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The BEST customer service! Thanks Marianne!
I haven't even gotten my desk yet but I just wanted to write about my experience ordering from Uplift. After researching different standing desks, I was looking at buying a V2 standing desk from Uplift. There was a promotion for two free items but no cash discounts that I could find.

I sent a message (after hours) through the chat asking about any promotions and Marianne emailed me the next day. She told me that there was a promotion for $100 off if you spent over $999. But the table and accessories that I was looking at only totaled to ~$850. Even though I didn't hit the limit, she was able to give me a new quote that took $40 off to cover the comfort keypad upgrade. Marianne also helped update my order with specific delivery instructions and was just plain pleasant to communicate with. I don't expect there to be anything wrong with my new desk but if there is, I know Uplift's customer service will take care of me. Highly recommending spending the extra money to buy from this company.

Honored their warranty and helped me fix my problem.
One of my desk legs broke, not sure why but I reached out to their support team via their web chat (shout out to Matthew Johnson for the quality of his interactions and follow through on my particular need). Uplift Desk quickly sent me a new leg without any hassle. I made a mistake when putting the leg back on and forgot to transfer over one of the pieces, I assumed they sent me the wrong leg. I again reached out to their support team, sent them a video. The team member I talked to this time Samantha Cobb had recently put together one of the desks for her mother and knew exactly what my problem was from personal experience, minutes later my desk was back to its former glory.

I love my desk as a stay at home professional I use it 40+ hours a week. I worried that when my desk broke that it might take weeks to get it sorted, it was sorted in less than a week all before going back to work for the holidays. I feel even better about my purchase after the quality of support I received.

Thanks Matthew and Samantha!

Great desks. Greater Support!
My wife and I have purchased 2 full desk setups during this year's work from home situation, and they've been great! We chose Uplift after reading reviews on The Wirecutter and we thought the different types of woods to chose from were great. One of our desks was a less expensive Bamboo, the other was Acacia. Both are gorgeous! The included options for decluttering wires have also been very helpful.
The only downside we've seen have been out of Uplift's control, and that's been some shipping issues with FedEx -- the larger items have sometimes shown up damaged, but Uplift has been quick to correct those issues and make things right. If anything, seeing how well Uplift Desk correct any issues that pop up have made us all the happier for choosing them! Phone support has been tough to get through, I'm not going to lie, but they are insanely great at handling issues over email and/or calling you back quickly. 10/10 will buy again!

Great Quality Desk
I bought a T-frame model and am really loving it so far (1 week of use). Everything seems really sturdy and well designed. I especially like how quiet it is during the raising and lowering process.

Putting it together was pretty straightforward, despite not having much experience with furniture assembly. I feel like the instructions did a good job illustrating and explaining everything.

I did have one slight issue though. I ordered a laminate desktop, and although it had a slight defect on the surface, I was able to get a resolution with customer support quickly. Marianne, my customer support representative provided great assistance to me. She coordinated a replacement desktop to be sent to me. It was sent very quickly! The new desktop is beautiful and without defects.

I'm at my desk for several hours a day, and am looking forward to working here, whether it be sitting or standing!

High Quality Desk and Fantastic Customer Service by Steven Bostic
The desk is certainly high quality especially with curved bamboo top. My husband loves it. I have several questions on whether exchanging to C-frame from T-frame I bought, Steve Bostic has been super responsive and answered all my questions clearly. He also provided immediate help on exchange even though my husband decided not to do so at the end. I have strongly recommended Uplift desk to my friends and two of them plan to buy. Steve is definitely the reason that I am willing to make recommendations in addition to high quality. Great customer service does make difference for customers! Hope we have more people in customer service filed who do great jobs like Steve does! Thank you Steve.


Awesome desks//Best Customer Service
I worked With Emily B. (Not gonna put her last name out there as I don't wanna go doxxing people)

Anyway, I was stupidly adding expensive $#*! ( not that the product is $#*!. Its just how I talk) to my cart thinking I was gonna have to buy a whole ass new frame to have the L-Desk I've dreamed of having all of the last 3 weeks -This is what happens when you watch too many at home//gamer set up content on youtube.-and I thought…"Wait, I need to do this right, I have a top, but I still need another, and I have to make sure the frame fits the top." So I figured... F it. I will chat up the online help people at Updesk.

I was blessed with an angel. EMILY B. IS THAT ANGEL.

She answered all my questions with patience.
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, she showed me the conversion kit -THE HOLY GRAIL THAT SAVED ME A $#*! TON OF MONEY- that would turn the desk I have now into an L- desk.

When I was ready to check out. She built me a quote... and gave me... me... some rando on the internet who just wants a desk. A DISCOUNT!

Side note: TO ALL THE KARENS IN THE WORLD, you see?!?! YOU SEE KAREN, if you're nice and laid back and kind... people are willing to go above and beyond to give you discounts. It's when you act like a tool that more often than not you don't get one. But after my experience with Emily B, I bet she'd give you one anyway because she's that sweet and that kind which brings me back to the original reason for this review.

Uplift your products are amazing, I dig your desks, I have two and Uplift Desk are state of the art awesome. But I don't believe that your products are the entirety of your success. I feel like you were just a small business surfing the world like the rest of the small businesses who are just trying to make it... UNTIL YOU HIRED EMILY. EMILY IS YOUR GOD SEND. I know because she was mine. I don't know what ya'll are doing over there, but ya'll need to give her a raise, a promotion, I dunno something. Maybe a bad ass Christmas bonus to show your gratitude because this girl straight up rocked it.

She needs to have her picture framed and on the center of the wall in your office with a big ass plaque that says, "THIS GIRL SAVED US (Also she's Employee of the life... not year. LIFE) "

Thank you Emily B. For making my shopping experience worth it. I appreciate you and your helpfulness. May you get all the good things for showing kindness to a stranger

Oh and some of you might read this and think, "Oh, it's her job" trust me. It maybe her job, but not everyone does it the way she did. There are people who will give you the bare minimum of their niceness. NOT EMILY. SHE'LL SLAP YOU WITH IT. SLAPPING YOU WITH KINDNESS.

From the bottom of this rando ‘who bought a desk because they're excessive' af's heart, I thank you Emily. You are the best part of Uplift Desk.

Outstanding desk
Got my UPLIFT Standing Desk V2 a few weeks ago and was easy to mount (tabletop has most of the holes pre-drilled, although depending on your add-ons you may need to drill a couple more). The desk has high-quality finish and it's perfect for a home office.

Unfortunately a piece was faulty (control box) and the desk stopped working on the second day. I reached out to Upliftdesk support, and Uplift Desk solved the issue in minutes via Chat. After a couple of days I got my replacement control box at home for free and the desk works perfectly since then. Shout out to Jackson Dely and Avalon Reese-Aceves who were the support agents that provided frustration-free support!

"Uplift Desk Experience Was Fantastic!"
My name is Veronica and I'm a new customer of Uplift Desk. I wanted to carve out a few minutes to share my experience with you regarding one of your team members, Mr. William Clark. Will was the "lucky" guy to take my call over the weekend (last month - November) to process my order. Prior to connecting with Will, I've researched over the last few months Uplift Desk and its products. First of foremost, I'm impressed with Uplift Desks website. Hands down it is one of the best websites I have ever tapped into and navigated through. It is excellent.

Secondly, my experience with Will has been fantastic. I'm an Industrial Hygienist and one of my functions is performing formal ergonomic evaluations. Even with my expertise in the field, going into purchasing an electric desk for my daughter, I knew I would have a lot of questions. Will was excellent in assisting me through each and every question I had, as well as providing me his opinion when I asked him specific things on "Promo" items.

He was enthusiastic from the very the time he intercepted my call to the very last second we ended our lengthy discussion. He was very patient throughout the entire process. Even with my expertise, I had a handful of questions and again, he was just as enthusiastic in answering my first question as he was with my last. Did I neglect to mention incredibly patient…? :) I never felt rushed to get through my order and at the end of our transaction, I was very comfortable making the decision in purchasing from Uplift Desk. That partially was due to Will's outstanding customer service which as you know, is a reflection of the company.

I wanted to share my experience regarding the company and Mr. William Clark. Please feel free to share my comments with your upline management team. As we know, it is easy to complain. It takes time to recognize and acknowledge good team members and as such, I wanted to share my experience with Will.

Lastly, we started receiving our boxes approximately 1 week after ordering. My husband will begin putting the desk together this week. We hope our laminated desk is as great as the customer service Will provided and hope the quality Uplift stands by is fulfilled. I am sure it will be!

A Very Satisfied Customer

Beautiful desk, exceptional customer service
Recently I received and assembled a second standing desk from Uplift – this time for myself – and I could't be happier with it! (The bamboo top is beautiful and a pleasure to work on.)

The bigger reason for this review, however, is the exceptional customer service I received, now for a second time! I am happy Uplift's employees are invested in making the experience of getting a new desk as easy and problem-free as it could be and want to send personal thanks to Krysten New for her prompt help in replacing a part damaged during the shipping of our first Uplift desk a year ago and to Trey Boyd for kindly helping me with my recent order. Thank you!

Great product, better service!
As a remote worker (like many of us these days) I was looking for a good quality work-from-home setup. I was very impressed with the broad selection and reasonable pricing that Uplift had to offer and made my purchase. When the items arrived (ahead of schedule) I noticed some damage incurred during the shipping process. I called customer service and Marianne was exceptionally prompt, professional, and helpful! I was impressed that 1) I was able to speak to a real person immediately and 2) Marianne was genuinely interested in helping me resolve the issue. She was a fantastic representative for Uplift Desk and made me feel appreciated as a customer. How a company responds to post-purchase inquiries shows how committed Uplift Desk are to their products and what they think of their quality. I highly recommend both this company and Marianne to anyone considering a similar purchase!

UPLIFT is a solid company with a solid product - read on...
After witnessing my son, with envy, use his UPLIFT Desk, I took the plunge and ordered one for myself. Unfortunately, it never arrived. I reached out to UPLIFT and Daniella descended from the cosmos to maintain order and my confidence in the goodness of the universe.

Although the in-transit loss was out of UPLIFT's control, Daniella took full ownership of the situation. She informed me of what she would do, then regularly communicated status updates. When it was determined the carrier had lost my desk, she immediately shipping out a replacement unit, tracking information and all.

I greatly appreciate Daniella's gracious professionalism, and that she did not let this carrier mishap get in the way of my already great experience with the UPLIFT brand.

BTW, solid product. Easy to assemble and steady like a rock!

Customer Service as good as their products!
I emailed customer support when the monitor arm purchased a year ago didn't hold up my new, larger monitor. Avalon Myst responded promptly and pointed me to the weight limit for the monitor arm I had - in a very pleasant way and without implying I was at fault. Wow, that's not my typical customer support experience. The new monitor was too heavy for the old arm, so Avalon helped me identify what I needed and communicated clearly and helpfully to get it ordered. THANK YOU and KUDOS to Avalon Myst and to Uplift for exemplifying what a positive customer support exchange should be! Spending money on quality Uplift products and support is a very good investment!

Ordering process very easy
I just ordered an adjustable desk from Uplift Desk and had great support throughout the process from customer service rep Samanath Cobb. I first encountered her via an online chat, when she was able to help me take advantage of an offer for a free desk lamp with my order (which I somehow went away before I could sign up for it). She was very courteous and responded to my questions quickly yet was not pushy or intrusive. She followed up after noticing the item in my shopping cart for a few days as was making my decision, but didn't put any high pressure sales tactics on my.

Excellent desk and excellent customer service
Initially ordered the 42'' x 30'' desk with a T- frame. After putting it all together (worked great and had no problems) realized that the 30'' width was too big for my living room and that the 24'' version would work way better. I called Uplift's customer service and got amazing help from Timothy. We initially were planning on just getting the desktop replaced to 42'' x 24''. When we realized that the T-frame does not support the 42'' x 24'', instead I was able to return the whole desk and replace it with a C-frame. It was free to do so with no shipping costs. Throughout the whole ordeal, Timothy was patient, helpful and easy to work with. Some of the best customer service I've had.

How one person can make a world of difference! Thank you, Jennifer!
Initial review: This is our 3rd purchase from Uplift Desk from their website. The first was an uplift standing desk (v2 Commercial) and a Vert Ergonomic Chair by UPLIFT Desk. We love the standing desk but the chair lasted about 3 months before the seam came off from the left side. While this was happening, we planned to buy 3 Humanscale chairs and another desk from them for our growing home office during COVID times.

But we were concerned if Uplift Desk would stand behind their warranty before buying more stuff from them. So, we called them to get the vert chair issue addressed. We came across an individual who, needless to say, not helpful at all (in spite of the fact that we mentioned to this person that we are about to make a large purchase). So, while we are exchanging email on why this person thinks our warranty should (or not) be honored, we gave another try to call them.

Enter Jennifer! After hearing our story, she prioritized in helping with the vert chair issue. She was patient, understanding and considerate. Her customer service made the difference and right after she helped us out, we were so excited to put the order for the 3 chairs and the 2nd table! Even when we had to split the payment across several payment tenders. With two page long customization to the order, she remained helpful, patient and took the time to explain to us the logistics, the lead times and what to expect while receiving the order! Coming from a customer service oriented work ourselves, we understand how a single individual can make (i. E. Jennifer) or break (i. E. the first unnamed individual) a company's customer base.

We won't mind giving our business to Uplift Desk as long as there are personnel such as her! Thank you so much, Jennifer!

Product update after a year of use: The Uplift Desks are working perfectly and we are about to order our next L-shaped desk from them. The Humanscale chairs are fantastic and working perfectly.

Products used:
In this order:
Vert Ergonomic Chair by UPLIFT Desk - 1
Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest - 3
UPLIFT Standing Desk (V2-Commercial) - 1
UPLIFT 120 Degree Standing Desk (V2) - 1

These folks have a pretty good business model. Between us and our coworkers, we have spent close to $10k of office equipment from them. Their bread and butter is their "Uplift desk". We cannot recommend their vert chairs as one failed on us (but it could be just an outlier). Their desks are awesome and seems well-made. They offer a lot of customization for their products which helps you tailor to your need.

Bad experience. Did not get what I paid for.
I paid $320 for full installation of desk and components. Desk came in early August whereas monitor arms were delayed again and again, eventually delivered in November. I had to install the desk in the time being since it was in 3 large boxes taking up a lot of my living space. When arms finally arrived, Uplift was going to charge me another $175 to install them, claiming I shouldn't have installed the desk if I was still waiting for the arms. I found that to be disingenuous considering that it took another three months for the monitor arms to arrive and I would have had three huge boxes cluttering my living space all that time. Uplift Desk would only refund $30 (less than 10%) of the installation cost. I regret not having sent the whole kit and kaboodle back when the incomplete delivery arrived in August. Will never buy from Uplift again. Buyer beware.

Lovely Customer Service
I purchased a desk set up from Uplift back in November, and honestly have been loving it. Ordering was super easy, there were a ton of options, and most everything shipped quickly. The stuff that was on backorder was clearly communicated and arrived when promised.

I decided to add to my desk accessories recently, and reached out to the Chat feature on the website. I spoke with Avalon, and she was able to put together a small discount for me! She was a pleasure to work with, communicated when she needed from me clearly, and got back to me just as promised. An excellent experience!

Love the Bamboo Top and Motion X Board
I absolutely love the Bamboo Uplift C Frame I purchased. It's definitely worth the extra bucks to get the upgraded paddle for the height adjustment. I had a slight ding on the desk and Marianne Nissim was wonderful helping me get the replacement shipped out. I love the peace of mind knowing this has an excellent warranty. The cables are hidden and its such a sleek look. I couldn't be more pleased.

Here's a tip, if you're going to get the desk, I'd invest in the foot rest. I didn't order it in the beginning but now with all of this home office luxury I cant go wrong so I'm ordering it today.

Love the desk and the service!
I found it very easy to navigate the website, order my desk, and delivery was fast and well packaged. Assembly instructions are very good. Once all pieces were here, I assembled the desk in about an hour and had it set up and wire managed in about 4 hours. Now Customer Service, namely Krysten New! My desktop had some damage. It was on the top which I didn't fully unwrap until I finished the build and flipped it over. I called. Krysten answered. She had me email a few photos and then she replied with several options, all in my favor! It was easy to make a decision and I was made whole immediately! I ended up replacing my top with a different one which was shipped the same day. UpLift has determined that customers are their most important asset (Next to Krysten), and it shows in the quality of their products and service. Thank you!

Worth every penny!
I love this desk so much. I know... I know - it's a desk but I spend so much of my time at a desk that finding one that meets my needs is like finding an oasis in the desert. First off, the desk is as advertised. No overselling on the site or in the marketing materials. Secondly, I have to say that the craftsmanship is exceptional. At every turn, each part of the desk is solid. The company did not ‘cheap out' with any of the components. Lastly, the desk is highly configurable and customizable. Whatever your needs, right handed or left, fully decked with features or simply a great basic adjustable deck, the Uplift system lets you have what you need today and add on, as-needed, at a later date. I don't normally leave reviews but this product was worth the investment of time to write one. I give this product my highest recommendation.

Great service and will update how are you quality a desk when I receive it
I don't post reviews very often but the customer service so far has been outstanding. I would recommend asking for Avalon Myst sales. She has done a great job helping customers, following up and helping with the overall transaction. To include taking note of some things that might need updated like USB standard versus USB-C as an option. I normally don't write reviews but outstanding service on this one. I will update the comments once I receive my desk to see if Uplift Desk match the service.,

Worst customer service and delivery
The deliveries came in random shipments on random days. Never got a update on shipment changes and kept having to call about missing pieces as I found find out by building without being able to. Had to work a high stressful job on the floor for days before all pieces came in. Still waiting for another. A $3000 desk shld not be this unorganized. The directions were also terrible to put together. Whoever made them is in the wrong career. Hopefully the stress this desk caused me will be better one day when all the pieces get here…..

Phone ordering experience was like no other.
In Texas, Uplift Desk say "Keep Austin Weird" and the folks at reflect that zany positive energy through their amazing customer service experience. The website is very intuitive but you owe it to yourself to talk to one of their fun-loving customer service representatives. They have a lot of expert insight into their products and actually helped me make smarter decisions based on things like my height and work style. My experience with D. Freeberg was surely one I will not soon forget. It felt like I was talking to someone I've known for years. After finalizing my order, I came away feeling like the folks at Upliftdesk are a great group of individuals. I recommend all my friends, family, and colleagues shop Upliftdesk first if they are looking for a Sit-Standing Desk.

Excellent Product and Excellent Customer Service!
If you have done your research you already know Uplift Desk is top quality; therefore, I will skip product review—instead, I will express my sincere appreciation to Avalon Myst for her excellent customer service. Dear Avalon Myst, I stopped shopping for better deals on office furniture and will only purchase from Uplift Desk from now on because of your excellent customer service. One of my new year's resolutions was to fix my wheel on my desk and you helped me check it off! Thank you so much for the prompt responses and genuine assistance. Have a fantastic year!

Satisfied Customer is Loyal Customer!

Beautiful desk and great customer service
I went all out on the desk and got a lot of the cool accessories. The desk top feels solid and high quality. The accessories are top notch and super useful, especially the CPU holder, keyboard tray, and the saddle stool. And the post sales service is absolutely incredible. The paddle keypad is great but I changed my mind and wanted the number keypad. Avalon in customer service was super quick to respond and helped me get my keypad replaced. Would highly recommend!

Excellent Customer Service
I ordered my desk during the holidays. I received most of the components on time, however, the top of my desk was delayed by a couple of weeks (FedEx's fault, not Uplift). When the top finally arrived, the bamboo was badly damaged. FedEx was actually somehow able to make a dent in the top part. I immediately called Uplift and let them know what happened. The representative I spoke with was very friendly. She even knew my name right away from my phone number. She promptly ordered me a new top by freight which ensured it would not be manhandled by FedEx again. I haven't got to put my desk together yet, but all the parts seem solid. I am excited to use my desk and thrilled that customer service corrected my issues so quickly. Highly recommend!

Customer Service (Ben Hanley)
This is my first time ever writing a review, and let me tell you it was well worth. Im sure alot of you are out there who send emails to other companies out there and dont ever hear back from them, or that Uplift Desk just dont cooperate with you. So, honestly when I first sent out my email out to uplift desk, I didnt expect to get help out because I have experience with other companies not getting back to me. However, Uplift company and their team is different. Especially BEN HANLEY. He was the one who came to my rescue! You dont have to wait for a "typical" response that comes in 3-5 days later from when you sent your email. He had very reasonable FAST response via email, if anything I was the one who replying a bit late due to me being busy with homework, however he was very helpful and did an amazing job of helping me regarding an issue I had with my chair. This UPLIFT company is definitely way better from other company's and because of that I have gained trust in this company and am looking forward to buying more products from them, obviously when I save enough money again because I am a student. All in all the chair that I had purchased from them was well worth it, especially when I had an issue with it, Ben hanley and his team took care of me and accommodated to what best fits the situation
I don't feel comfortable posting pictures about it, because of privacy reasons
Hope you guys can just trust this review and take my word for it!
Thank you again Ben! And Uplift team!
You guys are the best! Keep it up!

Great desk, outstanding service
I have been helped by Samantha Cobb from UPLIFT. I received my desk as promised with a bit of delay by Fedex. UPLIFT communications were amazing and kept me in the loop on delivery date and time. I love my desk and really enjoy using it. I highly recommend it.

The most important thing to me was the service that I have received from Samantha. It is very hard to put my satisfaction about the service in wording. I have never seen anybody so responsive and polite as Samantha. She is extremely responsive and really is there to help and keep customers happy and help them as much as she can. People like Samantha, are a great asset to any company like UPLIFT and I will be back to UPLIFT for future orders because of her.

Thank you Samantha for your amazing service. UPLIFT should be proud of having you onboard. You are amazing.

Kind regards,

Gorgeous cedar wood, not really durable
First, the red cedar is gorgeous- the photos really don't do it justice. Unfortunately, cedar is a VERY soft wood. If you drop something (e.g. Your phone) on the desk, it will create an indent. This works really well to create a "worn-in" look to the desk but you need to have great care with the wood. Setup for the L-shaped desk (right return) was fairly straightforward with the upliftDesk gear and directions. Because of the soft wood, follow the recommendation of two people to lift and flip components to minimize damaging the wood in any way. I suspect things are easier when you have a single panel vs. the dual panel for L-Shaped desks. The joining of the two boards is a little bit tricky -- it's a type of connection where you need to tighten a nut to join the wood. Given the soft nature of the wood, it needs to be super tight and there's not a lot of room for standard tools.

As for the build... unfortunately, after 2 months with the desk, the far right leg of the return seems to be at a slightly awkard angle. There's definitely a gap where the leg joins the wood. Two screws attaching the long crossbar to the wood have fallen off from underneath the desk. The screw just stripped right off the wood because the wood is too soft. The source of this stress seems to be a combination of the joint between two large panels of soft wood, the weight of the wood itself and having inadequate screws for the type of wood. I'm not a wood worker, but it seems like you need a better joining mechanism and better screws to account for the wood compressing from movement or use. Also, after 2 months of use, I find myself encountering the dreaded E07 error where the leg heights of the three legs are *slightly* out of balance and I have to "reset" the legs. I do this a couple of times a week now. I'm sure that doesn't help the stress on the far right leg of the desk.

I tried emailing support but unfortunately, not very helpful. While their offer to send more screws is nice, it will not address the issue of soft wood and inadequate support build for the soft wood.

I *WOULD NOT* recommend anybody purchase the red cedar wood for an L-Shaped desk. You might have better luck with a harder wood (eg. Walnut) or if you really want the red cedar, stick with a single pane desk.

Uplift Desk
My buying experience was nothing short of phenomenal. My main contact was Matt Spivey but I did speak with a couple of others. Every person I spoke with was extremely helpful and honest. I wasn't entirely certain where to start and what I needed so I am thankful that I had the guidance. I definitely put Matt through the ringer with how many times I changed my mind on what I wanted but he was willing to work with me which is what I was most happy about. I highly recommend this company. I have my desk now and love it!

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