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Walmart Grocery Delivery

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Absolutely ridiculous policies and shopping methods
This has to be the worst grocery delivery I have ever experienced. At first they're pretty good now or the last 4 months it's been nothing but a hassle I'm actually hurt us financially and physically. Before when I place an order if an item wasn't available it would say item not available and I be refunded now if I make an order it's canceled and Walmart Grocery Delivery tell me most items were out of stock. You're telling me barbecue sauce dog food and normal Essentials that are always there when I have an option to replace if necessary are all gone? Not only that they take your money and then won't refund it for a few days if that's the only grocery money you have how are you going to eat? That's why I say they heard us physically. Just tonight I made an order for a 2-hour delivery which was available, a 30 item order, and was told only two items were available in the whole store and was told to remedy that they would give us a $10 credit that is completely unacceptable do not order from them

Walmart Grocery Delivery is TRASH!
I have been using Walmart grocery delivery for a little over a year now. With 3-4 orders per month. I have had maximum of 5 orders where there was no issue. Arrived when scheduled and with everything I ordered. Outside of those rare occasions every other order is chaos. I'm missing half the order, the order was never delivered, or driver cancelled and no one thought to put my order back in for delivery. No matter if I'm first delivery of the day or last. No communication. Calling customer service is pointless because Walmart Grocery Delivery themselves cant even get through to the store. Call the store directly, it's a minimum of 5 calls with the line ringing in my ear for 5 minutes just to hang up on me. If I get through to a person I'm transferred and more line ringing. Usually if I can reach someone in delivery I'll get my order within a hour or 2, only after I have spoken to someone. It feels like if you dont get in contact with someone that works there you will not get your delivery. I have Walmart+ and will be cancelling after the month is over and switching to another delivery service. It is so upsetting to schedule something and have it delivered 3-6 hours after or up to a day and a half later. That was the longest I've had to wait and then most of what I ordered wasnt even delivered. I'm constantly having to call customer service for a refund, they have never given me an issue with refunds but the point that I have called walmart more than I have called anyone I know combined is ridiculous, and nothing is changing, for the better anyway. Service is getting worse and worse especially this past month of 2. There was also a point where the app wasnt letting me tip the drivers. I tip after delivery because I have learned my lesson with tipping before, but I still like tipping people who handle my food and you never know when you'll get a repeat driver. Walmarts response to there app cancelling the tip was, the drivers are just happy to serve and tip is not required. Which I know a tip isnt required but for people to be loading and unloading my groceries a little extra thank you doesnt hurt. I have had to inconveniently go to bank to get cash to keep around for tips as I never usually have cash on me. The drivers have all been great that have delivered to me. Walmarts logistics on the other hand are 100% trash. They are always "sorry for the inconvenience" but dont seem to be doing anything to fix the inconveniences. I was suppose to have a delivery today for things I didnt receive in my monday delivery, scheduled for 7-8p. Its 1020p as I write this and not one notification from walmart on my order. The store is closed now and has been since 9p. Terrible. Maybe I'll get it tomorrow. Or the day after that. No one knows. I'd get it myself but I do not drive. Think I'll give instacart or amazon a try because walmart isnt working. Whatever system they have for they need to share and implement for grocery delivery. I would recommend this service for someone who doesnt care when or if the things they've paid for ever show up

I ordered my food on Sunday to be delivered on Tuesday between 11 AM - 12 PM. I did not received a call it was 12:00 Noon and I called and Walmart Grocery Delivery said that my ordered would not be delivered because they do not have a driver. They did not call me to tell me. I had to reach out to them about why they were not there. I spent 200.00, cash for this food. So once they cancelled the order they still had my money would not release my 200.00, to go else where to order. The per I was chatting with told me to call the local store at Pendleton Pike in Indianapolis IN, they hung up on me. They asked me to ask for OPG - Amanda. Amanda did not come to the phone. I called back and waited on hold for 45 minutes still nothing. They told me if I signed up for delivery they would waive my 9.99 delivery fee they still charged the delivery fee. I would not give them 1 star if I had the option. Walmart on Pendleton Pike and German Church is garbage they have the worst customer service ever. I will never never shop or spend one red penny in this store again. They said it will take 24 - 48 hours to get my money back from my bank so I do not have my grocery or my money

What an utter disappointment. I give up
I'm old and physically disabled. Even though I'm on a set budget, which is tight, I will spend $20 for delivery to my door, fee plus decent tip. I literally live less than a mile to Walmart.

Have used their service 6 times, 2 were good, 2 meh, 2 wtf.

It's really hard for me to walk, or even push a cart for long. By the time I get from my car to the front door, I'm in a lot of pain. I'm also in high risk for COVID. Even though I'm vaccinated, the vaccine doesn't work with the new strain. So all in all, I'd rather not have to go out to get groceries.

My third delivery, even though instructions asked for delivery to my front door, because it's hard for me to get around... Walmart Grocery Delivery left everything in my driveway.

Today, I was scheduled for an 8 to 9am delivery. So I went out early, moved my car so they could back up close to my ramp onto the front porch. Made sure that the path was clear... no sticks or dog bones. Even left an extra cash tip on the door.

At 8:41am, I get an email saying that the order will be delayed. At 9:01am, I get an email saying that they are too busy, and canceled my order.

They didn't ask about if I wanted to reschedule, or they'd send it out in another hour or two. They didn't call me. I check my email once every 6 months, just happened to check it because they were late.

Heck, they didn't even text me.

They just unilaterally decided to cancel the order.

So I wasted 40 minutes making/placing my order, an hour just waiting, another 20 minutes moving the car etc.


F Walmart

The last time I stepped foot into the Walmart, a good 6 months ago, I was looking for a neck massager for my wife. She has frozen shoulder and the old one caught on fire.

Online, it showed that there were 5 varieties in stock, I even wrote down the plu for a couple that I was interested in. It really bothers her, so I didn't want to waste 2 days for Amazon delivery.

I wandered around for nearly an hour. Being a man, I didn't want to ask where it was, but I was in so much pain after 15 minutes, I was drenched in sweat. Really. I asked no less than 6 employees where massagers were.

Some pointed me to the pharmacy area, which is where I first looked. Repeatedly. Someone said the home goods. Nope.

Asked one to look up the item using the plu with their little tablet. Nope, too busy, go ask someone else.

Even had one tell me to go to auto.

Last person I asked, was actually a man in his late 50s, early 60s. He said, "not in this department", and walked away. I did not expect such a FU reply from him. The kids, yes.

I left my cart, even with refrigerated items, right where I was, and hobbled out. That was the last time that I stepped foot inside the store.

Customer care is a joke. You just get a form letter saying they are sorry and look forward to my business.

F Walmart.

Why do I have to even give them 1 star.

Delivery sucks
I have ordered from Walmart delivery sever times most of the time it's ok but I placed a large order on 9/04/21 and never received it after 1 chat 5 calls with 5 different answers from the 1-800 number I tried calling the store for over 2+ hrs nobody ever answered the phone in any department so I was going to be near by the Walmart and decided to go into the store the manger had no knowledge of the pickup and delivery dept so I went to the pickup and delivery area and explained what had happened she went in and checked on it comes back and tells us that it was picked up last night when the order was supposed to be delivered Walmart Grocery Delivery put it in the driver's trunk of the car but I was never assigned a driver they tell me it's the driver who is supposed to contact you with there information and that they are on the way when it should be Walmart doing that once the driver picks up the order and they should be able to track them as well( so essentially my order was stolen by the driver according to Walmart) and they have no knowledge of who picked up the order or anything and once it's picked by the driver the order is gone out of the computer they told me I had to contact the people whom I ordered it from Postmates door dash etc. i told them I am trying to communicate with whom I purchased the order from aka Walmart app and they could do nothing for me
So I'm going to the bank and putting a stop payment on the transaction because all Walmart does is gives you the run around and never solves the problem

Walmart Normandy Is The Absolute WORSE
I have purchased from Walmart on Normandy for at least 25 years. I had no problems until I became Disabled and started using their Worthless Delivery Service. Right now Walmart Grocery Delivery have almost $500 dollars of my money tied up waiting on refunds (That can take a week?) because I put an Express Order in 03/18/21 and received Nothing. I tried again 03/19/21 (Again Paid extra for Express) and again Received Nothing but excused from Their Customer Service. Third time is the charm right? WRONG not with Walmart. I placed yet another order (THE 3rd) Yesterday at 9:30 am (No I'm not Nuts but I am Handicapped and can't drive & live alone) They had time slots available yesterday but I've figured they don't like to hurry so I did not order express gave then an extra day and my Groceries was suppose to be delivered today 03/21/21 between 10 & 11 It is now 2:10 PM and again NOTHING? I called but the Customer Service lady can't do much, she tried numerous times to call the store but they don't answer the phone? To me Walmart is like Comcast, they got to big for their britches, provide sorry service, Make Billions of dollars a month off of us but don't want to spend any money to update their service or Equipment.

You're better off with Instacart
As many others have stated, the delivery is terrible. Many of my items are missing and I have to call customer service about them. First of all, don't make me pick a time which you never seem to deliver on time. Second, stop charging me instantly, and when calling about items missing it takes you 10 days to refund me. Did it take you 10 days to take my money? Stick with another delivery service. I'm going back to Instacart. At least I won't be charged for missing items and can substitute in case. Their shoppers don't pay attention to the order and just grab only what Walmart Grocery Delivery can find in 5 seconds so they suck on that part. I don't like the fact I have to wait 5 days to get the delivery. If they are going to do this then they need some restructuring in how they do it or they need to give up the ghost because they SUCK! Good thing I'm only using a free trial. Anyone who isn't and this is the only way to get your delivery I feel bad for because they aren't giving you good service. Hire people to do the shopping and not the already stressed-out workers you have. They don't even update the status showing the delivery. Again, this has been the worst experience in delivery ever. No wonder Amazon and Instacart is kicking their ass in this department

I booked my groceries to come between 7-8 and the website said Walmart Grocery Delivery were out for delivery at 6:45. I waited until 8:10, when my window had long passed and the car had apparently been on the road with my food for an hour and a half, to call. When I called I was told that I would have to wait another hour for the food to get there, no amount of asking would get the man on the other end to tell me what exactly happened to my groceries or what was causing this very long delay. I wait another f*****g hour and call again when my food is still not there only to find out from this man that my groceries had been cancelled waaayy long ago, before I called the first person. It was canceled because the driver could not find my address (I do not live anywhere hard to find) and didn't bother to call the phone number I gave them to see if I could come to meet them where they ended up or help them find their way, they just left. The first person I called told me it would be another hour so I assume they simply didn't bother to check whether or not my order was actually on its way and made me wait an hour, until 9 o'clock at night, for an order that was not coming. So, one driver who was too lazy to call me for a 5-minute phone call asking for directions, one customer service rep who simply didn't care enough to look at the order number I gave him, and zero groceries. On the plus side, I received a call 12 hours later when I woke up this morning letting me know my order didn't make it...

Absolutly horrible Delivery!
When this whole pandemic thing started I started using the pickup service with one Walmart. Then I had to change to a different Walmart one mile further because the Walmart I was using 9 times out of 10 50% of the order was unavailable. So the new Walmart has a better rate of products available. Then the delivery became available, The 1st couple of times it was OK delivery a little later than what was said but no big deal. The deliveries became later and later and sometimes not at all. Yesterday I placed an order for delivery today between 2-3 pm. NO SHOW I call customer service and Walmart Grocery Delivery were great they called the store and found out the driver couldn't find my apartment building. CS had the delivery sent out again express. Within the hour I received a notice that my order was at my door. BUT WAIT there's more. They text a picture to prove that it's at your door right? Well my picture looks like it was taken from a moving car of an apartment complex that is down the road from me. I called CS again and he was shocked by the picture too and profusely apologized and said all he could do was give me a refund... which will take 5-10 business days.

Told disabled person they were on their way, then abandoned them
I have a hard time thinking of these people as human after my experience with them, I am in a wheelchair and I am paralyzed from the waist down, I ordered groceries from them a week in advance, throughout the week Walmart Grocery Delivery told me everything was fine, my groceries were supposed to get here between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. they sent me a text message at 7:02 saying it would be here at 7:09 and they gave me the name of the driver, so I left everything I was doing and prepared for the driver and got the door opened, the driver never showed up I stood there in the cold, they didn't even have the decency to call they sent me a text message close to 8:00 saying it was their fault, when I asked for customer service help, I spoke to a woman I could only describe as the rudest most unfeeling customer service woman I have ever dealt with, she could not stop making smiley faces and stupid emojis during the chat transcript, I asked for her supervisor, she didn't want to give me the supervisor I insisted, the supervisor took my number said he would call me back and he never did. I am reporting them to the BBB right now and so should you when they do you dirty.

Your order is on the way means IT'S NOT COMING
Continuous NO SHOW DELIVERY DRIVER. Generic message about a delay, don't be fooled, Walmart Grocery Delivery ARE NOT COMING. I pay for free delivery. What i actually got was I have to track my own order. One lady at the store told me to order express & pay additional $10.00 on top of what i already pay. That sounds like a good plan. RIGHT? I order just about every day, sometimes 2 orders a day. I have to prepay for what is either "out of stock" or simply not coming. When I don't want to spend $35.00 I just order what i know to be "out of stock" to get maybe a $10 00 item. No one will call you from the store when they are not coming, that way you won't go anywhere else to get what you need because now pick up & delivery is closed. Are they being RACIST? Maybe they are, I don't know. Even during KATRINA in Louisiana we had few issues with stock. Dallas, Carrollton & Addison has serious problems in pick up & delivery. NO ONE REALLY SEEMS TO CARE TO ATTEMPT TO ADDRESS THIS. I am just 1 person but my complaint in this dept is REAL & NOT GETTING BETTER, JUST WORSE.

Messing up my orders…Repeatedly!
I'm so disappointed with Walmart
A month ago my groceries were delivered to entirely the wrong address. Still waiting on resolution for that…can easily see in previous delivery photos of my door and home. So when I got the notification and photo I immediately seen it was delivered to the wrong address. The customer service representative ask me if I was sure that wasn't my house …like really. Then when I asked can the just redo my order since it's late in the evening and my kids are ready to eat but I have no groceries. Walmart Grocery Delivery advised me no and I will need to reorder myself and Payfor the groceries all over again….

Another instance order groceries for pick up
Got the notification order was ready went up the store checked in. My mother and I waited 45min-hr for our order. And again missing items and contain some items we didn't even order‍.

Now yesterday my mother asked me to order food for her home. When the driver arrived. They called and my father and friend had to obtain the groceries from the drivers vehicle. And again wrong and missing items‍

I'm done. Deleting their app and sticking to target the have amazing service and if something is wrong the immediately take of the issue.

Drivers are lazy AF
Your delivery driver will be either preteen children or little old ladies that actually deliver the groceries.The person that is supposed to deliver the groceries is not necessarily the person that does the work. A lot of drivers bring their children along to do the lifting and carrying. Or its a senior citizen with limited arm strength. These drivers will say anything to get you to go downstairs and get YOU to deliver your own groceries regardless of however far away from your front door that might be. So if you are disabled like me, you are in for some heavy lifting up the stairs. Walmart needs to keep their employees in check instead of letting just whoever show up and consequently failing to fulfill the labor position of grocery delivery person. I use the service because atleast half of the time there is no issue. However this service is a total crapshoot as to whether Walmart Grocery Delivery will do the delivering or make you do it instead. And yes, I get in arguments with these lazy drivers. Omg sooo lazy. In the time we spend arguing they could have made my delivery twice. These delivery drivers need a wake up call as to how to do their job. And quit sending kids to do an adults job.

I thought it wasn't possible to make it worse, but it was
Walmart, if you're reading I'm so disappointed. Not possible to give no stars or I would. The new and "improved" Walmart website is anything but. Poorly designed, constant requests to verify I'm not a robot, and resetting to change options (like tips) that you have already chosen. Walmart has had a constant problem with pricing being different (more expensive) and "out of stock" between physical store and online. I've gone to the chosen store shortly after ordering to find abundant supply of goods that were out of stock or prices for items such as milk being cheaper at the store. I've brought it to store's people's attention to no avail. The old site was bad but at least the relevance filters worked. Sick to death of having to go through choosing options only to have the page hiccup and reset everything. One would have thought that one of the biggest retailers in the world could do a much better job AND actually appear like Walmart Grocery Delivery care about our concerns. The web designers should be encouraged to find different employment consistent with their skill sets. I suggest shelf stocking!

SEVEN TIMES Walmart didn't deliver my groceries!
Yep, Walmart didn't deliver my groceries 7 times. I'm disabled and don't drive, so this is my best option for food delivery. Each time Walmart Grocery Delivery don't show, I spend a total of 40 minutes on the phone to get a refund and reschedule another delivery. On a couple occasions they goofed that up as well. I'm (unfortunately) a Walmart+ subscriber. That's just making things worse because I guess this was $100 down the tubes, only getting aggravation. Also, when my orders are cancelled and re-ordered, substitutions are made without my approval. The most recent time some chicken was replaced with chicken paws (feet!). I'm totally serious! There is one solution to all this hassle, and it's ordering from Kroger from now on even though their prices are higher and don't accept EBT (food stamps). My complaints have fallen on deaf ears except for once when a store manager phoned me the next day and apologized for 10 minutes. That's very nice, but the next time I ordered a week later they goofed again, and when I called the store I was told "There are no managers here to take your call". I couldn't make all this up if I tried. I really wish Walmart could make up for all my grief, but I doubt that will ever happen. Good luck to anyone and everyone who tries Walmart grocery delivery!

Worst delivery service... EVERRRR
This is the third time that I'm missing items from my order. I only ordered like 4 times from them. Last time ended my relationship with Walmart. Not only did the driver place my order in front of my neighbor's door, I knew half of my items were missing when I saw the package delivered pictures. There were only 4 bags, but I ordered around $180 worth of stuff for a small party/gettogether. A Tetris Champion wouldn't have been able to fit all that stuff into 4 bags. Getting a refund or complaining about an order is brutal. It's like pulling teeth. Walmart Grocery Delivery don't make it easy compared to DoorDash. Expect to be on the phone for a while as they waste your time. They refunded me $113 worth of stuff that was missing, but I'm just waiting on that to get deposited in my account. They don't even have the decency to give you a 5%-10% off coupon towards your next order for all your troubles. Needless to say, the party sucked since over half my items were missing. How does that even happen?

The icing on the cake is that even though an order would get canceled, the driver still gets the tip whether they delivered your order or not. I guess since you're billed separately for the tip, that still gets taken out of your account after an order has been canceled. Regarding a previous small delivery order that never showed up and got canceled, I called and asked why I was deducted $8 from my bank towards the Walmart driver tip 3 days after the order was canceled, but they were clueless and kept insisting that the order was canceled. I kept saying I know that, but the delivery part didn't get canceled and I was charged today! We went back and forth and I got nowhere so I gave up. I wonder how many other people this happened to.

This service is pretty awful in Butler PA. I have not had one order yet where I got everything on my list yet that's never been an issue when I've shopped in store myself. A few times I've gone into the store next day and found the exact items that the email from Walmart stated were not in stock the day before. There are also certain items Walmart Grocery Delivery could be making substitutions for that they don't. Instacart is way better, you can actually chat with the person as they are shopping for you which means you can let them know in real time the exact substitution you would like. It's funny how Walmart makes so much money yet can't provide a better more advanced platform for users of their delivery service. The tracking for where the driver is doesn't work much of the time, one time it showed the driver still sitting at Walmart as they were pulling up to my house and another time my order set in a still shopping state so the driver showed up completely unexpectedly. There was 1 occasion I never received my groceries at all and another where I had to call the store an hour later for them to reassign a driver. WalMart can't guarantee you a driver apparently so they are offering this service that they can't set in stone provide you. The drivers aren't actually employed by Walmart but something called Spark and the drivers are unreliable as those 2 times I had to contact Walmart they either dropped my order or never showed then never bothered to drop the order so it could be reassigned. That first order my delivery was sent back out for someone to accept but as it turned out my neighbor works for spark and she tried to accept my delivery and it wouldn't let her, said it was "unavailable" so my order was being passed around continuously but everybody was unable to accept it. The Walmart is literally only a little over 3 miles from my house so it shouldn't be this much of a hassle to receive a simple order. Also, the drivers are completely ungrateful and extremely greedy with tipping. I've had interaction with them on Walmart's FB page and they complain to me that $10 isn't a big enough tip. That's BS, I tip these drivers based on order, mileage and a little extra based off where the Walmart is located to my house. I was a doordash driver and I was happy to take anything over $8 and in some cases over $7 and that was my only job when I was doing it, I understand not taking the order for no tip but when you are offered $10-$15 tip for transporting 6 items only 3.5 miles away from Walmart and my tip also covers your mileage to get back up to Walmart with money leftover and you are complaining and ungrateful for that then maybe try a different job. There are no excuses for why I have a hard time finding a driver in a reasonable amount of time if at all! WalMart if you are going to offer a service you need to actually follow through on the entire process, you are so greedy you collect on a subscription monthly from customers then fail to provide said service. This is theft!

Unhappy Customer
I used the app for the first time ever. I ordered my groceries with the express delivery option on October 14th, 2021. After 2 1/2 hrs, the status of my groceries was "delayed" so I called customer service and Walmart Grocery Delivery refunded the express delivery charge. Three hours after that phone call, I tried calling the third party number several times but it kept going to voicemail and no one was calling me back. So I called my local Walmart and the lady was able to connect me with one of the third party representatives. I asked where my groceries were and I was informed that they could not find my order in the system and would be given a callback. I received an email notifying me that my order was canceled even before the callback. When I told the lady about the charge on my card, she said it would take 5-7 business for them to issue me a refund. I had no choice but to contact my credit card service and dispute the charge which was done immediately. There was no way I was going to wait 5-7 business days for that charge to show up on my monthly statement.

Once again, this was my first time using the app and I am extremely disappointed. I understand that glitches happened and they were probably busy with orders that were in their system but I cannot accept the fact that the third party's phone number *******524) always went straight to voicemail and no one called me back after I left several voicemails in the span of 2 hours.

I used Instacart the following day and I am happy with they services.

Also do your research and read the reviews please.

Problem with membership being cancelled
I've had a membership, paying on a monthly recurrence. And 3 days before my next renewal, I had to pay again to make my next order purchase. I had payed from a card not usually conected with my account. And a week later, after 3 more attempts from Walmart to try to charge my other card that is conected, Walmart Grocery Delivery then cancelled my membership saying I needed to pay another 12.95 to reactivate my membership. After calling and trying to settle this misunderstanding. They say that they can not find where I had paid for my membership. I have all the proof I need from my bank statement that shows date and time of the purchase. First of all they want to discontinue my membership 3 days before my membership fee is even due and deactivated it a week after I paid from a different card. So if My membership fee was made on September 28th and when I placed an order on October 13 th. I had to pay another membership fee on that day, in order to have my free delivery for the following day. Then on the 20th my membership was completely cancelled. When according to my membership I should have had till the 26th of October still under my September payment. So on the 13th I pay 12.95 and they say I didnt. Then Cancelled on the 26th and now want another 12.95 for the next 30 days. More like 1-2 weeks is what I've been getting charged and always 3-4 days before my 30 days membership is over. Walmart system is royally messed up. I haven't been able to get my full refunds after they make a mistake and overcharge. Always have to call 3-4 time to get anything if anything at all resolved. Very disappointed. I use the delivery option all the time because of limited transportation and social distancing. And right now if there were a better option or better place that offers the same thing. I would most definitely change where I do my grocery purchases.

Hit or Miss
Sometimes Walmart Grocery Delivery would merit a 3 star rating, but I gave them 1 star due to the vast majority of orders having some kind of problem. My experiences with them have truly been hit or miss - very bad or good. Sometimes the delivery drivers will steal up to half your order (not even joking), and you get to spend your time on the phone with Walmart customer service trying to get a refund. Often times you will be missing at least 1 item. I used to add my tip when I ordered, but I stopped paying people $20 tip to steal my steaks. Now, I tip after what I ordered is delivered. Oddly enough that seems to have stopped the thefts. Weird. Usually they deliver during a 1 hour window you specify, but tonight that window was 4 hours ago and I have no groceries. I call and they told me "it will probably be delivered in the next 24 hours." Seriously? No credit for making me wait an additional day, nothing. No explanation at all - until I CALLED THEM. You can never get same day delivery without paying for "express" and many times that is not even an option. So, you have to wait at least 1 day for your order to be delivered (maybe?). All this for a fairly expensive service, especially when you take into account the tips over the course of a year. I would not recommend.

Not worth it even if it were free!
Tried the two week free trial. I was so excited and planned to pay the 98 annual fee tomorrow when the trial was over.
After the problems I had with the service I found out why.
I researched online and discovered that many drivers refuse to deliver for Walmart on a nationwide scale. Apparently, Walmart contracts through several third party delivery places like Instacart, Door Dash etc. The drivers are told Walmart Grocery Delivery won't have to wait more than five minutes in the pick up area for our orders to be brought to their cars. There are TONS of reviews by drivers stating that they get stuck waiting 30 - 45 minutes for an order to be brought out. This makes them late on all other orders they had lined up at other stores to pick up and deliver. Therefore, MANY drivers select the "block Walmart" option on their order page. They then never see Walmart orders available again. THIS is what causes so many of us to have issues with Walmart delivery. Walmart can never get drivers to come get our orders.
I always tip well. I live near the store. I was so so excited to discover Walmart delivery services because at my specific store they deliver almost ANYTHING the store sells, not just groceries. I was so very excited to be able to order everything I need for office, granddaughter, food, etc. BUT with every single order being a problem. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I am sadly going to not continue. My free trial is up tomorrow. I will cancel.
I have placed four orders (Due to snow in TN, they shut down delivery for a week so I really only got a one week free trial but that is okay).
I placed first order. It never showed up. After two hours on the phone it was determined the driver canceled and they could not find another driver before they closed delivery for the night.
A nice young man on the phone at the actual store was super helpful. He called his manager at home and the manager authorized a refund, and a $95 Walmart gift card as an apology.
I re-ordered everything and it was delivered the next day.
Then I place second order.
It was canceled without explanation.
Their app also claims YOU canceled the order, when in fact THEY do it and never even bother to let you know until you check why it has not arrived. And on this order, I paid for express two hour delivery. Again, two hours on phone and discover no driver available.
Third order. No show. Canceled by the store because they did not have enough employees that day to shop the delivery orders so the manager apparently canceled EVERY delivery and pick up ordered scheduled for after 6 pm that day. My money was again refunded, which does not help, when I need the groceries! Final attempt. Placed order number FOUR. Canceled. No notification. Just does not show up. I check app and it says order on the way. But it was not. Called store and was told, again they had no drivers.
I'm done.

I'm done with them even though I still have months lefts to my unlimited delivery subscription
Their flaws seem to be limitless:
1) Grocery items available in store that used to be regularly delivered are not for delivery customers anymore
2) Sending bad produce, including rotten bananas, the puniest bell peppers, and puny, unripe cantaloupe.
3) Bad substitutions, such as I ordered a case of 16 oz bottles of drinking water and Walmart Grocery Delivery replaced it with 2 gallon jugs of water or I ordered seedless grapes and they replace it with seeded grapes instead of choosing a different color seedless
4) Driver no shows. In one such case they kept promising it within the next hour, then it was going to come the next morning. In the morning they sent a text saying it was cancelled as requested. I had not requested a cancellation. I had company coming, so I quickly did a pick up order. On the way home with my order, I get a call saying they gave me someone else's order. So I had to return and wait to switch it. I've also had them cancel many pick up orders, saying I cancelled it, when I didn't
5) Driver's not following directions. I want it under my carport and I want the doorbell to be rung. Simple, right? It didn't happen 70% of the time. I've even had them leave it in the middle of my drive way. Once they put it in the wrong place and gave me someone else's order.
In conclusion, both Wal-Mart pick up and Wal-Mart delivery are rotten services, with enough spots of good in it to keep your hopes up.
But this one was their last chance. Even though I still have several months left of unlimited free deliveries, I'm switching to another grocery service and I won't be buying from them. Good bye Wal-Mart and good riddance.

Don't do it!
Tried it for the 1st time and greatly disappointed. Overcharged on my receipt, and spent 4 hours on telephone trying to fix the problem. Finally resolved and food was delivered on time. Delivery driver dropped one of my bags and on his return to his vehicle, stepped on it. I had to go and pick it up. The customer service is a joke. Walmart Grocery Delivery just wanna keep talking and not let you explain your problem. As I said before, took numerous calls over 4 hours and atleast 5 reps and a supervisor to finally get my entitled refund. The topper was I ordered 51items and only received 37 since the others were out of stock. They don't tell you that items you ordered are out of stock until their on there way for delivery. Also almost every item had a 24 or 25 cent surcharge, still haven't figured this out. I'll go back to Amazon who is much more dependable and customer service friendly. Bottom line is that the Walmart pick up and delivery service is a big joke. Don't waste your time.

Always late, missing items, terrible substitutions
I finally had to cancel my Walmart+ subscription because every delivery was just ruining my day. I would place an order days in advance and yet my orders would ALWAYS be late. Sometimes by an entire day! The substitutions were ridiculous. No Walmart, peaches are NOT a substitute for apples, and I'm not sure if you're aware, but chicken stock isn't the same as vegetable stock. I never actually got a complete order. Items were consistently out of stock. Dude, it's the 21st century Walmart Grocery Delivery have programs to keep track of stock. Most stores use them.
After I canceled my subscription I decided to give pick up one last try. I placed an order days in advance, got a notice 15 minutes before my scheduled pick up time that my order was ready. I show up and every bay is full. I check in, and wait 15 minutes. In that time people start leaving, but no associates are coming out to bring orders. I call the number posted on the bay and it SENDS ME TO A FULL VOICEMAIL! I open a customer service chat and he says he will call the store. Turns out their own customer service agents can't get them on the phone.
I open my instacart cart app, place the exact same order and am pleasantly surprised find it's $10 cheaper. Yay!
I cancel my Walmart order (it's been 30 minutes now) and as I'm pulling out I finally see an associate coming out with her blue crates. I check to see if they might be mine. Nope. They are for only one person. Keep in mind all the bays are full and so is overflow. I hear someone yelling they've been waiting for over two hours! Seriously two hours!
By the time I get home, my Instacart order is waiting. No substitutions needed.
No one should be using Walmart.

Terrible incompetent service
Terrible incompetent service I place an order for delivery Walmart Grocery Delivery came out the next day my neighbor seen the person carry it when she saying she had to go upstairs she got up back in the car and did not deliver it the next two days were a bigger nightmare to call for delivery service speaking to these people online did nothing the only information they have on them is the same thing you have you placed an order when supposed to be delivered they could not tell me why it wasn't delivered but they said oh technically it's not due till the next day the fact that the person came out and did not want to walk up the stairs to deliver it they didn't know how to handle that they could not give me an answer I spoke to five people two of them hung up on me as for a supervisor they refuse to let you speak to a supervisor finally I found one that said she promised call me no call. They do not care they're rude and unprofessional you cannot get in touch with anybody that has an answer

Worse delivery service ever!
Last month I placed an order and it said the order was delayed( Walmart language your not getting it)I never received the order and of course when you call the store no one answers the phone, next step call corporate, just as bad as the delivery service, Walmart Grocery Delivery don't care, I wanted my membership money back because they screwed up so much I didn't want to use them again, now you figure for a lousy $98.00 they wouldn't argue, it's Walmart I should have know, I was given a $20 credit towards my next order no refund. I spoke to someone at corporate who assured me it wouldn't happen again. I place a $129.00 order for the holiday weekend on Wednesday for Friday. I'm waiting for my 2:00-3:00pn delivery. I look at my email and it says your groceries have been delivered at 2:06 and guess what it's 2:30 and there are no groceries on my porch. I call Walmart well suprise no answer so you go to the order and ask for help. I got help, you'll hear from our representatives within 24 hrs. I don't need the groceries I ordered for the Holiday weekend in 24hrs I need them today, now I have to go out to the stores when they are packed because of the Holiday weekend and scramble around for the items I had ordered. The picture these groceries were delivered were not my house then they send me an email saying you can dispose of anything your not going to use. I DONT HAVE THE GROCERIES. I WANT MY MEMBERSHIP FEE BACK AND WALMART WILL NEVER SEE OR HEAR FROM ME AGAIN!

Their computer system is disfunctional. Making a delivery order is always an adventure.
WalMart delivery service has both people problems and system problems. People problems are to be expected where someone can't find the address. BUT a system problem overlies this because when you try to contact the driver, the phone number will not work. The system allows you to edit delivery instructions and save the info. I have on multiple occasions to warn drivers to not rely on GPS, because it takes them to the wrong address. But, I have to re-enter it each time because the save function does not save. I get texts telling me my order is delayed when in reality there was a screwup and the order never processed down to the store level. Really no fun waiting all day for the delayed order and it never comes. I get emails telling me that since I have not returned mis-delivered items, that I have already called about, my account will be charged. That takes another call to fix the problem. You have to really watch WalMart on that. On the bright side, the people at the WalMart help line are great. Walmart Grocery Delivery return your request for a call very quickly, and they have been most helpful. I am home bound and disabled and I really wanted WalMart Delivery to work well but the stress of staying on top of orders is simply too much. It is always an adventure it seems.

The worst app and customer service
I ordered about $350 in groceries that were scheduled to be delivered from 3-4pm. At 430pm I started a chat. Well, it seems that with the new app that merged the online orders and the grocery orders, Walmart Grocery Delivery don't have a clue what is happening. The chat and then customer service person I called literally refused to get a supervisor for me when they both told me they couldn't find my order with the number. This was funny because I can see my order on my app and the store had emailed me my grocery substitutions… however these customer support people located in another country can't find my order and I was told it was a ghost order. Umm, my credit card was charged $350 for this fake order!? The fact that Walmart is training their low level, first contact people to not allow you to get to a supervisor is pretty terrifying. I'll have to call my credit card company now because customer support never found my groceries … and I have no idea what I'm cooking the kids for dinner!

The definition of insanity: placing a Walmart grocery delivery order.
You know what Walmart Grocery Delivery say: insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Yep, that's what I have done with Walmart. When their delivery service first started I thought Yayyy! I am a senior and it is difficult to go grocery shopping and even more difficult getting the groceries into my house. I thought Walmart would be the answer. The first 2-3 times (when they first began offering this service) it was great. So I joined Walmart+. BAD DECISION. After joining, sometimes my orders were 2-4 hrs late and one was never delivered at all -- the cancelled the whole order after I waited for hours because they didn't have anyone lined up to deliver it! So, service was offered and bought but not delivered. Still, here I am ordering again. I just got the email: ORDER DELAYED. This is received after the order was to already be at my door. They choice they give me: continue waiting, cancel, or return the items after I receive them. I am fuming. That was not a choice, but I imagine it is a popular response.

Horrible! 9 out of 10 orders have missing items that don't get delivered!
Constantly not delivering items… as in… they're missing… Walmart Grocery Delivery don't show up! If they don't fill it because it's not in stock (also happens constantly!) that's one thing… but even if you get lucky enough that your items are in stock, (not usually)… then the items aren't delivered… who knows what happens to all those giant paper towels roles… and cat litter… and so many other items. In addition… it's about a 75% chance you'll get fruits and/vegetables that are old and mushy and completely inedible and not something worth paying for. I've also had orders that were to be delivered that just never were… and I had to go pick it up myself because they messed up somehow! It is complete incompetence and they must be managed by an absolute idiot. It's so so so bad. I've placed at least 30 orders in the last many months… and maybe 3 or 4 or them actually went off without an error or inconvenience. Stay away! Worst company ever! Here's a photo of my order this morning. Notice the paper towels in my order and notice the picture that the delivery driver took of the order at my door… see… no Bounty there! Not sure how you can miss a giant thing of Bounty but this happens all the time!

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