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Good Website but items have issues
I bought from this store in the past and was happy, but due to some problems i'm rating it only 4 stars.

I got this "50 state flag set" back on my birthday back in September, I loved it so much as I finally had all 50 states. Well kind of. There was a few issues in this set that made me feel like something happened when it was packaged, a lot of the flags came in single plastic bags, some came rolled up in rubber bands and I'm unable to iron them, The Mississippi flag was left alone at the bottom of the box without any protection either, I assume this could've been caused by the result of the state flag falling out of use during the time, The Minnesotan flag had a terrible printing job vs a previous flag I bought from this same exact store in 2018, The Nevadan flag was terribly warped and the sewing caused the flag look oblong and face upwards, The Utah flag was outdated using the pre-2011 design and some of the flags where terribly wrinkled due to sewing on the hems or being squished in packaging.

While these maybe seen as "bad" I loved what i got and I'm willing to buy here from the future

When a customer clicks on Amazon Pay, the prompt makes...
When a customer clicks on Amazon Pay, the prompt makes it look like you're going to have to enter all the numbers anyway -- might as well go straight to a credit card. Only after I started entering information did I find that the system would fill in what I had with Amazon. In most Amazon Pay situations, choosing it takes me straight to a page where I just fill in my amazon password. Might want to consider streamlining these links. Thanks.

I filled out the Contact Us 4 weeks ago, still no response...
I filled out the Contact Us 4 weeks ago, still no response:-( I've been trying to place my order online for hours, numerous attempts! Clearly there was an Error, but your system is "setup" to communicate what it was, which turned out to be an issue with a Business Credit Card which has a 2-line Name (Business Name & Account Name) which was NOT validated between the Shipping & Billing information. Poorly handled!

Very user-friendly site
Very user-friendly site. Items were easy to find and well described. Because you offer such a wide arrange of patriotic items, this Air Force vet spent much more than I planned! (But your prices were so good!) Many thanks for providing so many choices (even 2 small Guamanian flags that I'm going to put in my daughter's yard on her birthday since she was born in the naval hospital there!) Thanks again!

After a lot of online research all flags are not the...
After a lot of online research all flags are not the same. I used Annin's website to find the right model number to order on your site. I also see that you don't offer any of the premium outdoor fabric styles on your site so I was disappointed. According to Annin the bulldog and solar are the most common. I would have bought direct from them if it would have been an option

Didn't understand the 1 click route thing for. 98 that...
Didn't understand the 1 click route thing for. 98 that I couldn't delete from the cart. Finally figured out if you start over in the checking out process you can get rid of it. Then there was confusion over submitting the order and being asked about the proper address. But I got confused on whether the order had gone thru or not because I had acouple windows open trying to get rid of that route thing. Anyway, I don't think I ordered it twice... only got one confirmation view. Anyway... wasn't smooth but got it done.

I do family genealogy and records of Union Soldiers
I do family genealogy and records of Union Soldiers. Was surprised that a worn Confederate Flag flies over a grave in Maine surprised me. I want to keep his memory alive, though we may never discover his identity. While looking for these flags that I thought would be impossible, I found what I need for the cemetery for one grave in just over an instant. Thank you!

We appreciate your continued interest in the United...
We appreciate your continued interest in the United States Flag Store. As a subscriber, you're already set to receive our best promotions and updates. If you haven't received or used your new subscriber coupons you may use the following codes at checkout.

Please note that these are all one-time use codes. Thank you!
I tried to use the $5.00 code but it did not work for me. Help please?
Thank you,
Stella Owen
1107 Ashland Ave
New Whiteland, In 46184
Home Phone *******134
E mail: *******

Use code FLAG5$ for $5 off your order of $50+*

It's missleading to show a picture of a kit with four...
It's missleading to show a picture of a kit with four bolts and a plate and think the buyer will figure out that United States Flag Store are only buying one bolt at a time. Who needs just one bolt? Make it clear. I ordered expecting to get four bolts. I get one. So now I pay the same shipping twice and I have to delay my project twice as long. Clean up you site and make it so tired consumers won't make a mistake like this. Or have a warning pop up and say, "hey dude you are only ordering one bolt". In the checkout the picture with four bolts and a plate is shown. It's bait and switch and I don't like it.

I do live stage events. If you need to receive your items then don't use this company. United States Flag Store used a shoddy shipper, lost my items and are making me wait ten days to see if MAYBE they can find the 800 flags that I ordered! My event is in a week. They won't reship for ten days! I have to repurchase flags and now at a rush. Customer service has staff that make promises they cannot deliver on and others who say too bad, it's our policy. Well, good. You can't get me what I paid for so I won't ever order from you again. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!

Hello. For a long time I could not decide on buying an apartment and my friends recommended this site. At first it was scary, but then I decided. I bought an apartment on this site. I recommend it to everyone. It's all good. Excellent managers. Conscientious, polite, who know their job perfectly. Everything is done on time, without any delays, I recommend this site to everyone. Use it. Thank you so much.

I would give 5 stars, but I contacted support via your...
I would give 5 stars, but I contacted support via your website, twice actually, only received one reply 3 days later with a very simple question that would have been easily answered via the email sent United States Flag Store sent as a reply. I was told in the email to contact customer support via phone instead. Why not just answer the question? All I wanted to know was what the blue square with the 3 wavy lines meant in "Recommended Uses" for the flagpole. I assumed it was a wind rating of some sort or something similar. A simple answer would have sufficed in the email. And no, I still haven't received an answer.

I received an email promotion for 10% off USA Made...
I received an email promotion for 10% off USA Made flags, but checkout would not accept the coupon code. If you're going to offer a coupn, it should be honored at checkout without any hassle. I placed my order fior a 10'x15' American flag at full price, but I'll remember this when it's time to order a replacement. I also reduced the quantity of flags I intended to order today.


My Father and his Twin Brother are extremely honored...
My Father and his Twin Brother are extremely honored to have Served out Country in the Air Force during the Korean War. My beloved Father recently passed while the older of 2 Children I was filled with joy when I learned I could purchase another. I regret that it was unclear that I would have to look for your site on my own rather than wait for the Mortuary. Living on SSI makes budgeting rather difficult, but I SO appreciate that your site was easy to find and the process friendly. Thank you for YOUR Service!

This is the second time that I've ordered from you
This is the second time that I've ordered from you. Your site is very customer-friendly. I've no doubt but that I will be just as satisfied with this order as I was the last. By the way, have you considered adding Regimental colors (e.g., 75th Ranger, 1st Special Forces, etc.) to your offerings? I would be one of the first to purchase several with the 1st SF for myself and several SF veterans with whom I served.

Website works great
Website works great. No options for shipping flag kits other than "economy" and no description of what provider is used for "economy" shipping. Exceptionally long delay to talk to someone with regard to potential shipping options. Overall poor first experience.

Website works great. Only option on shipping flag kits is "economy"; no indication of who the provider is for "economy" shipping. Exceptionally long delay in attempting to talk with someone about upgrading shipping; never did answer the phone. Overall poor first experience with these folks.

Your shipping address system is flawed
Your shipping address system is flawed. We live in the country and do not get mail at home. When I put in my P. O. Box for US Mail my shipping rate goes up. If you send me my order by US Mail it will be returned using my home address. Also I filled my cart over several days and when ready to order your system blanked it out and I had to start over. Not very good setup.

The check out process is a bit wonky
The check out process is a bit wonky. After entering my card information and clicking "place order" the site asked me to check my address, showing an all-capital version of the exact address I had entered. I clicked OK, then was taken back to the exact screen where I had clicked "place order" but the address had not been put in all capital letters, and my card information was missing. That's confusing! Was I to enter my information again? Would that mean I placed the order twice? When it comes to charging credit cards, you should be sure there is confidence in your site. Thanks for reading.

Happy Customer
I am pleased so far. I found your site & ordered the flag very quickly. I will be thrilled if it gets here by the expedited shipping date that I paid extra for.
UPDATE: I did receive the flag a day later than I had hoped and paid for but in all fairness it did say "estimated delivery" when I placed the order. Fortunately the flag is just perfect. It's a high quality, beautifully made product. I would definitely order from here again if I ever need another flag.

Easy to use site, only two downsides is the system...
Easy to use site, only two downsides is the system would deny the coupon codes but did not tell the customer it is due to them not setting up an account first (dont do as guest is doing coupon codes is what I learned), but otherwise easy and fast and second thing: No idea what Route Package Protection is and when I clicked on it to learn, it would not go to a real page to tell me, so I kept it, this time, but really do not add something to customer's order without telling them more of what it is, is my advice.

Two things I am not happy with: 1
Two things I am not happy with:
1. I joined by putting my e-mail address in & was sent back an e-mail with a coupon code for $5.00 off. Put the code in at check out & "invalid code" popped up.
2. Called twice yesterday (11/1/21) & was on hold & then finally a recording came on to put my name, phone # & brief message & I would get a call back. Three hours later still no call & stayed on hold AGAIN when I was directed to put in my name & phone #. Tried calling about 3:30 (11/2/21) & got to the recording to put my name & number in. By this time I was one mad person so I hung up.

My Joe died from contaminated flue vaccine
My Joe died from contaminated flue vaccine. On 5/1/2007... go on FDA. Recalls, 2004 November, we were married 56 years when he died. He lived through the war and from a medicine from England. All I have for Joe is his flag and it was torn, I hang it out side over the deck for all to see we loved America. God Bless and stay safe. I will be 86 on 6/14/2020 thank you Nancy

Every flag I've ordered so far from you has to be replaced...
Every flag I've ordered so far from you has to be replaced within a month or two. I'm getting a lot of flack from management due to the quality of your flags. So I'm trying to order the toughest, longest-lasting flags. I couldn't tell from your site which one is the best quality so I used chat. It was like pulling teeth getting Daniel to give me the info. I also asked when the nylon one that is out of stock will be available and Daniel never answered. Why do you have such inept people answering your chat?

Thought I had an account with your company (have ordered...
Thought I had an account with your company (have ordered from you several times). My PW didn't work, tried to recover it but didn't get an email... so I guess I don't have an account with you... DESPITE my browser having saved my login and PW for your site?

Payment process was a bit clunky. I paid with PayPal and was taken to PayPal, but then wasn't sure where to go after that. Would be NICE if the PayPal payment process was more seamless, but maybe that's a PayPal issue.:-)


Entering my correct zip code was a challenge
Entering my correct zip code was a challenge. I ordered from you in the past and do not recall having this issue. My correct zip is 88011-9364. Entering that became 880119364, then a pop up noted that my zip was incorrect. I build websites so your webmaster(?) needs to rectify this. Anyway, I somehow was able to place my order. Next time I may not be so patient.

You almost never offer the Marine Corps flag in super...
You almost never offer the Marine Corps flag in super polyester and force me to search other sites. Whenever you do offer them I have to buy several at a time so I can hopefully replace it with the others which I do several times a year and I have to buy my Space Force flags from another source also. It really would be nice if I could just do all my business with you and you might even consider offering all of them in a package deal. I replace my flags normally 4 times a year and it would be nice.

I have purchased 600 flags for the past 4 years and...
I have purchased 600 flags for the past 4 years and never had any problems receiving at least a 10% discount on my order. When I contacted customer service this time I was told I would just have to wait to see what was offered United States Flag Store did not know and was nothing they could do to help me I would just have to wait and see. I did go ahead and place my order because I did not have time to wait but if I do not know if I will purchase again in the future. There was no need for her to be rude. I have been a loyal customer.

I placed on order in response to an email promotion...
I placed on order in response to an email promotion offering a 20% discount with code "SUPERPATRIOT" After placing the order I realized I was so focused on getting order right I forgot to use the promo code. I called customer service and United States Flag Store couldn't help me so I had to start all over. When I logged into the site through the promo email none of the products I wanted to order would come up. After 1 1/2 hours of frustration US Flag store WON I just went back and re-entered my original order without the discount. I feel cheated and will block all future emails from you since you are clearly promoter of the classic. Bait and switch grrrr

This is my third order from you
This is my third order from you. Your flags are excellent quality. However, why am I charged complete shipping for each 100 flags ordered when United States Flag Store are all shipped together in the same box for total of over $23.00? And this is for economy shipping? How come? It seems to me I should be charged once for shipping, not three times, when I order 300 flags. Please explain your policy via text or email. Next time if I order 400 flags will I be charged 4x for shipping when they would easily fit in the shipping carton you provide? It seems to me that you could do better for a repeat customer such as myself.

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