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BEWARE of ordering MarketPlace items on
I am not reviewing ALL of because I basically like very much. I am only reviewing MarketPlace items for sale on

Now that holiday gift giving time is coming you will want to be very careful about ordering MarketPlace items on as if you have problems with your order or want a refund, you will have to go through a lot of steps to make the resolution of the problem happen.

A MarketPlace item can be identified by the word MARKETPLACE in the word title of the item. Walmart just takes the order you make on but then immediately just send the order on to the MarketPlace vendor, which from my experience is usually a Chinese company located in China. I recommend AGAINST ordering any MarketPlace item for the following reasons.

You MUST FIRST read the item as it appears in your online shopping cart to notice
When the delivery date is. It will be anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks
From your date of order.

If you consummate the order and discover something inadequate
Or unacceptable about the terms of the item and/or its delivery AFTER
You have placed the order, you have to jump through a lot of hoops or
Steps before you can get an email to you saying your charge on your
Credit card has been issued.

Walmart will not issue the refund/credit to you and when you call the usually great telephone Walmart customer service, Walmart will just tell you that they will have the vendor of the MarketPlace item call you within 24 hours for you to talk to them about getting a credit for a refund and for them to cancel your order.

When and IF you get that phone call, it will be a person in China or someone
With a heavy foreign accent of some kind. They are courteous and you
Will probably get your credit card refund but you have to be clear and
Keep on saying that you want the credit issued AND YOU WANT AN EMAIL

You need to write
Down the time and date of this phone call and the name of the person you
Spoke to and take down a transaction number if there is one. Even
If you call a minute after you made the online order, you
Still cannot change the order and cancel that Marketplace item off of
Your order. You have to wait and take many steps to get a refund surely made to your credit card.

Another problem with MarketPlace
Items is that the photo of the item and the actual item do not match.

There can be any number of things about that non-match like it says you
Get an accessory item that comes with the price of the item but that
You do not receive. Almost always, the DESCRIPTION of the item will be very short, if not completely missing altogether. The description will not give you important information of the item that you usually look for. That reason alone is what you should never order MarketPlace items.

You may be denied a refund if the item is totally not what you thought it would be, because the item basically does not contradict what was set forth in the official word description. I have recently ordered an item that did not look at all like the picture but since the word description of the items was very sparse and the price was very low, I just did not want to spend the time and effort trying to get a credit.

There have been several items where the word description was simply false in some respect. A common thing is for a handbag to be described as "leather" when it arrives as a plastic material.

Sometime the person from China will communicate with you via email and if you can understand what they have written, you can try to get a refund that way. Sometimes they person will ask you if you will accept the item and pay for it a lower price and then you negotiate a lower price. I say just do not do that.

Even if you decide before ordering that even if the item is junk and you don't want it you will just keep it and not bother with getting a refund and will just give it to a thrift store, you will after a while find that the item almost always is a disappointment and you threw money down the drain. has some scam companies on thier website ie, Awesome Center Inc
I have shopped at Walmart since it's existence, and have most times, found my shopping experience to be very satisfactory, both at the store, and online. I loved the fact that if Walmart sent the wrong thing or something went wrong, you could easily take it back to the store hassle free. I guess I should have paid better attention when I shopped on this year, because I was not aware of the new marketplace thing that they had going. I ordered a lot online this year, and by luck most were fine, but one of my purchases, they sent something totally different than what I ordered. That's when I found out that you can't return to Walmart anymore if it was from what they call the Marketplace. The company that I got it from was called "Awesome Center Inc". Even though, the return address on the package that I received had a totally different company name on it, I attempted to contact them. They never responded in any way to my issue. After 2 weeks, I finally contacted Walmart customer care center to try to get some answers. They said that they would contact the company within 24hrs, I should receive a response from them, which the company Awesome Center did respond in that time. Their idea of solving the problem was for me to keep the wrong item that they sent me, and that they would refund me 20% of my money. Is this a joke? First I have no use for the wrong item, and for them to only offer to send me a small portion of my money back is crazy. They keep sending me more offers to get just a portion of my money back. This company, it seems is nothing short of a fly by night substandard company, and you should avoid dealing with them at all, as their customer service is non existent. I am still emailing back and forth trying to get my money back from them, so I don't know how this will ultimately turn out. I will contact Walmart customer care center again if I get no satisfaction, and hopefully they can pressure this scam company to make things right, after all, they did get the company to finally contact me. I just wanted to write this up to hopefully warn anyone else using this company to beware. Perhaps I will save someone the headaches that I've endured from this experience.

Walmart is Walmart.
Walmart is Walmart, an American icon.

Walmart aren't Macy's, they aren't even Old Navy or Target but they never meant to be.

They are the low-priced place to get socks, undies and inexpensive products or reasonable quality.

America shops here because we know one thing about Walmart. They place customers first. Well, first after shareholders return because, after all, Walmart is an American corporation.

That aside, I know what I am getting when I make a purchase at Walmart whether it's online or on-site. And their online inventory system, considering the number of items, is one of the better systems available. I can check if an item is in stock locally and minutes later pick it up.

They offer in-store services including Western Union, pre-paid card loading and bill payments as reasonable fee rates. If a super store they have a decent grocery store stock of good to very good quality. And they give my grandson a sticker everytime we visit along with a pleasant smile and a cheerful hello.

Walmart will typically refund or replace anything you've purchased within 30 days (and sometimes longer). They usually do this without subjecting you to any grief whatsoever.

Some products aren't of the best quality but I don't shop there for quality, I shop at Walmart because of price. I'm not seeking $50-$75 jeans because their $10-$20 jeans are of decent quality and offer me an excellent value.

Although textiles quality, unfortunately, has declined over the past decade, I won't overpay at Walmart for brand name socks or underwear knowing that the quality is not what you could get ten years ago.

That's commodity price thinking nowadays with common everyday items. If you want superior quality, you have to usually pay 3x or more and that's just not possible for we working Jills and Joes.

They make the best in-store baked French and Italian bread and charge a buck for it (not the $2-$3 my local grocers charge). They carry 2,3 or more brand named foodstuffs whereas the local chains in my area no longer do so.

The super stores are usually 24/7 (some localities excluded due to local regulations) and some locations have nearby Sam's Club for quantity shipping.

The only downside is that due to the intense pressure of online shopping, the shelves, at times, are not as fully stocked as in previous years. It's a sign of the times, so to speak. They've also weaned some offerings meaning what they once stocked can now only be purchased online. But they will ship it to your local store for free.

The only caveat one must beware is the local store's automotive department. Walmart is not a full service mechanics shop and you have to be watchful and careful with buying tires to be mounted. I've always had very good experiences buying tires at Walmart or getting the occasional oil change. Unfortunately, from reviews, others have had problems. Because this isn't a full service auto garage the "mechanics" at Walmart aren't necessarily going to be the best in class. As with any auto service you need to research your local Walmart for reputation.

You also need to understand that tire warranties and such at Walmart are not as customer focused as a local repair shop or big name tire company. You need to weigh the money saved with the lesser extent of warranty service.

I've always been "taken care of", been mostly satisfied and will continue to make my basic purchases at my local stores (one super store, one not so).

I rarely ever give out 5 stars. Walmart gets 4.5

Business as Usual Until It Isn't
I have done business with Walmart online on many occasions. For me, it's about convenience and sometimes a genuine savings. If I'm ordering something online from a box store, it's so that I have the convenience of getting it when I want it--either because I have a set date I want to pick it up or because I want it now and don't want to pay high shipping charges to have it the next day. When Walmart first tested the online waters, I had only good experiences and 3 years ago, this would've been a four or five-star review based only upon the two factors I mentioned above. But that was then.

For a long time, Vudu, the Walmart video rental service that came installed on my Blu-Ray player, had problems communicating with the store page so that I could no longer edit the payment information anywhere at all and had to rely on old information entered when I first used the service. Eventually, Walmart connected Vudu to the Walmart dot com site accounts properly and that problem went away, but now I'm having another issue.

Do not make an electronics purchase for a high dollar item online and select pick up in-store today option. I am moving and needed an item this afternoon because I'm going to be mobile for the next month and without a permanent address or internet solution in the interim. They put a hold on my account while they confirm my identity and financial information. They've charged my bank account. They know who I am because I've been shopping with them for years and have made large purchases before. I've had this bank account for ten years. I've been at this address for ten years. Now, I have neither the Galaxy S7 I paid for, nor the money I paid, and have been informed it may take at least 48 hours to fulfill my order. I went to the Walmart dot com web page and went to the help/customer service page, then I clicked on the contact us link, and that does nothing but enter a loop that returns you to the same exact page. No contact information available for their online customer service. No one at the store will be able to help me because the order status page shows that it's still at the first stage. The payment has been held up because somehow they don't know who I am, when I could easily confirm this information if they would allow me the opportunity to do so.

I only chose this particular "deal" because I could get it today and resolve any issues with returns today, rather than waiting for Amazon's turnaround. Without the actual convenience provided by being an actual big-box or brick-and-mortar, there is no longer any incentive for me to purchase much of anything from Walmart online. Next time, I'll go back to Amazon. Hear that Wallyworld? I hope your investors see this.

Update: Ten minutes ago I purchased accessories for the smartphone I haven't received from Wally com, on Amazon, and already they are on their way. Still waiting to hear an update on my purchase at Wallycom four hours later. If I do not have my product today, it will be the last time they have an opportunity to disappoint me.

Update: Original information suggested it would be ready within four hours for pick up, then received the email saying I might hear from them within 48 hours, all while the order details page continued to say that it would be ready Sunday, April 28, before 8pm. It is now 8:25 pm, and of course I've yet to hear anything further. I know I'm not the only person who has experienced this. Walmart needs to stop treating their online effort as a slapped-together afterthought if they intend to survive beyond the deaths of the babyboomers.

Update: 24 hours now without any additional information other than an automated email sent 30 minutes after the item wasn't available by 8 p.m. like the store page for order details said it would be ready. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Update again: Almost 36 hours after placing order with for in-store same day pickup, I get an email that the order is being processed, but it is no longer in that store, so the delay will be until Thursday to have it shipped store-to-store. It is currently Monday. So I go online and place another phone in cart to see where it is currently available in-store. Sure enough, the phone is no longer available at the store I chose, but it is available in-store less than five miles from the other store. We have 2-1/2 Walmarts in my town (one is groceries only). I'm willing to drive to the other Walmart, but I see no option online to edit the store I want to pick it up at. Only who can pick it up. I'm frustrated deeply by this horrible experience. I find the online chat link (finally) to online customer service. Ask if they can transfer the order to another store for me to pickup, but fraud prevention. Screw it. I asked them to cancel the order--when will I get the money? After 48 hours to confirm cancellation, it will be placed back into my bank account within 5 business days.

Let the buyer beware. Walmart online is a joke. Not reliable like Amazon and other online retailers. Stay away or you'll be sorry.

Now, don't get me started on what I think of Walmart stores in general, their business tactics, or their practices toward employees. That rant would get this review removed and myself banned.

A Monopoly of Crappy, Cheap and Made in China Items
Walmart--where to begin? How about with all the mom-and-pop stores it's put out of business? How about brand-named items like cell phones only made for Walmart, but cheaply crafted? Or, that it's the definition of a monopoly in action that we all know is against the law for the very reason that "one company cannot have exclusive control of a commodity or service in a particular market, or a control that makes possible the manipulation of prices," which is the actual definition of a monopoly in In Walmart's case, it has exclusive control over plural commodities and services, and the prices of those are so low it makes competition nearly impossible.
We can buy just about anything at Walmart! Name it and it's either on the stores' shelves already or can be there overnight through The company is so large and makes so much money that "the Walton family, which owns Wal-Mart, controls a fortune equal to the wealth of the bottom 42 percent of Americans combined," as stated by the advocacy group One Wisconsin Now and verified by Politifact Wisconsin. Since 1970, Walmart has been a publicly-traded company, but the Walton family still owns half its shares.
According to Forbes, as of May 2013, Walmart had $469 billion in sales and 2.2 million employees, with1.3 million of them working in the United States. In yet another way to rake in the cash, the corporation makes even more money by hiring employees from third-world countries and then pays its workers here low wages. In December 2012, PolitiFact National rated as Mostly True the claim that more Walmart employees are on Medicaid and food stamps than any other company. Then there is Super Walmart that exists in every city along with regular Walmarts in the same cities, many of which are open 24 hours.
Walmart has the lowest prices on products and services than just about anywhere. You have to go to a third-world country to find products and services for less, which makes sense considering that's where the products are made. Remember when Walmart claimed it ONLY sold Made inAmerica products in the early 1990s? And some products were, for a little while anyway, but it didn't take long before the label to tell us it was really Made in China.
What many people don't realize, however, is that while you think you're buying a Samsung cell phone from Walmart and it's a good brand, Samsung ONLY makes the phone you buy at Walmart for Walmart and it's CRAP! Walmart tells manufacturers that if Walmart are going to sell their wares at their chain, they must sell it to them at an extremely reduced bulk price. For these companies to adhere to this demand--and the companies know many people shop at Walmart for EVERYTHING now, including. My God, even food--they must cut corners when making their phones just to make a profit.
With our economy in shambles still, it's become irresistible for the majority of us NOT to shop at Walmart today. I could be a "conspiracy theorist" and suggest it was designed by the powers that be who knew our economy would tank and put large stock in Walmart so they would make more money when it did. But wait, while I joke about it, that is exactly what happened.
The 2008 financial crisis/housing-market crash in which people lost not only their homes, but their savings, 401ks, businesses, automobiles, and suffered long un- and under employment was well-known would happen for several years prior among Wall-Streeters. Their shady and ongoing negligent, barely-legal, if legal, trading practices, along with deregulation and lax laws ensured it would happen. Housing took a great hit when the crisis finally hit in part because of the increased number of financial agreements called mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and collateralized debt obligations (CDO), which were valued from mortgage payments and housing prices. This enabled stock investors and banking institutions and investors around the world to invest in the US housing market, and as housing prices declined, major global financial institutions that had borrowed and invested heavily in subprime lending, MBS and CDOs began to receive significant losses.
They knew the market would be unsustainable in the made-to-make-wealth environment created for the few. They knew selling subprime lending (mortgage schemes) and bad stock (debt) bundled in with other stock and illegally rated it as good stock options that were then pushed to sell would fail. The subprime mortgages and ARMs (adjustable-rate mortgages) were estimated in 2007 would crash in 2008 because of loan defaults. Of course, this would happen when they sold home after home to people who they knew couldn't afford the payment on a mortgage that after one year when the ARM adjusted and the payment jumped. Many homes were sold to people who had bad credit and no jobs because their finances weren't even investigated! So while the soul-suckers may not have known the bubble would burst in September, they knew it couldn't survive another year. The rising default rates on the subprime mortgage lending and ARMs had already begun to quickly increase, so they did one last thing before it burst--they invested in trading the debt itself!
The amoral soulless stock-market traders didn't care that people would lose everything because they were set. They knew the government would have to bail them out in order to prevent a worldwide depression greater than that the crash of 1929 and the devastation that consumed the 1930s.
While big banks and Wall Street were bailed out with trillions of taxpayer dollars, the consumers were not. And still Wall Street traders were paid and the CEOs still received their millions in annual bonuses along with other "top company earners." Meanwhile, the average person in the US and around the world suffered and is still suffering today.
This is where Wallmart comes into play even stronger than before September 2008. When people have lost so much, they can no longer be choosey with where they shop. They need something and they need to get it at the lowest price, regardless that in the long-run, which really isn't too long, they will have to buy the product again since what they bought at Walmart that was made for Walmart will likely break twice as fast if it were bought elsewhere.
Our standards have been lowered, and not by choice! There is an ongoing foreclosure epidemic with historically low levels as of early 2014, which drained significant wealth from consumers--up to $4.2 trillion in wealth from home equity alone. Defaults and losses on other loan types also increased significantly as the crisis expanded from the housing market to other parts of the economy. There are only estimates in the trillions that the US and the World lost as a result of this global crisis.
These losses have affected the ability of financial institutions to lend and have slowed economic activity, growth. And the US Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission reported its findings in January 2011 that
The crisis was avoidable and caused by systemic breaches in accountability and ethics at all levels.
So, in a sense, Walmart just rode the crisis wave to higher earnings. The Walton family have made more money since the crash. Six of Walmart Founder Sam Waltons descendants have continued to grow their earnings. According to Forbes, here are their rankings and their wealth:

No. 6 Christy Walton (daughter-in-law), $35.4 billion; No. 7: Jim Walton (son), $33.8 billion; No. 8: Alice Walton (daughter), $33.5 billion; No. 9: S. Robson Walton (son), $33.3 billion; No. 95: Ann Walton Kroenke (niece), $4.7 billion; and No. 110: Nancy Walton Laurie (niece), $4 billion. The total Walton family wealth: $144.7 billion.

The medium American earns around $73,500 annually, which as a medium and not an average, half the people's earnings go down from there! So the vicious cycle continues. The less we earn, the more we shop at Walmart and they more they earn.

Shopping at Walmart
I am from the Caribbean so it is not very often that I get the opportunity to shop at Walmart but whenever I get a chance to do so it is usually a great experience for me. Whenever I visit the United States Walmart is usually the place to shop for me. The Walmart where I usually shop is a few miles away, but, I travel that distance because my first experience was great so I always go back to shop at Walmart.

What I like about shopping at Walmart is the fact that you can layaway, this is what I usually do. I work a few months, take my time to pay for the products and whenever my stay is up I pay the balance and take my products. This is great service because people do not always have the money to pay for goods and service all at one time. I hope Walmart still have that service. I haven't been to the US for a while now so I hope nothing changes when I return.

Another service that I love is the very friendly customer service. I am from the Caribbean so I love great customer service and a family like atmosphere, this is what I notice about the employees at Walmart. They are very friendly and helpful and they give great customer service. They are family-like and they treat the customers the same. After a few visits, I was known by a few employees who are always looking out to assist me with my purchases and someone is always available and willing to assist me whenever I ask for assistance. They treat every customer equally as far as I noticed.

What I did not like though was the long line of people returning goods that they previously purchased. Maybe because that does not exist in my country, I am not used to that kind of service. I do know it is not as a result of buying inferior goods because I think they have great quality products. I just think it is the culture of the American people. They buy something and they do not like it anymore so they return it.

Overall I rate Walmart as the number one place to shop whether you live in the States or you are just visiting. I will give up shopping at Walmart for nothing, in fact, I am dying to go to the United States just to shop at Walmart. I shop almost nowhere else for items to take back to my country when I visit the US. Walmart is the place to shop.

Ruined Christmas
December 26th, 20187
To Whom it May Concern:
For Christmas, my 3 year old daughter, Ella and 3 year old god daughter, Maddie asked Santa for balance bikes. Every time Walmart saw Santa (and anyone else who would ask) they happily said this was the one item they could not wait for. They have been being extra good in hopes of this special gift.
I went to Walmart to purchase one and it was not available in the store, but a helpful assistant informed me I could order it online for store pickup before Christmas. I thought this was awesome and right there in the store I ordered two pink balance bikes on my phone with a pickup date of Friday, December 22nd. Just in time for Christmas! I was so happy I had this convenient option and could not wait to pick up the bikes.
On Friday, December 22nd I went to the pickup counter of my local Walmart to get their Christmas presents. And the bikes were not there. I was informed at the pickup counter that they would not be delivered until Tuesday, December 26th the day after Christmas.
This was of course a huge let down. I stood there and stared blankly at the man at the pickup counter and then at my phone with the email that clearly stated DELIVERY BY FRIDAY DECEMBER 22nd in big bold font. And could not process what he was telling me. What would I do for Christmas?! Right there in front of everyone in the pickup section of the store the tears came and would not stop. How could I explain to my girls that Santa was not going to bring them what they wanted? What was I going to do? The man at the pickup counter could not care less about the dilemma Walmart put me in and informed me there was nothing I could do but call 1800Walmart. He did not even offer an apology and quickly wrote done the number to get rid of me.
I immediately called the customer service number right there in the pickup section of the store. The first women I talked to was able to offer no solutions and seemed to be trying to get through the call hurriedly. I asked to speak to her manager and the next guy I was transferred to was a complete $#*!. He had no emotions in is voice and it felt like he was reading off of a script as I sat there crying on the phone with him asking him to help me find a solution and try to help me save Christmas for my children.
Finally, he was able to transfer me to someone in another department. This women was the first person I spoke to who was empathetic. She patiently listened to me as the stress of the holidays vomited out of my mouth in the form of dry heaving cries as I frantically tried to picture how I would explain to my daughters that Santa was not able to deliver their gifts. I asked to receive a refund for the bikes for this dilemma and still receive the bikes on Tuesday. She gladly processed this and apologized for the inconvenience I was experiencing.
As I sat in a bench in the pickup counter of the store ugly crying to this women on the phone there was a Walmart employee named Bradley working at the pickup counter. He was kind enough to give me sympathetic glances as he overheard this conversation on the phone. Unlike the first man I encountered at the store, Bradley was willing and eager to help me in any way he could. He even started looking on his phone to see if this item was at any other Walmart in the phoenix metro area. I was also frantically trying to search for anywhere that sold balance bikes in the area on my phone. Unfortunately, Walmart and every other major store did not carry this item in stores.
Bradley sat there with me and listened as I cried to him about the pressures of being a perfect mom around the holidays and how I felt like such a failure because I was letting my girls down. He came up with the great idea of having me purchase helmets, kneepads and elbow pads and wrapping those up with a printed picture of the bike so my girls knew it was coming.
Christmas came and my daughters opened up their presents, including the helmets, kneepads and elbow pads and they were ecstatic when they learned they were getting the bikes they asked for. I explained to them that Santa wanted them to pick it up in the store themselves and that we were going to go on Tuesday to get them at the pickup counter at Walmart where Santa had them waiting just for us.
I received an email from Tuesday morning detailing that my order was ready for pickup at Walmart. I packed up my 1 year old son and my 3 year old daughter and off we went to go see Santas special delivery with plans to pick up Maddie afterward and test out the new bikes.
When we arrived we found out that only one bike was there. I told the guy at the counter that the order was for two bikes not one. He went in the back to get a manager as I pulled up the email clearly stating Quantity: 2. My old friend Bradley came out and informed me that only one bike had made it to the store and the other one was being delivered later in the day and that he would personally call me when it came. Disappointed, and trying to figure out how I was going to explain to Maddie that Santa only had one bike not two at the store I left to go home and wait for a call to head for a third time to Walmart to pick up this impossibly challenging Christmas present.
Later that day I got a voicemail from Bradley as I was putting my kids down for their naps. He let me know that the bike had arrived, but that I was not allowed to come pick it up because it was not being released for pick up because the order was refunded.
He was nice about this and even let me know that he tried to call the phone number for me, explaining the situation to everyone he spoke to on the phone. The people he spoke to on the phone told him I had to call and that the bikes should not be given to me if a refund was given which is not what I was told when I called customer service on 12/22.
Luckily, my children were napping, because once again the tears came pouring down my face as I tried to understand what was going on. I called 1800Walmart and was transferred three times until I began to speak with Kiki. Who was very empathetic and understanding to my problem but was not able to offer me any solution.
She informed me that while the third person I spoke to on 12/22 Allison may have told me I would get a refund and the bikes - that the notes she wrote in the system only say that she processed the refund and nothing about me still receiving the bikes. As Allison was not working today, she was unable to do anything further until another manager reviewed this incident number and that could be days from now. I am aware that calls are recorded so I was very frustrated that this phone call from 12/22 could not simply be pulled up and listened to so it could be confirmed that was the solution offered to me. She let me know the only way I would be getting the bike was if I went in and re-purchased them. Which of course seemed like a sick joke at this point.
Currently - the second bike is being held hostage from my daughter at the Walmart pickup counter. It seems Santa only cared enough to deliver one of my girls presents, which has been such a fun thing to explain to two toddlers as they take turns riding only one bike when Santa promised them two.
At this point - Walmart has robbed me of hours of my life. I have spent 45 minutes on the phone on 12/22 with customer service and 60 minutes on the phone today. I have traveled to Walmart to try to get the bikes three separate times (with a 1 and 3 year old that is SO easy). I have spent hours crying over this and trying to creatively think of solutions to work around this inconvenience and ways I can still make this gift magical for my girls.
The irony of this situation is that I choose to order this gift online for store pickup after hearing how easy it was from a Walmart employee. Instead, this experience has been by far the worse shopping experience of my life. The additional stress this has caused me in an already stressful season is enough to put a person in the looney bin.
I have come up with a solution to try to save Christmas and the magic of this much anticipated gift for my girls.
Not only do I want you to release the bike promised to me on 12/22 for pick up, I also think Ella and Maddie deserve bells and bike tassels on their new bikes for their patience. If you could figure out a way to have Santa deliver it even better.
Andrea Hogan

"I make several online orders a month, from various...
"I make several online orders a month, from various stores, but is no longer one of them. I have been lured in several times in the past due to their often much lower prices. But saving $10 to even $50 is not worth the headache of dealing with's temperamental shipping department. Below are a few examples of my woes:

-Ordered a pop-up hamper. After the original receive by date, I received bassinet sheets. Pop-up hamper was apparently out of stock when Walmart sold it to me. Had to return them to my local store on my own time and dime and explain multiple times what happened, since my receipt was for a hamper and I was returning sheets.

-Ordered pink sheet set. Received tan sheets with pink sticker put on them. Again, I had to return them at my own expense and explain what had happened since item didn't match my receipt.

-Ordered loft bed (same order as sheets) which I paid to arrive on a particular date. The day before expected delivery, the bed is still two states away with no sign of moving. Customer service puts a reorder in with rush delivery. Received bed 2 days later. (Their customer service is usually really good).

-Ordered photo mug with key chain as a free gift. Mug arrives, but no key chain. Contact customer service. Key chain arrives after the event I needed it for (it was a gift), but is stuck at post office due to insufficient postage. I have to pay the extra postage for my free gift. Contacted customer service and they reimbursed me.

-Ordered a car seat with blue/green print. Receive car seat with animal print. Made 4 phone calls to customer service over 2 days before getting the correct answer of how to resolve this issue. Customer service reps were nice, but the first 3 didn't know what they were talking about! Then I had to print out a label at my own expense, and wait at my house for a delivery service to pick up the wrong car seat and wait additional weeks for the correct one to be sent. Glad I ordered it months before I needed it! They ended up giving me a $10 gift card for the inconvenience, but then harassed me for months with threatening emails stating I never returned it, even though I had tracking info and confirmation that they did, and even called them for confirmation several times.

Out of the almost 20 orders I've made with, I've had some sort of hassle like this with 8 of them. I understand mistakes happen from time to time, but this is ridiculous! Especially since they just seem to send you whatever when an item is out of stock, as if they hope you are too stupid to notice! The prices and free shipping are tempting, but not worth it when they fail to deliver what they promise.

Would YOU like to be treated like this? On Sept. 28,2015, my wife took our 2009 Honda Accord Coup (only 50,000 km, immaculate condition, all options) into the Walmart Automotive department to have a new battery installed. I was not available as I was at a rehabilitation hospital undergoing therapy for a recent above knee amputation. We were selling our vehicle to assist in costs that we will be having as a result of my amputation (renovations, etc.).

My wife, after dropping it off and speaking with the service manager, went into the grocery area to shop for some items. While paying for those items, she was paged over the store PA system to come to the Automotive desk. My wife thought that this was great as the vehicle was ready.

When she got there the service manager explained to her that one of her authorized Walmart service men was driving our vehicle into the shop area, when another vehicle apparently cut in front of him causing him to swerve to avoid hitting that vehicle, but in doing so, he hit another vehicle with our vehicle! She said damage was not bad and that Walmart would look after all the damage as it was their fault entirely, as it was a Walmart employee that was driving our vehicle. The service manager, obviously knowing my wife was upset, asked the STORE MANAGER if she could 'comp' the battery. Apparently the Store MANAGER told the automotive manager that NO, it might 'appear' to be 'bribing' my wife, in somewhat terms, and Walmart could not be shown to be doing that.

I found all this out when I went back into the Walmart store on Oct. 17.2015. I asked to speak with the Store Manager and was told that she would be see me in Automotives, but she never showed up... wonder why?

My wife was upset and realized that the damage was more than just minor. She was contacted by an adjustor working for Walmart who promptly asked my wife to drive around and get estimates. My wife, who is on disability for depression related issues, could not drive to do this, so she had her father drive her to get the estimates.

The estimates were for approximately $3,900 & $3,500. The adjustor emailed us back (on Oct. 20,2015) saying that they were prepared to close this case, offering us $2,850. He said that some parts were new and he would not accept having that and had to depreciate a number of parts. That was their final offer.

I spoke with this person via phone on Oct. 22,2015. I explained to him that our car was in immaculate condition, low mileage and that we were selling it, thus wanting a new battery to make everything perfect. He did not even offer us a rental vehicle while ours was being repaired (he did concede this only after I brought it up and made my argument). He said that Walmart accepts complete responsibility for the accident but that was all they would pay, final offer.

I asked him to take the vehicle themselves (Walmart) and have it repaired and brought back to us in prime condition and you can guess his response... it was a no, not possible.

So I now ask YOU... is this the way for a multi billion dollar company to provide 'GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE', to offer basically 73% of the cost of having it repaired by a reputable company... making my wife and I come up with approximately another $1000 to have our vehicle fixed? We had nothing to do with this accident. Walmart was 100% responsible and acknowledged this. WHAT A WAY TO DO BUSINESS!

I could see if we were somewhat responsible, but we were not! But wait, maybe we were, my wife did take it there... maybe that is the mistake and part responsibility that we are being forced to accept.




More information need on the website
If the website had more information about their services, I wouldn't have needed to call the local store.
I was in the process of looking for new tires for my car and found the best prices on I also wanted an alignment and didn't know if that was something Walmart would do. I proceeded to contact my closest Walmart on 18201 Wright Street in Omaha. I called the main customer service line and asked for the Auto Department and was promptly transferred. The call was answered by a Sierra and I was asked immediately if I could be put on hold and I was okay with that. Instead of placing the phone on hold though, she just set the phone on the counter so I could hear her conversation. After she was done with her customer I was expecting the phone to be picked up and that did not happen. I waited for another 5-10 minutes before I hung up to redial the customer service line. This time the operator asked if I had the Auto Centers direct line and then she gave it to me and said have a good day before hanging up. I then called the direct line which went to voicemail (because the phone was off the hook). I called back to customer service and asked to be transferred again and she tried saying that Walmart were on the phone. I mentioned that I was put on hold and the phone was just set down and if she could try a different avenue and she put me on hold. Then, the jewelry department picked up and I tried to have her send me to the Automotive department and was placed on hold again. After waiting another 5 minutes I hung up and called the customer service rep another time. This time I asked for a store manager and the rep ask me why. I told her it was because of the numerous times I had called in to get the Auto Department and she said okay. 5 more minutes later Sierra from the Auto Department picked up and then apologized saying that she didn't notice that her phone was off the hook. After telling her that I was the one that she "put on hold" by placing the phone down her tone changed noticing that she was just caught lying. I asked her about the alignment and she said that is not a service that Walmart provides. I mentioned the poor customer service and let her go. I was planning on still purchasing the tires from Walmart and then getting an alignment somewhere else. I will now take my full business elsewhere and make sure more people know not to use this store for any automotive needs. Have fun hiking those employee's minimum wage next year and getting the same service and loss of business.

Was Walmart Sold? Why So Terrible All of a Sudden?
First off, Walmart use LaserShip, the worst "delivery" service in the U.S.

Once, they opened and used some make-up I bought, another time, they opened my box, a box of hair dye, poured some of that out or tried to use it, put it all back in the 2 boxes, delivered days later.

Last order, I bought a family size of PB, I make suet cakes, one of the jars was open. I don't mean the plastic lid, I mean that was half gone and the safety paper protection on top was ripped open, like one of LaserShip ate some of the PB.

Nothing comes when it's supposed to. Thanks to LaserShip. They are THIEVES. But Walmart just continues to use them.

Now their website is filled with thousands of Chinese Marketplace Sellers. All lying. Saying they're in CA. Nope, they're in Asia. We've been dealing with this on ebay for many years. 99% of the CA sellers are China.

From WM, I ordered 2 pretty large fluffy pet beds. The first one that came was in an open plastic bag, used, covered in lint, and totally flat. The 2nd one very similar. Neither looked anything like what was on their website.

Contacted these 2 sellers, both should have been the same person, both in China, answered me in broken English. These fools wanted "minimum 8 photographs of the pet beds." What country do you think you're in, jerks? No, I'm returning them.

Then these morons said they'd each give me a $5 credit, not a Refund of like $25 I paid, but $5. No way. I had to send at least 20 emails, to each of these companies, asking for a return receipt or a refund, b/c you can't return this junk at a Walmart store.

No, see Walmart sells this Asian trash, takes a % from their Sellers, and they don't care what you get. They have $millions$ in the bank just from these 3rd world Marketplace sellers.

Of course I went back and forth too with Walmart. I'm HoH, it used to be where after an order you could email or do instant Chat. Well that was suddenly missing! When I finally, after 2 weeks, got a Chat going, they told me they'd have the stores each contact me. No! I've already done all that. I want to return these items, ya know, like any of us would do in the United States had we bought them from Walmart in-person!

This went on yet another 2 weeks. I finally said the word that you should also all internalize: CHARGEBACK.

I said I'm doing 2 Chargebacks for Item Not as Described with my CC company. The foreign sellers didn't know or didn't care, but the Walmart employees did. They finally gave me a full refund on both beds. But wow! What a terrible PIA situation, stressful, waste of my time to deal with any of these folks.

If your item is not as described, advertised, the price goes up, you don't receive your item... after trying with WM, do a CC Chargeback. Literally. Take 10 minutes, see all the reasons for a successful CB, such as "item not received" or "item not as described" and contact the issuer or your bank. Forget about Paypal, just use a debit or a CC. It's easy. And especially small businesses, you'll get your money back. The issuers won't keep working with them if they get too many CB's, WM is of course too big, but it's a great one for your future of dealing with terrible service, stolen goods, or items not as described!

Taking advantage of the poor and disabled
March 8th ordered groceries for an elderly disabled person in my home. Spent 148.77 for a delivery to be delivered to the home the order never made it to the destination. The driver posted a picture of a location that was not in the same neighborhood of where the order was supposedly dropped off at. Called the customer service number didn't get any answers besides that Walmart will put the money back into the account from which it was taken out of. The money never made it to the account. The things that were paid for in this particular order was very important for the person to receive. This person cannot walk around in the store to pick up heavy things such as gallons of water and things that are heavy so this is the whole reason why she needs home delivery service for food and accessories. Give it the benefit of the doubt, called back and placed another order with a different method of paying, same thing happen for $84. Called and spoke to customer service again a picture was taken of the drop off this time the picture was covered up by the driver who supposedly had dropped off the order at this address. Again, no order was dropped off at this address and the money was already taken out of the account. Especially tips. Headquarters did not want to replace the money for this order so they instead decided to regather the order and send a new driver to drop off the order. When the driver delivered it was 2 hours later than their original time it was supposed to been dropped off, and there are things missing and things added that the customer did not purchase. There was no empathy from the people at the store when I call to talk about the situation. And no empathy over the phone it was no professionalism at all from management.
I am so tempted to call the news and report this incident to the news and possibly get a lawyer for money being taken from the disabled.
You would think with the billions of dollars that Walmart makes a year that they would be better at making sure their customers are taken care of especially the ones that are elderly and disabled. Thank you for reading this site driver I hope that you can help assist and will be turning this over to the Better Business Bureau.
Best regards

Don't buy your groceries online
There are many things is great for;
1. Great Value
2. Free Shipping on most products
3. Really cool deals for many things like toys, clothing, electronics etc.

Love it or hate it, they're not the #1 retailer for nothing, which is why I am so mad!
Online shopping for me is all about convenience and I absolutely loathe shopping at the Walmart bricks and mortar stores, the customers and bad smells are just ugh... yuck! But I digress... so because walmart have increased their organic products and soy based products for vegans like me, I can save a lot of money on my grocery bills compared to Wholefoods and Publix. Or so I thought.
I spend on average around $800 a month on organic groceries, so when I found I could save on my fave products from I placed my order and thought, this is great!
1. I saved money
2. No smelly, disgusting customers to deal with,
3. No sticky carts
4.Not killing my feet walking 5 miles around the store in my heels to find one item.

DISASTER! All my groceries arrived damaged, badly packed, leaking, etc. Not once but on FIVE different occasions. Online customer service kept telling me Walmart would rectify the problem, so I placed the orders on that promise.
So the repeated issues were:
1. Items were not delivered on time - they promise 2 day's free shipping but that's only the case AFTER being processed which can take up to 4 or 5 days if the item has to be restocked or something else comes up.
3. Items are packed by idiots. There is not one ounce of common sense in the packing of groceries ordered from the online store. (Not talking about the fresh grocery pick up service some stores offer). I think it's because they don't have baggers at the store so the dumbasses at the warehouse think it's okay to pack gallon milk with your packets of biscuits and unsealed washing up liquid, or worse still pack the one tin of beans in a massive box that should of been used to house the big screen TV.
4. Beware of sneaky price increases.
Most items are actually a few dollars more than buying at the store, so double check your prices, the deal may not be the best.

So I'm back to stopping at 4 different stores to get what I need as actually cost me nearly 35% more financially for the replacements and for my time in dealing with the customer service center... which by the way is in India

Shaddy Business- NO Customer Service
BELOW is what I tried to post on

I am unable to give a fair review about the product quality as I was not able to use what I received. BUYER BEWARE if shopping on Walmart website. READ return VERY carefully, making sure you click through many pages to find accurate information. I purchased through Walmart for the simple fact that you could return web purchases at local store (so there web-site states), thus spending an addition $1.50 more per item through Walmart and not purchasing on Amazon (mistake #1). When receiving the batteries Walmart did not have the correct adapter (which is not noticeable on web; white adapter on white background... in other words it is like a ghost... You CANNOT see it!) I am now in the process of trying to contact the supplier directly to receive authorization to be allowed to return at my expense (shipping and insured) Not worth all this effort... out $30.00. Bottom line, Walmart will sell you anything and gladly accept your money, but if you have troubles with a product they sold you, you're on your own. Buyer BEWARE!
I've included Walmart's terms to posting reviews on their website, its a joke. If you have any comments to ease of return or ANY other customer service related issues it will NOT get posted. Isn't that part of the review for the consumer? Ease of shopping. If you claim to be great then you would allow for constructive feedback, therefore in my opinion Walmart is not great, not even OK, just simply deceiving and a non trusting company to do business with,

© Walmart Stores, Inc.

Item Review Guidelines

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Focus solely on the product you are reviewing, and/or your actual experience using that product
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Stay AWAY from Walmart Tire Center 13300 Cortez Brooksville...
Stay AWAY from Walmart Tire Center 13300 Cortez Brooksville Florida - Update Feb-13-09 -> Walmart never refunded my money for tires Walmart destroyed. Even after going to claims department, they still insist they did nothing wrong. I guess destroying tires is normal? If you want to suffer loss and pay for it yourself, WALMART TIRE CENTER IN BROOKSVILLE, 13300 CORTEZ, Is the place to go!

Got a bad experience with walmart? Dump it here on this thread, and let it out.

I recently visited walmart here on cortez, or sr50 in brooksville to have four tires mounted, and balanced. They destroyed one tire on the mounting system and tried to play it off like it was there when I brought it in and they weren't responsible for it while trying to push tires.

We couldn't put back on the old tires, because the technician said the old tire he took off of the rim was damaged due to driving with no air pressure and would loose air pressure so it could not be put back on, basically leaving us no choice but to buy tires.

The original tire was indeed driven with no air pressure, and was serviced at the same walmart and released back to us and they said everything was fine. So we then find out today they didnt' properly check the tire before and that we had been driving on a damaged tire that was not suitable for road use.

They then changed the files in the computer system and deleted the fact we had been in there recently to have that same tire worked on and it was released. So not only did they ruin one new tire, they failed to check the previous tires accurately before and covered up the fact they did so. They printed out new receipts of the previous time we had been there according to date and there was no info but "Canceled" all over it. Lucky we still have the old receipts.

After walmart showed us the damaged tire, they then said you can buy new ones over there and pointed to the tire rack. I asked to see the video tapes and they said I couldn't b/c I'm not an attorney or a police officer. They then destroyed a SECOND TIRE to prove to me their point of the tires being damaged and showed me a second smaller gash in the sidewall.

So I am left with unsafe tires, and two new ruined tires that I have to pay for out of my pocket to replace. Oh yes and missing rear valve stem covers and caps.

After all this, they also lost my chrome valve stem cover and caps and would not replace them. I am not happy and I have written to ripoff report, the state attorneys office, and walmart district management. I have been had and I suggest you stay away from the walmart tire center here unless you want to have your vehicles damaged or get treated badly. F-

This fails in soooo many ways...

Tires were Bridgestone Potenza... not exactly cheap stuff

I recently made a purchase of a 32" flat screen tv,...
I recently made a purchase of a 32" flat screen tv, also a wall mount to hang the tv. I changed my mind about hanging the tv. When i tried to return the mount, which by the way is still in walmart original packaging, I was told I needed a printed out piece of paper in order to return it. I advised 2 separate managers that I make purchases online with my phone and I do not own a printer. Walmart advised me that was not there problem and without a printed out piece of paper there was nothing they could do for me. I advised them that when I picked the tv and the mount up from the store I didn't have to show a piece of printed out paper in order to pick it up. They advised me once again that there is nothing they could do for me letting me know that walmart and are 2 separate companies. This leads me to believe that a customer will lose out on any purchase made on if any paperwork is lost in this process. This is unacceptable to me and I will make it my personal business to advise as many people through as many avenues as I possibly can about the way people are treated when trying to return a product under walmarts so called easy return policy! I have now cancelled my credit cards through walmart and personally refuse to make any more purchases through walmart or! I consider myself to be a good customer and always make payments in a timely manner and if walmart and are willing to treat me this way imagine how any other customer will be treated. All this occurred in a walmart store o. A Sunday and please keep in mind that I spoke with 2 separate managers one being a female and the other a male. I also spoke with a customer service representative who also was unable to help. None of the three individuals even seemed like they cared to lose a customer or five as I do have a family. My suggestion to any other families is to stay away and support your local businesses, because as we all know times are hard these days without having to worry about getting burned by corporate giants. I will be posting this exact email word for word on as many review sites as I possibly can in order to help any other individuals or families make the same mistake I did! Items

I ordered a pedometer online. It was supposed to be able to check your blood pressure, monitor your sleep and check your heart rate. The brand is Diggro Men Women Waterproof Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Bracelet Smart Wrist Watch Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor Band for Iphone Android Touch Screen. (I AM PUTTING THE ENTIRE NAME SO THAT THE NEXT BUYER CAN BEWARE AND BE AWARE THAT IF YOU ORDER THIS ITEM YOU MAY BE STUCK WITH IT).

The item arrived in the mail. I was so excited to start using it. I tried to turn it on and "pair" it with the app Walmart tell you to download. The tracker would NEVER pair. The app would recognize it for a few seconds and then it would disappear. After trying multiple times to do EXACTLY what the directions say to do I googled what to do. I also watched YouTube videos about the product to see if anyone else had similar issues or had any advice. I got zero help so I decided to contact Walmart to return the item THAT NEVER WORKED.

I went to the store and the woman in customer service was absolutely no help. Someone else walked over and explained to me that I need to contact the "third party seller" in order to return the item. I attempted to contact and the phone number is DISCONNECTED! I tried to email the company with the information given to me by Walmart (both in the store and via online customer service) and the emails would not go through. I kept getting a message that said there is an "error with the website or it is no longer there".


The item arrived at my home two days ago. I did not have it for weeks and change my mind and then try to return it.

Since attempting to get my money back all I have been told by Walmart is "there is nothing they can do" for me. I WANT MY MONEY BACK and there is NO REASON that I should have to chase down someone Walmart is doing business with and does not hold themselves in any way accountable for this vendors actions.

Walmart dont compare with amazon
Walmart service is horrible. Walmart dont care about there customers. Bought bluetooth from walmart site and they came as being reported as lost/stolen to Apple. So went to go return them at Store #1489 in Vernon Hills@6:15 PM CST on 11/20/20.

Nakayla@ customer service saw the box and the barcode gave. Now on does not say that you have to box it up in orginal box and packaging that it was shipped in to return to store. She was rude go home get your box and packaging so they can take the return back. So I ask for CSM(Casandra) stated we can ship this without the box. But Nakayla didnt want to do the return. Instead she is like we need the box. So CSM goes to find me a box but she still didnt want to do the return. So I asked for Store Manger and she stated Manager already left for the day. So i was ok will do my shopping. Funny 10 mins later see the store manager with HR manager walking by to the back of the store. So I asked another csm and she stated GM is going to be working till close. I was like really lying by Nakayla. And when I asked her for her Name she is like its kayley so she was intentionally trying to get someone else in trouble. So went to buy my Blackfriday Stuff, at first could not find it but said 17 of Hover vaccum in stock and 6 of Air fryer in stock. But when I found it price was incorrect. So I went back to CSM to see if they will match it. But they are like our website is wrong and we cant match it. Plus our customer service does not know what they are doing, but we cant match our corporate listing price. It sounded like what franchise store would say to their customers. On top of that when walking out of the store saw Nakayla walking out so it made it look like she was about to punch out for either BREAK OR LUNCH is the reason why she didnt want to help. Worst experience from walmart.

I would not recommend anyone to go to store #1489 to go they are lyers in there and they probably dont care about customer service. I'm going to escalate it BBB about this poor service.

Walmart said on news they have best customer service and they will compete with Amazon. After this experience yeah right. With amazon this would never happen they would have resolved it, instead of making customers hate their company.

Buyer Beware - You're Better to just Keep it in Tacoma
On March 19,2021, at approximately 11:10 AM, I approached the Walmart Customer Service desk located at the Walmart Tacoma Store #4137 to return an Armor All wet/Dry Car vacuum valued at $22.88, a substituted item for the $32.97 Armor All Shop Vac I ordered online for Grocery Pick-Up Order #*******337. As done on previous occasions, I began my return (from my vehicle, still parked at the pick-up stall) from the Walmart app to have the opportunity to see what choices were on the shelf. The substituted item was in no way in comparison to the item I ordered, and in no fashion would it substitute for the task at hand for the said item, considering my task was outside of my vehicle for a starting point as to why it will not work for me.
Once I complete the prompts from the Walmart App to "start" my return and enter the store. I am greeted pleasantly by an associate, whose name I did not end up getting, but referred to her similarly as Customer Service Rep A (CSR A) on my original phone call to document the incident that same day. I express I have a return, an exchange really, from a Walmart Order and I began my return in the app. She asks for my order number, and then states nothing on my order is returnable.
I then say to her I will check my email for a refund prompt. I recalled from a prior experience that I had to initiate the refund, and the customer service agent at that time stated I needed to begin the refund, and then she scans a barcode. However, upon checking my email I had not received acknowledgment of the refund yet and ended up showing that I began the refund from my app to (CSR A). Within a few more minutes the email arrives, and she tried to scan the barcode as the email's states to do, to no avail. CSR A then asks for assistance by Team Lead M (her name begins with M – TL M). CSR A explains to TL M that "none of my items are returnable" when she enters my order number. I show TL M the email and TM M states to me my email says that I already have a refund because it says "pending".
I say to TL M, there is a process and the transaction exchanges to me a receipt demonstrating the refund, in addition to an email confirming the refund that I receive. TL M says that is incorrect, nothing needs to transpire between us, and I simply leave my item, my refund is on the way by in 3-5 business days. Again, I told TL M that was incorrect, and their own procedure for what the customer service reps are supposed to do is stated in my email.
She refuses again. By this time, I am being told to "move over" by CSR A, so Walmart can help the next customer behind me. A third person comes over, apparently just to be nosy because she only escalated the situation by unlawfully confiscating MY paid for item when she did not believe me either. (I did not mention her on my call because it was already confusing with no names - and really, she was just nosy – and I knew if anything MGT from that store may ask her what happened because she also (blonde) would be on camera).
So now I am wondering what happens next. Do the police get called? Do I go behind the counter to retrieve my item back? Do they assault me if I try? Am I safe here? Why am I wondering if I am safe Walmart?
Moving on, I finally STEP aside to call 1-800-Walmart and get Nicholas on the phone. Admittedly my patience is non-existent at this point, and I ultimately did lose my temper by making snide comments such as "had you asked for assistance in the first place", when Nicholas informed me the "system was down". I immediately put Nicholas on speaker from my mobile phone, and he repeats this to TL M, who begins to yell, "Oh, the system is down huh". As she walks away. I then asked Nicholas if the phone call was recorded, which he confirmed it was. This is when TL M says she refuses to help me further and walks away entirely.
By this time, not one person has really stood still with me to really try to figure out what was going on to help a genuine customer out. I am even giving ideas to give me an in-store gift card so I can do my shopping; cancel my refund request and pretend it never happened – help a customer out. Aside from being told no to all the solutions I was trying to come up with from my own 20+ years of retail experience of what I would have done if I could not think to consider calling myself for troubleshooting solutions. I also demanded my item back or a refund completion before I would leave several times and they refused repeatedly.
Finally, nearly an hour later, an associate from the Pick-Up and delivery arrives to assist. She confirms the item is still in the store, and Nicholas (who remained ever so calm, helpful, and unbiased this entire time) proceeds to assure me my refund will be completed. Without my item, without a refund completed email, I felt comfortable to leave the store as I finally felt like I was going to be taken care of. Before my assurance however, Nicholas did describe to me that to receive a refund I needed to leave my item at the store. His explanation of this truly demonstrates what went wrong here! I went to Target after leaving the store (located basically across the street), bought my shop vac, and called in the incident.
After calling an additional 2x, I did receive my refund complete email over 24 hours after the incident, and over 24 hours of the store employee's unlawfully confiscating my (at that time) paid for item.
My reasoning for doubling up with an email, in addition to my phone call, is because while I was describing the incident to the representative on the phone, it dawned on me that my return last year was almost an identical experience as this one, and it was pertaining to a return. The associates, and team lead refused to help because of what they decided on their own pertaining to the refund policy instead of simply asking. Just like on Friday, March 19,2021. The associates and team lead decided that I did not need to have an exchange between myself and then to confirm my refund. To add to my dismay of both the experiences is that they both came from the same store, at the same customer service booth, yet different faces. How can this happen to the same customer twice Walmart?
I have spent over $7,000 confirmed dollars, with an extraordinarily little return rate, in a year alone just online shopping at that very store. A good percentage of my online orders consist of in-store shopping purchases of items I forgot, just as this day would have been too. I spent $55 at Target that day and was too frazzled to finish shopping for what I still needed.
In fact, since this incident my heart has been really hurt because I clearly demonstrate that I support this store, and therefore, I support your employees. Well, I am sure this is nothing new – but I will no longer tolerate this treatment from your store location and will do my business elsewhere. I have decided instead of receiving a phone call from the management again, my safety is more important to risk entering that location.
I will, however, document my experience and review on any local review pages for this store, so other customers have an awareness and opportunity to be safe as well. I do not understand why this happened Walmart, but it was unacceptable and unjust. I really hope you find the root cause of what is happening in this department, as I cannot imagine this has only happened to me.
Original Incident Copied and pasted Below
Question Reference # *******91479
Store Experience
Response By Email (04/22/2020 06:14 AM)
Hi diane,

Your satisfaction is our top priority and your comments have been forwarded to your local Store. The management team there will take appropriate action and you can expect a response from them within three business days.

Thank you for contacting Walmart where we are always happy to help!
Customer By (04/21/2020 12:00 PM)
Today, April 21,2020, at approximately 0800 Hours, I entered the Walmart store located on Union Avenue in Tacoma, WA to return some items on my April 12,2020 shopping order (Order ID: *******725542). The associate explained new policies when I attempted to return my toothbrush in-store, that she could not take it. However, the associate also pointed out to me I could initiate my refund in the Walmart App, and that most items I can still keep, use or choose to donate. Therefore, I did, in my vehicle to not create a line and to maintain social distancing.

As I re-entered the store to have the refund processed, the associate completely refused to scan the bar code, because she knew I wanted to return the toothbrush (yes, she stated that to her supervisor) and now she knew that I knew I could keep the toothbrush - although she is the one who made me aware of the new refund process.

As I pressed to honor the refund as the Walmart App has allowed it, the associate refused, along with two other Customer Service management members, one who was not wearing a mask during our interaction! Because I was not clearly getting anywhere, I left the store and called the Walmart Grocery Customer Service and was assisted without any issues on my refund. Although, even the Customer Service Representative who helped me from the Walmart Grocery end questioned why the associate refused to assist me. Within 5 minutes, my refund (including for the toothbrush) was processed.

At approximately 0920 Hours, I had called the Union store and spoke with an assistant Manager named Dan. Once I articulated my experience Dan's immediate response was "Yeah, what is it that you want"? Naturally once I stated to Dan I would go ahead and submit my concern via email he told me to "go ahead" and hung-up on me.

Excuse me? Clearly that is why I received the in-store experience that I did today - it all falls from the culture of the store and management team!

What I want, as Dan asks, is not to experience this treatment from that team again and I want an apology from Dan!

Shame on yoy WAL-MART

Today I went to a local Walmart to ask a manager if I could return my recently deceased (stroke) 90 yr old grandmother's unopened incontinence products (which I had purchased in bulk with her stimulus fund to stock up on) and exchange for products my now widowed, and severly income restricted, 90 yr old grandfather is in need of.

I first went into the store and waited for 45 minutes to speak with a manager to make sure that this was possible as I did not have the receipt.

The manager I spoke with (named Andrew) told me that yes, I could exchange the unopened packages for other products without the receipt.

So I drove all the way home, picked up the products, and went back to wait in line (again) for another 45 min.

When I finally arrived at the return cashier (Marsha, also a manager) rudely stated, "No, you cant return those without a receipt!"

I explained to her how I had just been at the store and spoken to Andrew and was told that I could exchange the unopened products without a receipt for other goods and offered to show her my grandmother's death certificate. To which Marsha's response was, "Well, he's not a manager up here."

I am absolutely appalled by not only the lack of professionalism, procedural knowledge, and empathy displayed by such employees.

However, I am outright SICK to my stomach at how much Walmart has and continues to profit off the backs of hard working Americans.

ESPECIALLY now that their poor business practices can go unchecked due to CV and the consumer has little to no other retail options.

While millions spiral into poverty due to the developments of 2020, this corporate beast surges ahead plundering billions in profits.

Don't be fooled by their corporate public relations propaganda. You will find this corporate MONSTER is quick to point out how Walmart so graciously returned the $12.6 million in gov. Health stimulus funds.

Well, that isn't even a drop in the bucket compared to how much they have PROFITED from this great economic scamdemic.

Here's what the company reported for the fiscal third quarter ended Oct. 31:

Revenue: $134.7 billion

Walmart's reported net income rose to $5.14 billion from $3.29 billion a year earlier (FY 2019).

(That's +1.85 BILLION from 2019)

Wal-Mart's grocery sales alone increased 45% or $4,861,000,000 thus securing their number 1 position of the top 8 grocery retailers who have profited BILLIONS whilst small business have been forced to close.

Want to know some more of this caring companies secrets?

It's their extensive use of public money.

This includes more than $1.2 billion in tax breaks, free land, infrastructure assistance, low-cost financing and outright grants from state and local governments around the country.


Another report estimates that Walmart and the Walton family—which co-founded the company and still owns a majority share—collectively profit from nearly $7.8 billion per year in other federal subsidies and tax breaks.

Just one example of this is the fact that Walmart was is the top four employers of SNAP and Medicaid beneficiaries in every state.

So way to go Walmart. Enjoy the $100 or so dollars you get to keep from my now widowed grandfather who will be going without.

Enjoy your billions and corporate kickbacks while the rest of us suffer. All the in the money in the world can't save your souls.


Past the Point of Ridiculous
Just wanted to share a horrible shopping experience I had at the Walmart Photo Center in Sartell, MN. Long story short I needed to go pick up 5 prints. I thought Walmart were in my girlfriend's name so I initially gave them the wrong name, so it's partially my fault but this doesn't account for the experience I had. I ended up standing at the counter for a total of 31 minutes, during which time four different employees came over to ask if I've been help. I should have said "no" because apparently I wasn't being helped. I realized I gave the wrong name after about 5-6 minutes but the employee, who was a manager by the way, had disappeared in the back so I couldn't even tell him to correct it. I eventually managed to get another employee's attention who radioed him, yet he still never returned from the back (he never ended up coming back to the counter). After about 12 more minutes of me standing there like an idiot a different employee comes up and has me write the name the prints are under on a piece of paper. She then disappears for about 15 more minutes while I continue to just stand at the counter. A different employee eventually comes out and tells me that they're getting my order ready. They're getting my order ready? It was a one hour photo of 5 prints that was sent in two days ago! How are they just now getting my order ready? I was literally standing at the photo counter for 31 minutes, and the store was fairly busy overall but there weren't that many customers in the photo area. 31 MINUTES. TO PICK UP 5 PRINTS COSTING $4.20. Then to top it all off when I go to the front to pay I realize there's no price label on the prints. It's possible the woman back at the photo counter intended to give them to me for free, but if so she never said that or provided any documentation or anything to show they should be free. All she gave me was a brief, "sorry about that." So at the front I realize the lack of a price label and show the employee up there, asking her how I ring this up. She tells me I need to GO BACK TO THE PHOTO COUNTER, where I just lost 31 minutes of my life that I'm never going to get back. I tell her I was already there for over 30 minutes and it's just 5 prints. Could Walmart offer me them for free for such an inconvenience? Apparently not! Again, the total cost for the prints was $4.20. She insists I need to go back to photo to get the price label and I then spend another 6 minutes waiting for someone, during which time I touched the screen to call an associate 3 times before someone came over. Again, all I got the entire time was a brief, "sorry about that" from the employee who finally handed me the prints. It took an active, conscience effort not to scream, throw the prints, and storm out. I didn't realize how much Walmart Photo hates it's customers, so that was a revelation at least. One of the worst shopping experiences of my life.

It's become increasingly difficult to talk to a Walmart Store Manager, Assistant Manager or even an Area Associate (i. E., Store Employee) these days since the Pandemic started. I can understand people not wanting to be exposed to the high number of shoppers in a Walmart as is usually the case (especially in my State of Texas where there are so many non-vaccinated people & your stores are lax in making the bully redneck antivaxxers wear masks in the store & obey distancing rules - and although I appreciate opening only every other self check out counter, it makes things very difficult to check out when there's a waiting line there as well as having only 2 or 3 lanes at most opened on your busiest Saturdays & with usually only 1 check out line other than self checkout during the weekday, especially Tuesday mornings that are reserved for us older people. My last experience at my local Walmart was so bad, I have vowed never to set foot in a Walmart again & the only services I have used are drive-up pickup for the Pharmacy & for certain food items I can't find at my local grocery store, which just happens to be across the street from where I live. I understand your stores may be experiencing staffing problems because of the Pandemic, but I want to relate to you what happened then & what's been going on at all 3 Walmart stores in my area - all of them Super Stores, including on this particular day, which was a day at the Walmart like any other day at a Walmart!

There's got to be a better way to get Customer Service from an Associate in a store area (where you can't find a single one anywhere within the store, except in the Garden Area (maybe), Automotive, the Electronics Dept, maybe 1 (2 if you're lucky) in the grocery area, and the Pharmacy & Hair Salon, as well as usually (but not all the time) at least 1 (but usually 2) Associate(s) at the Store's Returns/Exchanges Desk. The place to find a Real Store Manager or Assistant Manager(s) or just even to get Store Help is at that red box area right in the middle of all the cashier lanes & across the aisle from Returns/Exchanges, where the store announcement phone is & usually where the Manager & Asst. Managers tend to congregate in a gaggle (I kid you not - I've counted as many as 7 women congregated there before, Finally 1 left to open a 2nd cash register in Returns/Exchanges & 1 left to help a cashier in 1 of the 3 lanes open that very, very busy Saturday afternoon with an override, which took seconds & then she immediately returned to her little gaggle again. The other 5 were just hanging around not ever doing anything but gossiping, when Walmart could have been patrolling the store to see if anyone needed any help - or better yet STAFFING the store! I wish they'd give customers the initial code to use & the extension to call up to that Managers' Area to get help on those red phones in every area of the store, as otherwise we have to get someone in a nearby department to call up front to get us help & then wait for someone to show up, if they ever do (some stores are better at this than other stores & this particular store is in an area where less affluent people live & I'm happy for them, but they're too crowded for an immunocompromised elderly person to go to I feel. I go to one in one of my City's most affluent areas & it's a miserable joke - at least the last experiences I have had there have been! If no one ever shows up after waiting around for half an hour (I set a timer on my watch), I have to push my cart all the way from wherever I am all the way up to this gaggle of women & practically beg for physical help, meaning for one of them stepping away from the group & returning to where I had been waiting to see if they can help me find something or get someone to get it from the back of the store or get something down from a height I can't reach & (here's the most important part) stay with me until help actually arrives & then they can finally return to their gossip session if they wish to. When I have to go all the way from somewhere in the back of the store all the way up to the front of the store where these Managers are, I've found out that it isn't helpful to me to mention to them just how many times some other area Associates have called them on my behalf or how long I've had to wait before making the decision to physically come get help from one of them in person & then have to walk all the way back to where I was before when I needed help - information you would think the Store Manager should be interested in knowing, but it seems everyone in these Manager gaggles (& there at every store) could care less! The Store in the least affluent area near me has the better Customer Service Response, less having to find someone to call an Associate or Assistant Manager, are the most helpful & their Managers don't seem to congregate up front as much & I think it's because this store was designed with Customer Service/Returns & Exchanges off to the side where most stores have put in their McDonald's.

If these at least extraneous (it seems to me) Asst. Store Managers could STAFF THE AREAS where there are NOT A SINGLE ASSOCIATE, it sure would save some people who have a hard time getting around: especially the frail & elderly, people who are handicapped in some way - visible or not - like those with diseases (sometimes several all at one time), people who are immunocompromised or on chemo (who shouldn't even be out, much less in your stores or any stores, but don't have a choice when they need new tennis shoes or underwear (things like that) because they have no one to help them). The most important people to worry about are those with Sudden Heart Death Syndrome; people with severe breathing problems from asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, or Congestive Heart Failure or even people with A-Fib (all of which can cause death at any time); or people with physical illnesses/ailments not requiring a scooter (yet) such as people with Arthritis (Osteo- or Rheumatic), or are recuperating from joint replacement (usually knees & hips, but can be shoulders & elbows). (I've even had my ankle completely repaired!) And they still may be recuperating several years later, especially now during this pandemic because it's been difficult to get out & do the rehabilitation exercises since most rehab facilities & gyms are still closed down. Or any number of physical diseases or ailments people may be suffering with or are recuperating from emergency operations from: gall bladder removal, appendectomies, liver, pancreatitis, stomach hiatal hernias, esophageal, heart, lung, or kidney diseases. Kidney Disease patients might already be on Dialysis with a very restricted fluid intake & sweating from having to go all the way to the front of the store & back to where their were before when they needed help isn't helping them as the strict fluid restriction means they can only have a tiny sip or two of fluid & need to sit down to cool off & stop losing fluids & electrolytes from sweating. Most people on dialysis carry around several of those twist to activate cold packs that helps to stop the sweating, but then just as many don't because they're elderly, on S. S. & Medicare & Medicaid & these ice packs aren't covered by these insurances & they're living on very tight budgets. And then there are the people living with the neurological diseases such as Epilepsy (getting upset or frustrated can trigger a seizure); Muscular Dystrophy that doesn't always require a scooter just yet, but leaves the person extremely fatigued, which can trigger a relapse of the disease; & Lupus where a person can die at any time. (I'm not quite familiar with this disease as the others, but once a college classmate who was perfectly fine on Friday, was dead before Monday classes, so they never know what will be the fateful trigger, but I don't think getting upset helps them. This classmate's father was in the hospital after a heart attack & she was excited about visiting him over the weekend, so I think either overexertion, fatigue or being upset is what killed her & one can experience all 3 at a Walmart store if they're having trouble getting help (frustration) to run around all over looking for an Associate to help them only to have to exert themselves more by having to go all the way to the front of the store to get help & back to where they were again (fatigue). Any of these people with diseases, disabilities or syndromes like these certainly don't need the aggravation & physical exertion one experiences. (& We were experiencing all this, too, even before the Pandemic hit! And I'm just now getting around to saying something about it!)

Has Walmart been made aware of these lousy In-Store Customer Service Manager/Asst. Manager(s)/Associates gaggles at the front of the store's & how they're not doing anything to help your customers with some "seen" (I've been on that end, too) & "unseen" conditions & how they're doing absolutely nothing to help people with these "unseen" conditions, which could be afflicting any & every customer who walks through your store doors? (& BTW, I really do miss your elderly, Downs Syndrome & Autistic Greeters. They were such a joy & took people out of their own head space & made us think "There but for the Grace of God go I." That was showing understanding & compassion as they were able, just in different ways than the rest of us.) Have your Store Managerial Staff shown any understanding & compassion towards your customers? The answer is a resounding "NO!" I thought not!

I, myself, have severe asthma & have to have my rescue inhaler at all times & your store's understaffing & lack of being able to get help has caused me to have to use my Rescue Inhaler numerous times in your stores - on each & every visit. I also have Osteoarthritis & have had to have 2 knee replacements that I have to keep the scars covered because the sun shining on them when I drive makes them burn. I now also have swelling of the lower legs, ankles & feet & severe pain in the bottom of one foot that even prescription (using my own footprint) orthotics (very expensive (~$500) doesn't help. My Orthopedic & Podiatrist don't know why I have the pain, but think it might be nerve damage from the knee replacement surgery now. I can't spend a lot of time on my feet without having to schedule therapy sessions for Lympadema, but usually just resting with my feet up for about a week will make the swelling go down. Thank goodness no blood clots in the lower legs! I have Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue, a congenital Heart Defect, Mitral Valve Prolapse, which has also caused me to have Long-QT Syndrome of my heart's Sinus Rhythm, which means I have a different type of A-Fib, one all my doctors & Cardiologist know about & it makes me feel like I've skipped a beat, have palpitations (that I take medication for, but it doesn't always work that well on some days), makes me feel lightheaded at times, sometimes gives me dizziness & occasionally I faint without warning at all (no blackness creeping in to give me a warning that would allow me to sit down someplace safe. Instead I instantaneously fall & have hit my head & body on furniture & things, mostly causing huge bumps on my head (1 that hasn't gone away in the 2 years I've had it), a couple of Black eyes (very lucky I hadn't broken my nose), cuts, bruises & abrasions. I'm so lucky I haven't broken anything falling down yet.& the Cardiologist has been "monitoring" it for the past 5 years. But it also makes the unoxygenated blood back up & cause me to feel quite tired & short of breath. So running around a Walmart store, back & forth, doesn't help me here either! The Cardiologist & I are hoping healthy living, a Mediterrean Diet, meditation/stress reduction, medications & exercise can stave off having to have surgery to replace the heart valve. I keep wishing he would at least implant a heart defibrillator, though, just to stay on the safe side. I also have hereditary kidney disease that lost a lot of function from a steady Stage 2 - 45% usage left of my kidney function I had been at for many, many years by taking very good care of myself, but during this last year when I didn't actually see any doctors (just video conferencing) & wouldn't have lab tests done because the only people going to labs were people going in to test to see if they had Covid-19. Well, my knees were still killing me, especially the one I had done in 2019 before Covid hit, so my Orthopedic doctor prescribed a muscle relaxant, one I knew my kidney doctor didn't "prefer" (she never said not to ever take it or to not take it for a long period of time). Well, my last few blood tests I just recently felt comfortable enough to have done at her office showed only 20% kidney function left, which then went up to 22% function & I'm now in Stage 3 Kidney Disease (Stage 1 starts at 20% & is considered Kidney Failure & once you're at 16% kidney function you have to go on Dialysis, which were very much hoping will improve now that I'm not on that medication, but if it doesn't improve & continues to go down, I will have to be on Dialysis & I already mentioned above about the strict fluid intake (which is something like only 32 oz. Between each dialysis session - can you imagine? Now you know why running around the Walmart Store, looking for an Asssociate to help them & getting sweaty, losing fluids & electrolytes is VERY bad for a kidney dialysis patient. I suppose the best thing to drink are Power-Ade electrolyte replacement drinks, so I would be allowed only 2 16 oz. Bottles between each dialysis session, which last all day long & are on M-W-F, so it includes a very long weekend when just that amount of fluid has to last 3 days instead of 2 days! Lastly, I have full spine injuries from the top of my neck, completely down my spine to my tail bone that I sustained in an accident & over a 28 year span, it has progressively gotten worse to the point I now have Degenerative Spine Disease, some Scoliosis (so one shoulder looks higher than the other) from herniated vertebrae & bulging discs & one protruding disc with an Anular Tear, which means it has been slowly leaking the jelly like substance inside the disc; heck, by now there may be no jelly left in that disc at all. So because some discs are bulging, Part of the 2 vertebrae that are above & below the disc are rubbing on each other (bone on bone - very painful!) I also get Sciatica either from it or from a Ganglion Cyst, which is made up of a ball of tangled up nerves that do eminate from the Spinal Cord on that side (my left side), but instead of going directly to the place the nerve is supposed to end at, it has been stopped along the way, with many other nerves, completely wrapped around & though each other, like a rat's nest & enclosed in a cystic covering & has fluid in the Cyst. As the Cyst gets larger, it puts more pressure on the nerves in it & around it, causing more pain & it seems to me that my Sciatica is really worse on that side, going completely down the back of my buttock & leg clear down to my ankle, while on the other side the pain only generates from the buttock to the top of the back of my knee. These cysts can't be untangled or removed as if they removed it, I could get completely paralyzed on one side or lose bowel or bladder control or just be numb on the entire left side. The only thing they can do is periodically remove the fluid (lots of fluid) with a big long centesis needle & huge syringe - several huge syringefuls. That helps to relieve some of the lower back pain for awhile, but sometimes my back pain, which on a good day is generally 6-7 out of 10, but on a bad day is 10+, when all I do is cry in pain & I can't do a single thing once I find a way to sit that alleviates some of the pain. So, once again doing a lot of unnecessary running back & forth just to get someone to help me at a Walmart Store just makes my spine compress more from standing up or lifting bags out of the shopping cart into my trunk & then it sometimes takes me a week to completely unload the car (I bring in the frozen, refrigerated & fresh food (like bread & fruits & veggies & anything that can melt or cause it to taste funny (cranberry juice, ketchup) & then bring in all the other bags little by little over the rest of the days & they have to be packed very lightly or else I either get an asthma attack or will be in horrendous pain. I try to not make a bag more than 5-10 lbs each! I do like the self checkout because I can then make sure the bags are packed the way that's easiest for me; however the drive up service will mix things that definitely need to come into the apartment with things that can wait until much later & I hate that. I basically have to take other grocery bags (I like the paper bags) & unload everything out of the plastic bags & repack it all so it's most convenient for me & causes me less pain when I'm already fatigued, back & neck killing me, having a Sciatica attack & maybe palpitations &/or an asthma attack, along with very swollen legs, ankles & feet! I wish Walmart had carryout like the grocery store across the street does! When I'm in a lot of pain all I can use is Tylenol (because I'm allergic to all the pain killers except the ones they use during & after surgery & I have to save those for surgery or they won't kill the pain from surgery if I take them everyday now. I do use some pain creams, but the one I like best is Icy-Hot, the big extra long & extra wide back patch with the vibrator in it is the best!

And I just love your Security Personnel who have told me several times, even though I have medically approved Handicapped license plates that I "don't look handicapped" & even got a ticket from the Police Department (not a note like your Your Security people are usually pretty nice & helpful, but I've had quite a few say to me "You don't ‘look' handicapped." I wish you would inform them, like I do, that unless they're familiar with my medical records, they have no idea how badly handicapped I am or not! That usually shuts them up, but I'v been harassed clear up to the automatic doors sometimes; actually quite a few times! What's with that?

I've been doing some additional thinking about the store staffing problem & not ever being able to find an Associate for help. First, I wonder if they're all in the back of the store unloading the day's/night's delivery truck & sorting the items into Departments? Or, this is the problem: "Too many Chiefs & not enough Indians" & the Assistant Chiefs (Asst. Managers) don't want to even deign to staff the store areas where there are no Associates even though that's what is needed! Another thing I found out awhile ago is why some stores never answer their phones. Apparently the Phone Operator is located at the Dressing Rooms & if there's no Associate staffing that area, the phone never get answered, even with the "Press ‘1' for? Dept. Press ‘2' for another Dept, etc. & if you need to speak to a Manager or the Operator, Press ‘0'. Well no one answers if you Press ‘0' because no one is there to get a Manager on the phone for you. I've tried pressing the # for the Customer Service/Returns/Exchanges Dept. because I know they're just across the aisle from the gaggle of Managers & they generally (98% of the time) won't go get the Manager, saying "I can't leave my area with Cash in the Cash Register." I know all they have to do is lock the register with the key & either give it to the locked office area or take the locked cash drawer with them to get a Manager. Or even just waving their hand at the gaggle of Managers should get one of their attention. I'v even had to call the Hair Salon or the Bakery at times to see if they will get a Store Manager for me & if they're not busy, they'll do it. I even do this while I'm still inside the store, not at home, because I'm just too exhausted & in excruciating pain to be doing all that running around.

Some stores have only 1 lane open & everyone else having to use the self checkout, which then has a line that loops through the aisles up front (& not everyone will stay 6 feet away (or at least a shopping cart away either). So I don't understand why they don't open more lanes when they can hear some people very loudly complaining about the only 1 lane open, or why this gaggle of women have to stand around up there doing nothing when they could be staffing the lanes or the store or going around & checking to see if people need help or not, but they don't even budge or answer their phone except for calls from an Associate & then they just ignore those calls for help! And because I have had trouble so often getting someone to help me find something in a store, there have been times I've had to ask the Store Cleaning Staff where I might find something & they're always so nice & kind & will tell you exactly where to find what you were looking for. The Manager of the Garden Center is great with helping to find things in the hardware, nuts & bolts & stuff, paint, plumbing, air filters, etc. area most of the time. He even got one of those Lasko Oscillating Tower Fans (its at least 3 ft. Y'all) off a top shelf for me once! The Automotive guys ((if they're not busy) will sometimes help you get stuff off a high shelf, too, & sometimes even a tall Grocery guy. But a lot of the time it's just the kindness of other shoppers I have had to rely on. There was the time I needed a rolling cooler off the top shelf (why they would put such a popular item so far up I don't truly know. Like people in my City don't go fishing a lot or what?). I must have waited more than half an hour & several phone calls made by an Associate in the electronics area & no one ever came. So I must have been there about 40-45 minutes by the time these 2 guys go from one side of the store to do grocery shopping & they were coming back my way (turns out 1 Guy was getting tired put on his car & an oil change). These guys were well over 6' tall (I'm only 5'3" & 67 years old) & one of them stopped, walked to the back of the aisle, which if I remember right was near knitting supplies & toys & I wondered why they were coming down the aisle not looking at anything. Finally one said "We've noticed you've been waiting here an awful long time. Is there something we might be able to help you with?" I told them I needed a rolling cooler & it was all the way on the top shelf. They said to "hang on a few minutes & we'll be right back" & left their shopping carts with me. Five minutes later they're back with a step ladder & one of those outdoor push brooms. One guy goes up the ladder & was actually able to grab one rolling cooler by the handle & hand it down to his friend. I really worried about the push broom idea - what if the cooler fell & hit his friend on top of his head, in his face or on our feet (we were all wearing flip flops)? But they didn't have to use the broom. They said "We ought to just leave this all here in case someone else needs to get something off from up there because there's no help in this store!" And this was at a Super Store that should've had more help as this was before the pandemic!

Anyway I look at it, In-Store Customer Service, the gaggle of Store Managers/Asst. Managers are all worthless & Walmart Sucks!

Before I Go: I also got to thinking more about the Sudden Death incidents that could happen occasionally to one of your customers & it made me wonder:
Do ALL your Store Managers/Asst. Managers & Associates ALL know how to administer CPR in their Store Training & are they CERTIFIED to administer it (which has to be done yearly)? It's better to be administered by 2 people than just 1, but 1 is better than nothing! Do your Managers/Asst. Managers & Associates have the disposable mouth pieces (especially during this pandemic?) for doing administering Mouth-To-Mouth Resuscitation while doing CPR available in every area of the store when you might be running around the store looking for one while the person is dying?
Most importantly, do ALL your stores have a Defibrillator in each store (located in the middle of the store (like at the dressing rooms area) so it's equidistant to every Manager/Asst. Managers & Associates. For someone having an A-Fib attack, every single second counts & the person needs to be defribulated immediately - shocked back into normal sinus rhythm. The person won't live until an ambulance arrives - it will be too late for them.
And if ALL your staff aren't qualified to administer BOTH CPR & Defibrulation, either kind of person will be dead by the time an ambulance arrives! A-Fib is a very silent disease most of the time & usually strikes a young & very healthy appearing athletic person without feeling anything weird coming on. The person just goes into A-Fib & drops to the floor. I have heard even a taser is better to use than nothing (I know y'all sell guns, but do y'all sell tasers? & Of Course, someone would need to be there to get a fully charged taser or it's a worthless idea!). The person & even their doctor's usually aren't aware that this person is susceptible as they're aren't any symptoms or defects at all until you're older & you start feeling palpitations or irregular heartbeats (although age doesn't matter & it can strike anyone at any age & in any physical condition) & once diagnosed (usually in older age - 50s or so), they & their doctors/cardiologist are very aware the person has the disease & they're on medication, which helps with the palpitations only & still they have the propensity to suddenly drop to the floor & need defribulation just like the young athlete does. Most every time a person has had a A-Fib attack where they drop to the floor & need to be defribulated, a cardiothoracic Surgeon will immediacy implant a pacemaker into that person's heart. You can't tell who people with A-Fib are - they don't show any signs & symptoms when they're young & healthy especially or they're people who look just like you & me. And weight & other diseases doesn't have anything to do with it! It comes on suddenly & the person crumples to the floor, but it's not a heart attack (this comes on suddenly; whereas with a heart attack a person might experience symptoms over several days to just hours. These people are perfectly well 1 minute & the next second without warning are on the floor literally feeling like their heart is running an extremely fast marathon & they can't breathe because their heart's sinus rhythm has crashed & they need to be immediately defibrillated (shocked) back into sinus rhythm! Do your stores ALL have a Defribulator & are ALL staff trained in how to use one because as I said, these people with A-Fib would be dead by the time an ambulance arrives.

POOR Customer Service!
I was in need of a card table, so I went to my handy dandy WalMart app. And typed in Card Table. Several options generated but one particular table was marked down from $26.42 to $7.50. It wasn't at my local store or the 4 closest stores to me. It was an hour away BUT I needed it and It was worth the drive. So off I go to the store listed as "available at this store location" I arrive with my daughter and we make our way to the furniture dept. A very nice gentleman can see we are looking for something and offers his help. I show him my phone with the table and the price and he wasn't able to find it either. So he gets the dept. Manager... he looks at my phone, reads the description and said "This is the table BUT it's not on sale for $7.50" I show him where it says "IN this store with the store address listed" so he said hold on and he walks down and starts talking to another gentleman. Explains the situation and from where I am standing I can see the 3rd gentleman was not really paying attention to what he was being told... didn't really care. So I approach him and explain whats happening, explain the table IS on the FLOOR but NOT reflecting the price that it is showing online and at this store only. It was NOT an online purchase deal, it was literally in the store only purchase. He said "Let me check my app" He proceeds to look at my phone, and the ad and then types the info into his app. And then says "Nope! Not on my app so you're not getting it!" I said well I don't know why it isn't showing up but I am showing you right here on your app the product is $7.50. He said, "I have a managers app and I can see more than your app allows and it's not here." I once again pointed out it said AVAILABLE in stock. I told him how I drove an HOUR b/c that store was the only one with that deal. I showed him again... and he said 'You could be on the fake internet or using a fake ad!" that's when I had to chuckle! I am on the "Fake internet using a fake ad for a card table!" NOT a $1200. 00 TV or computer but a card table! I drove an hour to use a fake ad on the fake internet for a card table! Seriously? Have you ever even heard such BS in your life?! I said well can I speak to a manager then b/c this is ridiculous! He said I am the assistant manager in charge today. I said well who is your boss? He said a name and I said I need his number. He said it's by the service desk on a paper you can go get it and call him but he is off today! He rolled his eyes at me, and then turns his back to my daughter and I and continues to put towels out on the display he was working on before we walked up. My daughter asked him what he was doing b/c we were still standing there. He turned back around and said he sent going to do anything! So she said she would download the WalMart app in front of his face so he could see that she wasn't using the "Fake Internet or a Fake AD," So she proceeded to download the WalMart app and type in card table... BAM! There is my $7.50 card table on the app! He still refuses to acknowledge it! The other 2 gentlemen were still standing there and were just as confused as my daughter and I were? Walmart knew it was the same table, they knew the price was $7.50, they knew it was it that store only! BUT JaMIchael the assistant manager on duty was not willing to do anything. The department manager even asked him what he was going to do? And he said nothing! It was so ridiculous! I was right! And he was being a rude idiot! So I said NVM I am calling the 800 number and making a complaint on him. DONE! Soi dialed the number and starting walking back to the furniture aisle and he tells the department manager to "Give it to her"... too little too late! The dept. manager got on his walkie talkie calls the CSM up front and tells her that I am bringing a table up and to give me the price my phone says in the ad. I told him Thank You and said DO NOT be a manager like your mentor and assistant manager JaMicheal! He was embarrssed b/c he knew the entire thing was ridiculous too! He knew I was in the right, and his manager was being rude! So I did get my table for $7.50 after a 30min back and forth with JaMichael BUT I also made the online complaint! I work in retail management and I KNOW what a manager can and can't o as far as changing prices. It never needed to escalate! It never needed to be an issue what so ever ESPECIALLY when I showed him the proof on WalMarts own app.! THe customer service line operator took my complaint and apologized for the assistant manager's attitude and said she would forward to the store manager and I would get a call in a few days. A few days later I get a call from the other assistant manager she said she "handles the online complaints about her store" I explained the entire thing, asked her to pull the tapes and she could see his demeanor and how he was being rude and dismissive. I also told her to look the table up on her app., she said she would bring the incident up to the manager and also on the weekly call or meeting she has with the managers. I feel like she was calling trying to pacify me and the store manager NEVER got the information handed to him. I honestly feel like she is a friend of JaMichaels and is trying to cover his ass! So basically I won't shop at that Walmart again unless an item is on sale for a good price and its at that location only and I imagine I will have same issues and I will have to make another complaint if the need arises. BUT this by far was the most ridiculous experience I have had in WalMart in a long time. Me and that Fake Internet I use! Store address 490 Greenway View Drive, Chattanooga TN -- when it goes bad, you're just out of luck
I ordered 13 canvas photo wall hangings to give to sponsors and board members of the non-profit where I work.
1. I purchased the items on November 23. I picked them up on November 24. Most of them were poorly constructed. I had them try to fix several, and picked those up on November 27. Some still weren't acceptable AND others couldn't be reproduced because the order had already expired in their system. I was advised to cancel the entire order and get my money back. I was also advised to order online again for a shipping option because the production would be made by a machine instead of people so would look better.
2. I reordered a second time as advised on November 27 (Order# *******095201)
3. I then called and cancelled the original order. Walmart provided a bar code and advised me to take the original items back to the Elizabethton Walmart (#690).
4. I took the items back to the local Walmart store and dealt with customer service. When the rep scanned the bar code, it said no order found and then the bar code disappeared. We tried for 90 minutes with me standing at customer service trying to get this resolved including hanging up on the local csr.
5. Finally, a local employee, a man named Brandon, got through to someone and told me I would be reimbursed. He said he would hold onto the returned items for a few days and then dispose of it because it was canvas photos specific to my company. They were now basically trash.
6. I've communicated with customer care at regularly since 11/27 with no resolution. They want proof I took the items back, and there is none. All I can tell them is that I received the new order, which I'm keeping, and want to be reimbursed for the order I returned. It's not my fault I don't have paperwork (I mean, I have the original paperwork and did have the bar code that just disappeared). I did everything I was asked to do. I followed the instructions of the local customer service folks... exactly. I followed the instructions of the folks... exactly. Now, I'm being taken full circle and being told to get the local store to reimburse my non-profit and also to reach out to's phone customer service (the same place that hung up on one of their own customer service folks trying to help me. I am trapped on a highway with no exit ramps.

Walmart cancels orders without notification
Walmart delivery canceled 7 out of 9 orders for all kinds of odd reasons then Walmart started to say i am cancelling my own orders. The fact is on sundays you most likely will see your orders cancelled. You may wonder where is my order and then see it is cancelled. I had to check with my bank to see walmart took the money out of my account for at least 9 cancelled orders and has not yet refunded any money to my account and one amount for $98.00 taken out of my account i checked with and walmart grocery and they have no record for july 21,2021 why that money was taken out of my account. 2 people with walmart customer service hung up on me and one person with walmart told me to put the complaint with my bank- i think that amount was through this crooked company walmart has called beta walmart that was trying to charge me $31.99 for a bag of fritos and tried to charge my old bank card with phony charges of $98.oo for 3 bags of fritos. I had to open a new account with walmart with a new card and i get this phony charge from walmart for $98.oo my bank said that charge came from and walmart. Com told me to call walmart grocery that doesnt know why my bank card was charged and one told me this may be from beta walmart. 3 more hours waisted on walmart calls and my order 7-28-21 today was cancelled and walmart wrote on the order you cancelled the order. The fact is we are in the height of the pandemic and walmart can only hire people all over the world in customer service to say im sorry im sorry. If you want an order from walmart you better pray for the order and it will be 30% out of stock the same as their stores. A long time ago i said i may save $20-$30 at walmart but they will be 30% out of stock and 9 out of 10 times i will be upset so i would rarely shop walmart unless i need underwear. Walmart delivery and walmarts always new employees are too busy and cannot have any concern for your delivery and 50% chance you may get a nice driver or the driver is given 0 training. Out of 250 drivers maybe 15 drivers have come more than once. You need to plan many orders to allow for walmarts many cancelled orders and walmart out of stock orders and hours on the phone with walmart which is usually a waist of time the customer service people only make excuses for walmart and 9 out of 10 times wont get you your order.

Will never buy from Walmart again!
I can honestly say I have had the worst (by far) customer experience of my entire life with So much, that I feel compelled to share it with as many people as I can. If you dont have the patience to read the whole story below, bottom line is: Ill never do business with them again and recommend that you do the same.

I purchased a digital movie on on Jan. 1st in the evening. Given that it was a digital movie that would be delivered by email, I expected to receive it pretty quickly. As I had not yet received it 24 hr later (nor had I received an order confirmation email), I contacted Walmarts chat support. I was told Walmart could not help me with that service (digital content) but another team would contact me within 24 hr. They did not.

On January 4th, in the morning, I called customer service to resolve the issue. I was told that they could see that my order was stuck at processing but didnt understand why. They said they would report my issue to the management team, and I should receive my movie in 24-48 hr, but most likely that same day. I did not.

On January 5th, in the evening, I called them again. Once again I was told they could see there was a problem with my order (still stuck at processing) and would have to escalate the issue. I was told I would receive either my movie or my order would be cancelled (and a refund issued) within 2 hr. Neither happened.

I called a third time on January 6th, in the morning, and was informed that according to the escalation ticket, my issue could not be solved and the order would have to be cancelled. Although I wasnt happy, I welcomed some kind of resolution. However, by the end of the day, I had not received a cancellation email nor a refund (and the status of my order on the website was still showing as preparing order), so I contacted them again.

This 5th interaction was the most exasperating one by far! I was told that the order could not be cancelled nor a refund issued because the order had already been delivered. If we wanted a refund, we would have to dispute the claim with our financial institution. Wait, what? I can assure you it had not been delivered (I even checked my spam folder just in case). We asked to talk to a manager (Douglas, who would not give us a last name), I explained the whole situation, but all he kept saying was that the order showed as delivered and, according to their policies, he could not refund the money. When I asked to talk to someone higher ranked, he told me there was no one on the floor nor anyone else I could call. Really? After several minutes of getting the same answer over and over, I just gave up and ended the call.

The last interaction (thus far) happened by chat a few minutes later. The representative mentioned they could see the order was still showing as not processed. We were told it should take 48-72 hr to get the movie or for them to issue a refund. We explained that at this point we just want our money back and for this whole ordeal to be over. We are still waiting but hopefully this will be the end of it.

I should note that the movie costed $4.29. It is incredible to me that they were willing to lose a customer because of $4. On my end, it wasnt about the money, it was about the principle. If you take my money and dont give me the product I paid for in return, you are basically stealing from me. I cannot stand still while that happens.

I can honestly say I dont intend to purchase from Walmart ever again, and every time someone even mentions Walmart, Ill make sure to share this story. Do what you would like with this information, but you have been warned!

Great selection and price. Shipping a little shoddy though!
I have shopped at Wal Mart ever since Walmart built one right across the street from where I live. It was a convenient location and it started out pretty good then. Much of what I cannot find now, was available then. They even had a cool snack bar, which later became a McDonald's, which later became the Money Center. At any rate, it has been transformed into a Super Wal Mart, though I must admit, I liked the old one much better. Still. Not a bad place to shop.

I decided to buy some CPU stereo speakers. I was on a very limited budget, so I needed to shop around. Wal Mart had the best deal at $5.88 for the speakers in question. Tax brought that up to $6.28 total (free shipping to the store). Initially, the item was destined to be delivered on my birthday, March 10th. I followed the status of my shipment. The estimated date of delivery was altered for March 11th. No problem. Then, I get another email stating that they were going to have it ready for pick up on March 10th. No problem. Was ready to pick it up that day. Then, I was informed that the item had just arrived at Commerce City (a main distribution hub) on March 10th in the morning and that it was still destined for pick up that day. I checked again later that day and they let me know that it was on 'delivery' status for the store and wouldn't be available again until March 11th. I waited and went to the store on the 11th. Had to wait for the only person at the service desk to address my situation. When I gave him the ticket, he said nothing and scanned the paperwork over and over again. It wouldn't scan, so he did a manual input, then asked me all sorts of questions about the product and such. Finally, it looked like he found my order and went to the back to retrieve the item. I waited for some time and feared that he couldn't find them stuff. After a good five minute, he was back and I got my box after he scanned that too.

Although I am not disappointed by a far margin with Wal Mart, still, the shipping always seems like a ping-pong match! Back and forth. Have been told this by several people that this is not uncommon. However, it would be nice to get some certainty when it comes shipping and receiving and such. Outside of that, I am please with them as a whole.

On a personal note, I am very pleased that Wal Mart announced that they are giving universal raises. They finally realize that we folks need to make money to spend it and it is only fair considering how things are these days! Kudos for that as well for other companies, such as Target, TJ Maxx and Marshall's have all come to the same conclusion and realize that following Wal Mart's lead is the right and logical thing to do. Wal Mart may have a lot of negative items stacked against them, but they do many positive things too and that should not be overlooked. Also like the fact that in 2005 that they helped their employees during Hurricane Katrina. They said, "No matter where you go, anywhere there's a Wal Mart, you will have a job!" Really dig that one too! Rock on!

Keep the faith!

Incompetence Run Amuck
10-13-18, Because I'm out of state, I ordered (grand kids new baby gift) on line for store pick up. This was almost a $300.00 order which is alot for a senior citizen. (I ordered baby crib with drawer, mattress and crib sheet set.) 10-15, Was notified mattress and sheets shipped, crib processing. 10-17 email saying mattress and sheets ready, crib would be there Monday 22nd. I told kids, Walmart decided to wait and get all at once... I put tracker on shipment. 10-19 Fed Ex notified me crib was delivered. I told my kids, 10-20, Kids went to store (Chester Virginia) to pick up. They were told the crib was NOT THERE. They were given a receipt for (picking up) the crib... ( They didn't look at receipt until later, not realizing the store employees were inept.) They called me and told me they got the mattress and sheets. 10-21, I was sent a confirmation that they picked up the crib. 10-22 I read the email, went on line chat to correct the mistake. Associate sent me Fed Ex delivery verification with name of employee who signed for crib. She then put an escalation on the order and told me that I should hear something 24-48 hours. Twenty minutes later I received email saying that the crib had been picked up. I called the store spoke to lay away, explained that there had been a mistake. Associate checked computer saw crib pick up receipt. I explained again, my kids picked up the mattress and sheets. She sent another associate to look for crib, associate got on phone telling me they picked up the crib... I explained AGAIN... layaway lady gets on phone says they don't have the crib. I called back spoke to a grocery manager because order manager supposedly not there. I explained AGAIN... Grocery manager supposedly went to look for crib (I'm on hold AGAIN). Jewelry picks up the line, I tell her I'm waiting for a manager who's checking something for me, she apologizes then instead of putting me back on hold she disconnects the line. A few minutes later I get another email saying the mattress and sheets are ready to be picked up. I'M NOT LETTING THIS GO! I spent $200.00 for this particular crib... 10-23, TODAY, I called the store again... Asked for another manager. Get manager, I explain the whole problem FOR WHAT THE FIFTH TIME? He puts me on hold for a few minutes comes back on the phone and says he found the crib... They had put it on the floor to be sold... (I had told the manager from yesterday that I suspected that's what happened.) I believe that they had decided to display that particular crib since it was a popular color and style (gray with a drawer) and have my kids wait for another shipment. If I hadn't stayed on top of this my new great grand baby would have outgrown the crib before he ever got to sleep in it... I'm very unhappy with everyone I've dealt with up to today. I probably will never order from again unless I have it delivered to the home address. Update: My family was finally able to pick up the crib yesterday after another thirty minute wait to RE-FIND it... lol wow.

I truly wish I can rate a -5. is absolutely a joke. I made the mistake of going online to do a same day pick up order. First problem online it never stated AFTER I placed my order that I can pick the item up today it stated that it will be available at the end of the week? Not so much a big deal I was willing to wait. Midweek I receive a text stating that I can retrieve my items, then a following text stating my items were canceled? I know try to keep up with me lol. I immediately head to the store because the items were a gift for someone that needed to have it by the end of the week. I arrive to the 83rd and Stewrat location first mistake! I stood their for about 5min before anyone said hello. I explain to the gentelman that I am confused on whats going on with my order. He takes my name walks away and come back. Now my order was a total of $109.00 this young man brings out 2 items when I ordered about 7 or 8. I ask him is this all you have out of my entire order? He says yes this is all Walmart can locate in the store, imagine my confusion. I tell him I thought that was the reason Walmart asks you to choose a location so they can ensure the items are here? He reply and says that is "" not walmart ( as he stands in front of a sign). I truly did not want to argue I ask him if he can cancel my complete order? He says yes. I personally grab a cart and go through the ales and finds every item I ordered online to begin with... Imagine how upset I am I go to the register and re purchase all items for $146.00, I left the store with other bad customer service at the register and at the door checking my receipt. I get online to the next day just to double check everything was canceled, I go to my cart and see that their is still 3 items shipping to the store huh? I log on and chat with a representative whom I gave the above story to who felt really bad. His words to me was "WE FAILED YOU" he ensured me that he will escalate my refund. I let things go for a few days go back online the orders are still in my cart ( at this point I am on fire) because I still have a total of $246.00 holding on my debit card in Walmart charges... I get back on the chat and explain myself again she tells me that nothing has been escalated smh and that I have 2 options 1. I can go back to the store to cancel the items or 2. Wait 7 days if the items are not picked up they are automatically canceled? I instantly asked her for the number to corporate which she claims she does not have. She states if I call they will transfer me. I call and asked to speak to corporate they transferred me and I was on hold for about 30 min. I grab my house phone and call and speak to a supervisor named " Samantha", I explained to her my detailed situation and she calls "Theresa" at 83rd and stewart location on 3 way and they both decide the only way still that they can cancel the items that should have already be canceled is for me to go all the way back to the store? I literally just disconnected the phone call because this is more time wasted. I go to the location to cancel my items again another unnecessary mistake. Their were 2 gentleman at the counter whom tried to tell me they couldn't cancel them from here (I had to remind them that I was given no choice) after switching registers and gaining the help of another lady the canceled the rest of my order. No no that's not it lol. Today Is Feb, 1st so as I had some free time I go back onto to make sure everything is canceled again. Imagine my surprise when everything says canceled but I still see a balance of 19.78? I have to call again because this is unclear I speak to a pleasant gentleman by the name of "Victor" whom tried his hardest to help but really couldn't figure it out either and again states he will escalate my matter to refund me this difference now ( if you have read my entire review you will know why I am not confident this will happen). This has been going on for about a week now and I am still missing money from this order, I am calling out walmart corporate to make it right with me which I know may not happen because apparently service is not a priority at this company. Honestly this experience makes me want to NEVER shop at walmart again. I hope this helps at least one person... walmart if you get a chance to read this look up my order and contact me. *******

Bait and switch pricing
Today was the second time I was duped by Walmart's bait and switch pricing. I purchased a Mainstays Microwave for $53.88 using the app. When I selected the store options I was taken to another page that stated "Order now pick up in store" for $13.00 with a date the item would be available for pickup. When I went to pick up the microwave I was still charged the online price, even though I did exactly what the app said to do. Ordered online, and picked up in store. This is a misleading and deceptive pricing tactic. When speaking with Walmart personnel I was given complex reasons as to why the price shown online could not be honored. This is an issue Walmart and really need to address. If the instore pick up price advertised online is not going to be honored once picked up in the store then it should not be shown. Further complicating the issue is the store not able or unwilling to make price adjustments to honor the price online without having me go through a complicated process. I was told by associates, supervisors and even Walmart phone customer service that in order to receive the pick up price shown online I would have to return the item and wait 24 hours to repurchase at the advertised price. None of this is explained when making the purchase and seems contrary to pricing policies stated online by Walmart. Either do away with showing diffeerent pick up prices or streamline the price adjustment process so customers like myself are not deceived.

I had a similar experience with another purchase. However when I went to customer service the associate made the adjustment quick and easy. I've also made an online purchase for pick up ag different Walmart location and upon pick up the price was instantly adjusted to the store price. So again I just implore Walmart and to update and/or honor its advertised pricing. For me I've been duped by this misleading practice one to many times now, I'll be sticking with for my online purchases until Walmart/ fixes this problem. I'll also be contacting my local news WSB channel 2 and 11 alive investigative reporters to see if Walmart are interested in doing a story on this. I think others should be aware of the scrupulous bait and switch tactics of Walmart.

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