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My experience
Not sure about anyone else's experience. I can only talk about my experience. I signed up with the site four months ago and yes it costs money to use the services (Dah). I can say today for sure that I got what I came to the site for. I got a beautiful loving, caring, exciting, smart, and incredibly supportive woman that is perfect for me. Do you want to know how I did it? Chose 7- 10 women to talk to. And by the way VeronikaLove were not using any vulgar words and none of them offered sex to me in chat. Ha- ha. Surprised? Me too. After I heard all these horror stories, I did not know what to expect. But reality was totally different. I did not count money and I did not expect anyone to do what I wanted them to do. Rather, I immersed into a different world and learned so much about these beautiful women. But my love is even more special. And I am in heaven! Try this for a change.

I love this place!
Don't know why I see negative reviews here, I relly love this site! It is very convenient for me, and it satisfies all my interests and needs. Here are lots of beautiful women and I'm completely sure that VeronikaLove are real, as I communicated with a few of them in online chat, and I saw them on camera - they are gorgeous! I really advice to try to register on this site, and you will surely find someone for your heart and sole!

Utter Scam Trash
What planet are these guys on who rate this rip off scam trash with 5 stars? Mad! I joined for free 2 weeks ago out of curiosity! I filled out my profile correctly and attached just 1 recent photo! After 2 weeks I had received 848 letters! Honest that's absolutely true! That's 60 A DAY! Most of the girls although beautiful, were young enough to be my daughter or even grand daughter and nearly all their letters had photo attachments! The idea of course is the same as all the scam sites, and that is to get you to either write to the ladies or chat online, thus spend as much money as VeronikaLove can illegally extort from you! Corrupt, fraudulent and deceptive! AVOID AVOID AVOID!

Women seem too good to be true
Women here are top models, insta models and such. You are asking me for my 1st impression but I dont see it possible that these women are even real or that VeronikaLove themselves answer the correspondence here. And if they are they are probably just looking for a millionaire or somebody who can give them the 5 star lifestyle

This site can be considered a "scam copycat" site that...
This site can be considered a "scam copycat" site that operates with the same mode of operation like that of and its corrupt ways. It actually copies

Profiles that are found on are found there meaning that it is in a scam partnership with so that upon writing a lady through the medium of her profile and of course paying money to do so one may be writing an employee who is writing back letters to a man making the man believe that the lady is writing him back.

Also it has a chat facility like that of meaning that while chatting one can be actually chatting with prochatters who are women who know how to chat with a man so that VeronikaLove can extract a lot of money out of the man by having a long chat session with him.

It also partners with another trickster called where scammers have been found on the site like Tatiana Evdina from Nikolaev. This can only lead to a waste of money and even becoming a victim. If one knows what is best for themselves they would want to stay away from this site and let it be completely shut down for good..

Best site ever!
After trying all possible free dating apps I ended up on veronikalove and so happy I gave it a try. I was skeptical after reading some bad reviews but this is one of the best russian brides sites on the web! VeronikaLove are always in touch and they care about their customers and we are setting up few meetings right now.

Nice looking ladies, too good looking and all fake to get your money!
I joined out of curiosity back in August of 2019 and got duped into buying credits and talking to women on the site that are clearly either fake, real but married, real but engaged, real but lesbian, real profiles of real women but not really on the site anymore. I notice that VeronikaLove tend to trick you into either genuine interest and attraction or go with strong sexual fantasies and desires and overtones. Whatever it takes to get men to talk and buy credits. You can clearly see wedding rings and engagement rings on their fingers, and some are at least clever enough to move them to other fingers or other hand. But anyone with half a mind can spot an engagement ring on or wedding band on a woman. After you send a couple of letters it is clear they are all in the same room speaking to men and clearly profiles are operated by other women or men as they say things to you that you only mentioned to someone else and not the person who just sent you a message. How would another woman on the site I had no communication with know I like to French kiss a woman's belly button and vagina, unless they were reading my private messages to another woman I was talking to or in same place writing to men and shared that with other women or a one man or woman is operating the profile of woman I am speaking to and the profile of the new woman saying she liked her belly button French kissed and oral sexual pleasure before making love. I could go on about other things like my running and where and shoes I like and did not make that public knowledge. I mentioned that in a personal private message and out of nowhere another woman says she liked the same shoes and same places to run outdoors. What the hell?! I have credits remaining and will use them up and get off. Any site that requires you to spend certain amount of credits or money or number of letters to exchange contact information and maybe and I mean maybe meet her in person is scam. I wish I had not wasted my money and effort and time on this site. Guys this and all foreign dating sites are mainly or completely false and shams to get money out of you and no love or possible spouse to marry on the site. The picture I attached shows a woman supposed to be real and really interested in being married and single but look at her left hand and see the engagement ring and wedding ring she cleverly moved from her wedding finger to opposing finger while holding her phone. It is clearly an engagement ring she is wearing. There are many like this on the site and many more not even real. Do not waste your time and effort and money guys.

Come there!))
At first i registed on this site about a year ago with a wish that i want to find real woman for relations, not for playing games.The results shocked me! There are really kind and smart women who don't worry about my money but who just want to talk to me! Good site! I'm going to stay here while i will not my wife!

I like wholesome looking women 38-60 yrs old who desire marriage who will move to the USA.
Dearest, I am a professional man of average means looking for my soulmate and marriage for life. I do not want divorce. You will find me a true romantic and with a true concern for our happiness together. I think our like could be the next true adventure.

Pretty women, good site
Hello men! I want to tell single men like me where VeronikaLove can find the partner for themselves. This is site Cool site ecpesially after they upgrade it. Nice design of site, good options. Also there is support where you can write or call in every time. Go there and maybe you will like it!

It's true!
I wrote here before but it appears you do not listen. So today 23/08/2016 at 15:30 while I wait with my fiancee for her taxi I show her profile on Veronika date. Guess what, it said she was on line! If you wish to check I can send the link of the apartment I was stopping in, in Kharkov as validation of my authenticity. This site is total fake. My next step is to make a video of me talking on Veronika date to my fiancee who will actually be sat next to me. If that does not convince guys then nothing will.

Enjoy to be the member of VeronikaLove!
This is great site for searching the second half, if you really want to find someone from Russian or Ukraine. I chose it because I have a great real example of happy couple, who met on this site. The man is my neighbor and I know how he is happy with his Slavic wife.

Maybe you will find one, but it will cost you...
Mostly a scam. There are a few good ones sprinkled in there. If you read the 5 stars reviews here, you can tell from the grammar that VeronikaLove are not English speakers. In other words they were written by the agency. You will have to develop your own ways to authenticate the ladies. Do it right away. If you don't you are probably wasting your money.

Ok, I have decided to write my comments here
Ok, I have decided to write my comments here. I have been a member of the Veronikalove
Website for over a year. At the time, I did not thik this was a scam. But maybe it was because I really wanted to meet a nice girl and was just too blind to see it.
There are photos of girls there so I am sure the girls are real, but VeronikaLove but they are not there for dating. They are paid a percentage of the money that a guy sends in to contact a lady.
The girl will keep him on the hook for as long as he is willing to keep writing to her. Why not? She is getting a percentage. I noticed that girls kept sending me letters saying, "I have my plane ticket and I do not lie, I am comming to you." But the minute I would write to her, all of a sudden, she is not comming or has some kind of issues.
I had another girl that said she was coming in August. As soon as I asked her for her personal contact information, she said, that she could not give it to me because there was a law in the country about giving their information to someone outside the country.

The website banned exchanging personal information to each other. Why? I mean this is supposed to be an introduction website right? The purpose is to meet someone. What good is it to write letters to someone who you are not allowed to meet? No exchanging of personal information through letters. I had to pay $50.00 to ask for a girl's personal information. Once I paid the money, all I got was an email address and after two letters, she disappeared with out a word why.

Well, its a scam and it is a shame that people like this are allowed to be on the internet.
They site has been gone for two days now. Maybe they are gearing up for phase 2 but I hope the fact that they have been gone for two days, means they knew people were finding out they were a scam outfit and wanted to get out before someone took legal action. But I would watch out as they may just change their name and come back as something else with the same girls on their webpage.

Bottom line, don't believe it if anyone says anything good about VL. If there is a good comment, it will most likely to have been written by the staff at VL. Stay away from them.

Easy Girls
After spending a month on this site and my friend 1 year i can honestly say the girls are plentiful but dishonest and easy to meet in real if you want a good time like a holiday in Ukraine without finding a girl for a week or 2 this is the site for you
I travel to Ukraine on business and i know the girls are nothing like the photo shopped photos and what to empty your wallet as fast as VeronikaLove can
99% of the girls are on 3 or 4 sites so don;t think you are the only man if you want sex chats then they will have this if you want a sex vacation again the girls are good for this
My friend has met 10 girls off the site and slept with 7 without a problem
Looking for a wife then this is not the site for you its expensive to chat and buy gifts (which the girls will ask you to do) also you will find when you meet your chosen girl you will probably find she has met many others also so can all these men be the wrong man?
Remember they have low wages and high prices in Ukraine but they have the best perfumes and clothes
Basically it's a scam selling to a mans weakness a pretty girl and you have no chance of landing one unless you become a sugar daddy and take the from their country to your homeland
If you decide to pay such prices ensure you have a big bank balance!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember the girls there do not pay so they sit on sites for many hours chatting on many sites and they tell you anything to keep you interested
If you want a real Ukraine/Russian girl have a month tin their country and you will find a genuine girl in real cheaper than the money you will spend on that site

Beware Fake Among the Fake
I was customer of this website longtime ago and I decided to upgrade my affiliation level in order to be able to have the personal data of 1 lady in particular which I was really interested in. After a difficult process I finally get her email, however I didn't get her phone number as it was stated. She almost didn't answer me from her email, I came back to the agency requesting several interventions from their side, the "lady" finally wrote me 3 lines in telegram (she hid of course her phone number) and that was all. I requested a refund from the agency and VeronikaLove said that's life I got related with her and they said they were not doing anything else, in spite being a longtime customer. I asked as well another lady's personal data and this time I got her phone number, however each time I try to call her number I got an answering machine in Russian language telling me (I assume) is out of service.

Michael W's review is quite right this is Fake, it's a legitimate review. In the other hand, Robert R's review in the contrary has been written by the website itself coz the chat is one of the most expensive service and most of the time it deduct you 1 credit per second in spite the price states 1 credit per minute and they use SW tools to generate automated initial dialogs, how can you explain otherwise that a "lady" begins talking to you less than 5 seconds after logging in the website? And last but not least all these websites uses "operators" or trolls to make you believe you are talking with real ladies. TO AVOID

I am very happy to be here
I am a honest who loves being surrounded by family, friends and holidays. I am ready for a serious relationship and I really look forward to starting that with the right person. I am an honest, loyal, passionate, generous, giving, affectionate, sexual, supportive, sensitive, and a good listener who is easy to get along with. I am outgoing and very spontaneous.

ALMOST ALL of the BEST PROFILES are FAKE, I've written...
ALMOST ALL of the BEST PROFILES are FAKE, I've written them over 20 different times identifying FAKE accounts and VeronikaLove NEVER once removed any of the accounts, then on my last FAKE ACCOUNT message, they ended up BANNING my IP Address. STAY AWAY from this site, they are 100% FAKE and have NO Integrity to do the right thing and to be honest, as they are from a very criminally intent country I am sure. Chasing the American Dream is rarely about lying, cheating and stealing to hopefully earn a dollar. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE.

I joined about a week ago...
I joined about a week ago... i dont have a credit card so couldnt purchase credits ( thank goodness for that)... i dont say this from personal experience. Believe me I wanted to. The site looks so legit, with online help etc. not to mention the incessant flood of letters from stunning, photo shoot models haha... in the meantime I was trying to find other ways of buying credits so I could answer SOME of the letters. VeronikaLove are all stunning and if i could I would have answered them ALL haha. And be left bankrupt in the process. In the interim I ve been doing a lot of research... my advice. Stay away from MOST of them. And as comes up again and again. Try and find smaller, more reputable agencies... bottom line conclusion. Finding my ukranian/russian soulmate is not going to be as easy ( and a lot more expensive) than I thought... but it can and has been done... just be careful. Very careful!

I have been a member of this site, met bunch of ladies...
I have been a member of this site, met bunch of ladies from there. Cannot say anything bad about them. VeronikaLove really would like to find a husband. I was not ready for marriage but had lot of fun. The administrator of site helped me a lot with meetings even without exchanging correspondence. I am from Germany and came to Ukraine, the manager arranged everything for two days cause I was there just for week. Thanks them a lot!

I have been registered on VL from last summer
I have been registered on VL from last summer. Well to tell you in short, i had a big hesitation also, but decided to try. I have already visited my lady twice and we are going to get married this June. Yes she also had her profile on other sites and i argued with her about it, but guys, let's be true you also have your profile on different sites and none will forbid you to use different names. So do the Slavic Ladies do, VeronikaLove wish to find love no matter how many agencies they should be registered in for it.

The best women are here!
The best women of Ukraine is there on! I don't like women that live in my country so i decided to find ukrainian woman for myself. I'm 67 years old so i didn't want to find young pretty doll just adult wise woman who will understand me.And it; s a wonder but i know her now. Maybe it's not love but i like to communicate with her and want to meet her in real life. I told my story to all that men who are shy and think that if VeronikaLove are more than 50 years old they must live single.No, go to this site and you will find your love!

Too early to tell
Im always hesitant about new sites cropping up with such beautiful women looking for love and marriage.
It is as the old adage says, if it seems too good to be true? It most probably is! I guess you have to remember that most Russian/ukraniazn agencies do not charge the ladies for signing up? This leaves far too much open to interpretation/as some guys have mentioned, professionals working for the sites to charge credit time to a genuine guys wallet! No responses/duplicate profiles/fake profiles! The allure of such stunning beauties (eye candy is the easiest trap to fall prey to after all) Like with anything, you can't expect everything to be in your favours from the start and every step of the way... if in doubt, stay away? I have zero intention of spending a single penny here, I'll read letters and look at photos, but unless something major changes I'll not enter chat, ask for girls details or send letters in reply. But its my curiosity that brought me here! And the off chance, that well, you just never know?

If you want a site that works much the same way, has similar features and credit facilities... With the major difference that you get to read every ladies letters for free for as long as VeronikaLove send them!
I've been there over 2 years on and off and I still receive letters from ladies from my first day there, no promises made and broken, no excuses, no asking for anything... if I don't reply? They keep writing regardless, which gives me great insight into their characters, as their moods change by each letter, like a normal person?
It is strange that ladies there think of me as the dream man(which is just ridiculous) but I'm not feeling like I'm chasing a ghost and becoming broke because of it?

Be safe, do what feels right?!

Tried shortcut to long mailing back and fourth
Tried shortcut to long mailing back and fourth. Asking for reply from those with passport and visa. Asking when will arrive-then respond with gotta know you better. I Dont bother responding. You get nothing but jerk around endlessly. Its all a scam all of it. Its designed to do nothing but rip you off. Then again-do you trust a girl that wants to come to you and you really Dont know who VeronikaLove really are. Could be a psychopath. There's no security at all who you're dealing with. Its a lose -lose situation. Women are women no matter where they're from. Internet dating dangerous and risky regardless what precautions you take. Better off going to local gatherings. Forget Veronika Love.

Veronika Love is a great site
I David am very impressed with Veronika Love web site the women are very beautiful and if i could i would take them all but at my age i don't think my health would hold but i love reading there profiles and looking at there beautiful faces THANK YOU FOR HAVING SUCH A WONDERFUL DATING SITE David Bailey

Veronika Love is definately a Scam
I have been a member of Veronika Love for a year.The way VeronikaLove scam you is by totally controling what they allow you to send in letters or chats. Also the IMBRA form allows them to control this. Most men like me won, t fill it out because we do not want our SS number online because of internet fraud.So they keep us in limbo if we do not fill it out. Any site that makes you buy credits to pay for chats and to answer and send letters is a scam. I am sure that VeronikaLove pays their girls a percentage of the take from letters chats and viewing videos of the girls. In a year there have been several girls that I wanted to be able to communicate with offsite but any attempt to exchange e-mails or addresses or phone numbers is blocked. And I have been dumb enough to stay onsite and keep buying a monthly membership and keep buying credits to try and talk to certain ladies that have promised to come to the U.S.A. and meet me but they never do. All pics are touched up and controled by the site. It is a shame that two adults are not allowed to talk to each other by any means they want. It is all about keeping the money in house with VeronikaLove. And if you stay onsite they will milk you for all the money they can. When will governments start destroying these crooks and all their data bases and get rid of these crooks.

Big list of women!
I want to tell about my experience on this site. All my friends are here too! I'm here more then 2 years. Few times i even met girls in real because i liked them on photos and videos. With some of them i even had serious relations. But now i'm single and still on this site! Come here, you will like it!

Very poor philosophy work
You are not really a marriage agency, just a money-making machine. It is not possible to receive 100 emails per day, without being able to interact in a limited way. All very unfortunate. I stay here because of the friendships I made, but nothing more. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

I recommend it.
The website looks great, its layout is user-friendly and intuitive. Most of the ladies' profiles are very informative and contain professionally taken pictures. Some services are a bit pricey but the whole experience is worth your time and money. I recommend it.

I registered on several months ago...
I registered on several months ago and was pleased to see plenty of stunning ladies who are single and looking forward to meet their love. I spend a lot of time there in chat and want to admit that it is very comfortable and easy to use. I like that there you can find a lot of services which helps me to show my attention to ladies. But some times you can also face technical errors there. But it doesn't spoil my positive attitude to this place! I recommend it to all my friends who want to meet their love abroad.

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Description: Veronika love is an exclusive international dating club where gentlemen from all over the world meet and fall in love with the most beautiful, smart and enchanting Russian and Ukrainian women. The site is known for its outstanding customer support and matchmaking services, innovative communication platform and unprecedented safety measures offered to the customers. Discover an exciting and safe way to meet the most attractive and soulful beauties. It's free to browse. Mobile friendly. Don't wait. Find your true love here.

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