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I've purchased a Winkbed before so know I like the...
I've purchased a Winkbed before so know I like the product. However the website seems to be way too cluttered. Everything seems like an advertisement which honestly cheapens the brand in my mind. I struggled to figure out how to purchase! Every time I clicked on a bed it just brought me to a page with loads of details. I wish the shopping experience was easier and less gimicky.

After doing all of my homework for learning about mattresses...
After doing all of my homework for learning about mattresses, I am so happy about finding your wonderful mattress. I am so looking forward to providing this gift of great sleep for my husband and myself. When I got to your site and found the purchase was straightforward and your site worked so well, I am already so thrilled with my choice. Thank you so very sincerely, Everyone. Please stay safe and well. Sonia

The mattress arrived, but was extremely heavy
The mattress arrived, but was extremely heavy - thank goodness my son was here to get it into the house! However, having it delivered to our home was great. I don't think I could ever get my husband to a store to "try" mattresses out and decide on one. This mattress was put on our previous boxspring. It is exactly what was needed for the back pain we experienced every morning. The pain is gone and we sleep so much better. So far, so good - thank you so much.

Website was kinda busy and I felt like I was be bombarded...
Website was kinda busy and I felt like I was be bombarded with info to get me to buy a product. I would have preferred a sleeker presentation. All that said, the financing step to see my monthly payment options was much easier than another company's so I went with yours. And I appreciate contactless delivery because it can be a pain to coordinate my schedule with delivery folks

I like the different firmness levels and reviews by...
I like the different firmness levels and reviews by reliable sources like Wirecutter. Deducted a star as I felt rushed to get order submitted in less than 10 mins. Adding a quick unexpected hit of $25 for shipping insurance also was distasteful. If you simply acknowledged the insurance as a given - hell, as a selling point - consumers like me would never notice the extra $25 added to overall price in thousands.

First ever bed in a box
First ever bed in a box. I found the box to be pleasingly heavy feeling that it meant quality. I wish I had video taped the moment I cut the plastic off the vacuum packaging it was fun to watch! Let it rest for 24hrs and then we slept on it. There was a bit of out gassing you could smell the first night but the second night you had to stuff your nose in it to still smell it. The Euro top feel is plush with the mattress still feeling firm. We are looking forward to more night on it.

The only negative I have is that it was not clear to...
The only negative I have is that it was not clear to me that the bed in the box was just dropped off on my door step. I fortunately saw the delivery person so she helped me get in the door. If not I don't think I could have it's extremely heavy. Otherwise I love the bed so far!

Was easy to get someone on the phone and Wink Beds helped me with the delivery dates which was confusing.

Easy to find what I wanted
Easy to find what I wanted. But disappointed I have to pay extra if my mattress is damaged or lost along the way. That seems like it should be Winbeds issue not mine. So to be thrown that at the very end of the process, of course I added that. Otherwise I would have to go back and switch to my Amex which would have covered any transport issues.

I would have paid the extra money for the white glove...
I would have paid the extra money for the white glove delivery because my elderly mother can't lift anything, and my sister is not a weight lifter. So what am I to do? Drive to Pennsylvania just to help carry this thing into the house? Even though COVID is real, it is just an excuse not to offer the white glove service. Because there are many businesses and communties that never stopped working, such as the medical community, goverment contractors, and the food industry.

We are happy with our new mattress so far
We are happy with our new mattress so far. The delivery was quick and the mattress was extremely easy to set up. We received the King Sleep bundle with the purchase of our bed which is very nice but it is interesting that the pillow cases included in the bundle are for a standard pillow. King pillows came with the bundle. The pillows are very comfortable.

Mattress Started Sagging after 5 months
When I first got this mattress (January 2021) the firmness in support under my hips was perfect I rotated it as suggested but after about four or five months I noticed it wasn't as supportive in the middle as it used to be. After taking off the sheets today I noticed just a little dip in the middle. Under pressure it goes down a little more, but not enough to be considered bad. I'm very tall and weight around 220 lbs. Its just that I have a very bad back and I can notice this slight change in the mattress. I think I'll look for something to slide between the box springs and mattress to help raise up the middle section and see how that feels. This mattress is a little firm for lengthy side sleeping, but very good for stomach and back sleepers. I'm a stomach and side sleeper so its difficult to find a mattress that is good for both types of sleeping. This slight loss of support in the middle is causing me to toss and turn and have more back pain. What it looks like what happened here is the form has compressed overtime this is a very common problem with mattresses.
Note: I read that Winkbed uses 1.8 density foam in the top comfort layer above the latex layer. Even though this is better quality foam than some companies use, if Wink Beds used a more durable high resilency foam, say around a 2.5 to 2.8 density (even with the same firmness rating) the top comfort layer would last at least twice as long before compacting. This of course would put the price up a little, but it would be well worth paying for it. I know I would.
Update: I recently put two 30" x 40" floor carpets under the middle of my mattress above the boxspring.
This has restored the mattress to near original shape
The problem I found is that the mattress has extra support around the edges and the edges don't sag when the middle does
I also installed a mattress pad to soften the mattress this allows for more comfortable side sleeping and I can still sleep on my stomach

I bought this bed for my father who is 80 years old...
I bought this bed for my father who is 80 years old and has had the same mattress for a while. I decided for Christmas I would get him a soft bed that would help with his aching back and joints. So far, we have had the bed for a week and he has slept so good! We got the softest version of the bed. It was packaged very well and not too heavy that I couldn't assemble it for him:-) it was very easy to set up and we did not have to wait overnight for the bed to rise like most of the competitors. Once I cut the plastic on the bed and expanded and was ready to go!

Winkbed EcoCloud Hybrid is not 'Cooling'
I bought the Winkbed EcoCloud Hybrid, because it claims to be a cooling mattress. It most certainly is not. About halfway through the night, it just radiates heat back at me, making it impossible to sleep through the night. In no way is it an improvement in comfort or 'cooling' than my old Simmons mattress. I'm disappointed, and will be returning it. The only benefit to this bed is that it's made of natural materials that don't stink. Otherwise, nothing special about it, and in fact, it has resulted in much worse sleep.

Your site automatically signed me in through a ShopPay...
Your site automatically signed me in through a ShopPay API. ShopPay doesn't have accurate personal information so it automatically loads incorrect information. That's made checking out a nightmare. Tried to checkout with Bread but because the ShopPay applied with the incorrect phone number and name I couldn't check out. From start to finish, it's taken me hours to buy 1 bed. Terrible. I almost abandoned my cart so many times to buy my second choice bed - Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid - but only stopped because I've already spent hours reading up on the Winkbed. Otherwise, I would probably be a happy Brooklyn Bedding or Saatva customer soon.

I've only slept on my bed for four nights, but my back...
I've only slept on my bed for four nights, but my back pain has lessened significantly. So far, I'm very pleased with my mattress.

Things to note:
This mattress DOES off gas. It's not terrible, but I have a sensitive nose. We've been sleeping on it for four nights, and still need to keep the windows open.
The delivery estimator on the main webpage was not accurate. However, when I called to find out when my mattress would ship, the mattress went out that day.

I was able to speak to Caroline via the text feature
I was able to speak to Caroline via the text feature. She answered all of my questions in great detail, making my purchasing decision a lot easier. I asked her a lot of questions about the firmness comparisons of the Winkbed mattresses and also about the difference between the Winkbed mattress compared to the Helix mattresses. Her answers greatly assisted me with my decision. Outstanding support! Thank you Caroline!
I was looking at the Helix beds and came across a Winkbed review on My Slumber Yard mattress reviews website. Wink Beds highly praised your product, even when comparing it to other, higher cost mattresses.

I wanted this product but this website was so bad and...
I wanted this product but this website was so bad and spammy that I almost did not order it. I did not like how there were all these reviews everywhere and the whole website felt very cluttered. I did not like how I could not click on the products individually. Also there was this popup asking if Wink Beds could do anything it was very distracting and did not allow me to close the dialog box. I ligit almost did not order because the website seemed very scammy.

My order was placed the week before Christmas and my...
My order was placed the week before Christmas and my bed arrived Christmas Eve which was very impressive. The description of the beds led me to the Luxury Firm which indeed is great for my bad back. As for setup and handling the bed, it is heavy. It drags around pretty easy though once out of the box while still wrapped. I didn't notice the little cutter until after I'd opened the wrapper around the mattress…lol. It fell out of the box outside through a tear in the cardboard box side. So look for it, the little white plastic cutter. Wrestle it up on my platform to remove the plastic. It did have odor. I allowed the mattress to air for the afternoon and early evening before I made the bed. The smell had mostly dissipated didn't bother me the first night. The sleep bundle is a bit cheesy, but hey…

What is the "Environmental Responsibility Fund" charge?
What is the "Environmental Responsibility Fund" charge? Either this should be part of the product's advertised purchase price or a voluntary charge. It should not be an involuntary separate charge on top of the advertised price (this is unethical). Because I purchased this bed at SleepSherpa, I didn't have a chance to see that I was being charged extra for this involuntary "fee".

I confirmed on three separate occasions that I could...
I confirmed on three separate occasions that I could place an order for a Wink bed and have it delivered on or after my move-in date. I have received notifications that all three packages, which shipped separately, will be delivered ahead of my move-in date, and have spent hours on the phone with both FedEx and UPS trying to redirect the packages. This added an enormous amount of stress to my move.

Seems like a good product
Seems like a good product. Hoping it lasts a bunch of years. We had a nectar all foam. It had huge canyon's in just 3 years I think. It's tough to measure the inches because the top layer foam recovers.
The lower support layer not to much. Hoping your firm spring load model will do better. Thanks for building this product we will give it a spin over the next couple of seasons and give you a holler if it seems to ware well or not so well. Best regards, lisa

I ordered the Queen size bed and frame by my own fault
I ordered the Queen size bed and frame by my own fault. I sent an email to customer service to change my order to the King as I had clicked on the wrong buttons. Convenience does have its drawbacks. It's very easy to get to point of sale, which as a millennial, I appreciate. The ability to change the order with one email and listen to what I had to say is even more so appreciated.

The ordering service is easy and you are assisted by...
The ordering service is easy and you are assisted by a knowledeable professional. You then are assigned an order number via email and updates on the estimated time frame for delivery. I ordered a heavy duty bed frame and platform foundation for our first bed. But on the second bed forgot to get a platform. Chelsea in customer service exhanged the order and the foundation arrived at the perfect time!

When I placed my order it came up with a $299 charge...
When I placed my order it came up with a $299 charge for an extra sleep bundle, which I had to remove. Now that I see my receipt, I notice a $9 for an environmental responsibility fund. I have no idea what this is and did not see any explanation or option when placing my order. I feel like there were attempts to sneak in charges for things that I did not want. I was pretty excited about ordering my new mattress, but this colors my experience.

So far, so good
So far, so good. I look forward with anticipation, concern and high hopes in receiving the new EcoCloud Hybrid. Concern with fingers crossed is that all goes well and it is what we are looking for. I purchased an expensive mattress at a local store with guarantees of return if not right. The bed started making sways on both side very fast (and we are not large people at all). Contacted store, Wink Beds told me to file issue online which became a disastrous and time consuming fiasco. Still have major back pain and a sway bed since we were told it wasn't "bad enough to return". Just not wanting to go through any of that ever again so appreciate your online info and guarantees. Thank you!

The constant bogus "time clock" showing me how many...
The constant bogus "time clock" showing me how many minutes I had left to complete my order is so childish and sophomoric... from a "supposedly" top notch company. It actually made be think twice about the whole process and why things needed to be pushed along. Guess marketing feels Wink Beds need to treat everyone as gullible children. I certainly did not appreciate it. It actually almost kept me from placing the order since I wondered what you were trying to hide by rushing the process.

My only complaint is that the mattress had a strong...
My only complaint is that the mattress had a strong odor after it came out of the vacuum smell. After Research you decided it was probably off gassing but it would be helpful if this was included in material sent with bed to describe this.

Bed arrived much later than it was supposed to. However it was a ups problem. Customer service did contact ups and figure out the issue.

I'm incredibly frustrated that I still haven't received...
I'm incredibly frustrated that I still haven't received my order nearly 3 weeks after I placed it. I just received notice that it won't arrive for another 8 days. I'm literally about to make a payment on a Mattress that I don't even have yet.
Don't tell people that Wink Beds will get their order in 2 weeks if you can't fulfill your promise. I'm in excruciating pain and haven't slept in weeks waiting for this to arrive. I'm beyond disappointed and upset at how my purchase experience has been thus far.

After searching for alternatives for a new mattress,...
After searching for alternatives for a new mattress, I looked at several mattress reviews and decided to give Wink Beds a try. The shipping and delivery went smoothly, the mattress shipped separately from the sheets, pillows and mattress protector. It was easy to install, and you need two people. Super easy to order, no issues with shipping and appears to be a high quality product. Thanks

Deceptive Website
Their deceptive website caused me to purchase a $200 bed frame that was not necessary for my bed and when I contacted them to return an unopened product, Wink Beds fell back on their no return policy. The only reason they need a no return policy on their bed frames is because they use deception to sell them. BEWARE! Customer service has offered no help at all. Not happy with our experience so far.

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