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I'm happy
There is a large selection of interesting ladies with whom it is pleasant to chat and move on to a closer acquaintance :) everything here is very convenient, the site does not lag and the profiles are checked.

Scam at it's finest!
Are you tired of having money? Do you like being one of many men in a woman life? Do you like a woman who deceives you? The come join victoriyaclub! VictoriyaClub have woman who on their Instagram are with boyfriend and somehow they got approved to be on this site! Do like it when ur Ukraine "girlfriend" is club in their city and tell you sorry dear i was feeling ill. All these women are trained to separate you from your money. They will always keep you only online and promise you the world although they're rocking someone elses world in the Ukraine. Victoriyaclub is a scam like all the other services. Anastasiadate, tenderbrides, find-bride, prime dating, romance compass and so on. If you only want to lose money proceed to sign up and head down the road of bankruptcy. The myth of Ukrainian women being good woman is a lie. Personally I have meet women on the site while in the Ukraine and some spoke perfectly English but will keep u on the site because it's the paycheck. Most girls on this site are working with an agency called United Dating Services. They comission their girl to pretend they are since while being posting photos of themselves with the girl and boyfriend. Ukraine isn't a place to find love. It's a place of well trained manipulative $#*!es! Ignore the men who say that the site is good. They probably are paid reviews or from the agencies. You want to see if I'm right search on Enter a city and you'll find a dating agency who is looking for online models. If a marriage agency is involved or you're required to pay per minute to communicate. Its a scam 100%. Most of the women will refuse to close down their accounts until u give them a ring. Meanwhile they will continue speaking to men behind ur back. Don't spend your money here and don't waste your time looking for a bride in Ukraine. It's a scam

Scam Site
VictoriyaClub are associated with and I know four of the girls that work on Ladadate, and yes, they are also on this site. Funny enough I have a screen shot of one of the girl's commission earning from Victoriyaclub. I will not post it, she is friend and I do not want to get her fired. I used Victoriyaclub only enough to double check on a few girls. This was before I meet the first girl who let me know that many of the girls get paid to talk to men here.

The reality is this. A marriage agency site that relies on instant chat and video chat are scam sites. You will notice that the girls are on there for hours at a time. These are girls that supposedly have studies and work for a living to paid for their studies. Explain then how they could spend 8 hours online just waiting for you to talk to them. Also you will notice that most of the girls are wearing similar to the same clothes and are in pictures of the same room or setting. This is because the site owners have their own photography station just for the site. This was slipped to me on accident from one of the girls I think when we were discussing another girl from the site.

No all the girls are fakes and frauds paid to talk to you. But most of them are. I do think that all of them make a commission from you. But I do not have proof of this. Best thing to do is a reverse photo look up. See where that girl has been. If she is on multiple sites, especially chat/video site, avoid her.

Also this site does not comply with IMBRA, so Americans, you cannot use the site as a reference for IMBRA laws on your K-1 Visa. Yup, no bride for you from here. Good luck.

Thanks VictoriyaClub!
I had only a positive impression of VictoriyaClub. I spend a lot of time at work, I literally live there and there is practically nothing left for personal life and entertainment, but I want to have a native person next to me! Thanks to VictoriyaClub I met a beautiful girl, we have been communicating for 2 months, we found a common language at once, she was interested in me and I her, this is mutual, I do not see any catch in finance! Guys maybe you have very high requirements or not those girls have chosen, but I say by my example, to arrange a personal life through the Internet - this is real! It is enough to set priorities correctly and understand what you really need!

Best Matching Service
For those who just started to use this website, I would say - a great choice! VictoriyaClub had brought updates and bonuses for the regular users, which I like, but some of the latest updates brought problems which led to slow work of the website. There were times when the website asked me to redownload the page when I was in the middle of the chat, and it was quite annoying. But in a few days, they started to bring fixes and everything went back. I've had no technical issues since that time. I did not put any high expectations on the VictoriyaClub website when I joined it. Now I become an experienced user and have tried other dating services. But after 1 week of chatting with different ladies, I found VictoriyaClub to be very honest and serious matching service.

Can't access page anymore - HUGHES
For some reason when I try to log to the site from HUGHES NET service it is impossible as it states: This site can't be reached from CHROME. I log in from my METRO PCS/ T Mobile and it works fine, I even log in. What's the deal?

2 years are the happiest
Do not stop your search! - I had been using the website for more than 6 months already but hundreds of matches did not seem like the right fit. I was thinking that I will find no luck, but decided to expand my search area. When I did so Marina's profile popped up in my matches and I was intrigued instantly, by not only her gorgeous look but also because her profile seemed so genuine and true. At that very moment, I felt that I found a woman I have been looking for all my life. The website helped me through all our correspondence and first meetings. The assistance I got from the website helped me to overcome my shy personality and I still think that it was the present from heaven. It's been a little over 2 years since we have been together. And these 2 years are the happiest time for me ever. We plan to engage soon and buy a new house.

Scam! Stay away. Fake women! Fake service!
Where to begin. First don't listen to any guys reviews if the only reason he gave it 5 stars is because the girls are beautiful or the girls turn on their cam. Those men are idiots. Second if you don't want to read all this just look at the proof provided. is absolute scam. While the state VictoriyaClub have strict guidelines it's false. In the past few months many women have been confirmed by administration of girls lie about their actual status in Ukraine. You can see the photos of girls and their profiles on victoriyaclub. Next to them you will see the photo of them and their boyfriend. I attached communication between the admin confirm approving them even after they went thru their questionnaire and fake Skype communicate. Even if you purchase their contact information they may give you a second burner number. The girls will give you every excuse on the planet why both of you will need to communicate on the site. They broke their phone and using their mothers phone. They are "busy" but they are online on average of 5 to 8 hours a day. Ukraine is not a landfill that all the women present to you online. Most of the women lie because of the marriage agency guidelines. Most smoke hookah and use vape pens daily. The women drink as much alcohol as the men. Based on experience the women are more trash than classy. This women will tell all your sexual fantasies while pleasuring their man on the other side of the communicate. Don't believe the false narrative that Ukraine and the marriage agency presents. I promise you this. The girl you are speaking to has a better life than you. The latest iphone, traveling abroad yearly, manipulating stupid stupid tourist who believes the lies the agency sell you to con the men out of free items not limited to drinks and meal. They will push all the boundaries so they don't pay. They only good trait they have is they will not sleep with at all in person because it disrespectful to the real boyfriend in their city. If you like having a sexless marriage but getting used by women who have dozen of men attention at one time and you no self respect in yourself this site is the place for you. They will send all the most sexual content you like but then tell you their camera doesn't work or they can't because of some bogus reason. They will always use the excuse that their "internet " is not work or is slow. It's a lie. They are on anastasiadate, j4l, find-bride, primedating, etc or just speaking to other men at the same time. Open a second profile if you want to test this out yourself. In addition, they will declare their love to you, say they are faithful and etc but while writing this they will be write letter to other staying they haven't found love yet or no one speaks to them. Most of the women on this and any site only see men as paychecks because multiple girls admitted that they get paid to separate you from your money. They get a part of revenue. It's 2020, an antiqued service which they provide has no real value. There feel translator and a person who only hide behind a paid to speak service is a just an employee for the marriage agency. They build the perfect illusion just to con you out of you money. If the photos, email, and closed accounts don't make you believe in the scam. Enter marriage in the site and see how many openings the marriage agency has for just chatting. The marriage agency requires women social media accounts to have little photos of men so they don't get banned. Remember the longer you're online the more money for them. It's attached in the photos. Ukrainian are know as scammers for a reason. They are. The marriage agency do not care about your love life. They care about their salaries and bottom line. Don't spend a dime on any international marriage site.

Fake and Expensive
As you can see on the photo that was attached. In a bracket it say customer. First name. So, if want to waste your money go ahead and use this service. Don't believe people review that it's a great site. One week of using this site doesn't mean you found love nor does it make this site work. First everyone will send you likes and winks. Second VictoriyaClub will send you a book length letter within 1 minute of you looking at their profile. The site is slow all the time and customers service is a nightmare to deal with. If you want to close down your profile it takes days. You can find love on the site but it will cost you thousands of dollars and a lot of fake "relationship " it's very difficult to find someone on this site who seriously wants to leave the Ukraine. Don't believe the fake article you read. The Ukraine is more modern than you imagine. Women in the Ukraine have plenty of options and are not looking to move abroad at all. They want to only you sending letters for their commission. If you chat with them get ready to spend hours and thousands of dollars. If you want a real relationship just head to Ukraine. It is cheaper and believe me you will love the experience. Don't waste your money on any service you pay per minute or per letter. Learn the language and head to the Ukraine.

Huge Scam. Stay away! Save your money!
Where to begin. I will ask all the morons who gave this site a 5 star a challenge. Provide an update on your progress on your relationship currently. I want proof of marriage by marriage certificate and i want the men who stated this site is honest to show me their current status with their Ukrainian woman. Yes you can find love here after years and years of using a site but a broken clock is also right twice a day. I have attached a few photos of employees from the site as proof of the scam Ukrainian women participate in. In addition, I have added a YouTube link to a recording of the job requirements from all marriage agency in Ukraine and even Asia countries. Most girls on these site have boyfriend or husband in Ukraine as you can see by the photos posted by another gentleman reviewing on here.

First women on any foreign pay by the minute site has no serious intention at all. I have spend thousands of dollars on these site and have only meet 1 woman in real life. Most will give you million of excuses why VictoriyaClub can't leave the site or delay a meeting. Some will say to you they feel better and safer on this site because it's easier for them. A real common excuse you will receive is that they broke their phones and they are to poor to purchase a new phone. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM AT ALL WITH ANY EXCUSE! With the exception of the millionaire who can afford to throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars on this site, these women will have better phone then you. IPhone 11, Galaxy s 20 and so on. You can also try this on your own if you choose to but you will notice most women on these site are online between 6 to 14 hours a day without missing a day. Also never believe them when they give you a sad story like their parents are kicking them out of the house or they are virgins. Ukrainian women love show off their bodies and they have many sexual experience with both men and women already. About 98% of Ukrainian women smoke hookah or vape and drink alcohol frequently, do not believe that they do not smoke or drink on the profile. Работа is the Russian word for work. You search on Instagram or for translater jobs and you will find dozens of openings on marriage agency in all Ukraine. As you see the women from united dating service have no shame of showing off what their work is to instagram. Katerina below is a model, translator and administrator for the vinnitsa branch in Ukraine. Most girls will do everything in their power to keep you on the site. You will find women who will get naked for you on camera just to entertain you. So if you want a showgirl this site works for you. All the women have multiple dating profiles on, j4l,,,, and so on. I have attached affiliates in the photo of a handful of sites. Most of the women on the site are translator who use their photos to make money and purchase other girls photos to create accounts for them and give that other girls a passive income. When they take 3 to 10 minutes to reply it's because they are on chat with someone else. Don't believe the internet issue excuse. I have used the internet in Ukraine and it was fine. UKRAINIAN WOMEN ARE NOT BETTER THAN ANY OTHER WOMEN. THEY ARE THE SAME. THERE IS NO UNICORN IN UKRAINE. THEY SEE MEN AS ATMS ONLY WITH FEW EXPECTATIONS. MOST UKRAINIAN WILL NOT LEAVE UKRAINE AT ALL. DO NOT FALL FOR THE BIGGEST SCAM OF UKRAINE SINCE THEIR WOMEN ARE THE MOST LUCRATIVE PRODUCTS THEY SELL. Stay away from all foreign sites which make you pay for credit or per minutes. Never send a penny to them or gifts through the site as the price is marked up to 300% on some items. A quick example is a single rose cost on this site 45 credit which equal at a minimum $ 26 usd because the cheapest credit is $13 for 40 credits. The minimum rose a woman wants is 11 roses which cost 495 credits which is around $149 usd for them. The actual price in Ukraine for these roses are $12 to 20 usd for 11 roses. Do not waste your time or money on these sites. You will be filing for bankruptcy first before you apply for a marriage license.

All these Russian dating sites are total scams
It doesn't matter if it is,,,,, or any other Russian dating sight where you must pay to send notes to women or pay to chat, VictoriyaClub are ALL SCAMS. They all use the same "Agency." They all have the same women. They are all frauds! The women are paid to talk to you! They will tell you they love you want to marry you anything to keep you sucked in. Their lies and deflections are weak, but they all play the scam well. They can't go to free sites because they need the translator so they say, etc., etc. They don't trust you to give you personal contact info, but you can buy it, etc. etc. Spend your money in a local bar or fly to Ukraine and visit bars. Don't waist your time and money on these sites. The girls are pimped out by this gouging crooked Agency and the sites play the scam. One thing for sure, no matter how blatant the lie you catch the girl or the site in they have one thing down, deny deny deny! They are just CAM girls that don't take their clothes off and instead of honest pay for sex, its pay to have your heart played with in the worst way.

I do not know what people are writing about here, what kind of dummy profiles?. If you read the reviews, you might think that all the similar dating sites are run by some secret society. At the same time, my friends who found themselves a couple on a similar site, VictoriyaClub recommended me. And you know what? I found an adequate girl, she did not want my money and expensive gifts. When we met, we just talked for 4 hours. About everything in the world. Now we are together for half a year, and I have not regretted even once. In my experience, I can say that here really find a soul mate.

Scam 100%
Opened several chat, different webcams, and all webcams are just video, if yo uask them to say something or make signs with hands, VictoriyaClub try to change discussion or say their mic doesnt work or site is lagging xd

Definitely a scam
These women are being paid I have spent thousands of dollars on a woman who claimed she loves me and whom I have been speaking with for 3 years now we spoke on another site until Feb then she deleted her profile and I found her on this site and this person could not remember a single thing about me including my birthday which the person on the other site could remember off the top of her head. After spending thousands of dollars on this site and meeting the requirements to request her contact info she refused saying she doesnt trust me even after speaking with me for 3 years. The person is using photos of a model who has a daughter and yet this person cant send any photos of "her" daughter except for what you can find on the internet and cant send any family photos while the woman on the other site would send photos of her daughter that you cannot find on the internet and would send family photos including photos of her and her mother and of her and her grandmother. Thankfully we have a mutual friend who was able to confirm my suspicions that this was not in fact the real person. I reported the user to the company who took down her profile and reviewed my report and "verified" her identity and then reopened her profile and sent me a video of "her" saying she was "here looking for love" the person in the video is NOT the same person in the photos which was also confirmed by our mutual friend. I complain about the amount of money I spend and she accuses me of not being serious and threatens to "break up" with me because I dont write enough.

The girls are professional scammers. VictoriyaClub make the man talk nonsense, not realizing that a chat is about $1.00 USD per minute. $5.00 to watch a 3 sexond video, $5.00 to send a a photo, plus outrageous charges to buy points. NOTE: Some girls are paid to meet and greet every new man, and get a high commission for the minutes they rack up spent on this website. These women will spend up to 18 hours per day as a sole source of income. They will be very suggestive and get the man to talk dirty. They will send many 3 second videos for $5.00 to open each. The girl are professionals at getting a man to spend more money in chat, letters at $5.00 each, sending photos at $5.00 each, but their big bucks come from the chat as the clock is ticking. For some girls, it is their sole source of income, and they make big commissions. There mmay be some legitimate profiles, but they are rare. You can be assurred that you will be bombarded with the girls on commission, and they will keep trying. They know every trick there is to get a man to spend more money. The whole website is design to get men addicted to this site, and exploit the men. It's all about money, and there is nothing legitimate about it. Keep in mind that these professional sharks are all over a man competing to get commissions on what you spend.

Until now I didn't believe in "soul mates"
Until now I didn't believe in "soul mates" - but seems like I have found mine. I was divorced 2 times and didn't think I would get a second chance at happiness. The woman I found on Victoriya Club had never been married and all these past years had been waiting for the right man. 2 years ago I would never say that it is a fate, but now I am pretty sure that I have found mine. Do not want to sound very sentimental, but it was like a lifetime miracle for me. We continue our communication and plan our spring vacation. For those who believe, Victoriya Club will be the perfect place.

Thank you from the heart of Victoria Clube that help lonely hearts.
I also want to thank VictoriaClub for this wonderful service. For a long time I lived alone after a divorce with my first wife. When I was tired of this, I started looking for my love on different sites, but I was often deceived and upset. To my fortune, accidentally stumbled upon VictoriaClub, then I still did not believe that I really can find my love through the Internet. I met first with one nice woman, but my interests and life positions did not converge, until now we communicate with her, by the way she also recently found her man here. And I again began to search. On my pleasure I met Victoria, I immediately realized that this is mine. Three weeks later we met, I took her to me. Soon I'll make a favored offer. Thank you from the heart of Victoria Clube that help lonely hearts.

My life happier)
What I like the most about VictoriyaClub, is that it serves its purpose! Which I find to be the most important advantage. The ladies I am communicating with right now are real and honest, with real photos and strong desire to build family and marriage. I have never thought that communication on the dating website will be so easy. I will give this website the highest rate, as it makes my life happier.

It is a scam so be aware
You need to know what you are paying for. These women get paid by the minute to talk to you. VictoriyaClub will swear that they don't but that is because they want you to feel special. Don't fall for it. I met a girl and we exchanged contact information. The next day she privately emailed me and said I should leave the site and never come back. She said she was threatened by her agency to not meet me because they would no longer pay her if we met because they would lose the money I was spending on the site. She was angry and I haven't seen her in three months on the site. She was actually a legitimate girl and they broke her. If you want to be fooled by some pretty women that will show themselves on camera, then go ahead and waste your money. Most, however, will not even show themselves on camera so you're talking to photoshopped pictures. Good luck.

Does its job
Rad and hit site! My friend recommended it to me after meeting his soulmate here. I chatted away with a few girls, all were real and attractive. Soon I found my current gf, fingers crossed, my future fiancee.

Total fraud-even videos loop
You are being foolish if you go here. I had one of the scammers email me directly out of guilt and expose it all. There is no hope for a relationship here and the girl in the picture is not the girl you are talking to. Do not waste your time.

Good place for singles to find girlfriend
I registered about half of ayear ago after divorce with my ex-wife. I was in deep depression and didnt know what to do next. I didn't want to start a new relationship, din't want anything at all.
I tried to find communication with women online on several sites, but only on VictoriyaClub I found a really sweet relationship. I do not want to get married again, but I really like to chat with young ladies. In a couple of months, I am going to visit Ukraine and meet my new girlfriend.
I am very worried about this dating and I do not hope that everything will be good with the first time and from the first date. But my girlfriend agreed to date with me in Kyiv.
Wish me luck, guys)))

I just want to answer the comment. No, it's not her. I added photo only as example and dont want to show my girlfriend to everyone.

It has gone from bad to worst
It has gone from bad to worst! VictoriyaClub let too many scammers in and they don't seem to control them anymore.
VictoriyaClub's scammers are so well-versed in seduction and in ripping you off. Don't believe their excuses, tricks and tales. They make up sob stories and ask you to help them out. They want to make you part with your money. They are definitely not searching for relationship. Also, I'm convinced that a lot of them are being paid to keep you on a chat session.
I contacted Victoriyaclub customer service several times to report a scammer. But all these scammers are still active – so beware!

VictoriyaClub is a big Scam? Definitely NOT!
Victoriyaclub - great and honest dating website, but I crave more videos in lady's profiles!)) To give a general overview of the site, I would say that it is easy to use, prompt and reasonably priced. But some ladies have no videos on their profiles... I had communicated with some ladies that had tons of great photos, but no video. I asked them to turn on their web camera and they're all did it.
It seemed a bit suspicious to me. So ladies, bring more real videos.) You're so beautiful even without any cosmetics.

Nothing more than a fun chat site beware!
Interesting that there is no review yet about this site - I recently signed up there, met a woman which I knew from another site who typically "recommended" VC as the better option. Of course I was warned and it proved in the end to be true.

What you can do there:
- text chat: VictoriyaClub will try to lure you in chats with messages like "Do you like 69", "My clit needs your tongue" and "have you ever seen a girl pleasuring herself" - I got screenshots to prove that. Sending pcitures in chat cost 5 credits, 1 credit per mins
- video chat: I did with her and she was real, but I noticed that she was working with more than one screen because her eyes were always shifting between them. When it was obvious that there is another man waiting for her in chat, she cut our chat short. Cost is +1 credit to normal chat.
- there is an option to "Buy" a girls contact data after some time. But you need the "permission" of the woman. My contact said, she had an old computer (so no Skype), she does not know what WhatsApp and Viber is and only has an old phone - so no smart phone in a country where they all have iPhones.
- when I told about my plans to come and visit suddenly there was "a lot of work coming up from her boss" during the time I am there. "I prefer live chat" was the end of the line.

I also had other fun chats with women - but do not expect to meet any of them, they are not fake but paid at 99%. I have a screenshot from an ad hiring girls with "model" quality for big chat sites.

Be sure that you aware of the fact that you will probably never meet any of the women you chat with - it is a cash machine but not so expensive - 40$ 140 credits

A way to make business with real photos but fake people behing
I used to go in this site after been in another one and know some nice women but not what I was looking for. I found the site more active that the old one, and I was surprise that from the first moment I go in, even without a photo yet, I got so many views, likes and winks, and some women add me to their favorites. I insist without a photo and with a very short profile.

But what surprise to me more, was to find tow women I knew from the previous site, there. I started to chat and also send messages and it was like VictoriyaClub didn't recognize me. I asked them by some stories only we knew, and the answers were nothing related with my questions.

The end of the story: they have people behind certain profiles that they are not the real women of the photos, not the real people. But to discover it, I spend money... a fraud. Don't go here. Perhaps you can find real women, but they are not all of them

It is good resource!)
I am very satisfied with the work of the team VictoriyaClub! On this resource I met my future wife, and I want to say thank you for this! I used to think that finding your destiny on the Internet is unrealistic. But VictoriyaClub has convinced me of this! The only thing that did not really like on the resource - the support service responds to requests for a long time. And in general - everything is super!) I can not understand those who write negative reviews. It is evident that not those girls met!)I can not understand those who write negative reviews. It's clear that not those girls met!) I've been sitting on various dating sites for a long time, and I have something to deal with!) VictoriaClub I like the most!

Dating SITE with no DATE
In the last three months I have spent about 3000$ on this site, + several voyages to Ukrainian cities, Thank God I can not get a visa to Russia. Had dates with several girls in Kiev, Odesa, and Kharkiv, and Mykolaiv. When I was in her Pub, the "Mafia" in Mykolaiv, she told me she was afraid of meeting a foreigner... in her hometown, her favorite pub... Unbelieveable. The most trustworthy ones are the Russians... cause VictoriyaClub usually have no passport, no visa, and you cannot go there... A SCAM

Avoid it like the plague!
One star ONLY because I cant rate negative numbers!
The charge you for absolutely EVERYTHING!
10 credits to send one message, have to pay to see a video that a girl sends, half of the photos are "private" and cost 5 credits each. I found several girls that are professional models, I'm sure VictoriyaClub dont need to be on a dating site.

My first comment
Hi, wanted to leave my first comment on the VictoriyaClub. This is my first time using the dating website and I did not know what to expect. To express my general impression I have to say that I liked the website, VictoriyaClub have a big gallery of ladies of different age, which is very good, as on the previous websites I saw only hundreds of young, nearly 20 years old, girls who to my mind are not ready to build any serious relationships. Here on VictoriyaClub I found out that you can meet a lady of my age, and I am 48 years old by the way.))) But recently I came across with some technical issues that were quite annoying. The good thing is that they were fixed after my announcement about them, so the general impression is quite fine.

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