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Customer service is non existent...
I have had these liners for around 2 yrs now and called about them the day I put them in. The passenger side does not fit to the vehicle, and I found them to be very slippery when wet. I emailed the company, WeatherTech asked for pictures, I sent the pictures and the gentlemen I was connected with said that is the way they are suppose to fit. I have over an inch of gap on the passenger side which makes the liner constantly move. What happened to "made to fit"... their motto...! I would never buy from this company again, they have made it clear to me that they care nothing whether their customer is satisfied, for the price you pay they should do better. Buyer beware and don't assume that because it fits your "friend or family" vehicle that it will work for yours. They say that it is digitally measured and made to fit your vehicle, but if that were true then I wouldn't have over an inch of slippage/movement with mine. But it does explain why they don't allow for "reviews" of their products on their web site. (unless I missed that on their site)

Pet barrier doesn't fit, poor return policy and poor service
Last week, I ordered car floor liners including pet barrier as the video says, "it can fits any vehicle". But it's too long on my Tesla Model Y! So yesterday, I called Burlington store with this regards, the lady told me that I should read on details of measurement... and the return policy is terrible(we either to pay return shipping fee or drop it off). Today, I just watched their online video again and it is clear says, " the item can fit any vehicle". The lady on phone was blamed me no reading their details! I spent approx $1K included front liners from them and experienced horrible service!

Attempted To Get A Return Authorization - No Luck!
Ordered (2) DeskFone's for Christmas gifts. I've been attempting to return (1) of them and order a CupPhone. Over the last (2) weeks I've sent two Return Request emails and received no response. I've also called their Customer Service # several times, but always 250+ in line. Once I set the phone aside while I was working and it counted down to about 175, then I was disconnected. Ridiculous! WeatherTech seem to have good products, but their Customer Service is beyond terrible! If rating them zero stars was an option, I would. Buyer beware...

Product is decent, customer service leaves a lot to be desired
I got the wind deflectors for front and back windows of my vehicle. Front ones are great and WeatherTech look nice, but the back ones keep drooping out of the window channel on the back ends. I've contacted weathertech by email a few times, first email they didn't respond to at all. A couple months later I sent them another email and they responded to that three weeks or so later and offered to send some two sided tape, but never really answered the question about what to do to keep them from drooping out of the window channel again. Anyway, I got the 2 sided tape today and it is so narrow and such a small amount it will barely be useful. For a company that sells 50 cent pieces of plastic for 150 bucks, I really think they should be able to afford competent customer service staff that can provide effective solutions without losing their shirts. Many Bean counters apparently on the loose in this company.

Major salt stains!
I own a 2019 Kia Stinger GT AWD model. I`ve just come in from giving it a major vacuuming from the winter crud clean up. I was very upset to see all the salt staining under my front seat that also surrounded my sub speaker as well. There is no back lip on the matt to stop the water or snow from going under the seat. I do not understand this cause my 2011 Chevy Cruze has the back lip or small wall that has stopped any rain, snow salt from going under that car seat for as long as I`ve had that car from new. So I`d like someone to contact me & tell me why no back lip wasn`t worked into the Kia Stinger`s floor mat design.

A very good experence over all
This is my second set of floor mats. I got a set for my 2005 Nissan Titan in 2006. WeatherTech have been through hell and back and still look good. Once I had to put them under my tires to help get unstuck. They cleaned up great. My carpet still looks like bran new. Only complaint is they were kinda like plastic and my feet would slide around some. I just got a set for the front of my 2015 Kia. They fit perfectly. They look amazing and best of all they don't have that plastic feel like my old ones. They feel a bit more soft to the touch like rubber. They really have a quality feel to them. My feet feel planted. The matts are very secure and don't move around. Very happy with them. I just ordered a set for the back to match. The best floor matts I know of to protect my car from my 2 boys. Thanks Weather Tech you rock. I wish there was a place on there web site to write a comment I would love to thank them.

Horrible customer service and overpriced! Go with HUSKY!
Received complete wrong order in which WeatherTech acknowledged was their mistake. They offered to ship the correct ones to me with me sending the wrong ones back. When I asked if they would refund the original shipping costs that I paid (since they can't even offer free shipping for $250-450 floor mats and never run sales not even for military) they told me that they would ship the new ones to me for free! Well no kidding! Since you sent the wrong ones and I already paid for shipping. Now I'm expected to drive 45min+ to take the wrong ones to a fed ex! I spoke to 2 different people (the 1st Lady was rude) who both told me no on any price adjustments or reimbursement of shipping. Acted like they are doing me a favor! I'm praying my son is ok with me ordering from Husky who has better reviews and better customer service so I can tell this arrogant company with horrible customer service to come pick up the wrong mats and keep the right ones! When I asked to speak to a manager I was told well you can try to call back tomorrow but we are really busy this time of year! Like this is the only company busy at Christmas time! Goodness! All companies and families are busy this time of year! But they still offer customer service and take ownership of their errors and try to do the right thing for their customers. It's amazing to me it is worth it to them to have a very unhappy customer with word of mouth than to just reimburse the $20 shipping cost! Tells you what consumers mean to them I guess.

Diminished quality, bad fitting
I have bought 3 sets of SunShades for 3 different cars: Toyota 4Runner 2013, Toyota iM 2018 and Volvo XC40 2020. Quality has diminished over the years comparing the 2013 and 2018 shades with the 2020 one. One thing WeatherTech have in common: shades of small windows do not fit well, they fall down by themselves. More to say, they are shipped in a roll, the shades need like 4 months in order to stay flat, that if you do not roll them again. One more thing, I called to get one piece replaced because I received it damaged and the customer care over the phone SUCKS. For the price they charge for the products, they should be better.

Worst floor mats ever
These are the worst floor mats ever imaginable. I paid over $200 for these mats and I wish I had read the reviews first and I would have seen how horrible WeatherTech were how are they allowed to sell garbage like this. The mats are made of plastic and the back roll won't even lay down and all they can say is keep bending they until they lay down I am so pissed right now. Somebody need to put them out of business. I just hope everyone read the reviews and take heve before they purchase these floor mats or anything else from. Weather Tech.

Wanted to like this company
Wanted to like this company (fellow UW Madison Veterinary supporter).

Unfortunately service for the customer is poor. Ordered on-line for pickup at the factory store. Confirmed (called and spoke to customer service) when I could come and pick it up. Followed instructions for pick up. Pull up and WeatherTech had put order back on shelf. I asked them to pull it again. After speaking with security and then finally a manager, they pulled the order. Unfortunately, this was after putting up quite a fuss. They were more than happy to let me drive away without my order.

If they treat me poorly in person, imagine how they will treat you online. Look elsewhere (sadly).

Fantastic costumer service
I spent a decent amount of money getting car mats for two cars for Father's Day, I was worried because i had only been charged for one set and I received an email that WeatherTech had been shipped. I decided to call because I was worried something went wrong with the second set. I was connected with one of their agents named Yadira and she was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. She was extremely nice and went out of her way to explain they don't charge you until they send the product out and for my other car they just needed a little more time (which it's only been like 3 days). She went out of her way to also get my address to send me my own personal catalog because I'm super interested in this company now. It's so nice and refreshing to speak to someone so kind during such a hard time with deliveries and everything else that is hard on us all right now. She even gave me her email if I get worried again and want to check in before Father's Day. I will definitely be ordering more products from them because they clearly are such a nice and hard working company. My girl Yadira needs a raise!

Great Products - Horrible Customer service
Have enjoyed their products for more than 10 years. This morning I placed an on-line order for floor mats for my Mom. I accidentally failed to adjust the "ship to address" so sent an e-mail 5 minutes afterward and also called their 800# to speak to someone in Customer Service. Was 261st in line but held anyway. 35 minutes later was disconnected. I called back and was 275th in line, but held anyway. 40 minutes later was disconnected. Called again and was 250th in line. I tried once more and after 64 minutes finally spoke to a representative, who was able to take care of my request. In total I wasted just short of three hours today. That is simply not acceptable by any standards.

Never Buy Anything because of "Nice Looking Pictures"
I really feel bad putting this out for the whole world to see - but I'm an honest person - and I really screwed Up! I have a 2004 Ford Explorer that after 17 years (just over 100,000 miles) still looks new and I wanted to take care of it the best way I could (it is under a shelter - covered by a very well made padded car cover)... so I bought Weathertech Seat covers, floor mats and their Cargo mat. All of this stuff on TV looks fantastic. And when WeatherTech tell you it is "laser measured - for correct fit", etc. and it really sounds like something great... WRONG! It is some really cheap crap - the seat covers don't half fit (even after they ask you for exact make - model - year, etc)... the floor mats "roll up" like tacos after a few weeks (they will actually tell you how to turn them inside out to hopefully get back in shape) and the cargo mat is more of the same. "IF" they would use some material thick enough to actually hold its shape - they might actually be worth the purchase price, but I'm out around $600 and believe me - their "Made In America" product could have been much better made in China. It's really a shame for them to use the patriotism angle to lure folks in to buying their product... by the way - I'm a disabled American Veteran and patriotism is something real to me. I bought all of the above items at "TNT Exhaust center" in Reidsville, NC. They not only do exhaust but also sell 4WD / trailer / modification parts. I no longet have the receipt, but am sure that Joel and his wife (who run the business) will remember me as I am a regular customer.

Poor quality for price
The WeatherTech floor mats in our vehicle are thin and don't fit the vehicle properly. The spaces between the edges of the mats have not prevented rocks and dirt from collecting underneath and therefore, the carpets have not been protected as advertised. Whenever there is snow from boots, there is no place for the water to go and it ends up on the bottom of pants. WeatherTech are horrible to clean and never look have that "clean look". What I need is somebody to give me some ideas as to how to clean them. The back cargo slips and slides around. I would never think of buying another set of these nor would I recommend them to anyone else. They aren't worth the price.

Please red this before buying these mats
Bought the mats two months ago, only to realize last month that all the water is leaking under the mat from the "press holes" and is trapped between the mat and the carpet. Of course the smell is so foul that you cant even be in the vehicle right now, and after a week of drying the carpet i think i saved the car. The company recommended i clean the excess water regularly, and people have commented that WeatherTech need to do this weekly, what a bull answer that was, so i am scrapping the mats, thankful that there was no mold in the car because of it. BTW same issue with the other car except it wasn't driven as much so less of a clean up. ZERO starts

Pissed off at weather tech in Alabama.
Bought this bug deflector to replace a 20 y/o Toyota bug deflector. The plastic is cheap and scratches very easily. The mounting holes did not line up, I had to wallow them out with a drill. The factory bug deflector had six mounting holes, weather techs only had four. The fasteners do not tighten, WeatherTech just spin like they are stripped. I will have to try and find a better fastener at the parts house. I thought I could make this crappy deflector work but now I wish I would have sent it back and got my money back minus the shipping charges. I thought weather tech had a good reputation, I would not recommend their products to anyone. I would recommend forking out a few extra bucks and buy a good quality product from the dealer.

Mudflaps for 2017 Nissan Rogue
I got rain guards and mud flaps for my 2017 Nissan Rogue. Had to fight the front door rain guards to fit correctly, now driver side window doesn't go up and down correctly and the back mud flaps, we had to drill a hole on each side because the holes in flaps and car didnt match up. I even called and asked if WeatherTech sent me the right ones for my make and model. They assured me they was the correct fit. I lf you purchase the mud flaps, be prepared to drill new holes in your car. So not happy about that one.

Poor customer service
My paypal dispute letter:
Overall, I am deeply unsatisfied with the customer service I have received from WeatherTech. I bought WeatherTech products because I believed buying from a US based company would provide me with good customer service. I paid more for a WeatherTech product than similar items found on Amazon. However, there was a manufacturing or production issue with one of your products and it unfortunately did not fit my car the way it was intended.

I asked for possible solutions, hoping that one of your representatives would suggest that I mount the bug deflector using double-sided foam tape rather than the supplied screws. I needed confirmation that doing this would not damage my car or void the product's warranty. However, I got no such response. Actually, I got no such response at all after a while.

So I start the last resort: a Paypal dispute, only to be met with the response form WeatherTech, "Please note that it is not typically necessary to open a PayPal dispute for items that were incorrectly purchased. " Get out of here. In my Paypal dispute, I submitted a pdf documenting my attempts of contact leading up to this. Arranging that documentation took hours. My efforts of being a cooperative consumer were dismissed. My concerns about lack of customer support were dismissed. I can see that I am not valued as a customer and I will be sure to share my experience widely.

Worst product ever!
I gone through checking reviews online on many sites. I guess it was paid reviews generated by Weather Tech. I got my floor mates in 2016. Just one winter finished and all the floor mates are worst in color. When I am getting in since then, every time it gives feel that you entered in 18th Century car only because that floor mates are looking so bad. After one winter in Canada, I feel that I was stupid for the words of Weather Tech. I would suggest to never get it. I tried many products to clean it and make it black again, but since 2016-17 today it's 2021. No chance. It is worst worst worst ever product. I wish I would be able to give it negative ranking. I do not ants to post photos here, because it make me sick to show that my car is looking ugly, the brand new car I got in 2016. Sad.

Worst experience ever
I ordered on weather tech expecting for my floor mats to come within a week... Well I waited a week And after a week I called And asked them where are my mats WeatherTech said they were on back order and that I would have to wait. I then waited and two weeks later I received an email stating my card was declined and I'm wondering how that was possible. I put the order in 2 weeks prior and then I looked in my bank account and I was never charged. So I waited 2 weeks to be charged on my card which I thought was odd and I guess I spent the money I purposely took out of savings for the mats on something else because they took forever to charge me. I won't be doing business with them anymore. This was uncalled for.

Not worth the money
I bought a new car and so I bought everything weathertech because I wanted to protect it and keep it new First of all the shipping charges are crazy, there is no tracking information available so if you order multiple item it comes all separately. The cargo liner is too big and when I go to close the hatch on my SUV, it stops because it sees an item in the way. I bought the front seat covers and the covers don't fit properly and don't cover the entire seat. In addition WeatherTech don't leave a cut out for the seat controls in the cover. There is no back to the cover and the cover constantly has to be adjusted. The worst item is the door shields to protect your back doors from kids and pets. They have little tabs that slide in the window and that is the only way they hold on. My dogs knock them off each and every ride and I now have holes from their nails in my leather doors. Go to autoparts store - cheaper and you can find items that fit better and aren't so expensive. I spent over 1,000 on Weathertech junk!

Buy your car cover somewhere else!
Oct 26th ordered a sunbrella car cover for my mustang. Filled out the order form, put in all my payment information and clicked purchase. WeatherTech said it could be four to six weeks for delivery. Received an email immediately "ORDER CONFIRMED!". Waited 6 weeks and got nothing so I called and got customer service and they said despite their response my order was never actually completed. They said they sent me an email asking me to confirm that I really wanted to buy what I ordered and attempted to pay for, must have gone to spam. So be advised they have some weird Muti-tiered system just to order from them. I found another place online that actually had my cover in stock and ordered from them. Wasted 6 weeks waiting for a product I'm not even sure these jokers sell. Look elsewhere.

Waste of money
When I purchased my new car, I knew I wanted WeatherTech to keep my car protected and looking nice, but it was a complete waste of money instead and I will NEVER recommend WeatherTech to anyone. If you own a 2015 VW Passat like myself, be aware - the rain deflectors don't fit like they're supposed to, so if you're the kinda person that likes to crack their windows, you can't. Rain will still get inside of your vehicle, and this counts for the back windows and the front windows. I also paid for the floor liners - front and back - because at the time, I was a bonus mom to three young kids, however, the back floor mats don't stay in place. There is nothing holding them or gripping them in place, so in other words, they're useless. You also have to pay for return shipping which is a JOKE especially if what was sent to you is useless and can't be used (i. E. water still gets in my car because the rain deflectors don't fit the shape of the windows like WeatherTech should). I sent back everything except the floor liners for the front, and like I said earlier, I'll never recommend WeatherTech and I will never buy their products for as long as I live. I maybe got a refund of about $100 when it should've been closer to $200 because I had to pay the return shipping.

Numerous products
I have floor liners and a trunk liner fit perfect couldnt be happier... also have cup/phone holder its ok but had to put a small pc of foam rubber around it to keep it from slipping around. Also have back of seat protector, does its job. Just got a back seat cover and door covers so I can take my dog with me more easily. Backseat cover is ok not as good of a fit as I would have expected but works so Im ok with it. Door protectors are a JOKE... if you move the window up or down WeatherTech pop off... if the window is down the wind blows them off may have been a good idea but needs a better way to attach to stay in place I can figure it out myself but shouldnt have to... the paddles that fit down in inside the window arent a good idea... and if they scratch my window tint I will be pissed...
I drive a Dodge Charger just for reference oh I also have a sun visor for front windshield perfectly fine...

Weather Tech save your Money
Weather tech does provide well fitted floor liners customized to your car...
WeatherTech are not reinforced to prevent curling and this will happen, severely. If you are willing to spend the money for the product you care enough to be embarrassed by the look and performance over time. The advice from customer service is to remove the mats and invert them on a warm surface to undo the curling. For this price point curling is unacceptable. I have tried everything over two years... I will never purchase this poorly designed product ever again. Great marketing poor product. I suggest they spend the marketing budget in product improvements.

Complete junk products
I ordered floor liners and rain gurds for both front and back of my 2017 Ford F 150 in Oct 2019. First the floor liners that are laser measured have over 3/4" play. WeatherTech are really loose and sloppy fitted. The two front rain guards one broke during install. However bother fit very tight and would not let my window go up. The guard would always stop the window, this was on both sides. The rear rain guards would fall down about an inch and become floppt and rattle. This again was happening on both sides. All of the products I purchased all say made in germany not one was made in the USA as advertised. I have bought Weathertech for the last 5 vehicals i've had. I will never never buy this junk again. I was between Michigan and Texas I have to stop and yank the guards from my widowns and through them in the trash because I had it with not being able to roll my windows up.

I'm sorry I ever placed an order with this company; you will be too...
Without doubt, the most appalling customer service you will ever experience. Having, placed an order in July (it's now mid-Sep), and one e-mail to say my order was delayed, I have heard nothing from this company since. Called their laughably titled customer service line forty-seven times since the beginning of Sep and never once has a call be answered; WeatherTech just keep you hanging on, then cut you off. And don't even bother sending an email as they don't answer messages either. The really frustrating part is that you can't even contact them to cancel the order. PLEASE do not be fooled by the relentless TV adverts; this company simply cannot deliver in a timely manner and nor do they seem to care about the customer once they have your payment details.

Mats don't fit and they charge you to return them
Ordered WEATHERTECH ALL WEATHER MATS for my 2014 Mercedes Benz ML350 on 09/22/20. WeatherTech were $99.95, with shipping($15) and tax($7.61) came out to ($122.56). The second row mats didn't fit, so i returned them for a refund. I was charged $15.99 to return a product that did not fit. You spend a lot of money with Weatertech and they don't provide you with free shipping or a return label, but than they charge you for a return label (which they do not tell you when you speak to customer service about a return)... I also orederd a set for my sister's car as well, which was $309.95 and shipping ($18) and tax($21.72) totalling $349.57... which I'm returning as well once I receive them. So they can charge me the ($18) shipping fee if they want. BUT I REFUSE TO DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER AGAIN and will make sure my family and friends don't do business with them as well...!

Wasted time
I ordered 6 cup holders on Dec 16, said 3-4 day ground, I live in Colorado Here it is the 28th and no cup holders, I checked my order every day for some update, nothing. I called customer service I was number 273 in line at 9: am on 12/27. I called back at 4pm, number 261 in line for customer service. I sent email on the 24th said someone would get back to me, nothing. I get a text from Discover WeatherTech are just now charging my card. I have denied the charges. These were for Christmas, if they were going to be late, I should have been notified. The return policy is you have to pay ur own shipping and restocking fee. What type of business has calls stacked up like that 2 days in a row. What horrible service, or just do not care about their customer. I can keep my 35$ for each of the cup holders and will never order again from this company.

Poor Customer Service - So so product quality
I purchased $450.00 worth of floor mats and cargo liner for my mini-van. Nobody said anything about a AAA or AARP discount. I installed them and found that it was not a great fit. Then I called to order a couple of more items and was told about the discount. I asked if WeatherTech would credit the discount for my purchase two weeks earlier. No can do. Well screw weathertech. They're really not that great and probably worth the effort to look around on-line. Any company that gets returning customers should go out of their way to keep them, even if it means giving a discount on a previous purchase that should have been offered anyway. Also, an American company might offer a veteran's discount.
WEATHER TECH is an American company that makes auto floor mats, cup holders and cargo liners and trunk liners.

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Description: WeatherTech products provide complete automotive interior carpet protection from mud, dirt, snow and more. Order FloorLiners, Cargo Liners, Side Window Deflectors and other accessories for your vehicle today.

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