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On 7/16/2019 Paypal sent me a text. Asked if I had just made a 79.93 purchase. I said NO. So WigsBuy said they would start a fraud case. Two hours later they said because I had purchased a wig in the past from another company this was in my purchase history that I purchase wigs and denied the fraud case and went ahead and paid these people the 79.93. I about crapped. I argued with them over this most of the day and then got online with this company and asked to please cancel the order. Says on their site that you can cancel within 24 hours I explained I did not order this wig. They will not answer in any way. I have sent 4 emails and 4 inside messages on their site. I am so upset over this that I do not know what to do. Paypal should have never gone ahead and paid them. Called Sync bank that handles Paypal and am begging them to look into this and explained that I did not order this and do not know who did. I can not get this company to even do their "chat". As soon as you click it nothing happens. There is no way to talk to these people in person. I tried the phone number and I get that "you have dialed a number no longer in service". I am sick over this. Did not even go online and order this and now I am being scammed and I feel scammed by Palpal as well.

Fraudulent & Unethical
I shop online for decades, this is something I do constantly. Never have I made a purchase anything from a fraudulent company. 3 Wigs for $175 arrived in poorly packaged bag with an unknown address. Poor quality product with wrong colors. No sales slip nor invoice included. Phone number on Wigsbuy boxes doesn't work. Order had no tracking or delivery updates.

Tried to open a dispute on their website, it said no order found. It took me over a month to finally figured out how to reach them. WigsBuy quickly replied to my email saying I had 7 days to return the products. They sent tracking information after delivery with tracking information from China to Locust Grove. No physical address on tracking info.

How can this be legitimate when order:
1.No tracking Info
2. Package had no information relating to Wigsbuy
3. Shipping status never updated on their website
4. Account showing no orders to dispute
5. Phone number on wig boxes doesnt work
7. Tracking info had no valid detail
8.7 days is impossible to return a product to China with no proof for return address and receipt of products.

I ordered a wig from and it is the worst mistake I have ever made! I spent over $200 for the wig I wanted. I should have done more research before making the purchase. I have learned that their images of the wigs are just googled images of women, NOT of someone wearing their product and that WigsBuy are the ones writing the reviews on their website after communicating with them for now over 3 months! They are absolutely awful. I have done everything they have asked to get my refund since the wig was not at all the quality or look I was expecting and now over 3 months later I am still batteling with them to get my refund and also refund me shipping of an additional $90 I had to pay to ship it back and they don't even want to refund me the full amount I paid for the horrible wig! It was so bad that I definitely couldn't keep it. I wouldn't be caught in it. I opened the box, took the wig out and with one look knew I had made a terrible mistake and I am still paying for it and am now out more than $300 at this point! Please DO NOT order from them and put yourself in the situation I am in with them! I don't want that for anyone. I hope this reaches a lot of you out there!

Not Worth the Headache
This is my opinion. Never have I dealt with such a difficult, frustrating seller. What I was sent was not anything like the photo. Not in color, length or quality. The return process is a nightmare of emails, refusals to credit, my paying 10 dollars to return a wig anyone but a clown would find unacceptable. You get socked with a foreign transaction fee (China). WigsBuy would not provide a phone number or customer service number, just a warehouse address in Santa Fe Springs CA. They wanted me to drop my bank dispute before they would consider issuing a refund. Very negative experience. The wig also had a strange chemical/ammonia smell to it. In my personal opinion, I would not risk doing any business with this overseas LLC. I ended up disputing the charge with my financial institution as many courteous emails and attempts to resolve the issue with the seller were unsuccessful. What is advertised and what arrived are the photos here.

No return address is Ever given..
I have went back and forth with a return address from this company,, I ordered 2 hair extensions. First was a 12 inch, I later realized I need a 16inch. So, 2 weeks later I ordered a 16, in the same color. WigsBuy both arrived one week apart, but 5 or 6 weeks later. THEY say I ordered same color. But one is Strawberry Red, 12 in, the other was almost Dark Brown. I sent in photos, showing such a difference in color,, If the 16 inch was same as 12 inch, I would have been satisfied. 16 inches don't even feel normal. (not human). They just keep saying that's what I ordered,, Their address is from China. They will Not give me a proper return address, just a Return number. How do I at least get a partial Return? Cause that's what they are saying,, They just want me to keep both. STAY away from this company!

DON'T DO IT. THIS CHINESE COMPANY IS DESIGNED TO DEFRAUD YOU and Wigsbuy online are based in China even though WigsBuy have pictures of American models. They communicate only via email or chat and they promise that your wig will be custom made. The pictures of the wigs are from other companies and or US celebrities but do not represent the quality of the wig you will receive. Their main objective is to collect your dollars and give you an inferior product. They are horrible and their business depends on your ignorance. Do not buy hair, haircare products or anything else from China unless you go to a store and can see what you are getting. Myself and 30 other professional colleagues have been ripped off by wigsbuy. The wigs received were not even comparable to the wigs we thought we were getting. They tell you that they will give you a refund, but you have to come up with the shipping back to China which is close to 30.00 dollars and takes close to three weeks. That shipping costs (both what you pay upfront and what you pay to ship the product back will not be reimbursed). Once they receive the product they will find something wrong with it (i. E. you combed the product and we cannot resell. This is not the wig we sent you, etc.). It is best to avoid this company at all costs. Read the reviews of other shoppers. China's trade industry is not ethical in general and they love doing business with Americans who are naive as far as returns and refunds are concerned. I give this company a zero out of five rating. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. I had to hire an attorney to get my money back. Thankfully I can afford it and the matter was one of principle to me. We also reported them to the BBB and the Attorney General's Office. For your own sanity and financial safety, don't do business with this company. Ral

Determined to get a half way decent wig I then turned to Wigsbuy. And big mistake also.
I started out with emails asking to show me a pic of actual wig as all the pictures WigsBuy have on site are of real people with their own real hair ( not wigs)
I think they give a time frame of when will answer your email questions. Ya, right.
After waiting few days no replies so wrote again and again, no replies.
So stupid me bought a wig that was #613 which is very light blonde. I bought a cheap one as felt something was odd about the place not replying and started to wonder if connected to Wigsway as just seemed odd and felt something was fishy with no replies, and no pics sent of any REAL wigs.
I had to write Paypal to get a reply from them as paid and still no word.
That gave action. Two months of waiting for my 3/4 wig piece!
The piece was NOT blonde. It felt weird and was some kind of muddy brownish color!
#613 is almost a white color ( I have a synthetic hair ring and also a real hair ring)
I got a color that was nothing like ordered. So sick of getting robbed and fighting for my money back, I simply threw it away and said never again.
I truely feel these 2 sites, Wigsway and Wigsbuy are the same place or connected in some way.
You will get crap and in my case, not blonde. It was a crappy brown.
What a rip off!
Try emailing them asking for a real pic of the wig you want and see what happens.
These wigs are also all coming from China
To your reply, I sent you a email, there is no order # and color tag said wwho9y 20617.
I did not see anything that said #613 very light blonde

Don't Waste Your Money
I ordered the Sweet Layered Bob Color # 30 when I opened the box and saw the wig imagine my disgust. I would not even donate this wig.
This wig looked nothing like the picture on their website, the color was very dull and looked as though it had been worn and NOT by me you can clearly see the stitching and NO style of a layered wig... it was flat, The bangs were short. Very POOR CRAFTSMANSHIP.
I have tried reaching out to WIGSBUY multiple times to no avail only to receive an automated response that WigsBuy will respond in 24hrs... 24hrs has come and gone x4
My only resolve was to contact PayPal and let them handle this.
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED... if I could RATE a "0" I would they don't deserve even 1 star

Please stay away from WigsBuy. I ordered a wig on December 16,2017 and it arrived on January 10,2018. The box that the wig was delivered in was wet inside the packaging. When I pulled the box out of the plastic it fell apart due to the dampness. It is obvious that the box was already wet when packed. The wig was not damaged but it was poor quality. It did not look like the photo at all. Plus I was sent the wrong color. To be honest, I could have purchase a better quality wig at a local Dollar General store. You could actually see the tracks at the top of the wig. I've contacted the company via email to get a refund. As yet, no response. It was definitely a waste of money. I think that WigsBuy post their own reviews on the website. I find it hard to believe all the good reviews, especially, when I read so many bad ones over the Internet. I wish I would have read the reviews before I made the purchase. Do yourself a favor and not order from this company. It is definitely a rip off as well as a waste of hard earned money. YOU WERE WARNED!

I don't even want to give 1 star, but have no choice. Ordered in jan. Took a month to receive 1 of 2 items. Received was the Marie Osmond wig, but I had ordered in a lighter color (more brown/blonde highlights.) It looked horrible, more like a costume wig with weird kinky hairs all through it that stuck out in places. Some of the hair was white and the top of the cap had a gap in it in which the hair stood up and did not lay in place like picture on their website. Didn't even put it on my head. I put it straight back in the box. Never received the 2nd item and finally had to cancel it. WigsBuy don't tell you they have to make them 1st, but this is what they lead me to believe in one email. I contacted them to return for full refund. They only wanted to give $40. Refund, then changed it to $30. When I got pay pal involved. Their policy states full refund for damaged item due to their fault. Let me tell you, They do not honor their policy! Almost 3 months later & many emails, I returned wig to a warehouse in california (at my expense) They had excuse after excuse and acted like they did not understand me. I had to open case with pay pal. They begged me to close my case and they promised to refund. PP told me NOT to close case. They contacted me in private emails without PP and begged me to close the case also in which I saved all emails for proof. I finally had to escalate the case to PP and let them take over. They tried to play pay pal as well, but thank god PP helped me or I would have been out $145. My only regret is that I wish I had done my research better and read all the bad reviews before I purchased. I will never again order from anyone until I know where they are located and only after I have read all reviews!

Avoid this site like the plague.

Firstly, I paid for express shipping and opened a dialogue immediately as I needed the wig for work. WigsBuy ignored me until I repeatedly chased them up and eventually issued a refund after constant emails as the wig was received three weeks after its expected date.

More annoyingly, the pictured wig is not what I received. I knew the pictures of people were false but the wigs are not the wigs they feature upon the order page.

I paid for a full lace front and instead got a shoddily tied two by six inch square of lace at the top front of the head. The sides were wefts (exactly what I did not want) and so thin that it by no means could pass as believable.

Throughout every instance they eventually email back, ignoring your concern and respond with "you understand".

They also denied me the ability to dispute my order. So much for costumer satisfaction being at the forefront of their concern.

Do yourself a favour and paint your head with glue then roll around a dusty floor. I guarantee the product would be better than anything you could order from here.

DON'T, JUST DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Should be "zero" stars.
I didn't read the reviews before I made a purchase (and I always do for clothing). I ordered a pretty wig and got a fuzzy, ratted mess out of the box. Disgusting is the only accurate adjective. Customer service via email gave me the runaround asking for pictures, then WigsBuy couldn't open the picture, etc... I finally cussed them out and told them to take their garbage wig back. Then they offered me a discount to buy another wig. Really? I made a huge stink and sent the garbage excuse for a wig back to them. We'll see if I get my money back. And btw, before it came in the mail, I looked again at it online the next day and it went from 39.99 to 70.99 in less than 24 hours. I asked customer svc and they said it was due to demand. Right. No, it's that they are a sham, money-hungry, crappy-product producing foreign company. Don't let your desire for what your eyes win. You will get ripped off and pissed off.

"Buyers Beware 2!"
I feel that I have to spread the word about this company!
Don't be fooled by the excellent fake reviews, that have been posted about this company, WigsBuy are scammers!
I am a real customer, who have received bad quality wigs from this company. I've been fobbed off with a $20 voucher, for goods worth nearly £300, to not return the goods. With advice from PayPal, I returned the goods at my own cost, for them to be now held in customs, awaiting final delivery. Wigsbuy tells me that they cannot contact customs, (which reputable company cannot do that?) They choose not to deal with the returns, or even accept delivery from customs; so that they don't have to refund you.!
A note of caution! If you choose to go ahead with using this company, you will fight possibly a long battle, in getting a satisfactory result from this company.
PLEASE! Don't be fooled by the fake reviews of excellent service, from this company. That is so far from the case!
I have had to battle with legal advice, in order to have this issue resolved, be prepared to do the same, or just DONT BUY FROM WIGSBUY!.

No picture counts
These people give you real human hair in a wig that could be cut similar to the pic. It is in no way the picture of the wig. However, a cheap but not poor quality human hair wig that you can take to your salon for a cut is what WigsBuy deliver. DO NOT depend on the pic except for the most basic reasons like hair length and their coloring is good. I have been wearing wigs for 17 years now. These are good cheap wigs. If you think you can pull it out of the box and have the 700 dollar hair cut then forget it. You can't even get the haircut with the wig due to the limitations of the hair/wig. You can have a really nice wig for far less than I have ever paid for anything else though. I do wish they would show the pic and then the actual wig pic. It's a 200- natural hair wig. Put some money into a good cut and run with it. You will like it.

DON't ever order from WIGSBUY. After I waited 5 weeks for my order, thinking that my order had not gone through, I ordered again. Two weeks later both orders appeared at the same time. Instead of subtle shades of blonde, large chunks of the wig were screaming bottle blonde. To return the items, information in the packaging said that I must call customer service at the number provided. Every time I called the line was busy. What commercial establishment allows a busy signal? Obviously, Wigsbuy does not intend to permit returns! After the 3rd call, I sent them an email asking for the same return information. Weeks later I still have no response. I called several times more and sent an additional email – still no response.
I looked through my credit card account for Wigsbuy and found nothing with that name, but I recognized the charge amount beside the name, "WWW.YOURCHICS.COM HONGKONG." I wonder why Wigsbuy hides under that name?
1. Product quality significantly below advertised;
2. Product color different from picture
3. Extremely long delivery time;
4. No promised confirmation email with order number, tracking number, etc.
5. return requirements calculated to prevent return; and
6. Customer service useless.
What you see is what you get…NOT.

I ordered a wig on April 1,2020. I didn't receive it until today, April 25,2020. The wig I received looks absolutely nothing like the wig I ordered. No resemblance whatsoever. It also barely has any hair, and the hair there is, is stringy and sparse. It is disgusting. I did not even try it on. I knew immediately I was not going to keep it. There is no way anyone would ever wear this raggedy ugly wig.

I spent an hour trying to find a phone number. WigsBuy are in CHINA! If I had known that I would have never ordered from Wigsbuy, never. I've tried by phone and email to contact them. They are impossible! I'm not surprised! There is no way I will ever get a refund from them. I just lost $125.00!

Considering it came from CHINA during this horrible Covid, I cannot imagine the germs it is carrying. I sprayed the packaging it came in, and the box, with Lysol... and put it in my garage. I then took a shower and put my clothes in a hot and soapy washing machine. I'm so upset about this!

I'm not young, have a compromised immune system, and have been in isolation for 8 weeks. Now I could have possibly been exposed.

BEWARE, these wigs are FROM CHINA. I would have never ordered from them.

** Go to this site - Type in Wigsbuy. You will see horrible reviews about this scammer company. I wish I had know about Trustpilot before I ordered.

Avoid Wigsbuy.
Ok got a wig from wigsbuy. Didn't realise at the time it was from China. It cost me £168 plus £13 customs charge. When I received it I was quite excited as I have a medical condition and very little hair. I ordered a short pixie cut wig. However the one I recieved was not what I ordered, it was too long and very frumpy. It was also of bad quality and very patchy at the back. It wasn't finished properly and came in a plastic carrier bag. I noticed when I made a complaint that WigsBuy tried to change my payment status to waiting for payment. But above it it states when the payment was taken via paypal. I have tried every avenue to speak to someone but conveniently no one is available. Working in marketing there is only one thing I can say about wigsbuy, AVOID AVOID AVOID. An update if you purchased through paypal do not dispute with wigs buy, go straight to the resolution centre and make a claim with in 20 days I recieved a full refund, after showing them picture evidence and wigsbuy emails and false reviews. And what's more I did not have to return the wig, as I was not prepared to pay for two customs charges and the shipping fee for wigs buys mistake.

Stay away! You have been warned. MISLEADING AND DECEPTIVE.
I'm writing this in hopes that people don't waste their time and money purchasing anything from this website.

I am a cancer patient who is going through chemo and I needed a wig. So I made an order and spent $210 which only arrived 3 months later after emailing multiple times and spending hundreds of dollars calling "Xiang, China".

I thought this was an American website. Customer service can hardly speak english!

When the order FINALLY arrived, It was the WRONG product. Not only this, but it was a horrible quality product. It looked like something from a junk store. It was supposed to be real human hair and ended up being some sort of party wig a clown would use.

I have tried to complain many times via email, I have tried calling as well but my emails and phone calls are now being ignored.

I am waiting on Paypal to get my money back but this was all not worth the stress, money, time and worry I have had to go through.


THERE IS EVEN MORE DECEPTION WHEN I STUMBLED ON THIS SITE TO SEE ALL THESE POSITIVE REVIEWS FROM PEOPLE WHO STILL CAN'T WRITE IN PROPER ENGLISH. It's all obviously the wigsbuy staff attempting to post positive reviews on their own website! This is all MISLEADING AND DECEPTIVE conduct and they are safe from any prosecution from any governing bodies because they are in China. THEY KNOW THIS!

Stay away! You have been warned.


Thief! Thief!
What a scam. Your typical sleeze company from China. WigsBuy should be banned.
Bought a $200 wig from them for my 22 year old daughter with cancer and is presently going through chemo. The wigged arrived and it was very poor quality, look nothing like was on the photo and was not the same color. We requested a refund and they said we could return it if we paid the shipping and they said they WOULD CONSIDER giving her a refund but only 60% of what we paid. Notice the word CONSIDER. They gave us instructions of what to do before they would give a refund. And all the things they asked us to do would violate the return policy they established. EX: "try it on and take a picture and send it to us". Have it styled and use hairspray" DONT BELIEVE THE CRAP 5 STAR REVIEWS. THEY ARE PLACED THERE BY THE IDIOTS OF THIS COMPANY TO FOOL THE PUBLIC

Don't be fooled by the high ratings (most, if not all of them, are more than likely fake reviews). Read the 1 star ratings. For $150 I received a dried out piece of crap WigsBuy call a wig. Live Chat is fake too (you will never find someone available). This company is pretending to have many happy customers & quality wigs w/raving reviews. You'll get a wig, eventually, but it will likely be junk (mine and many others were). Drab/dull dull color with dried out, brittle, over processed unhealthily looking hair (no real texture or color to it). I tried to review online at their website,, won't post it (doesn't work either... it won't post). Just like the chat won't work/chat. I believe their 5 star reviews, at, are fake also. Good luck if you decide to roll the dice.

If I could give a ZERO star I would. The pictures are nothing like what you receive. The color does not match what you receive. The quality is poor. WigsBuy sent the wrong color and I requested to return immediately for my full refund. I paid 140.00 for the wig and they wanted to offer me 75.00 for the return because they stated they have to pay for their labor. That's not my problem. You didn't send me what I requested and their policy states a full refund if they send the wrong color. Because I was persistent and would not accept their offers they then stated would only give me 25.00 for the return. I disputed the charges with Paypal and Paypal determined that I would be refunded my full refund. DON'T LET THIS COMPANY BULLY YOU BY THREATENING TO KEEP DECREASING THE REFUND AMOUNT TO GET YOU TO SETTLE BECAUSE SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING!

Totally Deceptive Company! Do Not Buy! Then WigsBuy want you to commit mail fraud to return the wig!
This company is horrible! I ordered a Remy human capless wig from them in November. When it arrived, it was nothing like the picture they showed on their website as being the item. It was shorter, and much thinner. It is not Remy hair. It was not capless and had a fixed part. It doesn't look anything like the wig they pictured and that I relied on when ordering it.
When I went to their website, it said my order could not be disputed. No reason given. I filed a dispute with my credit card company and shortly after I recieved a email from WigBuy telling me to send the item back to them at MY expense. That postage would be over $40. I am happy to send the wig back to them AT THEIR EXPENSE. I do not want to keep it. Its not what I was told I would be getting, not what I ordered. I believe it is Federal Consumer Law in the US that if you are sent a product you did not order, a defective item or a wrong item that the merchant, not the consumer is responsible for paying return postage. For WigBuy, this should be quite simple. All they have to do is notify the shipper ( DSL) to pick the item up. Its called a call tag. For me to pay for shipping to China, it would be at least $40. I am disabled and on a fixed income, so this would be a hardship for me. Its not fair that I should have to pay to correct their mistake or deception.
Also, in one email from WigBuy, they say that when I return it, I should state the value of the wig as under $45. This is mail fraud. And also, if the wig were to be lost in the post, the most I would be reimbursed is $45, not the $174.68 purchase price. I responded that I was happy to return it, but that since it was the wrong item or grossly misrepresented, it was their responsibility to pay for return shipping. They could notify their shipper to pick it up. They refused, insisting it was my responsibility to pay return shipping. Its not, US consumer law states that if someone sends you something you didn't order.
Wigsbuy contested my dispute, saying I did not return the wig... BUT NEVER MENTIONED THAT THEY REFUSE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING! Needless to say, I am now continuing the dispute further by sending pictures and copies of emails from WigsBuy to my credit card company. I am confident they will see how deceptive WigsBuy is and refund my money in full.
In short, this company is a sham, rip off and cheating its customers. DON"T BUY FROM!
I am spending my day posting as many truthful, negative reviews against them as I possible can!

2/6/16. After i posted this review, they contacted me ( see msg they posted) asking for my order number so they could make things right. I responded with that and explained what the issue is and NEVER HEARD FROM THEM AT ALL! All I want them to do is to pay return shipping for the deceptive/wrong item they sent. I should not have to pay over $40 to correct THEIR fraud or mistake! A HONEST company would have resolved this IMMEDIATELY! NO RESPONSE FROM THEM!

Why are they allowed to conduct business in the US

I ordered 2 wigs from this site and have regretted it since WigsBuy arrived...
1. Neither wig is the style or color in the picture online.
2. They don't list return info online so you don't know that the wig while shipped from California, you will be required to return it to China (shipping to there from my location is $176).
3. The phone number on the paperwork that comes with product has a phone number that is busy 100% of the time.
4. Think you can dispute with your bank/credit card company? NOPE! The merchant will reply with China shipping address and your bank will say "suck it up and pay the shipping" and "we still can't guarantee the outcome of the dispute". So in the end it's be risking being out $256 + $176+ to return something I did not order.

Save your time, money and energy and shop at a local wig store where you know exactly what you're getting.

Ghost of a wig!
I ordered my wig on May 4th from wigbuy and it was promised to arrive by 5/20th. As of 5/24 the wig has not been complete... not until June 2 and mailing after this date maybe. Not only have I not received my wig and it has not been completed, Joey wants to refund me 30% because she says the wig has already been made which I have proof and an email that proves otherwise.

2nd secondly she offered 45% and thirdly she wants me to accept the wig with $20 discount. This service is unacceptable, you accepted my money and my wig won't be completed until June 2 maybe and you want me to pay for unfinished work. Absolutely not... I contacted my bank and canceled since I did not receive my merchandise. I am confident all is well. I won't order from this company ever, ever, again.

I give them a fail for customer service, truthfulness and blatant disrespect to me as a client I give them out of 10... a zero. I am so upset that WigsBuy keep emailing me and asking me to pay for something that has not been completed or received.

I have about 15 emails back and forth to back up my review if necessary for my bank and this review.

I wish I'd come here BEFORE buying. If you're smarter than me and are reading this before purchasing, PLEASE AVOID THIS COMPANY. IT IS A SCAM. First of all, it looks nothing like the picture, then it's way too thin a density (looks like the wig that you'd have thrown away a year ago), the style, on top of being different, looks ridiculous, it basically looks like the wigs you've overlooked every time you walked into a wig shop because you don't buy the cheap ridiculous ones. It came 6 weeks later, from China, with a customs amount payable upon delivery that WigsBuy didn't tell me about. I am soo disappointed. I'm calling my credit card. I read here a lot of people think they cannot get a refund if not from wigsbuy. Yes you can, through the credit card company, if you 1) attempt and fail to get it from the seller, and 2) ask your credit card company within 60 days. Of course they'll refund you if you don't get what you've ordered. And complaining to the credit card company is the only easy to eventually get them out of business.

Update as of 10/29/2015 - Can't get an email response regarding my order.
I placed an order and $213.06 USD was taken out of my account on September 8,2015. I have sent three emails thus far and have not received a response from When I first put the order in, I received responses back immediately, but now I cannot get anyone to respond to my email on the status of my order.

I was hoping this website was legit, but now I am concerned. I just sent another email asking the status of my order. Hopefully, I will hear back from them.

10/29/2015 - I receive an email from Wigsbuy on October 21 stating WigsBuy would refund of $25.00 (although I did pay $213.06) to my Paypal account within 5-7 business days. If I had not received the refund to call Paypal. Which I did today, I spoke with an agent at Paypal and he stated there was no record of a refund to my account. He said it would post immediately if they were to refund my Paypal account.

After speaking to the agent at Paypal, I reply to Wigsbuy's email sent to me regarding the refund. So, we will see if I get a response.

Please do not purchase anything from Wigsbuy because you will be total disappointed and the wigs looks nothing like they advertised. The wig I did finally receive looked nothing like the picture on their website, it had this disgusting odor, and it was matted in the back top of the wig. I was so disappointed and that's when I reached out to them, sent pictures of the wig and they came back with stating they would refund me $25.00 (what a joke!). I know that I will never see the refund. Paypal said I should go to my bank and ask for a charge back, but I know that will not happen because Wigsbuy is way in China! I guess I will chalk this up as a bad experience with a not so reputable company and mark this down as a total loss. Shame on you Wigsbuy. Get off the internet selling disgusting wigs!

Buyer Beware!
The worst company to do business with. I purchased a wig from wigsbuy, color was described as medium blonde mixed with golden blonde. What I received was a dark brown wig with red highlights. Cut I ordered was a textured, layered cut, what I received was a bob with bangs. In order to get a refund or exchange you had to return the wig, estimated cost via DHL was $135.00 from the USA. Clearly not worth it, so I just kept a wig I will never use because WigsBuy send whatever they want despite what you order. In addition I have a real issue with paypal who claims they have buyer protection but they would not intercede at all. They insisted that the wig must be returned; a $40.00 purchase plus a $135.00 return fee did not make sense. Since then if the product is shipped from China, I just say no. Wigsbuy is nothing more than a scam company.

These are the facts: I purchased a wig for $169.00 (on sale)- WigsBuy sent the wrong wig and the quality was super poor! I have tried endlessly to resolve this issue and received no response. When I got PayPay involved - they responded by offering me a $20.00 refund! I rejected the offer. I really wanted the wig. The reviews I read from others were glowing. I now believe they were written by the company officials This is the worse company ever! You decide if you want to trust this company - but these are the facts! I've never had this happen to me when ordering from other wig companies. Can you believe they would offer me $20.00? That in and of itself should alert us to the fact this company is NOT about doing the right thing. The wig they sent me could not be used as a Halloween costume. Why not sent the correct wig? They specifically said to not send the wig back to the address on the box it came in - wonder why? DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!. Thank you for reading this review!

Total Scam! Do Not Buy From These Frauds!
I bought a wig that was listed as 'in-stock' for almost $200 at the beginning of of February 2021. I also paid two-day delivery since I needed it very quickly. As soon as I got the email confirmation--which said the wig WASN'T in stock and would ship in up to four weeks--I immediately logged into my new account and attempted to cancel the order for a full refund. Their policy states that a full refund will be issued if an order is canceled within 24 hours. Not only was I completely unable to cancel (the site kept giving 'time out' errors), but these mail fraudsters do not answer site messages, and their 'live chat' is never staffed. Also, no phone number to actually call anyone! Additionally, I have received five mails telling me my order is continually delayed and would I like to cancel? I have replied to every one (even using the the different 'reply-to' address which WigsBuy bury in the email text) and every time I have received an undeliverable error that my email address is not accepted by their server. Given that I have now spent over a month of my life, sent at least 20 different messages and attempted emails, and not been able to reach an actual human being, cancel my order, get a refund OR gotten the wig, I can only assume that wigsbuy is basically a mail-order fraud front. I will be adding this review to every place I am able so that others do not make the mistake I did.

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Description: Wigsbuy provides natural looking cost-effective wigs, hair extensions & accessories for free shipping. Shop custom size synthetic & human hair wigs for men & women in multiple colors on our wig store here to explore the secret of instant beauty.

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