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I worked at this store on Asheville Hwy Knoxville, Tn for over a year
This was one of the worst places I have worked. It wasn't the work itself but the fact that Walgreens don't give a dam about there employee's. They stay open during the holidays with one person in the whole store to watch. The manager is in the back no helping to watch a highly theft store. This location is huge when it comes to theft. They have prostitutes hook up in the Walgreens parking lot. I've come out to car activity. They hurry and drive off. You can find the many condoms in the parking lot. When I was there, so many elderly people working that you are the only one they ask to do all the heavy work load. They have a saying in the streets here, "You want something for free, go to Walgreens". I've heard it myself. I've watched people walk in and get what they want, walk right out of the store. I worked so many times without lunch or bathroom break. I ask if this was illegal. They said yes but who cares enough to do anything about it. I wonder about this place Knoxville, Tennessee because so much goes on here unnoticed. It really does. I wonder about the women at night because they are so at risk when these people come in after 10:00pm until midnight. I would hide behind the counter and watch the red eyes walk in and walk out the store with what they wanted. Curious, would you stop red eyes? This was one of the worst and frightening experience I have ever had on a job. I haven't gone back into Walgreen since I was working there. I'm reading someone posting worst customer experience ever! They are telling the truth. How can you have good customer service when there is only the manger, and one register operator at the front of the store. That is how it was so many times. I couldn't go to the bathroom or eat lunch. This is Knoxville so who is going to care? You only get a 30 minute lunch break. I want to acknowledge the Broadway location I hear a lot about. It is run by a Mr. Love who I hear is very good at managing that store. I've never been in it but I hear good things. Well that's it for now but I had to speak about working at this store because it was and still is so bad. I didn't mention the amount of people that left this location and was fired after many many years of service.

I used to purchase my contacts from, but...
I used to purchase my contacts from, but decided that I wanted to save a little more money this time. I went to the website and ordered a year's supply worth of my usual brand.

When Walgreens first arrived, I wanted to try them on immediately. I noticed that the contact lens pod seemed wrinkled and the covering was hard to peel off (they looked like they had been through some heat). When I put the lenses in my eyes, I noticed that my eyes became irritated and red (this has never happened before, and I used the same exact brand, prescription, solution, etc.) and stayed that way the entire time I used them. My eyes would get gunky, red, and the lenses would feel painful to wear. I wore these lenses for a month (since I didn't have any other lenses), and I would wake up with crusted over eyes. This was highly unusual for this brand of lenses, so I thought that maybe it was a one-off, changed my lens case (it was new to begin with), and put in another pair.

The same thing happened with the next pair, so out of frustration, I went to my eye doctor. He told me that my eyes were infected, gave me some medicated eyedrops, and said that it was most likely caused by lenses kept in overly-warm areas, like in a warehouse somewhere, allowing the bacterial to grow. I always keep my lenses in a dark, cool place, and since I put in my lenses as soon as they arrived, I know that it was not due to any error of mine.

I wanted a full-refund from Vision Direct, but they could only offer me a replacement. I did not feel comfortable using ANY more lenses from their company, since I believe that they sell old/defective contact lenses, but that was the only thing that they could offer me (or an option of store credit). I will not use this company again, since I was only saving about $20 on my purchase anyway, but spent $120 going back to the doctor, $20 on gas, not to mention the time I lost from dealing with this whole fiasco. I will repurchase from next time, as I have never had any issues with their lenses.

Walgreens please bring back your Beauty Reps/Consultants!
I have no complaints about the pharmacy at either one of the Walgreens stores close to our home in Clearwater, FL. I give 5 stars ***** to the pharmacy at both stores.
I'm giving the 1 star because all of the beauty consultants at ea. Of our stores have been demoted & had their "Beauty Consultant" status taken from them.
I understand it's because of a big stock holder who has gone in & changed a few things at the Walgreens stores. Very sad.
I was at a party last weekend and talked with a group of women who were very upset with the change.
I used to go to the old Walgreens before Walgreens built the new store on Enterprise Rd.
The consultant who helped me at the old store was a God send.
All of my friends & even my daughters used to get help from her when we went to the store. She had so much knowledge about the products & was extremely helpful.
They moved her to the new store & then one day I noticed that she hadn't been around for a couple of weeks. I asked one of the employees where she was. The gentleman told me the store took away the consultant position & she was now working less hours.
I noticed they did the same thing at the 590 store.
When you walk in, you see an empty register and not one single employee in that department who can help with questions.
These cuts are such a bad move! We need our Beauty Consultants!
They definitely bring more class to your stores.
Taking them away is a step backwards. It makes the stores look like they are not doing very well.
Please, please bring the consultants back into the Beauty Dept.! We need them!

Thank you for your time.

Heading downhill fast
I have used almost religiously since Walgreens opened. They had great prices, lots of products to choose from and fast delivery. As someone with chronic pain, online shopping is a must - and here was a great one-stop shopping for all those drugstore needs.

They also had their drugstore dollars program which reduced the prices further. So when their prices started to go up, I didn't worry so much.

And then I found I could get cash rebates thru So I just kept on shopping.

But over the last few orders there have been items missed. They were always quick to replace them. But this month not only have items been missed, but they packed a box of health bars with two bottles of liquid (shampoo & body cleanser) in a small box with the bubble spacers. It was way too much stuff before the bubble spacers were added. The box of health bars was crush to less than half its original height. Luckily they had wrapped the bottles of liquid separately and no leakage occurred. But when I complained, they were quick to blame the post office for the problem! I really don't like it when someone passes the blame and they are clearly in error - the outer box wasn't crushed in anyway. In fact it still bulged at the top! They kindly replaced the health bars without charge.

I order four bottles of an item, they send the insert saying that there are four bottles, but there are only three. I feel really stupid complaining about this. How do you prove they didn't include what they said they included? Luckily, they fixed this problem as well. This is the sort of problem I hate. I know I'm right, but how will they react. As always, they responded positively and sent the missing bottle.

So all of this cost them extra labor, extra boxes & extra postage. And the consumer, in the end, pays for this in the pricing of the items.

Their customer service has always been responsive, but I really don't want to have to use it this often! I'd rather they didn't make these mistakes.

So now they have stopped the drugstore dollars program, their prices are frequently not competitive with, they require the use of their customer service to get all you ordered way too often.

And today they announced a "no return policy". That all items were now sold as is. What kind of a deal is that? You buy something sight unseen. I can understand them not wanting to accept returns when people buy something they've never tried and decide they don't like it. But if it is damaged or other legitimate reasons for complaint, it sounds like it's just too bad for the consumer who trusted them to deliver on their end of the bargin. I see rough waters ahead.

It very much seems these folks want to go out of business. As if they've decided there isn't enough profit, so they will make it profitable even if it drives their customers away.

So I guess I will be using & see if I can get that to work for me now. I am deeply saddened as these folks served me well for many years. I am thankful for their many good years.

Rudest Pharmacist and assistants EVER
WARNING! DON'T GO HERE IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO! Jari V. the pharmacist assistant tells customers that he will personally call your clinic or Dr. and figure out your refills or any unique circumstance you may have. LIE he never calls and I caught him in a lie and he refused to accept fault or remedy the situation. I had to stand at the counter and make sure he was making the calls that he says he is doing. The pharmacist on duty, Catherine N. Never never never once asked me what was wrong or even how she could help. She only proceeded to yell at me as a customer in front of other customers threatening my private information and that I didn't need to know about Jari's phone conversation with MY Dr. I asked for apologies and was given none. If we didn't have to go somewhere so close I would rethink ever coming to Walgreens 6390 Brooklyn Blvd Brooklyn Center. If you can go to another pharmacy GO. Walgreens obliviously do not care about their customers well being or having any proper customer relations.

You better not have a problem...
You better not have a problem... customer service is lacking. I called with an order issue. I basically was told that I was confused and entered my order wrong. The most important rule I've learning in my 20 years of customer service is 'the customer is always right, even when wrong'. The rep i spoke to was rude, impatient, unwilling to help or even really look into my issue, and certainly not wanting to keep my business. I have a $50 weekly order. Given that he really didn't care about my issue, I asked to speak with his supervisor. He left me on hold for for an extremely long time, then came back laughing off that a manager was not available. I then asked to speak with another representative, at which he answered - quote - "you will just have to call back then." After he hung up on me, I did follow his instruction and called back. I spoke to a new rep who was so great and helpful. She was able to resolve my issue so quickly and to my satisfaction. It's amazing how much better an issue can be with simple kindness. Honestly, if it was not for her I would not be returning for more orders and would have lost a customer (and my friends!). Walgreens really need to focus on customer service. From other reviews, I see this is a trend.

Worst Walgreens ever
My daughters & I are on a four day trip to Memphis.Our first night when we arrived we went on a mile walk to the closest Walgreens & bought a case of water & some other snacks to keep in the hotel room. We went back the next day to pick up a few toiletries that we realized we had forgotten. I needed to use the restroom as I am on a diuretic. There were two 30ish-year-old African-American ladies working & when I asked them where the restroom was Walgreens told me "we don't have a restroom."I told them it's illegal not to have a restroom. She said that we don't allow anybody but employees To use the restroom. I am a retired physician I have heart problems and I'm on a diuretic for which I need to take water pills. She told me I can walk across the street and go to the café and see if they would let me use their restroom. I am not going to walk into a place where I have no intention of buying anything and use the restroom. I hope somebody loses it one day and urinates defecates or vomits on their floor and they have to clean it. This hotel was located on the corner of North Main in downtown Memphis Tennessee.

Incompetent Website, App, and Workers (Pharmacy Related)
If I could give them no stars at all I would. A negative star score would be more appropriate for how horrible Walgreens app, website, and overall structure of the store is run. I am overseeing my grandmothers medication. The app, the website, and the information I get from calling the store are NEVER the same. The app will say one thing, the website will say something completely different, and then the actual store will say something completely different as well. NOTHING EVER MATCHES! On multiple occasions I have requested a refill through the app. When I do it there is no confirmation that I did anything. So I usually press the refill button multiple times just in case. That never works though because then I go check the website and it shows I never requested a refill and nothing is "in progress". However, when I call the pharmacy Walgreens said they received them but only certain ones that I requested. And to top it off, I wanted my prescriptions ready at a certain time and guess what they won't be ready for HOURS later making me unable to pick up until days later. I never have any documentation from the app or website that can show what I requested actually went through. The app and Walgreens' website are worthless. Also the amount of refills on certain prescription will be one thing on the app, something completely different on the website, and then something even more completely different when I call the pharmacy. So, to sum up this app/website/store, if you are using it for prescription regulation I would go somewhere else if that's an option. Unfortunately for me it is not. I have also tried to contact customer service multiple times about how poorly the app/website/store is run and I get no communication back and I have seen absolutely ZERO improvements. I tried to transfer my grandmothers prescriptions over closer to my home for easier access. The process of transferring the medication was bazaar. I don't even know if what I did on the website was even correct. I pressed a transfer button, picked the medication I wanted transferred, then on the following page it asked if and when I wanted to pick up the prescriptions. That makes no sense. I just want them sent to a new pharmacy closer to my home. I highly doubt it will get to the store and be transferred without me intervening through every avenue possible. Second to last thing to complain about is how they refill medication in general. It seems there is no system to the refills. My grandmother gets a 30 day supply of her medication that she takes 1 daily. They keep refilling it and I have no way to tell them I don't need it refilled yet. There is literally no button to push that says I don't need a refill. They refill it so much that she has 2-3 months worth of medication at a time. Lastly, it being the 21st century where apps are used more than computers, I am appalled by how poorly the app functions. I will add that the website is just as poorly functioning as the app. I wish I didn't have to go through 3 avenues to make sure the medication is done properly.

I would rate Walgreens on multiple fronts (app, website, and store) as the WORST PHARMACY TO EVER WORK WITH! The incompetency blows my mind. It would be easier to pick a pharmacy outside of insurance and file all the paperwork than to continue to deal with Walgreens.

Don't let them hurt you. You deserve better.
Placed an order for 4 boxes of contacts. Walgreens took a few days to verify my prescription. Expected this. Then they said my doctor refused to give the prescription. Called doctor, they faxed it over. Few days later I get another email saying they can't fill my one year supply of contacts because I had my exam a month and a half ago and a year supply would go over the expiration date but they'd "call my doctor to get an extension" and it'd take a few more days. I've been wearing contacts for 15 years and I'd never heard of such a rule. I just had my exam for goodness sake! But, I thought, maybe there's some new law I didn't know about and they said they'd still get the contacts out in a few days. Why would the lie? They like money, right? After days of waiting for a response, I sign into my account to check the order and they cancelled it! I write an email asking what happened and they repeat the prescription expiration BS and say I'd have to start the order all over again! Wtf!? I found a competitor that was the same price for my brand of contacts and I called my doctor before I even placed the order to make sure this whole thing wouldn't happened again. To my surprise, they tell me there's no such rule limiting how many boxes of contacts I can buy and I can purchase right up until the date the prescription expires, hence the whole point of an expiration date! Vision Direct blantly lied to me, for reasons unaware to me. Save the hassle. Go somewhere else. I went to but I don't care where you go. Just anywhere else.

Primitive software vs. waiting forever on the phone to order my prescriptions. Take your pick.
I would kind of like to give Walgreens at least 4 stars. Pharmacists are generally very good at discussing the pros and cons of different medications since physicians aren't always spot on. Also, if you're on Medicare, the AARP Walgreens prescription option is generally less expensive than its main competitor, CVS. But that seems to be where that story ends. Using the interactive voice option to order is a nightmare if you make an error. And the main reason to go to Walgreens is to pick up scripts.
I don't want auto refills every 28 days since they're the monthly dosage is 30 days. Maybe I'm picky, but I like some orderly precision. I evolved this way because I was constantly running into the prescribing physician saying he called them in and Walgreens telling me the opposite. Part of the rub is the people taking the orders aren't always reliable because in a busy pharmacy location, Walgreens creates brain fatigue which is probably why their prices come in a bit lower. In other words, they're slave drivers like Walmarts.
All I ask for in an interactive voice system is simplicity and a little versatility. What I get is "do you want your prescriptions the following day, and if "no", "how about 1 hour." C'mon Walgreens, don't jam it up your employee's butts. I feel their pain. Cut them some slack like "a few hours" or "later that day." The system also doesn't recognize recently called in prescriptions, only the prescription number. Hence, you have to call them unless you're tracking things with a spreadsheet.

Lastly, enough of those child proof containers. I'm an adult and a cap is fine. And because I'm getting older, print a little larger and make life easier by not hiding how many pills are left in the prescription. Perhaps I'm getting older and crankier, but Walgreen makes my head hurt and I might have to order pain killers next.

Help Not Really Help & Cash Refund Resulted in Personal Info Gathering
I don't normally shop at Walgreens, because of the two price system it has- one for the customer loyalty program and the other for those not in the program. However, I needed to find a particular vitamin supplement and I was close by so I decided to check it out. I was browsing the supplements when two Walgreens' employees asked me if I needed help. I said yes, I was looking for a particular supplement that would enable me to take two pills a day rather than four. Walgreens looked and presented me with two that they thought would do the job. I didn't look very closely at the dosage until I got home. I saw then that I would have to take four pills to get the dose that I needed. This did not solve my problem, so two days later I returned the unopened supplement. I had paid in cash and I still had my receipt.

The cashier told me that I would have to show her my identification. I asked her why that was necessary. I had a receipt and usually at most places that is all one needs to return an item. She said that because I had paid in cash I needed to show my ID. I presented my ID and she proceeded to copy all the information from it. I warned her that if this resulted in Walgreens sending me junk mail, I was going to be very upset about it. I will not return to or buy anything again from Walgreens.

Bartell Drugs - worse pharmacy chain anywhere
Walgreens understaff their pharmacies and general stores alike - make employees work like slaves who are unable to provide adequate service to customers - so lots of unhappy, belligerent customers. The whole idea that Bartell is about customer service and "the most loved drugstore in the NW" is laughable. It may have been once upon a time but not today. Service is lacking, quality is low and prices high. There is no support from the ruthless senior management team. The initial training/indoctrination is a farce. All lip service to their legendary claim of fame as "the most loved drugstore in NW" and customer service. I was deceived by the DM and outright lied to about the store I was assigned to. Then one of my techs quit for family reasons and she was not replaced. Then my staff RPh got transferred. We were left understaffed for much of the 10 weeks I worked there, some days with no tech at all or PA for hours in a pharmacy doing from 1400-1650 scripts a week. Every staff is overworked, unhappy, stressed and looking for other jobs. I had only 5 days of on-the-job training despite being told I would train for 3 weeks. I challenged the DM several times about this untenable situation and she fired me just as she fired the previous manager, Joe, who by all accounts was a very good manager, but dared complain about being cheated out of his bonus by the company. That was right after that event that the then CEO quit! Today, they can't keep staff or hire enough to properly staff existing stores but they are opening 2 new ones which may well turn out to be their undoing! Forget this company unless you love a stressful, unhappy, and toxic work environment but, if you are foolish enough to take one of their many vacant positions (83 now), don't expect to be paid well nor get a bonus, although they use the bonus as a carrot to entice unsuspecting applicants. This is no longer the "Beloved Bartell Drugs" of yesteryear! It is a very badly managed operation with a multitude of confusing and redundant systems, making it very inefficient. Too many ruthless chiefs with too few and overworked rank and file employees from PA's to RPh. I suspect they are experiencing financial difficulties. No store security of any kind so they get robbed blind daily. They would rather watch their employees than watch customers who rob them.

I wish I had read reviews and gone to the store to talk to the staff before accepting the "worse job" I ever had! I love my job as a professional pharmacist but within weeks of taking this job, I hated it, and the company's unresponsive and delusional management. For employees, it doesn't get any worse than Bartell Drugs.

I ordered contacts on January 9th
I ordered contacts on January 9th. After a few days of "processing" I wondered what was going on and emailed. The lady said Walgreens were behind on authorizing prescriptions and that if I had a paper copy I could email or fax it. I did that. I emailed AND faxed it. I waited. Still processing. So I sent another inquiry on the 16th. On the 17th I got a response stating that the contacts I ordered were not carried in stock and it would take 2-3 business days for them to ship from the manufacturer. She said based in the time they should arrive any day. First off, the site did not say they didn't carry those contacts in stock, nor did they email me and let me know that they had to be ordered. Today is the 21st and my order is still "processing". I have sent another inquiry in telling them if they do not have my contacts then I am going to cancel. This is RIDICULOUS. Service. I have never had service like this from any website and I order online ALL the time and have for years. Just be warned. You might want to inquire on the stock of the contacts before you order, though I do not know if that will help or not.

UPDATE: January 27th. Still no contacts. I inquired again last week and a woman said they had the contacts, that they just needed to be unpacked. That they would be shipped out Wednesday or Thursday and would be overnighted to me at no additional charge. Plus a $15.00 credit for my next purchase. Yeah, right. Like I would ever place another order with this company at this point. So it is now Monday. I told them to cancel the order. I am beyond ticked at this point. It isn't worth the 25% off sitting here waiting any longer. Which I kind of suspect is one reason they are giving me a hard time. I ordered the Dailies Total 1 which are brand new and very expensive.

I have never felt the need to SLAM a company online...
I have never felt the need to SLAM a company online via a review UNTIL NOW. Ordering from Vision Direct has been a TERRIBLE experience. I had to call 4 times over the course of 3 weeks because my order was not being processed. I was patient until now and I feel the need to write this review. All that was needed was to verify my prescription from my eye doctor's office. Vision Direct said the number I gave them was incorrect BUT it was correct. Each customer representative I talked to even Googled the number & found it was correct. Walgreens said when they called it would just ring and ring. NOT TRUE. EVERY TIME I call I am able to talk to a representative at my eye doctor office almost immediately. One Vision Direct rep told me to try faxing the verification. I asked my eye doctor's office fax the verification of my prescription but it would not go through. I called Vision Direct and the customer representative told me their fax was actually down at the moment. Pointless road bumps like this KEPT HAPPENING for 3 WEEKS. Vision Direct may have decent prices but the SERVICE IS TERRIBLE. I have NEVER left a negative review online for a company or dealt with such a hassle like I did with Vision Direct. Stopping the review now b/c it is getting too long & you get the point. is a fine site to use as long as you... is a fine site to use as long as you don't pay via PayPal AND ship to another party. For example, I wanted to send a care package to a sick friend & pay via paypal. There were some issues with site functionality in that I had to keep re-selecting the shipping address. When I completed the online order, and received the order confirmation, it indicated that it was being shipped to me, not the selected party. It would have helped if there was a pop-up that indicated you couldn't ship to another party using paypal. I called customer service & was disconnected twice. The third time I got a customer service rep who gave me this rambling lecture on how I couldn't ship to another party using paypal unless I added a default address - and how was I supposed to know that? I asked to cancel the order and she told me it was too late & was probably already processed - even though I had placed the order just a few minutes before I spoke with her. Ridiculous bullshl!. She got a bit testy then in an unpleasant tone, told me I could always return it. So now I have two choices - I can pay $$$ to return an order that was amazingly processed in 5 minutes; or I can pay $$$ to ship it to my sick friend, knowing that it will get there a bit later than desired. Either way, I lose money & time. Not happy - will probably NOT use again. Wouldn't it be nice if this Fortune 1000 e-commerce site made an effort to warn their customers about this glitch on their site? Afterall, I use paypal all the time when shopping on line & this is the first time I haven't been allowed to ship to a 3rd party. I just wish would alert their customers to this BEFORE Walgreens place an order.

Don't Shop At Walgreens
Wow, what a pharmacy to stay away from. There are continual screw ups and there is one lady there "Connie", if you have the opportunity to stay away from her, you need to. I have been treated in such a condescending manner from this lady every time I go in and it is the petty I am going to be so nice with the fake smile and ignore you as long as I can type person. I stood in line for over 20 minutes to pick up my prescription to be told it was messed up and Walgreens had to redo it, I asked for the flu shot too, she told me that they were to busy for that right now and it would take some time to get to that. I don't understand what I stood in line for, I guess it was to be told she was to busy to assist me. She then continued to help everyone else and ignored me, after another 7 people went through I went up to the counter and asked about the prescription and she said they are working on it, the pharmacist said it was done and she looked at me and said she had other people she was helping. I looked at her and said I have been sitting there waiting for this, I believe I was here before the people you are helping. I had to go to another counter and not even ask but tell them to go get it so I can get out of there. I then called the store manager who did not even call me, she had another lady call me, she left a message and I called her back and left a message for her, and of course never got another call. I called corporate and low and behold I think they have the same policy, don't call back, it will go away. I would not recommend this pharmacy to anyone, our medicine's are always mixed up. You go and we say our last name, they only pull for one of us. We end up having to go back to pick up the others because 2+2 does not equal 4 with these guys. If you want to be treated like a customer do not use this pharmacy.

Worst customer service ever encountered
After many delays in filling my prescription, I asked that your pharmacy department simply return my script as I would get it filled elsewhere. I took this action after being told the prescription would be ready in an hour--it was not. I was asked to be patient as it would take another 40 minutes-it wasn't ready then either; so, i waited another 30 minutes. During all of this time, no one from the pharmacy staff was at either the pick up or consultation station. Walgreens were in "the back" laughing and talking on the telephone while I wondered about the hold up. When I had enough of their inattention, I asked for my prescription to be returned as I reference in my first sentence above (It took nearly 30 minutes to get somebody with whom I could make the request.) At that time, I was inexplicably told that "Oh--it's ready." Then it took another 30 minutes for someone to come to the pick up counter to give me my order and charge me for the medication? I had to fairly yell at one of the pharmacists in "the back" to get anyone to notice me even then. During this entire experience, it was as if I was invisible. The staff at the pharmacy desk could have cared less about providing service. The person at the desk was a pharmacy technician trainee. It was apparent he had received no training.

You can write this review off as the asinine comments of a jackass. You do so at your own risk. I am trying to assist and I can't help but feeling that my experience was not an isolated one.

This blatant lapse in your customer service occurred in Portland, OR, at the Walgreens store on Caesar Chavez Blvd.

Don't buy online at!
I've ordered a few things through Walgreens online before with minimal issues (people at the front couldn't figure out where the packages were), but this most recent time has made me decide never to purchase anything online through them again.

I recently purchased a scale for shipping purposes back on September 27th and the email said that it would take 3-7 business days to ship to the store. I waited and waited and never received a 'delivered status' email or phone call. I went in on Oct. 14th and the cashier clerk said that it was still being shipped. I checked my tracking status and it showed that it was delivered to the store but was being sent back? So I called the Walgreens help number and spoke with someone and Walgreens said that it must have been a glitch and that I should receive it the following Monday. Never heard anything.

I checked the tracking status the following Tuesday and it said that it was shipped to Georgia? (I live in Chandler, AZ). I called the Walgreens help number and they said that they couldn't give me a refund that I would have to dispute it with Paypal Credit (who I bought it through).

I called Paypal credit and they said it could take up to 60 days to get a refund.

LONG story short. Don't order online through Walgreens- they're not consistent and will not refund you if your packages are never delivered.

If you pay with paypal, you cannot cancel even a minute...
If you pay with paypal, you cannot cancel even a minute after, even if the cancel link is active. So you go through the process of returning the item and then you have to carefully follow your refund, as it may never come unless you check on it and call them again! I once had to call at least twice to get my refund.

A more recent experience was when I called customer service because there was an error in the listed product and I was shipped the wrong product. Unlike a site like Amazon, I always get the feeling that Walgreens think you are a crook if you are trying to return a product. (I am from another nation and I don't have a typical American accent, so that may add to their "fears"). The first time I called the rep was so rude it was amazing. He cut the line on me. I called again and got another rep who, after a lengthy interrogation where I had to read all the ingredients in the product I had received, he understands the issue and agrees to send me the correct product. However I don't get a refund for the wrong product, even though I have to wait, and I don't know until when to get the correct product.

I was not new customer and have shopped at the often. I think they can be sleazy about refunds and wonder if all the glowing comments about them on this site are manufactured reviews.

Run from Vision Direct (VD) as fast as you can!
Run from Vision Direct (VD) as fast as you can! My experience: 5/15 ordered with scanned prescription. 5/23 received no word from VD, I call them and discover that prescription was verified on 5/20 and it will take another 4-7 days to get lenses out to me. 6/2 advised VD that prescription is wrong, VD stated Walgreens told me their was a problem but DR said it was ok. Untrue - they never contacted me about prscription differences. Must send me refund because they "can't" apply the dollars to a correct order per the prescription they already have. Sent me return label. Mailed 6/5 rec'd by VD on 6/12 "In Processing". 6/17 I write: where's my refund. They state can take 30 days to process. I say process unopened, returned lenses ASAP. 6/18 I write, where's my refund and I will file PayPal complaint if they do not refund ASAP. They tell me that "If you file a PayPal complaint it will delay processing my next order". I say process ASAP. 6/23 I write "Refund my money now or I am filing complaint and your threats mean nothing to me. 6/23 within 3 hours I have my refund less their $1.99 process fee. I hope they enjoy their $1.99 because that's all they will ever get from me.
During all this I ordered from on 6/4 with same scanned prescription. My order was $20 less than VD (even with their 20% discount) and I received my (correct) order within 4 days. seems to have two major problems... seems to have two major problems. Firstly, there is no system of inventory control on their website. When you order a product, you have no idea if Walgreens have it in stock, thus you might get your contacts in three days or two weeks. Even something simple, like - "In Stock" / "In Stock in 3 Days", etc - would go a long way to assisting customers in their buying decisions.

The next main problem, is that when you call the customer service reps (who incidentally, are readily available 24 hours a day), they have no access to inventory levels. Seriously, they are the voice of the company, and they have no access to useful information. I can only assume that's why wait times to speak to them are so short - as once you get hold of them, they have nothing useful to say.

Luckily, if you are on your last pair of contacts, leaving in a pair of Contact Lenses for a couple of weeks more is no big problem, so there is no urgent reason for VisionDirect to fix this.

Then, once VisionDirect has your order, they then like to keep shipping delays a secret. They have no system in place to pro-actively inform customers; and why should they, Customers will only bother then with tiresome questions, such as "Why do my eyes sting", and "What are these red spot appearing near my nose?'

Overall there are many better Contact Lens providers to choose from. If your eyes are important to you. You should probably shop elsewhere.

DODGY NOT Australian Company OS CC compromise
After excitedly finding my fav glasses frames online, and checking it was an Australian based company [Melbourne?], I ordered and paid by CC. Next day, I received conformation of order email, with further request for 'emailing a picture of my passport' or DL or ID card. WTF? Alarm bells rang for me straight away. I checked - Walgreens already had my money, the transaction had gone through. I rang their office - answered by a foreign accent, I asked where he was based - Singapore. I asked where was Vision Direct head office - Italy? I told them I was not going to send any further ID as requested in email. He said this was standard practice... but backed down when I said I would take it to ACCC. Over the next 6 weeks, I contacted them 3 times chasing up my glasses frames. They DID finally arrive... they do seem to be genunie Tommy Hillfiger, so that's OK. HOWEVER, my CC has now been compromised with 2 unidentified OS transactions - I June and 4 July. I've had my CC [from another bank] compromised 12 months ago, and now make a point of not ordering anything from OS. THIS WAS THE ONLY OS transaction I have done in the last 12 months... and I thought I was dealing with an Australian based company. BEWARE. DO NOT TRUST this company. DO NOT under any circumstances give them further ID [I didn't, but my card was still compromised - now cancelled to avoid further transactions]. Matter is with ACCC.

I typically do not take the time to write a review such as this. However in this case I was so disappointed that I felt compelled to do so. I had a simple prescription I needed refilled My doctor is located about 30 miles away but I live just a few minutes from Walgreens. For some reason this was an issue. After several minutes of discussion the pharmacy staff agreed to process. But no, the insurance card I had was missing some code so no good. That was resolved but now Walgreens needed additional information about my medical history- for what reason I was not told after asking. Then the boss said I needed to go to a pharmacy near my doctor. This made no sense to me so I wanted to discuss further but was interrupted by the pharmacist and bluntly told she was NOT going to fill, go elsewhere. I know this seems like something is missing in the story but it is not. I was embarrassed being spoken to like this in front of her staff and other customers. Needless to say I shall never step inside a Walgreens again if my life depended on it

I placed an order on 8/15/16 and still no contacts and its 8/30/16. When I called about a week out Walgreens told me that they were unable to get in touch with my eye doc. ( I go to one of the largest eye clinics, this is not possible) I asked for the number and it was the correct number. The next bus day I called myself and had my script faxed so i could personally sent it to them. I then emailed it in. I got an email the next day saying it was too small to read so I scanned and emailed it in again. The next bus day i called and they had cancelled my order even though the guy said he could see my script was in their system! I got off the phone but then called back and attempted to reorder them and the guy on the phone was so rude saying it was MY fault that i provided the wrong information. I told the guy to review whats in the computer because the previous rep could see the info. They did expedite my order for free shipping and I did get the 25% discount offered on the website but now when i check my status they are saying they do not have them even in stock. I will never deal with these guys again. I got on the phone with 1800 contacts and they had my script verified and my contacts shipped in the same day!

Internet's Biggest Thieves Are Also Incompetent
I have never had a problem with any internet business and I have been shopping online since the early dark days of dial up connections. My good fortune ended when I decided to try Vision Direct. I ordered several boxes of contact lens. Walgreens took forever to fill the order and then only sent a portion of what I wanted. That is because of incompetence. But it gets much worse. When I finally received my overdue only partially complete order, I discovered they had sent the wrong contacts. They had misread the prescription. I informed Vision Direct of their error and asked them to send the right contacts. They refused. Instead they said I could get a partial credit to be used only at website. So I have no contacts, no money and no hope they will act honestly. If you have never used Vision Direct, STAY AWAY! If they already stole from you, don't let them get away with it. Take the time to contact your State Attorney General and the FDA. These crooks will continue to steal from unsuspecting shoppers until they are shut down.

Profiled and Prejudice
I am 54 years old, I've had two major spine surgeries which leaves me in a lot of pain every day in which I have to see doctors for every month. I went to my local Walgreens at 9100 Telegraph Road and Taylor Michigan 48180 to get my prescriptions filled, I have many prescriptions for different health problems, some of them are for pain, like I said I get these prescriptions filled every month. The other day I went to get my prescriptions filled and Walgreens notified me that they would have to call my doctor's office to confirm my narcotic medication, which I said was fine and that I would be waiting for my medicine. After 45 minute wait I can hear that she was talking to my doctor's office, after the pharmacist got off the phone she came to me add immediately and told me she wouldn't be filling my prescriptions. I asked her why she wouldn't be filling them since she just spoke with my doctor's office, and she told me they wouldn't give her the information that she needed. I asked what information is that, she said she didn't have to tell me that, I said I'm the patient why can't you tell me, she said I'm the pharmacist and I don't have to tell you anything and then handing me my prescriptions and told me to go get them filled somewhere else. I then went to my doctor's office and ask them if anything had gone wrong during the conversation with Walgreens, she said no, they asked what your diagnosis was and I gave it to them and that was the end of it. I then went to another Pharmacy and filled my prescription without any hassle or problems at all. I went home and immediately called Walgreens corporate office to make a complaint about how violated I felt at the Walgreens store that I was dealing with, and also the pharmacy and their staff were saying things so loud arroungthe customer's, they could hear my medical business which to me violates HIPAA laws. I spoke to a lady at their corporate office who just takes down information and passes it on, and was told somebody would call me within the next two business days. The next morning I got a call from that person at Walgreens corporate office, I had told him exactly everything that had happened to me at the Walgreens store, including the fact that she was yelling my medical business out in front of everybody. I express to him that everything about my situation was legit right down to her calling my doctor's office to get the information she needed to fill my prescription and was still refused, and apparently the pharmacist gave quite a different story which is a lie. I even offered the person calling me to call my doctor's office to confirm that it was handled correctly, and he continued to defend his pharmacist saying she has the right to refuse anybody that she wants even if she's offending a loyal customer and a patient that does business at Walgreens. I was profiled and was discriminated against with prejudice. I personally will never shop at a Walgreens ever again, as a patient and just simply a human being I will never let that store treat me like that again. It's sad we live in a world where big corporate stores like Walgreens can treat people badly anytime they want, for no reason at all. I'm going to add a photo of my back after my operation.

I ordered replacement rigid gas permeable lens on line...
I ordered replacement rigid gas permeable lens on line from VisionDirect on 6/19/14 and faxed them the prescription from my optometrist the same day. Received back an email confirmation that my order was complete. Over the next several weeks, I experienced multiple problems with VisionDirect. It took a full week, until 6/26 before VD told me there would be an additional charge to make my lens. I paid the extra charge immediately. A week later I called customer service and was told there had been some miscommunication with their lab so my lens still had not been made. It is now 3 weeks since I placed the order and I was just emailed that the lens is only now being shipped to me. Luckily, after the first snafu, I decided to order a duplicate lens from a competitor, I received the lens from RGP a week later--no problem, plus Walgreens charged less than VisionDirect for the same lens. If you need a rigid gas permeable lens, avoid VisionDirect and go with a more professional operation, like RGP--that's my lesson.

How to Lose a Customer
So my wife picks up two prescriptions for me on her way home from work a while ago. These are both scripts that I've had for a few months and pick up on a monthly basis. When I need one of the insulin's I open the bag to find it is the wrong prescription (right med, wrong delivery method). I don't have the needles, syringes or training to draw and inject this insulin; nor do I have a scipt for any of the materials since I have never had it before. Since I am leaving for work, my wife says she'll take the wrong medicine back to the store and asks for an exchange to the correct insulin. She is told sorry we can't do that, we'll fill it again and charge you the $500+ again! I get home from work Saturday and she explains what's going on, it's already late so I wait until Sunday morning to call pharmacy and try to straighten things out... I am lied to, disrespected and insulted to the point where I raised my voice as I was constantly talked over... please tell me how is it ok to steal from a customer?
How is it ok not to verify that a script being filled is correct or what the customer needs? What ever happened to the pharmacy checking with the person picking up the meds that Walgreens understood what they were getting and how to use it? Apparently this location doesn't need to be bothered with Customer service, responsibilities or doing the right thing, they'll do what they want, when they want, and charge you double for it. When you try to call for help, they treat you like crap, blame it all on the doctors office, then blame it on the doctors office and you. Not one time ever even coming close to admitting they have a part in the process much less actually having blame... Well guess what Walgreen's, I DON'T HAVE OVER $500 for another refill... so I'll just go without my insulin for another day until my doctors office is open on Monday and I can get them to train me on how to use this vial and call in a prescription for the materials to someone else. I am DONE being a Walgreens customer, over 10 years of loyalty is GONE in a single morning. This is far from the 1st time in the past year that mistakes were made, information was not given and we've received poor customer service. Far from the 1st time we've had to ask the Manager to get involved as mistakes were made. But this time for the Manager to continuously talk over me, treat me like a child, speak down in a condescending tone, refuse to answer questions and consistently repeat it's all the Doctor's fault without listening to anything I asked... I don't care if it is the closest pharmacy to us; it'll be worth it to driving a little further, I am sure that Publix, CVS, Saraland Pharmacy or McConaghy Drugs would all like to have our business each month and not treat us like crap.

VisionDirect are a bunch of LIARS
I put in my order on Sunday, 2/19/17. By Friday I still never heard anything about my order with the exception of one email confirmation from the first day that Walgreens had received my order. I called them on Friday on my lunch break to find out the issue. They claimed they had called and emailed my doctor but got no response. I asked what number they were using & they told me my cell phone number. That was bull because I never received any calls or email from them. I gave them the correct number & told them to call my doctor immediately before they close for the day. Today is Wednesday, March 1st and they still haven't processed my order! I called this morning to find out what the deal was. They said they have been faxing & calling my doctor with no response. I called my doctor immediately & asked if they received any calls, emails, or faxes from VisionDirect & they said no, they didn't. I called VisionDirect back & told them I wanted them to call my doctor immediately while I hold the line. She said she can't make outgoing calls. I said I want to speak to your manager now. She said there is no manager available now, but I can submit a ticket for one to get in touch with you within 24 hours. I said, no, that's not acceptable! Cancel my order! I have had enough! This is ridiculous! Nobody should be lied to and given the run around just to get a better price!? I would never recommend them to ANYBODY! Horrible service!

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