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Unfortunately, I fell victim to this company out of China and I am now out of $200+. If only I had done a little more research and looked at the reviews on this company. It was a real shame that my first wig buying experience ended up like this. I was very reluctant to order because I was afraid the colors wouldn't be as depicted on the website. After carefully looking at wigs in the colors I wanted and looking at the color guide I felt fairly confident in my choices. I placed an order for two wigs. The color was completely different. I immediately sent an email, following their instructions for returns/exchanges, to the company with pictures from their website, color guide and my wig side by side to let them know the color was wrong. This was their response:

"Thank you very much for your order!
We are pleased that you received your order but so sorry you did not satisfy!
Please kindly understand that you ordered a custom wig and we made the color, size and style as requested. You choose the color and we made the color according to our color chart. SWe all know that due to light shooting and computer display, there may be a slight color difference. It is inevitable when we are shopping online.
Please try again. We think you look great in your new wig.
Thank you for your understanding!
Best regards

Slight color difference? I'm sorry, but there's nothing slight about it. Try again? I think not. Oh, and "We think you look great in your new wig". How would WigSis know when I didn't wear them or take a picture wearing them.

I'm going to have to chalk this up as a lesson learned the hard way. I'll be visiting my local wig gallery now, which I should've done in the first place. Don't fall victim to this scam of a company.

IF I COULD RANK IT ZERO STARS, I WOULD, AS WIGSIS DOES NOT EVEN MERIT ONE STAR! I paid good money for what was advertised as a "100% Remy Human Hair Wig". I wanted to modify the color a bit and my colorist applied the color solution, and after the instructed length of time for the solution to work, the hair was washed to remove the solution. The solution completely washed out leaving the EXACT ORIGINAL COLOR. She tried to curl the hair to style it, and that was not possible either. My colorist determined that the wig was in fact NOT HUMAN HAIR, BUT A CHEAP SYNTHETIC WIG that cannot be curled/styled or colored. WIGSIS never admitted to the deception, but advised WigSis would give me a very small refund. I corresponded back and forth with them for weeks to try to get a fair solution. This went no where. They said that I could return the item, but that it WOULD PROBABLY GET LOST IN THE MAIL. I eventually had to file a claim through PayPal. I was able to get about half of my money back. The piece of garbage wig I have is TOTALLY WORTHLESS AND UNWEARABLE. Because there is no way to style it, it is essentially the shapeless wig as it came out of the box. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY! THEY ARE SCAMMERS. I HOPE THAT BY WRITING THIS REVIEW, POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS WILL RETHINK USING THIS COMPANY AND WILL SEND A MESSAGE TO WIGSIS THAT THEY CANNOT CONTINUE TO CONDUCT THEIR BUSINESS IN SUCH AN UNETHICAL WAY!

I received my 2 wigs back in April and have been fighting with this company and paypal ever since. WigSis are nothing like the photos and of poor quality. I felt safe ordering as they offered a money back guarantee and of course if I used paypal i would have the protection of paypal... Wrong! This company has stated in e-mails to me that I had a right to a refund but it would be costly 30.00 to 50.00 and take a long time. I stated that I understood and pleas send return info to Paypal. Now, after 2 months of ongoing e-mails Paypal has denied my claim! I have forwarded the e-mails agreeing to my refund along with the photo of the wig on the website along with photos of the very bad looking wig and Paypal sends me a denial as they feel the company fullfilled their part. I am so disappointed in Paypal and have appealed. If I end up losing 300.00 I will stop using paypal. If anyone knows how to go higher than disputes with paypal? Are they getting a kickback from this company? Buyer Beware... Do not buy from Wigsis unless you have money you want to throw away. Wigs are so bad they an't be worn, sold or even donated!

These people at this company should be arrested! WigSis have a lier they called Olivia that constantly contacts u while they r in the back of a warehouse some where in China MAKING the wig u ordered. It takes a couple of months to get ur order and when u get it the box is dirty as if it's been used before. On their website they show all these pics of movie stars hair styles to make u think that is the style u r getting but NO WHERE NEAR. I was surpose to get a raquel welch wig and it came to me looking like Mos hair from the three stooges! There is no tag in the wig, the cap is all stretched out like it's been worn before. If u contact them in the middle of the nite u can have some contact with one of the crooks that is manning the computers that nite. They will send u wild stupid emails for ur answers you have been asking. They WILL NOT GIVE U A RETURN ADDRESS TO SEND IT BACK AND WILL MOST DEFINITELY NOT GIVE U UR MONEY BACK! I would have given them a zero if I had that option. When u pay them the payment goes through so fast I tried to stop payment as soon as I ordered it but the bank couldn't even catch it. I am a cancer patient doing chemo and I have lost my hair and it a down right disgrace that ppl like this even exist! CNN or some one should investigate these liers! Don't buy unless from UNITED STATES!

I got my refund from paypal against this scam Thanks Paypal
, I have ordered a human hair wig from on September 25 2019 and WigSis took 287 us dollars from my debit card by PayPal. On 22 October I received a big box looking an wig box from out side but when I open it I only found brush and nothing else! They send brushes and plastic cheap wigs to people but for me it was only brush
And during the dispute was open on paypal they asked me to reship it back and provide tracking number I did, and Paypal send me email says Case denied because you didnt provide information we ask you to
So I call them again and again and its reopened again (the dispute) paypal canada was very unhelpfull so I decieded to go to my bank (td-Canada) and open a dispute for that transaction then I called paypal usa and I spoke to a very kindfull lady agent and she fixed everything while im online and I got my full refund
But I had to pay 88 extra dollars to win this dispute against them! Im tired from this
Please dont order from these scammers
I was lucky that Paypal helped me
Thanks paypal
Thanks Td Canada Trust

Wigsis is the WORST!
I too ordered a wig from Wigsis before doing my research, shame on me. I ordered a brown 24" wig in what WigSis call "Pine One" its brown with blonde highlights (#4/#27) a color I order from various vendors all the time. Their picture was enticing so I took the bait. Big mistake.
I waiting 18 days for it to arrive... they claimed it had to be hand made just for me, but the lace color was pre-selected based on the color of the hair used, not by my order... I did message before ordering because I wanted to make sure it would be a good match to my skin tone.
When the wig arrived, finally, it was AUBURN, with tight 1" curls at the ends, not the flowing body wave pictured. I instantly contacted Wigsis. For every message I sent it took 24-hours to get a response. Back and forth, back and forth with messages for two weeks.
They started with offering me 10% off my next order. Then $20 refund. Then 20%. I told them I was done with this game of theirs, I was turning it over to my credit card company. Then they offered me $70 and I could keep the wig. Sorry, but $70 off a $238 wig that I didn't order is NOTHING. I want a FULL refund.
It was their error, not mine. I shouldn't even have to pay the return shipping when they sent me the wrong thing in the first place. That is what good business practice is... which they do not have.
Anyway... thankfully I had used my PayPal credit and have filed a dispute with PayPal. So far to date, it has been, PayPal gave them 10 days to respond... they didn't. I contacted PayPal and PayPal has now escalated the case. They have given Wigsis another 72 hours to respond. Now I wait again. I do hope this all works out in the end and I don't have to spend money to send them the wig back because chances are that they will just use this same wig to ship it off to someone else in place of what they ordered only to try and screw someone else out of their hard earned money.

Follow UP: 11/30/16
I was just yesterday given the address by Paypal to retun the wig to WigSis. WigSis is still trying to negotiate; the most recent offer is to allow them to send me a new wig, a very popular wig, a wig of my choice. Why would a want another piece of garbage from them? Anyway, it's proven to be a very long drawn out process and frustrating to say the least.

Worse Company in the World
So I bought a wig for my mum and it looked nothing like the one on the website - firstly it took a month to arrive (longer then stated on their website).
I questioned why the wig looked so different to the one I ordered and WigSis said it's because they had a stylist cut the wig. How misleading is that?! Also OMG the colour of the wig was ORANGE! Who the heck would wear a bright orange wig - this wasn't for a fancy dress party!
So I asked for a full refund and that I was happy to send the wig back and they would not give a refund. Worse company ever! I tried to argue back but they offered £10, I said hell no so they offered £20 and I said hell no and they finally offered a measly £30 refund on a £100 wig. I even asked for half the money back and still no help. I thought this company was based in UK which is why I got the wig from this rubbish site. Never ever ever again will I buy anything from this company - Bunch of con artists - I hope a wig is set on fire in the company and it burns down (but doesn't harm anyone) just ruins all the wigs! Please do not buy from this company.

Complete misrepresentation of products
I ordered a wig choosing color "as shown". It clearly showed highlights around front hairline, top and temples graduating into two different shades of gray.
What I received was a all-over taupe-muddy brown. No color variations at all, and no highlights! Contacted WigSis requesting full refund and postage paid return label. Their response: my "WIG WAS MADE FROM THEIR OWN COLOR CHART AND YOU CAN'T RELY ON WEBSITE PICTURES".
I paid $199 for this wig. Only REFUND offer from WigSis was $25 followed later by $65 refund and I keep the wig. I cannot use this wig.
WigSis advised return postage would be expensive for ME because I WOULD need to ship it to a factory in China. WigSis WILL NOT pay return postage.
Very poor communication - WigSis replies with only one email a day.
Each starts with "we are sorry for the misunderstanding".
There IS NO misunderstanding, only MISREPRESENTATION! I paid for a specific wig, they sent something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!
The WigSis' website has a return policy that appears much easier than the real process!
Hairless in PA

Total Scam! RUN, RUN AWAY!
I wish I had found this website before I ordered from these scammers. I ordered 2 wigs based upon the beautiful pictures on the website and what I thought were real reviews. Newsflash- they're not. I got several emails notifying me that the wigs were shipping but, of course, WigSis never did. I sent multiple emails asking what was up and where was my order. NOTHING. No response. I filed a claim with paypal asking them to cancel. Then I get a response telling me it was too late to cancel; that the order had shipped the day before. Lol, yeah right. I logged onto the website and the order status was the same- still processing, not shipped. SCAMMERS, THIEVES. Ripping off sick people. These people belong in jail.

Update- a week after I filed my paypal dispute, Wigsis shipped something. As I had asked them to cancel the order multiple times and refund my money and already had an open dispute, I was furious. I tried to have the shipment stopped before it even left Singapore but Wigsis kept intervening. It finally showed up at my doorstep and I refused delivery. When I refused delivery, Paypal ruled in my favor.

I then started getting email after email from Wigsis begging me to accept shipment and then return the wigs to them. Lol, yeah, right. My only response was to tell them to stop emailing me. That's when the threats started. Now I'm getting emails threatening me if I don't accept delivery and then return the wigs they are going to charge my credit card a $200 return tariff. Screw them. I put a lock on my card.

Report to FTC and BBB – WigSis SCAM needs to be shut down! Zero stars given
I'm mortified that the USA government is allowing this scam to continue on unsuspecting Americans and that PayPal continues to let this company in China continue to perpetrate this fraud using their service after hundreds of complaints. If you have been a victim you can report the issue to the BBB, The FTC and to your credit card company, or to PayPal.

As of the date when writing this review:

WigSis has an "F" rating for failing by the BBB which includes a warning. You can do an internet search to read what the BBB has to say about WigSis and it is appalling. There are 858 reviews on ReviewFeeder. Out of those reviews 562 are 1 star complaints and 251 are "positive" reviews that are highly suspect due to the content, way WigSis are written, the grammar and stock photos used representing the reviewers seem to be fraudulent and could possibly be posted by WigSIS employees themselves. There are only 40 reviews that are 2,3 and 4 stars on the site. Regardless, it is not normal for a company to have double the negative reviews than positive reviews.
The complaints on ReviewFeeder include:

Wrong item received
Item not as described or as pictured on the website and products do not even remotely look like what was advertised
Wigs do not match the color ordered and pictured on the color chart that is on the WigSis website
Pictures and reviews of the products on WigSis were taken from other legitimate websites and are not their own. These pictures are of name brand wigs from other manufacturers that they try to copy and fails to deliver the same quality, style and color.
Fake and fraudulent products that claim to be human hair but are synthetic
Poor quality products that cannot be worn
Wigs are costume quality and not every day wear quality
Defective wigs
Items are not received at all or take months to be shipped
WigSis does not honor their return policy and are difficult or impossible to return or receive a refund
When customers try to return the wig they are given an address in China that is very expensive to send back
WigSis claims to never receive the return or claims product damaged or not in original condition when returned
WigSis offers to "exchange" the wig, however requests additional money
WigSis pressures buyers to take an exchange instead of a refund or offers a discount on an additional wig instead of offering a refund

It is appalling that this company is allowed to continue to export their products from China to the USA. Many of the women ordering wigs have cancer, are very ill and should not have to deal with additional stress that they declare they have been put through on ReviewFeeder. Others are experiencing hair loss or have a disease Alopecia. Even if someone does not have a medical condition, no one should have to be scammed and have trouble returning a product that is unsatisfactory. It is unconscionable that WigSis is allowed to continue to operate considering the magnitude and scope of these complaints.

The USA just seized in early July 2020 a large shipment of an estimated valued $800k of hair from China that was reportedly manufactured using slave labor. I do not know if WigSis is involved or not but it should certainly raise the question of how the hair is obtained and manufactured. The USA should shut down exports from any country that is using labor that violates human rights.

WigSis is clearly not an ethical company and it is shocking that the FTC and USA is allowing sales and imports to the USA to continue. PayPal should also be ashamed of allowing WigSis to use their services considering their unscrupulous reputation.

I am personally in a dispute over a wig purchase and will continue to proceed fully within the law of my rights that are allowed to obtain a refund. I will post an update later when a resolution has been reached with the details of the dispute.

This business is a SCAM
It is the worse online shopping experience I had. First WigSis lied about the delivery date. When I checked with them about the delivery date, they told me it will be shipped in 3-4 business days. I waited for 3-4 business days, nothing shipped. I checked with them again, they gave me another 3-4 business days. After another 3-4 business days, nothing was shipped. I checked with them again, they told me they would ship it right away. Finally after several weeks, I received the items. I was very disappointed. The item was not what I ordered. It was nowhere near what it was shown and described on their website. It was in poor quality. I requested a return the next day. They required me to send them the pictures of the item and I did. Then what they did was to try to convince me to keep item. Even though I emailed them multiple times telling them I was very disappointed with the wig and requesting a return, they refused to provide me the return instruction and return address. Now I have to file a dispute with my credit card company to take a charge back.

Never trust this business. They sell you poor products with high price and try not to let you return, even though they have 15 days return policy on their website. Do not trust it. I was very regret to purchase from them. I believe most of their victims are cancer patients or people with medical conditions. They try to ripoff money from these people. What a shame. Never buy from them. Their business should be taken down.

Terrible! Do Not Buy from WigSis!
Just received my 2 wigs today in color 2N which was supposed to be a frosted blond blend. Much darker than appeared on screen. The short lace front (HW15075) was extremely short with VERY long thick wavy bangs (I think you would probably have to cut most of the bangs off to get rid of that extreme "finger wave") and so much hair it looked like a pompadour in front. The blond straight short wig (HW10130) was somewhat better in color but the hair at the very center of the crown was stitched with coarse WHITE thread which was very obvious and the way the hair is sewn in there is no way to "tease" it to cover up the white stitching. As others have said, the wigs are very shiny and not natural looking at all. I spent $254 and WigSis aren't even good enough to just wear around the house. It took six weeks to receive the shipment from Singapore. My mistake was in just reading the reviews posted on their website. After reading these reviews, I'm not even going to waste my time trying to get my money back. I will continue to go to our local wig shop where I can at least try them on for color and style and get them trimmed.

Had to click on 1 star deserves Zero!
I ordered a wig on this site in haste because my hair was falling out so much. I noticed after paying the cap size? Did not know there were more than one and emailed the company within minutes to tell them. I emailed them 3xs different emails. No response. I left my phone number and still no reply. I then noticed upon searching google the amount of complaints against this company. I contacted PayPal explained the problem and asked to open a case and I wanted a refund. I can Not trust a company who doesn't reply back to their clients. Next day I receive an email from PayPal, WigSis tell me the seller will be contacting me and they do asking me to please close the case and they'll make the cap any size i want. I told them I would like to cancel my order and do not trust a company who fails to answer my emails but not PayPals. Long story short, PayPal is affiliated with this company gave me the the biggest runaround about dispute/case never followed up with me and after 2 mths denied my case. Seller says they shipped item but didn't. They shipped a brush some caps and tape that cost me $128! Buyer's please Beware! This company is corrupt preys on women experiencing illnesses and diseases and further robs them of their money! Money some like myself do not have! Please there are wonderful seller's & legit companies here in the US! Stay away from corrupt heartless companies who Cheat customers! That Present cost me $128! Not worth $8! I hope your business is Shut Down!

Don't waste your money!
I gave this company a 1 rating because there was not an option to give them a 0. Ordering from WigSis has been the worst experience I have ever had as a consumer. I forgot to check reviews for this company before ordering and I learned an expensive lesson. I ordered 2 wigs for a total cost of $245 plus $10 shipping. I am now out $255.00 with 2 wigs that are absolute garbage. I have tried returning the wigs but WigSis is a nightmare to deal with, offering low $ partial refunds instead of allowing me to return the wigs to them for a total refund. I paid through PayPal but WigSis have failed to protect my interests as a consumer, denying my claim without allowing me to provide photographs of the poor quality merchandise I received. I recommended to PayPal locking out this company due to the hundreds of complaints online similar to mine. PayPal is doing a disservice to consumers by partnering with WigSis. All I want is to return the poor qualify wigs to WigSis for a full refund. I am out $255.00 and have 2 wigs which will be thrown in the garbage.

Absolute joke of a legitimate company
The wig I ordered, in total panic at the sudden loss of hair during chemo ( I have been cold capping and didn't expect to loose quite so much hair so suddenly) was an absolute joke. It was advertised as Remy hair, the quality was clearly nothing like. I have seen better quality wigs in a fancy dress shop. There was no style to the wig, it was thin and the colour was not a match to the colour swatch on the website. I immediately emailed the customer services to request a refund. I did not receive a reply. I emailed once again and nothing. I left it over the Christmas period and trice once more. I did receive a reply, quite quickly, the response was hilarious, it failed to address all of my issues and actually suggested that I order another wig, and perhaps give the one I lad ready had ax a gift, to a friend! I have emailed several times, each time insisting WigSis provide me with an agreement to return this sub standard product, provide me with their company registration number and a telephone number. Each time, they have not done this. I will not rest until I receive a full refund. I am determined that this company will not keep my £120. I would rather give it to Breast Cancer research, the homeless or any other such worthy charity. This company must thrive on their deceptive practices, often at the expense and to the detriment of people, like myself, seeking a solution to a health related problem. This company should be investigated and In my opinion, be made accountable for its despicable retail practices.

I ordered a Remy Human Hair wig in a mixed blonde color that was suppose to have darker roots. What I received was a cheap looking pale blonde synthetic wig that looked nothing like the one I ordered. I would never wear a piece of c!@#p like this. I've had dolls with more natural hair then this stupid looking thing.
I e-mailed Wigsis and told them I was very dissatisfied with the wig. I told them it was synthetic, NOT real human hair, and that if the strands were thicker it could be fishing line! I requested a return authorization and a refund. I received an email back from Mildred telling me she was sure the wig would look very nice on me. I should keep it. How does she know what would look nice on me. Besides, it's NOT HUMAN HAIR! I am currently on my fifth email and it looks like there is no resolve in sight. She actually wants me to purchase another wig at half price and keep the one I received as an alternate. What?! Why would I waste more of my hard earned money on another cheap synthetic piece of s%&! T. I wish I had read the reviews on this company before throwing away $200. Take my word for it; if you buy a wig from this company you will be extremely disappointed.

They are a ripoff
This company is the absolute pits. I would never order from them again. To make a long story short when I got my wig in it was red, there was no other way to describe it but it was red, and I did not order red, I ordered color #18, which if you look at it, is a dark blond. They're telling me colors look different in different lights, blah, blah, blah. WigSis even tried to get me to wear it saying it would be a nice change! After many emails they finally agreed to send me another with a different color that I choose. I picked light brown because I was afraid to pick another blonde. When it came in the color was a light brown. When I had gotten the red in I didn't really examine it because I knew I wouldn't wear red. On examining the brown one I realized it wasn't actually the wig I ordered. The one I ordered had short little layers, and was shorter all the way around; this one has longer layers. So I give up, I'm not going to deal with them again, I'll just have to accept I've thrown away $120 and chalk it up to lesson learned. They should be put out of business.

I was bamboozled
I knew the moment I took that horrid thing out of the package that it wasn't fit to wear. To say it was hideous would be an understatement. The color (no color know to nature), the cut, the shedding of the so-called "human" hair... it looked like a cheap rug. I was feeling very vulnerable when I ordered this wig. I read the positive reviews on the website and, sadly, believed them. I was so bamboozled. I immediately wrote to the company complaining. "Daisy" answered me back quickly (that was positive) and asked me to send photos of the item and packaging, which I did. What she wrote back was, "no offense, but the wig looks fine". WigSis offered me 10% of my next purchase.
Here's what I did: I ordered the wig with my Visa, so I called them and requested to dispute the charge ($113). The were super helpful. They credited my account the FULL amount while the claim is being disputed. I fully expect this sham of a company, WigSis, to not dispute my claim. We'll see. Bottom line. You CAN do something. If, like me, you ordered with a credit card, call the credit card company and file a dispute.
This wig... I don't even like being in the same room as it. It's evil! Scary clown evil.

What a liers- NO cancellation...
Everybody its really worth it to open a dispute and escalate. This is the mail i typed to WigSis after WigSis contacted me again, on my private mail. I hope you can use it.

Dear Molly,

I will wait what pay pal comes up with. Unfortunately, I found out that there are hundreds of bad reviews about WigSis. Click here to see at ReviewFeeder

I also learned your company, Or shall I say Mr Zhao's company, not in the USA, UK nor Canada, but you are a China based company. And your actual address is: Mr Zhao Address: Room 521, Building No 1, ZhongXingCheng, Beiyihuan Road, Yaohai District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China Postal Code: 230011 Phone Number: *******0706

Next to that, you, stole your photos from renowned wig brand sites like jon Renau Carry, see image 1. Or, Image 5 Angie By Jon Renau, or, Image & By Raquel Welch or image 8 Janet by Wigpro. Image 9 Asley By Gisela Mayer. A quick Google image search reveals a whole lot.

If that isn't enough, you also sell me a wig that looks nothing like the picture. Which has a wrong size, from a mimicked model which is out of production see here

And to top it of it's not human hair, as was ordered, but some crazy synthetic fiber, making me look like.

So, No I want a full refund of the wig, plus shipping. Plus shipping the plastic fibers back to you.



EDIT: I placed a negative review on the. Com site today, below the dead plastic guinea pig that i bought, and it was refused. They wanted to give me a deal, but it did not involve a full refund. I told them, i settle for nothing less than a full refund. My conversation with them is included in this review

Wish i've read the reviews first, I ordered my wig from wigsis on the 15th of July, and canceled the next day. They come with the nonsense story about the wig already been shipped by DHL, but i get the tracking number in 2 days. Today no tracking number I sent them an email, if i don't have tracking number by tomorrow morning I'm using my paypal buyers protection. I will use that as well, if its not delivered in max 5 days as promised or if the product is unsatisfactory.

Same complaints as other reviews. Especially same as Mustangsally! DON'T BUY from this company. I didn't read reviews. I paid $140 usd. $240 aud. The wig delivered... Not what I ordered COMPLETELY wrong style all together!... wrong colour... doesn't fit... BAD QUALITY. Looks like a mop you wash the floor with! 20 emails later all WigSis do is offer u to buy another wig which they'll discount... BUT HANG ON... you don't get the refund from the wig & expect you to fork out more money. The lastest email: Will refund 10% of my wig and keep it. What would I want to keep an unwearable Wig? Today they offered 15% refund and for me take the wig to a hairdresser to style and get to keep the wig.?
No paperwork what-so-ever in parcel when arrives? No 'senders address' on their site OR on delivery... this is so they can keep the money! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. FRAUD THRU & THRU. Why are they allowed to keep selling on line? How does it work. You would think that with all the review sites, this mob has so MANY unsatisfied customers. The mind boggles. They don't stand by their policy. All a sham. Need to get all together and work at it till their site is closed down.
Dear customer,
I am so sorry for making you unsatisfied and unhappy. We just think the wig looks OK and hope you can wash it, then comb it and try it again. Meanwhile, we can refund you 15% for apology this time. I really hope you can understand and accept it.
Returning it will waste the time both of you and us, and if we do not receive the wig, we will not refund you. I will appreciate it if you can think twice and think our advice over.
Thank you so much. I wish you have a nice day.
Best Regards
Unreal... their telling you in advance if you did return and they Don't receive it... will not get your money back? They would claim they didn't receive it anyway! Hope this helps any suspecting buyers...
I just COPY & PASTED the following to go forward with our complaints; You need to take it further don't let them win:---How to complain about a company online?
10 Effective Ways to Complain About a Company Online. 1 1. Go to the company website. The first thing you should do is go to the company website and contact customer service with an explanation of what... 2 2. Contact the Better Business Bureau. 3 3. Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 4 4. Check out the Ripoff Report. 5 5. Email spamuce goverment. PS Unfortunatly it won't let me download photos of what I ordered and what I recieved?

After laughing I got MAD!
Hi guys. I'm the person who wrote I had to laugh at myself for being so stupid. Well after I stopped laughing at throwing my $170 in the trash I got mad as hell. I called paypal. These people operate through paypal. WigSis opened a claim for me and most likely I will get my money back. I insisted to paypal that these people need to be stopped. Paypal said if enough people call to complain they will shut the company down. Please everyone, if you get scammed by these people (AND YOU WILL!), call and report it. Paypal will get tired of having to pay out all these claims. The company in China sent me a message asking to me take pictures of the wig and send it to them so I they can see what the problem is. My response to them was "it's not worth my time to take pictures because you know exactly the garbage you sent me. I have reported you to paypal and my credit company. Deal with the law and don't email me again!" I hope this helps someone. And please do not be like me... I wanted that wig so bad I was hoping I'd be one of the lucky ones and get a good product. I'm telling you, this thing was so bad, I did not even try it on. I threw it in the trash right after I opened the package. This is first review I've written in my life! I had to write to help you and to try to shut these people down!

Unacceptable Representation of Wigs
I ordered a synthetic wig and it took over a month for this to arrive. When it arrived, it had no fixed style and did not look at all like the picture presented nor was the color acceptable. I complained and was told to send the wig back at my cost. Since I had already paid over $100.00 for the order, I refused and FILED A COMPLAINT WITH PAYPAL. Then I was told to keep the wig and select another wig of similar value. I selected a second wig which was suppose to be human hair wig that came with a style according to the picture. The supposedly human hair wig would not take heat at all. It was not a human hair wig. I was asked to dismiss my claim with Pay Pal which i did thinking the 2nd wig was human hair before I took it to my hair stylist. I took both wigs to my hair stylist and there was nothing she could do to make either wig work for me as neither could be styled. Note neither wig had a label inside of it, to designate type of hair. I gave up and decided that I WOULD NEVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN NOR RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE.

Wouldn't put this wig on my dog
My company ordered a wig back in October to give away at our breast cancer event to a cancer patient. We are a professional Med Spa and wanted to give back to people who visit us for a tribute event. My first complaint is that the wig did not get here in time. We ordered it weeks before the event and it came weeks after. Once we received the wig I'm glad we did not give it away. It looks like something you would buy at party city for $10 not for $160! When we got into contact with the company WigSis wouldn't respond to our messages until 1 or 2 in the morning. They told us they can do one of the following...
1. Enjoy 10% discount for next purchase
2. Get partial refund without return.
3. Return the items for exchange.
4. Make a new wig at discount price, and keep the original wig.
I told the company we are not interested in having anymore business with them and we will gladly send the wig back for a full refund. They then asked us to consider the exchange offer again. They then said they will not accept a return they can offer us a $20 refund and we can keep the wig. This wig isn't even worth $20 but we spent $160. We went back and forth and they could only offer us a $20 refund so at that point we told they we would dispute the charge and throw the wig away. They then very quickly offered a $45 refund or if we sent the wig back a "full refund." They told us the only option was to send the wig back with USPS otherwise they will not receive it. I asked them to reimbursed for shipping cost as it will cost us over $40 to ship it back to china and they said they will not refund us shipping cost. So long story short we will dispute the charge. Do not purchase from this company they make cheap, horrible quality wigs and sell them for ridiculous amounts of money and then will not send you a refund. BEWARE.

I was scammed by this company
So I order one of there wigs then saw how horrible there reviews are so I instantly asked to cancel my order in minutes after placing it. WigSis sent me an email stating they already sent it out which was not true because I did not get a tracking number until the next week. Well I ended up never getting the order due to it being delivered to wrong address. So I contacted the local carrier whom I know very well as to where my order is since WigSis said to call them. The carrier came to my home apologizing to me that his worker did in fact deliver to another address but did not remember which one. I have a ring doorbell that recorded that conversation, so I sent that proof to WigSis. They are still refusing to refund me and have asked me to get refund from carrier which of course carrier never refunds customers for lost packages. Then WigSis says they will send me a replacement but it will cost me additional $50 on top of the $93 I already paid them. Wow, if I were you I would stay far away from this company. Now it looks like I will be having to sue them.

Horrible company. Horrible wigs. Horrible customer service
I spent a total of $320.00 on three wigs. I was so excited when WigSis arrived! Boy, was I disappointed when I opened the package and tried on my first wig and the disappointment did not stop with the first one. The first one I tried on was supposed to be a layered bob. Nope... all one length and certainly did not look like the photo on the web site. Second and third wigs were horribly made. Stitching off, colors off, styling off. Although they resembled the photo's they were not what was ordered. I followed the return policy and gave a description of what the issue was and asked for the return address so that I could get a refund. Mildred returned an email stating that they would refund 20% and I could keep the wigs. I did not want the wigs. I can't use them. Then she offered 25%. Again, I informed her that I did not want the wigs and wanted to return them for full refund. Mildred sent a picture of a few wigs that she thought I would like and offered it free of charge, just pay for shipping and I could keep the wigs. I informed Mildred that I did not want a replacement wig. If I didn't like the three they sent because of poor quality, I certainly wasn't going to pay shipping for another product. I was then offered $90. Again, I said nope, no way. I was willing to accept a lower refund by offering to pay for restocking fees. I offered to pay $97. This was not acceptable to them and they offered me a $120 refund. Again, I informed them that was not acceptable and since they have been giving me such a hard time about returning the item and still would not give me a return address, I was rescinding my offer and now wanted a full refund of $320. I eventually told them that I was going to file a claim with my credit card company, the BBB, the Pennsylvania Attorney General and whoever I needed to contact in Australia. After three threats, I finally contacted the credit card company. At that time, Mildred finally sent me the return address, but warned me that shipping was going to cost a lot and to only claim 20% when returning. That sounds a bit shady to me.
At this time, my credit card company has given me a temporary refund. I will be mailing back the product as soon as I can.
Stay away from this company. I wish I would have read all of the reviews before ordering. They are a scam company. Product is horribly made. If you read any good reviews, please note that they are probably made up reviews from the company themselves. I find it hard to believe that with all the negative reviews there is a good product going out to any one.

This was a terrible experience
I am updating my experience with wigsis. I sent them about 15 emails and a picture of this wig which I will try to insert in here. I told them over and over again how horrible it was and that I would never wear it. Bottom line WigSis finally sent me a letter saying that I could return it and get money back/I could exchange it or they would give me $60 now. I took the $60 because I figured there was no way I was gonna send the wig back to China and get another one and I didn't trust that they would refund me I can't seem to get the picture on here but it was totally awful. I really advise all of you who have had this experience to do everything you can to get your money back. After I finished this hideous transaction I called PayPal and said what had happened and that I did not get back what I should have. And they said they had many complaints and when there were enough they will take PayPal away from them. I just hope they meant it. If you're looking for a wig and an honest company I would go to YouTube and there are demonstrations for smaller companies that are not advertised. I have not ordered another wig but if I do that's the way I will go

Worst company ever!
Do not order anything from this horrible company! I bought a $200.00 wig and it looks nothing like the wig in the picture. It was supposed to be blonde with light brown highlights and dark roots. The wig is white with pink/orange highlights and no color on the roots at all! I contacted this company about 5 times before getting a response. WigSis said because the wig was custom made they can not do anything for me. They told me to pay another $200.00 for a wig and put in the comments that I need to pay extra so darker roots. It did not say that anywhere in the description of the wig. Then when I said I was going to give them a bad review they said if you order another wig we will give you 15% off. Now I'm stuck with a ugly Halloween $200.00 wig that I will never wear! The wig looked like it had been worn too when I got it. I'm not Kidding when I say it looks nothing like the picture! Not just color, but not even the cut of the wig. Horrible company! Please save your money. I buy lots of wigs and I would never recommend this company to my worst enemy! Save your money.

Pay high prices for a costume wig!
I purchased a wig from this company to the toon of nearly $100. I'm on two different Chemo therapies & its taken a toll on my hair. I stupidly ordered from this company & didn't do my homework. The wig WigSis sent me was a joke and in no way wearable... unless I go to a Halloween party, a costume event or use it on stage in a theater. Thankfully I did use paypal. I began a claim. Funny, they managed to respond to PayPal within 36 hours. Their representative "Molly" claims this wig is their best seller!" Okay, I can see it being a best seller if you are mentally impaired such as drunk or stoned. Their return states I can return in one week. I emailed on day 3. I received it New Years Eve. No where in their return policy does it require me to "justify' my return. Yet thats exactly what I'm being made to do! I sent several pictures of their wig compared to a quality wig I own. Even with it being several months older than their wig... I could easily show the disparity between the two. I can see this return is going to be a hassle. This is how many companies like this remain in business... they rip off what they consider "rich" Americans... knowing they have made it near impossible to return. They spend $2 on a costume wig and even if they give back 30%... they still made a tidy profit! I do not believe the positive reviews on here are real. I believe this company knows full well they are baiting & switching. I pray your endeavors are better than mine were and you stay away from this wretched company! God Bless

This company is an absolute horror!
Yup, I was suckered in by them too, for 2 wigs that I purchased at the same day- 220.00 for one, the other wig was $100.00. When WigSis arrived, they smelled used and the hair was less quality than a cheap doll. Looked nothing like the ones that I ordered also.
Immediately tried to return them, just as described by all of you, took the stupid pictures. They only communicated in e-mails but after they got my pictures, etx... they replied, in writing, with obvious broken English "these wigs were custom made for you. Try them on again, or give to friend, no wrong with them so u keep... I called my Discover Card and reported the fraud. But WIGSIS fought it, eventually (just yesterday), I shipped them back to somewhere in China - as WIGSIS said I can either keep them for $350.00 or ship them back to that address. It cost me $30.00 in postage fees, and I had to declare "International Customs Forms, etc... via USPS. I feel lucky that I got out of this for $30.00 but who knows, they may still fight my fraud claim. Thankfully, Discover Card was helpful.

How to get a refund from these scammers
I wrote a review in June 2017 regarding the scam and the run around when I attempted to return and get a refund.
I decided to go to my credit card company and see if there was anything WigSis could do since I was scammed. I was informed they could look into charging back WigSis. A case file was opened and I was given a immediate refund by my cc company. If my case was successful, I could keep the refund, if not, the refund would be reversed.
I completed the form required and forwarded all my proof, which included all email correspondence which showed how terrible they were to deal with, all the run around and refusal to accept return and refund. I forwarded the online picture of the wig I was suppose to get and a picture of the actual garbage I received. I also sent a few reviews from ReviewFeeders to show that many others have been scammed by WigSis.
In the end, my cc company sided with me and charged back WigSis.
It took approx. 6 weeks for my cc company to complete the investigation. WigSis did refuse the first attempt, which I was told is typical. My cc company had to do a tier 2 escalation and that is when they agreed with me and forced the refund.
If you have proof and stick with it, you can get your money back.
I received an email from WigSis after a won, they said I needed to return the wig since I received a refund. Lol, that was all I wanted to do in the first place. Ridiculous.
Anyway, I called my cc company and they said I should send it back as that is the policy. Otherwise, WigSis, could try and charge me again. I had to pay to send it back to China, as directed. I am so happy this is finally resolved.
I really hope this helps.

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