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Absolutely terrible!
Had trouble even giving them 1 star. Wish I had read these before I ordered from them. AWFUL! Stay away... there are so many other way better places to buy bikinis. It's just not worth it, I promise! I used the size guide and ordered 3 bikinis! Spent around $180. White Fox did not fit at all - size guide is way way off. Only 1 bottom sort of fit, so I kept that one. So, after emailing them to see if they could exchange for a different size - no response. I decided to just return them but sadly had to pay $60 to return them with tracking. Thinking I would get my $150 back I thought it was worth it. They then tell me I'm only able to get store credit and not a refund?! Also, they said I had worn/marked a top and would be "discarding it" (yeah, right) or I could PAY to have it sent back to me. They won't respond to my email back explaining I had not worn it and I'm sure if it's a deoderant or lotion mark they could simply steam it. They are honestly the worst company I've ever dealt with and I do a lot of online shopping. Feeling very ripped off and just plain disgusted that a company can operate this way.

BUYER'S BEWARE! We all know that this website is a one and done website, where you can wear these cheaply made clothes once and then not again, fine! But, did you know that White Fox are ripping off customers as well as exhibiting poor customer service? Not only do they charge you to return an item that does not fit (fine they are overseas), but they only give you STORE CREDIT, not a refund. THEN, they accuse you for returning the item in bad condition. I did not even try the item on! THEN, they want to charge you again to return the item to you. THEY ARE CROOKS! Do NOT waste your money here, there are plenty of other online store options.

They were getting so many bad reviews that they shut down their social media websites. STAY AWAY!

'Stock alert' feature, null and void.
Two weeks ago, I entered my email address in the 'stock alert' feature on the website for a particular item that was out of stock. I checked my emails every day, and also the website. I contacted the head office to enquire a rough date when the item may be restocked, and I received an response from them yesterday to advise that White Fox did not know when it would be restocked.
I continued checking the website every day, and good thing that I did; the item was restocked today but I did not receive an email notification. The 'stock alerts' feature is just for show, it seems. I purchased the item as soon as I saw on the website today that it was stocked, and I've just checked the website again tonight and my size in the item is already sold out; had I not checked the website myself today, I would have missed out due to not receiving a notification email. Disappointing.

I'm actually really bummed but impressed
I ordered the wrong size of a Sarah's day item and immediately emailed. Literally a minute later I got a response and I wasn't expecting one for at least 24 hours. White Fox informed me they couldn't edit my order and they were really sorry but helped me with the return policy. I'm super bummed because I know the item I want will be sold out by the time the return is finalized. I'm super impressed with your customer service though and appreciate the extremely quick responses. Even though this purchase didn't turn out they way I wanted I know white fox cares for their customers. Thanks again!

I ordered 2 of their bikinis after falling in love with them on Instagram! I have to admit I became a little nervous because I didn't read reviews prior to ordering and then thought to look them up after, and I was honestly very surprised to see such low ratings! That made me very nervous about spending over $100 on 2 bathing suits, and the shipping took almost 2 weeks to the USA so my concern was growing! But OMG, I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY BIKINIS I actually could not BE any happier. White Fox are PERFECT in size and in color. And I don't know if they read my mind or if I'm just really lucky, but the top in the shade "neon coral" I REALLY wanted was out of stock in my size, so I opted for a different one that was still super cute but not my #1 choice, and I ended up receiving the one I wanted originally! So I have to say I am sooooo super happy. 11/10 stars! And omg, the colors are even better in person (which is hard to believe because they look so pretty on the website) I ordered the neon coral and electric blue. I want one in every color! If you're used to ordering bikinis off of cheaper sites especially like zaful where some of them don't fit right, these fit a-m-a-z-I-n-g

3 Stars
The first order that I purchased had amazing shipping time however when my package came, it was the wrong order. I believe White Fox mixed up my order and someone else's because I had a return request with my order before I had even received a package. I submitted an inquiry recently but have yet to receive a response so I am still unsure on how they handle things like this. The clothes on the site are extremely cute and look to be comfortable. I am unsure about their sustainability, employee and factory treatment, and ethical practices as their website does not share that information.

DON'T DO IT! You WILL Regret it!

If we were permitted to leave NO stars we most certainly would! Why oh why did I not come to ReviewFeeder before letting her purchase?

Long story short, our 17 year old Daughter saved $300 to purchase her grade 12 prom dresses (She has 2 proms to go to on the same weekend). She ordered from White Fox in Australia.

I'll get straight to the point - the dresses arrived and White Fox were NOT anything like the posting. She ordered two smalls, and received what might have been a medium, along with a dress that fit me (I am a size 12).

We took the time to measure her as per the sizing charts on the White Fox website, but that was a complete waste of time - the sizing charts mean absolutely nothing.

White Fox has no way to speak with a live person - no telephone number whatsoever - they've done an excellent job of hiding themselves when it comes to trying to contact them.

They do not honor their quality - there are NO refunds. Store credit - for one year only, after they receive your return. We fully expect them to say they never received our return... that seems to be how this transaction has gone so far.

She paid $62 in duties and taxes on top of the dress cost! I've ordered hundreds of dollars of materials from overseas and have never paid such high rates.

We've sent the dresses back (at a postage fee of $42), maybe she can buy a few t-shirts for the $300 credit - if she receives it.


Order # was *******368 - Ordered "Take Me Back Maxi Dress" in Red size Small, and "Run Free Maxi Dress in Navy" size Small.

In desperation we took the dresses to three professional seamstresses - hoping to have them altered/resized. Not one would even touch them - they said the quality was not worth fixing and they did not want their names associated with the dresses. We agree!

Please search for other reviews - please keep your after-tax dollars - White Fox is not worth the frustration.

Online shops should really ban together to void the industry of these types of schemers - I know our Daughter has been burned twice shopping online, and at 17 no longer wants to take the risk.

Signed, One Disappointed Mother!

Sketchy Company - Stay Away!
Purchased a couple swimsuits. The sizing was all over the map and the quality was worse than bikinis I have ordered from amazon! Completely see-through and the one bikini that actually had padding it was a very obvious circle on each side of the top. Returns are even worse! At the time of purchase White Fox had banners advertising free returns, come to find out that was a complete LIE and return shipping will cost me a minimum of $20 and in return I will only receive store credit... The clothing is garbage quality so I'm better off throwing out the bikinis. Stay away! I will stick to Lulus

White fox is one of if not my favorite place to shop! The clothes are always so cute and very stylish! Everything is well priced and there is always a great selection of items in their sale section. When or if there is a problem with my purchase I get an email explaining the situation and not long after I reply I get a response. Due to that I think that the customer service is top notch! I also appreciate how white fox ships to my tiny little island. Overall great business, great products and customer service.

Horrible service
I have been shopping at white fox for quite some time and this is the first time I experienced receiving my parcel and not having two of the items I purchased. I reached out to the company for a refund and I was told White Fox do not offer that only replacement at that point I no longer wanted the item being that the item originally was supposed to be part of my vacation attire and I had already left. I was then told I will not be receiving a replacement because the warehouse packed my package however here I am with items I paid for that I do not have in my possession! Horrible!

Overpriced, poor quality & fit
I ordered the dominate black leggings when White Fox restocked. Was so excited, but left very disappointed. For an upper priced pair of leggings I was disappointed in how thin the material is. After wearing for a few minutes the material behind my knees was quite loose/ stretched. The length of the leggings are also full length which is okay but again it's very loose. I almost have to fold them up to the start of my calf for them to not make my ankles look bigger than they actually are. I'm a similar size to Sarah (size 6-8,5'2) and went with an XS so can't imagine how smaller girls go with them. However, The high waisted band is great as well as the letter detailing. Not enough to outweigh the negatives & have me re-purchase White Fox activewear.

Favourite tights
I was expecting to hate the Sarahs Day collab tights, but after the first wear, I was hooked and couldn't wait until the reboot to buy more pairs! I haven't been able to find anything like them, so happy with them. Although White Fox do sell out very quickly if you are online at the time the restock happens I have always gotten the majority of items I have wanted in my size. I often have the most common size as well.

Overall very pleasantly surprised and the only fault is that the products arent available all year round!

SD x WFA – Fastest Express Shipping + Best Quality Leggings
Their sizing guide worked absolutely perfectly for me, and the leggings are so incredibly flattering. The quality of these leggings and sports bras is INSANE! These are by far the best quality leggings I own, putting the thrill of them being the Sarah's Day collaboration aside. Their stock must have increased, because I can still shop the site and most of the pieces are not sold out. Also, I got an email that said my package shipped, and it was the SAME DAY that I ordered my leggings! I did order express shipping, and within 3 days my package arrived from DHL. I've already made another order... and I might order some more.

Never Again.
I have been into Aussie fashion as of late. Princess Polly and Show Po are my favourite places to shop. I decided to give White Fox a chance based on YouTube videos. White Fox only had a few things that I actually liked. Most of their items are not my style. Clothes are really short and very unwearable aside from their sets. They're pretty much to take pictures in for the gram but not to walk around in unless u want ur whole ass to be out. Purchased 3 items and selected After pay however they charged my card for the total? Fine. The items came quickly however I had to pay customs for it to be delivered. I believe it was 30 cad. Fine. Receive the clothes and was highly disappointed. For the price the material and quality is thin and very light. I usually don't mind this but i do if I paid 80 for a dress.
One of the top was huge for a size small and defective. Was not made properly at all. The dress and the skirt were incredibly short. So I decided to return it all. All of the items were a big NO. And normally I have good luck when shopping online. It's pretty rare for me to return clothes... so that's really how bad it was.
To top it all off. The company does not do refunds. Ridiculous. They only provide store credits. Fine. So I really considered donating to horrible clothes especially when it costed me 77 dollars to ship it back! Keep in mind the credit doesn't include shipping fees you paid to receive the item, custom charges, or return fees. So now I'll have to purchase another item with their store credit and pay another 30 dollars for customs to have it shipped to me. All in all I would not recommend and will never ever shop from white fox again. I highly recommend Princess Polly, Showpo and even Shein over white fox. Showpo has better prices and even better quality. Why charge 80 dollars for poorly made clothing. Don't do it!

It is not worth the price and customs that they cause you to pay!
The bikinis will run you about 100 AUD for a set. Then you pay shipping and Australian tax, which adds an extra 25 dollars. THEN White Fox price their items at your customs and that can range from 30-60% of the item's value. SO in the end you are paying $180 for a bikini set. Also their customer service is horrendous if they even answer at all. It took them 5 days to answer an email and all they kept saying was the same thing, not answering my question.

The quality is decent but the sizing is a joke. The xs and small have no difference whatsoever and barely cover anything. The models in the picture have huge chests so they must be wearing XXL cause I have a small chest and I can't even raise my arms without having a nipple slip out in the small. The colour is also not as accurate as the picture, anything that looks vibrant, make it duller by 3 shades and there is the real product.

I will give it to them that their shipping is fast, but it always comes with a surprise customs bill cause they seem to think their product is worth hundreds of dollars and are reporting it as such, forcing you to pay extra.

Unless you have too much money and have no idea where to spend it and want to help the Australian market, I suggest you not.

STILL no resolution
I am not sure if this company is just f**king with me, or they're just terrible at being a business. I ordered a jumpsuit back in early January. Followed the tracking information, which says it was delivered to me in Chicago on the 18th. I had it shipped to my office because we have an entire mailing department. White Fox never received the package, and have been working with me trying to find it. Since this was coming from Auckland to the states, it was sent DHL and then transferred over to USPS, so I was told. So I contacted White Fox to get the USPS tracking number. They provided me a number, and I followed that which says it went from New York to Connecticut, to Arizona, to Georgia then BACK to Arizona because it was "dead mail" and had no address on it. I reached out to White Fox again who said oh sorry that was the wrong tracking information, that was for someone else. They then provided a new tracking number... which says the item was returned back to Auckland... and no where in the details does it ever say it was in Chicago. I keep emailing the girl at White Fox saying, "LOOK AT THE TRACKING YOU ARE PROVIDING ME!" Like, what in the actual hell. If they don't get me this piece of clothing or refund me, I'm going to lose it. This is absurd.

Does NOT care about the customer at all. Just want money.
I have bought clothes from white fox boutique several times over the years. The sizing always seems to be a miss with white fox, I've bought pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, bodysuits, and it's always just off, very annoying.
I once got a dress that had a hole in it, but decided to not even bother returning it because of how much of a hassle white fox makes it to return, which is ridiculous for an online store.
I found that the customer service are always very rude and condescending and just a pain to deal with. Which really sucks because White Fox are very expensive clothes.
I always want to buy products from here but i always hold back because of how bad they are.

Solid Shopping Experience
The website is relatively easy to navigate, but I wish the quickview for each individual item were more descriptive of what size the models are wearing so that I could make a faster decision on what would fit me. I think that the shopping experience could greatly improve when it comes to filtering the products by category, size, color, and availability. Finally, I found that checking out to be awful because I had to try at least 6 times before I could get my store credit to be applied on the check out page. It was not intuitive. I had to click on the payment options and return back to the shopping cart to add the store credit for the purchase. This needs to be made more seamless and straightforward because I could have easily checked out without the credit being applied.

Unpopular Opinion: LOVED white fox boutique!
I was a little nervous ordering from White Fox Boutique, especially after reading all of the poor reviews. However, my experience with them was awesome so I thought I'd share it here. I ordered two bikini sets, one in fairy floss pink and the other in a light blue color and White Fox are literally perfect. Super cute bikinis, good material, vibrant colors, and I would say they fit true to size.

International express shipping was fast and DHL was very good at sending me tracking updates through text and email. It only took 4 days for my package to arrive from Australia and I live in South Carolina, USA! I did not have to pay a customs fee, either, so that was a plus.

For reference, I am 5'10, average weight, small bust and curvy hips. I ordered both of the tops in a size Medium and the bottoms in a size Large. Both the keke top and the Isla top look and fit great on me. I could have even sized down to a Small on the keke bandeau top but the medium still fits very well. The thira bottoms are cheeky but not too cheeky- exactly what I was looking for! Highly recommend their swimsuits and will definitely be buying more bikinis from them this summer.

Horrible in every way
First off, it's over priced. For what you get, you'd expect to be paying about $5 for the $60 item. Second, their sizing chart is not reliable. When I received my item I explained to customer service that my item was so poorly manufactured that it was unwearable and White Fox still wouldn't give me a refund, only store credit (like you think I'd ever order from you again?! That's a joke), so I decided to dispute the charge because I was not sent what was advertised. The whole thing was a mess, there was not one single part of my experience that was not a disaster and or where I felt like "Jaclyn" from customer service was working with me. I couldn't NOT recommend this place more. Save your money, go literally anywhere else in the wold.

You are drawn in from the first look
This is my second order my daughter was travelling in OZ in January 2020.As a 22 year old she absolutely loved the clothes. So as a treat I ordered a sweatshirt and her boyfriend also order Xmas gifts from the website. From placing the order to receiving the parcel was so efficient. I waited longer for some orders just coming from the UK! I think how you promote the brand and logos on the items are amazing. The quality is great, As I am recovering from COVID I decided to browse your site and bought another two items for my daughter as I've not seen her in three weeks because myself and my husband caught the virus she moved in with her boyfriend so I thought what better way to welcome her home than you buy Whitefox tops. I thank her for introducing this company to me x

Returns are $$$
I am paying $30-$40 on a top or bottom and followed the size guide,
I tried to follow it the best I could.

White Fox need to put somewhere on their website, bathing suits from this website are NOT made for women with any type of bust. I am a 34DD and I got a large naturally, I couldn't even remotely fit into it. I am not a big girl, I am 5'4 and 140lbs, muscular build. There is not reason a size "8" shouldn't fit.
Then I go to return the top because I couldn't have fit into it even if I wanted to and I'm paying $20 for them to give me store credit. AWESOME... for tops that don't fit and every order that I don't fit into I have to pay $20 for it. Kind of ridiculous, but that's how they would like to conduct their business have at it, you will not have me as a paying customer again.

If your from Ireland or anywhere else in the EU please do not buy from this website. I ordered clothes off their website and had to pay customs which is ok but on arrival White Fox had sent me two packages by mistake, the money had come out of my account twice. On checkout the website was very busy at the time as it was a influencers launch and I had pressed cancel on my order ( when you pay with Apple Pay there is a cancel button). When I pressed cancel the website went black abs brought me back to the home page so my understandig was that it did actually cancel my order as I wasn't told other wise so I proceeded to purchase the items again. When it arrived it was a separate customs charge to my other package. I send it back immediately without paying the customs and when they received it they made me pay customs over in AUS and additionally made me pay to have it sent back to their warehouse. I emailed them back and forth about 20 times telling them my story. They were so unprofessional and didn't listen to my side of the story. They said they were doing me a favour by accepting the refund. In total it was 119 aud and in the end with paying all the customs I got 35 aud back into my account. If I refused to pay the customs they said they would just dump my parcel. They did not act professionally and did not take any responsibility for the crashing of their website at the time. Do not buy from them ever.

Obsessed with White Fox!
I'm continuously impressed with White Fox Boutique. I've ordered so many items from them, and each time I've been completely satisfied with the quality and fit. The quality of their clothes is amazing, especially for the price point. They're constantly offering great discounts for their clothing which makes things more affordable. I also have been so happy with their customer service team. White Fox always respond quickly, are extremely kind, and help me find the correct size or answer restock questions. The only reason I'm giving 4/5 stars is that I do wish their returns process was better. As a customer from the United States, it's expensive to return any items to their base in Australia, and White Fox does not cover the cost. I hope that their returns process can be more seamless in the future! Otherwise, I would recommend this brand to anyone looking for cute, fashion forward, quality clothing for their wardrobe!

I usually like my clothes oversized, but I got a size S/M and every single thing was HUGE. It's not even like, "cute/baggy" oversized. It's Iike "you order a S/M, but get sent XXXL" oversized. I ordered almost $300 worth of clothes, and literally everything except the sweatpants was unwearable. To make matters worse, you can't return and get your money back. You can only get a store credit, which sucks because EVERYTHING AT THE STORE IS TOO BIG. Why would I want to buy something else from a store that I know I can't fit? This was a waste of $300.

Refusing to refund even though their fault!
I ordered a white skirt in February 2018... it is now June 2018 and I have not received my skirt from White Fox Boutique. White Fox have treated me so poorly as a brand new consumer! After emailing them on 13th MARCH to ask for help as the tracking system seemed to be not updating. Their customer service team emailed me back with a new tracking number which worked but all it said for the next two weeks was that it had arrived in the UK but not yet London (I am an Australian living in London). After waiting patiently for another two weeks, all of a sudden the tracking system said it was being 'Returned to the Sender'! I emailed customer service to ask if this was correct and they said I failed to pick up my parcel which was delivered on 1st MARCH so it was being returned to them! After back and forth emails, they said it could take up to 90 days after which they will resend it. It has now been almost 6 months and they have not been replying to my last few emails! Despite these circumstances, they refuse to give me a refund which, for a successful company, would be a drop in the ocean. They refuse to do right by a new customer. DO NOT SUPPORT a company that does not value consumers.

Hi its'a Alana! I got the "Itsy Bottoms Black" and the "Teaser Bikini Crop."

I just posted a video on my YouTube channel: Alana Arbucci

Reviewing 7 bikinis from 7 different online stores. Out of all of them, this was one of our least favorites. The picture makes the bottoms look super high waisted, White Fox are not at all. They don't cover enough of my behind, and for the price I don't think its worth it. The top is too hot to wear outside and the bottom isn't enough material. I thought it looked cute and wanted to try out this style, but it isn't practical.

Do not waste your time ordering from this site
I've never written a review before in my life but I'm so disappointed with White Fox Boutique. I order a pair of $60 shoes in a size 6. Received them and White Fox were massive. So I ordered them again in a size 5. They said all returns cost $20. I received the size 5 and they were SO small. So now to return both pairs of shoes I have to spend $40 plus the shipping I paid back, making it $55 for absolutely nothing. I called asking if there was ANY way they could help me because their sizes are so off. Nope nothing. Worst customer service.

White Fox has an easy to use website. I love that I can see the cart pop up with each item I add. The pop up gives me the option to checkout from there or keep shopping.

The websites quality matches the clothes. All together it is easy to use. All the options you need are at the top so you never feel lost.

Can't say enough how much I enjoyed my experience.

Oh, and the checkout process was quick and easy. White Fox remembered all of my information and I didn't have to spend time re-entering my info. Such a Time saver!

The FIRST thing it wants before it even lets you into the website is to provide your email address. This is before you even look at their website or create an account with them. I can understand providing your email address upon creating the account, when ordering an item from their website, but White Fox prefer you give your email to them IMMEDIATELY. This suggests that the website is SELLING your email address. So many websites do this and it is considered acceptable and desirable. I boycott every website that does this. I have tried ad blockers that say they block overlays, but I guess an overlay harassing you for you email address isn't considered an advertisement, even though they are obviously going to be selling your email address information for advertisement money.

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