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Yahoo, you certainly are capable of better than this
It would be sad if people are influenced by Yahoo's biased and sensationalized home page. Those who lean left politically get their views validated by Yahoo daily with click bait headlines of liberal righteousness. Headlines of liberals having to "school" conservatives. All the better if the righteous victims are minorities suffering the evils of systemic racism that seems pervasive in American society. I would think that a moderate or free thinking person can see right through the sophomoric writing style that Yahoo delivers for the propaganda that it is. I have an open mind. If Yahoo were to improve, presenting news in a fair and honest way, I would then acknowledge their effort.

Fine for entertainment, terrible source of real world information.
Yahoo news is great for the latest celeb gossip including the latest bikini pictures of your favorite reality TV stars. Where it falls woefully short is in actual news. Yahoo! Regularly promotes party politics and tops headlines with opinion pieces disguised as facts. This daily and constant barrage of slanted information is clearly intended at its most innocent to tilt the political narrative or possibly at its most sinister intentionally mislead the public. Yahoo! News headlines are not a credible source of news but rather a sounding board or echo chamber for those leaning or far left.

They continue to delete any posts that are derogatory...
Yahoo News continue to delete any posts that are derogatory to Muslim, even if only the facts of what happened in the past here and abroad: honor killings of women and the 9/11 attack

Meanwhile, several posters of Islamic faith fill page after page of hate posts against America and threats of how they will take over. The same post for page after page filled with lies and distorted facts. Post to refute these with facts about Muslim's murders and violence are not allowed to be posted.

Yahoo is definitely a leftist news site. And, is contributing to the hate America crowd. I'm convinced that there is either a Muslim or Muslim admirer(s) in the mod team. They just aren't allowing fair and factual posts. The ones that are mainly allowed from portesters of the Mosque are somewhat fluffy and generally very weak from women who just last night admitted they had not known all the facts about funding and breaking of Constitutional rights of other groups by our government while favoring the mosque.

Again, don't waste your time.

Yahoo Sells Out!
It's obvious Yahoo has been sold out to Big Brother - George Soros and the hoodlums.
The incorrectness and slant of their journalism is insulting to the intellegence of most thinking human beings.

Yahoo News can put out this crap as naive snotty-nosed kids and push their socialist agenda. If anyone of them had friends or relatives in Venezuela they would see what the end goal of socialism looks like. No available gas, very unstable electricty. 80+ year old in-laws stranded in 8th floor apartments because the electricity is so sporadic it stops and goes without prediction. That's what your really pushing and contributing to by being so enamored by Joe Stalin and Cruela Harris. Thanks for trying to make this world a worse place to live in.

While I am open to the opinions of others I can't stomach the opinions of Yahoo news. It's very clear Yahoo News are anti-trump, anti-right, anti-American. And then removing the comment section on their website assures me that I am 100% right about them. They support terrorism through their stories about BLM and antifa. They don't want' to hear what we have to say unless it fits their agenda. This is the kind of stuff that makes matters worse for this nation. A nation that is doomed should people continue to follow such nonsense. Please wake up people and stop reading this garbage!

Nothing but liberal propaganda these days. Solid email service though.
Been using Yahoo since I was in the Navy back in 2001. Always my first choice for round about news because I'd check my email and see what topics were hot. Ever since Trump got elected Yahoo switched gears and well full SJW Liberal Propaganda. Then users started calling them and the articles Yahoo News choose to use in their feeds and as a response they completely took down their comments section citing "safety concerns" LOL I couldn't believe it. So once the comments went away there was literally zero reason to read articles.

Why would anyone let themselves be subjected to propaganda without a means for rebuttal. They were getting called out daily by readers and obviously found it wasn't good for businesses.

It's odd they would alienate their most prolific users by censoring comments. People may not have agreed with Yahoo's bias but at least they counted as impressions and clicks for advertisements. By removing comments, you just lost all these potential impressions. Must be getting their money from donors now. Shrugs. Makes no difference to me. Just don't use them anymore.

For the record, I believe they have EVERY right to remove comments and do whatever they want. It's their business. However, as customers, we all know WHY they were removed. To censor any opinions against their propaganda. The claim that it was for safety reasons was ludicrous at best. That's fine. I still use the email but I have ZERO incentive to use the news.

End of an era. RIP YAHOO 1994-2020

They have leftist oozing out their ears!
Yahoo news is probably one of the worst leftist reporting outlets there is, right behind CNN. Yahoo News are completely UNBIASED when it comes to reporting any kind of news, and where did they dig up the journalists, from underneath rocks? Just awful, terrible writing. They are always bashing Trump and Trump supporters every chance they get. Yahoo News is a joke, the "writers" are like performing clowns in a circus, with no real story to report, just leftist ideological opinions. There is no real research involved in any article that is written by these self-titled journalists. In the screenshots listed below, you can CLEARLY see the writer's biased opinion; no real reporting, just a leftist spouting false claims.

Absolutely biased
Taking just a quick look at the headlines lets you know real fast the political leanings of this site. This is absolutely disgraceful as Yahoo! Os a major company amd should not tout itself as a news source with its articles are filled with bias. Funny thing is, Yahoo News are contributing to the creation of more conservatives in our country who read right through the mass liberal bias that is ubiquitous in the mainstream "news". Not only does Yahoo! News practice unethical journalism, but they are doing their own selves harm by promoting greater numbers and stronger voices on their opposite party.

If you're looking to find real news, stay far away from Yahoo as it's nothing but tabloid trash full of propaganda fake news to brainwash the masses, covering everything from fake political news, to the fake hoax virus, to fake new outer space discoveries, to fake new dinosaur discoveries, along with daily front page articles about Kelly Ripa and her family and other phony celebrities. Furthermore, they've currently have the comments section disabled to suppress freedom of speech which was the only legitimate reason to visit Yahoo and look at their so called "news" articles!

Repulsive, Disgusting, Biased Rag
So how many people want to see pictures of globs of smeared blood or piles of bodies featured in the headlines of Yahoo while trying to check their e mail and drink their morning coffee? Anyone? That was my experience this morning. Apparently Yahoo is operating under the premise that sensationalism appeals to the ignorant masses and will keep their interest long enough to send major cookie crumbs to the viewer. Their assorted nastiness and major bias is quickly wearing thin and sending long time subscribers scurrying to find other sources for their e mail and news. Heads up Yahoo, people are sick and tired or your opinionated biased offensive arrogant and very yellow rag news. One positive to 50-100 negative and biased stories has set the scales way off balance. Assuming the public will only read trashy rags is way beyond arrogant and ignorant.

Yahoo is the worst site in America
1 Star is too much for Yahoo if this site had a negative rating slide to infinity I would scroll forever! Yahoo only post Liberal garbage and plenty of their articles which come from Yahoo Reporters are cut and paste from what a Conservative politician or Christian has said, meaning Yahoo News will crop part of a video or quote from said people and make them sound racist, hateful, anti American, and liars but when you read the full article from the source or watch the FULL video the message is completely different than what Yahoo portrays, CNN does this as well. Plus Yahoo had a data breach a few years ago and when I tried to recover my old account they wanted to charge me for support on a possible non guaranteed recovery when in fact it was their fault to begin with, I have lost hundreds of dollars worth of content that Yahoo failed to protect and they want to charge me to fix it. $#*! YAHOO and their lying greedy asses!

Pathetic, Hypocritical, & Hateful!
I am in my late 60's and have always been a registered Democrat. I believed that Democrats were caring, fair people that only wanted the best for America. Well, my eyes have finally been opened. Before the last election, in fact before the parties had even selected their candidates, Yahoo and most of the other media outlets started bashing Trump and heavily promoting Hillary.

My problem was the reporting was mean spirited, viscious, hypocritical, and biased to the point of all-out propaganda. Nothing Hillary said was bad, including calling half of the country deplorables. Trump was savagely attacked about everything; if he had said "the sky was blue," Yahoo would have said "not here, it's gray and raining... and it's Trump's fault."

During the entire Obama administration, the media rightfullly said that we should respect the President and the office. Well, that was apparently a huge lie! Respect by the current DNC and their media allies, is reserved only for fellow Democrats. Sadly, this is miles away from the party I grew up with and loved for so long.

Please join me in trying to get this country back to mutual respect and block Yahoo news. And vote for Trump!

With comments disabled the fake news has no counterbalance
Frankly Yahoo News has always been left-leaning garbage, but recently Yahoo News decided to ramp up their fake news efforts by disabling comments because everyone keeps $#*!ting all over their awful news coverage and they don't seem to like it. I find it convenient that they've decided to remove all opposition 100 days before the election. Clever, and evil. The use of vague and opinion based verbiage is appalling. "Could, might, perhaps, sources, unnamed sources, sources close to, if" these are all buzzwords that show that Yahoo is not an objective source and should not be relied upon to deliver fact-based news. It's pervasive and it's the worst kind of subversion of out rights and freedoms.

Pushing the leftist narrative cannot allow for opposing viewpoints
Yahoo "News" seems to show absolutely zero interest in restoring the ability to comment on their articles. Their left-bias was evident to anybody with a functioning brain. You'll notice that it wasn't just NEW comments Yahoo News limited - they also killed the ability to read comments posted years ago.
It's blatantly obvious that Yahoo "News" couldn't care less about "creating a safe and engaging place for users to connect" (how can you when they're blocking you from CONNECTING and ENGAGING?), and that their primary interest is not being called out as the propaganda-pushing liberal mouthpieces they indeed ARE... by anyone with even the smallest mote of objectivity... two seconds after they post yet another hit-piece on anything remotely pro-conservative.

If you don't mind outright bias Yahoo is for you!
Don't take my word for check it out for yourself!
The first big lie is calling themselves a news source.
If you really want to get an idea of how news is presented in a government controlled dictatorship
Just belly up to the bountiful load of manure brought forth by Yahoo for the unthinking masses!
Almost every day the bulk of their product are pure hit pieces that attack any and all opposing viewpoints.
Not to mention the large amount of just plain old bull$#*!.
Just remember if it does make it to the internet via Yahoo you had better take it with a lot of grains of salt!

YAHOO is participating in dirty Politics to assist the Left Wing party
The reason why YAHOO has deleted the Comments is because it supported the claim that there IS, in fact, a SILENT MAJORITY who supports the current administration, but has chosen to remain quiet, until Election Day.
Since Yahoo News have silenced America, they now post hyperbolic, anti-Trump headlines, designed to incite and infuriate those who simply read "headlines", and accept it as fact. YAHOO is DISGUSTING, and as transparent as my screen door. It is 100% biased, and is guilty of shredding our Constitution, staffed by whining millennials and Gen XYZ'ers, who need safe spaces and puppies to deal with homework assignments, and can't go to school in a snow flurry, for fear of... well, I don't know... WHAT? These are the loud voices of TWITTER, who think they outnumber the rest of us. YAHOO's comments proved that to be false, so they had to stop us from speaking. Well, YAHOO? You will lose.

Yahoo is an absolute bastion of soulless and unredeemable lost
The transparent and ultra-biased cretins at Yahoo News carry the party line right over into, of all things, Yahoo Finance. Every last story is unashamed, unabashed and one-dimensional clap-trap, hogwash and consistent far left vomit and regurgitation. Yahoo News has absolutely no redeeming value or worth, hellbent and hellbound with every radically left and empty-headed can of crap Yahoo News open. Yahoo Financial stories only parrot the mothership, truly a sad mecca of high-fiving soulless on the highway to hell unawares. Nothing is EVER objective, fair, balanced, truth, news or professional. Nothing but the very epitome of the human stain of media and a haunt for every sort of filth man has every invented. Truly I'm not so sure that Christ's redemptive power covers this hideous address of evil, manipulation, darkness, corruption and hypocrisy any more than Adolf Hitler's grand posse.

Totally Liberal Media
All of your stories/reports on our President duly elected by the people are negative. I am so sick and tired of your negativity of the President of the United States of America. You are just another reason we say the media are liars - because its too true, unfortunately.

How you can think that the left is right in their dumb ass decisions we will never understand. There sure are a lot of dumb, blind sheep out there. But know that the real Trump supporters will win again and so will President Trump - no matter how hard Yahoo News and you try.

I am so sick of your headlines and left leaning comments that I may just have to close my account with you.

Terribly Run Site offering no Relevant News
Yahoo has poor quality journalists at best, cranking out fairly biased news articles, and Yahoo News aim at an audience
Incapable of any degree of Critical Thought. A solid 90% of their remaining presentation is fluff/celebrity photos
Accompanied by utterly unimportant tabloid fodder, and many are from outside advertisers.The fact that most
Of their readers consume such useless trivia is direct evidence of how far the level of intelligence has sunk in
The United States. Yahoo is a good present day metaphor to the last years of The Roman Empire, where the
Masses were, literally, fed useless distraction via free food and games. They are very obviously feeling the heat
As the comments have been shut off to the readers. They prefer to use that mild censorship, as it clouds out any
Dissent/intelligent criticism... a bad sign.

I started to hate it so much I'm actively writing a review noone will read to vent frustrations
Disregarding their leftist apologetic disposition because politics has become the scapegoat to hate anything these days. Their "journalism" is drab, inaccurate, and poorly constructed. It seems Yahoo News are in such a hurry to feed garbage into the already cluttered trash compactor that is media, that they have zero time to actually edit or proofread anything. You know that thing that news article sites and any industry based on distributing coherently written services would find obvious to do. The more articles I skim through, the more I start to believe that these articles are written by intern journalism majors on drug induced tangents after an overnight coke bender at Sigma Pi. The articles are so riddled with typos, I feel like a third grader with a bad stutter trying to read to the class. Not only are the articles disorganized and poorly written but the information within the articles are distorted and ambiguous at best. If not flat out lies. Recently I read an article on a kid with MMA training who properly tucks a College Football player to sleep rear naked style, after one too many shoves. Having seen the video, I know that the "MMA Fighter" as they try to portray him is actually a much smaller young man who may have attended a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class once or twice in his life and was tired of watching an $#*! jock puff out his chest. Boo-Hoo said Yahoo News as they cried over the football players damaged eye, ruined pride and tattered football career. The tall, white, handsome All-American will never drop another pass or pick on smaller white teenagers in a public bathroom like a netflix drama cliche bully again. Sad face said the article author as they ponder how this violence could have occurred while editing out the clip of the young "MMA Fighter" in question bleeding from the nose and being shoved. In my America it makes sense that if you shove a stranger there's a possibility he isn't a punk b**** and you may or may not get torn a new a**hole Kimbo Slice style. But alas, we are Yahoo News and we must cater to rich universities and their cash cow athletics department like we cater to mega million dollar corporations, rich democratic politicians, and anyone willing to read our click-bait. Whether the news being portrayed is accurate or not the news Outlet and has-been email service will always play one side instead of being an unbiased source because this makes the money counter go burrrrr and thats the hill we're going to die on. If its a cop or small white kid who knows how to defend himself then we don't know what happened but please feel free to watch this edited clip of what happened as we explain how what happened really "happened".

Yahoo "news": What a joke.
There is real journalism. Facts. Truth. And then there's Yahoo News. Yahoo News deal in bias and an agenda versus journalism. Every article is seething with implicit bias and falsehood, even in 80% of the article titles themselves. They report on opinion and not truth. Then they wonder why no one likes them. People only read Yahoo News for the comments, but then because truth would come out in the comments (among other things) they got rid of comments to try to censor their agenda even more. If you can't disagree with them, it must be true, right? No one actually thinks Yahoo News is a good website or reporting. HAH. Look at the reviews. What a joke. BBC is where it's at.

The Absolute Worst News Source
I am aware of Yahoo news because I have had an email account with yahoo for 30+ years. As a news source, yahoo has really gone downhill the past 4 or so years. It has become so politically biased that it is actually alarming. Basically I view yahoo's political news as sickening propaganda and I shudder at the thought of its effects on those who might believe in what was once truth in reporting. All I ask for or want in news reporting is accuracy and truth, but you will be hard pressed to find any semblance of veracity with a Yahoo news story.
Aside from its pathetic political reporting, the bulk of the rest of the yahoo news fare is made up of overly sensationalized opinionated, speculative rhetoric often missing some of the most basic fundamentals regarding the reporting of news, i. E., who, what, where, when and how. Yahoo News also seems to have become a mecca for "bait and click" stories which is all about steering its readers towards additional advertising. Yahoo News is a sad and embarrassing reality regarding truth in reporting.

Horrific, biased and mindless -- "journalism" at its worst
From the on-site comments, you can tell that most of the people who read Yahoo News do so because Yahoo News pull up their homepage while checking their Yahoo mailbox. Most folks who use a Yahoo mail address do so because they signed up 15 or 20 years ago, when Yahoo Mail was "big." Instead of catering to their sensible, middle-aged readers, Yahoo News bombards them with the most far-left, irrational and stupid "news" you can find on the web. It's all Trump Derangement News (the HuffPost seems to be their most featured "source") and the latest from Kim Kardashian. Yahoo prohibits its readers from selecting the news feed that actually interests them. This seems like the most boneheaded business decision on the web, but I guess the folks who run this site are, indeed, a bunch of yahoos.

Its not even news
It's obviously incredible biased, which would be ok alone, if Yahoo News were honest about it. But then it lowers the bar further with false assumptions, logical fallacies, all unchecked by basic fact checkers or better yet, a commentator with a different opinion. As a moderate who usually votes Dem, I am getting more and more pissed at the leftist media such as yahoo, for attempting to make all Dems appear to be stupid biased hate mongers. Many of us actually want to hear both sides before deciding. Put the comments section back, at least it attempted to keep you honest, even when it did go way overboard in the other direction, at least there was some balance. (And if the articles had improved even a bit, the commenters wouldn't have had such easy prey for their comments.)

I wouldn't even give Yahoo news one star
Yahoo newd does not even qualify as news, it is a compilation of the opinions of entitled, snowflake, silicon valley, pseudo intellectual wanna be, left wing global elitist My hope is that Yahoo News get everything they want as far as, the social justice, technochratic, authoritarian dystopian paradise they dream of. Then they wake up and realize they are slaves that believe in nothing, stand for nothing and are nothing as they watch a robot watch them starve to death because none of their technology can. Produce anything life sustaining and those that sold them this line of $#*! ideology have been eaten by the AI bots they created... don't forget to wear a mask and stay safe $#*!es! Did I forget to mention this is all happening while Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, the Twitter weirdo and Elon Musk take turns sodomizing eachother in a SpaceX mission to Mars!

"How did we not figure out this would have helped?"
Your homepage is dishonest - i realize you want to generate "click-bait" to show advertisers that people are reading your content - but I've now explored several articles and have concluded many or ALL of yahoo headlines are dishonest. Thus I've dediced NEVER to explore yahoo headlines. I though I'd mention this since your current disingenuous policies might hurt you in the long run - for I'm certain Yahoo News will promote ill will towards yahoo in some readers- an example would be your mis leading head line in your lead story today, " How did we not figure out this would have helped?" - Overall I am angered at Yahoo for wasting my time and have resolved NEVER to click through on a Yahoo story - again i tell you this so that you may not offend future readers (too late for me) and that you may protect your future reputation and advertising revenues.

Yahoo is a dump
I used to like yahoo for the free email and occasionally read the news. BUT now all I see is fake news by bunch of crazy liberals. Why? How did this happen? Yahoo News is now a dump. Just like California and Seattle. Bunch of liberals repeating lies and thinking people will believe. Actually some stupid people do like Mary L. Who says trump makes a mess of the world. Like what exactly? Can someone be specific? I see myself as politically neutral. WHY? Why does the mainstream media only talk bad about one party and make the other party look like a saint? ALL politicians are corrupt. Especially Biden. Why cover for him? If Trump or Biden did something wrong, I want to see them behind bars!

Forced down my throat
I have never had so much NON-news shoved down my throat! Trash about celebrities or hard-left slanted news is all these people peddle in. Yahoo news has made me repeat the phrase "journalism is dead" several times. I would LOVE to experience UNBIASED reporting somewhere in America. Yahoo is clearly not the place for this. More infuriating, is that when I express my preference for LESS "news" from Huff Post or Politico I still get tons of their articles posted. Clearly, Yahoo is about 1mm deep as far as news content. Also, stop telling people that Jimmy f*ing Kimmel is some great political commentator. Your idiocy is showing, Yahoo.

Yahoo... the new face of a spoiled rotten society on a tantrum
After being a subscriber to Yahoo News for the past 15 years all I can say is shame on them. I have seen Yahoo go from unbiased reporting to opinion based reporting. That would not be all bad if Yahoo News would represent opposition to their opinion,, but they do not. Opinion is written as if it were fact, This is not news, this is propaganda... similar to all the news outlets. What was there to be so angry about - god forbid that we were at a all time high in prosperity, an all time low in unemployment, an all time low in crime... There is evil at work; an evil wanting to destroy the american dream. An entire generation of mindless screen watchers being brainwashed by a hate machine. Integrity is dead and the USA is on the brink of civil war.

Agenda driven garbage
I've been a user of Yahoo! Since the very beginning (25 years) and have watched their news service go from a trusted, objective and honest news organization in the 90's to a heavily agenda based propaganda machine today. The reporters lead with inflammatory headlines and editorialize the report leaving out key facts or outright ignoring them altogether. The Yahoo! Reporters also seem to inject their own bias and emotions into the articles as well instead of focusing and reporting the facts. It was also entertaining to see that much of this journalistic hypocrisy was being called out more and more in the now disabled comments section with actual readers adding facts clearly omitted by the author, calling out their journalistic integrity or linking to more accurate reports.

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