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Walmart MoneyCard

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Walmart MoneyCard are horrible! The reps are complete idiots & don't speak English. Then they have the Adaucity to try & get an attitude & be loud with you because you can't understand them & their slow asses can't understand me. I have over 2000$ on my card all because I'm still waiting on my freaking replacement card. The first original card was supposed to be sent off on 10/20 and it takes 10 business days. Never received. Decided to do expedite and now I still can't get the card cause fed ex won't deliver and Walmart $#*!s won't help. Worse experience ever. I will never trust them with my money again. If you are looking for debit direct deposit. Run the other way! Get a bank account instead ppl!

Rip-off outfit
Had a Walmart money card for years... no real issues until last year when my card was stolen and all access changed, thorn the troubles began.
I called to report the card stolen, Walmart MoneyCard locked it up so nothing would be processed. Next issue, getting my money back that was deposited on it... heres the major issue: since the card was stolen and access changed without my consent they wanted the card number to reallow me access to the card. Problem: didn't have the card number so couldn't access the funds or get a reissue of the card. So contacted the main company- Green Dot Bank... yeah, no help there either. Finally I was told to file a fraud case and send in endless documents and proof that I was the owner of the card and history of my address locations along with photo ID. Done, well apparently that was not good enough for them since nothing ever came of it so my money was still locked up in the card. Ok, next step... contact the social security department and get help from them. Well had to call multiple times and get claim escelated so Walmart money card/green dot bank had to contact the SSA directly. Think that helped? WRONG! Still no answers from either entity about my money. So the SSA's next step, contact the treasury department. Well being who and what they are you'd think that Walmart would respond and tux the issue... nope. Just got off the phone with the SSA only to find out that even the treasury department can't retrieve my money. SO long story short, Walmart Money Card and Green Dot Bank have stolen my benefit deposit and it can not be recovered. So, I'm out money and there is nothing I can do to get it back. Think you can trust this card... think again! There are other companies who are more legit than THIS chicken $#*! outfit! The entire organization, Walmart money card-green dot bank- and Bonneville bank should all be shut down for fraud. Oh, and sueing them... can't! Stupid system just keeps you down.

SCAMMERS courteousy of WalMart
Bought card 8/23/19 and my car was stolen morning of 8/24/19. WalMart Money card was in the car. Called the 800 number to stop the card and ask for a replacement. I was told Walmart MoneyCard could not send ne a replacement card because they could not verify my identity. Of note within the past month I have bought a car and gotten a new job and had zero issues with identity verification. Asked to speak to a mananager and was told 'corporate' would have to call me back. Never happened... Have made several calls with no resolution while my money sits in some nebulous account and has had "service charges" deducted from the balance. Every call is connected to someone in a 3rd world country who barely speaks English. No corporate number available online. Huge rip off!

Don't get this card it's a scam card
Bought the walmart money card for my nephew for his Birthday but was unable to verify to activate the card through phone and through their apps. Went back to walmart if Walmart MoneyCard could help me to activate the card but the walmart customer service said they can't help me but called the number on the card or go to the apps. I repeatedly called the card and go to the website no one will answer the phone but automated voice only. I felt hopeless i felt like i was putting my money that i work so hard for down the drain plus it upset my nephew on his Birthday. I will never ever buy this card again. Please anybody or anyone that is thinking to get this card hope you read my comment here. Before you purchase this scam card please don't get this card i have a horrible experienced purchasing this card. I rate zero on this walmart pre paid card

Terrible Service
I go to the Walmart in Franklin, Virginia; the Walmart in Wilson, North Carolina; sometimes I end up in different Walmarts as I travel around the East Coast occasionally. I have NEVER seen a "working" ATM. I am almost convinced that the workers put the "out of order" sign on it to avoid counting the money every day. I have NEVER seen the banks "open"; once again, pretty sure Walmart MoneyCard just do other things during the day. Something as simple as cashing a check takes forever because the workers feel the need to bounce you between their checkout lines until you find someone who actually WILL cash the check.

Terrible. Don't get a Walmart Money Card. Don't try to affiliate yourself with anything having to do with YOUR money and walmart.

No information hurt my family
Walmart MoneyCard returned my stimulus because I needed a new card (which I had already ordered) so instead of just holding the payment until my card was activated so they could deposit it to my account they returned it. I sat here for two or three weeks waiting for money that was never coming and they never bothered to let me know that. My family suffered because of it! I just think it's really sad because you know... if it's Walmart's Money they want to know where every dime is but don't give anyone any notice when you're messing with your money. And to make it all worse they actually notified me that they had my payment so I had reason to be waiting I couldn't bother to come back and notify me that no WE sent it back.

Dispute Department is a Joke!
Account was wiped out by person to person transactions which can clearly be seen as fradulent activity. Walmart MoneyCard took $500 first and the 4 different $100 transactions back to back. Then took out the last $76 in a matter of minutes.

Instead of reimbursing the fradulent charges was directed to the dispute department which was of no help but they would investigate. If they deemed the charges fradulent then it could take days or weeks. I have dealt with banks who reimburse fradulent charges immediately, do their investigations and handle it from an angle that protects the consumer. Walmart and Greendot handle it from an angle that protects the scammers.

So... why would anyone want to risk losing their money with no protection from their bank? Why would anyone want to deal with poor customer service such as the one they offer. They are very unprofessional and do not care. If this is how they want to continue to portray their company this way, then something needs to be done to protect consumers. The scammers are wiping out people's bill money and Wal-Mart is indirectly participating in criminal activity by not doing their part in protecting the consumer using their card services.

I will continue to plaster bad reviews on every website that posts reviews on prepaid cards until this money is reimbursed and if it is not handled a little more efficiently soon it wouldn't take long to find an eager lawyer willing to take up a class action lawsuit for the problems stemmed from Walmart and Greendot not immediately reimbursing fradulent charges and being responsible.

They have insurance for these reasons but because Wal-Mart is not making sure the cards and accounts are secure, they don't want to turn those issues into the insurance companies because the fault would be on Wal-Mart and Green dot. For not fixing the issues, they are as much to blame. So the best thing to do... dont use their services. Tell others not to use their services for their own protection. Wal-Mart has a responsibility to the consumer but their lack of qualified outsourced customer service is a Joke. Simply a person to answer the phone to basically tell people they won't do anything to protect your money which you use to pay your bills. Wal-Mart clearly works for scammers.

Getting a refund is like jumping through hoops
I made a purchase on 12/10/20. The purchase was made with Walmart MoneyCard cancelled the purchase on 12/13/20 because they didn't have the item in stock. reversed the charges on 12/15/20. I was told that my money would be refunded to my card by 12/22/20. It still isn't on my card. The customer service representative are rude and they hang the phone up on you when you ask to speak to a supervisor. I wonder why it only takes seconds for them to take your money off your card and now it's going on 2 weeks and I'm still waiting on a refund. I suggest that you don't make a purchase with a Wal-Mart money card unless you can afford to let them hold your money until they feel like giving it back to you.

Bad customer service
So I never received my stimulus check from a year ago and my letter states that it was directly sent to this bank but the bank knows nothing then I received a message saying I exceeded my limit this happened on Friday night almost 6 days ago and I am still not able to withdraw funds it never reset the limit so I called and after holding for 21 min the supervisor picks up and acts like he can't hear me then hangs up! I keep noticing a few dollars here and there not accounted for as well and again Walmart MoneyCard know nothing. No local bank nothing it's like they are holding my funds not resetting the account so they can keep making money off of transactions terrible service

Third party thieves
Walmart, green-dot, and the ghost. These are the suspects. Before my money was swept right under my feet. My last purchase was actually Walmart. We were getting stuff for my daughter's birthday. Had no issue's with the purchase. Next headed to pick up the cake we ordered. When ready to pay. My card declined, three times. So I checked the mobile app and sadly found out my bank account completely wiped out. Bogus charges from out of state. So immediately called tech support. WOW! So basically was told that Walmart MoneyCard couldn't do anything. They say even though its in pending. Wait until its processed and then calls us back or go online and file a report. I so confused why it couldn't be canceled. So yes needless to say. My money is now gone. So there you have it the The THREE THIEVES. I WILL BE CLOSING MY ACCOUNT

Deserves ZERO stars
Will never use this card, or any type of Wal-Mart product again. Had this card for 3 years, and it was only due to the fact that I loaded thousands of dollars on there only to find out there was no way to transfer out to my bank account/saving account. Over the 3 year period I have experienced terrible customer service (no one in the United States), no way to actually truly get a $0 fee at the Wal-Mart ATM machine, and there is literally but 2 Wal-Mart ATM Machines in a given 50 mile radius. I was not able to ever transfer money or pay bills. Now that I am at a $0 balance, Walmart MoneyCard are refusing to close my account, and in the meantime they are continually charging $5 month on my Zero balance. It has not been 3 months of a zero balance and I have paid $15 while trying to close this account. They want you to write snail mail letters, and have no online way to dispute issues. They do not dispute unrecognizable charges either. They stopped the dispute department a few months ago. PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS CARD!

Switching to Chime
Only go with Wal-Mart money card if you're looking to be tortured. Their customer service is horrible. I waited OVER AN HOUR for someone to pick up the line & Walmart MoneyCard hung up on me before I could say a word. Their app has constant glitches and, if you're the kind of person that locks your card, good luck getting it unlocked when you need to use it. Go with chime. There's no monthly fee, their app is always working, much easier to read, & much more user friendly. I honestly don't know what chime's customer service is like because I've NEVER NEEDED to call them. I'm so happy to be getting rid of this stupid Wal-Mart card...

Never again...
I've been a user for years, but the customer service the last 6 months has absolutely sucked. To make matters worse, my card expired in November. I called twice before it expired, because I hadn't received the renewal card and was told both times not to worry about it. Then I call again the day AFTER the card expired and was told that because it was already expired, Walmart MoneyCard were unable to renew it so I'd have to buy a new card and they could only return my money to me by paper check in 10 days! They have my phone number, email address and physical address... yet they couldn't bother to tell me that there was a problem with renewing my card? No way... never again... I'm moving to Chime and AmEx Bluebird.

Horrible service horrible all around screws you.
Worst ever for you! If you lose your account information you lose access to your money for weeks. If you cannot access your online information because you cant change your recovery information you have to jump hop skip and keep jumping for them to to a fricken thing. Worst ever customer service because no one can speak clearly, listen at all, make notes on your account file for future reference not chance. Walmart MoneyCard cannot send you an email of your bank statements, or even transfer money to a same name company over the phone. Absolutely ridiculous to have this card. Especially if you plan on getting your paychecks or tax returns. Someone could easily be access thousands of dollars for weeks without a single location to help to resolve the problems you may have which wouldnt it be nice if walmart cards could be helped by Walmart's? Yeah well they're not. Totally the worst experience ever.

No early direct deposits due to shutdown
I have used the walmart money card for about two years now for all my banking needs and direct deposits. I have had no issues with the card accept for sometimes being unable to use it at gas pumps and not being able to find an ATM that won't charge me for withdrawls. What I love most about the card is the ability to get my paycheck a few days earlier than everyone else. Due to the government shutdown im assuming walmart and green dot bank who is the financial institution behind the walmart money card is apparently not providing the deposits as early as Walmart MoneyCard would prior to the shutdown. My VA pay which is normally deposited on the 26th of each month or the 25th if the 26th falls on a weekend has not been deposited. I'm not really complaining due to the fact that the walmart money card does pay my benefits 5 to 6 days earlier than even the Credit Unions; but it would have been nice to have a heads up about the companies plans to pay the direct deposits later than usual due to the shutdown. So for anyone out their like me who made weekend plans thinking you would have the funds to go or still wondering where your money is your not alone. I love my walmart money card but a little heads up would have been nice. I'm aware that they only guaranteed my deposits to be 2 days earlier but if you know you have been consistantly providing a service earlier than usual just inform me when changes will be made don't have the support staff make me feel mentally I'll when I call to find out where my direct deposit is. Especially when this person can see what days my deposits hit and has no reason for me as to why my money is not their. A simple notification or email would have been sufficient.

I was the victim of fraud October 2-8,2019 AND went through the long and arduous process of trying to reach a human being on the phone to close down my card and report this dispute. It took over 3 hours to do so as my card was continuously being charged out of state. My ONE AND ONLY Walmart Money Card was skimmed or somehow stolen and used out of State. I live in Tampa, FL and I have not left this area OR USED MY CARD for 5+ months. The thief used my card FAST AND REPEATEDLY for 17 FRAUDULENT charges in the State of GA totaling $393.93. It's easy to prove with 100% accuracy that I WAS NOT IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA ----PROVEN BY THE FACT THAT my OWN REAL card was being used simultaneously 6+ HOURS AWAY in Tampa, FL. How could anyone use ONE card at the SAME EXACT TIME IN A STATE SHE'S NEVER BEEN IN 6+ HOURS AWAY and where she actually lives. I GOT A NOTIFICATION THAT "AFTER THOROUGH RESEARCH YOUR DISPUTE HAS BEEN DENIED". Walmart MoneyCard don't have a fraud department, they don't research anything EXCEPT that they disputed all of the fraudulent charges with the merchants and WALMART MONEY CARD STOLE MY MONEY. Disgusting, unethical, unconscionable and appalling. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR AND RUN FROM THIS DISGUSTING, DISGRACEFUL, SHAMEFUL SHAM OF A CARD. THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU. YOUR MONEY IS ABSOLUTELY NOT SAFE. See attached which proves this 100%. I am literally sick that a "company" in the USA can get away with such deceptive, double-dealing practices with such deliberation. I am outraged and will make it my mission to ensure everyone knows to RUN FAST. That is THE ONLY way we can stop Green Dot Bank & Walmart. Please share for the sake of others. I wished someone had warned me.

The so-called Money Card
I've been trying to load someone else Money Card online & this person got it 05/27/2020. But when I put the 16 Digits from the card online Walmart MoneyCard say the card # is an invalid period. & Why in the world, when most people are on a restricted income & Walmart, does to individuals do & even I shop w/them myself & online but after this, they lost my business 4 real. & this amount isn't $10.00 it's more & you don't even return the Money & who does that. Hey Walmart you lost my whole account I will take my business else where starting now. Thanks for nothing w/ your fake ass Money Cards & you have the nerve have loadedable. No it should say the USER Company. That's so wrong. I hope you Rich people don't have a Brain because you been using to the American people as your own piggy bank. Well to me it's over 4 real

Aggravating MESS
I am on a fixed income and my money goes direct deposit to WMMC and has for 4 years. Recently someone got my information somehow and the very day my check got direct deposited, it was immediately successful dry from GOOGLE PAY charges to some type of online game. There were 34 completed transactions which started out with 7 back to back for 54.31 then the amounts gradually went down until I was left with. 16 in my account. I didnt even realize my check had been direct deposited because all I was checking was my balance. It wasn't until I called Social security to ask why my $ hadn't been deposited that I was told it had been deposited as usual. The lady told me to activate my card then check my balance and see if my account had been credited. Well it hasn't and I got my eviction notice today. So, thanks Walmart.

The worst product I've ever used
I should have checked reviews on this card. I use it to keep myself on a budget. I was transferring money weekly from my checking account. Walmart MoneyCard say 3 business days. Never works that way. I made the deposit on the 6th, came out of my checking on the 9th and as of the eve of the 12th I still have no money. Customer service is a waste of time. I've called for other things to like, half the time I go in to deposit I get an error message that I can't make a deposit over $100 for my first time. I've been making weekly deposits for months. I call customer service and they say I have to wait until the next day for it to "reset". So I try to be proactive knowing my money won't transfer for 6 or 7 days and then I have to add another day for resetting. I've had this happen at least 4 times in the 2.5 months I've had the card. DO NOT GET THIS CARD. It will only bring you frustration.

They will take your money, and block your card!
I called the customer service to change my address since that option was blocked on the online account management portion. There is a two step verification process before I can access my account online, still because of security reasons Walmart MoneyCard claim I am unable to change my address online. I needed to call customer service. I called customer service who told me that because of security reasons I needed to take a picture of my drivers license and a current bill in my house that shows my new address and email it to them, an account manager would review my request and decide if one my address would be charged on my account and if a new card would be sent to me. This process could take up to two weeks. I called multiple time to check the status of my request and the customer service representatives hung up on me multiple times.

This company know that majority of their customers are ** so they come up with these ridiculous clause, if there's online access which has verification process, customers should be able to change their address online as advertised. This is the worse card and I've never been so humiliated and made to feel like a second class citizen and denied access to my funds. Please do not buy this card! You will regret it! Stay away from this one.

I received a card unsolicited
I received a card completely unsolicited. It said "Your new debit card is here!" at the top. I called this company three times. I could only understand one of the three. When I asked why I had received this she said "It was a mistake, tear it up." This was not a mistake. Someone sent it to me, and had assigned me a bank number at "Green Dot Bank" (I've never heard of it). I told her that I considered it an attempt at fraud. She continued to assert that is was just a mistake. I also tried chat, and got a similar non answer. I wanted to know how I was assigned a bank account number and how was it that this card was sent to me. I was very displeased with this.

Walmart money card/green dot
PUBLICpublished review 1/13/20
I have had my green dot card for about 5years. I've never had any issues ever. I always use my Walmart card for shopping and taking trips it was very helpful. I've always gotten money packs from the 7-Eleven to Load funds to my card with no issues ever ever. So f3 months ago I bought $150 money pack from the 7-Eleven. I waited about 45 minutes and try to load it to my Walmart money card and it wouldn't load. So I went on about my day did my shopping continue on and ran my errands and then later on that evening, I went again to try to load my money pack it again and it wouldn't load two hours later. Long story short I called greendot Customer Service to let them know what was going on and that the money pack wouldn't load to my Walmart card. The customer service representative told me that I had tried to load the money pack before it was ready and too many attempts times. I said OK fine then you load my funds to the card that I paid for. Walmart MoneyCard said they can't do that, they would just have to send a refund. So two months later I never received the refund! I continue to try to call them they will block my phone number. I will call from Work, they would take the call two times and then they will block my number. I filed a complaint with the district attorneys office in California where their offices are supposedly held. They told a bunch o lies to make themselves look legitimate.It's false! Green dot customer service representatives are foreign entity. If you call them over three times they block your phone number. To anyone reading this! You need to pass the word and get the word around to stop using greendot. They know something is wrong in there system of customer service representatives. You have one time to steal from me and I'm done with you. As a consumer you control the power of where you decide to spend your money. I have gotten rid of a lot of companies that I no longer deal with because of the customer service that I received green dot has to be on that list people do your homework spend your money what you are valued green dot needs to Report for the in house fraud

Don't use them PLEASE
My card was stolen out of my mail and I called and waited for 6hrs. And still haven't talked to dispute. I been calling all day and still nothing. I had 3200$ stolen and Walmart MoneyCard won't do anything about it. Nothing but hang up. I talked to 8 different people and they sent me to dispute and I still haven't talked to anyone. They keep you on hold for hours and then hang up the phone. I need My money ASAP. I knew it should have just got a check because this money card is some BS. So please be aware of this card. I'm going to get me a lawyer Monday. Look at all the hours I spent. I took snap shots

I've had my card for several years. It's a good little card if ur only going to do regular day to day purchase and not big purchase. Long story short my husband and I are buying a house. Well anyone that has knows all the documentation that is needed. Walmart money card Customer service is the $#*!tiest service I've had in a really long time! The refused to send me simple statements sighting that Walmart MoneyCard aren't authorized to do so.! So of course I talked to supervisor then to that supervisors manager thru corporate and guess what the lady from corporate said they could send me my requested docs in an EMAIL! But folks here's the kicker I waited the 2 days for said email! It NEVER showed! So on the phone again I go for over 1 1/2 hrs. Just to have to go thru the whole thing over again! And it doesn't matter if their line is recorded or not they 100% don't stand behind what they tell their customers! Done!

Sam Walton wouldn't use it
Everything advertised about this card is completely false. It says that you will get your direct deposit up to 2 days early. However I have experienced that it takes actually two days longer than everybody else. If you have a problem with some sort of fraudulent charge or anything like that the customer service is very poor. And if you can get through to somebody about a fraudulent charge that you haven't made then all Walmart MoneyCard can do for you is cancel your card and send you another one then you have to wait another seven business days for that one to get in the mail so you better not have this is a primary checking account I can tell you that now. Don't don't make the same stupid mistake I've already made. Get a real banking account

Walmart money card is a darn good card. I am their customer and I love the card for the exception. Walmart MoneyCard have us calling a customer service number speaking to foreigners whom have my social security number. They have all my information my address and so forth. This former United States Marine detest this. Hire people in the United States who are hard working, pay a good wage and use folks that are going to do the job well and not harm my information in anyway. If you look at the credit agencies and those Executives from both Green Dot Bank and Walmart Corporate know what I'm talking about. Have you dialed the 1-800 number to check on your credit report and spoken to their customer service? Tell me how you feel about that. When you call the credit agencies they are using folks in Pakistan and India. The are looking at your social security number and where your family is. I don't think you like it either. I'm sure you don't feel warm and fuzzy about them handling your credit, do you? I don't care how secure you make that working environment overseas because there's always a human factor and humans will always fail you. Just look at the cost you're paying, you're not really saving any money, you losing money. The money you could possibly make on that great card is unbelievable if you would all just wrap your arms around it give it a big hug, go on now and make Walmart money card as American as it should be. My thoughts are just this even if you have great security there are those countries that are representing the Walmart Money Card, Green Dot Bank who hate us Americans. The point is I don't understand them and they surely don't understand me. I don't want to talk to them when I call. I feel tense inside me, I feel like I don't want to be on that phone call. I feel like I don't get any of my things answered properly because they are so directed at being this way, this way, no this way, no this way.

Absolutely disappointed
I have 7 cards with these people and 5 have been blocked for over a month. I have spend endless hours being tossed around from. "Specialist"and "supervisors" that have no way of helping other than telling me Walmart MoneyCard are very sorry for the inconvenience and how to upload the same documents over and over. Very rude, un empathetic, un professional, non English speaking people I have ever spoke to. Now my 2500 I put on these cards is decreasing as the keep them blocked and deduct so far 2 months of fees. Before its over all my money will be taken while you "protect me from fraud." I need my money!

Account still Frozen after all documents received
I'm writing this review because my account has been frozen since April 19th of 2021 which is Monday after receiving a deposit of $6,024 from my unemployment that I did not receive for 6 weeks. My account was said to be frozen because of activity that was not recognized and Walmart MoneyCard ask me to verify my identity that I was the holder of this account which was done on Tuesday April 20th where they require me to upload a picture ID front and back of myself and standing beside my Virginia state ID verify that was me and then my account would be unfrozen and I will be allowed to access my money again here it is Thursday April 22nd my account is still frozen on top of that they returned my direct deposit that was coming from Virginia Unemployment on Wednesday they did not accept it I've been six weeks without a paycheck and once I receive it Green Dot who Walmart supports froze my account and when I call I'm speaking to someone else's sounds like they're reading off a script card in another country and up to no avail my account is still frozen and I have no access to any of my money or the ability to get gas buy groceries for my family or pay any bills and they're telling me that it could be another 4 to 5 business days when I was originally told up to 48 hours someone is dropping the ball here and there needs to be a class action lawsuit if anyone else has this complaint not only are they affecting my family and our well-being but they're keeping money that is not theirs need any help here for someone to listen is and to make this right once again I cannot believe that a company has Walmart would even put their stamp or support a Mickey Mouse operation such as Green Dot Bank when they are doing this to their customers and not even putting their customers first but yet hanging up the phone you ask to speak to a supervisor they won't even let you speak to a supervisor they tell you to call back in a day or two therefore I'm leaving a review

I bought a temporary card I registered online and it said it couldn't identify my information now I'm stuck with a card I can only make in store purchase and can get any cash off. Then a supervisor tell's me it's nothing he could do. Then he could mail me a check that will take 3weeks to receive it. Then he says that I would have to send in more information to prove I'm who I say I am. walmart money card is real bull $#*! I'm so pissed right now Walmart y'all messed up my 16year wedding anniversary now how I'm going to get my husband a anniversary gift thanks Walmart for nothing.

Poor Customer Service
I've had the Walmart money card for a few years. I hadn't a too many problems until now. First, I had trouble getting them to send a new card to my current address. Walmart MoneyCard still had my old one from when I first opened. I changed it with them when I moved. When I called to notify I hadn't received the new card, I was told that it sent to the right address. I told them that I didn't live at the old address and changed with them when I moved. They said they had no record. Now, I would to email them several documents and wait 2-6 weeks to approve the address change. In the mean time, I was eligible again to get a normal bank account. So I did. I called again about transferring my money over to the new account. After frustrating hour, I was finally told I could only transfer money to another Walmart card or spend it down. Then I close the account. I don't like that I didn't have control of my information and money. It's not at all like they advertised. Thankfully there's other and better options out now than few years ago. Avoid if you can, they are in control not you.

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Description: Walmart MoneyCard is a Prepaid Visa or Prepaid MasterCard. No credit check. No overdraft fees. No bank account required. Shop, pay bills, direct deposit and more.

Address: P.O. Box 5100, 91117-0100


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