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• Oct 01, 2023

I ordered a Ferrero Rocher cake for my brothers birthday from Dubai. The photo in the website was so appealing and I paid Rs 3800. The cake delivered was looking so pathetic infact it was even worse than a local bakery cake. I was having so much excitement before delivery and became so sad after seeing the cake.

This is the second time I am facing this experience and I will make sure I will never order from this company who cheats people and ruins their special occasions.

I would like to inform whoever is reading that this company is a total spam and please make sure nobody to take a risk and have a bad experience on your special occasions.


Worst experience ever!
The worst experience one can face on a much awaited birthday of my daughter. Ordered a cake well before the delivery date & got an email confirmation that order will be delivered by 3 PM on 14th Feb. After a futile wait & trying to call/chat/email with their customer care no response. Finally went to a local bakery and bought a simple cake. Big embarrassment in front of guests & daughter's friends as she was expecting a photo cake & the party was supposed to start at 5 PM. To our surprise we got a notification at next day that cake has been delivered. After repeated calls and mail finally got hold of a (Pseudo) customer care agent who sounded like a pre programmed tape recorder who casually tried "apologising" to end the conversation. One of the guys even offered to get it delivered on 17th Feb! Are you people insane, don't you follow simple human logic that if a birthday cake is ordered it has to be delivered on that date only, & not offer delivery after 3-4 days.
I have faced similar treatment in October last year. Heads up to all those people who don't have a bakery shop nearby as Winni will ditch you for sure, guys pls don't trust these jokers as they do not value you as a consumer who spends his hard earned money for their loved ones on a very special day celebrated only once a year that too for a kid aged 5 years.

Here follows a automated reply that they apologise blah blah blah... And to contact their Pseudo agents for problem redressal

Pathetic Service by Winni
I ordered a black current cake + bouquet for midnight delivery. At 11:00PM I called up the customer care to check if the delivery is happening or not. So that I could have arranged for an alternative if there were any problems. The customer service executive said that it was out for delivery and there are no issues. 10 minutes before midnight, I get a pre-default text stating the cake was damaged and delivery will get delayed by 3 hours. It was finally delivered next day after noon. This is after Winni took Rs. 250 extra for midnight delivery.

It doesn't end here. These people have no regard for your choice of cakes also. After hours of searching I finally selected a beautiful looking black current cake and the delivered a simple chocolate cake without having the courtesy to inform me! What a pathetic service.

I never should have ordered from this site. Ruined the day completely!

Pathetic Service
I had placed an order *******2105) a 500 gm KitKat Gems Cake & a Pink Rose bouquet (20 roses) that were supposed to be delivered between 10 am & 2 pm IST. The delivery person (RAVI NAIK: +91 85534 67201) shows up at 5:30 pm with a bouquet of 6 red roses and a plain chocolate cake. Please keep in mind that listed price (per their website) for both the items/ products were INR: 1149/- (order total: INR: 2298/-) and Winni had very well mentioned that there'll be a surge price for the roses due to high demand, and still they shamelessly tried delivering wrong items/ products. The phone numbers listed in their websites DO NOT work and there's no way I could put across my concern to the person responsible. On the other hand, this wasn't my first order with them, I've always had a pleasant experience ordering through them until today. I'm completely unsure if they'll reach out to me in this regard or process a refund or a replacement or even respond to this message. However, please be careful before you order through them and you might even explore alternative options (I really should have done that as well). Its a known fact that when a new venture launches in INDIA, you get the best experience but slowly turns sour just like the INDIAN political system. I'm not yet calling them a FRAUD/ SCAMMERS but Winni is not far from becoming one if they continue with this kind of a low-level (DESI) service. Plus the owner/ worker of this particular branch (GOVIND NAIK +91 96861 53933) never answers the phone. Seems to me that the NAIK duo are up to something fishy.

Don't use this bloddy service to book cakes or flowers online, if you are living in Abroad..
Hi I live in UK, For my nephiew's birthday i booked a cake in online in winni website, while booking the order i clearly mentioned that the order should be delievered between 10AM to 2 PM and i gave my cousin's number in india, The delivery person from Winni had called my cousin only one time and at that time he is in travelling so he can't able to attend the call, After 5 mins my cousin called the winni delivery person and the answer gave by him was shocked, he charged extra 150 rupees to get the delivery again.

Winni customer service is also very poor in serving customers, Winni don't have updated information to deal with customers, it is very panic to deal with the customer people. Finally my cousin paid the 150 rupees to get the delivery, but still they took quite good amount of time to get the cake delivered.

When it comes to the Cake quality it is not upto the standards, and the cake is not tasty at all. Please trust me and don't use this bloody service if you are living in UK or USA or any other country. I'm sure you will face lot of issues with your order,.

Winni team is not worth to give even a single star. I NEVER TRUST THIS DODGY PEOPLE

"good winni"
Thanku niharika I got some meat here and there, and some of you would understand how difficult and frustrating it is to find a right sports bra that would fit nicely and is comfortable. I got couple sports bra from popular brands and Winni always ended up being really tight on my chest and shoulder, and I thought that was what sports bra supposed to be so that it can hold my chest from moving aggresively while exercising. I was never able to have it on for longer than a couple hours and it was so uncomfortable.

I was actually a bit skeptical about it this time as well. But I've been going to the gym more frequently lately and definitely needed a sports bra for cardio exercises. I did not want to try ones at the store because they were all ugly with too many strings on the back or just did not fit well. I did some research, read many reviews, then compared the prices, and yay, this is what I got in the end!

I immediately tried each one of them and they all fit perfectly well. I didn't struggle to put them on or to take them out, and they were so soft and comfortable around my breast. It wasn't too tight, but was enough to cover my entire breast and to hold them firmly even when I was running.

Worst Service and Terrible Customer Care
Believe me winni is worth One star. Now experience goes like this.

Although I had been using Winni services for over 3 years. But this time I had 360° Terrible experience.

Few nuggets are below:

Occassion Diwali - 14 Nov 20 much awaited festival of year.

Order date - 11 Nov 20 at 1 pm

Assured Delivery date shown - 14 Nov

On 11 Nov at 8Pm Winni updated via email to me as order out for delivery. I was very elated to know this.

But order not delivered till 13 Nov 11AM.

Contacted customer service but it was Terrible care given. They have no update where is my order? Why getting delayed?

Checked POD Myself - It shows packet originated from Chandigarh, sent to delhi, then Gurgaon, and lying there. Screenshot attached here with.

Written mail to director Chander Pal but

No response yet and they have No escalation matrix.

No genuine resolution, purely harrasment to customer on this occasion of Diwali.

Very bad experience overall guys don't use their services, it's a gang of unprofessional people.

Delivered worst product dead roses and ruined the day
I have ordered Fresh "Blooming Insight - Rose flowers", a greeting card and Big Cadbury celebrations pack for my wife on her birthday(12-Aug-20). I have ordered 2 days in advance and i got confirmation too from Winni.
The Delivery time would be 10 AM - 9PM and i said ok.
On 12-Aug-20, the delivery message was not done till 5 pm in the evening. I followed then using chat option several times regarding the delivery and Winni said we will deliver it on time.
I received my order and to my surprise, they have arranged everything with the local vendor at the last minute. I have received low quality different product instead of the ordered one.
I have ordered fresh roses (10 Pcs) and they delivered only 6 which is already dead roses
I have ordered greeting card and they delivered 10 rps card
I have ordered Cadbury celebrations pack, but they sent 3 daily milk chocolates worth of 80 rps in a plastic cover. Even it was not packed.
I have paid 1323 rps including delivery and what they deliver is for 300 rps. I have reported this to winni customer care and what they offer is 100 rps refund also they said that the location is remote thats why they could not arrange properly. I have checked with them before ordering and they said yes. Also the customer representative said that we will send these kind of shipment to the remote location and what sort of attitude is this?
Totally ruined the occasion and dont beleive in them. They are not fit to run this business very worst. This is my first time order to them and i have experienced this.
My suggestion we can deliver whatever we can but do not beleive in these people anymore.
Whether kanchipuram is a remote location, if yes then they should not have this option for delivery.
Cunning fellows
Can anyone suggest me how can i lodge an complaint against them, since they are looting our hard earned money.
You can see what i have ordered and what they delivered

What an Unpleasant Experience
Refer to the below chain email:

Rajan mehta <*******>
Jul 12 (6 days ago)
To Winni
Dear Himshikha,

Thanks for your response, however, thats not a convincing response at all.

Think Logically, I live in Australia and i planned to send a surprise cake to my nephew on 09/07/2018, unfortunately, i picked up you guys to do the job. You delivered the product and i been notified for that by my sister on the same day and then my sister sent me the celebration pics on the next day, that was 10/07 and i saw the cake you guys delivered and felt so disappointed that y i chose winni to do the job. I called straight away and been asked to send you an email which i did that and now you are coming back to me with ur policies, just reply me what better you could do if you were at my place.

As i mentioned earlier, you guys stuffed it up, thats fine as we all make mistakes, but not doing any good to me in return, you are repeating the mistake again. Kindly compensate me for what you have done otherwise i am not going to spare for what you have done, my promise!

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From: Himshikha Anand (Winni) <*******>
Sent: Wednesday, July 11,2018 2:56:12 PM
To: rajan mehta
Subject: [Winni] Re: Serious Complaint-order #*******743

##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Your request (25247) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.
Himshikha Anand (Winni)

Jul 11,10:26 IST

Hi Rajan

Since you have highlighted the issue 2 days after the delivery, therefore, we won't be able to make any replacements for your order. As per company policy, we can only take action on complaints up to 4-6 hours after delivery in which we can refund or redeliver the cake. We are unable to take corrective action regarding your order. We will make sure that the issue doesn't go unnoticed. We will get back to a vendor on this issue. We are sorry for not meeting your expectation this time but we look forward to serving you better in near future.

Kind Regards
Winni Team

Rajan meht
Rajan mehta

Jul 11,01:21 IST


This is Raj from Australia. I recently placed an order of Mango Maharaja cake for my nephew believing that i am going for the best deal and can rely on you guys for the service, but sorry to say you guys stuffed it up big time.

Compare the pictures m sending, what i ordered and what you delivered. My nephew is allergic to half of the stuff you sent in your cake. This is shame that you guys running a business and you dont know what you are doing. I thought i should let you know what happened so that you can have a look into it and come up with ur explanation before i make it viral everywhere in the world. Its a shame.

What i expect you to do is to compensate for this loss and apologize to my sister for what you have done. You have 48 hrs to deal with this complaint, if i dont have your response within 48 hrs, you will be responsible for all my further actions against you guys.

Ultra Cheats! Dont fall for them!
I placed order for a plumcake for parents. This year we missed being with them due to the pandemic.
In such times too such spineless and shameless companies take money and deliver a very spoilt and hopless pudding in a mangled box (Imagine if the box is mangled how would the content inside be). This was supposed to be delivered on 23rd December. Upon repeated reminders, (So I pay money and also keep following up. Its not in their ethics to execute an order) we finally got the cake with above description on 28th December. Upon complaining Winni promised to replace it with an other cake. When we inquired they said they have already delivered and wont be entertaining our request.
When we approached DTDC, we were given a so called tracking number for our cake, they said they have no such records. Finally cake arrived through speed post. How hopeless are you guys!

How low can you guys stoop for money? There are so many charity centres that will happily feed you without the need for cheating people and polluting your soul.

Unprofessional - 4/5 (received basic vanilla cake ordered mango maharaja)
Delivery - 3/5 - (knocking 1 star since i never got any mail after placing order)
Appearance - 2/5 (Message missing, cheap plastic message, shabby looking cake)
Responsiveness - 4/5 (Prompt reply but useless if you dont acknowledge the mistakes you did!)

I ordered a mango cake(in a season when mangoes are readily available) for brother's birthday. And he received a vanilla cake, without birthday message but yeah Winni put a plastic happy birthday on cake. I got to know about cake after few days, it not very natural to ask how's the cake flavor was? Anyways I send a complaint regarding same. I got a response saying they only deal with request within 4-24 hours. That's all!

Note: They ruin your special moments and then apologize for not being able to do anything since the time has passed.

Pathetic services
Hi, I had booked an order on 14th Feb'20.
While booking the time slots were given basis on which I paid the complete amount online. The order was supposed to get deliver btw 10 to 2pm, I had given office address to deliver the product. Until 4 pm there was no response, I tried calling the customer support number which is given on the website, unfortunately the given number is invalid, no reply from Chat team, email on customer support ( *******

I waited for the whole day, these people not only spoiled my day gave me such a pathetic experience which I'll remember through out my life.

The courier boy went to deliver the product at 12 midnight where the office was closed, it's delayed by 12 hours.

Now I got email stating that the product will get deliver today ( order booked for 14th Feb and delivery sent on 15th Feb.

I asked for refund for this even the delivery boy said Winni cannot refund, do whatever I want to do... Such a rude response.

Do go for this guy's, u'll experience the worst services.

Poor service and pathetic customer handling.
I recently ordered with Winni and oh boy! What an experience it was. Occassion was a surprise package for my parents 25th anniversary and not only Winni screwed up the order by someone's birthday cake but also refused to fix it later by saying " You can use this birthday cake as well"

On further escalations, they sent through the right cake but forgot rest of the delivery - flowers, gift and chocolates.

After a numerous back and forth, after a day we were able to receive our order but again with poor quality and rude service. They behaved as if they are doing us a favour by delivering the right thing.

Not only did they gave me poor service but the quality of products was not worth the $ I spent on it. After raising the complaint they sided with the vendor and said, right steps were taken and we served at the best.

Filthy and poor service. Please stay away from them as they will cheat you and will leave with a bad taste. Best is to order via trusted and more professional website.

This website a group of fraudsters!
This website a group of fraudsters and scammers. Winni have a good website and often come as number 1 google search result when you are planning to send gift to someone. My order number was: *******72070

This is the process through which they will loot your money:

1) They will show you beautiful gifts and flowers in their catalogue, attracting you to place an order on their website.

2) You will place an order successfully, get a delivery date and pay the money through online transaction.

3) While processing the order, they will send you an email saying that one of the items in the order is not available but they can provide you an alternate. The email will also mention that you need to reach them back ASAP.

4) Now as a genuine buyer, you will reply them back via email and also try to reach them through their contact number (customer care). Both will fail as they won't respond to your email and also their contact number is just a fraud random phone number which never works.

5) You will now reach them through chat (available on the website). You will wait for ages. The agent will tell you that order will be delivered timely. You will now relax.

6) They will never deliver your order and now when you again reach out to them for refund, they will first apologize and then after your insisting will force you to refund the money in your Winnie wallet (what a joke!). If you ask them to refund your money to bank account, they will provide you timeline of 15 to 20 days but will never confirm the processing the refund to bank account.

This is the complete process of how they will loot your money. Stay away from them.

You guys are cheaters & broke the trust I had on your team
I have ordered Choco Truffle Almond Cake with Heart shape and Flight of Happiness(16 Red Roses and 16 Ferraro chocolates) with Order ID *******7098 but I have received different cake and Normal Bouqet flowers(With No chocolates). You have charged extra money for heart shape and for roses and chocolates and what i have received I was shocked to see.

I had paid more than 3000 Rs-/ for this items and I have been delivered wrong items for my wife's birthday and spoiling my surprises.

I am really not happy and very much disappointed with your service and the way you guys have cheated me by charging huge money and delivering cheap standard quality of items and taste.

I would like to have full refund of the amount I have paid, if not I am willing to go to Consumer Court Forum through LinkedIn and Facebook and showcase the acts of cheating customers the way you have done to me. I am really very sad that on my wife's birthday and new year I had to face this issue because of improper service.

"Winni: CHEATERS". Worst Experience: Don't ever purchase anything from Winni. Really Dissappointing.
I ordered a blue colored Orchid bouquet for my Grandmother in Agra. It costs Rs 2100/- for that bouquet. It was really horrible. It was totally different from the one mentioned on their website. The bouquet was really small compared to the ordered one, flowers were not fresh and were broken from the stem. Winni have had used tape to just fix them. After complaining, the representatives behave like a Robot saying the same 'Sorry for your inconvenience'. It's not only about money but also the type of service you provide. They are just fooling people by showing different stuff on their website compared to what they actually deliver. I would never ever suggest anyone to buy anything from Winni. Big Cheaters and Worst Customer service.
WINNI: You really need to HIRE people who should understand what customers are asking for and ALSO who doesn't lie to their customers. Below are the images where 1st one is from their website and the remaining three are of the product which was delivered.

Third party outsourcing gone wrong
Problem is not with the website. Problem is that Winni outsource their deliveries to the cheapest possible vendor for sustainability and maximum reach. This results in an inability of the Company to ensure quality service and they are at the mercy of the third party. I ordered a bouquet for my sister in law who was hospitalised and imagine their shock when her get well soon note appears along with the bouquet on a thrown away garbage piece of paper with no mention as to who has sent it. I get a message for delivery but no thanks from my sister. On further enquiry, she told me that they had no idea as to who gave them the bouquet. It was a very sad event and pretty irresponsible on the part of the Company. Worst the Company doesnt even share its complaint redressal email on its website.

Payment taken, no delivery, no response for refund
The Winni Team
Accounts dept

Dear Sir,
My daughter Apoorva Chandra ordered cake and red rose on my anniversary... ref order no *******4476 on 16. 05. 20

Advance payment was made. And on 18 may only Cake was delivered at Patna. The delivery man told later on phone, that he had no order to deliver Bunch of red Roses.

Attempt to call for refund is not getting any response. Please refund Rs 500,50 % of total cost for red rose, not delivered.

Pl. Call me at *******678 to confirm the refund to the account, from which payment was made by my daughter.

If no response from your side, I will be forced to take legal action and put this fraud played on all over the media.

Looking forward to hear from you, ASAP, in 2 days

CC to my daughter Apoorva, who has made the order.

Attached. Screenshot or order

Thanking you...
Prakash Chandra

Worst Online Service

I made a order and below is the feedback for that. Booking ID: *******5086

Everything about Winni was good until the delivery person called me. Ur product was good, ease to order a product and everything was good but everything was ruined by your "So called" customer service and Delivery unit. One of most annoying and worst delivery unit and person i came across in my life.

1) Am from Chennai and I made a order in Bangalore to my Girlfriend as a surprise and u guys surprised me while delivering the cake. I can provide only the Address and Landmark of the recipient. Delivery person is called me like N number of times and irritated me to the core for more information and exact "PATH WAY" to reach the destination.
I have a doubt, Am i local to Bangalore or the delivery person. You are the guys who's providing services all over India, you guys should know the location and deliver the Product, not the other way around.

2) The delivery person is so so so so rude and he is making his own decision. I made the booking and specifically chose 11 - 11:59 slot and made a note in website while booking that I need the cake to be delivered only after 11:50. I was very very specific about that. Delivery person called me and he mentioned causally that he has other orders to deliver and it's mid night, so he will drop the cake at 11 PM.
Am I a "CRACK HEAD" to make a booking in WINNI to deliver a cake at 11:50. I can ask any of my frds or any other local normal services to to do that.
I was keep on mentioning to him that recipient is not in home. She will be at home only at 11:30, but he doesn't want to hear me out. He just want to deliver at 11 and go. And clearly mentioned, he has his personal life to take care., Did i ask him to be a delivery boy.

3) Customer Care - At least you have to improve your customer service. After all the fuzz from delivery unit, I tried calling *******132 this number and told him about everything happened. He told clearly that he will try to make the delivery after 11:30 at first. Nothing changed, Again delivery person called me and told he can deliver only at 11 and killing me for address and location to go (Am I a google service)., I called the Customer service again and i don't no what happened, he said, that delivery will done at 11,. I was so damm pissed after all the drama made by you guys.

4) This is was the total buzz kill and this made me to hate WINNI the most and never want to book again, because of one person. He made her (my GF) to come to out to his place (Where ever he was waiting) at night 11:20, and she guided him to her place and finally he ruined the B'day which i planned for days and delivered your stupid Cake after all the drama he made. If something happened to her at night, will you guys take responsibility?. This is was so horrible experience which we will occur. B'day went from Happy occasion to disaster. Please train your deliver guys and improve on your mistakes, this should not happen to another person again.

SCAMSTER ALERT! Fraudsters! Fake! Cheaters! I don't even want to give a single star but since it is the minimum I have to give. I selected one star. Winni is a scamster site.The experience I had with them is a nightmare! Until now bad customer service was never introduced to me, thanks to winni Winni made me aware of what terrible service means. Although I was skeptical to place an order with winni for a birthday cake worth 3500rs I went ahead and took the risk thinking how bad it can go... and ohh! How winni made me realize how bad it can be. First they didn't do the delivery on time I placed the order on 10th Jan which was supposed to be delivered on 11th jan between 9am to 6pm. I was ok with my order getting late but I just wanted it to be delivered on the promised day and atleast with a decent quality, this is what my expectation levels had fallen after reading reviews of winni online. If I had only read the reviews before placing the order. My friend just mentioned the site to me and unable to control my emotions to surprise my friend I blindly placed an order from winni. However it was a bad decisio, n not only they did not deliver the cake but also the tracking option is pathetic. You can get zero clue of with the so called 'track order' option. No timely or let's just say no update was provided about what is happening with my order. When I checked with customer service(on live chat) someone named 'Shivi' was handling my queries. As expeced from a scamster the responses were delayed I was getting an answer to my questions after 10-15 mins. And when asked about the update on my order I was asked to wait for 30 min... after 30 mins when I pinged 'Shivi', god knows if this is even a real customer agent, she asked me to wait for another 30min. My frustration level had increased I asked to her/him to cancel the order and issue me a refund, there was literally no response. As if the scamster had understood that their scam has been discovered, they stopped responding. I'm scared that my order will not be processed and neither will I get a refund but I will make sure that my review reaches the masses and these scamsters are shut down! I will post the same review time and again so that it is not forgotten and these scamsters are exposed!

Good quality product but service needs improvement
Used them for my husband's birthday since I live out of the country. I had two orders, flowers and card for the work and cake for the house on two separate days.

The cake was delicious my husband said but Winni called him. It was supposed to be a surprise for him. But other than that, the cake one was fine.

The flowers though, those were the main concern. I sent flowers to his work and delivery was 9am - 1pm but the person didn't get there until 2:00pm. They also NEVER pick up their phone! I called and called but never! I finally got some answers via email and some via chat support. But even on chat support, they kept leaving me on read and not responding.

The website also mentioned that they will "capture the moment" for you but none of that happens. Overall, I feel like they over promise and under deliver.

Only giving three stars because they made his special day special for me while I couldn't be there.

Poor team poor servies
- The service of this site is very very poor.
- No coordination regarding your courier.
- Price of each item is Very High, specially with such a bad service.

Yesterday, I have ordered a cake for my friend's B-day. Delivery time was mentioned at Midnight 12:00 AM. Even I have also paid the extra money for midnight delivery, but till now (at 10:00 AM next day) there is no information of the delivery and items havent reached even after more than 10 hours late.

You guys have just ruined the B-day. You should have understand the meaning of such presents and its timely delivery. Here the only important thing is the TIME.

Friends, I'll request all of you to JUST IGNORE

I ordered a 500gm Chocolate Fudge Cake 2 days before my wifes birthday in Chennai and scheduled an appointment for the delivery between 1 5 pm. Winni never delivered the cake within that time. At 6.00 P. M, I had to call their customer service to enquire and they were totally clueless about it.
They arranged a rush Job and totally botched my order. Completely different from what I ordered. If they had told me that it was missed, I could have arranged something at that time. Instead they made me wait for a phone call till late and we didnt have a cake at the end.
The size of the cake delivered was less than 5 inches in diameter and that was 799 (which I am sure you can get in supermarket for 200-300).
Dont Believe the hype from the reviews in their website. Should have been aware when the reviews in their website were ALL positive. Thats what led me to it.
So much for a surprise birthday. Now we both are disappointed Beware

Just money eaters
Never ever with Winni unless you are having peace in life and not liking it.

I ordered a midnight cake for my wife with extra cost for a heart shaped choc cake. Winni called up saying heart shape is not available and they will deliver circular shape and will refund the difference. I also asked them to not reveal my name while delivery which is already present as a feature in their delivery.

Then when they deliver, they revel the name and I was embarrassed as I was present during the receiving time. When I ask their Customer care they say that the receiver demanded and refused to take the order. What a cover up.

Then they returned be 100 Rs into Winni wallet. Firstly the difference between the circular and heart shaped was 150, but they say its 100. I even showed them the screen shots after which they just don't respond at all. Secondly why is that they put the money into the wallet? Is it their business tactic so that they don't loose that 100 Rs and also we will place the order again. Looks like their strategy itself was to change the order.

Is their a way I can make a complain in Comsumer count regarding this?

Wonderful Experience | Seemed Genuine To Me
I ordered a cake and a red rose flower bouquet from winni and would like to share my experience with this website. It was my parent's anniversary and I was out of town. I wanted to make it special for them. When I couldn't be there I knew that only online delivery could save me.
But to be frank, I don't really prefer online portals and neither am I very technology-friendly so I avoid ordering online. It is very difficult to find trustworthy websites that are totally worth your efforts and money. But, since I was out of town and had no other option but to turn to online portals to deliver a cake to my parents. After a lot of research, I shortlisted some websites that seemed genuine to me, amongst them was winning. I checked the reviews and Winni were good. So, I ordered a red velvet cake for their anniversary and a red rose flower bouquet too. Trust me, the delivery was on time and the quality of the cake was also good. So, overall my experience was wonderful and since then I always order cakes online from Winni only and suggest everyone the same website for online cake, flowers, and gifts.


Winni will send you a totally cheap cake with cheap candles whilst you would have ordered a Cacke worth 2500 Rs with candles worth 250, this is what happened with me. Lotus flower children candle cost only 20 Rs and they sent me that candle whereas I had ordered a champagne designed candle worth 250 Rs. What a shame! The Cacke wasn't at all what I had ordered online for 2500 Rs and was more like a 250 Rs Cacke from our local aggarwal shop! At last the customer care said they can't refund because I didn't accept the order? I mean WTF! Why would I accept a garbage and show it to my mother who was celebrating her 60th on new year. This company is a total scam! Customer care don't respond once they have taken money! This is a nightmare experience with WINNI and I will never ever recommend anybody to order anything from this site. Save your hard earned money from these cheaters and order from somewhere else!

Irresponsible management and customer care
Irresponsible management and customer care

Order id: *******91755

've been calling the customer care and trying to chat in the website from 4 PM and after such a struggle, I came to know from the customer care representative that MY ORDER WAS DAMAGED DURING TRANSPORTATION
(for doubts/suspicion, please try to check my conversation with your representative, that would be recorded in your database). This happened around 7:15. I requested that representative to cancel the order and send me a confirmation, which he accepted.

Then, after quite some time, I received a Call from a guy saying that the cake is on its way and it will be delivered around 8 PM. I replied that I've cancelled since the expected time of delivery was 6 PM(which was the slot I booked in your website!).

I called customer care again to ask about the status and I was shocked to hear that, the order has been returned since I REFUSED TO ACCEPT!

More shocking is that I received an email and text msg stating that the order has been delivered to me!

No response/refund/cake yet!

Worst experience ever!
This was my worst experience ever with any online delivery service. I ordered three items and wanted them to be delivered on the same day but the next slot was of next day so I kinda dropped off from this site and then one guy calls me from this number: *******070 and asks me to pay the amount and give the orderID and promised me that he will get it delivered on the same day which btw never happened. And I was not able to connect to this number after then.

Then next day, I got a call from winni and Winni say that the flowers that you ordered cant be delivered cause we don't have it right now, you can order cake instead and they just had one option in that. Till now I haven't received the order.
I was so frustrated with the kind of service i got from this site. It was my parents's anniversary and these guys totally ruined my gesture.

So guys order at your risk. This is not reliable at all.

No Value for Money
I ordered flowers and a bamboo plant to be delivered in Delhi on 12th May 2019. The order status for # *******4165 was updated to Delivered incorrectly on website portal. The order was never delivered!
I contacted Chat 3 times. The reps are neither responsive nor willing to listen to the issue.
Winni has not contacted me back. I have not even been offered a refund or delayed delivery of goods I rightfully ordered.

For a company that makes big promises on their website, Winni have no value or respect for customer satisfaction
Update: I received another email from WINNI on May 15th that the order was Delivered. Another LIE from the company.
Finally they have agreed to refund the $ in 15-20 days! In this day and age, they take about 3 weeks to refund $.
Forget about customer satisfaction

Bad experience
I have ordered a cake for a midnight birthday celebration. But the time schedule was bit confused on the Website as soon I realized it I tried to cancel my order a day before through the help desk someone attended me but after reading my cancel request nobody responded so then I send an email 12 hrs before my order then I got a reply I can't cancel my I can only change the schedule. That reply was really made me unhappy because in Winnie's cancellation policy it is clearly mentioned we can cancel any orders either 24hrs or 12 hrs time. I argued about it requested for my refund and the reply was Keep getting delayed this made my time loss and I didn't get any clear answer for this from anyone. Finally cake arrived even the cake was not worth the price I ordered a 1000 rs worth cake of 500gm but the quality was too bad. I am really sad about this awful service from winni. In. This was my first attempt with winni. So as this will be the last as well. Very poor quality and bad customer service. I really feels like I lost my money. I never ever recommend winni to anybody. I am so sorry about to say these but this is my feelings towards winni's service.

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Description: Winni provides best cake delivery service across 480 cities of India. Choose Winni for flowers delivery, cake delivery for birthday, anniversary occasion and get same day delivery, midnight delivery, fixed time delivery options

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