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WIX Partner Problems
I started using WIX to try and set up an eCommerce website, nevertheless it proved too complex for me. I then decided to get help from a WIX Partner. I chose Daniel Rosado as he spoke spanish as well, and he seemed professional enough at first. Then he started sending me logo proposals and Wix were, very amateur to say the least. We went through the process iteration three times, and after 15 days of no progress and logos getting even worse (I had paid him 60%, at the start of the process), I asked him if he had anything to show me regarding the website. He did not, so I asked him to stop working on my project and to return my money, as this was going nowhere. He refused and insisted to continue working, and after two days sends me a link to a pretty much blank template with a logo and name, saying he had been working 15 days on that site and would not return any money. I of course complained to WIX, but they would do nothing, so I basically lost my money, received no site and most importantly, received no support from WIX, when it was them who suggested I use Daniel Rosado ( WIX needs to screen the people they propose, and the also need to take action when the partners they propose don't work out. I am very disappointed, I have been robbed of my money and WIX will do nothing, this person continues to offer his services through WIX.

Wix.Com is a horrible website. I wish I never created a website with them. There is no actual customer service to assist you with issues, either. The people you do speak with ALWAYS sound extremely unprofessional and clueless. It is ridiculous. I created my Wix account on May 13th and had to stop using it on May 20th because I never received any of my payouts. Wix were scheduled to transfer to my account daily. It is now June 16th, and I have not received a dime of the money that is MINE. I have spoken with seven customer service representatives, and no one has helped me. One guy even told me that my account must go through the verification process (which it already did) and that they would be checking for things such as terms and policies, making sure my products list ingredients and refund info. I no longer use the page since I have not received any of my payouts, so the page will not have that information. I don't want customers to keep purchasing my products, and I don't receive the money. It is very frustrating. I hate this website. It has hurt my business, and it's not right what they do to paying customers.


When you subscribe to their Yearly Unlimited Premium plan, their website says that you get 2 free premium apps which are Site Booster and Form Builder.

I only used the Site Booster and I was just charged a total of $9.90 for 2 months of service ($4.95 monthly service charge).

Nowhere in their advertisement says that there will be a monthly charge at all for the service and that is why it says you get it for free with your subscription.

This is clearly, false advertisement!

As of now I have cancelled my subscription for the Site Booster so I won't get charge again.

When I called customer service about this was told that you only get a credit for the first month of service. Again, nowhere that is mentioned.

Wix issued me a credit for this charge.

I wished that I haven't paid in full up front as is required for the year for the yearly subscription for their service.

As of now is "wasted" money since I can not get a refund for it and is paid until it expires for the yearly service.

As of now I am looking for another company to design my website with and won't be using Wix anymore.

I also haven't finished designing my website completely yet.

No complaints whatsoever
Long story short: I have used and tried various wysiwyg web-building programs over the last 8 years, from Quick N Easy Web-builder, to Weebly, Squarespace, Jimdo, etc etc etc... Wix were all utterly frustrating and cumbersome. Reluctantly, I turned to Wix. I say 'reluctantly' because of the number of bad reviews here.

I started actually reading the bad reviews, instead of just looking at the rating, and realized that a lot of folks didn't understand the basics of having a website and their frustration, besides billing issues, was based on their - how can I put it politely -... ignorance.

[So, to correct that, here's a brief thing newbies need to know:
(1) You buy your 'www...' address from a company like Go Daddy or whomever. It will cost you about 15 bucks a year to keep it. Companies that sell 'www...' addresses are called 'domain name providers'
(2) You buy your bit of space on the internet to show that site through a company, like Wix or Go Daddy or iPower or whoever. They're called 'hosting companies'
(3) You buy your program to actually make your website

Those are the 3 main costs involved and they cannot be circumnavigated. Think of it like a car. You cannot get away from having to have (a) a chassis (b) an engine and (c) wheels. OK, bad analogy, but you get my point.]

Wix's editor (the bit of online software for making your website look useful and pretty) is amaaaaaaaaaazingly good. Especially compared to the competition. You will not spend hours frustrated, scratching your head and pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to put in a picture, re-size some text or add a 3rd party html widget. It is an absolute breeze. It is the most user-friendly interface I have ever, ever, ever come across.

Now, for those concerned with seo (search-engine-optimization) opportunities, buy a copy of 'SEO for Dummies' off Amazon for $4 and read through it and DO everything in it. Don't pay for SEO, whether it's being offered by Wix or Google or the pimply kid who lives next door.

Yes, SEO is about exciting as staring at a brick wall for a day and a half, but it's gotta be done and it isn't rocket science.

This review got a bit longer than I had intended. My bad. Anyway, I hope my 2 cents worth helps someone out there. Thanks for reading.

Wix still has some really frustrating issues. I used a template with a beautiful video background embedded in one of their "strips". Spent a day designing a very nice looping video for this. Spent even more time figuring out where to put the logos so scaling the size of the website wouldn't crop my logos in the video. Got it working perfectly after about 12 hours of design work. Switched to mobile view. VIDEO WOULD NOT PLAY! Looked it up on Wix, only to be informed that the video feature was not supported in mobile view? WTF? SERIOUSLY? Then Wix as the question: Would you like to vote on having this feature added in the future? WTF? YA THINK? LIKE NOW?! Why bother with it if 70% of my users browse on mobile devices now? Also, I cringe every time I get my layouts working perfectly in desktop view and then have to check them in mobile view. 100% of the time the mobile view will be 100% screwed up. I spend more time fixing the mobile view than I do building the original site. Wix YOU STILL NEED A LOT OF WORK! FRUSTRATING! DON'T TEASE PEOPLE WITH TEMPLATES THAT YOU CAN'T FULLY USE IN MOBILE MODE! BAD! YOU WILL ONLY KEEP PISSING PEOPLE OFF! THIS HAS TO ME HAPPENED WITH OTHER THINGS YOU OFFER... WITH THE SAME DUMB QUESTION ASKED ABOUT WANTING THE FEATURE ADDED IN THE FUTURE!

DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE AT ALL COSTS! Customer service representatives read from a script. You can ask for manager but they're elusive, disrespectful and don't resolve any of your issues. You may want to speak to supervisor in charge of them but Wix will deny you with fake assurances. It's been a month Since I waited 3-5 days to get verified and I have $3000 on hold that they will not release to me. They say one thing on the phone and then I get an email stating something completely different each telling me to wait longer due to the pandemic. Multiple representatives have said that I should be verified but then once you speak to the supervisor they tell you a different reason why your account is not verified and that you will receive an email to resolve the issue. Once you receive the email from payment department and you reply immediately, they will ignore you for 3-5 days. The payments department DO NOT HAVE A PHONE NUMBER ONLY WIX CUSTOMER SERVICE DOES which I already explained is the deal there. Just please do yourself the favor and don't use this website maker. I have 5 or 6 ticket numbers that I could have chose for this review but this is the most recent invoice #.
" Before wicks respond saying that Im in review because of terms of compliance or restricted items/suspicious activity. They have not provided any further information for over a month, nor have they provided an option to resolve/fix the issue. The most debilitating part of all of this, is that it wasn't until two days ago that the issue actually hit the correct department, after three weeks of giving me the runaround. Very unprofessional.

Create a free Website
Having your own website to advertise your Business, Goods and Services is the way to go. Almost everyone has their own website. It's the way to advertise, it's actually the way to go.

A few years ago I was about to pay for a ten weeks course in Web page designing, it never happened until about three months ago I saw an advertisement on a particular website inviting people to join the website designing boot camp. This boot camps goal is to help people to set up their own personal website in two days. The cost is $10,000 (ten thousand Jamaican dollars) and you are to take your credit card with you to pay an additional US$60 for the Url so that is pretty much JA$16,000 (sixteen thousand Jamaican dollars).

I mentioned it to someone and Wix told me not to pay any money to set up a website because I can find a site on the internet that can offer me the service for free. I decided to search for myself and gave up until I stumbled on I decided to try it myself, by the way, I am not very technologically savvy. I do pretty good on Microsoft office applications but I know little or nothing about web page designing. Anyway, I decided to go on the website and try my hand at it. To my great surprise, and happiness I was actually able to set up a website on my own. I actually started it today on, I am not finished yet, I have saved it to continue because of time constraint. That is the reason I have decided to do this review. I have gained satisfaction and I want others to benefit too.

You do not have to have a knowledge of programming, HTML or javascript, It is a simple step by step process. Your can create your web page of your design with animation and all of this is for free. The only thing you need is a domain name. Isn't that great!

Well, I know it has helped me because now I can create a web page and this I did for free and I also have the knowledge on hand to share. So if you ever think about building your own web page why not try you will be glad you do.

I paid for 1 year and got 10 days
I upgraded to a Combo Plan on 3/1/16 that is advertised to have a free domain for one year. I chose a domain and paid the extra $9.90 for the "Privacy Domain Registration" that was so private I received several spam phone calls within 48 hours of registration. I contacted wix about this after reading multiple support tickets of customers complaining about this same company ( To my surprise, wix denied any responsibility in the matter stating that the spammers probably got my information another way. So, I disputed the charge with my credit card company and it was reversed without question for failure to render services.

Now, to fast forward one month later. I am furious to learn that my site has been down since 3/10/16 due to the suspension of my domain over this chargeback on my credit card. I am not being told that the domain is not actually included in my combo package somehow (despite having screenshots of this exact advertisement on their website) and Wix are refusing to unsuspend my domain unless I pay them more money... for a domain that I paid for an entire year subscription and received 10 days of service.

Also, be ready to not actually be able to call a customer service department and instead have to rely on the insultingly generic copy/paste answers supplied for their support staff. I now have to again go through an entire dispute process to receive a refund as I am being told that I am not getting one from their company. Thanks, Wix!

The ultimate ripoff; should be investigated by the Feds
Those people have ruined my business by taking down our organization's website for no reason.

Over the past several years, I have paid large amounts of money for apps, photos, hosting, and domain registrations. Yet, I am basically ignored and treated like crap. Within the last 30 days, I have renewed a yearly subscription for 2 websites as well as renewed a Twitter feed. I am going to file a claim with my credit card company to reverse these charges since has chosen to ignore me. No need to keep giving people money when Wix do not respect me.

I firmly believe that deliberately sabotages your website by creating formatting problems on your pages. The reason for this is that they are trying to force you into paying for their "expert tech" support who know nothing. They're all in high school. Customer service will claim not to understand how to assist you, when 2-4 years ago, they were extremely helpful. It's all about sticking it to the customer and believing that you will simply acquiesce to their incompetence and unprofessionalism because you can't go to Google Sites or Wordpress or Godaddy.

Google leadership and see who you are dealing with and then you will understand why they do not give a **** about their customers, most of whom live in the United States.

As an update to my previous post on I would...
As an update to my previous post on I would like to add the following in all due fairness:

I have not experienced any noticeable site -based upload or updating delays. Such problems might occur to users that have slightly incompatible browsers. I recommend using Mozilla's Foxfire and all works well.

Certain personal website additions are actually easy, provided that you know where to look and access the features. Figuring this out comes with more sit use, familiarity and experimentation.

Customer service is a problem if you rely upon their online support center. Call 1.800.6000. 949 and bypass the foolishness and waste of your time. You can schedule them to call you, but that could take a while.

Most frustrating is the long time between getting the Microsoft Bing controlled search engines (Bing, Google, MSN, etc.) to recognize and actively list your website. This can take several weeks to a month, yet you pay for the lost time. This may not be the fault of, but no party should get paid for services not provided.

Now that my website is up, running, with the hits coming in and the traffic building I am generally pleased and my familiarity and mastery of the sitebuilder growing successfully. Just a learning curve issue.

Updating, enhancing or altering your site can be done on a very frequent basis without restriction.

I actually like this sitebuilder more and more once you know how to manipulate it. (Wish the mobile site viewer worked and views exactly like the regular desktop version. And, that the app worked with iPads and Mac iOS (8 or any other version).

The retired Google engineer
Hi my name is Dave I'm a retired engineer from Google well I am going to keep this letter sweet and short.

Before I left Google I grab the stack of paperwork with information of companies that Google is going to start red flagging off there network.

Such as Weebly, Wix, CreateSpace and tons more of these types of websites.

See Google believes in content and if the website can't produce great content then Google and all of the other search engines plan on getting rid of them.

In fact as a chief engineer at Google this was one of my jobs to get rid of poorly made websites like yours.

Oh I didn't mean it like that I'm so sorry but you must admit having a website with another company's brand on it must be hindering your business.

But not anymore your website don't have to suck you can compete with some of the biggest companies out there I have went out and teamed up with a great third-party Google company called big city Marketing Group

And Wix have agreed to start a special program just for these websites for as little as $499.00 you could have a great website a professionally made website and SEO by me Dave the Google engineer.

Our service is backed by a 100% 30 day guarantee. Get more customers make more money bottom line see the link below check out our packages

Here's to your success
Dave senior engineer Google

WIX aka internet's international thieves. Run as far away as you can. The website builder is fine and until I started selling on WIX it was ok. I started selling over a year ago but as I audited my WIX account things didn't add up, at first it wasn't worth my time. HUGE MISTAKE! Wix continue this as the numbers increase on my sales. They take their ten percent, hold ten percent for a month and are supposed to give you the balance in 3-5 days. BULL$#*!! They held over ten percent a month and also sometimes took 11-12 percent in a few. Well at the end of last month WIX owed me $17,000.00 in 3-5 days which has now turned into 4-5 weeks. They outsource everything and decision are made In Isreal, that is the exact opposite of our time so forget getting timely answers.

My conclusion and WARNING don't be fooled they get the money and hold it for as long as they want, I am on day 32 and counting. They know it's not financially worth it for us to sue them so is soon as this happen and I finally got in touch with somebody last week and couldn't get an answer so I switch platforms to square space best thing I ever did website a little harder but the money goes right in your account no games they charge a monthly fee and annual fee doesn't matter how much you sell. So save yourself now I don't wanna get into all the details but their communication is nonexistent their customer service is outsourced no one in the US can make a decision and they are going to lose so much business Because they do not care about the vendors so beware it's not worth it.

Wix has plans designed to cheat you, and they have no customer service
I purchased a premium plan to host my website, plus 2 gmail mailboxes. Had a lot of trouble setting up the site and could get no support, ever. Then the worst part is that the gmail mailboxes where not sincronizing as expected between devices. Learned the hard way I needed to switch to Outlook. I purchased a yearly plan and only used 1 month before I realized this was not what I needed. Wix will not refund me for the 11 months I am not using. I actually already purchased new mailboxes from Outlook, but have this expense for a Wix service I am not using. I talked to Google Support (which is nice) and Wix explained that If you purchase the mailboxes directly with them you CAN get a refund. So Wix is robbing customers and keeping the money. I have not been able to talk to anyone for 3 weeks. I only get robot answers. Worst of all (even worse than Wix robbing me) is that I need to change the CNAME records in my domain settings to re-configure my mailboxes to Outlook, and Wix will not let me! They are holding me hostage.

This is a terrible company, designed by experts in marketing to take people's money. They advertise that you don't have to be an expert to build your own site. But they will take advante of you if you are not an expert. Wix is a fraud.

So many issues and customer service impossible to deal with
The only good thing I have to say about wix is that in order to actually build your website Wix have easy to use features. Other than that since I have purchased the business account on wix months ago my site has been completely useless because the Wix Payments Team has been nit picking every little thing that's on my website and requiring that I change my website exactly to their liking while holding my money hostage. After complying with literally everything that they asked (mind you they told me to do the same thing to my website over and over again after I had already done it) they tell me that I just need to take my products off of my site completely in order to receive my money that I've already earned. You can't even get a hold of this payments department by phone and they take AGES to respond to requests via email. Since I can't properly run my business using this I will be switching to another provider ASAP. Except I can't do that until they actually transfer me my money that they're holding hostage, I've completed their last request weeks ago by taking my products off my website so that I can finally get my payout and switch providers and they have yet to do anything about it.

No one cares once they have your money
Worst web experience of my life.
I followed their instructions and created my platform. I upgraded to premium so that I could connect to my domain (and a good thing that I knew what I was doing, because their instructions were crap). I then started building content. I saved often. At one point it froze and everything was lost.
I submitted a ticket. Their response was a canned, "please read the help section.'
I returned to the site to find about half of the changes were back. I continued working. When I saved the work, it asked if I wanted to connect to my domain, despite getting an email saying that I had already connected. I tried to connect and it told me that I needed to purchase a premium package, despite getting an email thanking me for upgrading (not to mention the charge on my credit card).
I submitted another ticket. Wix sent me a canned response telling me to read the same crap again. But this time they discovered that, since they had (but hadn't) connected to my domain since I hadn't (but had) upgraded to premium service, the hours of rework that I had done had saved to a generic 'mysite' and couldn't be connected to my domain... because I needed to upgrade to premium... have I mentioned that I've done this?
If it weren't for the hours and hours of lost work, this would almost be comical.

Wix is not worth it
I've been using wix for over 3 years now. I had great customer support and was excited to see more and more features and/or apps throughout the years. I even referred friends to wix.

Starting about a year ago, I could see an increase in glitches and a decline in customer/tech support ---- and recently it's at an all time low. You can't even find where to submit a ticket anymore. I had to go to their facebook page. I was given a link and followed all the instructions to a T, but I'm still having the same issues. One problem I've had for years is that all the elements I place on a box or strip "sticks". If I click on the box only & delete it, everything on top of it deletes even if not clicked on. I've tried two times to get help with this, but wix always states "Wix are not having any problems with it' or I just get a generic cut & paste message that has nothing to do with my issue. Now recently, the mobile editor has become increasingly glitchy. While trying to arrange or line up my elements it freezes after one to two moves and the only way to get it moving again is to switch back to desk top, then back mobile. And, elements will randomly move or bounce from top to bottom on its own. After three hours of working on this issue, I tried to reach out to tech/customer support but I could no longer find to contact section to send a ticket to support, so I went to facebook. I followed the instructions after reaching out on facebook, and waited a week for a response, and to my disappointment, I received another cut & paste message----like instructions on how to clear cache. I had already informed wix that I had already done that, but I guess they don't really read our messages carefully. I replied and explained this, but here I am another week later and still waiting. I tried everything I know to work this out because I had spent so much time on this website and hate to start again, but I have no choice now. I checked my analytics and noted a large number of my visitors come from cell phones, so I can't understand why wix is ignoring me. It appears that wix no longer feels the need to concentrate on quality care or quality control due to last years earnings at around 90 million. But, I'm so glad there are other web hosts I can use.

Don't use
While I am happy with the way my site looks, the continuous problems with the mobile version of the site and the buggy newsletter sign up feature have made creating my site using a costly mistake. The biggest issue is that my site does not load on Safari on mobile devices, specifically iPhones. Multiple customers tell me Wix can't load our site and every time they are trying to load it on their phone. My first trouble ticket was submitted on March 5,2015 and as of May 13,2015 the issue has still not been fixed. All of the service reps have acted like this is a problem specific to my site and even my mobile service provider, but it definitely is not. I have spent several hours on the phone with with no results. I even spent an hour on the phone with AT&T because tried to blame the issue on them even though customers with Sprint and Verizon were experiencing the same issues. After the last call to, they escalated my ticket to a "Development Team". It has been 3 weeks and I have still not received a response other than they don't know when it will be fixed and they can't give me any expectation at all when they might have a better answer.
The thing that really concerns me is that I found a thread on the support pages that makes clear from other users that this particular problem has existed since at least September of 2014.
Check out here if you would like... /> Either has no intention of resolving this issue or they cannot resolve it. Neither of those options are acceptable if you have any potential customers that own an iPhone.
It appears that I am forced to recreate my site elsewhere, which is a tremendous waste of time that I do not have.
Please do yourself a favor and find another place to create your site. While the charges to use their tools and hosting are generally reasonable, you probably won't be compensated for the time it will take to recreate your site somewhere else when the very basic functionality of your site cannot be provided as promised.

Lousy tech support... review by 5 year customer
So... I get a couple calls regarding my company's website from friends and colleagues that visit it and cannot get past the landing page. We have not updated the site since Feb 2020. The problem resides with folks using Windows 10/MS Edge... and the menu tabs won't allow navigation to the sites pages (beyond the landing page) and there is no animation playing. Previewing the site in Wix editor shows no problem, but publishing does. Contacted Wix tech support this past Saturday and after working with Level 1 rep, was told I would be escalated. Put on hold for over an hour with music and an occasional recording stating that I was next-in-line. My phone battery was going down, so I pressed 1 (as the recording instructed) to have a callback. 2 hours later, the Level 1 rep did call back with an apology that the "escalation team" didn't work on weekends. Monday... the escalation team sends emails requesting a share-screen... and a time window of 2-hours. Well, guess what? I have to work... and cannot sit around waiting for Wix support... so I requested some instructions (via email) on some steps that I might take on my own. Wix refuses to do so. Undoubtedly in Wix's world, I (and my friends and colleagues) cannot be the only one to experience this problem... so why not at least try to provide some guidance on what to check. It's not just my desktop that cannot interface with my site correctly (Android tablet works fine). Wix is stubborn... plus the Saturday waiting-around without its own Level 1 rep not knowing that the escalation team doesn't work on weekends... just plain grrrr from a long-time (5 years) customer.

I'd rate 0 (zero) if possibe
I hired a "pro" to design my site. Her name is Ana who is contracted through under the business name
She sent me a contract that said the site would be finished in 21 days. 2 months passed and she gave me a billion excuses that she was busy. When I emailed her to inquire she said she didnt get my email, but I had proof that she read my message. She was disrespectful and condescending. Finally, she sent me a dummy site which was incomplete. I told her that I needed the completed site so that I can post it. She said I had to talk to Wix were dismissive to the point of not returning my calls. And there's no way to call them. You have to email and wait for them to call you, which is another clue to the $#*!ty customer service. Finally, they sent me a response by email that they had nothing to do with her building my site and then referred me back to her. So basically the girl that they presented on their site as a "wixpro" stole my money, never gave me a site and suddenly they washed their hands of all liability. Wix is a scam. There are tons of other site out there that does a way better job. DO NOT USE WIX FOR ANY REASON AT ALL. YOU'LL REGRET IT.

Wix and other consumer web building program not good if serious about your business
I just read Wix ad about written in html and Google indexes these sites better, could not be more from the truth. I used Microsoft front page 16 years ago, then Dreamweaver and RapidWeaver. All of these template companies are trying to capitalize on people thinking Wix will have a cheap site. The real bottom line is that the average person would have to spend hundreds and hundreds of hours learning real organic SEO. But WIX and companies like them want you to buy their templates and after you realize no one is going to see your website let alone be built to engage users and attract more inquiries. Then comes the search engine optimization fees and they go on and on. After you quit paying them, your site will drop whatever search results you may have. I have rebuilt sites from WIX and others alike. WordPress built correctly all along utilizing proper plug-in and loads and loads of hours learning SEO, which is constantly changing, leaves you trying to be a webmaster and now cannot work your own business. The sites I rebuilt of WIX had dropped dramatically in ranking from my first build many years back. I explained to the person building the WIX site where to place basic SEO and after checking later when his site went from page one to non-existent, I saw no titles, descriptions keywords Meta or anything. Google has made it more difficult for home website creators to build a professional site that works. You get what you pay for and on the SEO side you just lose a lot of money every month. WordPress is tops for SEO and mobile friendly websites. But it does not just happen. WordPress is difficult to work with and takes a lot of maintenance. If you just want to build a personal website that does not need to generate business or income, then WIX is a possibility. Also, I came across a WIX ad on Facebook bragging how great their sites were and search engine friendly. I ran basic Google guideline tests and the site speed was below 50 on mobile and had little to no SEO built in or optimized with tags etc. I hate to see the average consumer be misled and have an effect on their time and business. At least a warning before believing a company ad give people an option.

I spent countless hours building my website. When it came time to connect it using my domain name, I couldn't. Why? When I attempt to connect my domain name, I got an error message ("sorry this name is being used by another user"). So I contacted Wix so-called Support, by the way the only way to contact them is by email, which you have to wait days for a response, if you ever get a response. So after I contact them and Wix responded several days later, I explained the problem even attached a print screen of the error message. They responded that I still had an old account, which was under a different email address which I no longer had. I had an account with Wix about 2 yrs ago, which was a monthly account that I cancelled. Well, thanks to Wix so-called Support, it didn't get cancelled.

I sent a response that the account was suppose to been closed 2 yrs ago. Several days later, I get a response from a different so-called Support person saying the account was closed. REALLY, then why can't I connect domain. Couple days later, NO Let me tell you I signed up for this 14 day free trial 3 times and cancelled for the same reason, hoping they would fix the problem because I really hated to cancel it because it look GREAT plus all the time I had spent building it, plus I was scheduled to go online November 1,2015. Well this was the LAST TIME dealing with this so-called Support Team! My reason for cancelling this time way, "Reviews are right, your Support Team is a JOKE." I also added that they were trying to delay fixing the problem until the 14 day free trial was up and I couldn't get my money back.

For all these reviews giving Wix a 5 star review, MUST be getting paid. Wix is far from even thinking about a 5 star review.

I recently started a small pet care company and made the horrible mistake of using Wix for our website. WORST MISTAKE EVER! We aren't even 3 months in and already we've had a million issues. We hired one of their "trusted partner": 10com to design our site and while initially I was thrilled with their work and even wrote them a glowing review on Google, I quickly realized how wrong I was. Wix claimed to have also optimized the site for SEO, but after paying an expert to do an SEO audit I realized that not only had they not optimized it, they had done things incorrectly. My business partner and I immediately tried to fix these changes through their editor only to experience hiccup after hiccup. After finally connecting with one of their "experts" (our call was dropped multiple times and then we had a wait time of over an hour) they told us that our site was corrupt. This was because of a software issue on their end. The guy on the phone (Marvin) told us he would call us back with 24 hours with an update and timeline as to when the problem would be fixed. We were told that in the meantime we couldn't make any changes to the site. It has now been over 48 hours and NO call from anyone. I have currently been on hold for almost one hour myself waiting to speak to someone. This is unreal and unacceptable. DO NOT PAY THEM A CENT- THEY ARE AWFUL!

Easy to use designs but has limitations - Useless mobile view
I have been with Wix since December last year and I am truly disappointed. I have since found out that it falls short on a lot of technical features which would help bring my site up in the Google rankings. The SEO are limited to 10 words and although Wix say that's not important, a lot of experts disagree. The worse thing is the mobile view. Every time I add or edit something to a page, I have to redo the whole mobile page. Also, it never displays properly, well, it does on their mobile view but not on a real mobile. The customer service is very up hazard, sometimes it's good, sometimes Wix take the easy option out and give you a link to their help menu, even though I've already told them that the instructions on a particular help feature didn't help. Because I live in the UK, I have to wait for the time difference, and sometimes I have to wait two days for a response and have to pick up the phone. I spend far too much sorting out my website problems and much less time running my business. I have decided to end my contract early and ask for my money back, I have signed up with a professional designer, I don't want to risk going with someone else and find the same or a different problem. I have been told by friends that Square Space is good, but do check reviews from customers, not magazines!

Autocharged without permission
I was in the process of moving my site to another platform so I unselected the auto-charge option on my account. Wix auto charged me anyway. They take no time charging you but told me it will take 20 BUSINESS DAYS to hear back on if my refund request is approved. WHY does it take 20 business days?
What was the point of the checkbox for auto charge if they weren't going to pay attention to it anyway. Most places just suspend your subscription if a payment isn't received (and don't charge your card if auto pay is unchecked).
They do not allow you to remove a card from their file.
Customer service is slow, unhelpful and does not listen to your concerns. They just copy and paste their general FAQs over and over.

When i requested a domain transfer, they sat on the request for a week before looking at it and would not speed up the process.

On the design side, templates are pretty, but if you want to modify anything it is a nightmare. Sites are slow. Lots of redundant code. And important features just don't work on mobile.

Plus they are expensive. I get more features for less money (and faster asevice) with a competitor. SEO is BAD!
I am not happy with I have spent a lot of time trying to get the SEO section working, and after paying for my premium account, but still cannot get found on Google, or other search engines?. It is beyond frustrating, to now bordering on conspiracy. Actually, I just think that is not as updated with their system, as Wix so loudly proclaim. But seriously, when you have paid for something, you expect to get the service that you paid for. I have other sites that I use for free and GET BETTER SERVICE, than I do with It is so crucial that its SEO editor is working, because why should anyone even bother to sign up with and still can't be found in Google searches?. I have totally ran out of patience, because this has affected my business, as you can expect, in a negative way. If people can't find you on the internet, after publishing on and still paying for their premium service, then what is the point?. I was also very angry when I found out that instead of the price that it has advertised for its premium plans, I was actually charged $10.00 more!. After contacting about that, they told me that the prices, that are advertised, is based on their yearly plan. I had opted for the monthly plan and now I am so glad that I did. I can't imagine going through all of this headache for a whole year, with It's system is archaic and not as good as it claims. It is very slow, and with lots of interruptions. I have actually spent a lot of time, trying to get its SEO editor working for me, just so that I can be found in Google searches and IT IS STILL NOT WORKING. This should have been the first feature that works, but it is not. Why am I paying for a website like, but can't be found in search engines, because of's SEO editor?. The longer that it takes for me to get found by search engines, after signing up with, is a sign that this company, is not really up to the competition, no matter how loudly it touts its own claim. This says a lot about and its advertising and its customer service.

Rip off
Within the last week WIX has taken a renewal payment from my credit card for twice the amount I paid for my site last year. I never had a warning email from them as it disappeared into my spam box, so I no chance of de-activating the auto renewal in time. I have requested a refund from them and am waiting for a response but judging from the comments here, once WIX has your money you won't hear from them again.

A hike from £55 to £111 plus for a year of hard to build website and awful customer service is surely unjustified.

Reading here I think it's unlikely that I will get any refund from WIX or even be able to talk through these issues with anyone from customer services.

The other thing which really concerns me is that I cannot take my credit card details down from my account page, despite the fact that I have cancelled my plan with WIX. Surely this is not legal? It says a lot that a company has to resort to underhand and "small print" ways of extracting hard earned money from small businesses and craftsmen rather than offering them a decent service and transparent way of working with them.

As someone else has said here "Absolute rip off merchants!" I'm disgusted.

Jesse Lee
June 16,2015 at 7:44 pm

Worst company for excuses! Wix closed my accounts without even bothering to call and attempt in getting my new card information. Managers and supervisors are Fuking rude! They said they sent me countless emails, and its very true. However its never just important emails, its countless spam emails that have nothing to do with your account, and after serveral a week, you just stop looking at your emails involving them period. I spammed there emails, of course I didnt want them, so not knowing that the important ones went with them. Who fault is that? Mine or theres?

They demand respect however have no respect for you, did I link my email address with them for the purpose of being spammed? Did they ask me for permission to send me crap Countless times a week? No! Yet when I loose my wallet n forget to link up new card, they are still expecting me to check email. What a joke!

Now they use the excuse that they dont have enough people, or have way to many clients that they cant afford to call each one to maintain a relationship with them, when in fact they are the ones Fuking up to start with. Dont demand respect from your clients when you cant afford to give them any at all, we shouldnt have to click on spam button, when you should have enough respect not to send us endless irritating emails to a business email. We have other clients we need to focus on, and sifting through your $#*! isnt on our list of things to do.

Another excuse used is that we have an option to filter what they send us, we dont work for you, yet they make us do so! How is that respect? We shouldnt have to worry about you taking advantage of our kindness in such away. A-Holes!

For three months my account has been down, you would think I would have gotten a call? Nope! Well sir we dont offer those service, however threatening you is one they offer! Or telling you well you have other options, n can go elsewhere! I think we should! I think you should tell all your long term clients who have kept you in business to go somewhere else! Four Fuking years of business with them, and Im not owed an once of respect.

I fact the manager was rude, demanding, sarcastic, would not stop interrupting, and kept trying to lead the conversation to what he wanted it to be. Him and his fake apologies, meanwhile being no better then his other employees.

If we arent worth the time to get a call to let us know there is something wrong with our accounts, then we all should be telling to kiss our asses!

Poor Customer Service
This service Is terrible! I had to Google search their customer support. Like other customers on here, it is very difficult to reach someone. The worst part is that I have to wait a week to receive an update on a response from the department that I need to resolve the issue with, however, Wix do not have a direct number. If you receive a call back, it's from a different department that will listen to you and have you repeat the issue several times and in the end, tell you they can't resolve it.
My problem was that I had an item that had a logo print of Nike and I took it down, and I also needed to add the terms of policy, shipping and returns policy. This is not communicated all at once and they do not follow up on your current emails, which may state how you worked to correct the problem on the site. You are basically left with no one to communicate with and when they do, it is a quick email and they disappear again. The support is not immediate and it is not hands on with you. To resolve an issue, if explained and provided with proper support, should not take long. But, I am going on three months with trying to resolve the issue. Let's not mention I had started selling in April and had tried transferring my funds to my bank account, but nothing. I had to call them to figure out if there was a problem, otherwise, food luck! It's like doing business with a ghost. I may have lost almost $500 in income, and I have opened a website with GoDaddy.

Fraudulent practices
Fraud seems to have become more frequent and acceptable with major-companies nowadays. It's really unfortunate.

Today, I wanted to add a few-things to a page on my site. As I was trying to add photos to my gallery, I noticed that the window was cut off at the bottom. I tried to use the scroll-bar so that I could access the options at the bottom of the window, but it would not let me. I tried to drag the window higher so that I could see the entire window, but there is an invisible-barrier that prevents me from moving it beyond a certain-point. So I basically cannot access necessary-controls because it physically will not let me. Technical issues are one thing, but here is where the fraudulent-activities come in.

When I tried to contact them about these technical-issues like everyone else here has stated, no way to get in contact with an actual human-being. Just an endless-string of redirects to information that is not relevant to your issue. The only way to get a "call" is to sign-up for a callback? Huh? I have to put in a ticket to talk to someone on the phone? Whatever.

I do that. I follow ALL of their instructions. I even took a screen-shot of the issue, put large yellow-arrows pointing at the issues, and wrote notes detailing the issues. I give them my phone-number to contact me. No exaggeration, not even two-seconds later I get an auto-generated e-mail from them with the header "Sorry We Missed You!" that stated...

Hi Antonio,

You recently requested a call back regarding "Editor, ADI & Live Sites - Unable to select an element in the Editor". We called you on September 23,2020 2:12 PM (UTC-04:00) but we were unable to reach you.

If you still need assistance, click the button below to contact Wix Support and reschedule a call back.
Thank you for contacting
Warm Regards,
The Staff

This is a bald-faced LIE as my phone did not ring. I responded back to them on the website where the asked if there is anything Wix can do to improve the services. I replied (paraphrasing...)

"It would be nice if someone actually responded to my inquiry instead of immediately sending me an e-mail LYING that you tried to contact me when you did not. Furthermore, if this situation is not resolved within 24-hours I am well within my rights to and will report you to the Better Business Bureau and review litigation-options that are at my disposal. You have 24 HOURS"

So then after a little-while I get another e-mail from them saying...


Thank you for contacting Wix Support. I have tried to contact you multiple times but was unable to reach you. Please submit another call back request. Potentially using a different number as this number did not allow me to leave a voicemail. You can also respond to this email with what you need assistance with and it will start a ticket. If you choose to reply directly to this email, please also state the name of the site and the page where the issue occurs (or if it occurs on multiple pages) and add a screenshot if possible.
Once we have more information, we will be able to further assist you in the matter. I'm sorry you are experiencing issues, please know we are here to help."

Again, my phone has not rung once today. I verified that my phone was on, service was active, and the ringer was on full-blast. No phone-calls. When you tell a lot of lies and you are comfortable at deception eventually you start making mistakes. The whole part about asking me to send them a "screen-shot" of the problem was the red-flag that exposed them because I had already done so. This was either a BOT that responded to me, or someone who is completely-inept and incompetent and has no business in this position.

Clearly this is fraud and this company deserves to be criminally-investigated. They have taken money from many people and have not provided services for them. It's really sad that this company has come down to this.

EDIT: Here is an update. I actually had correspondence from PEOPLE at Wix to address my problem. While there solution-suggestions did not work to solve the problem, they did help me to deduce where the problem was coming from. I was able to find a work-around that at least temporarily solves my issue.

It doesn't excuse what they did earlier. Employment-shortages due to the pandemic are not an excuse for lying. Just tell the truth from the beginning instead of figuring-people for a fool that don't know their rights. It was good to engage with an actual-person however and I will give them one-point for responding to my inquiries FOR REAL this time. I still would not recommend this company.

Wix is so unrightfully aggressive when it comes anywhere near money. Not pleasant at all!
Yes, I have to say that I too am joining a non-fan base of Wix. And I regret that I've ever touched their services. Creative side wise, it is ok with me. BUT when it comes to any money-involved issue or valid customer assistance... nada! Wix refused me TWICE with the refund for the mailbox which was "faulty" and they couldn't even lead me to any solution about it---as you might know, they offer a G Suite account. As a result, I've paid for NOTHING. Even Google, when I contacted them, was so nice and pointed out that it was indeed Wix's part to assist me. Their customer service is mostly robot-based (and it took me hours to find a 'Submit a ticket' option with them).
In a word, dear novice, pls think twice. Don't be lured in by the fact that they offer all at once in one package. And Wix services are not cheap at all (and with their poor customer service, they will be sure to give you headache too). At last, just as it is clear from my title here, they are indeed very aggressive/unsupportive regarding any (financial) issues (in my case, the faulty mailbox and refund). And should you encounter any, you are on your own. Think twice!

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