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Bad business.
I ordered a blow off valve that was the wrong part I received it the same day I received it I tried calling them I called for a week straight couldn't get ahold of anybody sitting on hold for 45 minutes I finally got someone through virtual chat it's been over 3 weeks now and they're saying if they're still working on someone to look into the wrong part situation not even a refund this is a $500 part that was sent to me wrong I went out to another company purchase the right part installed it another asking me for pictures of the base with a part is installed Vivid Racing want me to pay someone else to remove the new parts installed to take pictures for them so that they can do their job is impossible this is not just $50 to $500 that there taking advantage of no one seems eager to help 3 or 4 days before someone responds to an email still can't get ahold of anybody over the phone

Misinformation from Vivid representative leave me stuck with the bill
I ordered hub centric rings on May 6,2021 at 5:53PM EST. I called Vivid Racing at 6:05PM re: that I wanted to cancel my order. I spoke with a Vivid Racing customer service representative to cancel the order. The representative advice she would cancel the order. I was good to go, no further action was required. May 11,2021 6:39PM I received an email that Vivid Racing cannot cancel my order has been shipped. May 12,2021 at 12:46Pm I received a notification from FedEx that a package has arrived. At 3:15PM I picked up the package directly from a FedEx location. The package said it was from Tanabe I'm California not from Arizona where Vivid Racing is located. So I open the package to find out it is the hub centric rings that was canceled. May 12,2021 3:48PM I called Vivid Racing to discuss the order I canceled. I spoke to Ursy Horsteen with Vivid Racing re: advice that is canceled the order with a previous Vivid Racing representative. Ursy advised that the cancellation process takes 2 to 3 business days. I notified Ursy that I spoke with representative that stated the cancellation was processed. Ursy advised I was misinformed and did not know why the previous representative did not tell myself of the it company protocol. I advised I cancelled the my order and never wanted the hub centric rings. I requested to speak to a supervisor. I was denied. Ursy kept repeating company protocols. I notified that it was their representative's mishandling that brought us to this situation. Ursy acknowledged the problem with my interaction with the previous representative. Then denied myself a refund. I did not want the items and advised I would go back to FedEx to return them. Ursy advised the item was processed and received. She would not issue a refund. Ursy advised that I would email pictures of the box and items to a link she sent to my email. Vivid Racing would forward the email to the manufacture to find out if Vivid Racing would issue a refund to myself. Ursy advised that she could not guarantee I would get a refund. Even if I followed their protocol. In addition, she advised that she could not guarantee if the manufacturer would take back the items to get returned. At this point I was furious, even I took the proper steps I was at the mercy of the Vivid Racing and the manufacture. I was left with no options. So I sent the photos per Ursy at Vivid Racing on May 12,2021 at 4:06 PM I emailed the photos to Ursy. May 13,2021 12:23PM I received an email from Ursy that the manufacture would charge a 20% restocking fee, I would have to pay for shipping. The total was $53.74. Shipping alone is $15.74. The 20% restocking fee is $8.60 leaving a cost of $23.34. The items totaled $38.00 - $23.34 = $14.66 refund. This is simply outrageous. I called and canceled the order. Vivid Racing's representative canceled the order. The representative did not advise myself of the 2-3 day protocol to cancel. So I am getting punished with undue penalties because of Vivid Racing's representative neglecting to do their job properly. So I am left stuck. This is a terrible experience that left me hanging.

Deceptive Customer Service
I'm fine with delays in the current environment. I understand with covid and such. I've ordered plenty of parts and experienced plenty of delays. What I'm not ok with is deceptive customer service. I inquired about my order from January as I expected there would be more delays. I get my response on April 1st with this "The manufacturer is just waiting for their stocking order to arrive any time and once processed into their stock, Vivid Racing will have your order get shipped shortly after." I didn't think think they would lie about my order on April 1st as that would be in bad taste. So imagine how pissed I was to discover this delay at the end of April when I haven't heard anything, "Unfortunately, the manufacturer has informed us that the current ESD for this order is mid-late June." Based on other websites I think we can call it late June as it almost appears that my 5 month old order could be ordered today from a variety of sources and you would receive the same time and maybe even before me. It's a good thing my order appeared to be shipping any day in April!

Disappointing experience
I placed an order with Vivid Racing back in November. At the time, Kevin was amazing to deal with. I was initially told that that my order would ship in 10 to 12 weeks. I received several emails during this time with status updates. In late February I contacted the manufacturer and confirmed the shipping status - Vivid Racing were just waiting for the details from Vivid Racing. In early March my order status changed to "on hold". I sent several emails to inquire about the shipping status, and received generic emails about it being worth the wait. I called on March 18, waited for 20 minutes to talk to someone, and was assured that a sales representative would call me back. Instead, I received an email saying that shipping increased from $400 to $700. I requested that someone call me to discuss the situation. I only received a response after I lodged a dispute with PayPal on March 25. Frank said that shipping increased and it was my responsibility to pay it. I requested that my order be canceled and my purchase be refunded. To date, I'm waiting for that to happen. I'm going to have to escalate this with PayPal to get some kind of resolution.

Based on my experience, I cannot recommend Vivid Racing.

Super delayed order
Have you ever had a delayed order? How long was the delay? Was it delayed 141 days?!?!? The funny part about it is I still haven't received my order. I ordered a rocket bunny body kit for my car and Vivid Racing do take a while to make (8-10 weeks), and I had two separate orders for this kit. The first half came in at week 8, but the funny thing was this part had a longer shipping process and I ordered it a whole week after. So far so good, however, in waiting for the second part of the kit I am told I have to wait another 8-10 weeks when I received the second half. I patiently waited with no complaints until that time was up and was given a shipping date. Time goes buy and that date is here, and no email or update that day. I wait another day and nothing happens. I decided to call them and they gave me the "The people we order it from got backed up." So I am obviously pissed at this point so I call that company, in talking with them the assure me that no kit they have ever sold has taken longer than 16 weeks and this is due to shipping issues. I call vivid racing harassing them to give me an update and after about 7 phone call I finally get a lady who said she finally got in contact with them. Then I get an email saying my order is in the USA. Fast forward a week later and no update. The only updates I ever received from them was only for when the first half came in. Other than that I have been in the dark this whole time and I am just just devastated every morning looking at my half my kit and my wheels just collecting dust while I am about to go back to school and miss my chance. Keeping in mind this was not a cheap item to buy. I will say the staff seem very friendly but something sketchy is going on with them and I feel like I am being lied to by them. I would've bought the kit somewhere else if I had known how much trouble this would be. Also conveniently this is a no refund item :) I know a lot of other people have had good dealings with this company however I wanted to share this crazy story because I don't know of anyone that has waited 21 weeks for an online order.

Vivid Racing is probably the worst company I have ever dealt with
Just an update, I got a response after I made a complaint to the Bureau of Consumer Protection | Federal Trade Commission in August 2021 after moving to new city. Vivid Racing refused to update my shipping address even after months of waiting and me warning them I was moving on a specific day which I had no control over the time my lease was up. This meant if Vivid Racing sent the parts (which they never did) they would go to the wrong place and I might never get anything back in terms of a refund or my parts.

The actual response: First a sales rep told me sending a partial refund would not be an issue after I called for the 20th or 30th time. Then shortly after this phone conversation, a manager responded to the complaint I made to the Bureau of Consumer Protection and said they would offer to refund me and which led to my complaint getting marked resolved. This response is partially true. Vivid sent me a form/template email to initiate a full refund, but which demanded I pay for all return shipping for my other parts and was not what I actually wanted. I asked for a full refund including shipping, or a partial refund for parts not sent. Either way, not getting my rear shocks, or paying for shipping left me down a few hundred dollars. I refused to pay shipping costs and wrote them numerous times saying I only wanted a partial refund for parts not received and never heard back. I then went to my credit card company to challenge my transaction and this seems to be my last resort. Since then I found another store/shop to finish my project and which was awesome to deal with (honest, timely, friendly). 4 Wheel Parts did an awesome job. I will never do business with Vivid Racing again.

Zero help but spend a ton of money
Super disappointed. Got some leafs for my truck ended up being broken wrote to jay (who now doesn't work there) on 5/11 I let him know a leaf was broken pictures and info sent. It took so long to even get an answer the shop had to modify my leaf to get it out of the shop so Vivid Racing could continue business and I could have a working truck. After multiple emails I got emails that now jay is not there and they need info. They wanted to know how it was shipped and packaged over a month after the fact. I only gave pic of the broken leaf but also told them leafs don't get packed they send them with a tag. For my final response of today that is 6/22 I was told since the shop made them work and modified them there was nothing they could do for me. This will be the last time I use vivid. The fact your response time are over a month, you want pictures of the Product that of which is weeks after the fact and you do nothing to accept responsibility for your product and shipping( also not knowing how you ship items) is troubling however after spending thousands of dollars I know to go else where to a company who makes things right and takes care of people. So sad cause I had such a good buying experience with jay but now I know and it's good to know when a company does nothing for its buyers.

Terrible service
I would give zero stars if I could. Ordering an exhaust through Vivid has been a absolute nightmare and a waste of my time. I should of gone through the manufacturer, so if that is a option for you as a potential customer I would take it!

Its now been almost 14 weeks since I ordered an exhaust for my Porsche. Initially I was told 6-8 weeks tops. Well now that I wanted a refund after 14 weeks Vivid Racing say no to my request. I reached out to the manufacturer of the exhaust i wanted and talked to a sales representative who was extremely happy to help me. He told me that vivid had a "glitch" in their computer system and my exhaust was just orderd 3 weeks ago!
I tried reaching out to my sales person multiple time, like 15+ times and he would never respond to my emails. If I needed an update to my order I had to call and wait on hold for 15 minutes to get a "im still waiting, ill let you know if I hear anything " response. I asked to talk to a manager multiple times and they would just send me back to the sales person everytime. I don't know whats going on a Vivid but wow, worst customer service ever and a total waste of time!

Hard to get answers from
So it started with my first purchase. I waited 8 days after my first purchase to get any kind of notification of the order, but I only got that because I called them for 3 days straight and then the notification did not have a tracking number on it. So I called back. No tracking info yet. Then 2 days later I called back and the young lady on the other end of the line tells me that the delivery will be made by Friday. On Thursday I get a call form Vivid telling me you $630.00 part is on my front porch and I need to rush home from work to sign for it. It's crazy Vivid Racing say I had to sign for it and it's just left on my porch.
So I thought I would try Vivid again. Maybe it was a fluke. Well guess what. It happened again. 8/31 is when the part was ordered. I called for 3 days straight again. Finally on 9/10 I got an email telling me my parts would be delivered to my house on 9/12. On 9/9 when I called Vivid I told them I was leaving town for a week and asked them to ship the package to the closest UPS store that I would be out of town. So instead of sending it to the UPS store they are sending it to my house. Crappy. They blamed it on the manufacturers. Well I Called TERAFLEX and told them the problem. I have felt with a lot of companies and have some troubles in the past. I don't order cheap parts and usually the minimum is about $500.00 per order. I have 2 other project Jeeps that I am about to start and will spend over 10k on those as well, but I will never use Vivid Racing for the parts no matter if the price is a couple hundred cheaper.
Call it pour money management or what ever you want but at least I will deal with a company that puts their customers first and pride second.

Poor poor customer service
No stars! I have never done this before with a company! This had to be one of the worst experiences! I ordered a part 7/8/20. Waited till 7/10/20 with no tracking info as of yet. So I went to their site and this is what it reads! " Please allow up to 48 Hours to process and ship your in stock order; if you have a time sensitive shipment please give us a call to ensure there are no delays". Friday morning called and was told I would receive an email! Nothing! Call Monday 7/13/20 cause now I need it by the end of the week 7/17/20. Still nothing. 7/14/20 call again and talked to Ashley again. Not her doing in my opinion. So we reached out yesterday via email and just refunded your money. The guy has no more left! Not only did Vivid Racing waste a week not getting my part out but now put me in a bind! Poor poor company!

Horrible Business/Businesses

1 star minus 5 to be honest! Ordered a product that this company said was in stock. After placing my order on January 15th 2019, and my payment cleared. Vivid Racing tell me that it will be 4-6 weeks because the maker (Unorthodox Racing) was having trouble keeping up with production. Understandable. Wait it gets better! Ok, don't wait, that's no fun. It has now been 11 WEEKS since, YES 11 WEEKS since my order was placed! After contacting Unorthodox Racing, they now cannot give me a straight answer as to when they will be sending my part. They tell me sorry I know it's not what you want to hear after your product was already delayed twice. We are not even sure whether it is going to be made by the end of April-mid May. Not to mention Unorthodox Racing has since raised the price of this part, and they cannot even get it produced to sell! Unbelievable how a place can lie about having a product to get your money, then string you along for 11+ weeks, and counting! Both Vivid Racing, and Unorthodox Racing are TRASH! Do not place any orders with either of these places! They now have a new website, and will show your item in stock when they are not once they take your money! I continue to get the run around excuses, and the sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you replies!

If you enjoy long hold times for scripted lies to cover up lies this is your company.
If I could rate lower than 1 I would. Right from the start your company dropped the ball and never ever tried to pick it up. I placed my order on 2/26/21, called on 3/5 for a status update and was given the run around... I got a call back on the evening of the 5th and was asked for more money for shipping because the item was larger... no kidding you know what I ordered when I placed the order... this should have been a red flag but I reluctantly added more funds and was told my order would be expedited... On 3/10 I got an email saying that my order was confirmed and that it would ship within 10 business days. I was disappointed in the delay but hopeful I would have my item. On 3/25 I called and waited on hold for nearly an hour to try to get my tracking number and was told it is in process and someone would get back to me... no one did. Called again on the 29th and given the same garbage... I proceeded to call and email numerous times over the next few weeks getting the same idiotic scripted answers saying that the tracking number will be sent... Frustrated I did what I should have done in the past... I called Precision Porsche who was the manufacturer of the wing for an update... after going back and forth for considerable more time I was able to determine that my wing was crated and ready for shipping on 4/7 but no one from Vivid provided shipping info to the vendor until 4/15 which is when my wing finally shipped... Vivid is full of lies and scripted empty responses... take your business elsewhere...

Just the facts: Stay away
Just the facts: Ordered coilovers but Vivid Racing shipped them to some random person many states away from me. (triple checked my shipping info and I definitely didn't screw that up). Then after 3 weeks of them attempting to get the random person to ship me the coilovers he received inadvertently, they decided to tell me the coilovers were out of stock and that I should pick a different type of coilovers that they had in stock. I agreed and chose a different brand. 2 more weeks go by and after I had not received any tracking info I got fed up and called and asked for my refund. They agreed to refund me my money but after another week of no word from them I called back to find out what was going on and they stated the refund was on the way. Instead, what I ended up getting a day later (literally a day later) was the coilovers.

Tl; dr Took my money and never delivered had to file paypal claim for refund.

I ordered a strut bar that was and is still labeled IN STOCK on their website. Thankfully I paid with PayPal. Little did I know then I'd have to file a claim. One week passes and I received NO order number NO shipping. I reached out to customer service via email and Vivid Racing told me the order was updated. I now got an order number but still no shipping. Another week passes so I reach out again asking for a refund if the item is not in stock since they are wasting my time. They tell me they will look into it and reply right away! ANOTHER week passes of no response so I reach out AGAIN and they tell me they contacted the vendor and my item should have shipped the day before. This tells me they never looked into it the first time and that they never had the item in stock if they had to contact the vendor. On top of this they ignored two requests for a refund if the item was NOT in stock. Can you guess what happened next? Another week passes of no reply and I contacted them yet again. They ignored me from there on out and started spamming me with the same message saying it should have shipped out with different made up signatures every day for almost a week before I had to block them. I filed a claim to PayPal and came to conclusion I got scammed. A few days later I received an email telling me the item will be in PRODUCTION and ship out in 6 - 8 weeks. What a joke this company is full of lies and crap. I tried to call them to get a hold of someone only to find out their automated system runs you in circles. Tells me I'm caller number 3, then 2, then 7. I waited back down from 7 and it told me I was next then all of a sudden they are too busy and it automatically hangs up. I replied right away to the email telling them to submit my refund, I'm done with you guys, and have fun with the paypal claim. Only after threatening the paypal claim is the first time they replied within a week. I'm then told that they would be happy to issue my refund!... As long as I close my PayPal dispute. What an obvious scam. Closing a dispute is permanent and you can't take action after it's closed they clearly wanted to run off with my money once freed from liability. I called them out on it and they said I would have to close it for a refund. I said no. Then magically the manager was able to approve my refund and the claim closed automatically as it's supposed to.

Waiting on an RMA for 2 weeks now no responses!
I had ordered a BMC air filter from Vivid Racing fir a GLK 250 Mercedes. I needed a new air filter and wanted a more performance replacement to the OEM paper filters. I was asked to enter my vehicle model, type and engine, which I did and was presented with BMC 13-15 Mercedes GLK (X204) GLK 250 Replacement Cylindrical Air Filter. Pic attached. I received the part on time as promised! However when I went to change the filter I quickly realized there was no way the new filter would fit! Not even close! I immediately put the filter back in the box it was shipped in and emailed vivid racing. No word from them fir a few days and then Tammy Maas from CS emails me to ask fir pics of the non fitment. I immediately sent them to her and then silence for the last 8 days. I called and agent told me Vivid Racing are waiting on info from manufacturer. This is BS! If you sell the parts the you take accountability specifically when you advertise the parts on your branded website! The part was not cheap 130.00 usd Including shipping and customs. I just want an RMA number and get my funds back now and I can't believe this takes 2weeks! I ship products all over us from Canada and never do I make my clients wait in an RMA if they want to return a part that was incorrectly ordered and doesn't fit! I am very disappointed and frustrated with Vivid racing and after reviews on BBB it seems they are very good at defecting and being non responsive to clients when the money needs to be returned. They can take it faster than you can type but returning a never installed part that was falsely advertised is something that gets put on the back burner! Still waiting going on 3rd week now!

Horrible Customer Service and After 3 1/2 weeks never received my order!
I placed and paid for merchandise on 6/30/2020 by July 15th I still received nothing or any correspondence I called and told them to cancel my order for I had purchased and received from elsewhere. I called back again on the 17th Vivid Racing said my cancellation would be processed and refund processed. I called again on the 22nd and they said the cancellation would be processed. I get an email that night that my item has shipped! I told them i did not want the item i already had purchased and received another. Now they say I have to wait for package to be delivered in order for me to refuse it. It was supposed to come on 7/27/2020 I stayed home all day so that i could tell the driver that i refused it and it never came. I checked the tracking today and it says the item was refused and on the way back to them on 8/4/2020! I do not know what kind of scandalous operation they are running but If i were a consumer I would not deal with them! I truly wish I would have read reviews before using them because it appears that they have messed other people over as well. I would not give them any stars but i had to put 1 just to post this review! LET THE BUYER BEWARE when dealing with this place!

Worst customer service EVER
I ordered some rock sliders for my 2008 4Runner and during the order process it automatically locked in the billing address as the shipping address. I contacted them to change the ship to address and was informed that it was done. I actually received an email a day for almost 30 days stating the upgraded shipping address. I also tried to confirm the product purchased because my confirmation email showed the wrong item. I was also informed that yes it was the correct item.

I tried email, I tried chat, I tried phone. On the phone I waited for close to 30 minutes and THEN got a voice mail. Unacceptable.

In the end Vivid Racing shipped the wrong item AND shipped it to the wrong address. It cost me $160 extra to have it shipped to me. Fortunately the items did fit my vehicle but they were NOT what was ordered and I could not get hold of anyone to verify anything for weeks.

Do NOT order from these people. Their customer service is basically non-existent.

If i could leave lease than one star i would!
The customer service while on the surface seems great ends up being appalling. I've been racing motocross since 1991 leading to class 5 baja, back to motorcross, then on to utv's. Near in all my 28 years of racing have i have a company treat my order with such disregard. Vivid Racing will talk nicely enough to you when your on the phone but then just out and out refuse to contact you about an order. The online folks there were ignorant about the parts they sold, their web site and their absent vender(zrp racing). It took more than two and a half months to get my parts. If i could give these guys less than 1 star i would. And just for the record i'm usually the guy laughing and joking at the tract and if you do half way good biz with me i'll leave you a five star with no prob. Worse vender i ever dealt with.

Liars and Frauds
Ordered coil spring for my sons car. Vivid Racing CLAIMED they had them in stock, but 2 days later when I inquired, they had not shipped the items, and would not be able to do so for another week. Needing the parts immediately, I asked to cancel and get a refund. They supposed submitted the refund request IMMEDIATELY, but I got a notice the next day saying the item had already shipped. When I checked the FedEx tracking info, it verified that they had submitted the process AFTER my request, and FedEx didn't pick it up until many more hours later. When I called FedEx to reverse the shipment, the recipient and address were NOT what was submitted with the order. Unable to verify that it was mine, they couldn't reverse it.

Contacted Vivid's customer support throughout the day insisting on a refund, but they insisted that I would have to wait until I received the order and return it (even though I made it VERY clear that it were NOT shipped to ME). I finally got tired of getting disconnected and disputed the charges.

In the meantime, I submitted an order for the SAME merchandise from another vendor, received it, AND installed it on my vehicle before these clowns could even figure out where the shipment had gone.

Unorganized, deceitful, and the bureaucracy is insurmountable. If you can find what you need elsewhere - and you probably can for the same or less - then do yourself a favor by avoiding these frauds.

Good luck getting an answer on anything...
This is the 4th day in a row I've tried emailing, live chatting, and calling someone to get and answer on an order that is now almost 2 months old. Every time I call and get to the "next in line" I get pushed back to 9th. Apparently no one here cares to actually give you a answer even when you spend hundreds of dollars with them. After this order I will be sure to steer clear of this company and let others know not to waste their time or money on a company who can't even respond to a simple email. Also I did get a email in the beginning about not having a part Vivid Racing showed to have in stock now it was backordered but still shows available online so I'm sure I'm not the only one getting bad service. I have no problem waiting for my order but when I asked to ship my other parts they wouldn't even do that for me all they did was give me a random $20 refund on my card without even telling me what it was for. All I want is my parts that I paid for guess that's wishful thinking...

Raptor more like Craptor!
Did some shopping for my 700 Yamaha Raptor. Several ads popped up and although not the cheapest looked like a quality product. Glad I used my credit card cause IDK if I could have got a refund but regardless per their Email should arrive April 28-29th 3rd of May I call to eternal message saying standby! I email and Vivid Racing stated we will give you tracking number and they email requesting I put a profile pic for whatever reward or customer program they have. I don't want to join a club or whatever I just want my part so May 29th I email I just want my money back. Fortunately my cc company verified they issued my refund and I work hard like other men but my time is valuable! All I can say is don't advertise and collect money to waste my time! Also don't wonder why Amazon puts you out of business since you don't deliver what you advertise!

Slow to ship, terrible customer service, actively work against cancelling orders
I ordered two fuel tanks, paid immeidately and received instant email notification that they'd received the order and taken my money. No problem. Later that day I get an email saying Vivid Racing don't have the tanks and will notify me when they drop ship from a supplier. Hmm. Nothing on their website suggested that... I checked first... but ok. After two days of waiting I emailed at 5am asking for an update and specifying that if the tanks were backordered to cancel it. No response. So I called the next day mid-morning and waited on hold. And waited. And waited. And waited. And after 30 minutes I hung up to try the live chat instead. Was slow response but at least I was getting responses. Asked to cancel my order. Was told that Grace would check on that. Long, long wait. LONG. Finally told she was transferring me to John. Long wait. John said he'd check on that. Long wait. Said it is shipping today! I said too late, cancel it. Says I can't, it's already shipped. I said ok, let's open a return. He transfers me to Ursy. Long, long wait. Ursy says I can't cancel because it shipped yesterday. Note that I still haven't received any communication via email saying it's shipped or a tracking number, but she says it shipped yesterday, here's the number, glad I could help. I'm pretty irritated by now because it's been over an hour but I don't like being mistreated so I'm being polite to all these folks. I ask for info to return the tanks once they arrive. She says you can return at your own cost. Great, send me the info for how to initiate return, say I. Nope, they haven't been delivered yet so you can't start a return.

So here's my GUESS, based on now reading so many other people's lousy experiences with this place: I suspect they ignored my email because it would take a phone call to get the answer, and they figured better to ignore it and keep the money rather than do what 's best for the customer. Then when I finally got someone and they couldn't get rid of me with multiple transfers and long waits, they called someone to print a label and declare it as having shipped. I suspect it still hasn't shipped, although I magically got a "your item is on its way" email the instant I got off the chat thing. And lo and behold, they made sure to note in the 'it shipped' email that there's a 25% restocking fee for certain items.

I will absolutely, never, EVER order from these people again. If you need motorcycle parts, go to Revzilla or Rocky Mountain ATV instead. Even if you have to wait for an item to come off backorder, those places know how to get a customer for life. This place knows how to snatch your money, plug their ears and ignore their phone.

Wish I could give less than 1 star.
I'll never return to Vivid racing. Vivid Racing don't inform you when a product is out of stock, but they let you purchase it. When I followed up several weeks after my purchase about the lack of shipping information - they said they would reach out to the manufacturer and get back to me. They never got back to me. So I reached back out to them, and at that time - they said the shipping date would be XX/XX... XX/XX came and went (and 2 weeks after that - still no shipping information so I reached back out). They said they'll reach back out to the manufacturer and get back to me. They never got back to me. 2 more weeks went by and I cancelled my order. Their customer service rep said my cancelation was approved and I'll see a refund. I thought my nightmare would be over - however a couple of hours after their rep said the refund would be on my account within 7 days; I received an email saying the refund was denied - and my product was shipped. I tried returning - but the customer service was again poor; going back and forth without making any progress. I'm still trying to return the product. This company easily has the worst customer service/ communication I have ever experienced.

Never placed my order?
I placed an order back in May 2021 for a bumper for my Tacoma. The price for the item and shipping was cheaper than Southern Style Offroad (SSO). After placing my order Vivid Racing emailed me back saying that they made an accounting error and needed me to pay more for shipping. I asked why I should cover their mistake? After going back and forth I finally gave in because it was still going to be a bit cheaper than SSO. Strike one. I waited around a month before asking for an update because the lead time was around 10-14 weeks. I asked for an update and they said they would contact SSO about the order and get back to me within the week. Cool, no issue. After about two weeks I asked again and their reply was the same as before. So on and so on for months I would ask for updates every couple weeks and still the same response, and I never did receive an answer. Strike two. Finally, I had time to call them and after getting down to brass tacks, it ended up that they never placed my order in the first place. I have been waiting for five months for at least an update on my order that literally went nowhere. Strike Three. It baffles me that they are so incompetent and lazy that they couldn't have caught this huge error earlier. For a business claiming to have been around for 20 years, I don't know how that is physically possible. I have requested my refund, so we'll see how that goes.

Advertise a water methanol controller but post a picture of the whole kit!
I stumbled upon Vivid's ad for what appeared to be a Snow performance Stage 3 water/methanol injection kit at a huge discount. It is however NOT for the complete kit but for the 'controller only! In their listing there is only 1 place that says controller and that's at the top of the page. If you look at the picture, it shows a whole stage 3 kit, not just what is being sold which is the controller. If you read the description it has details abouy Snow performance Stage 1,2 and 3 kits. Nowhere does it describe the controller or how it works etc.
I tried cancelling the order but nobody was able to do that. So I was charged for the unit and shipping. Being in Canada I was hit with $62 Cdn for duty and now in order to return it I have to pay to ship it back.
All the while Vivid racing has maintained this is my error and Vivid Racing don't pay for others mistakes!
I even asked if their sales team could contact me and give me a quote on an actual 'kit", which is what i really need! Never happened.
I have included a screen shot of the actual listing from their website. You decide what they are actually selling!

Horrible experience
By far the worst company I have dealt with. I don't think I've ever written a review on a company but this was bad. Purchased a product that said it was for my vehicle. Received weeks later after I was told it was in stock and would be at my location within 5days. Received part to find out it wasn't compatible, was told that it was, sent photos showing that it was and still gave me issues in returning the item. Ordered a replacement item once again that Vivid Racing stated was in stock to find out again it was taking weeks to come in. Never received tracking, couldn't get a hold of anyone, customer service was useless stating they would send tracking information by end of day, never received it. Requested refund for the second item and was denied. Finally came the next day so I wanted to return it because had already replaced it. Paid for both items to be shipped back about two weeks ago. I called Monday and they confirmed they received the part back and I should have my refund by end of week. I call today (end of week) to talk to someone who has roosters singing into the phone it sounded like. Couldn't figure out where my package went or the status of refund. Got transferred to someone else who couldn't find any information either. Who apparently couldn't find any emails, recent phone calls, or orders returned in the file. So once again by far the worst company I've purchased from. Will not be ordering from them again and I'll be calling once again next week to get a status on refund.

Buyer beware from this company.

I ordered a product from this VIVID RACING and had a confirmed purchase from an in-stock sale item. I also called several times to get updates on my order. I was then sent a waiver to be filled out before Vivid Racing would ship my confirmed order. After filling this waiver out, I emailed again to check the status of my order. I was then told that my item was not available and that I could purchase another updated product for much-much more and I would get a 15% discount on the MSRP for my trouble. They even offered me an even more expensive option and told me that this would be my best option. I believe that I have been a part of a Bait and Switch scam from this company. The item is still on their website to order, weeks after my initial order from this company. So, the question I ask is, how is an item not available if you can still order the same item from the website with no out-of-stock notice? My payment has not been refunded, nor my product delivered. Unfortunately, I believe that this is a common practice from this company because the same that happened to me with another item, I tried to purchase with them years ago. I still have chat transcripts from that order as well as the transcripts from this order. The only reason I ordered a product from VIVID RACING this time because I decided to give them another chance of redemption because the last issue with this company was such a long time ago. But I was wrong and this may be a common practice for this company because of the similarity. I tried to reach out to management to no avail. My chats with them online were disconnected and my calls never responded. My account was even deleted several times to prevent me from checking my order status. I even tried to contact the owner via LinkedIn and was told by him that my issue could not be the truth. I would like this to stop happening for me and for potential other customers that will not report these actions.

Horrible Customer Service
We ordered a part and were quickly charged for it. It still hadn't shipped in 2 weeks, so I reached out to find out when it would be shipping. I could not get anyone to answer the phone, so I sent an email. I got a response that someone would look into it and get back to me. Within 24 hours, no one had, so I sent another email. Then, I tried the live chat. I was able to speak with someone on the live chat who told me that I could wait and it would ship sometime, but no idea when, or I could cancel. I chose to cancel. I was told it would be 3-4 days to cancel and then 3-4 days to refund, I informed them that is unacceptable. I did receive a refund in 5 days, but I do feel like this is a fraudulent business. I think Vivid Racing only refunded because I told them I was planning to dispute on my credit card otherwise.

Vivid Racing is a Total Scam
Ordered a Covercraft car cover from their website. After waiting a month for the drop-shipping notification, I contacted them only to be told that Vivid Racing had no ETA details from the manufacturer. I contacted the manufacturer directly and learned that they had no order associated with my name or shipping address. Furthermore, I learned that the material used for the cover that I had ordered was no longer available. Additional contacts with Vivid Racing were met with excuses and stalling tactics. A dispute was filed with my credit card company. While Vivid Racing finally agreed to cancel my order and promised that a refund was being processed, I prevailed with the dispute and have my money back. Order placed and credit card charged on May 27,2021; dispute resolution on August 16,2021; 2 1/2 months for nothing!
And, FYI, you can still order the same unavailable cover I did on Vivd Racings' website... further proof that they are running a scam.

Dishonest bussiness pratices
I bought 4 tires on the website on 10/03/21 for a price of 1199. 76 plus shipping and tax for a total of 1549. 99. Paid in full charged to my credit card.The day after my credit card was charged I got a email saying the tires had gone up to 456.00 dollars each plus shipping and tax and how did I want to handle this.
Since then I have spent several hours with live chat, email and phone calls and still have not talked with anyone who can help. Vivid Racing advertised the product I bought and paid in full, seems simple do the right thing and honer the contract. I am told Rudy Arauz is the only person that can help. I have 3 emails from him-
I wanted to reach out on this order. I am so sorry for the price increase. If you have any questions I will be happy to assist you!
Talk to you soon! Rudy

Vivid Racing
Tel: *******040 x3 4 times I asked for him to call me this is the only response I get.
Stay away from this company it is dishonest will not honer their contract with you. Very good at giving you a run around

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