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Please SAVE your $$ and STAY FAR AWAY from!
I honestly do not even know how is allowed to even still be operating dispite the thousands of complaints, negative reviews in which about 98% are unresolved. Personally in my situation Wish made an unauthoriszed purchase in the sum of 900$, I notified them the next day as the unauthorised purchase was made the day before when I wasn't even online that day... I tried cancelling the order through the app and it's just a computer AI system that literally takes you in circles and it told me that my items were all ready shipped so I could not get a refund but when I checked the orders they are still processing... I tried to email them and I'm sure it's just few ppl whom change their names every email whom direct you back too the support agent through the app whom is the AI computer system. Its is almost impossible to communciate with a actual person and when you do they copy paste thier policy and it's an endless cycle geared to take you anywhere but anywhere that leads to an explanation of thier illegal activities, no solution, no refunds. When I received some of the items which lots of items were never received even when it's app says they were delivered (more scamming to ensure you get no refund) the phones for example were global versions so they apparently can be used which Canada's networks which they did but these phones looked good and that's it they are such poor quality don't function properly at all, not even worth using as a spare phone they function so bad. The belong in the garbage. All the items were extremely poor quality, knock offs and pure trash. I'm still fighting to get my money back for the purcjase I never made. Which I think they now they are trying to block me staying abuse of thier refund program. WHAT REFUND? They have many ways to scam thier customer and as you see from the complaints not in is ever being resolved. The company got a big investment and used it to mass advertise which has been the main source for sucking us poor innocent ppl in too thier website. The products and prices look amazing just that is extremely inviting... They don't let you communicate with the store owners either and don't care where they source thier scam products from they just want your $$ and every dollar counts. Even if you do revive some decent cheap knick knacks, your card info is not safe and not secure. PLEASE DO NOT purchase a thing from this should not happen to anyone and I truly don't understand how with so many complaints and so much illegal fraud this company is still up and running and gaining innocent victims everyday! If anyone could help with knowledge of how we did get this scam company banished from being able to sell thier scams on the internet to the masses despite thier largely documented illegal fraud practices and scamming of businesses (where they get the products from, which I seen from research the scam that side too) and scamming of consumers on such a large scale to stop please help any advice would be greatly appreciated. With all this proof and all these ppl speaking against them there has too be a way to stop them. Thank You

False advertising for available items, shipping times & dates. Theft by deception as well!
On May 30,2021, I purchased over $400 of merchandise from I received only 2 items and it took 2 weeks to get these. My other 5 items have not arrived yet and it's now June 25,2021. Now during these several weeks, My orders on the website state, "Four of my items have already shipped and the delivery date is reading June 15,2021.

And I clicked on 2 of the same order are reading not in stock. Asking me do I want a replacement of the items of equal value at no extra cost? So I looked at the options and it had no option for at least something of what I originally purchased or a refund. So I chose their option to replace the product that looked similar to the original product that I originally purchased.

This went on for a few days. Now mind you, Wish are still in possession of my money! The website then reads the order replacement isn't in stock either! So I contacted customer support and they are telling me the same *****, that my account is reading!

So today, I requested a refund and now I have 10 days in order to receive my credit back to my banking institution! I believe some of the merchants on are using consumer's money for their profit and gain. I think they are using our money to purchase products for themselves! Once, they get the merchandise, will send you a bs message about, "The merchandise is not available yet. We will let you know." "By some ridiculous code at site pick up near your address location" After this, I got another notice a few more days later, "The item is no longer available. and/or the merchants (Stores: Envimei, James512, Smncollins000, zhengxiang2020, KiKi Fashion & New song) on the site are crooks! They are stealing our money and doing what they want with it! My word of advice stay away from this website. And if you choose to still buy things from this be very careful of the merchant you choose to purchase goods & services from.

King of runaround for cheaply made stuff, shipping delays, & zero customer service
If you go to BBB, you'll learn, like I just did, that these complaints have been the same for over 5 years... 4.5 years before Coronavirus. What were their delayed shipping reasons then?
In my experience, if thousands have complained to BBB about the estimated arrival dates (that are posted before making a purchase) then days later after Wish states items have shipped (before my order is processed), Wish extend the estimated arrival dates adding
Weeks or months. Couple that backwards business model with their waste of time chatbot and refusal to refund any money (because it's shipping carrier's fault), a company with integrity would listen to customers and hire a reliable shipping carrier.
On June 1,2020 I ordered 6 items for my husband for Father's day. Only 1 has arrived and the 5 others have been delayed a month longer than originally stated in emails. My tracking shows my items in a truck or on a plane at Shanghai International Airport for a couple of weeks now.
I find it very suspicious that Wish needs to email customers to ask if an item was delivered. If they actually had tracking for packages outside of China, they wouldn't need to ask the customer. Is the tracking data even real? One of my items was shipped three days before my order was processed. I find it bait and switch with estimated delivery date promises then a history of delayed arrival dates AFTER the package has "shipped." Without any photo evidence the package has actually shipped and in hands of a carrier (not waiting to be picked up from Wish) progressing towards the US, with tracking that ceases outside of China, and Wish asking the customer to verify order received, I find multiple holes in their story.
Wish has known about these complaints for over 5 years. This is an ongoing pattern... Bait and Switch. Learn the complaint history for yourself at BBB.
I'm a first time Wish customer. I didn't know products were cheaply made or source of products was China and other Asian countries. Now I do.
To summarize, I'm a one and out customer. I'm a repeat customer for businesses that have integrity. Wish (at this point) is not a business with integrity.

Wish website is a SCAM. Will steal your money and never send you the product!
Buyer Beware of the Wish Website, this Wish website is a SCAM. Will steal your money and never send you the product!

I am very careful when I buy from websites by seeking reviews, but because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I rushed into placing an order of toilet paper on the Wish website, which was urgently needed at the office where I work.

Wish advertised 1 box of 48 paper roll for $29/Box, plus shipping $9.00, Total $38/box.

I placed an order on April 11 for 3 boxes with an expected delivery April 25. We have a small office of 10 people; 3 boxes would last us about 3 months.

Next day, Sunday, April 12, I got an email from Wish website with tracking # UPS 1ZW22A*******474 that their Store: Robert Pollard in Kentucky had shipped the order to Florida with an ETA of April 25.

Strangely, 3 days later, on Wednesday April 15 at 1:30 PM 04/15/2020 1:35 P. M, I got an email from Wish website that the order had been delivered to our Tampa office. There is no way, you can ship on a Sunday and 3 days later, you get the order. That was the first Red flag!

We have a small office, with just one door, where all deliveries are made, during the day the office is always open, I can see the area from my desk. I got up to see if Wish had delivered somewhere else, but there was nothing.

I checked the UPS website with that tracking number and requested a Proof of Delivery (POD), which I am attaching. It turns out, the Tracking number is a fake POD, it does have the tracking number Wish website provided, 1ZW22A*******474, I realize, the ext. Line shows the weight as 1.2 Lbs., the weight of each box with 48 rolls of toilet paper is 19 lbs., 3 boxes are 57 lbs.

Further down in the POD, you can read that Wish left the goods at "Locker", well we don't have a "Locker" in the office, but even if we did, you could not possibly fit 3 boxes each with 48 rolls, for a total of 144 rolls into a locker.

By now I realize, I have been scammed by the Wish Website.

I called UPS, they told me to open a claim as "damaged" product, and by "damage" it meant, all products were missing. UPS confirmed they could not possibly have delivered 3 boxes with a weight of 1.2 lbs. and into any locker. UPS backed my claim, but told me that I should contact "Amazon" since the account that originated the tracking # was an Amazon account. I told UPS, this was an order from the Wish Website, they told me that they used an Amazon account #.

I have been emailed Wish multiple times in reference to this order, what they said was, you placed an order, the order was delivered, end of story, check our policies.

They don't want to hear that the POD is fake, that the weight of the order is 1.2 lbs., or that it was delivered to a Locker as opposed to an office address.

To make a long story short, the Wish website is using clever tools to make it look as though they shipped the goods with a tracking number and that the product was delivered, when in fact, you will never get the product, and even using fake UPS tracking numbers using "Amazon" accounts.

Buyer Beware - this Wish website is a SCAM Wish takes your money and never delivers the product, but it sends you a fake tracking number, but no product.

Saying I'm disgusted beyond belief is too kind!
I've bought a few items from Wish and while not completely satisfied each time (An example: one sweater fit great in the body, but the sleeves were way too tight to the point of cutting off blood circulation after a few minutes of wearing it); I decided to give them another chance.

Ordering something (a watch) that looked nice and even though the price seemed to good to be true, I thought I could live with it for that price.

Surprisingly, the item arrived ten days earlier than the timeframe mentioned and was packed quite well.

However, upon opening it, I could tell it was a knockoff right away - I owned an original before it was stolen a few years back. Checking it out anyway, it didn't even function as the original I had. Poorly made overall; not going into details here.

Well, I chose to return it. Finally got a reply two days later from "Sarah Jean" asking if there was anything wrong. I explained that it wasn't as described in form and function. Back and forth with several emails with no real results... including one she sent "The company says Wish sent it out as promised on the day they said they would.". I replied I didn't receive what was pictured. She asked for pictures to compare. I sent them and received another reply with her defending the company. So I asked if I get a reply or not.

Silence for a few days.

Finally, I contacted PayPal and sent pictures to them to show the difference and the emails received this far from "Sarah Jean".

The very next day, I got an email from "Sarah Jean" with an attachment of mailing label to send it back - at my expense.

Disgruntled, I obliged. It was received a couple of days later (the return center isn't too far away from me) with someone signing for it. (Since I was to mail it back at my expense, signature confirmation was the way to go.)

I notified PayPal right away and got word the next day they ruled in my favor and would refund the amount to my account within a week. It took only two days! During that time, I never heard from "Sarah Jean" again.

Just as well, as soon I saw the refund in my account, I closed out my Wish account and vow never to do business with them again.

Lesson learned!

Therefore, if a person wants to oder from Wish, use PayPal. They'll help you out more than you might think. And be persistent with Wish to get a return label!

Price gouping, Unethical Merchants, and NO customer Service
Wish also known as ContextLogic Inc allowed their registered merchant, by the name of Thanos CEO to cancel my Chuwi Herobook Pro 8GB Laptop with bag order totalled $240 with promo discounts. This cancelation, on a fully stocked item, was strategically done to price gouge me and other customer(s) who wanted to reorder the exact item again when order was canceled. I immediately tried to reorder the 8GB Chuwi Herobook Pro laptop and my total with new price and without discount was over $300 in shopping cart.
I also lost my Wish 30% discount on this item because I can not used it again when I tried to reorder item. Coupon had no expiration date and Thanos CEO cancelled my order so how am I lossing my $30 discount.

My bank stated Wish approved Wish charge to my debit card and it was Wish merchant who cancelled my order therefore I had enough in my account for purchase.

I worked for several e-commerce companies as their quality assurance representative and merchandiser therefore I am very aware how unethical sellers try to rip-off customers then pay individuals and companies to give FAKE favorable reviews to drown out the actual real low score customer reviews. If Wish had good business pratices, detailed reasons for any merchant cancelation to customer and customer consolidation would have been given plus 30% discount would have been honored for next purchase

This would have been my first order as a new customer therefore I am livid.

There is no customer service number and Wish has a generic auto online support where you can't even ask actual questions with a live customer services rep.

Wish aka ContextLogic Inc need to be investigated my customer affairs asap.

Worst online place I have ever delt with.
Order a tee-shirt. Took 2 months to get it, not a big deal. But, I ordered an XL and the shirt Wish sent has a tag that reads XL but it is clearly much smaller. I took a picture of a normal XL t-shirt with the one the sent me over-layed on top. At the shoulder seams it measures a full 5 inches smaller. Allowing for some variation in XL meassurements from different manufacturers, 5 inches is not even close. They refuse to refund and insist that because the shirt tag reads XL then it is the right size. Never again.

Update: After sending them pictures 3 times through tech support and getting the same canned robot response I finally requested a refund through PayPal. Then WISH sent me this email,
"Hello Reuel,

Thank you for being so patient.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. It looks like you have disputed this transaction with your bank. Opening a dispute will prevent us from automatically refunding you directly through Wish. In addition, banking disputes can take up to 30 days to resolve, but an automatic refund through Wish takes less than 3 days.

We would love to help you resolve this issue but we are unable to take any further actions on your transaction while the dispute is in place. If you would like further assistance on this issue, please contact your bank to remove the dispute.

Once you have removed your dispute, please REPLY back to this ticket saying:

'I've cancelled the dispute. Wish may continue to help me with my refund.'

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to hearing back from you once you've removed the dispute."

They are telling me to withdraw my dispute with PayPal so they can handle my case on their end. My reply was "You had 3 chances, time is up, I will continue with PayPal"
PayPal refunded my money within a week. Thank you PayPal.


Overall a negative experience.
Wish company has lots of things from clothing to household gadgets and it seems fun to shop there. However, my overall experience has not been positive. Most of the clothing is sized wrong and isn't as described. It's very cheaply made. The jewelry is mostly bubble-gum machine quality. Their ad may say it's 925 sterling silver but it's not stamped, and the silver looks painted. There have been a few pieces that are actually the real thing and very pretty. The gadgets are ok. Typical Dollar store things. The shoes are mixed. Some are as pictured, and some just plain cheap. Most do fit as described. Beauty products aren't miracles in jars and most don't list the ingredients. A few of the face creams did smell and feel nice. The microneedling rollers work well, but you need to be careful about the mm size. You order. Pain creams etc are quite effective. Fitness gadgets are mostly hooey. Pain wraps did nothing for me. The prices are low on most things, as well as shipping cost. Some are free and you only pay shipping. The clothes are overpriced. I'd rather see what I'm buying. Shipping time on most items is very long, and there are items I've never received. Wish will refund your money in most worthy cases. It seems they're always using COVID 19 as an excuse for long shipping times and constantly changing the expected receipt date. It gets farther and farther away. Most items are shipped from somewhere in China, and that's the problem. So that being true, I'll probably avoid shopping there, at least for awhile. It's become a frustrating, mostly waste of time and money. Do read the product reviews! People are usually quite honest about the quality, fit, and shipping time it took from that seller. I avoid sellers that get a negative review for being very late with their shipments. No one wants to wait 3 months for a one item order!

Wish is SCAM
Wish removed €151,95 from my bank account through PayPal WITHOUT MY CONSENT and this item here and 5 other items was sent to me in 4 packages. I haven't opened this table and chair because, I have been asking customers support representatives the question, who made the order? And that I also want to return the items and get a refund since I don't need any of them. After agreeing that I will get a refund, Wish placed charge back on the items. Since 11 days now now I been trying to send a pictures of the items I received in the customer support fora refund (as they advised me) I was blocked from accessing customer support on these items saying they need my identity card. I have submitted the Identity card several and even submit every other ID cards that I have since I was not getting a response. All to no avail. To say that, I am TORTURED FOR 1 MONTH now, is to say the least. No one is talking to me anymore, even though there are charge back on this items to show that I will get a refund. If someone have told me before now, about these things that I am experiencing, I WOULD NOT HAVE SAVE MY FINANCIAL INFORMATIONS WITH WISH because, they have proof to me that the site is not secured to save financial details. When I reported to PayPal, PayPal told me that wish promised them that I was going to get a refund since they have place a charge back ontheitems. But how am I going to get a refund, which have an expiring date without going through the due process of returning the item to get a refund? Only God knows!
I have been send photos of the items I received to wish general customers support and in their email in which we have for more than 2 weeks, before the last 11 days, all of them are silent. They are not are no longer willing to discuss how I can return the items and get a refund. Initially, when the first item (lingerie) arrived, I told the wish customer support agent, that I would like to reject the item and every other item that will be sent to me, so that my money can be refunded to me. (I made this same request whenever I receive any item, against the next delivery). But they keep telling me each time I made the request that there rule is that I will be receiving the items each time they are delivered, until all items are fully delivered, then I can ship them back and get my money refunded. NOW BECAUSE OF THEIR UNWILLINGNESS TO DISCUSS THE RETURN SHIPPING AND REFUND, I AM STOCKED UP WITH DIFFERENT KINDS OF ITEMS WITH I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM (EVEN THOUGH THEY PLACED A CHARGE BACK ON THE ITEMS TO INDICATE THAT I AM GETTING A REFUND. (WHAT A CONFUSION). The things sent to me is either damaged or fake. For example, the 2 human hairs sent to me are fake (made from rubber),
The colour of the 2 seat covers is dull (doesn't look bright like I saw in their website, when I checked,
The lingerie set came torn. I will put all in the waste-bin as I can't sell them or give them out as gift.




Has no control over suppliers
Wish claim to be the sellers but the website is simply an aggregator or cheap crap sellers. The seller can't easily communicate with the buyer, wish get in between and stop that. So if the seller wants to advise you that Wish are temporarily out of stock or a particular version is out of stock their not easily able to. If the item is fake the seller can litter the reviews with fake reviews as their is no control over reviews. The reviews are also misleading as they mix up reviews of a product with reviews of a seller. So if a company sells one good product and the rest are all bogus garbage the reviews still look good. Wish is like using ebay but were your not allowed to bundle items to get a delivery discount and worse you can't contact the seller or review them as their details are only visible after you have paid for a item. The alone proves that wish is clearly protecting their sellers and have no interest in looking after the buyers. They claim money back guarantee's but what they fail to mention is that they only cover the cost of the item. Which is why a lot of items are "free" because the item cost is covered in delivery costs, thus no money to refund as the item was free. I have report or tried to report that their sellers selling 2TB usb sticks are all fake, currently the only 2TB stick just released is worth $2000 and the $7 ones on here are fake, but the reviews keep coming up saying how great they are and how quicker they were in delivery. With the occasional "this is fake". However wish make their money first so they have no interest in stopping any disreputable sellers. If you have bought something from them they will delay you complaining, they are waiting for the 90 day time limit so you can't charge back the item on your credit card. Avoid this website, there are so many better alternatives.

No product, No refunds, Fabricated Shipping Status
Foolishly ordered 7 products from Wish. I'm normally a savvy shopper and do a goodly amount of on-line purchasing.

Of the 7,2 were cancelled by Wish but I am still waiting for my refund more than 30 days later. Wish said it would take a while and to ask my Credit Card company for it. I have; and United Mileage Card is not remiss in handling refunds.

2 items were both due May 1 - 14. But here we are on May 28. One is still in China but "will be here tomorrow the 29th" to Rochester NY. Rally!? Pretty fast shipping if you ask me. Supposedly the other in is Stamford Conn, and it will now be here June 10. The shipping status is fabricated in that the entire chain shows 8 (yes 8) transfers within China over a 3 week period, with pairs of them into and out of the same locations.

Please look carefully at the 'sent' date of April 29 of the order confirmation, even as I forwarded it to myself today the 28th. All other status were pulled from the Wish site today.

As a point of note: the two different stores they show as part of the order fulfillment do not exits; and no legitimate shipping company (not FedEx, UPS, USPS, or other) show up. Just what Wish chooses to show, and which is clearly not valid.

Last: please note that Wish says they will not process refunds for more than 8 days after and order has been placed... OR has been shipped. Hence they will not allow me to cancel and get a refund as they show that everything has been shipped.

Do NOT order from this place for anything over a couple of dollars including shipping. And then consider it like a carnival... you do it for fun. Unethical hardly covers it. My only consolation is that what goes around comes around.

I wish I never tried
I wanted to like wish and was looking for an alternative to aliexpress due to AE's lack of protecting buyers when sellers send incorrect items, but the experience is simply too horrid. Since doesn't even seem to have a way to give them customer feedback hopefully someone from their development team reads this review. It's a bit of a laundry list so here goes:
- Shopping interface lacks any ability whatsoever to filter products by category so if you are looking for something specific you'll instead just get buried with tons of results that aren't applicable.
- Their orders interface lacks any ability to filter or even search. So if you have a lot of orders its massively painful to try and find anything.
- Interface lacks ability to order by price so you have to wade through dozens of sellers to find the best price.
- The interface makes it painful to find the best seller because of the way shipping costs are displayed. The price displayed on the main screen should include shipping costs. To many sellers just display low prices and jack up shipping costs to compensate.
- WIsh support bot can't deal with more than about 5 orders which leaves their interface stuck with no way to continue or get automated support on an item.
-Wish support site way too rigid to be useful. I received a defective item and can't find any help whatsoever on the site. There is literally no guidance on how I contact Wish to resolve this.
- Once you run into problems with their automated support there is no live support to be found. Only an email option that promises to get back to you in a few days.
- Size matters: The sellers listings are weirdly devoid of any size or other descriptive information. All major sites require sellers to post basic garment size information so you have some confidence that it will fit (except It's just not worth the risk to order something if you haven't a clue if it will fit you. Every garment should include a size chart showing pertinent details. I'd rather pay more from a site that actually lists sizing.
- Too many of the seller's listings are 'bait and switch'. Sellers will list an item for a low price only to find that it's only the size XXXS in puke green color at that low price and everything else is much higher.
- Not enough variety of items when compared to AliExpress. Wish seems to have a lot of sellers all selling the same basic products (with no way to filter duplicate listings). Since most of the sellers are using identical images, Wish should be able to filter duplicate listings by photographs and show only one of each item until the user selects one of the photos then show all the sellers selling that item.
- Many seller's 'sale pricing' is always based on some absurd retail price that the item has never (and will never) sell for. (Harbor Freight got successfully sued for this practice) Different sellers all use different retail prices for the same exact item, but somehow the 'sale price' always ends up withing a few dollars of each other after shipping. Stop wasting our time and put in a price that we can search on to find the best deal.
- The $0.50 deals gimmick is just horrible and has actually soured me on the site. All the items are the same $0.50 price so people are writing code widgits to target these deals (giving them an unfair advantage). Secondly, Wish shouldn't charge your card unless you 'win' the deal. Third, it's the same items repeated ad nauseam. This type of promotion could be implemented so much better by randomizing the prices, items, and timing.
- Search just doesn't work correctly. For example searching on "Shirts for women" results in everything from shorts to mens shirts saying "Super Dad", wristwatches, shoes, hats, etc all on the first pages of results. If I search for "shirts for women" show me only shirts for women.
- The reviews are crap with no detail like other sites have. Makes you think that most of them are fake.
In the end I found was 'simplified' to the point of being too hard to actually use as a viable shopping tool and I will no longer use this site.

Don't use them and DONT use PayPal if you do use them!
Well firstly with wish, I ordered several items as I had been given a 50% off voucher on products (excluding postage). So I selected about 40 euros of stuff and went to my cart and applied the voucher which was accepted and deducted from the total ( I'm rounding up figures here and obviously the voucher didn't include postage which was apart from that). Anyway, I clicked on the option to pay by PayPal and was waiting to be directed to the PayPal site when suddenly I received a message that my purchase had been accepted and it was for the full price without the discount which I had applied and had been accepted. I wrote to wish and received what appeared to be a computer generated reply saying reasons why my voucher might not have been accepted. So I wrote back saying it had been accepted and deducted from the total and that when I went to pay through PayPal I was never redirected to their site and was sent instead a receipt for the full amount. Once again I received a useless stupid reply... much like the first one, explaining to me how vouchers work as if I were an idiot and hadn't used tens of discount codes in my life. Anyway I was angry so I left it. But I made my purchase around 12 August and to date have only received two of the lowest cost items... and the highest cost item... which was blue tooth earset arrived... but with one ear piece missing. Oh... and I also received a small torch which I hadn't ordered... happy days! LOL Anyways... to sum up this company totally suck. I will go back to using Amazon for more costly items or Ali express for the type of thing I purchased on wish. I've never had any problems with Ali Express and I urge other readers to give Wish a miss... really really awful company. Oh... and before I forget... about PayPal. Well I went into my account today and saw I had an automatic payment deal set up with Wish... I thought wtf? I hadn't knowingly signed up for any such thing and suppose it must be something that happens when you sign up for Wish and agree to their terms and conditions... so maybe that's my fault, but who really reads through that when opening an account to so some online shopping? Anyway that would explain why my experience paying through PayPal was so different to normal and the increase in price (or removal of the discount code) was applied without my knowledge. Never was I redirected to PayPal as normal... if I had been I certainly wouldn't have clicked on the pay button to a price I hadn't agreed to. Obviously I cancelled my automatic payment agreement to Wish with PayPal... but be very careful... I've never had this happen to me before and it feels like a total scam. Also I'm no internet virgin... I've been bought countless things online for many many years now from many countries and through many companies, yet this is the first time I've felt inspired to write a review. Big thumbs down!

My daughter frequently ordered from At the beginning of May, her account was hacked and 2 orders were sent to Russia. These charges were the only fraudulent charges on our credit card statement. We immediately cancelled our credit card.

Tried to call the customer service phone number *******172) and received a message that Wish do not offer phone support. I then proceeded to email the company, which I did at least 20 times. I also requested a phone call back. Providing my phone # three times and received no response.
Every time I received an email response in which I was asked to provide the account # and both order #'s, which I did. After numerous days without a response, I sent another email only to receive an email stating that due to the due to the sensitive nature "we will have to redirect your concern to the appropriate team at Wish". Again, no response! After sending another email, the cycle begins all over again with them requesting all the info, once again! This continued on with 5 or 6 additional cycles, which again elicited no resolution.

On June 30th, I received an email stating that they could not provide me with a refund because they received notice that the charge card company had disputed the charges. If they had not received notice from the bank, this cycle would have continued indefinitely!

On July 6th, I received another email stating that there are no blocks on my daughters account and she can order again!

After almost 2 months, numerous emails with no results, hours of work and endless amount of frustration, I received absolutely no resolution from the Wish company! And... no refund!

BUYER BEWARE - WISH.COM'S REFUND POLICY IS DECEPTIVE & A SCAM:::*******774-What-is-Wish-s-refund-poli... />
I don't write very well, so please bare with me.

Below is a copy of's refund policy copied from their website.

"We're committed to your satisfaction on every purchase. If your item arrives and there's an issue or you're not 100% satisfied, you can request a refund within 30 days of the delivery date.

In most cases, we won't ask you to return the item.
If you are asked to return the item, all returns are free.
We'll never ask you to send your items back internationally.
All packages are also backed by our Money Back Guarantee. We calculate a maximum delivery date for every item in case there are delays that are out of our control. If your item does not arrive by the maximum delivery date, you can place your refund request within 30 days from this date.
To start a refund request, please contact our support team through the app.
We have no obligation to consider requests placed outside of these timeframes." WILL NOT refund your money if your order is delivered to the wrong address.

I lived in Henderson, Nevada, 89012 for 43 years.

The first week of May, I ordered an unbranded name tablet with an 8 inch screen, 12gb rom, 640gb ram, for $335.10 including shipping from a seller here in the U.S.

The tablet was "delivered" on "Wednesday, May 26th at 12:02 pm at porch" via UPS. sent me an email and text confirmation that my order has been "delivered".

It just so happened on that day I was washing and waxing my car in the driveway from shortly after 11 am and until almost 2:30 pm, and at no time did a UPS driver deliver my package to my home at 12:02 pm on Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 at porch.

Shortly after 4:00 pm the same day, I called UPS customer service at *******877 and talked with a customer service rep about not receiving my package.

I gave the UPS customer service rep tracking number 1Z805YR*******184, my first and last name, address, city, state, and zip code.

The UPS customer service rep confirmed the package was "delivered" to an address in Fremont, California 94555 (550 miles from where I live), on Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 at 12:02 pm. The name on the package was "addressed to a well know hi-tech corporation" and not specifically addressed to an individual name. For safety and security reasons, the UPS customer service rep was not allowed to give me any more information.

I contacted through their customer support on their website the same day. Below is their reply on May 31st.

"Hello Bobby, Thank you for contacting Wish. I understand your concern regarding the delivery of your black tablet that you haven't received. I understand your feelings of anger and frustration due to the issue and sincerely apologizes.

Please take the following steps to locate your package: - Verify the shipping address is accurate and complete - Ask your neighbors if Wish received your package, Search around the delivery location and check other possible safe locations for delivery - Check for your package in your back yard or on the other side of your neighbors fence, Check under parked vehicles and surrounding areas, Check for an\"Attempted Delivery\" notice - Check if someone else accepted or signed for the delivery on your behalf, e.g., building manager, neighbors, members of your household If you are still not able to locate your delivery after taking these steps, please contact the carrier UPS or your local post office and provide them with your tracking number 1Z805YR*******184. They will be able to assist you further in locating your package. We sincerely hope this helps in locating your package and appreciate your understanding." customer support number *******172 DOES NOT offer customer support service via telephone.

I have sent three (5) email messages to ******* All five (5) replies are below with the exact same words which makes me believe the replies are "computer generated" replies and not actually being written by real people.

""Hello Bobby, Thank you for contacting Wish customer support. I understand your concern regarding the delivery of your black tablet that you haven't received. I understand your feelings of anger and frustration due to the issue and sincerely apologizes." What a bunch of BS, JOKE, and SCAM! covers itself in how they write the language for refunds. There's nothing in's refund policy that reads or says customer will be FULLY or PARTIALLY reimbursed for orders delivered to the wrong address.

Once your order has been "delivered" by Fedex, UPS, or USPS, that releases all liability against will ONLY issue a refund IF the item or items you ordered are "out of stock" or "never delivered".

I have submitted a claim to Wells Fargo Bank asking/requesting reimbursement because I made the purchase using my WFB debit card. My claim and case is still pending as I write this message on Wednesday, 16 June, 2021@ 11:35 am.

Best regards,

Bobby from Henderson, Nevada 89012*******774-What-is-Wish-s-refund-poli...

Don't do it... you'll be sorry...
Someone told me about so I happily went to the site, read every review of the items I bought - most of which were ladies' clothing. I read each item description carefully and ordered exactly as specified as to measurements. The site does not have any "order history" shown after you order so forget getting that - you will get a confirmation of what you ordered - so save those.

The real problem is the poor quality of the merchandise. If you are in North America, you have a certain expectation as to the quality you expect. It is not likely you have ever seen fabrics as thin and cheap as the ones you will get. Even the more expensive items are not what you think Wish will be - nor will they fit you even if you have ordered precisely to measurements. Forget sending them back - you just have to put everything in the garbage since no one will buy these for free in a thrift shop. Whatever "fabrics" are used are nothing like you have ever seen before.

I also ordered a few household items - all of which were totally useless - tiny sizes, poor quality - nothing that would come near the least of expectations in a North American customer. Think of a giant flea market where strange, cheap things are sold for $1 - this is what you get.

You truly get what you pay for at - but for garments, one of which I paid $18 for (a blouse marked on the site as costing $79 in regular store) - was worthless - made of some cheap polyester and simply not wearable by a size 8 person - must have been a 2 sizing.

I spent about $200 and got not one single thing that looked as good as the cheapest stuff in Wal-Mart or K-Mart. Those stores would not buy this stuff. This is all flea market stuff.

And the stuff comes from various vendors around the world, the label on the envelope is so small you can barely read it and there is no paperwork - nor any order history at

Bait and switch
I ordered a long sweater for my wife. She actually looked at the size chart and decided to order a size larger than she wore. Because she felt being from asia. It might run small. Well it was actually still too small for her. It should have fit or been a bit too big. Wish comment was we ordered the wrong size. No, we ordered a size above what was needed. The sweater wasnt even a long sweater as well. In the picture it was only a few inches from the ground. When my wife put it on, it was barely covering her rear end. In the pictures you can see the one sweater is longer and darker. The other picture is of my wife wearing the sweater we received. It was not only too small(ordered a size larger than needed per their size chart). It was a lighter color and shorter than the pictured sweater we ordered.
Then Wish gave me a round and round about them paying for return shipping. They kept saying i made the mistake of ordering the wrong size. Only mistake was ordering from them. I ended up paying return shipping. It was half the cost of the sweater. I filed a scam report with the bbb. I recommend everyone else do the same. So can get shut down. They pull a bait and switch scam. Then say oh well.
I'm waiting on my refund now. The asked for pictures of return receipt, order number, tracking and item description. I attached screen shots of all, including the postal description of it being signed by someone with the initials of E. E. I got the reply asking for the same information as if I didn't send the pictures/screen shots of that information in a message just before the employee asked for the same thing again. So, I'm getting the round and round again. Maybe so they can keep the funds in their bank account as long as possible. To collect as much interest as possible before being forced to pay out refunds. I have been coming across that with sellers from china on ebay as well. I will no longer do business with china sellers again. There are getting to be more and more scammer sellers in china and I don't have the time and extra money to weed through them.
I don't know what they are thinking. They can only stay in business with satisfied customers. Not screwing customers.

I will never order from again. This company and its website needs to be shut down!
WISH.COM needs to be shut down for good! I ordered some items for Father's Day and my daughter's birthday, and I am yet to receive some of these items. I placed my order on May 19th, thinking that I would give it at least 2 weeks to be shipped, but yet I am still waiting for my orders. Each week I would log into the website to check to see where my orders were. When I checked on June 1st, it said that it would arrive on June 15th. I was hoping Wish would because I had purchased a gift for Father's day. June 19th came, still no orders. The dates have changed for these orders at least 3-4 times. This is what one of the item descriptions look like: I placed the order on May 19th, and should have been shipped since May 23rd, yet I have not received this item. Whenever I checked on my tracking information, it would give very vague information.
May 23,2020
Item ready for export origin
May 23,2020
May 23,2020
Processing Order
May 19,2020
Placed Order
Returns and Refunds
Contact Support

As of JUly 23rd, this is what I see on the website for this order:
Delivery Date Update! Arriving by Aug 27,2020
While stores are shipping their items in a timely manner, your delivery is delayed due to restrictions and limited transit between countries caused by COVID-19. We have adjusted the estimated delivery ranges to accommodate this delay.

This is just one order of 3 remaining orders that are just out there in oblivion! has also pushed my delivery dates for the other 2 items that I have been waiting on since May. When I tried to contact them via their customer service or help options, all you get is an automated response... no LIVE agents! See their response below:
"Unfortunately, we found that your item may be significantly delayed due to shipping issues caused by COVID-19. While stores are sending their items in a timely manner, international packages are backlogged due to restrictions and limited transit between countries. We have adjusted the estimated delivery range to accommodate this delay. We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you don't receive your item, please contact us anytime between Aug 27,2020 and Sep 26,2020 and we will be happy to resolve your problem.
Before you go, let us know if you found this helpful."

I am very disappointed and this company should be shut down for good! Iv'e asked for a refund, and of course, can't get any help there either! I am so frustrated and ANGRY. I feel like they have ripped me off and taken my money -- which they have NO problem doing when you place the order online. I will NEVER use this site again or order anything from them!

Beware the Scams and Tricks of Avoid!

On April 10, I purchased two UVA wands from

Items were committed for delivery on April 22 and between April 27 and May 19. Wish never arrived.

On May 2 they reimbursed shipping cost for first article ($15) and said to contact back on between May24 and June 8 to get full refund. They changes date for second article to June 22,2020, without notification or option to cancel, which violates FTC rules for ecommerce.

Since May 24, I am unable to get refunded for either article. No option on virtual assistant. Support via email only refers to virtual assistant to get refund but as stated, instructions do not work and does not offer refund options.

Or they lie stating full refund (vs shipping) was made, it was not or that it is past the deadline of their refund policy (it is not how can it be if the say to get back by May 24 June 8). They run the clock to never refund! On June 8,2020 it has still not been refunded!


Detailed review:

Beware, avoid or boycott is not the most impressive store but it is cheap. Most items seem to be coming form China, which explains the low prices and the long, very long delays to receive anything.

Over the last years, managed to get more efficient.

Many items seems to be locally stored and other were more efficiently shipped.

With COVID-19, this has changed: most of the items simply do not arrive since mid-March 2020.

In March and April 2020, was helping, refunding shipping cost with delays and refunding items that did not arrive. Yet it became impossible to speak with a human (chat or phone) and a virtual assistant is the gatekeeper to being able to contact support!

Mid-April, May and June 2020, the situation has worsened significantly: claims it has refund policies that kick 3 months after order (not after delivery etc.). March orders not delivered are now running against that. Yet the virtual assistant changes committed delivery date and the suggest that refund can only be asked 2 weeks several weeks after the committed date. Sometimes that date is past the 3 months and they try to assert it to refuse refund.

So far when it happened it has been possible to revert that. But it simply is a scam that they clearly are trying to play. Now the virtual assistant does no more offer path to get shipping cost refunded or refunds, despite past the date where it says refund can be obtained. In fact the option are not offered

OIf shipping cost were refunded, it now claims that refund took place as if full refund had taken place; something that hasnt been the case.

O No option to get full refund is offered.If you manage to contact support reusing an older email to *******, etc.):

OThey tell you refund can only be obtained through virtual assistant Yet as discussed above that option does not exists!

O If you point this out, they still provide the same instructions

OOr they dont reply!

O If you are lucky to get a useful support agent, they will waste the opportunity by:

Asking you what item is missing (f more than one)

Telling you about the refund policy limit

Ask you to wait

Tell you that you are past policy when you are not and / or follow their explicit dates to request refund

But NO refund!

In addition, items ordered in March or early April are schedule for delivery end of June! The dates are actually changing.

I had a March order which was committed by April 22 and April 27- Mid May. Neither made it. The first one with changed target of May 2 and refund supposedly available on May 19, has still not arrived more been refunded. Policy limit is June 8!

The second was changed from Mid-May (19) to June 18! All without notification or opportunity to cancel! This is in violation of FTC rule for online orders (e.g. See FTCs Mail, Internet, or Telephone Order Merchandise Trade Regulation Rule - e.g. Conclusions: Do not order form anymore. It is not worth the hassle and the scam they are setting more and more overtly. They will scam you or at least try.If you do, use credit cardsKeep copy of all receipts, committed dates and communications with virtual assistant and be ready to dispute with your credit card company. You will need to dispute, I promise.

And you will need these documents. is now a scammer.

They have forgotten customer services: they simply do not answer, let a machine answer instead which does not have a refund option (other than shipping cost, sometimes). This company should be put out of business.

User's recommendation: Beware, avoid or boycott Do not order form anymore. It is not worth the hassle and the scam they are setting more and more overtly. They will scam you or at least try. If you do, use credit cards Keep copy of all receipts, committed dates and communications with virtual assistant and be ready to dispute with your credit card company. You will need to dispute, I promise. And you will need these documents.

Shop at your own risk
So I placed an order on Wish for a total of $57.72, a supposedly good deal for a leather jacket until I did not receive the jacket and lost my money. My son had previously ordered a jacket which took about 3 months to arrive. So, as I tracked the order (Nov 22,2020 Processing order, Nov 24,2020 Order processed in China, Nov 26,2020 Shipped in China, Dec 1,2020 Arrived at Wish facility in China), I wasn't too worried about Wish scamming me since waiting for long periods for an order to arrive seems to be part of the deal. When the jacket wasn't delivered on Dec 21,2020 as it was supposed to, I did what Wish advises – "For any inquiries regarding order statuses and issues about an item ordered, please contact us via Wish Assistant in the app or on our Website at" Several times I contacted Wish through these means but all I got were automated responses. About six months later, I persisted and finally received a reply from a James saying, "I'm sorry to hear that you didn't receive your light brown jacket... Wish offers a 30-day policy on all orders. Unfortunately, your request is beyond this timeframe, and you are no longer eligible for a refund." So, I'm writing this review to warn anyone trying to buy from Wish. Simply put, "you buy at your own risk!" Wish uses a marketing gimmick to lure you in, and as Wish promise you the supposed incredibly low price and tell you that the catch is your willingness to wait for a while, they don't tell you that THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT THE ITEM YOU PAID FOR MIGHT NOT ARRIVE AND YOUR MONEY WILL NOT BE REFUNDED IF YOU DON'T REALIZE IN TIME THAT YOUR LONG WAIT FOR YOUR ITEM HAS BECOME TOO LONG. Wish is comfortable dealing with vendors that it will not hold accountable to ensure that they deliver products they have been paid for and the customer is the ultimate loser. So hopefully, you will not be drawn to the seemingly low prices that Wish offers, it is not worth it.

Some good experiences, some bad experiences... be careful!
I heard from a friend that WISH has Star Trek items that are not available in the US and are quite inexpensive. I decided to check it out. I was a bit skeptical, due to another friend telling me that her experience with WISH was not so good---items very cheaply made and Wish take forever to get here to the US. But I wanted some Star Trek stuff and decided to try it and see for myself.

The first time, I ordered mostly Star Trek trinkets and jewelry---pins, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keychains and the like---Nothing expensive. Some things came in a few weeks, other things took over a month to arrive. The products were acceptable.
The one problem I had was that I ordered 5 of the same charms necklace, and the seller only shipped 1 to me. After waiting weeks longer to see if the others would come, I contacted WISH support to tell them I got only 1 of the 5. They issued me a refund, so I was cool with it.

However, I wanted more of those charms for a project. I never found them elsewhere, So I went back to WISH to see if I could get more. I found bracelets with the same charms, for less cost each. So this time I ordered 10 bracelets. I also found a few different Star Trek necklaces I liked and ordered those too. Some came quite quickly, others took much longer.
Everything in my order showed as "Processed", so I kept checking tracking numbers for what had not yet arrived, and I noticed that the estimated arrival dates keep being moved out further and further. Excuses given included delays due to availability, weather, and the shipping service used. In particular, I still hadn't gotten the charms I ordered, and it appears that the package never even left China! NOTE: There is NO WAY TO CONTACT THE SELLER DIRECTLY!

I contacted WISH support, and they gave me two options: 1) cancel the order for a refund, or 2) continue waiting. I WANTED THE CHARMS, so I opted to wait. This happened twice.

Last night, I checked the tracking again... the charms still hadn't left China. I contacted WISH support. This time, they said it was too late for a refund! I was shocked! They kept telling me that "sometimes shipping just takes longer". Now my patient waiting cost me getting a refund... for items I paid for but never received! WTH!

They did offer me "WISH CASH" instead. I took it, as the only option left. Then I went back on WISH to look for the bracelet charms. Of course, THEY ARE STILL AVAILABLE! But at a HIGHER PRICE! Of course! I ordered more, using the WISH cash, and paying the difference. I know, i know... WHY would I do that? Because I want those charms! And I never found them elsewhere.

A friend wanted one of the necklaces I had gotten, so I a few weeks ago, I ordered another one of those... and it came quickly. My kids wanted some little PVC figures (Mario, Pokemon) and some Madoka Magica necklaces---again, hard to find elsewhere unless you are willing to pay a lot more money. I have received some of what I ordered, and i'm still waiting for other items.

All this is to say... WISH can be hit or miss. I guess it's okay if you are looking for inexpensive trinket items, and you are willing to wait weeks for shipping. However, I would NOT risk buying a high-priced item from them.

I still keep a written list of exactly what I ordered on what date... then when I receive my packages, I cross-check the tracking numbers and check on my list what I've gotten and what I haven't. That is how I know what I did NOT receive---especially if I ordered a second item of something I previously ordered. I cannot read the Chinese addresses on the labels, none of the packages have ever had a packing slip, and the declaration on the label may just say "necklace" but I don't know which one. This is when TRACKING NUMBERS are so important to determine what came and what hasn't come.

Several other things I find annoying about WISH...
BROWSING: The search engine pulls up all kinds of stuff that is NOT what you searched for, and you have to scroll through it all to try to find what you want. There is no way to filter search results, to make it easier to look at just what you want. Also, after you click on an item to look at it more closely, when you click back to browsing, you land at that Top of the search results, and you have to scroll, scroll, scroll until you find where you left off. PITA if you ask me.
SPECIAL PRICES: Many times, when you click on an item, you will be offered a somewhat lower price if you place your order in the next hour. However, if you are searching through numerous items, and possibly purchasing a bunch of stuff, that hour is likely to go by before you are finished deciding what to buy... and you lose out on the lower price. That sucks.
COUPONS: There are great coupon codes for first-time WISH users. But after you've placed that first order, it is very hard to find coupon codes for future orders. A google search may pull up various coupons; however, they are rarely valid coupons for one reason or another. And when you do find a valid coupon code, you are lucky to get a mere 5% off your order.
SHIPPING: Shipping can get expensive fast! I have found that with the small items shipping often costs MORE than the total of your purchases. And those items that are "FREE, just pay shipping"... the shipping is usually higher on them than on the same item that is not free (from another seller). Compare carefully. ALSO, Wish does NOT offer coupon codes for Free Shipping, at least none that I have ever found. And the coupon codes that knock a little off your purchase price do not take anything off your shipping cost. Of course!:(

All in all, I can only give WISH a 3-star rating. Even that may be too generous.
I am happy with the trinket items that I did receive. I know the jewelry is not expensive, but I didn't get most of it to wear---it got them for my Star Trek collection. The few items I've worn are the quality I expect for costume jewelry.
At the same time, I am quite upset about the deal with the charm bracelets I ordered. I wanted those more than the rest of what I got... and they NEVER SENT THEM. After being told by WISH to wait a few weeks because sometimes shipping takes longer... then I find out that "waiting a few more weeks" put me past the deadline for a refund! WTF! That is UNACCEPTABLE! That made me really mad! And there is no way to contact the seller to find out what happened.

My advice: JUST BE CAREFUL using WISH. You may end up a happy customer. Or you may end up very disappointed!

Where do I begin with this crap site?
Bad enough that someone actually referred me to the wish site, but worse is when most of the clothing on it, doesn't even match what the pictures show of the item. Stupid me decided to buy about 10 tops all at once for my very first online experience with them. I didn't even pay attention to the fact that half of the shipping on each time, was almost the same price as the top itself. 2ndly, I ordered tops that were 3 sizes bigger than what I normally get here in Canada, being that Wish come from China. To my dismal surprise, a few of the tops were tight on me. Man that irked me to no end. Most of the tops did NOT even look like the picture of what they were. They were either really thin material when it looks thick on the picture, or the cut just wasn't the same at all. I tried again one more time and ordered 3 more tops, this time even bigger. Wow! What a joke that was. They too were also tight on me. I really don't think Chinese people have a clue about big sizes, at all. I swear they think the world has tiny little people like them. *rolls eyes* Anyway, I know now that I will NEVER again shop on the wish site. So NOT impressed with that company. Oh yeah and if you try complaining about anything on your order, you'll get stupid emails that don't even make sense, such as giving you instructions on how to go to your account and my orders. I did that, clicked on "my orders" and whaddya know... a webpage popped up saying " you have no order history yet". Wow, outright lies from them. Yeah they just mess with you so you'll just give up, which I actually did... because I did get royally choked at the email back n forth head games. Not a decent company to deal with at all. THEY SUCK BIGTIME! 1 star is even too much for them. *grumbles* Sorry I can't add my order ID because I just deleted the email when I gave up on getting any answers about a specific item in the order, that never showed up at all. 9 arrived and 1 went missing in action, never to be found.

It should be called! (My Letter of Complaint)
February 4,2021

Att:, agents, and representatives:


I refuse to speak to anymore incompetent customer service representatives, who apparently can not comprehend the situation at hand. The amount of attempted but cancelled purchases, poor quality items, extremely late deliveries, lack of refund transaction completions, and an absolute disregard for a resolution has caused a great inconvenience! Not to mention the complete lack of urgency to remove the suspension on my account after receiving appropriate documents verifying my identity immediately upon request. The message I received from stating a 2-3 day response to resolve the security issue would have been sufficient, however, I was compelled to wait 3 1/2 unnecessary weeks to have the suspension removed, all the while scheduled refunds couldn't process successfully. During this time, any and all attempts to contact customer support were denied until suspension was lifted.

Furthermore, after suspension was ultimately removed, my repeated demands to be connected with a supervisor were ignored and the requests to have my entitled refunds reprocessed, were completely disregarded!

I have given and customer service agents ample time to resolve and reprocess the numerous incomplete refund transactions that occurred during my account suspension. I am utterly disappointed and my confidence in and the customer service departments ability to resolve this matter has absolutely vanished.

Therefore, due it the inefficiency and inability of Wish, representatives and agents, consequently, I have to forward this matter to the Fraud Investigation/Legal Department of my bank to address this matter on my behalf.



THey steal your money
Wish just generate computer answers and don't care about customer's, so don't part with your money unless you don't mind losing it.
My complaint with them and their computer genarated answers are in the chain below

Hi paula,

Thank you for contacting Wish.

I understand that the purple tablet pc won't let you use the keyboard and now it will not turn on. We've contacted the store about your inquiry and should hear back from them within 48 hours. We will follow-up with you as soon as we get a response.

In the meantime, please let us know if there's anything we can assist you with. Thank you for your patience.

Elmer Cirven Jed
Wish Customer Support
Elmer | Feb 16,2021
Hi Paula,

Thank you for your patience.

We are still waiting for the store's feedback. We've contacted the store again about your inquiry and should hear back from them within 48 hours. We will follow-up with you as soon as we get a response.

In the meantime, please let us know if there's anything we can assist you with. Thank you for your patience.

Wish Customer Support
Aljun | Feb 19,2021
Another 48 hours has passed and you are not getting a satisfactory answer from your supplier, you are the company that takes the payment and supplies the goods so our contract is with you, the item you supplied was not fit for the purpose you sold it for, the tablet does not work so I can't see what the problem is in you dealing with this complaint, as far as I can see you either need to send a replacement ans take this one back or if you have a supply problem with with a replacement then you need to refund the amount paid to you. I will allow you a short period of time to resolve this professionally after that i will turn to social media to post my concerns at the poor customer service you have given.
Paula | Feb 22,2021
Hello paula,

Thanks for waiting!

I'm sorry to hear that the purple android tablet didn't work as explained in the product description. Unfortunately, the store is unavailable to answer your question. We suggest providing feedback about the item and store directly on the listing:

1. Go to the item on your 'Order History'
2. Click 'Rate' to provide a review for the product and store
3. Or, click 'Edit Rating' to change a past review

Since we can't answer your question right now, the resolution I'm able to offer you is a refund for the item. If you're willing to accept the refund, please REPLY back to this message before 5 Feb 2021 with the following statement:\"YES, I accept a refund\"

If you accept the refund, please provide a clear photo of the whole item outside of packaging. If you don't reply before 5 Feb 2021, we may no longer be able to issue you a refund as your request will be outside our refund policy window.

Mary Ann
Wish Customer Support
Mary | Feb 24,2021\"YES, I accept a refund\"\"YES, I accept a refund\"
Paula | Feb 24,2021
This is 4 days now and we have not heard anything from you and there has not been a refund to our account. Why is this taking you so long to sort out the complaint.
Paula | Feb 28,2021
Is this your normal practice to ignore the customer and steal their money
Paula | Mar 2,2021
In Progress
We got your response!
A Wish support agent should respond in 2-3 days.

Hackers! Search option is real nightmare. Wish is too expensive!
Update: I deactivated my Wish account yesterday. Got verification code on my phone etc. Today when I was logging to my Gmail (I have 2 step verification) I received verification code from Google and from same number that sent me verification code to deactivate my Wish account.
I've changed my password. Tried again and same situation. So I've removed my phone number from Google. Changed password again, added phone number, set up 2 process verification again. Now it stopped. But what the hec was that? I know there are hackers on Wish but seriously? People watch out, Wish have access to your email, password etc.

I have few issues with Wish. First - it's so hard to find something, search option doesn't work at all! So frustrating! I could understand if it was showing you related items but instead you will see bunch of crap you don't need. Like today - I was looking for small drawer unit, all I got instead were clothes and other junk. After 30 minutes I wasted, I had enough. Another issue - prices - no clue what is going on with Wish but some items are way overpriced. This is China - why I would buy something form Wish and pay $100+ if I can go to any other store in USA and pay same or little more? But here another issue some prices are so high at Wish that you can literally find cheaper items on Amazon. And here is my other issue - you can find items from Wish at Walmart, Michaels, Joann etc. and they cost the same or price difference is not even worth buying from Wish because of shipping and waiting period. It looks like if you want to save some money going to Goodwill or any other thrift store seem better idea.

IF YOU DO, IT'S AT YOUR OWN TOTAL RISK. I ordered 2 items in May, 2020! Wish said I'll receive them around late May. As of August 2020 no items received. After over the 1st month I started questioning them every few weeks and each time they gave me a farther delivery date.

In August 2020 (4 months after!) I received one item. I had ordered LARGE and it said so on the bag but it was a child's size! I tried to return it before the 30 days passed but I couldn't find where. They sent me to their Customer Help. I got there and into my account and it says "You have no orders yet"! After trying so many times without results, I furiously told them "why don't you make the refund yourself like all other merchants do" but they slapped me with an identical email again. Their phone is useless as it sends you to the same merry-go-rounds as before. I know I'll lose this money. I'm really sick of them and will stop wasting my precious time! However, I may try to have my credit card co. Put a stop payment.

I still don't know what awaits me IF/WHEN I ever receive the second item. This company lures people with their ridiculously low prices, i. E. $2 for a pair of shoes (sold elsewhere for $30), free shipping, prompt delivery, etc. They have the Chinese sellers ship directly from China to you. Yes, I know, all stores sell Chinese items, but they offer them AFTER they've received them in their stores and they take the shipping responsibility. Also if something's wrong with the item they promptly exchange or refund your money without any more ado. But anyway, I don't care where the item comes from as long as merchant is transparent and quickly refunds you when it's wrong item. THIS COMPANY SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO DO THIS KIND OF BUSINESS. I KNOW BETTER NOW AND SHALL NEVER EVER BUY FROM COMPANIES OF THIS KIND.

P.S. I forgot to tell you they give customers' data to the Chinese sellers. Few days ago, I mysteriously received a package though I wasn't expecting any as I didn't do any more shopping online. It was another item like the previous one and also wrong size too. It came from a Chinese Co. I immediately contacted about it and they responded with the same emails they had been sending me when I told them I couldn't find where to get the refund. I was able to get to this Chinese contact and asked them why they sent me something when I never ordered anything. They said, somebody will answer in 48 to 72 days. I'm still waiting. In case you receive from them an UNSOLICITED order, this is their info according to their label: BBTEX USA, Inc., 317 E. Redondo Beach Blvd., Gardena CA 90248. They're known to rent temporary places in America (just like Now I have the task of finding out if they charged my card! Grrrrrrr! Sigh...:(

It finally entered my little brains that it ain't no free lunch. So I'd rather pay the full price and get it over with without aggravation and wasting golden time.:)
[Forgive my lengthy complaint]

Bait prices and Then You Click on OPTIONS!
Here's what I found when searching for just about any consumer products. For the items that aren't that "hey, IF you're the first to grab this you'll get it for a buck" once you click on the options at the side for colour, size etc., the price skyrockets. Then even if you order 3 different types of items and note that IF you were to order just one of them at a time their respective shipping costs, this lousy company will NOT combine shipping charges BUT WILL add them all up. It's where Wish get you for so much of their junk, inflated shipping costs. I do look over some of the reviews from others and sometimes when looking very closely at an item-say a bluetooth cannon-shaped speaker, I'll find that Wish indulges in some pretty deceptive practises. "Jumbo or Huge Speaker" and it turns out to be smaller than a soda pop can. Of course prior to ordering anything one should always look at the specs. But I also know that a lot of people will miss those. EBay buyers are sometimes like that and when say a charger is shown in the phone of an item, what you later read is that somewhere down below it's noted that the charger IS extra. Same for a cellphone case, lure you in with a price of $1 and showing a gold case. Before you BUY you have to click on a drop-down menu and what you'll find is that the $1 one is a clear case and the gold is then $9.99. Lots of companies do this but Wish IS really bad! I no longer buy from them and pretty much anything you want can be found on Amazon and often enough free shipping. Sure, sometimes Amazon is a little more expensive but they're fast, return policy is outstanding and probably half the planet trusts them.

I have a positively neutral review of WISH.COM to offer
Dear Readers:
I think that comments will always go back and forth with complaints and compliments about this company. I have had a very blessed experience with them, overall. I have ordered at least four times through them, and NO, I AM NOT A WISH.COM endless praiser.

This is a company that does respond to my questions, complaints, etc., and within a reasonable amount of time.

I have been disappointed by them on two occasions, one for a World of WarCraft hoodie, where the wrong one was sent, and it WAS DAMAGED. Wish refunded my money and told me to keep it!

I experienced another order where I ordered an Android Keyboard (silicon bendies), and instead of the black one I wanted, I got a pink one...

On both occasions, I was only asked for a photo of the merchandise I received and told to keep the merchandise.

WISH.COM, at least from what I can gather, gets products from all over, and may have a number of foreign and domestic distribution centers. They have a default time for shipment, a medial time, and a maximum time. A global pandemic has an effect on all businesses. WISH has weathered it reasonably well in my opinion. I think you can feel safe ordering from them, but sometimes you are convinced said order was somehow STAR TREK STYLE beamed to you, and other times you are like... did it route through Alaska via dogsled, and did that LEAD dog sled die and the funeral was like seven days or more? LOL! Those centers of distribution are why. If said product you ordered is housed domestically, it will take less time to get to you. If it has a foreign distribution center origin... yeah, about that dog sled.

WISH.COM is a mixed blessing of human beings doing their best, but when I order a horde World of WarCraft jacket and they send me a damaged ALLIANCE one, I got disappointed. Refunding my money is just placation. But, at least I have the money back to either hopefully get the right product the next time.

WISH.COM is a mixed bag of results. The less you pay for something, the less packaging or instructions or colorful advertising will be included. What you order is what you will receive, and not necessarily always what was in the picture.

I find customer support to be top notch with them, solving the business end of things always.

I refuse to see them as a scam or frauding anybody. They have good merchandise. Just speak up if you get the wrong style / color / size / etc. They will make good on their mistakes.

Use their app and plug yourself in. And maybe one day, they will even let you censor and filter their merchandise display pictures so you dont have to look at sexy underwear, dildos, and racy pictures too much!

Shop at your own risk!
The first (and last) time I used Wish, I ordered a few different items from two different sellers. From the first seller, one of the items was missing from the package, and the items I did actually receive were counterfeit. After attempting to contact customer service several times regarding the issues, I finally received a reply that made little sense (Im assuming the person that wrote it did not speak English very well) and did not even acknowledge the part about the missing item. I ended up getting a refund for only one out of the six items that were delivered (there were supposed to be seven) for the inconvenience of them being counterfeit, and it was on the cheapest item and did not include a refund for the shipping. The missing item was never acknowledged or refunded and after several more attempts to contact customer service regarding the item with no reply, I finally gave up and cut my losses. On an additional note, I find it absurd that there was an individual shipping cost on each of the items that cost as much as the item itself, when all of the items came in one shipment. I must have paid at least 5 times the actual cost to ship my very lightweight items in one shipment. As for the second seller that I ordered two items from, I waited and waited to receive until I all but forgot about the order. Several months after the order was placed, it came to my mind that I had never received them. I went to my order history, where it clearly showed on the tracking that Wish were never delivered. I then went to the request refund link and chose the reason item not received, however when I attempted to submit the request, I received an auto-reply that I was unable to receive a refund on items that were delivered more than 30 days ago. Obviously this made no sense as their own system showed that the item was never delivered! So I was forced to go through the message customer service option again, explaining to them what they should already be aware of, that I never received the items after waiting several months, and, of course, just want a refund that is rightly due back to me. God knows when, or if, I will ever hear back from customer service or receive my refund. The only thing I am sure of, is that I will never purchase another item from Wish again.

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