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It was very nice and easy
It was very nice and easy. Live the website. Just a little upset with the shipping options and how long it took. Gave my two options. 3-4 day shipping for 8$ or 2 day shipping for 33$. I picked the 8$ and my package still came rather late. Took like 4 days for it to just leave the shop

VampireFreaks were very nice and helpful. Kept me informed and updated.

I hope that I don't get three or four of these pants...
I hope that I don't get three or four of these pants usually I order what you guys one thing and I'll get three or four and I don't need that money being taken out of my bank account when I only purchased one pair I'm hoping that someone can get back to me cuz I only want one pair of these pants I don't need all this money taken out of my bank account for the same pants that always happens every time I purchase stuff from you guys I hope that you see this and you can get back to me my phone number is 862-755-62 68

Worth it!
I wanted this item for a while, but I held out because of money. Yes, the brand is a little bit expensive, but other than on Hot Topic (which never has what I'm looking for) you aren't gonna find this brand cheaper anywhere else than on VampireFreaks. The shipping cost is reasonable. Delivery never keeps you waiting any longer than three days. The store is always keeping me updated and the customer service makes me feel like my transactions are always appreciated.

It was a streamlined experience until I had a delay which was fin it was omly another day. But as I was excited to try them on and see what kind of comfort Id be looking forward to the zipper broke as I pulled it up, not even yanking or trying hard just a simple pull and it broke a tooth off the zipper and came undone. Very unsatisfied as well as the button itself is loose which is a minor problem to not being able to zip them up. Please fix the quality issue. I paid almost $80.00 for this poor experience.

Initial hiccup but great experience!
Though I was initially sent the wrong item, an email was ready and waiting for me the next morning during their business hours. As soon as the situation was explained a shipping label was emailed to me & the correct item was sent out I believe by end of that same day. End result was exactly the item I wanted, and a great experience with VF customer support.

My experience was affordable fast and efficient and...
My experience was affordable fast and efficient and I'm very happy with the service I would recommend anyone shopping at the site you don't have to be an avid shopper online just something that you want here and there this is affordable it's actually more affordable than most stores and thank you so much and thank you for giving me a printed receipt that was actually fantastic too and I appreciate it if I have to order anything in the future I will be looking forward to ordering from your website

I made a purchase because of a Facebook promo
Bat pillow promo is awesome. I have ordered from them before, no issues with the process or products. Customer service was quick, response in less than 24 hours of purchase. There was an issue with promo code. Just message them, if it was a technical issue please take a photo or recording. User error, just call or message them. Inhave had several responses. This review was a 2, I have had email responses while editing this review... was a 4 until that last response which deserves the extra gold star.

Quick response, and very quick response to questions afterwards.

My order is still stuck in transit in Stroudsburg,...
My order is still stuck in transit in Stroudsburg, PA. It's been 25 days. When I received an email from VampireFreaks asking about my order, the rep just put it back on me to call USPS and gave me vague information about the possibility of a Route claim once I do so. VampireFreaks kind of gave me information, but they put the handling of the order back on me to fix and didn't really incentivise me to shop with them again, given I might run into a similar situation and just have more work to do.

Excellent product!
For some reason, my order shipped in two different parts, which is odd but hey, I don't mind. The pants I ordered, Tripp Strap Defiance Pants in XL are probably my favourite pants. They're so comfy, so soft, amazing. The price is as expected, but the shipping was not. In all honesty, no alternative clothing shops ship for any lower than 30$. All in all, dope product and would definitely shop again.

(Im not sure which order this is for, so i will review...
(Im not sure which order this is for, so i will review both) Very fast shipping, well packaged. I love the extras that came with the packages. The shirts are a little thinner than what I anticipated, and a few of them had cracking on the prints already. The boots came in great condition, along with the tumbler. I'm sad about the shirts, but only two out of the 9 were damaged (got three mystery packs)

I love pretty much everything about shopping with VF
I love pretty much everything about shopping with VF. The only rub for me is that the package insurance is completely useless unless you plan on going through the nightmare of trying to file a police report over a stolen package and have metro looking at you like you're stupid for wasting their time. Then if life happens and it's not handled in a timely manner you can't get the item or a refund. Thankfully VampireFreaks did provide a store credit for a third of the amount spent, but to their credit, it took 5 months to follow up with them after trying to resolve it initially. I appreciate the business. I like what they do, but I do feel like package insurance shouldn't be that much of a pain especially since other companies don't offer insurance and they're much simpler to get help from if your package is stolen. Aside from that, no complaints. Just sad I'll never get that item.

Horrible shipping
I ordered two cups from vampire freaks and just received the package today. The shipping box was completely ripped open because VampireFreaks did not take the time to properly tape the package together. Inside the cups were shattered in many places and the box that the cups came in looked like it had been ripped prior to shipping. The boxes were enclosed in bubble wrap and there's no way someone could have ripped it during shipping. I have a feeling they are going to tell me that it's the fault of the shipping service but if they would take the time to properly secure and tape their packages I feel this could have been avoided! If I could give zero stars I would.

The site is relatively easy to navigate, all items...
The site is relatively easy to navigate, all items shipped in one box and arrived on time and intact. I do wish there were better tools to figure out sizing, as I ordered all clothing items in one size. One item was too small and the other too big. Other than that, great shopping experience.

I have just sent in a response to customer service, and haven't heard back yet, but all store policies were easy to find, as was a contact for customer feedback. I'm looking forward to a response!

I love love love this site!
I love love love this site! VampireFreaks have so many of my favorite brands all in one spot. They always ship their items in a timely manner and always do fantastic follow up customer service to make sure that I'm happy. And sometimes they even send personalized emails thanking you for shopping with them. I've actually had to call them and use their phone customer support which was equally as pleasant. Good folks with great products.

Unlike other chain stores, when I called the customer support I was greeted by a person immediately. They were personable and friendly and resolved my issues immediately. They are very friendly and I highly recommend doing business with them for that purpose alone.

Shopping was fine, delivery was fine..
Shopping was fine, delivery was fine. However I did get a weird email glitch. I wanted two items. I put first in my cart, went to look over the second, added that to my cart and checked out. I recieved an email saying I had left things in my cart and that was the first item. I was like Daaaaamn! Do I have to buy things one at a time or what? Figured that was a glitch. And I got over it. LOL!

I ordered these socks i've just bought here on Vampire...
I ordered these socks i've just bought here on Vampire Freaks on another site before called Yandy around two months ago just because VampireFreaks were a little cheaper on the other site and i got scammed, giant waste of time. I should've just came here initially and saved myself time and hassle. The order has already began the shipping process and it was ordered like two days ago, overall i'm happy and i'm gonna buy more stuff from here in the future because it ships fast and i now know for sure this site at least won't scam me & not deliver anything but claim it was delivered even though it had never even shipped to start with and start an all out war with myself and my credit card company with the constant reversing of charges like Yandy did. Having the assurance a company is actually shipping what they said they would so you don't have to fight for your money back is a nice thing.

I saw the boots advertised on FB
I saw the boots advertised on FB. Once I got to Vampire Freaks site and added them to my cart, I was able to pick a "pay over time" option which is awesome because the boots weren't cheap. Once I placed my order, I received regular updates and shipping info throughout the process so that was awesome. I purchased my boots on Dec 25th and received them Jan 6th. Not a bad turn around time! These boots are awesome and great quality! I will order from Vampire Freaks again! VampireFreaks even sent me a cute little key chain, some stickers and a rubber bracelet for free! :)

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Great alt retailer
I don't typically write reviews for clothing retailers but I thought I'd make an exception. The customer service is great (I really like that VampireFreaks text you when your package arrives), I loved the free stickers and pins, and the item that I bought exceeded my expectations. Great place to go for alt clothes. I'll definitely be a returning customer.

Awesome merchandise, speedy checkout, amazing and conscientious customer service. My order was processed very quickly, I really liked the mailer used (the leopard print was such a great touch!), VampireFreaks tossed some free SWAG into the mailer (stickers and whatnot), and even included (dun dun DUUUUNNN) a free purse-sized hand sanitizer, which is pretty valuable right now in these weird Covid times.

The order process was quick and easy, expect of course...
The order process was quick and easy, expect of course choosing what I wanted from their amazing selection. VampireFreaks took so many payment options and check out was quick and painless. Shipping was fast and my things arrived in perfect condition and were even more magnificent then I expected. The quality is fantastic, the lining is soft, they are the perfect thickness to be warm but not overly so, the design is nicely printed.

Too expensive
The entire order was too expensive for two t-shirt and the luna doll I ended up paying about $150 after UPS charge, shipping and handling and price conversion. My order started at about $50 and then got surprised with it being USD after I ordered it and then the UPS charge really made thing worse as it was almost the price of my order. The items I received weren't what the size chart showed it to be; the sleeves themselves are too short and the size over is very tight fitting.

WTF isn't to be about Vampire Freaks?!?!?!
WTF isn't to be about Vampire Freaks?!?!?!

The only problem really is I always have to make cuts from my cart (having to wait to get everything I want).

As a recent find to me, they'll be getting about $500-$1k from me a month for quite some time.

What I cannot afford for a month but gotta have, thankful for fiancé!

Hands down the best emo, goth, punk store I've ever come across!

Just placed order (now to order what my fiancé is gonna get me)

I like the stickers that came with my santa hats, however...
I like the stickers that came with my santa hats, however there is a big hole where its supposed to be stitched shut on my santa hat and all the glue is showing where the ball is attached to my hat instead of being stitched on, it's very cheaply made wouldn't buy this ever again. Makes me question the quality of the items in your store I may not ever purchase anything here again.

Shopping, checkout and payment was easy
Shopping, checkout and payment was easy. It would have been nice to know what the dimensions of the Unibones plushie were before ordering so that one can get an idea of how big or small this thing is.

Beware of Customs Fees!

I'm an American living in Germany, so had this item shipped to me and the German Zoll AKA Customs imposed a 10 Euro Fee for this thing otherwise the place where the package was being held at would not allow me to retrieve my shipment. So the cost of shipping and the Customs Fee cost more than the product! That's crap

Dont know. I only emailed them just yesterday (Friday night), so its not possible to provide that info at this time

Absolute legends!
VampireFreaks are absolutely amazing. My recent mystery bag had items in it I have in my cart currently so to say I'm stoked is an understatement! My items are so much better in person than on the page. I'm absolutely in love with my current order. The graphic tees are just... Perfect. Not gunna lie. I am slightly worried to wash them lol but I love the prints way too much to pass up. The delivery time is beyond awesome. Considering I'm in TX and this company is in NY... it got to me in two days... I did pay extra for it but for $13 I think that's a steal. Constantly being updated where it's at and once it got here. Perfect experience. Let me tell you. I was nervous at first ordering from here but as a returning customer, trust me and just buy from here. They are super fast to answer any questions I have through email which is convenient as $#*! because I have severe social anxiety so talking to people I panic. They hold so many different brands. I feel like I've jumped into a time warp and it's taken me back to my high school attire... I love itttt!
I'll be back again soon guys. Just take all my money lol ohhh... and they recycle! Gotta love a company who loves the planet

My experience with the site has been fine, I got a...
My experience with the site has been fine, I got a couple of extra little things with my orders which made me pretty happy! Shipping wasn't an issue and my stuff fits as expected, and the quality I'd expect for the price. Oh and this isn't related to Vampirefreaks directly, but I think there's an issue with the ReviewFeeder UI on mobile as I could only pick up to 4 stars. Thanks!

Great way to shop!
Great way to shop! Amazing store! And great deals! Thank you! You guys have the best selection of Tripp NYC and that's the only pants I wear as a mom VampireFreaks are fun and I can buy them on quickly and look great! Thank you so much for making me feel good about buying online! I love the protection you can have on your packages you buy on!

I purchased jeans that ripped almost immediately
I purchased jeans that ripped almost immediately. I reach out to Customer Service, only to be told that having them for less than two weeks is 'a while' and that the best VampireFreaks could do is give me a 20% Off coupon. Come on. $72 for jeans that rip after only being worn twice? Nobody in their right mind would settle for that. Do better. A refund or replacement is the way to make this right.

I'm new here
I'm new here. So far my guest order has gone very smoothly and the discount was added nicely at the end of the checkout/ billing. Fingers crossed my order get here safely and in a timely manner (weather permitting!) One last thing; I am very glad to see that no signature is required from me upon delivery. That's ALWAYS a bonus as I can't always guarantee that I'll be in to sign for my deliveries. So Thumbs Up to you guys who are getting right for me, we are all good to go. So far! Thank You.

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Description: VampireFreaks is an independent, family-owned business dedicated to curating the coolest goth clothing for freaks and fiends! Since 1999, VampireFreaks has been dressing boils and ghouls around the global in alternative attire. From gothic clothing to punk fashion, VampireFreaks is your one-stop-shop for all things spooky. Conjure some witchy vibez with our spellbinding housewares, haunt the streets in Tripp pants, and keep it creepy with Killstar! We’re over the moon for our customers as you can see on our store reviews! Check ‘em out to hear first-hand about our top-notch goth goodz and spooktacular customer service.

Address: 564 Main St, 18360


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