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Vir Ventures Inc.

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Vir Ventures Inc. were selling a "Coach Wallet" through, but on website it says it came from Lord & Taylor not sure how they did it but it looked legit when the item arrived, it was FAKE I sent back, Lord & Taylor I guess because Walmart was also under the impression it was them sent me letter saying it was not their product and I sent this thru Walmart returns so they were fooled too. When I went to investigate order further when it says contact seller then these people come up I emailed them 3 times nothing not even Walmart knows how they did it SCAMMERS oh but I am not done, I will get them!

Screwed me over
I ordered a digital photo frame. Got an email saying it shipped with an arrival date. Got an email with no explanation just saying my card was being refunded for the item but if it already shipped I would still receive it. Did not receive it. Contacted the seller and Vir Ventures Inc. said it was lost from the warehouse to the post office and I would not be recieving my item. It was a present I was counting on having. If they would have told me it wasn't coming that would have been another story.

Purchased 2 platters from Amazon, not realizing VirVentures was the 3rd party seller. Saw positive reviews. Ordered 2 red; arrived ORANGE. Stated FREE RETURNS but when requested return, send shipping label requiring ME to pay. After 16 emails back and forth, having to unpack item I'd repacked to ship back (never opened or took 2nd tray out, just the 1st) Vir Ventures Inc. wanted photos. Did, sent, they stated "item appeared defective unit", got postage paid label. TOOK to Fed Ex next morning, packed securely, marked FRAGILE (Melamine so doesn't break easily anyway). Item arrived, notified them I wanted my refund & they responded saying I'd get partial refund because "item was not in original condition"! Unless I altered the color, or unless someone at the return facility took a hammer to it, the item was in perfect condition when I took to Fed Ex. Had to open credit card dispute. TERRIBLE COMPANY to deal with, never again!

Damaged Bed
I purchased a bed on Amazon, which Vir Ventures Inc. were the seller. Upon receipt of the bed i discovered the product was damaged. Here we are three weeks later and I still have not received a return bill of lading or my refund. I've emailed everyone from the CEO of Amazon to the senior manager. I've contacted the consumer affairs division who advised me to file a complaint. First, if you thinking of buying any product from this company or another company who uses them as a third party-DONT. If you are one of the unlucky ones who have had the misfortune of dealing with them. I can only offer my my 2 cents. Make sure you document everything. I encourage you to download the refund policy and customer guarantee. This company will give you the run around, don't be discouraged. Once you have sufficient documentation contact your credit card company and file a dispute. Then let you CC company take it from there.

Basically scammers
These people try to get as much money as Vir Ventures Inc. can from you! Stay away. I found an Amazon Prime lightening deal for around $85 for a llama quilt. I bought it since it was originally $200. A few hours later my Mom tells me she bought the same quilt for my daughter (by accident) but hers was only $46! So I contacted the seller to cancel the order and they would not. Fine, then I would just return it since it's free returns right? NOPE. This would cost me around $18 to ship back as well as a 20% restocking fee.

$35 to ship this thing back just to get $51 in return. This item is currently selling for $69 on Amazon, way less than what I paid for a lighting deal. Tried to contact customer service and they said they would give me 10% back if I kept it. Still more than what it's going for!

Keep your money and buy your items elsewhere if you can. I don't want anyone else having to deal with this awful business.

The Worst
The worst! I ordered something directly through the VirVentures website a few weeks ago and still have not received it. I have called and emailed this company at least a dozen times. No one ever answers the phone. I received one return phone call, and Vir Ventures Inc. could not give me any information regarding my order. Then I received an email asking me to give positive feedback about my order... how is this possible since I never received it?! That was 2 days ago, and I still have no resolution. Keep in mind, the money was taken out of my account the day I placed the order. Do NOT order anything from this company!

WORST customer service EVER
I ordered a mattress from Vir Ventures was the vendor. Vir Ventures Inc. showed my purchase would be delivered on 1/4/19, I ordered on 12/31/18.1/4/19 came and went with out my purchase showing up. I called to check on it. George was a total LIAR! He stated the item shipped and that it was Fedex that lost it. FedEx had no record of the item at all! I called again and ended up with George once again. He said it was sent to his "team" for review and I would receive an email in 24 hours... once again its 48 hours and still NOTHING! I called them again and told them I wanted my item sent and expedited shipping because of the inconvenience. He told me no that would cost them $400 to do that. I had free shipping so I highly doubt that was the truth either! He couldnt provide me with a tracking number or a date of delivery! WORST COMPANY EVER to work with. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR SANITY dealing with this horrible company!

Terrible Company To Deal With
Product was great, it simply did not fit my vehicle. Seller (VirVentures) is the by far the worst company I had a pleasure of dealing with. Returns are accepted but it is a nightmare trying to get anything back to them. When Vir Ventures Inc. finally accept a refund, you are expected to cover the shipping. That's understandable although that practice is being fazed out by many other companies. Two weeks after the package reaches their provided return address and I hear nothing from them. Did not receive a single dollar back. Upon contacting the seller, then Amazon, then the seller again in the span of four days, I received an e-mail telling me they would issue a refund in 3-5 days after they deduct a 20% restock fee. Wait, what?

***ZERO*** STARS FOR THIS COMPANY (but it made me leave at least one in order to submit this review)
I purchased an item in May 2020 through Amazon. When I received it, it was defective. Because Vir Ventures Inc. are not a "Prime" vendor I had to go directly to VirVentures. I was initially asked to send photographs of the defect, which I did. Then I was instructed to return the item back to them. I was told that once received back and the warehouse confirmed the defective they would reimburse me for my return shipping costs (and that is what is stated in their return policy). After several days since it was received back at their warehouse, I still hadn't heard from them, so I initiated contact again and provided proof of delivery along with the receipt for my shipping costs. To not turn this into a manuscript, I will just tell you it is now mid-September, and after several more back and fourth's with them, along with phone calls to Amazon customer service, I received an email Sept. 15 telling me that they will not reimburse me because I did not wait for their mailing instructions before mailing it back. What the H? And yes, as some of the other complaints mention, you can never reach them on the phone. It's just a recording. If you leave a message you will never hear back from them. Some very uncaring and unprofessional people are running this company. Every email from them ends with "We strive to offer you the best value and services possible. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Please feel free to contact us for any further queries. We will be delighted to serve you again in the future!" Ridiculous

Stop and read before you buy. Very poor return policy and service
I purchased a 20 lb. Slam ball or wall ball from this company and Amazon approved the return. Vir Ventures Inc. asked me not to use Amazon to return but to go through them. Worst mistake. Not only do they take 15% to 25% restocking fee, you also have to pay for the shipping which is 10x higher than what they paid for shipping. So if I were to return it I would pay more for the return than I paid for the ball. I also called several times and they do not return phone calls. So if you purchase an item make sure you do not have to return any of the items. It was a gift and now i am stuck with the item and can't use it. Very disgusted customer. I will not buy from them again.

Biggest scam ever! A bunch of thief's!
This company has the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with. I ordered a kitchen island almost THREE MONTHS AGO. I received half of the package and not the the second half. I have called Vir Ventures and Sears (who the order was placed through) almost every single day since then. Every day an employee tells me that Vir Ventures Inc. are escalating the issue and to wait to get a response in 2-3 days. Not once have a received a call back. They refuse to tell me where the rest of my product is and refuse to give me a refund. They literally STOLE 200 dollars from me. I had to call my bank and report them as fraud. Absolutely insane. I recommend no one to ever purchase anything from these people.

HORRIBLE! Do NOT buy from this seller. I made an order and it has still not arrived (it is now five days after estimated delivery). ABOVE ALL ELSE: I have been trying to get a hold of customer service for the past two days regarding my purchase. No one answers. I called their drop ship service where someone answered, said he would transfer me to call service, I said please don't no one will pick up, to which he replied if no one picks up we will call you back in 13 minutes. NO ONE PICKED UP, and Vir Ventures Inc. NEVER called me back. Total SCAM!

I ordered something fro that came from this outside company and NEVER received my order months later. When I called the customer service rep could barely speak English and told me there was an issue with delivery and I would not be receiving the item I purchased and offered me a full refund. I was told I would have a full refund in 2 - 3 business days several weeks ago, and have not yet been refunded. I tried calling the company back and all of their phone numbers are no longer in service! This is such a SCAM! Vir Ventures Inc. should be shut down!

Misleading sales, terrible customer service
Ordered a product through Order arrived in an box and included an invoice which, including the exchange rate, showed that I paid nearly double what the actual price was. Reached out to AMI with my complaint and requested a refund of the difference. Customer service refused to refund me anything as it would cut in to their profit and said the supplier,, had included the invoice by mistake. I will never buy anything from AMI Ventures again and I strongly advise everyone else to steer clear as well.

Indian scam artists
Im posting my review on every website possible because this company ripped me off!

BEWARE! These are indian scam artists! I ordered an item worth almost $300 and it came in a totally different color than pictured online. I provided all the proof Vir Ventures Inc. needed and asked for. I wanted a refund and they ignored my request. They lied about sending me reply/response emails. They try to get you to keep the item by telling you about their 20% restocking fee and YOU have to pay to ship it back! They offered me a measly $5.00 credit for my troubles. Research this company be4 you buy anything from them. They are on Walmart, Sears, Amazon, and many other websites. They have FAKE 5star reviews on Amazon. Google their name(s) and you will see hundreds of similar complaints. They also go by the name Virventures and use many other names... This is some type of indian mom and pop scam being ran out of their kitchen. I keep saying the word THEY, BUT, I honestly think its only one or two indian guys operating this so called business. The items they list online is NOT what you will recieve. You will get a generic/knock off/fake/imitation, of what you see online. They won't refund you s***, even if they made the mistake! Dont say I didnt warn you...

Worst on-line buying experience ever!
There is a pattern here, where honest paying customers are duped and stressed out by a third party vendor who uses Wal-mart as a front with no recourse.

We bought a birthday gift for our old son Mar 29th through Unbeknownst to us, the purchase was through this "company" and I use that term loosely because Vir Ventures Inc. obviously don't understand customer service whatsoever. Even though the item was in stock when the order was submitted, shipping was delayed until April 11th. We get an email dated April 11th to indicate the item shipped but ETA was mid-May? 6 weeks for an in-stock item? We emailed the company, requesting tracking update as the provided tracking number and carrier were invalid. They reply with a half automated email, blaming the postal service for losing the item and that it isn't trackable? Obviously with a bogus tracking number (RR...) and carrier (OTHER-ST). We now have an upset soon-to-be 9 year old who is old enough to understand these things happen, but he wants tracking proof that the item is lost, to which the company continues to avoid answering, which carrier was used. They gave us a full refund but nothing can wash away this terrible experience!

As others have said, can't give less than 1 star which is too much! Buyers beware!

Con Artists! Stay away!
I work in a professional field and have NEVER encountered the evasiveness and level of deceitful behavior VirVentures engages in. I ordered an item that was not as advertised nor sturdy enough for use. When I explained this their reply was Vir Ventures Inc. "do not accept opened packages." Luckily, Amazon felt otherwise and initiate a claim into their unscrupulous actions. After the claim was filed, VirVentures "changed their tune" and miraculously decided to accept opened boxes but want it shipped to the original manufacturer and not them (which is very shady). Further, they expect me to pay for return shipping costs and give extremely arrogant responses in their emails. I know they will find some excuse to deny a refund on the item once they receive - this seems to be their pattern of behavior. My best advice is to STAY AWAY FROM VIRVentures - as the "Vir" an abbreviation for VIRUS!

Furious about VirVentures
When the email notification that my FedEx delivery of the item purchased from HOUZZ website and product sold by VirVentures I went to my door not finding the package, walked the circumference of the property no package. Living in the country with no neighbors and only other person in the house is my husband. I reported that there had to be a mistake with where FedEx delivered and I received no assistance just a message that it is delivered and ask friends family and neighbors and a complete refusal to contact shipper or any remedy. FedEx is no better navigating the worst AI phone system to eventually reach someone who promised a call within 24 hours. No call no help from VirVentures, don't order anything through HOUZZ and VirVentures should be removed from all e-commerce including Amazon.

I will not buy from them again
I bought an item from the Walmart website not realizing Vir Ventures Inc. were using a 3rd party vendor. I was sent the wrong item. I contacted Walmart and was told I had to contact AMI, which I did. AMI took a week or so to respond to me but they finally sent me a shipping label to return the item I was sent. This was in June. I haven't heard from them. They never contacted to me to say they received the item I sent and they never refunded me the money. I won't ever buy from them again.

Scammers that Keep Setting up New "Companies" on websites everywhere. Watch out!
Watch out, this is the same scammer guy, Rupesh something or other from India that has set up a ton of different "companies": including ergodebooks, amiventures, amitcj, FastMedia, ExtremelyReliable, etc... TONS of shell operations. Vir Ventures Inc. have NOTHING to sell. They post ads everywhere. When you (are stupid enough to) buy something from them, they just go and buy it off another site and have it mailed to you, then skim some money off the top (for doing basically nothing). Sometimes they just fake sending it, or send you something else, or tell you they will refund and hope you forget to follow up. They also will tell the "real companies" they buy from that "they never got the item" and cheat them out of the money--which is what happened to us. These guys are dishonest liars that have no sense of morals and will say anything to make a buck. They will tell you something was "lost in the mail", or "damaged and returned to them" or "you sent something different" or they need "to check with their suppliers" or "check their warehouse". The guy works out of his living room at his house in Texas. They keep changing their names so fast as they get throw off websites, it's hard to not get scammed by them. Beware! Oh, and if you google a bit, you can find an interview where this guy is bragging about his scam op and how he's able to sell everything, by doing basically nothing. (except overcharge you, and cheat us)

PLEASE stay away from Vir Ventures. Vir Ventures Inc. are crooks. Bought a heater and A/C unit from Sears Marketplace (Vir Ventures). The heater is only 3,700 BTUS and it was very weak but it NEVER said that when ordering. Wanted to return it and I emailed them and called and all they say is someone is working on this when nobody is really and they are crooks they will not send a return label to my email LIKE THEY SAID they would and its almost 45 days after that I am STUCK WITH THIS $400 PRODUCT I DONT WANT! PLEASE STAY AWAY


Chose to ignore cancel order
I purchased an item via but Vir Ventures Inc. use Virventures as vendor for the item. 3 days after I had ordered the item it was still reading processing in cart status. I contacted the company and the answer was "we will forward this to a different team for details." This usually means they don't have the item in stock, so I cancelled the ordered through Walmart. At this point you would think that I don't have to worry about this item anymore. However Virventures refused to accept my cancellation and 3 days later I got an email that the item had been shipped and my card charged for the item.
I am now trying to get this item return but Virventures says they will charge me 20% restocking fee plus I have to pay for shipping cost. I am communicating with Walmart on this issue and will post follow up to see if Walmart will also failed to assist in resolving this issue.
Stay away from Virventures, it seems that it is a nightmare to deal with this company.

Don't believe to any 5-star review here. This company is a scam.
The first company ever that made me go online a write a bad review.
I ordered 2 floor lamps on Walmart's website on December 2nd, 2019 (more than 3 months ago).
After 2 weeks(!) I get 2 totally different floor lamps. I opened the first box to make sure that the item is wrong, saw that the second box has the same label, and called Walmart to replace the items that were wrongly sent to me. The Walmart's customer representative gave me Virventure's phone number and told me to deal with them since Vir Ventures Inc. are the vendor - and then the fun began.
I call Virventure's "wonderful" customer service. They answer. They tell me to email them a picture of the received items with the order number. I do it. A week later I call them to ask whats up with my return, they tell me they're still processing. After I email them again, they tell me that the original lamps I purchased from the website are out of stock and there is no ETA for it. I decide that I don't want anything to do with this company and I just want to get reimbursed for this bad, bad purchase. They say okay and tell me they'll send a UPS guy to pick up the wrong items. The UPS guy comes with ONE label and takes one box. Left with 1 box, I call dear Virventure again to ask for my money, they say that i'll have to wait until the product gets to their warehouse (we're in January 21st 2020 already at that point. Remember that I made the purchase in December 2nd, 2019?)
Today, February 18th 2020, after many emails asking for my reimbursement, I get an email from Vir ventures saying that the product was finally received in their warehouse. THANK YOU!
But oh, WAIT! Now they tell me that I have to wait until they "verify" the item. THE PACKAGE THEY PICKED UP FROM ME WAS NEVER UNSEALED AND STILL HAS ALL THE LABELS ON. Also, for some reason they didn't feel the need to "verify" that the items they shipped me were the items I actually purchased. Very odd.
I'm sure you're asking yourself what happened to the other lamp that the single-labeled UPS guy was unable to pick up. Well, it's been lying on my bedroom floor, alone and abandoned, waiting for the messiah to pick it up and deliver it to Vir venture's awesome warehouse. Hopefully he'd also be able to "verify" the product on his way there.
I never thought I could hate on a company this much. I REALLY hope they go bankrupt.

Stringent return policy
Ordered Winsome Sophia Snack Tables advertised by Amazon. To start with AMAZON Shelly y Polices do not include specifics such as the stringent policies of this company and furthermore does not protect customers of bad companies advertising in their website.
Vir Ventures captures unaware customers in buying their second class products and were the sale is closed the probability or return bad products leaves customers scammed of their money with a limited number ways of return items Vir Ventures Inc. do not like after receiving them.
Demand Amazon to publish very specific return policíes on what they sell and do not support companies such as this one!

Poorly packaged, arrived in pieces (see photo) Seller, VirVentures, says too bad, so sad... We were hit by Hurricane Irma, with no power, and much going on to immediately (w/in 5 days) report the damaged orbs. We also purchased a coffee table and two end tables from this company at the same time the orbs were purchased, mind you. This is customer appreciation at its finest.:(
This is the reply from the company:
Thank you for your email. We regret to inform you that we are unable to approve your request for a Return Authorization. As per our Return Policy:

"All unopened unused items can be returned to us for a refund within 30 days from the date of delivery subject to a 20% restocking fee.

We do not accept any opened or used items, even if the item has been wrongly ordered by you.

In case of a damaged/defective item you can return the item to us for a replacement/refund within 5 days from the date of delivery, subject to us verifying the damage/defect". Given the circumstances, we are unable to assist you with the issue.

We appreciate your understanding.


Monday, September 18,2017 at 9:50AM dmcmerila wrote:
Two of the Orbs arrived broken. I would like to return the order, please and receive a refund. I will send photo if required.

Excellent Customer Service!
This is a personal example. I recently ordered a couple of vinyl records from Walmart to be a rival to Amazon Prime with two-day shipping. After receiving shipping tracking information, I patiently waited for my records to arrive. As promised, a package arrived in a few daysbut there was only one record in it. When checking my emails to see the issue, I realized it the second vinyl was in fact supposed to be in the same package.

I looked for a solution to my email from Google Express. There, in plain sight, was a "Contact Us" option. I clicked it, and I was taken to a live chat window. I expressed my issue to the customer service rep I was chatting with, provided my order number, and that was it. The rep realized my vinyl was stuck at FedEx location, and he/she fixed the issuethe package arrived just a day or two later.

Not only was the experience seamless and painless, but, for my troubles (without me even asking), the rep provided me with a discount code for my next order. The email with the 15% off code said, "Sorry to hear about your recent bumpy experience with Google Express," which was incredibly refreshing. Vir Ventures Inc. admitted they made a mistake and sweetened the deal to make the hassle worth it. A "bravo" moment in my book, this tactic is simple enough for any company (no matter how small) to keep customers happy and coming back.

Brandon! A very Happy Customer.

Scam Artists
For starters, Fruugo doesn't tell you the seller's name until you've placed your order.
On Monday, February 15, I bought an item worth € 69.00 and the next day, Fruugo sent me an email telling me that Vir Ventures from the United States had sent me the product (something totally false), since 2 days later, this seller sent me an e-mail telling me that due to a technical failure Vir Ventures Inc. ended up listing a product that they do not sell, after having charged € 69.00 for a product that they will not send me, and the worst of all is, which does not tell me when to return my full order refund.
I submitted the claim to get my money back, and Fruugo just tells me with an automatic message from his algorithm to contact the retailer, who ignores me. It seems that Fruugo does not mind working with a scammer, who, if they search his name on Google, will be able to verify to all customers that this professional scammer has scammed on different platforms.
If Fruugo doesn't help me, I will go to the OCU, speak to my attorneys, and do whatever it takes to get my refund back.

If you appreciate your money, don't make the mistake of shopping at Fruugo.

BLACKLIST this company
Order a rug online through didn't realize that it was through 3rd party. Have dealt with 3rd parties before through Amazon and never had an issue. Stupid Walmart $150 policy doesn't allow return products at Walmart stores. Vendor does not respond to messages, called Walmart 5 times already with no resolution. Now I under why Amazon is taking over, Vir Ventures Inc. actually care about customers. This will be the first and last time I order anything for this company and

I wish I knew about this site
I bought a white office chair from this sham company from the Houzz website. 10 days after I bought the chair, the padding literally flattened. The chair is a piece of crap. I reached out to Houzz, one time - no response. Two times no response. I call my bank to dispute the charge on my card and magically Houzz and VirVentures replies back to me but guess what? Vir Ventures Inc. tell me because my return window has closed they will not help me - will not return or exchange the chair and basically told me to stop emailing them

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