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Excellent service, awesome wine
A friend recommended Wine Insiders to me a few months back. I did not even know you could wine delivered to your door (in Texas). The first order's delivery took a while (in the middle of Covid chaos) but generally wine is delivered within a couple of business days. The prices are great and the wine is excellent. At this point I have probably bought 5 or 6 half cases and there has only been one bottle I did not like. The only downside is that if you find something you REALLY like Wine Insiders may not have it the next order. But you can always find something new. Prices are better than any big box (or local) liquor store or grocery. I like that is comes right to the door (or I can have it delivered to a drug store or FedEx store) and delivery is free. Great value, great wine, great service.

Wine insiders club Groupon review
I came across the wine insiders groupon about a week ago, looked like a great deal, so I checked the reviews. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much. A couple reddit reviews complaining about wine clubs in general and the usual you tube reviews. "this is the best product in the world! You have to buy it, it's life changing! Just click my personal link below!." eye roll... I figured id give it a try and write a review for anyone else who was looking. $60 (75 originally, but groupon almost always has 20%off coupons) plus $30 shipping is only $6 per bottle... Here's how it went:

Wine Insiders have a special link on the Groupon that you click on, takes you right to your specific deal. Once you get there a screen pops up and asks if you want to upgrade. You can stick with you basic package or upgrade to "better" for $25 or "best" with rush processing for $45. I went ahead and I upgraded to best. It's still only $8 a bottle and the pop up made me feel like the base wines would be crap. My order was placed on dec 29th, but didn't ship until jan 2nd. I wouldn't call that rush processing, but since it was the holidays, I can let it slide.

I haven't gotten the wine yet, I will update this as soon as I do. I do have some concerns though. The upgrade package said the premium wines will be worth close to $20 each. The wines that showed up in my tasting notes ranged from 10.99 to only one at 19.99, most 15.99. There were also only 8 bottles in the tasting notes. I'm hoping they aren't sending duplicates... Wine will be here saturday Jan 5th. To be continued...

Unfortunately, they were duplicates. Pics below are the wines along with price.

Im not an experienced wine drinker by any means, but I can give you the basics... I tried the Boabrisa tonight, it was decent. Passed the swirl test and was fairly smooth. Definitely worth the $8 paid, but hardly premium as advertised. I'll update as I go though the rest.

I did email the company to let them know I wasn't happy about the duplicates and price point, we will see how they respond.

I was able to try the rest of the wine over the weekend. It was all ok, but not worth taking the time to write an individual review for each. None were bad, but none were great or even unique, oddly enough, the bottles were all very similar in taste and depth. Picture yourself walking into your local grocery store and grabbing a $10-$15 bottle that's one sale for the week. That's pretty much what you are getting here.

Here's where they lose my business. The customer service rep emailed me back stating that the upgrades said "up to $20" for best and "up to $15" for better. Sneaky sneaky... He also said that there was a link to see the wine you would be getting in each package. I did see these while ordering, but assumed they would just be some of what you are getting since they were only eight. Nope, those are the only bottles you will be getting. The images are v very similar to the ones below, except they conveniently leave off the prices. After a quick search on the site, it seems like the value of all the wine are basically the same. Looks like it's was just a $45 marketing scam...

So the big question: is it worth it? If you just want a bunch of cheap wine for yourself or a party, yes. The wine is decent and at $5 per bottle, it's hard to go wrong. (i wouldn't pay for the upgrade if i ordered again). If you care about quality over quantity or are a more experienced wine drinker, no, this isn't for you. Would i order again? No. The deceptive marketing left a bad taste in my mouth and there are many other companies left to try.

Great service during crazy time
I'm in Pennsylvania and in the last six weeks have ordered from them twice. Immediately after ordering I received an email telling me that shipment would be delayed because of increased volume (no surprise because our governor shut down all the liquor stores) and that it would ship by the 5th business day. Both times, it shipped exactly when Wine Insiders said it would. I also received multiple coupons and ways to save on cost. PA is probably going to be in this state of shutdown for awhile due to our governor so the coupons will help keep the cost reasonable. I will say that there was was a delay in receiving it because once it ships, it's up to FedEx to actually get the package delivered. The first time I ordered it took about 2 weeks and the second time took 10 days. But this had nothing to do with Wine Insiders; Wine Insiders were very transparent. The next time I order it will be when I get down to three bottles to give enough time. I recommend ordering earlier in the week; the first time I ordered was on a Thursday the week before Easter. The late ordering combined with a holiday contributed to the delay.

I've been extremely satisfied with them and absolutely recommend them especially if you're in a state that has restricted its sale of alcohol. I will say that their selection isn't quite what I would normally get but it's perfectly good wine and I'm happy to have them available. Their predictable timelines make it really easy to know when to order.

Be careful what you order
I ordered a 6 bottle International mix of reds and whites. Received the order timely and was surprised to find that 5 of the 6 bottles were California wines. Seemed odd for an "International Mix", I wasn't aware California was an international location or even a country. I called customer service and explained my situation and was told that I misunderstood the add, it was from Regions of California. The ad clearly stated International wines from Italy, Spain and France. Then, I was told the Wine Insiders would credit me a portion of my next order. I said that you didn't get my first order right, why would there be a second. All I wanted was the order corrected. They seem to be unable to do that. There is no accountability or customer service on their end and seem to be incapable of making a customer happy. Be very cautious what you order. Was told I would be getting calls back and none so far. Hope someone in management actually reads this. Management appears to be insulated from these calls/service issues. Highly highly disappointed.

I am satisfied
I like Wine insiders. I have good experience so far and the commitment Wine Insiders did during covid 19 is especial. A few instances I had to reach to customer support, they been always nice, supportive and professional.
For 25 hundred dollars I have spent in last three years with them, I was able to discover a bunch of really good wines, tune my palate and spend a number of great nights with my friends or girlfriend, accompanied by great dinner and wine and conversation. Easy joys of life and unforgettable memories. I will definitely keep on buying wine from them. One bug is that for some reason the wines in Favorites section of my account disappear so I had to refresh myself based on my orders, which is a little bit frustrating, but apart of that, no complains.

Incomplete order not fixed by customer noservice
Ordered off Brad's Deals, case shipped plus free air pressure opener. Arrived fairly quickly but no opener as promised. Checked order, it was listed. Called right away and was told by customer noservice that Wine Insiders could not help, they only take orders outside m-f 9-4. Called back Monday was told it should be in the case, where exactly would there be room in a sealed case of wine for a hidden oversized opener? Then was told it was a distributor error but they could not send it alone. I could order more or have a discount off future full priced orders. Was told I want to just send back the case as part of the satisfaction guarantee. She said fine. I guess sending a case of wine twice because of your error is better business than completing the order as promised to a new customer. As I waited for the return label to be sent I was called again. They are now willing to send the opener but it will take a few weeks. So the fragile wine that required a signature was sent in 48 hours but the bottle opener takes several weeks? My guess is that you ran out and don't expect customers to be annoyed. Horrible customer service either way. Can't rate the wine as its all going back but researched a couple and the reviews are very mixed.

Love it!
I love Wine insiders, I have ordered many times over the last few years and recommended their service to many. I have reordered many that I have tried and I love that you can go in their website on your account and create a "favorites" list for the next time you want to order. I do wish that there was more of a notes/ rating system in our accounts so I can remember which were ok and which I loved. There literally has only been 1 that I thought was terrible and Wine Insiders had great customer service, offered me a credit even above what I had paid for the wine. They offer great promotions (still waiting for that $5/bottle sale to come around again? Maybe? I hope? Super fast shipping each time. Could not recommend higher as a frequent wine drinker who loves variety and trying new things without a huge $/bottle investment. Found some old favorites and some new favorite varietals. Thank you

Always been Successful!
I have ordered using Groupon as well as directly from the company. Both ways, I have been very happy. I am looking for bargains and discounts on mail order wine. Affordability is important to me. Almost all the wines have been quite tasty and drinkable. Maybe one or two were mediocre, but that happens to me at a wine store too. I have not been disappointed, in fact, I keep ordering. If you use Groupon, there will be a 30.00 shipping charge upon ordering. The deals are so good that it still works out to be very reasonable. Do the math and read the fine print. The selections are very cheap on Groupon which is how I discovered the company in the first place. I am happy to say that I have not encountered any damage or rudeness or problems like some of the other reviewers have which is why I chose to write a review. As for delays in shipping I can only say that we are in the middle of a global pandemic which has altered the timing on all shipping, even Amazon. Be patient, your yummy wine will arrive a little later than you expected. No big deal! Thank you Wine Insiders. CHEERS

Very bad hangover after drinking Bold Cabs Trio
I bought 12 bottles of wines from Wine Insiders which were a mix of Red, White and Rose. Me and my wife have consumed 6 bottles so far.

The 3 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon were the WORST Sauvignon we have ever tasted in our life. It gave us such a bad hangover every time we drank this wine. I and my wife both woke up with heavy heads after drinking these wines. So, I must say my experience was really bad with Bold Cabs Trio. I will definitely prefer to buy a costly wine from other places like BEVMO, rather than buying a trio from Wine Insiders.

The other 3 wines were okay - Villa Rosa Vinho Rosé, Due Mari Bianco, Villa Amoroso Moscato Vino Dolce I. G. T.

I have 6 more bottles from Wine Insiders. I don't know shall I even open those wines or not. I have organized a party of few people (all are wine lovers) at my home and I am NOT very confident about the wines from Wine Insiders. Seems like I need to go to some local shops like Lucky, Safeway or BevMo to get some better wines.

I must say my experience with Wine Insiders was not that pleasant which I was expecting.

Good wine, great customer service
Wine Insiders knows the meaning of good customer service! Recently I placed an order during the warehouse clearance sale. Wines for $5/bottle plus free shipping for an order of 6 or more bottles... yes please! Usually I receive my order within about three days which I consider amazing! Due to the high demand during the sale, the shipment was delayed by a few days. To compensate me for the "inconvenience", it wasn't really much of an inconvenience, I received an email apologizing and offering me a $15 credit voucher towards my next order. Wow! Totally unexpected and frankly unnecessary. But Thank you! Somehow I inadvertently deleted the email and the voucher code. So I emailed Wine Insiders customer service for assistance and Wine Insiders graciously added the credit to my account. In my opinion that gesture went above and beyond and insures I'll be a loyal customer for life! Thank you!

Wine Lovers Rejoice!
Wines that are affordable, great worldwide selection, prompt shipping and a website easy to navigate all from Wine Insiders. I've been ordering from them for quite awhile and have been very pleased with the process, and of course, the wines! Red, White and in between, I'm impressed with the varieties Wine Insiders list and and the wine regions they import from. It's enabled me to try wines from all parts of the world and new domestic American wines. Wine Insiders also has nice collections to choose from for undecided buyers or those that prefer a particular wine region. If you enjoy wine get-togethers with family or friends, enjoy group wine tastings, or just like a glass of wine with dinner, Wine Insiders is a great place to purchase your wine selections.

Good wines at a good price
I've been buying from Wine Insiders for a couple years, and I've always been pleased with their selection and service. Although you never know exactly what they'll have, Wine Insiders always have new offerings as well as old favorites. There will be times when my old favorites aren't offered, but that is true anywhere--wine isn't a typical commodity that can have an endless production--when they're out of the 2018 Voignier, they may be out for good, but they'll get another Voignier worth trying. Prices are competitive, and they often run specials that make them even more so. I keep a pretty well-stocked cellar and tend to order only when my supply starts running low, so I haven't had to order during COVID, but shipping has always been fast and free for me (I usually get my wine in a few days). Others are talking about an increase in prices during COVID--supply and demand may account for some of that, and if they have had to hire more workers to fill orders, they have to be able to pay them. In my view, Wine Insiders offers good wines and good service at a good price.

Good Wine, Good Prices, Fast Delivery & Gifts Too
I have been buying wine from Wine Insiders since I got my first box as a Christmas gift 4-5 years ago. The wine is from vineyards that you don't see in the liquor or grocery store, but it is really good. I have identified a number of favorites and include them in every order, plus I find one or two new wineries to try. I mostly stay in the $20 range for a bottle of wine. Wine Insiders pricing is amazing. Wine Insiders often have sales where all wines (if you buy a certain number of bottles) are less than $10. The shipping and delivery is also quick, 2-3 days and the wine is delivered to my door. Wine Insiders also has promotions where they provide you free gifts, wine openers or bottles of wine.

Wine Insiders was a life saver when we were limiting going out during the height of the pandemic. Go on-line, select your favorite wines (white, red, sparkling), place your order, and quick delivery. Now, when my life is pretty much back to normal, I find I enjoy the wines and the convenience of ordering from Wine Insiders.

Long Time Customer
I've purchased from Wine Insiders for over 10 years, actually starting with Barclays Wine which merged into Wine Insiders. I have always felt that the company's customer service was top notch and their CSRs were very helpful when I called in. In recent years, I've almost exclusively ordered online and have never experienced a glitch. Once, several years ago, I did have an experience where the box had obviously been dropped and a bottle was broken. I called in and Wine Insiders immediately sent me a replacement. WIne Insiders consistently offers specials that are excellent deals on high quality wine that are delivered quickly. I particularly like the FedEx option of having wines delivered to a local store (i. E. Walgreens, Dollar General, etc) which allows me to pick it up when it is convenient for me rather than have to wait at home on the delivery date. I normally don't put up reviews but when I got an email from Louis, the president of the company, I decided to put this review up because they have been so good over an extended period of time.

Great wines at reasonable prices, delivered to your door for free
I have ordered wine from this company 3-4 times and each time was very happy with my purchase. I was able to easily select a nice variety of wines at very reasonable prices, thanks to the detailed descriptions and customer reviews about each wine. Also, I could choose to have the wine shipped for free to my door, or to a nearby fedex location to be held for up to five days. I decided to have my wine shipped to the Walgreens by my house, which has a fedex counter, so I didn't need to be concerned about being home when the wine arrived. These wine shipments require an adult signature. I have also received nice little gifts (wine openers and such) for special wine promotions. I also like that I am given updates about the wine shipment, and the whole process is very easy and smooth.

Great wine with great service
I am addicted to wine insiders. We love to have wine with our dinner or after work, and buying a case of wine every few months allows me to feel like I always have a bottle to enjoy. The quality of the wine was very good. I am not a connoisseur, but I generally enjoy most wines I received. Sometimes a lot, sometimes not at all. But not being an expert, I will have likes and dislikes from what I buy at the local store, and pay a lot more! And who can resist the fun of not only getting a package at your door, but one with 12-15 bottles if wine... it feels like Christmas every time we get one. Do I know the brands? Not usually, but with a handful of exceptions, I don't usually at the liquor store either. This gets me trying different wines all the time too, and that is also fun! The one time I had a wine I hated, Wine Insiders sent me a replacement. The one time a bottle arrived missing and another broken, they replaced them. But I have been buying cases for several years now, and these are the only 3 "problems" I have had in 3 years, or more than 100 bottles. I'm hooked!

What's happened to service?
There seems to be a service reduction, possibly due to the Covid19 pandemic, but it's hard to tell. I was a long time happy and completely satisfied customer that suddenly stopped receiving the daily/weekly email offers, for no reason that I could determine. Upon receiving a letter from Louis recently, I filled out the questionnaire and provided my email address and preferences. After about ten days, I sent an email to Customer Service asking why I still wasn't receiving email and there were three back and forth emails that followed that had me saying what my problem was -- with everyone bowing and scraping and apologizing -- but finally ending up with my stating my preference for emails. It's now about a week or more and I still don't receive any emails except those like the one to which I am responding now. I'm really frustrated at not being able to get my name quickly added to the email offers list -- how long could that take? 15 minutes? For all the time I've spent in the last month, I could have been ordering instead still trying to get the initial complaint satisfied. Delays in packing and shipping and delivery are understandable in the current environment; failing to get my name on an email list is not.

Very good wine and a good price-fast shipping
I have ordered from WI for many years. Always a good selection, great to try different wines. I would say, I like 95% of the white wines and 85% of the reds. Wine Insiders usually have a good selection of very good red french wines and always great Italian wines. Many very good Chardonnays from California from unknown wineries. Always great everyday drinking wines. They have many sales. I keep notes on the wines I like and reorder when needed. Again, not all the wines are very good. I have requested a refund, as per their policy, on wines I did not like, several times and never a question about a refund. I just don't order those wines again.

Give them a try

Fast shipping too, sometimes too fast.

I only have one issue. We don't have a ship to location anywhere near where I live. Sometimes, I am not home when they deliver, which means, they have to return the next day.

What Happens After Mishaps Makes the Difference
UPS erred delivering part of my pre Christmas wine order for a full case to the wrong address on 12/22 causing it to be refused and returned. The next night we were able to catch the handoff UPS driver after he left another delivery and missed my half case left in his van. Lucky except the carton was mixed instead of containing the six Christmas Red Offering I purchased as a gift add-on to my order. Unable to halt UPS from returning the case, I alerted WI who dispatched a replacement full case 12/24 which arrived at the local UPS distribution depot 1/5 and was listed at 9:00 am on the tracking advice as "RETURNED"? Dismayed I feared that the earlier Refusal Error had caused my deliveries to be disrupted but after multiple attempts to find its fate I learned that the full case had been damaged in transit and returned. Back to WI who issued 1/6 a full replacement for my entire order of both cases which delivered this evening on 1/8. Fortunately I have a fair stock of wine which got us through the holidays except for the expected freebie magnum of prosecco I planned on using at New Years that had to be procured locally and the gift half case of Christmas reds which did not yet happen. The Wine Insiders were helpful and having traded with them for well over two years I am well pleased with their quality and service. There were factors from many aspects that contributed to the botched order and while I was to say the least frustrated at not having my holiday work out still I am pleased that Wine Insiders were so accommodating.

Better than retail
I discovered Wine Insiders several years ago and, apart from occasionally running dry, I have not bought wine through a retail outlet since. Wine Insiders offers 3 distinct advantages over liquor stores and grocery stores:

1) Price - Wine Insiders offers really great wines at very good prices. This is enhanced even more when you take advantage of their many sales and discount offers.

2) Variety - Wine Insiders has a tremendous selection of wines from all over the world. I really enjoy trying the many new and varied labels Wine Insiders offer.

3) Easy - Physically going to the store to buy wine can be a pain... particularly if you like to buy wine in larger quantities (thus reducing the number of trips to the store). Wine Insiders offers easy selection and payment and can deliver to your door a few days later.

In addition to being easier than retail I also think Wine Insiders is better than other online sites. They let me buy exactly what I want without requiring that i join a "club" or have a subscription that delivers wine I don't want.

Go to Wine Shop
I have been with Wine Insiders since I first had a subscription to "A Taste of California." While the subscriptions and even the name of the club have changed over the years, the quality of the wines have not. My wife and I enjoy very much our subscription when it arrives and occasionally order a case of one we particularly like. The customer service team are real humans who do a terrific job of understanding what you are trying to tell them. I've only had positive experiences with them for many years now. If you want a regular wine shipment or even just to order some wine, Wine Insiders are a great choice. But remember, it's not an online wine broker who have every brand you've ever thought of. They have what they have, and it's good wine, great for the price.

Deceitful and disappointing
I'll preface my complaint by saying that for the last 6 months, I've had no issues with this company and enjoyed all the wine they've shipped.
Unfortunately, I recieved a letter about a week ago stating that I'd be receiving my "bonus" shipment as a "thank you" for being a club member. I was then charged $164.69. Mind you, my regular subscription wasn't due until 12/29. Sent 2 emails over a few days to no response. Then the wine showed up so I contacted them through the live chat option and thankfully got an immediate response. Wine Insiders offered me 40% off and to "push back" my regular subscription until February. How is it a BONUS CASE if you charge me for it, offer a discount so i still end up paying for it, then charging me for my regular subscription at a later date? I feel completely scammed. The verbiage in both letters I got is deceitful and misleading. I took the 40% off the customer service rep offered and cancelled my subscription to avoid being scammed by them in the future. Unfortunate would have remained a loyal customer if they had just kept their "bonus" case to themselves.

Broad International Selection of Wines
I have ordered twice 12 bottles at a time. I enjoy the variety of international wines not typically available in big box grocery stores. I've learned about a wine I never had... called Mauzac and am very happy. Also, I've never been a fan of nor knowledgeable about French wines, but now have gained a new perspective on the. I am very pleased with finding wines from Spain, Italy, Sicily through WI. The website is very easy. I value reviews from other customers. My 1st case was during the start of COVID, so it was a bit delayed in shipping, but WI kept me informed. The 2nd case was amazingly quick to receive. Free shipping is #1 for me when ordering wines. As far a price, like when purchasing anything, I just google other businesses to double check if prices are fair... and I have found 80-90% of the time, WI is fair. WI packs extremely well! I had no shipping complaints at all. I appreciate various promotion offerings. I would order more frequent but during this time, socializing is minimal so I don't have a great need. However, I can 't wait to work up my next order with WI!

All Because of a Box that read "WINE INSIDERS"
When my sister-in-law opened up her car trunk, she took out a box that read "WINE INSIDERS". That started the whole conversation about buying wine online. She gave us one wonderful bottle of red wine but have no more to give since she had no more :( So my wife and I looked online and decided to buy a case at a very reasonable price. The case arrived at our local Fedex store and we promptly picked it up. Every bottle of wine was delicious in its own way. Since that first case we probably ordered at least six times. Especially now during Covid-19 time, we enjoy having it delivered directly to our home. Also, learning about the wines online is so much better than standing in a store trying to figure out what to buy. I recommend you try WINE INSIDERS.

I was drawn to Wine Insiders for a few good reasons: 1.) Wine Insiders presented fully selected case of wine (mixed in white in red or all of the same type). 2.) The presentation gave what was found to be an accurate description of the wines. 3.) All Awards were noted and frequently they had All Award Winner selections. 4.) Pricing remained below $10 per bottle with shipping PREPAID. 5.) Often there were offers to select your own case (12 or 15 bottles) from a large listing of wines at a fixed reasonable price per bottle. Sometimes the price per bottle was at a range of prices. 6.) Orders were very easy and quick to place. 7.) Shipments arrived very fast (about 2 days after placing an order). ALL GREAT.
Then about 6 months ago (in early 2020) the Award Winning Wines of prepackage cases began to disappear. Not sure what reasons were behind the changes. Hoping the original winning business model comes back. That is why I say, "THE COURT IS OUT". MAY IT REMAIN GREAT.

Wrong Wines Shipped
My first order was a groupon which went fine; the wine quality was actually not bad for the price. I then ordered a number of bottles off the website that were on sale. I received an email confirming what I had ordered. When the shipment arrived, all the wines were different. I had ordered mostly white wine and what arrived was red. When I called, the agent told me my selections had been substituted because what I ordered was not in stock. He said I would not be able to get the wines I actually ordered, even though when I ordered them Wine Insiders showed as "in stock" and I even received a confirmation email and shipping email with the wines I had selected. He said I could send back the entire case of red wine for a full refund or keep the wines they sent me and he would credit be back $25. I took the credit, although I am still annoyed I didn't receive any of the wines I ordered and I wish someone had told me all my wines were being substituted so I could have canceled the order altogether. With so many other wine company options available this was the last order I will place with Wine Insiders.

Be careful they won't own up to their mistakes or at least they pick who they want to help out...
American Express has Been providing great offers and found an offer to use with wine insiders. Made my order and received an email from amex that I triggered my offer. All is good until this morning when I found out order was cancelled.

I only found out because of the group I am part of started noticing their orders were cancelled as well (1000s in this amex group). None of us received an email letting us know that our orders were cancelled we had to log in and find out. I resorted to trying the live chat which was not up and running (I am guessing because everyone was trying to reach out). I did email and received a response. But the response was "order was entered incorrectly. You can reorder and let us know if there any other problems."

Well I am definitely not comfortable ordering again, also I have already triggered my offer therefore I am guessing I lost out on 1 of 2 offers provided.

To add insult to injury. Come to find out within the group people were receiving credits to make up for wine insider's mistake so I am feeling a little "played".

Being told Wine Insiders made a mistake on their end, then being told to just reorder. They could of tried to make a sale and give me alternatives to substitute my order even it meant putting in "cheap" wines if it was a pricing error. Or at least something

Decided this was not worth my trouble as I am guessing they don't value their new customers that might be taking advantage of an offer.

I know I am the one off bad review because it seems they have high reviews (I am sure they are great). Their damage control for this issue could use some consistency.

I am guessing the "pricing error" plus the huge influx of orders they could not maintain or was not ready. I hate to admit to having "first world" problems lol but it would of have been nice to have a good deal on some alcohol during these troubled times. Cheers!

Horrible first time experience
First time ordering from Wine Insiders. My package was damaged in shipping(Wine Insiders use Fed Ex as their carrier). I WAS in fact notified of the damage. However, was NOT notified my package was sent back to shipper. I have Been waiting at home to sign for my wine. After talking to Fed ex and then calling Wine Insider's customer service. I was told my package had been sent back. I was Not given this notification. The man (Shawn) in customer service felt the need to explain to me in an extremely condescending tone how to use tracking info. As if I walked straight out of a cave. He told me it was my responsibility to call Wine Insiders back and request a new shipment since my first order was damaged. I was under the impression all of this would've been handled by them since I'm a paying customer. Or at the VERY least, been told my package had been sent back, instead of wasting my day off waiting around at home for the package. I asked if this info is listed under their customer service potion on the Wine Insiders site, he said no. So, I guess I should start learning Telepathy. I said that once a shipment is damaged & returned back to them their warehouse can take up to two weeks to notify them and send out a new package to the sender. I explained this was my first purchase from them & probably my last. He told me when I got off the phone my wine would be here in 3 business days. Guess I better clear my schedule now to begin the waiting process again. Ridiculous.

Their customer service sucks
I ordered a shipment for my daughter. It was damaged by FedEx in shipment. Wine insiders did not send a replacement. Two weeks later, having received nothing, I called them. Although they've had the damaged box for over two weeks. The customer service rep told me that Wine Insiders don't ship out unless the customer calls them. They've been relied on their policy saying that it won't ship for another five days. Two weeks later, having received nothing, I called them. Although they had the damaged box for over two weeks. The customer service rep told me that they don't ship out unless the customer calls them. They've been relied on their policy saying that it won't ship for another five days. Although they sat on our box of wine for two weeks, we went to the end of the line. Their excuse was we didn't notify them. What? Customer service was a joke.

Great wines and great service
We've ordered from Wine Insiders several times over the past 4 years and have always enjoyed the wine we received. It's a great way to stock up before the holidays or a party or to just try some wines you won't find locally. Recently we took advantage of one of their mystery wine boxes. We ordered a mystery red pack, but somehow there was a mix up on the order and we instead received a box of all white wines. We immediately called and the customer service rep we spoke with quickly reviewed our order and sent a replacement shipment of red wines and told us to just keep the box of whites. In all the years we have used them this was the only error and we were impressed with how quickly it was corrected for us. I recommend their website to all my wine loving friends.

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Review of Wine Insiders customer complaints, rating & accreditation on Better Business Bureau

Is Wine Insiders registered on BBB?

Wine Insiders is not registered on BBB. Therefore, this business has no BBB rating and accreditation.

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