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Victoria's Secret

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Bummed VS Secret Rewards Program is cancelled :( And no more apparel & swim!
I've been a loyal VS customer forever even though they're stuff is overpriced. The Secret Rewards Card program was such a fun way to incentivize continuing to shop there. Since Victoria's Secret cancelled the program in 2016, I'm bummed that we don't get that little extra. That program caused me to spend more of my money there (hence the point of the program!). They didn't lose me as a customer (as some people ranted online) but they definitely lost a lot of my money. I appreciate their big sales a few times a year & they're constant deals, so as long as they still offer those I'll still shop here when I can get a nice discount. But I just won't shop at VS as much.

I see they're now starting to offer free 'rewards cards' with certain purchases but so far it's been larger purchases like $35-40. Their old program used to offer Secret Rewards cards with just a $10 purchase & you could get 1 per day for the duration of the promo. I hope VS reinstates this program in the future because I really think they're losing a lot of business by canceling it.

Also another frustration is VS has stopped selling apparel for their basic VS line & swimsuits ugh :( That was what I bought there the most! Honestly I found their apparel super comfy & made me look good (especially their yoga pants) & couldn't find that level of comfort & fit from other brands, especially that was as cute of styles. Their swim suits were also super cute & they had fun unique styles I couldn't find elsewhere. So again, super bummed they stopped selling these things.

I checked they're site to see what they're selling now. It appears they're really expanding their VS sport line. Their PINK line still offers some apparel but it's clearly geared towards the young adult & college age girls. I'm only in my early 30s but I don't want to wear clothes with ginormous obnoxious PINK branding! Seriously almost everything in their PINK line has humongous PINK logos all over it. The PINK styles of
Apparel are cute but I don't want to be a roving advertisement for VS PINK. It'd be great if they could offer more apparel in their PINK line that doesn't have to their brand plastered all over it.

Overall, it would've been great if they could've kept VS apparel & swim & still offered more of their sport lines.

It actually makes me think they're having financial issues since they've made so many cuts. Either way, I really hope they don't make any more cutbacks for customers. Otherwise they'll definitely lose me for good.

Poor quality clothing and unethical.
Victoria's Secret put all their money into models, photo shoots, and advertising instead of quality clothing.
Also, do you really appreciate the 10 foot photos of seductive-looking women as you walk through the mall. They are sexualizing women and making it seem like that is a woman's worth, to be sexy, and that is the purpose of the breast, to seduce males. That is not the purpose of the breast or the woman's body or the woman.
Also they put these sexualized images on commercials and fashion shows on national television. So say you are watching tv with your dad or with your children, then all of a sudden, bam, there's a woman in her bra prancing and staring seductively at you. I do not want that. I would rather support an underwear company that doesn't do that, and that actually has comfortable products.
Victoria's Secret is NOT sexy, high quality, or ethical.

Some people seem to greatly exaggerate their bitterness...
Some people seem to greatly exaggerate their bitterness about the site. I've been buying from them for over 12 years now. I am Canadian. Yes, the shipping/duty is high, but you can find great deals on clearance and I *always* find coupon codes for free promo merchandise (bags, umbrellas, jewelry, makeup cases etc) and can almost always get 10% off as well if you spend over $100. Today Victoria's Secret had 20% off any one item, which I used - you can still find lots of promos for Canadians. The negative is that it's not nearly the freebies and benefits that US shoppers get (esp with free shipping), but if you really want the item, it's worth it. I can spend similar $ on items here when everything is factored in. I am picky when I buy though - I research the item so that I know what I'm getting and tend to stick to merchandise that is reliable like their PINK line. It's helped minimize returns over the years. Now I hardly have to return anything. When I do - it's never been more than $12-15 to send it back. Vic Secret isn't a bargain for Canadians, but very few American companies that ship North are these days. As for turn-around time, I always pick regular shipping and I tend to get my tracking number within 48 hrs and my package delivered within the same week because it ships from Mississauga. They're pretty up front about everything - they even accept returns up to six months later and I've never had a problem in 12 yrs of regular shopping with them.

Bad customer service victoria secret
Placed a order with Victoria secret on June 20,2020 with a rep and she was giving me prices that were not the prices on line. However I was transferred to a supervisor without my knowledge I waited for 20 minutes for the young lady tocome back to the phone instead I got a rude lady name Sheryl id number 158650. She was rude didn't know what she was talking about told me I couldn't use my 50.00 dollar reward card along with my 10.00 reward card which yes you can I have been told by other reps you can use up to three rewards in one single transaction. Ive done so before. Also she told me that if I didn't place my order that I would lose my reward altogether because I had given her the numbers already therefore I felt I had no choice but to place this order. This women sounded very bitter and went on and on with the rudeness. I really felt she didn't want to help me because of my race. The list goes on what was said to me. Sherly needs new training I go thru hell with every damn rep at vs.

Going downhill fast
I am a long time shopper of Victoria Secrets, I believe 20 years now. It used to be a high quality company that catered to all women. Their tops, bottoms, dresses and intimate wear were all good quality and there was a wonderful selection. In the past few years VS has changed from a tasteful, sexy inventory to a cheaply made (most items made in China of very thin fabric), limited selection inventory. Has anyone else noticed the website and catalogue is now focused on the teenie-bopper population? The selection of bra colors has been drastically reduced and most of the casual wear is cheaply made and embellished.
No longer can a mature, professional woman purchase from VS and get the quality of the past. Perhaps that was their marketing goal: to attract young teens and lose their mature population. We like to look and feel sexy too, but we do that in style. I miss the VS of the past. Perhaps Victoria's Secret should consider line for those of us over 20!

Sizing and Quality
Most of the items I've purchased have fit perfectly, however every once and a while an item doesn't fit well for all day wear. Victoria's Secret are really good about returns or exchanges though, so I thought it fit in the store, but after a wearing it at home (only for like an hour or two, don't want to ruin the bra if I return it) and it doesn't fit, they allow you to return no problem. The quality is better on the more expensive bras. The "Pink" bra that I purchased, the wire popped through in the center on the left cup after only 3 months (this has happed with the multi-way and the Wear Everywhere), and I'm not a full bust, so it's not like the bra couldn't handle what was in there! Haha... anyway, all in all good, but sometimes you spend 40 bucks and you need to replace the bra in a few months (again, only with the Pink bras has that ever happened to me).

Returned items - never got money back
UPDATE: it has now been 27 business days. Still NOTHING. I will absolutely NEVER BUY from VS again! Stole my money.

In April 2019 I purchased a few items from VS and returned them in store 5/2/2019 and I have not received the credit back on my credit card yet. I have called multiple times and have probably spent at least 3-4 hours talking with them over the past few weeks and every time I call I explain everything to one person and Victoria's Secret transfer me to someone else and I explain again. At least 4 times. Plus I get a different story about how long it should take every time I call. They were unable to locate my items even though I have a confirmation email and receipt (that I got from the store when I returned them) that says I will get the credit back in 3-5 business days. Finally the last time I called they said they processed it and have my items but I still do not have the credit on my account. I have contacted the bank with my card and they are turning in a dispute to VS. It has been 19 business days at this point and VS cannot confirm that they even have my items (some of the people I have talked to at VS say they have them, others say they dont...). This has been beyond ridiculous and will definitely effect any purchases I make there in the future. I have been a very loyal customer until now. Oh and by the way, in the mean time I've had to make a payment and am now getting charged interest even though I will own them nothing after my return. Ridiculous.

Don't order online outside USA
So I placed and order and by mistake there was an error in shipping address. I realized it while it was was getting processed. Called customer service as "modify or change order" will just direct me to call them. As per customer service there is no way you can edit, cancel or modify the order or even change the address. USA customers get 30 mins to do all that and even if Victoria's Secret have to return it's all free but international customers don't have any option like that. Tough to believe right - yes we as international(even in canada, I am from ontario), don't have any choice but for them to take our money and don't provide any service. I don't believe what this company believe in putting this kind of policy. They think they are too big to fail - this should be end of Victoria secret ad they don't value their customers at all they are biased towards Americans and no other country.

Be careful if you order online as this company says you are on your own.

Cheap customer service experience
I placed an order 5 products on the annual sale time 5 days ago and 4 of them have been canceled (%80 of my order) today. I connected to VSASSISTCHAT to fix my issue and VS agent said it is a system error and it happens often on VS website. She offered me to send the same products with different colors after we discussed little bit. ( she offer me free shipping for next purchase which I never pay). I went VS website to find the same products I bought to swich with a different color ones but I couldn't find some of them. I connected one more VS agent to ask for help and she told me there is no offer on the system and I asked for an email address to send these screenshots to them. I already wasted a lot of my time until this moment but it wasn't fair for me and I didn't want to give up. I already have been disappointed with VS CRM system but I still had hope someone who is in charge there will help me. I talked to someone who works for customer service and se said she is truly sorry for making me disappointand and Victoria's Secret have processed a refund to your original form of payment for this item. I had amazing experiences during 3 years which I used to buy. My first and last bad experience with them. You can see how is their real service and customer policy when they make a mistake and make you pay the price of their mistake.

Victorias Secret has contracted with eShopWorld for...
Victorias Secret has contracted with eShopWorld for internatinal shipping. I have ordered multiple times for delivery in the States with no problem, however their shipping partner eShopWorld has much to be desired. Tried to send items to England for my daughter no problem with the actual process of ordering. EShopWorld sent a custom charge immediately on February 17th which I paid. I am still not able to track the package have gotten "I'm sorry sometimes it take 1-2 business days to track" in addition the clothes are in Ireland and now have to be sent to england estimated arrival date is March 28th absolutely ridiculous even United States postal service can ensure it's there in 10 days regular post. Vicorias secret will lose many customers over this mailing issue. In addition the only contact number is in Dublin Ireland no local call

I wanted to to send a VS e-gift card to my friend in Canada as a surprise, so I decided to check first with a customer rep. First to see if I'm doing the right thing. I contacted them via Live Chat service, asking if I can send an e-gift card to my friend in Canada and if my friend can use the card in the store not only online and the rep. Replied with ABSOLUTELY! VS e-gift cards can be used INTERNATIONALLY even in the stores just by providing the pin # and the card number, and based on the given information I ordered an e-gift card to my friend which lasted almost 7 HOURS to be collected! Later my friend writes me and says you know what I can see the balance of the card online! So we both had to contact the customer care via Live Chat service SEVERAL TIMES, regardless that every rep. We spoke with said something different, Victoria's Secret said my friend can't use the card, the card should be used from US as it was ordered from there, I can't get it refunded, plus many times contacting the stupid customer service. NOW IT MAKES SENSE WHY YOU CAN NOT PRINT THE CHAT FOR THESE ISSUES LIKE THE RESPECTED OTHER COMPANIES/BRANDS SO YOU DON'T GET A PROOF TO SUE THEM! If I could put NO STARS I would do that...!

Cute underpants but quality is questionable
I'm older than the college age that Pink by Victoria's Secret markets to however I can only comfortably wear the Pink brand underwear for some reason. It's absurdly comfortable and the Pink leggings too. I just wish Victoria's Secret would get those giant labels off of the clothing. I have noticed though, that the quality in general has taken a serious nosedive. The sizing for one thing is totally inconsistent. You really need to read reviews first to see whether it runs too big or small and hardly anything runs "true to size" anymore. Even the bras and panties run one way or the other now. I've ordered multiple items in different colors in the same size and they're not only different sizes but different material too. A pair of leggings recently arrived with a hole. I returned them and they charged me shipping even though they told me on the phone that they wouldn't. I am going to stop shopping there.The brand seems only popular with a certain under-culture now anyway. I just purchased a sweater from there and the entire thing unraveled within a few minutes. I will never, ever shop there again.

Terrible costumer service!
This was the worst company I've ever interacted with. Lack of costumer service and problem resolution.
Victoria's Secret oversold a bag I ordered and paid for it, and after they were committed to deliver the bag to me with a small delay (as they claimed they had already ordered it from their vendor), they completely canceled my order the same day. After this, they put the same bag available online for sale, and when they were asked why this happened, they said they received a few pieces and put them on sale, after they had cancelled mine of course, which I paid for it and obviously was their mistake to oversell it in the first place.
Of course, they did not offer me an alternative bag to replace my order, neither they prioritized me for the specific bag I ordered.
Issue got too long to be resolved and, when I asked for a refund, they refunded me a wrong amount and I'm still waiting for the rest.
This service was a compete ruin of their reputation.

I have been shopping at VS for years, they have beautiful...
I have been shopping at VS for years, Victoria's Secret have beautiful beautiful lingerie and selections, but starting from the a few years ago, I noticed their quality going down, whether it is the lingerie or the clothes. The bras got more expensive, but yet the fit is getting worse, in the sense that the wires are starting to 'dig in' on the sides because they are usually shorter than the entire cup length... feels like they are skimping on wire lengths etc to save on material costs. Same thing with their Angel's underwear, I used to love love love their supersoft Angel panties, but recently, the new ones coming out have skinnier and skinner crotch panels, giving one a 'camel-toe' constantly! I have now switched to Kohl's to get my bras after I found their generous, stackable discounts and good quality selection. You can get pretty and comfortable bras like Vera Wang from them for just $15 when there is a sales going on!

Their pants too have very inconsistent fit. I am size 4 in their Christie fit, but yet size 0 in the Marisa fit and size 2 in the Bridget fit. It gets very confusing. And even when it is the same style or fit like Christie fit, it depends on what materials they are made of, different materials have different sizing. I once bought a Christie fit in Pointe Knit, and it ended up looking like falling baggy pants on me eventhough I got my usual size! In cases like that it really sucks because to return it, you will need to pay return shipping, they do not have store you can return it to. Plus many times, if you are at the borderline of a certain coupon 'amount', you could end up losing your coupon value when you return it.

Their clothes have been really poor quality for the last 5-6 years, we are talking clothes looking old and faded after one wash. Or severe piling on the cotton dresses after a couple washes etc. Once in a while though, if you are lucky, you get one which is beautiful and great quality, but it is like a potshot... you never know when.

One thing I have no complaints about are their coats and shoes. So far they have been great and they have the cutest coat designs around with reasonable prices.

I may still get some stuff from them every now and then when they are on sale or if I cannot resist the design/colors, but in general I may look elsewhere because at full price, their quality is not worth the money.

Lied to by Live chat
I made an order with this company and the backpack within came broken so I contacted live chat about help getting it replaced and women I spoke too was lovely she told me she would send a replacement out that day all i had to do was send the backpack back i gratefully accepted and the next day i sent the backpack off to return. A week later i received confirmation it had been refunded so decided to contact live chat to check on the bag that had been sent out. At this point, i was told a bag was never sent out! In fact, no action was ever taken so i was lied to by the previous live chat person. Jacob the new live chat agent then proceeded to offer me the option of ordering the bag (which is no longer available) then reconnecting with live chat to have them send out the bag and once it arrived at my house contacting live chat again to ask for a refund for shipping. This frankly was totally unacceptable as an (in his words) leftover option as it would have been a ridiculous amount of work on my part for them lying to me and Victoria's Secret were asking to have faith in them after they had already screwed me over once! I then asked to complain and was told i couldn't complain because apparently the entirety of Victoria's secret doesn't have a complaints department but don't worry Jacob would pass on my feedback about him. If this is true this is the most ridiculous unreliable method of complaining I've ever heard. This experience has left me insulted, and angry and any previous good experiences with the company are now overridden by how bad this one was.

Overpriced and dissapointed
I went to my local Victoria Secret looking for a supportive sports bra. Much to my dismay, the sizes for larger busts were VERY limited. I found only one bra in my size in the style I was looking for, although it had makeup smears on it. I figured I can try it on for the size and get them to maybe order it in for me, as I have had NUMEROUS stores do this for harder sizes. The fit was great, but when I asked the sales lady I was told that Victoria's Secret don't do that and to order it online. The bra in store that was covered in makeup was priced at $50. When I ordered it online, I paid the $50, as well as $10 for shipping, and $16 for duties? I've never paid for duties in any other clothing company before so this seemed odd. The total price was $76. Okay. A little more expensive than I expected. Then I got my credit card statement and turns out the Canadian site for Victoria secret isn't priced in Canadian dollars, and I paid for the USD conversion. A $50 bra ended up being $102! I feel incredibly duped and should have just settled for the makeup smeared bra I found in store... severely dissapointed.

Love this company! Can't say enough great things about VS!
I love this company. Their clothes are super cute, fit true to size, and last a surprisingly long time. I usually wear my jeans out within a year but all my VS jeans I've had for many years and still am enjoying them! :o) The only reason I *almost* gave them 4 stars is bc Victoria's Secret do not cater as much to the larger breasted women as they used to. I'm a curvy gal and I would like more options for undergarments without having to go to UK websites. But heck, no one's perfect and above all the other companies I truly love their products all the way from their clothing and lingerie to their cosmetic, body lotion, body shimmer, self-tanner or fragrance! What a great, well-rounded company! They truly encompass all the lovely portions of being a soft, sweet-smelling feminine gal. :o)

P.S. If they people at VS see this review, can ya'll please looking in to bringing back the knee-high Sketchers boots w the 4(?) inch heel? I went through 3 pairs over the years bc they truly were the perfect boot! So comfortable, even for all day wear! :o) Thank you!

Victoria's secret and PINK uses lots of false advertising
Victoria's Secret and their PINK section uses lots of false advertisement online. I was looking at some new PINK items yesterday online and Victoria's Secret weren't on sale, the next day i didnt see the items on website! And there were no reviews on these new PINK items i was looking at on their website. They use lots of false advertising trying to say the new PINK items that aren't on sale are "sold out" and "unavailable", which is bs and not true at all, they just use that false advertising to trick people. I know that the items didnt sell out because the jogger pants are $54.95 and i know nobody bought the pants and the item never sold out, they still have item. Nobody has that kind of money to pay $54.95 for a pair of jogger pants and amybody who does is a real dumb@$$. The item didnt sell out at all amd still not on website. They falsely advertise their overpriced items as "sold out" and "unavailable" and the items aren't on sale and new. False advertisement they use.

I ordered 2 day shipping May 6th. Victoria's Secret said it would come May 9th and I had my tracking number. May 8th now it's N/A so I wait all weekend and it's a no show. I ask them where my package is and they said it may come in the 14th but to let them know if it doesn't come in. I said that was NOT going to work for me so they gave me the option of a refund or overnight shipment. I requested an overnight shipment and they said it would come the 14th. There was no tracking number found on my order and the package did NOT come the 14th! They said it would come the 15th. I spoke to a supervisor by the name of Michelle who was a jerk. (Every other customer representative has been friendly and apologetic). Michelle informs me that she has seen this happen a couple times and that it can happen then she pauses. I ask her if I need to file a complaint with Fedex and she said that they would do that and that this has happened a couple times and that this can happen (AGAIN). She then pauses again and we sit there in awkward silence. When I informed her this happened twice she then said in a very sarcastic manner, "sorry about that!" She then went quiet on the phone and we sat there in awkward silence again... (see the pattern?) At that point, out of frustration I informed her that she was not very helpful and she said she didn't know what else to say to help me. Unfortunately after speaking to Michelle, she makes me want to dispose my Victoria Secret card and never buy their products again. A communications CE may be helpful for Michelle to help improve her phone mannerism.

If you mess up on a order TWICE you need to make up for it in order to entice me to stay and buy your products. They blame Fedex instead. I have used Fedex for years and never have had a problem with them AND if you use them you shouldn't blame them. I will be posting this so that people can understand that maybe their products are not worth the frustration and pompous attitudes.

Besides, there are plenty of different places to buy swimsuits, bras, and panties from.

Will NEVER shop with them again. Worst Customer Service
I had place an order at Victoria Secret and Victoria's Secret had promo codes for free shipping over 50 and 30%off one item. I am an Angel Forever member, so I had added my items to my cart and had selected the offer codes to be automatically added to my order. The 30% off took my items total below the $50 and below the free shipping threshold in doing so it automatically added the $8 shipping fee which I did not notice, I had saw the order was over $50 and thought I was good to go, I get my order confirmation in the email and saw I was charged shipping. I contact customer service to cancel my order. Their chat is 24/7. I was speaking to someone and they said as a courtesy they would waive my shipping fee because the order has already been charged and processed they could not cancel my order. This is only an hour after I placed my order. We get disconnected so I chat back and get another person, but also get disconnected. Third time I chat back they said oh the first representative is only waiving half your shipping fee. I asked why half for a one time courtesy, They said because you didn't make the threshold. I explained to them and they still said they could not waive it. They tell me to call the customer service number for my compliant and they also cant do anything. The lady I spoke to sounded really nice when i first called, but once I gave her my information and she looked up the chats she lost interest and the niceties dropped. People make mistakes I understand and I worked customer service before, but for a one time courtesy they could not do more than half is ridiculous especially when they can"t cancel your order and they charge you before your order ships. Never shopping with them again. They really do not care about their customers. Horrendous service!

What is good and what is negative
I just wanted to say what is good and what is negative about Victoria's Secret. I have shopped online and in stores religiously for years. I have decided this year to start shopping at other clothing stores instead of VS due mostly to the poor quality of the clothing. I want to say that the bras, workout clothes, and swimwear are all of excellent quality. Also the pj's are great too. However I would not recommend any other clothing because it is poor quality and rips after 1st or second use. Also Victoria's Secret use to offer better coupons and sales that would bring me into the stores but not so much lately. When I asked a sales associate why that was, she said they were losing too much money. Hmmm I spend over 1000 dollars there every year. That will not be happening this year, I'm shopping at Maurices - better clothes and excellent customer service, that's who is getting my business this year.

Bad quality, even worse customer service
The only reason I am giving Victoria's Secret to is because they're Sport leggings are hands-down the best I've ever tried. Other than that nearly everything else I have ever purchased from them has faded, got holes in them, or just plain fell apart despite the fact that I always wash on gentle or hand wash, and I never put anything in the dryer. I have panties that I have purchased from Frederick's of Hollywood over 10 years ago and Victoria's Secret still are in great condition and I have panties that I purchased from Victoria's Secret a few months ago and they are completely falling apart. I don't even put them in the dryer.

Every single time I order online or shopping store I am told about all of the sales, discounts, reward cards, and etcetera. I am a student and I'm supposed to get 15% off my purchase. I also have the credit card and get regular reward cards and used to get free panties but they quit sending those to everyone. I have never once in my entire history of shopping with Victoria's Secret had a smooth checkout experience whether it be in store or online. There's always a problem with using a reward card or getting a reward card or using a discount. They should not advertise things if they are not going to let you use them. I leave frustrated every single time I go in a store place an order. This is part of the reason why the lines are so long they always have all of these things going on and can never figure out what the customers are and aren't allowed to use together. They're so sheets are completely overworked. I know this because I used to work there and it was the worst experience of my life. They are always understaffed and running around like crazy never knowing what they should be doing. There are always too many sales and not enough time for them to go over the sales so they're always uninformed and never know what's going on. Often I leave realizing that they forgot to apply discount or put in a reward card or free gift that I was supposed to get. They never know what their stock is or what their sales are or basically what is going on in the store they work in. My last experience shopping inside of the store went something like this:

The entire store was a mess and I was unable to find anything. Waited a long time to get a fitting room and once I did I realize one of the things I had grabbed ran small. I waited over half an hour for an associate finally come help me. I then waited another half an hour after she disappeared in the store to come back to me. I was told that somebody could bring me out on the mobile POS but there was nobody to be found so I waited in line for just as long as I did in the fitting room. By the time I got to the register the item out of school. I could order online was not available so I decided just to take the one I had my hand even though it wasn't the one I wanted. Victoria's Secret was having a bra and Sport pants set for $50 promotion. When she rang up the bra and Sport pants though, they weren't ringing up correctly and she didn't know what to do so I did not get to purchase the items. I waited all that time in the fitting room and in line for nothing. I left that with other items I was going to purchase and decided to just order online. Upon ordering online they did not have the items I found in the store that I wanted either and I was unable to use my student discount online or in-store. I finally got my shipment but they left out my reward card. I am done with Victoria's Secret at this point.

Ordered a $100 gift card for my wife. My credit card was charged (comes across my phone on Apple Pay) almost immediately. Then I get a call wanting to verify my credit card information? Why? Victoria's Secret had already charged the card. What's the point of having an online store if you have to call to complete the order?

Then after verifying on the phone I get an email asking me to call again! A few minutes later I get a call from my mother. The mother of a 46 year old who lives in a completely different state. She had received a call from Victoria Secret wanting to verify my credit card information!

These creeps had tracked down my mother's phone number, it was not something I gave them. When I called to complain, they said, "it's public information." This is the most ridiculous invasion of privacy I have ever encountered from a retail company. I've asked them to remove ALL of my credit card and personal information but at this point I don't for a second believe these cyberstalkers have removed anything.

Do not buy from these people if you at all value your privacy!

Soo creepy.

Pathetic service
I ordered some stuff from Victoria Secret online on 15 Jan 2021.


I did not get a chance to record the Order Confirmation No. The total amount of the purchase came to around SG$350.00. Victoria's Secret flashed a message on my computer screen to say that I would be receiving the email confirmation from them within 2 hours.


I went to their chat online and chatted with a VS agent named Sarah. Luckily she provided me with my ORder Confirmation number, after I gave her my name, my email add and my shipping add. She also verified the amount I had paid through my visa credit card. She also told me that I would be receiving the Email Confirmation within the day.


On the night of 15 Jan 2021, I emailed VS Customer Service and gave them the above-mentioned info. THey also said I would receive the Email Confirmation within 2 hours.

By 16 Jan 2021 (and after around 10 emails to-ing and fro-ing with their Customer Service team) my patience waned thin. They still dodged around and still could not send me the email confirmation with the items I had purchased.


By 18 Jan 2021 I had to resort to threatening them that I would post about their pathetic service on their website, their fb and ReviewFeeder. That did not worry them a bit. They even went so far as to pretend to send me a link in which (they claimed) I would see the Order Confrmation. I typed in my Order Confirmation number and hoped to see the items I had purchased, but I was logged out, the system telling me that this order did not exist.


I called up my credit card company and they said that two seconds after I had made the purchase, VS had happily debited the amount from my credit card!
So this is how they do business huh?

My credit card co couldnot help much, they only told me to wait until 2 Feb 2021 to see if the items reach me, and if they do not reach me, to lodge a report to them (the credit card co).

I am posting this review on ReviewFeeder to ask if any of you out there has suffered the same fate with VS Online? I had bought items from them many many times before, and have never faced this kind of anger, bad treatment, $#*!ty service and frustration before.


Their Site Isn't As Good As Their Store
I'll be the first to admit I'd much rather just walk in the store than shop online.
Here's why:
1. I live in Minnesota. My local Victoria's Secret is in the Mall of America.
2. I can try on the clothing.
3. Victoria's Secret measure your bra size to help you find the perfect bra each and every time
4. I get help immediately. If I'm unsure about a product I ask a sales associate or even another customer about how something looks on me or if they've tried the product before.
5. Returns are a lot easier in a store than online. I find myself never returning anything I buy online because it's too much work.
6. And last but definitely not least the selection in the store is much bigger than online. They have limited yoga pants online but if you go into the store the selection is much broader and that doesn't just apply to yoga pants. Another thing is the sales in store. Online sales are never as good as the in store sales. And you have to pay shipping.

Just something to think about.

VS and PINK sucks!
Victoria's secret and PINK sucks! Both brands are bad cheap poor quality and items are cheaply made and just because Victoria secret and PINK are overpriced does not mean they're "good quality" because Victoria's Secret are never good quality. And VS and PINK merchandise doesn't sell out online on website either because they attract no customers and no sales due to their overpriced cheap bad quality merchandise online.

PINK apparel such as jackets, tops, sleepwear, leggings, etc. never fit and I got my correct size, none of PINK apparel fits true to size and had to return back in the mail, no store near me. And Victoria secret sleepwear, panties, bras, etc. never fit either and I also get correct size as well, xs. Both of Victoria secret and PINK merchandise doesn't run true to size even if you get your correct size, and is extremely poor cheap quality, even target is way better quality at much cheaper price. PINK apparel and vs merchandise doesn't have a flattering slim fit and it doesn't matter what size you get!

All of PINK apparel fits extremely oversized and looks so cheap and bad quality in person. They sell these sherpa jackets online for $80 and not selling out either due to its bad cheap poor quality and bunch of fake reviews just written by PINK and vs employees on item. I ordered one and it's such poor quality, got size xs and fits awkwardly in sleeves and allover, bulky fit and doesn't fit slim either, Looks like wearing a trash bag. And doesn't keep warm either because it's not a winter coat, returned it in mail as well.

DO NOT BUY FROM PINK AND VS ONLINE OR IN STORES, because both brands don't care about customers, both PINK and vs sell overpriced cheap poor bad quality items on website and in stores because they don't care about the quality of items, they're just hoping to make money, which they make none of because a lot of people aren't buying from VS or PINK due to their overpriced cheaply made merchandise. Both PINK and VS have huge rapid sale declines online and in stores because both brands merchandise never sells out online or in store because it's overpriced and cheaply made and nobody buying.

The dark Side To Victoria Secret
Working as a Sale Associate for Victoria Secret

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I am currently working at Victoria Secret Markville mall located at 5000 Highway 7 East, Markham, ON, L3R 4M9. I am writing to you with a complaint about management. There are currently three managers who are employed at Victoria Secret. One of them is named Tara, and she is an extremely good manager who I enjoy working for and feel motivated by to reach a high selling spot. Tara respects all employees and customers, is very organized, acts professional, help staff improve by giving constructive feedback and acknowledges a good job when she see it. I have no problems what so ever with Tara. S for the employees Victoria's Secret are all very hard working and kind. All of us make up a powerful selling team when Tara is managing.
As for the other two managers Manaria and Sheiraled I along with many other employees at Victoria Secret have a problem with the way these two managers manage the store. They are to forceful to a point where it is considered bulling. They threaten to firer you all most every shift if you do not reach a high selling spot. On many occasions they call employees into their office and make them feel badly for not selling enough. They never take into account that the flow of customers is not always constant. Most of the time employee called into the office come out in tears. Most of the girls that are working there never stay long and six employees that I know off are currently looking for a new job because they hate working at Victoria Secret only because of the management.
I am not suggesting you to fire them by any means but they do need to be spoken to about the constant harassing of employees and threatening to fire them. Employees are not happy working here, we feel that we are treated without respect, the two managers are not approachable by any means. The surveys we are required to fill out evaluating the mangers performance and what we think of the working conditions are not truth full. Once we fill out the survey our manager reads it out in front of us so there is no way we can be honest when filling out the surveys. The manager makes us explain why you gave them an eight out of ten instead of a ten and make you change it.
I also would like to share with you some examples of incidents that are not handled well by Sharielle and Manaria.
Name Exchange (Both managers)
As an employee I know it is a must to do name exchange with a customer. I usually introduce myself. Ask the customer there name and then shown them a variety of items which we collect in a shopper bag and make her braw journey fun and memorable. Then before guiding her to the fitting room I leave my name with the customer for a second time. I make absolute sure I say my name clearly, slowly and loudly. Majority of the customers I help, speak mandarin or Cantonese and barely speak English. 70% of the time a customer I have helped does not remember my name even though I spent an hour with them helping them one on one. Then when the managers at the casher ask the customer who helped them the customer says no one. Then after they leave cash register they come and find me before they leave and thank me for all my help. Now both Manaria and Sharille keep track of every customer that says no one helped them and then approach you. "Why did I have seven customers to day say that no one helped them." Then I answer I did help them I put a great effort in today to reach out to every customer. "Well then you explain to me why they said no one helped them, am I to believe the customers lying, well am I. Then must have forgot my name. "Well that is no excuse that just goes to prove you didn't do your job and build a connection if they don't remember your name. If you want to keep working for me, you better step up your game if not you can easily be replaced." Each employee gets scolded at individually and she never acknowledges all the customers that did mention your name and say how great you where.

Cash Wrap (Sherialle)
I was organizing go backs behind the counter and a customer came to cash with a braw she wanted to return. Our manager was at the cash and the customer explained to her that she bought the braw 5 days ago and wanted to return it because she found a braw at the Bay that fit her better. Our manager kept insisting the women do an exchange while the customer was getting annoyed because she had just said no five times and did not want to do an exchange. Our manager was rude and pushy until finally the customer said, "You know what I have asked you nicely five time and now I want to speak with your manager." Then are manager said she was the manager and the women looked discussed and took the braw off the counter and went to the cashier beside the manager. Can you return this for me because I don't want that women serving me. Our manger is not patient with people at cash, she snaps at them and argues with them and the customer leaves the store irritated or upset.

Theft (Manaria)
As an associate I am well aware about the kinds of theft in the store. One of the managers came up and told me numerous times, watch out for those black people the colored ones are always Angels. First off that is racist to say all black people steel, second of all one of my closest friends are black. And my friend is extremely honest and trustworthy so that made me upset. Second of all there are a couple of people who work at Victoria Secret who are black and here Manaria say this constantly how do think that makes them feel.
Teaching us a lesson (Manaria)
One of the two managers was very angry about people forgetting to bring a lock. So when we all finished for the evening to do bag checks one girl was getting her bag checked and the manager found a handle full of under wear in her bag. The manager got really angry and called her a thief, the girl started to cry saying she never Stoll the underwear. The manager said oh and you expect me to believe a theft. The girl was humiliated in front of the rest of the staff she was crying her eyes out. The manager said I know you didn't steal the underwear I put it there to teach you a lesson to put a lock on your stuff.
I was really annoyed by this first off the girl for got her lock by accident and second off all the manager herself half the time forgets to lock her lock so who is she to judge. And also she had done that to other people in their coat pockets and you're not expected to lock you coats in a locker it is just plain mean. How are we supposed to respect a manager who acts like a mean school girl and enjoys seeing others upset? Both managers are mean to each other on breaks. One constantly make fun of the others managers weight even though they are both the same size. Saying things like I can sure tell you live for food, you never stop eating.
I do hope you can sort this issue out soon because until you do the Victoria Secret at Markville Mall will not be functioning at its max potential. When the staff is fearful and unhappy, they don't tend to take pride in what they are selling. And if they don't like their job, they will be putting minimal effort while they look for a new one which I have seen time and time again.

Ah, the wonderful Victoria's Secret! Though some of the ensembles are drop dead gorgeous, Victoria's Secret are meant to fit primarily women who are on the medium or large size. If you are a large and tall woman, you mostly will have to look elsewhere to find clothes that fit you.
However, Victoria's Secret does carry a good selection of female underwear in sizes 9 and 10. If you have a very generous bust, you generally have to have it made special order online anyway.
They have delightful, glamorous, and sexy outfits for us. Occasionally, they carry One-Size-Fits-All, (for instance in Catsuits, and other stretch outfits.)
Otherwise, the colors of their outfits can run from all ranges of the spectrum. Some of their outfits are drop-dead gorgeous. The quality is usually pretty good, and if you take care of your clothes, they can fade out of fashion, and come back in again 20 years later, and they still are in fine condition. But what do you think? They often do not stay on a woman for very long anyways. If you have a tender and thoughtful partner, he generally does not just rip them off you and tear them anyway, unless he is willing to buy you some frilly new gifts.

Eh. Super adorable lingerie that comes at a super high price. Unfortunately, this lingerie isn't nearly the quality I'd expect for the price, which is why I'm giving it only an average rating.

I've purchased two Victoria's Secret bras and a pair of panties from here throughout my time. The first bra was about $40, and the 2nd was on sale for $20 (orig. $40). Usually I buy my bras at WalMart or Ross (yeah yeah, I know) for between $8 and $15 apiece; those ones last me at least 3 months, but often Victoria's Secret last much longer--up to a full year or more!

Unfortunately the first VS bra's straps were too stretched out after only the third wash (didn't have removable straps). This second one's straps are a little stretchy, but the biggest problem is that after just the first wash (with air drying!), the padding in the bra had curled out on the top edge on one side, and now you can see it through my clothes. Someone told me that I needed to hand-wash this regular cotton push-up bra... whaaat? If I'm going to spend that much on a bra, it should be made well enough that I don't need to hand-wash it for it to not get ruined! That might just be my opinion, but I'd rather the lower-priced bras that might not be as cute, but that last longer and can be washed like normal clothes without getting stretched out or lumpy.

Pretty good
I like Victoria's Secret products most of the time.

I have ordered many different things from this company in the past and Victoria's Secret usually deliver what I am expecting. I have a few items from their workout line and they can give Lululemon a run for their money any day. Their bras are good quality, however they are not meant to fit petite individuals. I find there is usually too much space between the cups which makes them sit off to the sides of my front, kind of disappointing when that happens, but hey these products are made for "model" size humans so I can't really fault them for that. Their customer service staff is usually very polite and helpful when I'm in the store, I can't speak to their online customer service as I've never contacted them online.

The online shopping experience is not the greatest because we do not qualify for free shipping here in Canada so there's always an added expense, on top of already pricey products. Some of their cheaper items definitely reflect the quality in the price, but you can't tell that online. I've found that I can get items of similar quality at my local Walmart lol. So if you want awesome quality and are willing to pay for it I suggest just going for their extravagantly priced items, there's a reason they're priced like that.

Overall I like Victoria's Secret, and I recommend their products if it fits in your budget :)

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