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I wrote a thorough message when tryi g to return the item and also posted reviews on Yrustpulot, and any means of social media to let it be known how awful the customer service, and business practices are completely a disaster. My greenhouse was evidently a return item, the cover damaged, ripped and most of all too small. I have wasted valuable time trying to make contact with your company, no one answers the phone and no valid return pilicy available. It has been over 2 weeks since I received the prroduct which hascompmetely put me behind schedule to plant. My project iwhich was suppose to be sonethibg to look forward to has become a nightmare! Since it was apparent I wouldn't be able to return the piece of crap product received. We moved forward to try to add a bottom to the green house which entailed more money and an entire weekend to modify this to try to keep the heat in so planting can be started. Awful, awful experience and I will make sure I spread this unethical company to every being we know which we have a very large circle of friends and colleagues. Shame on you VidaXL. The Better business Bureau will be reaching out to you for sure. Because I will not stop contact them until vidaXL US take thus matter further 6 you messed with the wrong customers.

Great privacy screen
Ordered the product, received it in a timely manner. Because it was manufactured in China, the packaging was rather poor, China skimps on cardboard and it offers very little real protection. But in spite of rough handling that ripped the cardboard open, the basic unit is well made with a strong steel, and nicely powder coated, so I'm not complaining. Everything was in good shape except for a little waviness in the thin sheet metal that extends to cover the screen opening. Doesn't affect the unit, so I'll roll with that. A little thicker sheet metal would prevent that in manufacturing. The instructions assume you know what the person who wrote them is thinking, that can be confusing and frustrating. I wasn't sure what size bit to use for drilling the holes in cement, it was ambiguous or in another language or state of mind, I did some research and concluded that 1/2 inch was what others were using, so that's what I used. Unfortunately the 1/2 was too big, and the lag bolts would not hold, so I had to go to Home Depot and pick up some construction adhesive. I filled the holes with adhesive, set up the unit,
Tapped the bolts down into the adhesive and left them for 2 weeks now, did the same with the holding units and I've waited another week for the entire thing to cure. Tomorrow I will
Rachet them all down to tighten them and try my new 90 degree privacy screen. I'm happy with the product, just not the instructions.

Will never purchase from this vendor again!
Worse experience ever! Customer service phone # is not valid. You call, vidaXL US put you on hold and after 5 mins the call drops. Chat is a machine that defers you to contact them via email. Don't get me started on their customer service email option. I filled out a form that the merchandize was damaged and I need a replacement. I was asked to ship the damaged box, but the return label had my address on it. What is the point of shipping the 25 pounds box to myself? I reached out to the customer service several time asking for the correct return label. Every time I was told it is correct. Just for fun, I shipped it and guess what? It arrived the next day back to me. What a joke?! Complete waste of my time and energy. 2 weeks later and no replacement was provided. Never ever again!

Great design but had deficiencies
I got the trailer and opened up the box. The first thing that happened was thousands of tiny steel shot BB's scattered all over the floor. The tubes are filled with this to prevent the tube from collapsing when being formed. It would have been nice if their employees had taken the time to dump all of it out at the factory rather than having me dump it out all over my kitchen floor.

Also, the little axle bolt extensions are not machined very well. The bore of the internal threads that go on the bicycle axle are way oversize so the threads barely catch on the axle threads. I stripped the threads immediately when I tried to tighten it up. The external thread portion is oversize so much that I cannot use my bicycle axle nuts on it and have to use those tiny barely there cheap nuts that came with it. I will have to fabricate my own so it will work like it needs to.

The metal tabs that lock the hitch forks to the axle didn't fit, I had to reshape them with a hammer and vise.

The hitch tube that the hitch swivels in had a big dent, not sure if it happened during transport or manufacture but that had to be hammered out too.

Overall, the quality of the trailer was great, looks good, works great but the attachment hardware could use better quality control.

When finally received first item was damaged and huge hassle trying to resolve
First item was left by carrier in the rain and package/item was saturated w/water, item was ruined. Contacted vidaXL -I'm unable to download pics to send via email which was a requirement and vidaXL US couldn't send me a number to text pics to I was unable to return. I then told them to remove my profile/info from their site and then they offered to credit the $10 item. The item had taken several weeks to arrive anyway and was charged for it immediately upon winning the auction. Between long delivery time and the hassle w/my very first purchase I only give them 2 stars as eventually they offered to refund the $10 - told them to keep it and though I couldn't remove my profile I deleted what info I could.

VidaXL messed up and refused to take responsibility.
- On 4/5/20 I ordered a sink: vidaXL Basin River Stone Oval 11.8"-14.6". The sink I received was not as advertised; it was triangular shaped and up to 10", with an inside diameter between 5" and 8". I requested a refund. I had to drive 2 hours out of my way to get return labels printed and return the sink at the closest UPS location.
- On 4/12/20, I ordered another model: vidaXL Basin, Ceramic Rectangular Black 16.1"x11.8"x4.7", and was very happy with it.
- On 4/24/20 I received an email stating that my replacement for sink #1 was ready for shipment. I emailed VidaXL, reminding them that I did not ask for a replacement but a refund.
- On 4/27/20 I received a replacement for sink #1. I sent VidaXL 2 more emails, explaining them the situation and asking to be compensated for the extra 2 hours I would need to drive to return them sink #3, which I never ordered. VidaXL ignored my emails and had me sent them back their sink before issuing me a refund.

I ordered 4 wooden outdoor lounge chairs. The first on that arrived was cracked upon opening. 2 more came, boxes looked in ok condition, accepted them, went to put them together and when we opened the box the legs were crushed. The 4th box was so mutilated I declined that along with the first one and sent those back. Supplied pictures and details for all 4. Emailed them the moment I received the first damaged one and emailed the next day on the remaining 3. I have emailed them now 3 times. The first was to offer me $50.00 on a purchase that was in excess of $1100. 00. Are you kidding me? I can't get a return from them to send to me so the entire order is being disputed. Keep your poorly made crap and get me a return now or these will go in the trash! Do not buy from this company!

Red Bullhorn purchase
This was the place I found the horn I was looking for from a YouTube video. He gave the website's information in the video and did some research and decided the site he got it from was the best bet. The horn works great and came with everything it said it would. My only issue is that thd packaging was probably too small and not enough protection inside(one thin bubble/foam wrap piece). The box was too thin and small it barely fit inside. On top of that thd packaging was sliced open and fit back on box. I don't know if that's how vidaXL US packed it or in transit they cut it open. Either way pieces could've fallen out easily and been lost. I would have been extremely irritated if we would have had to wait again for the missing piece to be replaced. Thank goodness it was all there. The time it takes for shipping is super long. Overall good product and price but shipping needs improvement.

We are delighted with the quality and versatility of your 16x32 ft. Event Tent.
The Farmhouse was gifted with one of your 16 X 32 ft. Event tents, with 5 vinyl windows on each long side. We erected it the second week in April of this year (2017). It took us 8 novices 2 ½ hrs., but it was absolutely worth it. The first event was an Alice and Wonderland Bridal Shower and the second event was a June 1, 2, 3, 4th Glamp Out and we turned it into a 50s Diner. During April, May and June we had two serious storms with 40 mile an hour winds. The tent withstood them in flying colors. We particularly are impressed with the zip up doors on each gable end, if you choose to use them. 5 of us disassembled it and stored it back in the boxes it came in. Thank you. A&S Johnson

VidaXL Metal Anthracite garden shed
First, the shed is incredibly flimsy. We have a bit of wind out where we are, and it was very difficult to set the shed up. The walls had to be propped up with posts (because the only thing holding up the top frame from the bottom frame is the flimsy metal walls. The crossbeams are just as flimsy. The only thing holding it all together is the roof, which actually prevents the walls from folding in on themselves. Several of the roof panels have holes drilled in the wrong place, and so I had to punch additional holes in the roof in order to secure the panels down (which likely means that it is going to leak in places). Throughout the installation, I have had to improvise many times in order to get things to fit together. I could understand the quality if this shed were about a 1/4 of the price, but for the amount paid for it, I have been sorely disappointed.
Second, I reached out to customer support over a week ago requesting a refund for the product, and as of this writing and have heard nothing back - which says a lot not just about the product but whatever company vidaXL is that is selling sub-par products and not responding to requests for help.
This would have been a 1-star review, except I have since finished the shed, and - with the roof on - it seems that it might hold up for a year or so, but I am still planning on making a partial wooden inner-frame to support in case of higher winds.

I have since been contacted by customer support, who was has been very kind and professional. I was offered a full refund or a full replacement. I originally declined the offer, as I had the shed completed, and was planning to just add an inner wooden frame; I didn't feel like taking the whole shed apart. In response, vidaXL US offered me a partial refund for my troubles and as an apology for the quality of the shed. I would have accepted this, except before I noticed the message, and before I put the inner frame up, we had a day of stronger winds and the shed blew down and fell apart. As a response, vidaXL offered me a full refund with a return of the damaged parts. I accepted their offer, and the refund has been processed. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the customer service and the return policy.

Do it. These negative reviews are b. S.
I was a little skeptical at first because of all the reviews I read but, I was also looking for a deal because after buying a new house we were a little low in funds.
I ordered about 1200$ of pool patio furniture and when my order came in I was shocked at the quality.

I am a woman (no politics please) and can sometimes be pretty critical of home decor. Lol, Im the person who pays 3$ for a dollar general tiki torch then, take it back bc it wasnt Home Depot quality (that really happened &, the 10$ tiki torches were much better in the end).

The reviews I read didnt hold a light to what I received. First off I received my shipment within 2 wks of the order. My order was quit large so it came in pieces within 1-2 days of each other. The reviews I read were mostly about how confusing the instructions were, items were missing, damaged or late.
I assembled all of it, the instructions were included, all the screws and equipment was labeled & organized (seriously its not what I expected at all). If you can read the instructions that come with a LEGO kit then you can put this together. I mean it doesnt tell you how to slide the washer on the screw but, its pretty easy for a person of average intelligence to figure that out.

The only issue I had with the final product was easily fixed with common sense. There was a wobble in the wicker table but, when I flipped it over there was a foot pad that wasnt all the way screwed in. Also, when I received the PDF tracking form I noticed one of my items were left off and I e-mailed to see if maybe it was supposed to be shipped separately and I received a reply within an hour and a new tracking PDF with my entire order listed. It was a simple mistake easily addressed/fixed.

Im not really sure why I see all the negative reviews I do, I find it super strange. Maybe written by competitors or I really just dont know. I do know if you are considering & skeptical, trust me & do it. I am a real, working, middle to upper class American consumer, throwing this out there to help others having the same should I do it? Is it a scam? Thoughts I was having about vidaXL.

Dont believe all the bad reviews, this is actually a site I will now go to for quality deals.

Quality for Triple Wheelie Bin Shed Poly Rattan
Just received my vidaXL Triple Wheelie Bin Shed Anthracite 90.2"x30.7"x47.2" Poly Rattan.
Installation sheet is missing some important steps. After I get in contact with VidaXL vidaXL US reassured they will make updates to the contents to make the installation easier. The overall quality is ok but I experienced some issue with the main structure especially with the screws used to close the top covers. After the installation is complete the overall structure needs to be adjusted a bit to make all alignments you need for the front and top covers to close properly. Customer service was very responsive to my concerns and gave me also a partial refund to compensate some of the issues I encountered.
My advice is to take your time for the installation and have someone with skills in assembling similar things.

I have purchased an outdoor shower. It looks nice made of stainless steel. It fits together well but it leeks at the plastic reducing couplings (yellow and black). The receiving L-bow leaves insufficient clearance to connect a standard garden hose female coupling. The only way it can be hooked up is by cutting a garden hose and attaching it to the yellow (and black) plastic reducing coupling with a steel strap type clamp. The result is a leek due to a busted thread on one of the two plastic couplings. PLEAESE SEND ME A NEW SET OF PLASTIC COUPLINGS WITH A SEAL.

Rabbit hutch
We bought this large rabbit hutch with 2 runs, the wood is flimsy, chipped and cracked. The tray that slides in is about an inch too big and won't fit. Wire was untrimmed and hanging off, see pictures. The website I purchases from wouldn't let me post a review. VidaXL US probably get too many bad ones as they have an F rating on BBB. Which I didn't find out til after my purchase. Hoping this holds up to weather but I would not recommend or purchase from again. And it took 3 weeks to get item even tho it shipped out the next day from ordering and getting in contact with customer service is nearly impossible.

The chairs we ordered came in a timely manner. Beautiful looking chair. The hardware that was sent with the chair was inadequate and we had to buy new. We tried the chairs out over Christmas around our table and there are only two of the four left standing. The wood cracked on the legs of one of the chairs and the whole side of the other chair completely fell off. We needed to use these in a public setting and would not work at all.
I did try to call customer service and was greeted with someone named Diane to leave a message. There was not a business greeting just Dianne. I called a second time thinking I had the wrong number but the same response. I did leave a call back message on the first call with no call back.

Very Big Mistake
I made the initial purchase with PayPal. For some reason the VidaXL refunded the order almost immediately with no reason. I confirmed with PayPal that vidaXL US had approved the transaction and sent the funds. After 5 days of going back and forth with Customer Service Reps and Supervisors, there was no explanation as to why. I was being directed to make a wire transfer from my bank account or credit card directly into their bank account which is very suspicious to me. Customer Service Department kept saying that is what the instructions from the Finance Department was. When I asked to speak with their Finance Department, I was told I could not. They would not restore the original order, nor put the items back in the cart for me to purchase again using PayPal. I wanted to use PayPal since my personal information or credit is protected. VidaXL was trying very hard to steer me away from that. Also, everytime I went to their website the prices went up, so I wanted to guarantee I would be paying the same price. I was also told by a Supervisor I would be receiving a discount for my inconvenience. When it came time to apply the discount I was told to make the wire transfer first then I would get the discount. I asked how much was the discount, and how exactly was it going to be applied. The more I pressed, I finally got the truth which was they weren't giving me any discount. By then, I had went back online shopped for all the furniture which amounted to over $5,100, and repurchased using PayPal. The furniture was delivered. Not all the pieces came intact and the quality was cheap. If I could give them 0 stars I would. They have horrible customer service and cheap furniture. They spend more on their photography than on the material of their pieces.

The product was supposed to be shipped in two packages, I got one but the other was out of stock.
Upon purchase of a platform bed, we were notified that it would be delivered in two packages. Both packages had their shipping labels printed the day after, and the first one was then shipped according to the tracking information. A few days go by and we receive the first package, but the second was still only showing that the label had been printed, and not yet shipped. I then contacted customer support, who said that the second packages contents were out of stock and that we would have to wait another month for it to be in stock. We chose to return the product instead of waiting.

This company is a scam!
I bought a bird cage that could be better described as a cheese grater. Upon unboxing, I discovered literally every component was a different dimension, and not a single piece actually fit.

Every metal screen was razor sharp on every surface, and my hands were sliced open several times.

I emailed them with a picture of my injuries, and asked for a refund. VidaXL US assured me that my case had been sent to the "escalation dept" and I would have a response within 24 hours, but a week (and several emails) later, no one had contacted me.

This company is a complete scam, and a class action lawsuit is certainly in order!

Don't but from them.
I purchased 2 tents from them. One I returned within the 30 days and 2 months later I still have not been refunded my money. The other tent I put up to see how it would look for my wedding and then had it in my garage until I needed to use it. When we went to use it on my wedding day the poles bent in and wouldn't support the tent. When I contacted the company vidaXL US offered me a $35 refund or to replace the broken parts, which aren't in stock and they don't know when they will be back in stock. I paid $152 for a pile of junk and $88 never refunded. Not worth it. Do not buy. I wish I didn't!

This was the worse shopping experience known to mankind. I am trying to return ONE ITEM and no one has been able to give me direction. It's been over 2 months of constant emailing with NO RESOLVE. I have been sent self addressed labels so that the package would be From ME and TO ME making it impossible to send back. I have communicated with at least 15 people who can't seem to get one thing right, ‘how to return an item'. VidaXL US even made an arrangement to have someone pick up the item and then said they do not have that service. NEVER AGAIN. I am working to make their incompetence public.

Unsafe product, unresponsive customer service
I ordered a hand water pump in early August, and it arrived poorly painted from a Chinese factory with paint chips falling off the interior of the pump. The pump also was incorrectly assembled and did not work. I immediately notified VidaXL of the safety issue and asked both for a refund and for this product's manufacturing to be reviewed for the safety of other customers. A month passed before I heard from anyone. It's been another three weeks, and my request for refund has still not been acted on after numerous unanswered emails.

Love this greenhouse!
We initially ordered a greenhouse with plastic panels, hundreds of aluminum brackets and a million screws. The frame was so flimsy we didn't go any further knowing it wouldn't stand up to any sever weather. I found this one and it seems to have it all! It was simple and fairly quick to set up. We put the frame together on the patio and then walked it out to the spot where it would be put to work. Slid the fabric over the frame, secured it as suggested and in addition to that as well. It's a perfect size, easy access, along with 4 windows for ventilation. I would by another one of these in a heartbeat!

Perfect for narrow Manhattan balconies with a balcony above
If you own a narrow balcony in NYC, its building code stipulates nothing can overhang its railing, no matter how well secured. Also building boards/by-laws may be reluctant to have awnings attached to "their" building. For lower floors these awnings are perfect, well-made, strong, and fit tightly against the floor of the above balcony. It does protrude several inches over our railing when fully extended, but we do this only when it is raining and we want to enjoy the rain dry. It would be handy to have the wind limit of these awnings, if you wish to have the building board consider changing any by-law that is worried about them blowing off.

Too little too late
I placed an order about March 14. I got NO confirmation after I submitted the payment. I kept trying to call and Email with no success. So I reluctantly ordered another set of chairs from another company. There was never any tracking / delivery info ever sent to me.
Now TWO SETS OF CHAIRS ARRIVED! This was a gift to a couple who does NOT have the space to fit all of these chairs. I am out double the money! I'm frustrated with the lack of communication. I can only hope the product is good. The chairs have to be "assembled!" Another thing vidaXL US did not tell me!

VidaXL Outdoor Deck Chair with Footrest Solid Acacia Wood
I love the deck chairs we bought. Beautiful by the pool! However two of them broke a week later. VidaXL US won't sit in the "upright position" and fall back to "recline." The company determined they would replace them after I sent a video of the problem; however, we threw away the boxes. I cannot buy boxes to ship them back - they are gigantic. I asked if I can buy two more deck chairs on my credit card, have them delivered, and use those boxes when they arrive to ship these two broken ones back. The company can then credit back my card and all will be well. It's an easy way to "exchange." They said no. What a racket. I'm scared to try this approach without their consent in case they refuse return and I'm stuck with paying for five chairs instead of three. They're pretty pricey. I wish they had a customer service department that would make this right. How can they not understand that I don't have two gigantic oddly shaped boxes. The way they are now, they are super dangerous. No one can sit in them because they can be slammed back. I want new ones. And perhaps the weight limit is low - I will make sure no men in my family sit in them! I'm going to call them one more time and suggest I drive out to the warehouse to exchange them in person. If not, I will have to dispute the charge with my credit card company. I can't keep these dangerous chairs the way they are now. Hopefully they will reach out and I can change this rating to a 5! PS. When I try to write a review on their website, it says there is an "error" and it won't let me publish.

Joke of a company
I had several issues with this order. I ordered a stand up paddle board on the 25th of May and was given a delivery date of 5/29. The product wasn't even shipped by the delivery date. I contacted the company and vidaXL US requested that I wait another day and offered a return if it had not gone out by then. They also attached another tracking ID to the msg. The next day came and the new ID said it was in my state and on the way. It turns out that they had given me an ID for somebody else's order. I reached out again and I accepted their offer of a refund. By some miracle the package actually arrived the next day. I kept an eye on my account and saw no money had been placed back, so I didn't bother to contact the company again. I then used the paddleboard for the first time where it barely stayed on the water and the oar broke after 1.5 hours. I found out after I had gotten home that the manual had a different PSI limit than advertised on the website. This is important for this specific product for buoyancy and they just lied. I once again accepted another refund offer and mailed back the product. They stated the refund would arrive in my account 2-5 days later. The refund did not come so i reached out again to the company. They had stated they processed the refund on 6/19. I don't have a transaction from that day at all on my card and now feel they are blatantly lying to me. This has been the worst purchase of my life. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY.

Purchase of dog kennel
My initial review of the dog kennel purchased for my son's very large, energetic dog was unfavorable for two reasons: My son felt the wire was too light and the dog could eventually find a way to get out. Second - when we started to hang the wire, it became very tangled and was difficult to handle. We eventually gave up and the wire was discarded. I was contacted by a representative after posting the review and we had a nice chat. My son is keeping the kennel frame and door, but will purchase a more dense wire. I was offered and have received partial compensation for my expense, and am satisfied with how the transaction was handled.

Ordered an office desk. Arrived in beaten up, previously used boxes (it was clear that somebody got that desk and returned it before me). Desk was not fitting together, it was made poorly, holes were in the wrong place and previously made holes that were a mistake were filled in but fell out during transit. The desk was smaller than the company made. The drawers almost fell of when putting something in. The whole desk was spray painted with white and I got white fingers when touching it. AWFUL. Please do not order from them! TRASH

AVOID AT ALL COSTS - 2 months to arrive, broken and mouldy, refusing to refund money
Item took 2 months to arrive. Emailed multiple times for updates but ignored. Online tracking not up to date. Finally got call from courier to arrange delivery. Booked delivery for 2 days later but courier showed up the next day. Luckily someone was home to receive delivery. Courier quite literally dumped it on the pavement and drove away. After dismantling the pallet and carrying it in, we realised there were NO PRE-DRILLED HOLES, the WOOD WAS SPLIT in several places and it was COVERED IN MOULD. I reported this immediately to customer service via email. A couple of WEEKS LATER and several emails later, I'm STILL WAITINGFOR THE COURIER TO COLLECT IT. Chat not working on Vidaxl website and no phone numbers to call. Customer service REFUSING REFUND until courier collects. Absolutely SHOCKED and DISGUSTED by this company. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

VidaXL, found them by accident
I had just purchased a new, larger television and I was in need of a larger tv stand. I looked in several stores and everything I saw seemed kind of expensive for some particle board BS. $300 for that cheap crap? And vidaXL US all looked very generic, no style. I started looking online and found a few things that I actually liked on some other websites. I almost purchased from one of them. At checkout, it told me that my purchase was from an individual seller and not the original retailer of the stand, and therefore would probably not be covered by warranty. I REALLY loved this particular piece, so I searched for where I could buy it directly. Lo and behold, it was VidaXL. I had never heard of them but reviews of the company by customers were all very positive regarding the quality of product and the customer service received. And that same stand was $20 less than from the individual seller. I was a little spooked that I couldn't get an exact shipping date but I went ahead and ordered. It came within 3 days. It was fully assembled, I had only to put the feet and knobs on. It's 100% mango wood and it's BEAUTIFUL! I get compliments on it from everyone. I only wish they had some matching end tables. I would absolutely order from them again.

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