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I live 4 hours away from the county I I was born in and figured I would just use this service so it would be quicker and easier. The fees didn't seem unreasonable although I did pay an extra $20 for expedited shipping. I sent all of my notarized information via fax and VitalChek quickly sent me an email and charged my credit card and even sent me a notification stating that my package had been shipped with a UPS tracking number. Upon contacting them after not seeing my package for 8 days the customer service representative told me I needed to contact the County Records Office and they told me they hadn't even received the information from vitalchek yet. Needless to say their service is very slow and their customer service is very incompetent. I would check into the County Records Office first as it is cheaper and also found out that family members can pick up your birth certificate and mail it to you.

Quick and easy
Had no trouble placing my order & receiving my documents less than 3 weeks later. I truly thought it would take much longer. Was sceptical at first but everything went smoothly. My husband also placed his order & received his 3 days later. Thank you vital check!

Paid for a NYC certificate, never received after 7 months
Paid the fee on Oct 5,2020, and I never received the birth certificate or not even any update as to the application. That was 7 months ago. It can't take that long to press and button and print out a birth certificate. Their support phone number is disconnected and any contact emails only go to the ether world. Unfortunately, NYC directs any applicant thru its Bureau of Records to use exclusively VitalCecheck -- a Lexis/Nexis subsidiary because of Covid 19. Given VitalCheck's incompetence, New York should cancel this contract.

Charged me for an order I didn't place, then denied it.
What an incredible mess. I needed a certified copy of my marriage license but when I got to the final page before you place the order it asks you for your social security number. I then opened a new tab to quickly check that the website was legit (as I would do with anyone asking for my SSN). And while that page was still open, I got an email thanking me for my order with a receipt showing I had paid $25 for a new marriage certificate. I immediately thought I must have hit 'place order' on accident, but then I went back to that tab and I still hadn't put in my social security number or clicked 'place order.' My bank statement shows the charge came from Vitalchek. Two weeks later, VitalChek contacted me and said they needed more sensitive info to fulfill my order, I let them know that I never placed the order, that I never gave them my SSN, and that they charged me for something I never ordered.
I got three different responses: The first response was from someone who said they couldn't find any evidence of any charge or any order, which is funny, because I was able to provide an order number in the screenshot of the bank charge. The second person said that any question about charges or cancellation needs to be done through the Maryland Vital Records Office, which is interesting, seeing as how the charges came from and I haven't ever interacted with the Maryland Vital Records Office. The third person simply said they weren't sure how this could have happened, and then ended the conversation. Luckily I was driving up to Maryland that weekend and was able to get what I needed for $5.50. I still haven't been refunded the $25. I'm not going to pursue this any further because it's such a small amount, but they absolutely stole this money from me the minute I put in my bank info. Everything about this company is a scam.

I should have researched the reviews before I even gave them my credit card information. I filled out the application via online and agreed to the $37 fee. However, when VitalChek confirmed my order they add an additional fee for same day WITHOUT my permission. There wasn't even a section for that throughout the application. I called them 6 times and every time I would be placed in hold and then they would hang up. I had to dispute the charge on my end. Still waiting for an update. Honestly don't waste your time. Might as well do it directly through the county.

I ordered a marriage certificate because I lost the original and what I got over the mail was a certified copy saying that after looking for the record VitalChek couldn't find it. Are you fuc**ng kitting me?. Aren't you supposed to look for the record before charging for the service to see if the recorded document is available?. Total SCAM!

Terrible customer service
I tried to place an order for a birth certificate after I entered my credit card info it said order could not be completed and didn't receive an email so I tried a few more times and no email. A week and a half later I get 4 emails and VitalChek took the $12.95 4 times. A couple of them I tried to cancel and as soon as I did it took the $12.95 from my checking. I email customer service because it seems impossible to talk to anyone, and I've yet to hear back. I want 3 of my $12.95 payments back!

Terrible! Never received document. No response.
Vital check took my money said VitalChek placed my order and sent it I have not received my documents in three weeks now. I have tried to respond through their system and there is no response from anyone this is a scam I'm going to report them to my credit card company and the Better Business Bureau

These Folks are From Another Planet
Ordered a death certificate from them. VitalChek immediately acknowledged the order and charged credit card. When I inquired about when I would be receiving the document, they claimed they never received the order. When I asked for the money back, they stated "since we do not have an order on file, we will not be able to provide a refund."

If I could have given this review a negative star I would! This is a HORRIBLE service... DO NOT USE!
I ordered a birth certificate through them and it took UPS weeks to deliver. I used this service because I needed the replacement certificate quickly and I received it TWO weeks later and it came to me sliced in half and in horrible condition. The UPS envelope was in tact but not the certificate that I paid much too much money for. I am thoroughly upset and pissed beyond belief. I would include the photo but it's a birth certificate. I am certain VitalChek want to blame UPS but this service shares the brunt of the horrible service.

Total scam.
Absolute scam of a company. Paid and never received. Called and each time was put off to another number which deferred me back to the original number which said I had to 'pay again'. Total scam of a company. Don't waste your time - 5 months and $49 USD international. Completely legit review - these people are scammers.

Robbing single parents!
I am a divorced working mother of 5, raising my children by myself. Upon the decision to remarry, I ordered a copy of my divorce records from VitalChek. The only piece of information I do not have is the actual date of my divorce. I received an email from VitalCheck stating that my order cannot be completed. Upon my asking for a refund of my almost $70, I was told that VitalChek will not give me a refund even though they cannot provide the service I paid for.

Stressful Experience
I began trying to get a certified copy of my mother's death certificate through VitalChek on May 2nd. I finally received it on May 21st, I went through VitalChek because in Oklahoma our Vital Statistics office through the Okla. Dept. Of Health is not an option for walk-in requests due to covid. I am giving them one star for finally receiving it 20 days later but it may be helpful to outline what I had to go through it get it. I filled out their form, downloaded it, and sent it back with 1) a non-certified copy of her death certificate which clearly stated on it that I was her daughter, and 2) a copy of my driver's license, the name and address which matched what it said on her death certificate as "affiant". A day or two later I get back a generic email stating VitalChek needed more information to process the request. The email listed several items, none of which I had (such as a court order, probate info, will ect). So, I tried to call them. I was on hold 49 minutes before I gave up. I then sent a copy of a credit union statement that she and I are both listed on and I never had her removed mainly because I retired and rarely use the credit union anymore. So, I tried to call them again. This time I got a real person after about 30 minutes. The girl was nice and helpful which is why I am giving a second star in my review. She told me I should send a copy my MY birth certificate along with the request and that would be all I need. So, for another $40 I sent a copy of my ID and I have to say they did send me a certified copy of my birth certificate without much hassle. Maybe I would give them 2 1/2 stars if that were an option. So, I promptly sent the certified copy of my birth certificate thinking because that is what they told me, I should then now be able to get my mom's certified death certificate. But no, instead I get another notification saying they need more information. At this point I had a total breakdown. I called them again, and again I was on hold for a very long time. I got a different girl this time and she told me I should also send a copy of my marriage license. At this point I threatened to have my poor mom exhumed and have a DNA test. Before doing that though I managed to find a copy of my marriage license. The whole ordeal took almost 3 weeks, cost $80 for both certificates and MANY hours of me trying to look for things like my birth certificate and marriage license, scan and upload them (I'm 67 years old and not very tech saavy). My advice to consumers is to keep your documents somewhere you can find them and if you need vital statistic documents use somewhere you can get a real person on the phone in a timely manner.

SCAM, wish I read reviews first! DO NOT USE WARNING
I paid over $104 for a certified copy of marriage certificate in NC on 6/12. Still in processing. Then after I received it, it would then need to go to an Apostille. WTH! Needed it for visa. Emailed them for update on 6/29. No reply until 7/9, Here is the reply:

As of today, the order has been processing for 17 business days. It can the NC office 25-30 business days to work on the order before VitalChek ship it out.

VitalChek Online Support

Since I did not get a reply in a couple days I researched ( yes, a bit too late) only to see the really bad reviews. I immediately got to work in getting this document myself. Got the Certified Marriage Certificate and had Apostilled in NC via mail within a week. Paid $10 for certificate and $10 for Apostille, plus overnight shipping cost. Still way less than $104+. Needed shipped to the UK, which was why I seeked assistance from them.
NOT SURE what the hold up is, or the cost is for. STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY ORDER FROM THEM. Tried to cancel, which by the way they answered that email straight away. A big fat NO of course.

Vital Check Ripped Me Off!
While ordering a lost birth certificate, I was instructed that I had to notarize a form and return it before the order would be completed. Well, 5 minutes after printing the form, I found the document. I then cancelled my order. However, I was still charged a $12.95 processing fee? I called and explained that I was going to dispute the charge as fraud, but VitalChek insisted I was going to be charged the $12.95 fee. Well, it's off to the credit card company.


In short…requested birth certificate, paid in full in June. It is now 09 August…. Went onto website with my order number and was directed to call the NEW YORK HEALTH DEPARTMENT…. Could have done that to begin with for a nominal fee.
This is a SCAM!

Read these reviews and got scared BUT...
I went ahead and ordered an official copy of my birth certificate and despite the bad reviews everything seems to be great. It delivered earlier than it said it would. My estimated time was October 5th, and I received it this morning September 24th. I ordered it on September 7th. I had filled out all the online info correctly, and I think that may be why I had no issues. No need to talk to customer support. A. gov website recommended me this this site somehow, and I was skeptical, but it worked out perfectly. If you're in a pinch this will work out just fine.

Everything Was Exactly As Described
We needed a birth certificate for the newly required drivers license renewal.
The process was simple. VitalChek sent an email when the birth certificate was processed. The birth certificate arrived exactly on the day they said it would arrive when it was originially ordered. I highly recommend them

Terrible - extremely slow
DO NOT order from them. Go to your local agency,'it is worth it. It's been 3 months and I'm just receiving my order. I've called a number of times with no answer. I am seeking a refund, and of course, that's slow as well. Save the headache. Go elsewhere!
I wish I could give 0 stars.

Customer Service is non-existant!
I ordered a death certificate with express shipping because I needed them quickly. I received someone else's death certificate, breaking HIPPA laws. I tried to reach them to get this corrected and VitalChek never answer their phone or emails. 6 months later I am still waiting to hear from them so I can get a refund.

Not only was the expected delivery time ridiculous VitalChek couldn't even guarantee that time line either. I ordered more then 100 days ago and have nothing yet. They can't even bother responding to inquires or provide any answer as to when I can expect to receive the Birth certificate. There Rep says there is nothing they can do

Is anyone there?
I tried to fax the requested information but no answer. My order is being cancelled and I am trying to fax really frustrating
I have never had to give my drivers license for my birth certificate? Please respond, please do not cancel my orfder and take my money for NO service. Feeling sad I chose your business……

Just the worst Experience
Just the worst experience, ordered BC for 2 daughters VitalChek mispelled the last name for 1 of my daughters I'm up to 3 BC with misspelled last name, requested a refund the stated the have no record of my orders in their data base even though I've given them all the reference numbers associated with my orders. I must now send in copies of credit card statement with charges. A tactic of installing obstacles rather than resolving the problem. I must now travel to my daughter's state of birth to get her official BC this online company just collect payments and prints a form but have'nt any effect resource to address printed errors.

They process two orders when you only ask for one.
A terrible company whom doesn't understand how to communicate with their customers along with shady practice while trying to steal your money. When you place one order, VitalChek secretly create two orders. They'll charge you the first one and when you give them all the information they need to send your documents to you. They will start processing the second phantom order. When you refuse to give them the information again, because you've already done it once, they will still charge you a processing fee. Even though you never made a second order.

I had the WORST experience with made up named reps, not verifying my identity before going on with the call, pretending to be a manager and doing nothing. Your most precious documents are a joke to these people! Don't spend your money and DO NOT TRUST THEM WITH YOUR INFO!

Very irresponsible
I am trying to get a copy of my birth certificate. I send them all the information. I got an email to confirm the information. I called them. Hold time was approx 45 min. I verified all my information. I got an email that my order was shipped. Then I got a certificate saying that VitalChek didn't find it. No refund. I called them they insist I entered the wrong city. I have to apply again and pay again for them to send the information to NYC instead of NYS. Very frustrating.

Do not use!
I went to the official New York State vital records site to request a copy of my birth certificate. The link on the state's official site takes you to the VitalChek site, I called VitalChek to request my birth certificate on 6/8/21, and was told that due to the pandemic it would take 35-40 days. I had called because I wanted to speak with a live person to specifically confirm VitalChek could meet my deadline of 8/6/21, which they assured me they could. I gave them all of my information and paid that day over the phone. I immediately checked the status of my order online, which confirmed that I should receive my birth certificate within 35-40 days, and now two months later, it still says I will receive it within 35-40 days, although 58 days have already passed. I have called repeatedly to request the status of my order, which included an extra charge for expedited over night shipping. Each time I called, the anticipated date was pushed further back. When I called on 8/3/21, the representative told me that orders were taking a minimum 16 WEEKS, but that I could request a refund. At that point, I decided to try other means and called the city where I was born and learned that they could send me out a copy of my birth certificate immediately. So it only took 4 DAYS and zero hassle to receive a copy of my birth certificate directly from the city where I was born vs. a minimum 16 WEEKS with VitalChek, and who knows when or if I will actually receive it. After I received my birth certificate via other means, I contacted VitalChek today, 8/6/21, to get a refund as the rep had suggested on 8/3/21. I was told that they don't give refunds, that I would have to contact New York State to get a refund. I told the rep that I had paid my money to VitalChek, therefore they should either refund my money or THEY should contact New York State about a refund. Nope. So then I called the NYS number they gave me, and got a recorded message saying to go to their website and then it disconnected. Now I am very concerned about what VitalChek is doing with the very sensitive information I had to give them to request my birth certificate. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, YOU WILL NOT GET THE RECORDS THAT YOU NEED, NOR WILL YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK.

Scam. Don't bother with them.
Ordered my Birth Certificate in NYC in April, still have seen nothing, have an open support ticket with zero response. This is what happens when civil jobs are given over to private businesses who have no need to actually do their jobs, because they're not held accountable to anyone.

VitalChek are a scam. Plain and simple.

Avoid and Just Do the Mail In
When I first started using the site for the needed certificate, I noted it was run by LexisNexis, which is one of the databases we use for collecting information on contacts at my job and tracking people. This data can easily be obtained by anyone. But, I overlooked my concerns because VitalChek initially doesn't ask anything too personal. It starts off simple. It's once VitalChek obtain and supposedly processed my payment and all should have been completed that the site demanded my social security number, more personal information, and copies of my identification to be uploaded. There's no turning back at this point. Then the wait time turned from being the quickest method of 10 days to deferring to the health departments' timing of 20 days or longer. So, it does feel like a scam, because they are basically collecting your imperative information and you still require the direct services of the state department. Honestly, you give your important data to strangers and actually pay to do it. They will in turn also get paid by the companies that buy data and use their database services. It's best to just wait for the state department and skip this third-party "service".

Don't Waste Your Time or Money
Please do not waste your time or money on this service. It is terrible! I requested a birth certificate and have been waiting for over a month. I still have not received the document. I've attempted to call on several occasions and cannot connect with anyone. How long can COVID be used as an excuse to not pick-up the phone? Fortunately, I found a local office that is run by a neighboring county which was open to service my request. I was in an out within 10 minutes.

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