- left a message; I called Staffmart and left a message in the after hours mailbox. I even sent my immediate supervisor at CEVA, a text message... no response.
On January 20,2016, I contacted the Staffmart on Lebanon Rd in Nashville, TN. And left another message at 8:39 a.m. I then called the Staffmart office in Coolsprings at 8:42 a.m. I told the rep I could not get a response from the Lebanon Rd. Office. The rep told me she would get someone to call me. At 9:21 a.m. the Coolsprings Staffmart rep sent me an e-mail, giving me the Lebanon Rd. Office number to contact. I called and left another message at the staffmart on Lebanon Rd. At 9:36 a.m. I called CEVA's HR dept and spoke with a female rep. She told me she would get in touch with the on site Staffmart rep to find out what's going on.
On January 21,2016, I contacted the headquarters for Staffmart in Cincinnati, OH and left a message. Shortly after a rep called me and said she will find out what's going on.
It is January 25,2016 and I have yet to receive an e-mail, or a phone call... explanation from anyone. I can't believe I'm being treated this way, especially since I was getting good evaluations from the lead in my work area at CEVA. I was never notified my job was ending- nor did try to find me other employment (If CEVA no-longer needed me).
I wonder how any of these people would feel if they showed up for work and could not get in... and was given no explanation! I'm trying to catch myself up on my bills and Staffmart is making it a little difficult.
I will say... when I signed up with Staffmart they were very kind and found me a job immediately after the paperwork was complete. What happened!
Dedicated ex-employee.

Email is great once its set up, finance manager runs...
Email is great once its set up, finance manager runs smoothly. Downside: ZERO customer service. You call, you can guarantee to be put on hold and then hung up on every time. Want to email them? No sorry, don't have a easily found customer service email address to address your problems. You follow the on hold instructions from the automated phone service before they hung up on you? Oh sorry, there is no site for them to recieve a message from you does not exist. Message them on facebook? Sorry they won't get back to you. Billion dollar industry with no customer service.

If you need a simple email service then Yahoo is great but if you ever run into a problem with their system then you are screwed. Call their helpline if you want verification on this. See how many times you get hung up on. :)

Used to be better 10+ years ago
First of all, Yahoo doesn't clean carpets. Yahoo is a Search engine page that's been on the internet since the 90s.

A lot of changes have been made since then. bought and shuttered GeoCities, added an email service, became a "news" source that just pulls articles from other websites. There's a heavy focus on celebrity news and is known to have a liberal bias, so if you're hoping for real news without bias, you'll want to go elsewhere. I don't even use the site for searching anymore. I only access it nowadays because it became so commonplace for me to use it that it's second nature now. One day I'll stop hoping Yahoo will be anything other than a crappy website that is long past it's heyday.

That said... you could do worse, the search function still works, so.

What was a 2019 project is still waiting corrections. The gutters are not pitched and not attached. Roof leak bubbles on ceilng. Gable corners leak not cut properly uses caulk to cover up improper cuts. tell us they don't like us and they are blocking our number so they don't want to come back and this is not our fault. Take ownership you have a business live up to what you state. Their bill doesn't match the work done, Aegis added sq. Ft to up the priceThey are very rude, better communication and respect for their customers. Is truly recommend. We missed work for an appointment made for corrections and they didnt come several times. We have been patient and begging for resolution and we've sent pics and other estimates proving subpar work this has been our worst nightmare. Eventhough Aegis has chosen not to take responsibility we have no choice but to repair our home and prey we will get resolution in some matter.

Been with yahoo for about 6 yes and their customer...
Been with yahoo for about 6 yes and their customer service is horrible. Horrible enough for me to switch to Gmail. Apparently acct was hacked so had to call in to get my acct updated. Have tried calling yahoo multiple times and ever time there is a extremely long hold. Have been on the phone line waiting for over a hr and a half just so I can speak to a representative about logging in. Still currently on the phone line with them waiting. It's very disappointing. If I didn't need my yahoo email for work then I would definitely of had stop using them a long time ago. Permanently switching to Gmail after I log in once again to yahoo

Used to be really good, now it's worse than the worst
Used to be really good, now it's worse than the worst. I wish there was a lower option than one star, because that's what it would earn now. As their policies have changed, they've become a major problem.

1. You can no longer sign up for an account without inputting a mobile phone number. This, to me, is a stupid policy. What about people who don't have a cell phone? I don't; I had to ask one of my friends if I could use her old phone number just to create an account.

2. You can only associate so many email accounts with one phone number, and you have to jump through hoops of fire to remove a phone number from an account, because you have to put in either another phone number or an alternate email.

3. I have many different email accounts, all of which I use for various purposes. I play a lot of online games, most of which allow you to have different game accounts but all have to have separate emails. I have 2 main emails for most everything, 2 main ones for the websites I own, and a total of 18 others. Yeah I know it sounds crazy but I use every single one, logging in to each one every 2 weeks. I recently signed up for another account on one of my favorite sites, and I put in one of the alternate emails. When I went to log in to that account on Yahoo, it asked for my security code. After I put it in, it told me that the account hadn't been logged into for 2 weeks and was deactivated. I was pretty upset and decided to try another email. ALL 18 of my alternate emails were deactivated for "long-standing time". 2 weeks. Seriously?

4. After the email deactivation fiasco, I tried to recreate them. Now, I'm 20 years old. I got to the part of the form where you have to input your birthday and I did. I double checked to make sure it was right and then re-checked the entire form. When I pushed sign-up, it said that I didn't meet the age requirements.

I'm done with Yahoo. They're a piece of trash website now, and they're really not worth it anymore.

Please Disappear
Yahoo's time of existence should've ended when high speed internet became commonplace. There's absolutely nothing useful about Yahoo the past 15 years I've known them. The homepage looks like trash; filled with useless news about celebrities, models or other things that don't really qualify much for actual news about the world. Yahoo hosting is awful and has a very ancient control panel, and it's also terrible with the Wordpress platform.

A Yahoo email is just about as useful as nothing. Everyone I've met in my life from school, work, anywhere have had their Yahoo email hacked and constantly sending me spam. The email's overall inbox interface is ugly.

Flickr is great for photography, but you can only sign up by creating a Yahoo account which now seems to require you to enter your mobile phone number, and it's mandatory. Yahoo acquired Tumblr and ever since then, Tumblr still hasn't made much of a comeback. Yahoo Answers is filled with nothing but trolls and bullies.

Yahoo is merely a voice for the Marxist Bolsheviks who have failed, so far, to take down President Donald Trump. Obama's former staffers took over Yahoo News. For 3.6 years, 99% of Yahoo's news is Fake News aimed solely at slandering Pres. Trump. In their war to retake the US government, Yahoo streams Hate, Hate, Hate Fake News and never exposes the truth. Never can you learn the truth on Yahoo. Yahoo got sick of people using their Free Speech to comment on their blatantly false Fake News, so Yahoo closed down, censored and shut down all commentary. Yahoo is just like Twitter and Facebook. Yahoo is a voice for the Marxists/CIA/Bolsheviks/BLM/Globalists/NWO. If it's not Hate propaganda and disinformation campaigns, it's nonstop Porn. It looks more and more like the Marxists are all porn addicts. It's so bad, I don't bother to look at any news on Yahoo because there is none. Still, Yahoo shows lots and lots of porn.

What is the major malfunction here, ya filthy yahoos?
I was "inactive" for a couple months. There is no warning of de-activation, even though my REAL e-mail address (gmail) was my profile name? So, I go to sign up AGAIN, and my phone number is REQUIRED for membership? Not to mention the joy of navigating through their website, like visiting New York City on Christmas. So many bells and whistles you'd think that think you are mindless cattle looking for shiny things. Yahoo "answers questions" or whatever the hell it's called, is a nice quality to their platform. User-friendliness (this isn't 1996!) sucks (technical term; got more cookies than; my next meal after this one)
UPDATE: Finally gave in and provided my phone number to sign in for ANOTHER account, it only took 20 minutes, after all the back and forth about user names, passwords being green and good enough then instantly not good enough... Instantly had spam in my new email account. I get literal head-aches using this horrible website. Everything about them is terrible. I cannot think of a single nice thing to say about yahoo. I hope they go away and never return. Makes AOL look user-friendly and high tech...
UPDATE: DELETED MY ACCOUNT AGAIN! It takes about 2 weeks, if you don't log in, they DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT! Good news, I discovered that you can run Bing ads without using yahoo. This company used to be important now it's just terrible and will make you sad. Horrible model for a company. Looks and acts like a toddler.

Football tickets
Football tickets - I wish I had read this site 4 months ago. We ordered and paid for tickets in January to see the Liverpool/Blackburn game to be held this Saturday (11/4). The tickets were a birthday present for my son and he has been looking forward to the match and his first trip to Anfield ever since. We bought from this site as trying to get them from the Liverpool Ticket Office is a nightmare. We were promised the tickets 3-5 working days before the event - it is now 2 days before the event and there is no sign of the tickets. We have been phoning everyday - the call centre is a waste of time - no-one speaks English as their first language, are rude and unhelpful and I have even had the phone put down on me! All they say is that the tickets will be here on Friday (which is a Bank Holiday and no post). They won't give us a tracking number and when you do call the tracking hotline it cuts you off! I will never use this site again and advise others not to.

Presto Plumbing
We rent a home from JWB. And of course at times things will fall apart. Mostly it's the tenants responsibility for everything. At this time a fossett handle completely crumbled and fell apart in my hand. Well, 1973 it was bound to happen LOL. After contacting JWB that we have no Fossett. 3 weeks later Presto Plumbing arrange to come out. The call was rushed threw very short and unprofessional. I guess that would of gave me my first impression of this company. So I guess I'm not surprised that were here for 5 min to replace a faucet and Woody had left me an absolute mess to clean up. Later I received a bill for a no show $65. That was more than the price of the cheap fossett they put in. No hesitation I confronted Britney at Presto Plumbing and again was addressed with there unprofessionalism and fast acting replies. Britney showed no courteous action to her words but to for me to address it with somebody else. Britney had billed me for a no-show. When in fact my nephew and sister were home. And my nephew is the one that answered the door. But it has came to my attention for Presto Plumbing that the tenant has to be there. So instead of contacting me or letting me know. I was billed for a no-show when in fact somebody was there. In these presidential times that we live in with this epidemic throughout the world it is sad that people have to act in an inhumane manner. They are quick to react without knowing all the content working in a unprofessional manner regardless of communication. This is my experience I hope yours is better. And doesn't end up with them hanging up on you like I was.

I really don't much like the way Yahoo tried to 'hijack'...
I really don't much like the way Yahoo tried to 'hijack' my computer by somehow changing my front page and search engine. I went to a couple of sites and somehow ended up with them as my new provider. I'm not that computer savvy but, other than opening up some site that was powered by Yahoo, did nothing wrong that I'm aware of. I went ahead and tried using it for a bit and found it totally lacking. Their Home Page totally sucks compared to MSN and I'll take Bing over them anyday for searches. I have no idea why, but I generally have better luck with Bing over Google, also. Some people were griping about how their Bing searches were not "relevant". Given the fact that most people can't even spell anymore, that's not surprising. If your search is even just close to being relevant (from a topic or spelling standpoint), my experience is that I always get what I'm looking for by using Bing. As far as news, I don't rely on any one source (like MSN) and there are so many sources available that this is a non-issue. As far as the maps go, all have their own problems. That's why we still have phones!

Yahoo and affiliates are thieves!
UPDATE: was called by third party today and was told if I got $500 gift card all money would be returned, yeah right!

Email was hacked. Had since 2001. Contacted yahoo, asked for money to verify account. Kept saying needed money but would get it back. Contacted Yahoo again and was told I was working with a legitimate third party yahoo company. connected to my laptop, (my mistake) and are still connected, cannot get them off until I have professionally cleaned. Contacted by my bank to confirm authorized charges! No! Third party company suppose to be terminated by yahoo but yahoo wants $500 to investigate! Yah, right! Yahoo and affiliates are thieves! Have filed police report and FTC complaint and will continue to file complaints and ratings.

Bad doctor
I went to Island Doctors in Palm Coast, FL. And saw a Dr Martinez. She is the worst doctor ever. I am overweight and was having trouble with my knee. I had broken it several years earlier and had to have surgery. She said it was because I was overweight and I said No I fell off a bench. I told her I had lymphadema and she said iat was because I was overweight and I said No after the knee surgery I developed cellulitis and had this for a year and went to an infectious disease Dr In Indianapolis who taught at IU medical school. He said the cellulitis
Had developed into lymphadema. She paid no attention. My daughter was with me and she was laughing at me and she said I needed to take her to someone to find out why she was laughing. Needless to say she did not listen to me and I walked out without my knee taken care of. I walked in with my cart because it was hard for me to walk and asked her to sign an application for a handicapped plate, which I have had in Indiana for years. She refused to sign it. She is the worst of the worst. I walked out and thought I would never go back to her!

Mike's Writer's Workshop, on Yahoo Groups
Mike's Writer's Workshop, on Yahoo Groups. Here is the address:

It's called a writer's workshop but is actually a writer's message board. It is a simple format, one single thread for all. Knowledgeable and helpful folk, a nice crowd. Good place for any type of writing-related information or to find critique partners. I like that the moderator/owner (Mike) does not participate in the chat as I've found that too often leads to all sorts of silliness, from favoritism to using unfair leverage (subtly or blatantly) to get to "win" any discussion. This forum is refreshingly free of mess.

The only reason I gave it a 3 instead of a 4 is, in all fairness, also a lot of the reason the mess is minimized- no messages are posted until Mike approves them. The problem with this is Mike might not be available to approve messages for hours, days or once even weeks.

If you can live with that, it's very nice.

Poor customer service.
I ordered two strut assembly for my truck right side and a left side. When parts arrived I installed the left side first went to install the right noticed it was the wrong part. I returned the a d send me another one a d had the same issue, So I called them and they told me that maybe monroe might have packed them wrong. They proceeded to tell that I would have to re turn the part and get a refund a use they won't see d me another one. So on that I took the left side off to return both of them. Why would I need the left without the right. So I was bein honest and said that I did install the left but never drove the truck a use I didn't have a right strut to put on, Well they refused to take the left side so I got stuck with two left strut. Simple solution would have been they just send me two different brands of struts. I asked the guys that was in charge if he thought that was right what they where doin he says to me yes cause it's not there fault I got two lefts and I should not installed the left side. Never again will I order from rock auto.

When we found Dogwood Acres' we thought that we finally found our forever home. Boy were we wrong! I've lived all over the eastern coast and this is the worst DUMP that I've found! We were told, when we were looking to buy, that the sand trail to access the dumpsters would be paved. App. 1.5 years later, it has not! There is constantly HAZARDOUS MEDICAL WASTE left IN FRONT of the dumpsters along with other assorted garbage. There is not required adequate safety equipment and no phone for the pool. Also the new owners do little to keep up with the park security. even MAKE UP charges to nickel and dime the residents to make up for lower lot rent. They won't even mow the little bit of grass that is 'included' in our lot. So much for peace quiet and a safe surrounding! With the fact that the 'roads' have caused numerous damage to vehicles from flats to axle damage good luck driving your new car or any car here. It may have the lowest lot rent around; but, I guess YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! I WOULD NEVER AGAIN CHOOSE DOGWOOD ACRES AS MY FOREVER HOME!

Yahoo Email Problem Feb 2011
Yahoo Email Problem Feb 2011

Actually I'm just reviewing yahoo email not the whole of Yahoo... Suddenly (Feb 2011) my contact list does not auto insert on my email address lines and it is VERY frustrating.

Have been a happy Yahoo user (don't like the Gmail layout and there was too much spam on Hotmail) for many years but this glitch has now happened a couple of times and each time is taking longer and longer to sort out. Once it was out for two days – this time it's been five days. From searching on the internet the problem has hit many users.

Some people have guessed it was Yahoo trying to drive people to the 'New Yahoo Mail', (which for me is much slower than the current version) but the auto address insert doesn't work on that, either. Yahoo 'Classic' doesn't work, either. Grrr.

It does seem churlish to rant about a service that is free, but decent email is available from many sources and I fear Yahoo are going to lose a lot of customers unless sort this out quickly.

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