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VENUS Swimwear

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Ok, venus get's a 3.5 from me
Ok, venus get's a 3.5 from me. Venus has really cute clothing and I am satisfied with the items I received. Also, for the most part, VENUS Swimwear have good customer service with the exception of a few employees that were rude which is expected. Every company has a few bad apples. But for the most part, they have people that try and work with you. However, I have to give them a 3.5 because of all of the shipment related issues that I have had with them. Let me explain what I mean. Okay, I ordered a ton of items from them two of which were backordered which I was aware of before I made the purchase. I received my order in three business days after it was processed which I thought was awesome, however, one of the items that I ordered, they forgot to place it in my package and when I called them to tell the that it was not there, they informed me that item is now on backorder until August... August and my original order was placed in June. They did try and compensate me by upgrading my shipment to overnight but I hate that I have to wait until August to get an item that should have been in my package. Another example, I ordered two shirts that were on backorder when I placed my order. The shirts were not in the day that was given for the shirts to be in. When I called customer service, they told that they can only put an "expected date" on the website because they are depending on the company to ship the products to them which is fine and absolutely understandable but I feel like they should word it that way on the website so customers would know what to expect before they place their order. However, I have to say that they did try and work with me by again upgrading the shipment. Lastly, their return process is a bit of a headache. Now they almost always offer free shipment with purchases over $100, but you do have to pay for shipment for returns which they state in their policy so I'm okay with that. However, the process itself is a headache because it can take a while for you to receive your exchange back. I am still waiting on my exchange because I had to send a dress back that was too small (which was my fault because I ordered a size smaller because some reviews stated their clothes run big). I am also waiting for a refund to post back to my card so Ill let you know if that went smoothly or not... fingers crossed!

So all in all Venus unfortunately gets a 3.5 from me because although they have awesome clothing and good customer service for the most part, this shipment/return issues and the few rude customer service reps bring their score down... and it's sad because I really like their clothing/swimsuits. I'm not going to be like some and state not to order from them because everyone's experience is different and Im not absolutely sure that Im not going to order from them again. I guess Im just going to wait to see what happens with my refund, my exchange and my now backordered dress before I make a decision!

Not worth it
I've done business quite a bit with VENUS over the last 2 years. On Dec. 22,2016, VENUS Swimwear were having a flash sale. Good prices on cute stuff. So I ordered 4 items and paid an extra $5 for expedited shipping, in which they said it would be delivered in 3 business days. Ok fine. Well an order was delivered on the 27th of December, but it was not mine. The stuff belonged to someone else in a different state across the country. I call them and let them know. They tell me your order was delivered. I said it was someone else's. They said ok, send it back to us and we will put a trace on your order and someone will call you in 10 days. WTH? I sent the order back. So I wait 10 days go by. Nothing. A couple days after that they call. I missed it and called them back. The girl says, they are gone for the day but they wanted to know if you want the stuff or a refund. I said I want my stuff. The girl said ok, we will send you your stuff on Monday and you will have it by Tuesday. I said great. Another week goes by. Nothing, no emails, no package, nothing. I call them again, spoke to a woman. She said oh I am so sorry and we will ship your stuff to you right of way. Great. BY now it's already 3 weeks into January. Still nothing. I chatted online with the customer service rep and told her how unhappy I was. She said well do you want your stuff or a refund. I said I want a refund including my $5 for shipping. She said ok. They refunded me $5.00 only. Are you freaking kidding me? So obviously I had to dispute the charge and the bank fully refunded me today. But it's been a total nightmare with this company. Never again will I order from them and their customer service reps are horrible. If you want to take the risk of losing your money, go ahead and order but it's not worth the aggravation! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! BEWARE!

Great service and shipping, not the highest quality material...
I ordered about 6 different swim suits and 1 maxi skirt from Venus for an upcoming vacation. Here are the pros and cons of my experience in purchasing from Venus.

- fast shipping: I ordered with 2-day shipping and received the full order promptly within the 2 business days.
- good customer service: the 24-hour chat feature on the site is very convenient and the employees are helpful.
- cute swim styles: I have not had luck finding cute, trendy (and still affordable) swim suits anywhere else since Victoria's Secret stopped carrying swimwear.
- Triangle push up top: Best fitting top! I ended up buying 3 more! Definitely enhances and gives you a nice lift!

- not the highest quality material: some of the swim suits feel a bit cheap, especially the bottoms. VENUS Swimwear aren't as "heavy duty" and well-made as VS swimsuits but they'll do. The skirt I ordered was about $24 on sale and was originally 30 or 40 but definitely NOT worth that amount of money. I wouldn't even say it was worth 24, but it was cute and I didn't want to pay 6.95 to ship back, so I kept it.
- return shipping: return shipping is $6.95, but the label is included in the package which prevents the hassle of printing one off or going to the post office.
- cup sizing is sometimes a bit off: I'm a bra size 32-34 C so I ordered all C-cup swim suits. Most of them fit me, but one of the strappy ones (Vixen Bikini Top) was huge on me and fit awkwardly.
- price: These swim suits are overpriced for the quality of the material and the way they're made, but like I said, they are the best looking and fitting swim suits I've found since VS stopped carrying swim.

While offers a great selection clothing and...
While offers a great selection clothing and swimwear, I am NEVER buying anything from them again because the level of customer service VENUS Swimwear provide is completely and totally unacceptable for both online chat and phone contact.

Clearly, management has not kept up with customer expectations for online chat with retail sites, because agents are unable to customize their interactions unless really pressed to do so. And I get that everyone isn't Zappos, but companies should at least be aware of the standards set in their own market spaces and do the best they can to implement "modern" service solutions that try to meet them in some discernable way. Oh, and by the way, one of the chat agents also "hung up" on me when I asked for specific details... wow.

Calling the toll free number is not much better. Agents still utilize the old-school "it's policy" explanations that certainly don't represent customer service as we know it from virtually every one of's competitors. In addition, when clarification was provided to me about something I questioned because I saw that it was done incorrectly, the explanation I got was about how busy they were, and that they did what they did because they don't have time to be more thorough. Clearly, none of this is acceptable on any level.

And by the way, in addition to paying for shipping on orders under $100 (unless you're lucky enough to find a coupon code), if you have to return or exchange anything, you are going to have to pay for shipping again to send the item(s) back. Also not in line with many in the same market space.

I didn't want to have to be a formal detractor, but after having 2 extremely negative experiences, here I am... beware!

Terrible sizing and wrong item shipped
Getting the correct swimsuit has been a huge hassle with this company. VENUS Swimwear offer swimsuits sized to match your bra instead the standard S/M/L sizes which I thought was great! I went ahead and ordered a 32DDD top since that's my bra size. What I received was a monster bra. Seriously, their sizing is totally bogus. Whoever sized these swimsuits has no idea how bras work. Like they saw "DDD" and thought "let's make it huge, DDD means huge right?!" I attached a photo for reference of my black 32DDD bra against the 32DDD swim top they sent me. Seriously? That is not even REMOTELY the same size. So I filled out the form to exchange the item. You have to pay to ship the item back to them, which is pretty bogus in my opinion. Your swim sizing is totally wrong and I'm supposed to pay to ship it back when it doesn't even remotely fit right? Yeah... cool. Listen, when your sizing is this bad, you need to reimburse customers for the return shipping. There is no way anyone can order a swimsuit off this website and get the correct size on the first try...

So I filled out the form and tried to exchange the 32DDD for a 32DD. I got my package today and opened it up to find... a 32DDD. So to top it all off they managed to also mess up my exchange and send me the exact item I was trying to return. So I talked to customer service and HOPEFULLY they are sending out the 32DD this time. However their sizing chart is so messed up, I'm not even sure the 32DD will fit right! I will update with how the 32DD fits!

First time orders and huge debacle
So this would be my first time ordering clothes from them. Husband and I use the size chart to measure me to make sure we got the appropriate sizes I created my wish list and shared it with him he purchased the items. A lot of the items were back ordered, so VENUS Swimwear came in separately. As they came in he gave them to me and I'm finding that although I went by the size chart the items are just too big. So I Ordered under my account two of the tabs in a smaller size and had them shipped to me. They were fine they were beautiful perfect no problem. As the rest of the items come in it's the same issue. So this time I called spoke with someone she was super nice and helpful so her recommendation was to place a new order Over the phone instead of filling out the paperwork and waiting for it to be delivered just to make sure that I actually was able to get the items and that none of them went out of stock. So I did and I have not picking out a couple of other items. This time instead of using the size chart I just ordered size smalls for tips. This time instead of using the size chart I just ordered Size smalls for tops, since they don't seem to correlate with the size chart really well. But I use the size chart for the bottoms that I ordered because I was concerned about the item getting to me and being too tight. Upon receiving the order I find that the bottoms are huge swimming on me about falling off. And one of the tops that is listed as red for the color is actually orange, not red? Which I don't understand, red is red. Not orange. The next item that I ordered was like a full leather mock neck top with a ring detail at the front. And the neck of it, which is a full leather was completely crushed and distorted. So I immediately contacted them via email and the next day just received some copy paste message about how to return... there was no like ‘ I'm sorry for this experience, let me have a manager contact you' etc. so, yesterday morning I called them as soon as they opened. The girl who answered the phone was super nice she apologize for everything and said that she could return the items if I wanted. But I let her know that I really wanted to speak with a manager and I let her know that I emailed and the type of response that I got and that I wasn't impressed. She exclaimed that there was no manager there yet as they were just opening but she was going to make a notation in my account for someone to contact me as soon as someone got in. I have yet to receive any kind of calls from any manager whatsoever. So that would be why I am leaving a one star review. It's because someone can't even have the decency to try to rectify the situation properly with regards to this matter. I have attached images so that people whom are reading this review can see the item that has the distorted neck on it, (faux leather cannot iron it out) as well as I have attached an image that shows the color that I received from them in comparison to a red top that I have. The very true red top on the right that is in the photo is one of mine (not from Venus) the orange color is the one that I ordered from them that they are listing online as "red". Are the products of good quality yes but there I believe are some kinks that need to be worked out as far as their sizing, their quality control for products that are going out, as well as their merchandising and with regards to how they are marketing and advertising stuff so that it correctly corresponds with the product that people are buying

Excellent Experience
I received a catalog in the mail one day and my husband saw a dress he really liked for me. I'm a researcher when it comes to ordering from new sites, so I went online to look up I was disconcerted when I saw all of the negative reviews online--so much so I went searching for a similar dress elsewhere. I couldn't find anything, though, so, despite my hesitation, I decided to give it a try. On a Friday night, I ordered three items so I could get the free shipping. Some of the reviews suggested the sizes were off and returns were difficult, so I made sure to look at the sizing chart before selecting my sizes. I was nervous upon hitting that submit button. Within the hour I received the confirmation email that VENUS Swimwear received my order. The next day, to my utter surprise and delight, I received an email saying my order was ready to ship and would be sent out Monday. Sure enough, Monday night when I checked the tracking link, the order had been picked up by UPS Surepost with a Friday delivery eta. On Friday, I checked my mailbox and there it was. I was excited and nervous at the same time, certain something wouldn't fit right. I tried on all three items and they all fit perfectly... Just as the sizing chart said they would. I couldn't be happier with my order. I will definitely be buying from them again. I don't expect every order to be perfect, but the first one was and now Venus has a new loyal customer. My advice to any skeptics: CHECK THE SIZING CHART, that's what they are there for. Don't assume you know your size. Every company's sizing is different.

Not worth the hassle
I have been ordering from Venus for a good 4+ years. At first VENUS Swimwear were easy to deal with and items were close to what the pictures showed. Last year or so the quality is hit and miss, and so is the items looking like the pictures. I have had issues in the past, but they usually get resolved, after a phone call or two.

This last time (mid march to late march) I ordered a bunch of things at different times, for an upcoming trip. I sent some back for refunds, and others I needed a different size. They refunded me back all the items I sent, including the ones I clearly marked exchange on. I have called twice now, first was told it was an internal error and would be corrected, the second time got a rude person who said, just reorder them. I explained they were on sale when I did order them, and just wanted a different size, she said too late, error was made and no way to give me my items at price I originally paid. I am now having to go shop for some items I was hoping to bring on my trip from a local store.
I will think twice before ordering from them again. I used to keep 75% of their items, now lucky if 25% fit for the size they are marked, and if they look like the picture at all. I have items from them that are XS, and then have items that I need a medium in, the sizes vary too much to know what size to order. Between the calls, shipping and return charges and the disappointment of getting an item that looks nothing like the picture, I am just wasting my time with them. I emailed them again today regarding this, but will be surprised if I ever get a response.


This is the worst customer service I have received from a company that sells shoes and apparel + assorted ever! I waited a long time to get an order confirmation that VENUS Swimwear had sent out my shoes that I ordered. This I never got. When I contacted them, they came with an incredibly lame excuse that they had this spring festival so there was no client services at work but they should start improving my order with even speeding it up. Nothing happened. I sent several complaint emails and eventually I got the answer that they had finally managed to send off my shoes. They had then said that I had to prepare myself that it could take up to 20-40 days first. It took total 10 days from they finaly had sent the package til I received it. When I opened the package I was looking forward to open it! Then I looked closer and closer at the shoes. It was $#*!ing glue EVERYWHERE on them, and a large notch in the heel as well! I was so disappointed that I've never been in a long time and pissed as well. This company I have already reported everywhere in Norway on Norwegian websites, even to the consumer bureau in Norway, too all my friends, and facebook friends, and I have demanded that they send me new shoes after I showed them a lots of pictures of the damage shoes. What they say to me then was that it was just a small problem. I wrote back that it was NOT just a small problem! I demand new shoes! They looked and smelled used as well! They refuse to give me new shoes and they refuse to give me my money back! They are even so rude that they say that I can return the shoes back if I insist on returning them back, but that then I must pay the shipping cost as well! I have never said that I will return the shoes back, I said i wanted refund back! I am willing to take this long! To tell the ALL OTHER OUT THERE included DRESSVENUS.COM THAT THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!
You can't even open a dispute case to complain about their site either so this is just scams and a fraud company! BE AWARE EVERYONE!

The whole thing was a disaster costing me money without the clothes.
This should have been an easy exchange... nothing about it was. I've shopped with Venus before, and even though I'm Canadian and have to pay a lot for exchange and to get it across the border ($45 on top of the $125 American or $177 Canadian I had to pay for 5 shirts) I continued to use because I hate the mall and like their styles. I've recently lost a lot of weight and none of my clothes fit me. My order was placed on March 28th, and I received the email to pay the $45 for duties and taxes on the 29th (each item had the fee attached. Each were paid in full) let me remind you that In reality this is not a great deal as I've paid over $200 for 5 tops but have committed to it and am ok with it because I liked the items. On April 1st I received another email asking for the same duties and taxes fees. I went to the online chat and was assured that a duplicate order had been sent out by mistake and that I hadn't been charged. Just don't pay the fees... when I looked at my account it seemed to match up. 2 separate orders with the same 5 items and 2 different order numbers. As I wasn't receiving updates I contacted them again and VENUS Swimwear told me that my order had cleared customs on the 6th of April and would take 3-5 business days to reach me. Why did it take 8 days after my payment to be released? I kept waiting and nothing came. Finally on April 16th I received 1 of 5 tops with 1 of 1 stamped on the receipt. I phoned Again and was told that there must have been a mistake and they would re-ship my order but I would have to pay the $45 fee to get it through customs again. I said not a chance and was told, maybe it's coming wait a few days. I did... nothing. So I called again and in the meantime had a request from "landmark" to review their shipping, and I did. I was told by both Venus on the phone and landmark/Venus email in regards to my review that it wasn't a duplicate order in the beginning, but that my order had been shipped separately by accident and that no need to worry I would get it 3-5 business days after and the fees were paid in full. One week later I received a delivery ticket from Canada post saying my mail was ready for pick up for the fee of $49 for customs. I had zero faith that this was actually resolved in the first place and was not surprised that this happened. I tried to explain the situation at the post office and they couldn't help as expected. It's their job to collect the fees attached. I left it there and phoned Venus again. They had zero resolution for me after speaking with a supervisor aside from sending me a link to go through landmark to get the duties and taxes back after paying a 2nd time. Totally unacceptable as you have to fill out forms, provide receipts and other crap and mail back in hopes that they'll hopefully refund you. I spent 30 mins on this call and was told by the CSR that I'm so sorry and I wish I could send it to you personally and that Canada post is notoriously "nasty" to deal with. Unsatisfied with the resolution given I phoned back again and spoke with an angel. I don't understand why this company is at fault for screwing everything up on their end would not try to compensate me in order for me to get the items I've already paid for in order to make up for a very negative experience and maybe just maybe keep a customer. If she told them my issues they'd try to resolve it in an actual way that a company trying to keep and make people happy would. But no... she completely empathized with me and tried very very hard to no use. In result I went back to the post office and tried to explain again and show proof... being government they can't just waive fees. I had no choice but to send the package back.
I waited almost a month for this, and truthfully have lost so much weight that none of my clothes fit. I work a lot and don't have time to go to the mall to shop. I was so hopeful for this and you guys are a huge let down, over $45 and responsibly for your mistakes and my wasted time which is over 2 hours. Shame on you.

The first sign that this was a bogus company occured when my order arrived at my home in Toronto and the delivery guy said that I had to pay a 'Customs tax' which cost almost as much as the actual order. ( my order was $107US and the 'Customs Tax was $89 Cdn). Before I could even make a call to Venus to inquire about this hefty 'Customs Tax' that I have never had to pay when ordering from any other US retailer, I opened the package to discover that VENUS Swimwear had shipped the wrong order. Instead of 4 ladies tops I had received 2 pairs of women's size 10 shoes. To say that I was livid would be putting it midly. After an endless series of emails and phone calls back and forth to their customer service department, I was informed that I could keep the shoes (which i had absolutely no use for) but would have to pay an additional 'Customs Tax' to have the correct order shipped.

This should have been my cue to abandon the whole effort but like so many fashion obessed consumers, I really wanted to order some of the items I saw in the catalogue modeled by women who more closely represent my curvy size 10 figure.
I relented and placed the order, paid the 'Customs Tax' which although reduced was still way more than it should be. Three out of the 4 tops I ordered either did not fit or did not look like they did in the catalogue.

By this time I was so fed up with Venus that I did not even bother with a return. I just took the 3 ill-fitting/not like the catalogue tops, the wrongly shipped size 10 women's shoes and donated them to a local clothing bank.

So essentially with the exchange rate, and double 'customs tax' I paid over $200 and got one blouse out of the whole order. Trust me folks... I never write reviews but think twice before spending your money with this company. I can see from some of the other reviews posted here that people have had similiar experiences.

If a company is consistently getting low reviews online its something that prospective customers need to be informed about.

They got my 1st and last order... never again!
Stay away... heed my warning. I placed an order. Paid through pay pal. Got my order number, money removed from my account. I got the date that it was shipped. I anxiously waited... and waited... and waited... and waited. Finally, I decided to check the status of my order and noticed that is not item number on my order status page. The order number is there and the shipping date is there but no item info anywhere. I initiated a chat session and was told..."Sorry for the inconvenience but you item is sold out." WTH... I've been waiting and waiting and was never told that before and the item is still being advertised, in my size, as available. So ok... I calm myself down and politely ask how I can get a refund. The rep... D Rose said that no funds were taken out of my account. I said that I will check my account. Of course I check my account and the funds were taken out of my account. I start another chat, got Dee Rose again. She told me that she can't see a payment on her end and file a dispute. We all know that paypal disputes can take up to 60 days. I am so disappointed with Venus. The site should not allow you to make orders on out of stock items. It should not provide shipping dates on out of stock items. And it should not give you order numbers if the order are not placed because the items are out of stock. Horrible customer service and now all I get are apologies and I have to wait to get my funds back. D Rose was very polite and no complaints with him or her. She was just the messenger but Venus really need to get their act together. So unfair to me as a customer. You just lost one because you won't get me again

Poor quality clothing!
I have never ordered from Venus prior, only browsed their site online. Their clothes looked really cute and the reviews from customers where great, raving about the quality and fit.
I assumed with seeing a bunch of good reviews, I would also be satisfied with my purchases when I finally decided to order from them.
I purchased $200 worth of clothing(9 pieces) taking advantage of a couple discounts. I received it at the time VENUS Swimwear said I would, so far so good.
However, when I opened my box and went through the clothing, I couldn't believe how awful every piece looked.
The material for most of the garments I received, where the polyester cheap material, the kind of clothing you would get online from ordering straight from China(in fact-every tag in their clothing said made in China) or what you would expect to see at a swap meet.
I thought there was some type of mistake and went back online to compare the garments I received to their pictures.
Some of my pieces where not even the same material, cut, color was slightly different, even the print was slightly off from what was stated and shown.
I decided to try the pieces on (might as well) they all fit horribly!
I'm now going to have to return everything. After seeing these reviews I'm worried that they'll say they never received my return or charge me for a restocking fee(I did not see that stated in their return policy).
Crossing my fingers and hoping I don't run into a problem.
I cannot believe all the great reviews I've read, when what I received was poorly made and cheapy fabric- clothing.
Wondering if they use different manufacturers to make their clothing and it's a hit or miss, or if a lot of the reviews are fake. I was even wondering if they use cheap fabric for their bigger sizes (I ordered xl and size 16) and perhaps their clothing is only good quality and fit for their smaller sizes.
All I know is, I will never order anything from Venus again.

They don't care because they are to large of a company,
I must start off with the clothes are absolutely beautiful and somewhat pricey depending what you buy. The shipping was reliable also... I have around 500 to 600 dollars worth of clothing out. My first package was to arrive dec17th. And I wished I had called about earlier. So then I decided I would order another package of clothes thinking maybe my online order just never went through earlier. Well... it did. It has around 250 or 350 dollars worth of clothing. Second order 200 dollars. To be fair my second order should arrive as normal. I've just lost confidence with the shipping. And I won't order agin. I just won't. It's up to other women to make up their minds if VENUS Swimwear still love Venus. I'm just saying the company does not give a crap about my order or how much money I'm out. I'm just sick over it. Oh and yes they have forgot to fill the order completely in the past but always managed to fix the problem. I think I will just stick to local stores and stay away from large manufactures because they don't care. They just don't care that some woman is out a lot of money. Again to be fair the first package is my worry and the second I'm not confident in receiving. Dang it. Larger companies will not have the best service at issues like this. They aren't prepared for large volumes of problems. So I've learned my lesson. Hsn has it together they are huge retail service and much more reasonable and you would think so with Venus. Not true. Never again. And I'm sorry to say it's not great. And not my fault.

Terrible - overall rating - (minus) 1
I am in Canada. Ordered a swimming suit online. Asside of the fact that it took almost 4 weeks to arrive, I'll say it is fine. Not the best quality, not the worst. For the first order there were no taxes or duty. Second order: a dress. Same day I received an e-mail saying I have to pay taxes and duty up front. All together arround 50% on top of the dress price, and shipping. Odd... but there is an option VENUS Swimwear say to pay the taxes on delivery. Called and asked why is this order different than the first. They offered a lame excuse that there is a speed on delivery and this is the reason why I have to pay up front for duty and tax. When I said that I haven't asked for speed delivery, they replied that all the orders are placed with speed delivery. This is really strange. Ok, no worries, I let them know that I will pay the duty and tax on delivery.
Now the funny part: I placed my order on May 30,2017, has been shipped on May 31,2017. Today, June 08,2017 I received an e-mail saying that my refund has been processed. I'm calling: "what refund?!? Oh, your dress, you've returned it because it was the wrong size". Let me assure you, I've never received nor returned the dress. My humble opinion, they never even shipped it to me. It wouldn't have been possible to make it to Canada and back in 5 business days. Now we are disputing the shipping charge, they say is non refundable, I'm saying that I don't pay for something that has never been shipped. Show me a proof that I've send it back... They prommised to credit the shipping charge back. Let's hope they'll do it.
Customer service is terrible. Of course that dress is not available now, there is no back order, they are not even sorry for their mistake.
As for duty and taxes paid up front through a website that Venus is partenerred with... I'll say it's a huge scam. 50% on top of the item value (and this is not including the shipping)... I rather have CBSA assesing the duty and tax... but probably because I refused to pay duty and tax to Venus " partner" they made sure that I will never receive my order.
I'll stay away from now on, too much trouble to deal with this company.

Don't order
The customer service is horrible! I put in a $450 order. VENUS Swimwear confirmed the order, but I hadn't received any shipment notices after a week. I contacted them and they said they were working on an issue with their credit department. Fast forward another week and I contact them through online chat. Now they don't want to ship to my work where all my packages ship to, they only want to ship to my home. I told them my home can't receive the items, and it's too much to leave outside for anyone to grab. At work, my receiving department can inspect packages and sign for them. No, they'd prefer to ship to my home and then disconnected the chat. Today I got back in to see what's going on with my order, since I haven't received any calls or emails. The response: "Unfortunately our credit department was not able to reach you on time to get the order shipped and cancelled the order due to non-response." They cancelled it for "non-response" but I have no emails, and no missed calls on my cel and my work number is answered from 6am-10pm. Apparently, the credit department attempted to reach me telepathically! Although you'd think this could be the most efficient way, if it doesn't work I'd assume "customer service" could try and use more conventional methods, right? Nope. No warning, no attempts, just cancelled it. Maybe I got off cheap on this one; I just saved myself $450. I will not be re-ordering; I don't see how it could be worth this aggravation. Good luck to you if you're brave enough to fight this hard for cheap clothes.
PS- They charge you for returns, so I've been told you should make sure you like gambling on ill-fitting cheap clothes prior to purchasing.

Not Impressed
First of all, why am i unable to find the spot to write a review directly on their site? Not to mention all the reviews on the items seem to be positive?. RED FLAG... I ordered a couple items and i noticed some of the colours advertised are not the same in person. ALSO this romper that had amazing reviews was on of the items i purchased, and yes in the description it stated that the "print may vary", presuming that obviously VENUS Swimwear would be the same style of prints, just laid-out differently. NOPE this one looked beautiful in the advertised photo, and the one i received is not only different patterns, but it looks like its from china where they attempted to use the same prints and colours? What the heck? ALSO it looks super pink, but not a nice pink. It looks like you accidentally washed it in hot water and the red colours bled creating an ugly pink colour. Upon reading reviews of other people from this site i've noticed a few stating they're are being charged for shipping to return their items and i'm from Canada so i can only imagine how much i would be charged... Also for my purchased bathing suits I ordered the size that went with my measurements from the site and its a tad too small... I am normally a small/medium in clothes and i ordered a couple of bathing suit bottoms in an 8 just to be sure that they would definitely fit and they are still too small... Clearly China is making these clothes, because it certainly cant be made in the U.S. Also they smell weird, which given me another indication that they have to be coming from china...

Another terrific looking place, but what the...
Venus, I have been scouting around this site for many months now, and decided to check out the clearance items as I received an email for additional percentage off. I have a very hard time narrowing down my choices to fit my budget. And then I got wise to go ahead and look for reviews and came across this website. When I read that somebody got charged by Customs, I did the search and realized at least one person was in Canada the other wasn't sure where the shipment was going to.

I just wanna say to everyone that is/has purchase here I'm very confused. The clothes look great, the company appears to be in Florida offers a telephone number, so, I am looking for real reason not to place an order. I hate writing review like this when I have not even made a purchase but basically I'm writing a review on your reviews and honestly confused. Not my habit of throwing away money and receiving garbage or wrong shaing, colors or other "flawed or misrepresented advertisement, mistakes. Review site survey real images of clothing that actually for the price, took my breath away. Which is it? Good or bad, or scam? (in and of itself So what to do? I believe in checking reviews before purchases even on the major shopping network channels because something that looks good even on the TV, may get 500 + reviews only to learn that item showed 3* out of 5* then I guarantee you I take no further action toward purchasing that item when I see reviews not topping 4 +. With Venus, now I'm really confused with what I'm reading... is there anyone out there that on the fence like me, read s this merchandise from China? And why so many many many reviews that are Unsatisfactory

You're taking a gamble with them.
First off, just know that their return policy (or at least the policy for my particular order) is VENUS Swimwear will either refund or exchange your order, but you pay for return shipping (exchanges ship to you for free), which ultimately puts you in the hole $15 just to try on a piece of clothing (roughly $8 to ship, roughly $7 to return).

Seriously though, any clothing website that doesn't allow for customers posting reviews is extremely sketchy. Obviously every site uses models with perfect bodies, a fair bit of photoshop, and deceptive wording. So it's hard to know exactly what you're purchasing. And that's why customer reviews are helpful; they'll tell you how it really is.

Knowing that, and even reading through a couple reviews here, I took my chance. Because the bikini top I found was just SO cute! It was the "color block push up bra top" (a bikini top). I'll include the picture on the site along with pictures of the actual product worn on a more common body-type.
I noticed most of the reviews focused on long shipping time, horrible return process, and overall poor quality of the piece. Well, I wasn't in a huge time crunch (didn't need it for a month), I never bother with returns anyways because they're always a huge hassle, and how can a bathing suit be low qualty?- all bathing suits are made of the same type of material, so I knew I couldn't be shocked there. And from the picture, the design seemed pretty straight forward. What could go wrong?
Well, for anyone figuring a bathing suit is the exception to the "poor quality" complaint, you are wrong. There was nothing push up about it, the fit was horrendous (though slightly my fault because I was torn between two sizes and ended up choosing the smaller of the two), and the overall aesthetic presented on the website is actually physically impossible to achieve without making alterations to remove the convertible aspect.
Though I will say the material, stitching, and mega-cool slider back strap (why don't all bras have these?), was spot on. And shipping was actually decently quick. Only took 4 days.

So yea, like I said, if you choose to shop at, you're taking a gamble. Because odds are, you're either going to be out $15 with nothing to show for it, or out however much you spent to purchase something, and stuck with what you never would have bought had you tried it on in a store.

-----Picture Explanation-----
So as you can see, the bikini top is very simple. Black cups, blue halter straps. In the product picture, the straps are really the focal point, and cover a decent amount of the cups. But when actually worn, there is no magic that keeps the fabric stretched over the cups. They just smoosh into a thin little hardly noticeable strap! And can you see the support? Or rather, the lack-there-of? Using my hands to hold things up to where a normal push-up would keep them, it's clear to see how small the cups are (unfortunately I don't have 3 hands, so I couldn't get a picture demonstrating the size problems). I would be mortified if my crush saw me in this. Life would be grand if I had fake tits and didn't need any support in a bra/bikini... but for me, that's just not the case.
This might be cute if you had really small breasts. Small enough that support isn't a problem, and your boobs don't come out much and therefore won't push the straps aside. But for anyone B cup and up, I'd say, don't even bother.

You people are crazy and obviously those difficult customers who $#*! about nothing & act entitled!
First of all Venus is a great company, but a small one. These reviews are baffling and I've never experienced what the hell you are talking about. I've been a customer for years. Most of their clothing is good quality and looks like the picture, minus a few rare exceptions. There clothes run large. As far as paying $20 dollars for some fee I've never heard of or had to ever do, there email communication is great. VENUS Swimwear send an email within an hour or two saying they received your order and list what you bought and the total price, along with your oder number and date purchased, and by what method you used to pay for the items They also send you an email when your order has been shipped, usually about 5-7 business days after, which is normal, unless you paid for expedited shipping, or overnight. The shipped email gives you the date of the order, and a tracking number. Now, if you ordered a bunch if separate orders, it's difficult to track which one because in the shipped email they don't show you the items you ordered, like in the received email. So, you can call and give them the order numbers of one order, or many that have shipped and asked exactly which items were shipped.AS far as the backorder thing, obviously you people don't understand how it works. First off, it will say on the item page if the item is on backorder, and it gives you a date of availability. You can still order it and you will not be charged, until it comes in and is shipped. They send you an email and will say, "item backorderd" or something, and give you the date of its arrival. It will also give you the item info and it's cost, although the number is zerod out because they don'the take the money out, until it is shipped. Whether in a 1 item order or several items in an order you'll see a zero next to it. Also, the backorder date is sometimes pushed back, due to their manufacturer, so it's best to call about what's going on with it. You will also receive an email when your backorder has been shipped. Their customer service is wonderful, unless you're just a complaining and difficult $#*!. Alot of you sound ridiculous. In fact, alot of the stuff you've claimed happened and $#*!ed about has NEVER ON CELEBRITIES happened to me. Not getting orders, or emails, the company just cancelling your order for no reason, $20 dollar fees, horrible customer service, etc. As far as their return label goes, yes they will charge you $6.95 independentlyft or deduct it from a refund. You don't have to use either the UPS or USPS label and go to probably the USPS and send returns back for cheaper and Venus won't charge you. They give you a prepaid label for convenience, especially if you have a ton of stuff to return that would probably cost more than $6.95 anyway. Now, their exchange thing is easy. You take of the bottom portion of the shipping invoice, don't check the box for a refund, check the box that says you want to exchange the items below, then you fill out both the left and right of the sheet. It's pretty self-explanatory. Then, if you want 2 day delivery, you have to pay $6.00 (you write it in the box. Then you're done. They don't need your credit card or Venus Charge to exchange or return. They just need the piece of paper you filled out and put in the bag, with the items. They have the order number on the paper. That's all they need to do is pull up you payment info. Then, you'll get an email from them, when they get your return, and the refund or exchange will be on there. I don't understand why people dislike their exchange policy. It's easy. Venus is awesome. Maybe some of you are just brain dead.

Stay Away!
I came across a cute crotchet trim cami on the Venus an, after reviewing the size chart, ordered it. I couldn't wait to receive my new shirt! Yeah, I could have waited. I received an item that was marked "Medium", but appeared to be an Extra Large. So, I put the shirt back in the plastic it came in and sent it back the next day with the return label provided (as most companies provide).

Almost 2 weeks later, I received correspondence from Venus stating that VENUS Swimwear would not be giving me a full refund due to the shirt being used and a stain appearing on the inside sleeve (which could only mean either the shirt had a stain before leaving the Venus warehouse or they were providing a reason so a refund did not have to be issued).

When I called to find out why this was stated as the reason I was only getting a partial refund, customer support could only reiterate what was written in the notification email. Not only that, but then she told me that since I had used the return slip provided, I would be charged $6.95 because i used their return slip. See, there's very small font on the back of the return slip. It's very tiny, almost unreadable. Apparently, that little tiny font tells the customer that if they use that slip, they will be charged the shipping fee... which is actually more than if I had used USPS Priority Mail.

Finally, the rep told me that i wasn't actually even going to get the partial refund issued back to my card. No, I was getting store credit. I had to push the rep to issue a refund to the card I used to purchase the item since I had every intention of NEVER buying from this company again.

Trust me, ladies, you want to steer as far away from this company as you can!

I aint what I once was!
So I have LOVED Venus for Years! I am not a small woman because my shape I can go between a size 14-18 depending on the Item. I have been able to buy tons of things with Venus and have always been so Happy, never had a problem with shipping and handling either. This latest Order I cant say I am as happy with! I have this Emerald Dress I got years ago and Loved! So I was soooo excited when I saw that now had a black and purple Version of "the same dress". I got my Item and pulled it out of the bag. First thing I noticed was the Material was Different. It was a lighter thinner material. The other was a nice thick strechy Material. I would call this new Material Slinky and see through. Not at all the same, but I put on... Yeah, the stich of this dress is not great. Its a little off kilter and its no wear near as long as the other dress and way way more see through in the Black version. I still like enough to keep because it can be worn, but its not anywere near the quality I expect for Venus! VENUS Swimwear best grt their acts together, maybe go back to having clothing made in Lithuania rather than China! I looked at the tags... That is the differance... Everything made in china seems to be cheap and crap quality now n days... So if Venus is now getting their Items made in China then the great quality they used to represent is no more. Maybe new owners, who Knows... But if they read this, I highly recomend you switch your manufacturers back to the old ones! Or your business will suffer a great deal.

Item never shipped to me but charge me for refund
Placed order on 4/14/19 for a pair of shoes for my wife. Paid total of $38.17USD via PayPal and had the items shipped to my PayPal confirmed address in Tennessee.
On 4/15/19 I received an email saying my item has shipped with a tracking number of 1Z345046YW36033822.
On 4/16/19 I checked the tracking and the tracking showed the item going to NILES, OH, US and not TN.
I contacted Venus by chat to find out what was gong on and to make them aware of the issue. Below is a copy of that chat.

Kali Morgan
4/16/2019 9:47:41 a.m.
Welcome to IC!

9:47:41 a.m.
Interaction transferred to VenusChat.

9:47:41 a.m.
Interaction alerting Kali Morgan.

9:47:41 a.m.
Kali Morgan has joined the conversation.

Kali Morgan
9:48:11 a.m.
Good Morning. My name is Kali. How may I assist you?

9:48:17 a.m.
I received a tracking number. Why does it show the wrong address?

9:48:43 a.m.
Tracking number 1Z345046YW36033822

Kali Morgan
9:48:45 a.m.
The orders are processed based on the information submitted on the order.

9:48:45 a.m.
One moment.

9:49:24 a.m.
It shows Ship To

Kali Morgan
9:49:26 a.m.
I show the address entered on the order is *** (I removed my address)

9:49:35 a.m.
The order is not shipping to Niles OH

9:49:42 a.m.
It is going to TN

9:50:09 a.m.
Why does tracking show shipped to OH?

Kali Morgan
9:50:27 a.m.
That may be a UPS exchange hub. I am not sure.

9:50:38 a.m.
That is not the delivery address for the order.

9:50:56 a.m.
The order will be delivered by 04/19.

9:51:10 a.m.
Since I'm not the shipper I can not call UPS correct?

Kali Morgan
9:51:20 a.m.
There is no need to contact UPS.

9:51:30 a.m.
We do not show any issues with the order/delivery.

9:51:54 a.m.
UPS will often ship orders to USPS etc for completion of the delivery.
This will often update on the tracking.

9:52:04 a.m.
K I will keep an eye on it and see what happens.

Kali Morgan
9:52:10 a.m.
The address for delivery is noted on the order. There are no issues at this time.

9:52:10 a.m.

9:52:18 a.m.
Is there anything else I can do to assist you?

9:52:26 a.m.
Not today

9:52:38 a.m.

On 4/18/19 I received an email saying
Delivery Date: Thursday, 04/18/2019
Delivery Time: 04:16 PM
Left At: Rear Door

Delivered To

I contacted Venus again and VENUS Swimwear said they would send out another pair but I had to pay shipping. When I checked their site I saw they did not have any in stock. At this point in time I was angry so I informed them I would take this issue up with PayPal.

On 4/19/19 I received a email saying
Venus Fashion, Inc. refunded $8.69 USD from your purchase on April 15,2019.
Total purchase amount $38.17 USD
Amount refunded $8.69 USD

( I had not contacted PayPal yet. Venus gave me this partial refund. After I received this is when I contacted PayPal)

I got a partial refund on a order that never shipped to me or never shipped at all and they sent me the wrong tracking number.
Needless to say I created a case with PayPal and it is now in their hands as of today 4/19/19

Love the styles
If you're ordering from Canada heads up VENUS Swimwear will send you an email after you order to pay the duties and taxes which tend to be high so ballpark an additional 30-50 bucks for the products to go through customs based on a 100-150$ order. My advice would be to buy when things are on sale to curb the cost difference (not to mention it's in US dollars so you're taking another hit there. That's the only reason I'm giving 4 stars. Otherwise ivhave been ordering from them for almost 10 years (tops, dresses, baithing suits) I've never ordered the pants or shoes becuase those are way less easy to gauge sizing on. As a rule of thumb I just don't order those things online. I love the styles for the most part they fit great. The only downside I have is a lot if the tops I find are built for women with long torsos. So a lot of my tops I get from there end up being tunics but that's ok. Now that I know that I usually order them with that in mind knowing I can pair it up with a cute legging and heels. Im 5'5 I have a 3 8D bust a 30 inch waist and a 38 inch hip so I'm an average hourglass shape and I order a size large. But I also read the reviews on each product page to see if it runs small and what other people think about it. Sometimes there's customer photos so it helps. Overall I like the shop. I don't really buy clothing from anywhere else is say 75% of my wardrobe us from here. Kinda hoping the exchange rate adjusts a little so I can buy more stuff becuase right now it's just too damned expensive with the exchange rates :(

Bad customer service and new sizing that does not fit at all
Venus response to my review telling me to contact them to make it better and so I was thinking maybe VENUS Swimwear do care, so I responded right away yesterday and NO one has responded or acknowledged me back. I sent two emails to the email they provided below and I also responded through site jabber. I see that they have responded to another bad review today, so they are there... unless these are just automated responses to make the readers believe they actually care? This is really insane! I can't believe that they tell you to contact them but they don't respond to you. OMG - such horrible customer service.
PS Their new sizing as Heidi from Venus explained does not solve the problem I posted, they just changed how you choose the size but their actual products are still the same size which is way different than it used to be and their smallest size A is now like a C so it won't fit anyone with small bust no matter what size you order. I don't know why they can't just acknowledge that and say yes we are sorry our sizes have changed because we have changed manufactures. You can see from my picture that the two tops sized A are completely different sizes and you can't order a smaller one so the new ones don't fit anyone who is an A cup.

I have been a Venus swim wear customer for over 10 years and used to really like their bikinis and they used to fit very nicely but over the last year or so they changed manufacturers and their swim tops do not fit like they used to and are way too big even in the smallest size. Their customer support team told me this was an issue and that they changed their sizing this year back to what it used to be and convinced me to order again and assured me that I would not receive the same bikini top that they were selling last year which was way too big even in the A size (fits more like a C, really wide across chest, see picture). I explained to her that I am from Canada and it is a hassle to return things as we have to pay the duties and its impossible to get them back after we do a return, so I did not want to order if they did not change their enhancer top from last year as they are NOT the same as they used to be. She assured me they were new and I should reorder. Since I really used to like their enhancer top, I reordered hoping she was right. When it arrived, it was the same big top I got last year and it was also missing the enhancer pads. So nothing has changed or they sent me the old stock and labeled it with their new sizing on the package. Anyway, that is not the real issue but it does mean that small busted girls cant order from them anymore which is unfortunate as their enhancer top used to cater to smaller busted women and used to be the best fitting swim top I could find. The main problem was when I called and explained that I needed to return this and I did not feel I should pay for the shipping as I was misinformed that they changed their sizing, they were very cold and rude and condescending and short with me and not apologetic at all and not even letting me speak, rudely cutting me off. It was quite shocking and I told them they were rude and they just got even ruder. I was dealing with a horrible person that does not care at all about the Venus Company and he said he was the floor manager! Maybe that is how the company is now, bad service and poor quality and poorly fitted swimwear and does not care about loyal customers input. It is a shame, as I used to love them.
I would not recommend their swim tops for any small busted person.
I have attached a picture of their enhancer top from this year and from a few years back, both size A, top one is what it used to be and bottom one is what it is now. There is a huge difference in size! The "A" cup size now, will not fit any small busted person.

Venus is the greatest and hasn't changed f2f
I've bought from Venus for the past 3 years and VENUS Swimwear are perfect! Sexy but classy is all I can say. There's a huge problem going on and ppl are using Venus's pictures and they're are taking orders and they're making the clothing as they go. It takes forever for the clothing to get to you and the clothing isn't made good at all and the customer service from these ppl are just ridiculous! These ppl are pretending to sell Venuses stuff and Venus is paying for it in a huge way. Ppl don't trust them, ppl are giving Venus bad reviews, ppl are accusing Venus of things and Venus is trying so hard to STOP these ppl from doing this by suing them because they are selling you things that aren't venuses products. Please do your research before you get something that's not made from Venus. It happened to me two separate times. But not once with Venus. I called Venus directly and the woman I spoke with was extremely nice. She said she has to explain to so many that they're legit and all kinds of things. I honestly don't think they deserve any of this. It's not coming from Venus, I can guarantee that you will get exactly what you order and you'll love what you order. Just make sure it's straight from Venus, don't look at a picture and click on it cause you saw it in Venus cause you won't get what you ordered. Customer service is always pleasant and their clothing is always perfect when it's straight up Venus. Get catalogs and order from them, don't order from Amazon cause again they're just pictures and not straight from Venus. I've trust them and so many do as well and have been ordering way longer than I. Venus is a very trusting place.

Product is decent, company overall doesn't know how keep customers satisfied
While I adore the bathing suit that I purchased from the website, I do not appreciate the headaches that went into this order. I ordered these bathing suits online originally spending upwards of 100 dollars. Needless to say, for two complete bathing suit sets VENUS Swimwear are not cheap. I was fine with that because most of the time you pay for what you get. Further, approximately 3 business days or so later I received part of my shipment. No complaints there. But as time went on, I kept checking the status of my other package awaiting shipment. A week and half passed, so I called customer service. Not only did they not feel bad, they made me think it was THE CUSTOMERS fault. They informed me that the bathing suits I PAID for were no longer in stock, they're backordered. Like, ok that is fine but are you not going to tell me? I ordered those for a vacation I had that week upcoming. They totally screwed me. Not only did I get NOT EVEN AN APOLOGY from the customer service representative, but they didn't offer to ship me similar bathing suits expedited. When dealing with the customer service and accessing my account and order history, I realized the website it not user friendly. The order history lacks photo graphs so the lady on the phone was like "are you talking about piece order "insert random name" *******740" I had to manually type the numbers in to search for them on the Venus website. It could be so easy to just have the pictures next to what the customer ordered. I do not understand how this company has kept its customer with their lack of customer support.

Terrible customer service
I ordered two dresses totaling $181.00 on September 20,2020. I paid $5.95 extra for 2 day shipping. Immediately after placing my order, I received an email from Venus stating that my order was pending being processed due to my billing address needing to be verified. The email explained that I could verify the billing address through this email. I did. It said it was effective and was processing. Eight days later, I hadn't received my order. I called customer service and spoke with a nice woman, who I do not remember her name. I advised her of the situation. She let me know that my order was pending being processed due to needing verification of my billing address and that since I had never placed an order through Venus before, as soon as I verified, my order would ship. I explained to her that I did verify my account and billing address on 9/20/2020 via email. She said that it was not verified. I then told her that I would like to cancel my order. She put me on hold and when she returned she apologized and said that her supervisor will guarantee that my order will be shipped TODAY. She then said, my order will arrive by Thursday, 10/1/2020. She also said that she would refund me for the two day shipping of $5.95.
On saturday 10/3/2020, I still have not received my order. I went to to check the status of my order and to track it. It shows that my order has NOT shipped and that it is still "processing".
I called customer service, AGAIN. I spoke with a woman named Van, who quite frankly, was straight up rude. I advised Van of my situation. I was calm, polite, and never raised my voice. Van let me know that my order had not shipped because I did not verify my account. I again explained the situation. She told me that I would have to wait for it to verify before VENUS Swimwear could ship my order. I told her that I would like to cancel my order and Van immediately canceled it, never asked me if she could get a supervisor, and never asked me if she could help me to verify my order ad get it shipped out ASAP. I will NEVER shop with Venus again.

Not terrible, Not great
I have looked at this site many times and always loved the look of the clothing, finally I ordered, the one dress I really wanted did not have my size so I got just one Coat Dress- its like a very long blazer or suit-jacket dress. On the site it looks very classy and pretty in the photo.

I received the Jacket yesterday and it took about maybe 5-6 days to ship which is expected for standard shipping so no complaints there. The dress/jacket itself came back very similar to the photo, it's not necessarily bad quality but it's also not what I would expect based on the retail price. It looks pretty on, but is a bit loose. I'm about 118 lbs, 5'6 and typically a size 2 will fit me perfectly if not a bit snug so I was surprised as a US size 2 this wasn't very true to size. Aside from the fit, which I can always have altered, there was a slight deviation from the photo to my expectations where the buttons appear to be darker on the dress or black. This is what I thought and when i received the item the buttons were actually the same color as the dress itself which I got in a light/medium grey. I know this isn't huge but I think it would've looked a bit less cheap had the buttons actually been a darker or black color and I was a little disappointed by that small deviation from the photo online.

Overall, if the dress/jacket was priced maybe $10-12 cheaper, I would say it was worth it. However for the prices, I think you could go somewhere more reputable who charges very similarly but the quality is actually there.

BUYER BEWARE! Ladies, I have had my eyes on this website for quite a while now and, I finally gave in. After sitting on a cart with over $800 worth of clothes, I read reviews from ReviewFeeder and re-thought my order. I ordered $200 worth of clothes (mostly for work) with a promo code I found online, which saved me $50. For what that's worth, 7 days later, my package was delivered on time and I began to try on my outfits. What a nightmare! Some fit OKAY and others were just plain HUGE and WIDE. The romper can fit a Jolly Green Giant and the dresses were extremely WIDE. I figured I would get them tailored but WHY spend the extra money when your already spending a wad of cash on something that should decently fit. For the record, I am a size 0-2 and these clothes run BIG. Do not go by their size chart if you are thin/small/petite. If you are, go with items that run XS if you want them to fit.

The quality of most articles were poor and very few were acceptable. I sent back many of my items and believe me, I thought of exchanging. After sitting and thinking, I've decided to go with a FULL refund. I would NOT recommend this site to any of my friends. Take a good look at the pictures. Some of the back of the dress designs don't even match up evenly with the design itself (which led me to refund vs. exchange). The designer(s) should be ashamed of themselves. At least line up the damn material to make it look half way decent for people who are trying to save a penny by not going to Macy's and other high end stores. This is the same issue with Victoria Secret. If your looking to buy from this site, purchase a SMALL amount items and STICK TO GOING TO MARSHALLS, TJ MAXX, AND BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY.

As for online stores, Amazon will be my number one site since we can read reviews about items people have purchased. I also noticed, the website did not allow reviews, which should've raised a flag for me. Reviews are important and many (especially clothes) websites should have them so that we know whether or not the item fits too big or too little. For instance, JUSTFAB has an excellent customer review measure.

For this, I rather withstand the headache of standing online. At least I know the items I'm going to buy are worth purchasing. I am so disappointed with this website. SO DISAPPOINTED!:(

Back to my online clothing store website search for people my size. Seems like the world is embracing only the larger sizes now. :(

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